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Episode 1090 Scott Adams: Join me To Find out if Kamala Harrass is the Right Pick for Grabby Biden

2020-08-12 | 🔗

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  • Kamala and the double-puppet maneuver
  • Attacks on Kamala’s ancestry and life
  • Kamala + top shelf advisors = powerful
  • BLM co-founder says looting is reparations
  • T Cells and herd immunity

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everything happened yesterday that there would be of interest to me. Well, you may have missed my celebratory. Will periscope that I did last night. After my prediction came in, but this is the one that matters. This is the periscope you want to be at yeah, because this will have something called the simultaneous It makes everything better and all you need is a copper, Margaret Gaza tanker gels restarted accounting, juggler flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your payment liquid, like coffee, and
now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dogma of the day. The thing that makes everything better, including predictions join me now. So good so good. Well, did you hear the news Joe Biden impact come upstairs.
Cholera PAMELA knew no she's, not Camelot she's cobbler. We must all learn to pronounce it properly. It's not camel. That's not Camelot is not come Alex, it's not Camelot his camera and you should say that right, otherwise, its disrespectful, as as I guess, Tucker found out less wishes. Briefly when the doktor was produced was corrected on the pronunciation ever name by a guest. Turkey said:
Who cares? Let's talk about? What's going on here, number one? How many of you have read my book, wind Bigley, in which I talked about the election, twenty sixteen and predicting? would win. Well, if you did, you know that there is little claim in that book. A very little claim it goes like this, I want you here. This is hard to hear it. You can't tell the difference between the good protection and someday you caused, because sometimes you can cause your protection to come true I'll just put this area, I not saying that caused Camelot be selected, as vice president I'll just put this elsewhere. If anybody read my book,
vaguely who happened to be a Democrat offers all unlikely that any influential Democrats would have read my book when Beckley, probably too big country expect some people to check any kind of book. They talked about influence and persuasion in the concept in the context of an election if you're an election professional if you're an invite to any candidate, would you be tempted to look at a book the taught you how to do a better, which indirectly whimsically does. Probably if all you are doing is here even researching what the other side is thinking you'd probably come across a book, and that's where I talk about protection and and causing something look human saying
and the question is when I said the camel, I would be the strongest choice. Do that make any difference was ready by the other Democrats. I do said he now. We can't tell me the strongest choices but that guy over there and got some things right before he thinks couple heiresses the strongest choice. Could that influence their decision? Dada, that's why I don't make the claim I'm just making the interesting that they look the same and he can sort about. So is entirely possible that I The ban, invert, part of the process of the disease. Making you were. They said you now. We cannot tell the difference look good to us both. But why. So scared of Kabul Harris is possible. I dont make the claim I just put it out there.
So I think what you see is what I call the double poverty maneuver I dont know we ve ever seen a double papa maneuver before, but the double papa maneuver. Oh, you want to say it. Don't you, Let me give you a moment once you years something like double puppet maneuver have to cut to say it out loud cause. You saw how good it felt when I set it double Bob maneuver takes some time sailor home will feel good and it works Thus the first puppet, of course, is the hollow Joe will become the puppet of a stronger vice president.
Is very unusual that vice president, stronger than the top of the ticket, in fact, is that the only time has never happened before have we ever had vice presidential candidate, who, basically everyone on both sides, looked inside the vice presidential stronger than the top of the tickets, we read that I think it's the first time so so violent is the first puppet and come Lazarus hand up is a little, but it enters, but here's the double popup part yeah. I said it double proper part and the question. Who has their hand up calmly, Harris's back. Is she her own candidate or. Are there powerful people behind her who
are playing the long game and expecting that she's gonna be the power and that backing her will pay off and who are those people behind the curtain? Well, we, you know that Harrison, early inherited, a lot of campaign, people from the Hillary Clinton World and she's, probably GSM Obama, people who back there as well. So do you know who the president would be binding and errors, one nope o dick. Thank you. Yes,. You make? The boy decades was possibly power behind Bush. But I would still say that Bush was even
and his own use a powerful character. In fact, I tell this story before Bush Junior ran for office. I was giving a speech in Texas and one of the other speakers I think the one before me was. For after kyoto- I care number, but it was George Bush and he was when he was governor and. One minute after he started speaking, you can feel the energy in the room. That was not the energy of a governor talking to people in their state. George Bush, the younger, had that the the thing you know if you were in the room before he was running for president, you knew he was gonna, be president. You can feel it yeah. I just sat there and thought c of the next president here now. A big supporter
you say that you can feel at seven in the room, You know he was gonna, be president almost. There was almost palpable you just do. You will see it like the futures are so obvious when you walk in there You either have that figure it out. You know Obama, Bill Clinton, had it So, although it is true, the charity may have been the power behind the throne. It is nonetheless true that that Bush lie under you have to have the goods when it comes to how the public sees him, but anyway, but sought by the double puppet. I would say that Hillary Clinton found a way to be president. You see, the common. Surely it looks like the Clinton operation. If you will call, it doesn't have to be an organised thing, but there is a connection.
People who have common interests and connections to the Clinton's etc, so the Biden can candidacy, looks a lot like a double puppet maneuver maneuver with Hillary Clinton, or that were least that machine be more influential than you think that they ought to be Now, let's talk about how the Democrats, and especially their pet press, is dealing with us So now this sort of a challenge for the entire trump. Ro Biden media? How are they going to treat camel errors will, they treat her harshly. Oh No, they won't trader harshly. They will
put a warm embrace around her. Do you think that they have all coordinated their messages? Well, it would be a surprise if they have. If you see and ends you're a universe of poetry if they have not talked directly to the or even indirectly, to the Harris Biden team to figure out how they should cover the campaign and the most friendly way would be surprised. I would be surprised because that would conformed that we have observed the last several years than they do seem to be working together, and I don't mean that the conspiracy cognitive away, I mean that as well. Just open your eyes. This obvious, you just have to watch to know that their working together. I don't think, that's anything that is disputable.
And so I claim that if you were to look at the choice of words that the pro cobbler people are using, you can start to see what they ve agreed is the message and they make now by slowly forum, where it might very quickly for but already, I think, we're seeing some hint that the background to this, as I told you that when I studied hypnosis, I learned that people will reveal the hidden intentions by their choice of words. They dont know they're doing it. They think they're saying acts. But if you look at the words they choose. The words or tell you you're, saying acts, but the word you chose to make me, Why not? To get some accident and the hypnotist learns that it probably is not an accident. Obviously there could be false positives, because people do just that.
Weird words sometimes, but if you look at the entire body of work and there's a consistency to it, then it means more. So you look for the pattern, not just any one person who said one thing and here's as part of the battle Obama made a statement and he was happy about the choice or so it seems in his statement and to use this phrase he said the Joe Biden nailed the decision he nailed. The decision. Interesting, try sorts because there are a million ways to say that it was a good decision and EU support it, but nailed the decision. What's that make you think it Well, if you're having fun on Twitter, you can say they ailment, camel hair, says that interesting person
life in her past with Willie Brown they'll. Well, that's one interpretation that the other maybe Obama was thinking in those terms. I don't think so. I don't think he was here's. What I think one is the other context in which you here and now a lot. When you hear nail, would you say Thursday. Now in the campaign now how about it. In the house. But a nail in the coffin about a nail in the coffin big. Cargo errors? Is the final nail in violence coffin meeting I don't mean literally died, I mean his political death because
neither cobble errors to get rid of a job I it doesn't leave on his own. Let me ask you this: if you are powers behind the Democratic Party, and you knew You knew the Joe Biden couldn't get to the starting line, much less the finish line and you had to take him out. He had to what kind of vice president. Would you put in that position because, as the vice president, who's gonna have to do this tap tap tap on the shoulder Joe. We need to have a talk. I don't wanna be unkind, I'm just being realistic. I know you'd want me to tell you you're, not ready for this job. Who else could do that? Could there be done by was Vel demagogues somebody, the Biden, maybe you just met this year- be hard. How
Somebody that is known for awhile, but he's not to close to Libya was with warm the hard conversation wouldn't Elizabeth, worn Joe. I think you're secured not quite ready for the job I don't think I come across how bout somebody who Joe Biden son his beloved son, whose sadly departed from this world, How about someone who is close with his son and with him, and he saw a real connection with. Could that person. Tap among the shoulder and say Joe, this is a tough conversation, but it's time yeah. She could name one other person who could do that? Nobody well, I mean nobody we know of. Nobody was a national reputation ran for president is illegitimate, contender for the presidency.
Here little little little knowledge where they could be president. You can see my way, but they can also tap him on the shoulder and not be a deck about it, because it's the deck about it, that's the tough part If anybody to tap on the shoulder, but you gotta, do it right first volley used IE deserves it. Joe Biden deserves. I think he deserves a respectful finals. After and he deserves somebody who cares about him and I believe she does to do that to do the final final move. So she's perfect one for that. I so that's Obama saying that he made the decision, which makes you think of a nail in the coffin, which makes me say: is that just a coincidence that he would use that word there?
Nato that immediately made me think of caution which immediately mediately made me think of the end of Joe Biden. Maybe could be just a coincidence. Easily could be a coincidence. A series of other wording here this from crystallise the Pandit and CNN will you made no as being very democratic friendly, not to surprising on CNN here. Issues wording, listen carefully to the last part of this causes the exact choice of words that matters Joe Biden bade the pick that maxed about maximizes chances of continuing to make the race. Straight referendum on Trump blah blah, while also selecting someone who's resonate, suggests being ready, stop it whose resin may suggest being ready to step in these ready to step in what are you,
about somebody who is ready for the presidency, because ready for the presidency is what we always right gather vice president pick, that's a person who could walk into the job tomorrow. That's why you normally set right, but when do you say so, step in sounds like you're you're. The person whose causing something that happened. Stepping in is active. Something happened. I guess you're the default and now you're. The present now step in is an active work. The term when we read the whole sentence, suggest being ready to step in when Biden decides to step aside what, if and when Biden decides to set aside,
It would be one thing to say if, if, if Biden decides to subside it's another thing to say when now, of course, you can defend this easily right, because Biden has already said it would be. A one term president, so you can easily interpret this as oh yeah when he decides not to run for a second term. She'd be acute up, but the word is step in This is not a continuity of the policies or talk about their talk about stepping up to stop labelling. If and when buying decides to step aside step aside, There is no doubt in my mind that the signals as clearly as possible that the vice president is more important than this decision. Obviously, so it looks like a cat is on the roof situation. It looks like
they had a friendly press? Is gonna start, too often in the room, so there but their own team here for the first time is a baby. Is surprised Democrats, but not Republicans. So when their own team hears that baby, the vice president just past, the blue pertness out there just spent Balin. I don't know anything, could possibly happen were just considering all possibility is, if she were to say steppin now, if you blurted this out and they want it would be pretty bad when it. If you just blurted out and say we got, the person is the top of the ticket. Shall we get rid of Joe and I just think you think of hers, the top of the ticket? We can't do that day, one that's not a day, one message yet a creep toward it. That's the joke. The cats on the roof
have died. You don't want to tell you you're your friend to your brother. They, that is cat, died, so soft little bits of aid or the case on the roof were trying to get it out next day. So we try to get it out and jumped and looks like it's injure, but we took it to that, will see them. Four days succumb to his injuries. So when they say Who was ready just in case she needs to step in within web? If and when Biden decided, to step aside, I think that's telling the public don't be surprised. I think it's softening the room is what you're saying now watch for this see? How often the democratic themselves and they might hold off for a few days. But see how often they talk in these terms as far as the replacement until it. So It seems so ordinary that it doesn't even-
C Mon usual that their replaced the top of the ticket before maybe before the nomination. It would be my guess. I think there are least looking at it for before the imagination. I feel, let's I feel safe to assume that conversation has happened. About somebody else about Frida, given? writing on CNN. How would this pondered trying to frame Harris in the most friendly way. At this point, I called her a centrist, a perfect match for Joe Biden, because he's a centrist and she's a centrist. Then. Let me check on Fox NEWS: let's see if the recall Cobbler Harris Centrist don't you see that word? Nope turns out the Fox NEWS and all the Republicans we'll be calling her a wild wild progressive who is.
Change things so radically. You won't recognize this country and she'll be ruining in the process. So what do they do to combat calmly? being a wild socialist, crazy person. They say ashes, centrist, centrist, so watch them try to protect her in these centres thing about this, so this is also for Frida he does, I think, I'm pronounced in that right, we're close says of Harris. She would become the first woman vice president and she also has a very big shot. It becoming president not only because of burdens age, but because She is now the automatic choice for his successor only because of their age. So.
We're already talking about the successor. Did people talk about my pence as trumps successor did? Did you did you ever hear one time somebody say I add my pants. He would be trumps successor Nathan, so watch all the language of that, assuming that the two tweets are getting lit up here, it becoming messages to turn this off. So shown? Can you all know him he's a? What would you call him me activist for the black community without before an activist for the black community
who, for whatever reason, doesn't appear to be a black person? But it's not for me to judge hisself identifies thy way, but that's part story. So, apparently, some time ago, before Biden was selected as the presumptive nominee, he said there two candidates, you should not consider it this one of them is bided the others Harris and the reason that those two taking rule. There is because there are two racist in their past decisions, meaning police actions and the the legal system and causing more black people to be put in jail and on king said those are the only two. You should not consider. Holy races policies, anybody else's is ok, but those two off the table.
He is revised that two hundred percent support so well. I can change this issue once again. We went from other. Only too that you can consider two hundred percent support, what a good choice that the strongest team I've ever seen. Let's talk about the attacks coming in here. Does it matter that allegedly her great great grandparents were somebody owned slaves in Jamaica? Do you think that that will matter to anybody? The answer is now walked. The Republicans will make a big deal about it, but I think it will change zero votes because here's the thing if you're trying to get reparations and you're trying to get something or you're trying to influence, etc
You make a big deal about, maybe the people you're trying to influence Eddie. You know people looked like you own slaves and therefore, maybe we should go where we want, so line of attack. What does not work Everybody believes, in other words, even it was saying, you should pay reparations, it's more of a technique. It's not that I don't think too many people think That I owe anybody reparations having no connections to anti slavery, my pass whatsoever and indeed be closely connected to the abolitionist and the northeast others were life. When it comes to that line? So does anybody really? I mean really think that I owe any reparation. Although sad, if I asked Eliza yeah there's my argument, but nobody really shields it. It's a sort of an argument you can make in my work.
But in order for a couple of Harris to suffer from this accident of history that somebody some of her relatives were, line of business allegedly you'd have to care about it. And around team doesn't care about it? It's just a technique. No, I don't think that labelling and impact it a kitchen sink kind of animal. I could you just throw everything at once. He was text so that will be in the next budget will be especially important about this. I think, is interesting that the pro we're Harris. People can't quite decide how to label her. I dont know if ever settled on this but issue the first black woman, black woman on a major parties. Then shall or is also the first indian American
or is the first indian black woman haven't they? When are they call her will the black of envy say: oh yeah she's one of us and if they do they just ignore, the the other half of her. I mean it worked with Obama right with above the black part of his heritage, was embraced and that sort of became the defining thing and I think workers advantage, because much of the country was saying the same thing I sent the stone which is: can we just get a black president? Just can't we just get past us? as long as you can do the job,
I'm not even to particular, if it's my first choice, I'd like to get a black present, so I'm completely guilty of judging Obama positively, because it is that this new consensus that the country needs to get past and I also think we need to get past the never having a woman for president. Maybe not this time- are not about all caught up on a big this election, but the american needs to get passes and I would even agree you're in a weird way. My not expect this but agree with any how many people signed a letter in the democratic party? Sandia was whispered a black woman, the presidency, or at least set one up to potentially be. That's not a wrong impulse. As long as it's a good candidate, because you can get a tougher what what? What would be better than having a perfectly good candidate,
Who also makes the rest of the country feel? Ok, everybody can be present. We ve now demonstrated that everybody can be present, while I think you'd have to throw in the algae, BT, Q candidates, Sunday to really say everybody, but. Applause and liberian if she were the right candidate and I'm not sure, that's the case in this case, so we'll see how she gets labelled feels like a democratic and after teslas think about how distasteful this following thought is the Democrats. Probably or polling and doing focus groups which will be normal all the way through the process. But one of those focus groups, probably or poles, probably will be. What do we call her? Do we just say? Would you just go with Africa?
american possessor strongest play or do we go with both say ashes. She's she'd, better than just being black, is also got first indian american finger and four two And how do you feel this is part of a complete blind spot for I've? No, I have no sets round. This will be received by indeed Americans. If you're here you have indian heritage and you're in american citizen and even a vote, do you care? but this at all I don't know, I don't have a care about it, one way or the other, and if you're a black citizen in this country, does it bother you that they couldn't find a proper black person here amusing, properly
you're not a serious offence proper in the sense of seriously you couldn't find somebody was just black yeah. All the other candidates who are being considered all of them, but a number of the other candidates were being considered you wouldn't have to wonder what was their heritage to say. Ok, this person's black We gladly ever black vice president on the ticket. So how was it Somebody somebody who is a member of the black community needs to fill man cause. I dont have a good sense a positive or negative. Oh then there is also the out the Jamaica connection. How do people see that the United States, so I don't know I'll leave? That is an open question. Somebody can fill me in later.
About the claims that come with hers somebody. So this embodies systemic racism because she had allegedly put innocent black men in prison and tried to keep him there were about that. Do you think that Democrats will treat her harshly, as Republicans hope will be the case, because she was tough on crime and maybe even tougher rules and people? She was so tough on crime that if she gave jail, she want to keep their even if the information change, that's the claim. I dont know that that matters- I actually don't. I just dont know if democratic respond to this, because I think Harris will
a perfectly good job of reinventing herself so that whatever she used to do as a prosecutor, and let me tell you the easiest way to do this. If I were her, I would just say when I was a prosecutor, I did everything in my power to be appropriate.
Did I ever get one wrong? Probably probably, unfortunately, you can't really be a prosecutor in a major metropolitan area and get them all right. I wish it were an option, but I don't know that it is. However, what I can tell you is that I will take that same intensity, that young people saying that- maybe I guess I'm wrong, but I will take that intensity to the presidency or vice presidency, sir, so I think you, if you could just described it as being a different job. The prosecutor mindset is different from the seventh mindset and I think, if you can just say, she's reinvented uttering no. She needs to station that anything wrong.
She could you say that was when I was a prosecutor. Let's talk about, let's talk about modern times, not ancient times, so that's a reasonably good attack and I can see that I think some of the black community was already primed to be not too happy about that part of her past will save them mixed difference. It good the New York Times, Firstly, ran a like a fool like gigantic photo of Harris. Looking pretty awesome, I think she has a leather jacket on arms across than it was a flattering. Angola is made a powerful and substantial, and then somebody somebody went back and saw. How did the New York Times cover these selection of my pants and they show that the day he was selected by Trump as this little postage stamp on the corner, so
The basis for page clamour, shot cobbler, but my parents, postage stamp bottom right hand corner where nobody reads it. So, if you think that you're press is independent ha So one of the things that people are saying about calmly- and I think you gotta watch this- Is there saying that she that that she causes a student, a strong negative reaction and people? That's true. What do you say? Would you not say that Council Harris does create a strong negative reaction and a lot of people? I feel that's true both on her own team and obviously there
and so the question is. Is that a negative- and I would say you watch out for that- watch out for that, because the thing that makes you really care about anything is also an indicator of influence. I would suggest that it is possible that the reason Republicans are so anti Paris is exactly because she's scary scary, in terms of you she might have the goods she might be able to crack this up. Who ever said next topic,
then the ban you forever just don't like the negativity. So here is what I would caution. You think, as some people who generate really intense negatives Elsie and President Trump, those two characters generate more negativity. Then maybe anybody see lately, but there are also two of the most successful people. Is that a coincidence, I would suggest is not that there are strong negative feeling you feel about any candidate, use, you being afraid of them. In many cases it if you're afraid of them is suggests the power it is suggested
No, they have power so the reason that you even care that you think they can actually get something done, and it's not what you want done. If you thought they were completely weaken ineffective, he would still make your jokes and you'd still take your sides, but you wouldn't care that you feel it Harris does have the x factor sorry from day. One in part of the reason that I predicted her in early twenty team is one I selected from all the people that were released. The conversation for run for president. The reason I picked her up, the crowd is the same reason I picked tromp out of the crowd in twenty fifteen. Same reason, I picked you see out of the crowd when everybody searches, a flash in the pan, and I said All at once,
you say there is no flash in the pan. That's that's real and there's gonna be more that not lessen near. We are Caesar important national figure in no time at all, so Harris has the same thing, maybe a lighter, for though she has the full wattage of either the to mention, but she she causes you to remember- her and she causes you to look at the tv when she's on and she caused you to feel something. If you ve got that stuff go on for you, you can. Channel eventually now the way that you see channels her power, if you can call it that is, we assume she had a great adviser. Have you not heard though, she was actually selected by really skilled operators. She was trained and then she was guided through your tweets of her initial stuff. She may be operating on road now, but we think that having expert guidance,
On top of that, raw, whatever that is, she has is what made her, but she is likewise. Trump has this raw power, but his case he said decades of practice, holding it and using it influencing talking in public, so he was basically his own adviser. Innocence trouble just figured out how to control his power over over his experience and here's. What to watch with Harris watch what the World Class advisers Democrats I do with her. She is not going to be the same candidate. She was in the primaries and by the way I predict this, would she dropped down the primaries? I said that she's gotta come back up created that way you so as version one point now and version two point out is going to look.
Different sound different and act differently, the different differently. In that context, I would get those wrong, but I think you are he sought so the criticisms that are used to make me say she used to laughed too much around jokes, which makes you seem less coffee lived. Unless it later so watch for her to be less of a giggly about stupid things happening? environments, like Cosette they're, just takes with presidential five hundred percent chance that when she got to the level that she was being considered for vice president, that there were serious advisers involved for the first time, like the really high end ones. They tell you to do something. You say to yourself. I think that's totally wrong, but because you told me to do it- and I know you know what you're talking about
I'm gonna, give it a try. You did somebody that strong of an adviser to call somebody without strong personality to actually behave differently. It would be hard to do so. I think that she has now the top advisers, and he also see this data how she used to move. When she talk, she would move her shoulders and better. Look, I'm confident she said. Well, you know. I think the president is a big old. Betty. Well were and is always wish your shoulders or jump at around. She didn't look covenant watch this. You, you take her persona and you just give her enough lessons to bring it down to a confident, smile, coven smile and just stay clear, clean presentation and you ve got a whole different candidate and she's dangerous. If you think that she can
take care of president tribe might be underestimating now we haven't seen her in full action. In this context, it could be the first two or three times we see is so bad that we just go into that. I guess she couldn't take, couldn't take instructions. I guess she didn't learn anything I don't know, that's gonna happen. I think you can see a different candidate. I think she'll be more serious. More focused you'll have better energy, and I think she even dressed differently about you'll, see differences in everything from her make up to her jewelry to her hair style and that it will be the changes that are not just cosmetic but was safe.
Forget it for the look in the time and the purposes, and the effect is a photo of Joe Biden talking to Camelot on his computer and tell her that she is selected as if she didn't already know that the funny thing about this to me is that you see Joe Biden desk. So it looks like it's his personal desk and he has at his desk Hagar the horrible comic Strip framed. Now. If you didn't already have enough reason to vote against Joe Biden, let me say it again he has a Hagar, the horrible comic strip on his desk, no Dilber Comic anywhere. If you look at the whole desk, there is not a single Dilber comic and if that's not disqualifying, I don't know what is
Meanwhile, the black lives matter cofounder, I don't have any founders recoveries. There were three. Can anybody tell me how many cofounders likewise my rough, but one of them, and I dont other names which is a clever thing. They do they don't make the leaders famous quick, tell me the name of one of their leaders likewise man, I think there was a woman right. You don't you You don't know what it is and I think that's intentional one of the black lives matter. Cofounders said that eluding that's been happened. Lately is reparations and uses. You should see. Somebody thought told me. The Lusaka cartoons would be a good thing to do. The by people who don't know that art is subjective, so
do you think, is looting reparations. Would you agree with black lives matter that the looting is reparations? I say yes, I would say the lily was reparations and our with the reparations, because a reparations died with the looting. So in a way, but for different reasons. I completely agree with the black lives matter. Cofounder The moon was your reparations, so if it was anybody who wasn't looting, but I also wanted some reparations, didn't work out for me this time and probably never,
because the looting I think in the minds of people who would have to decide that reparations, was a good idea. I e way people and people who were well why people in anybody was not black would be the ones who have to be convinced, because one assumes that the black community might be on board with us. If it ever became serious, the reparation sport, but other people would have to be convinced. What has happened in the past month too well black lives matter went from a really good idea: the idea that we should treat each other with the same respect. I thought we already were frankly, I didn't know it was a problem, but if somebody says was the problem of totally on board with the philosophy but the organisation itself well,
doesn't look under the black lives matter organization by focusing on the lowest priority which turned out to be based on the faint premise is now we know the micro brown thing was a justified shooting according to two separate investigations, state and federal and believe me, they were looking for a problem. They were not looking to get this guy off. No body was looking for that, but that's how it turned out that it was justified, shooting and- and now we know, of course, evenly George Floyd thing. He was so full of fence and all that unfortunately, use gonna die no matter what which doesn't absolve the cops, but it clearly wasn't any kind of
Religion murderer situation. So now the blacklist matters completely discredited. In my opinion, by becoming associated with looting, saying things like looting use, reparations which I agree with, because now we're done with reparations for ever gets off the table, and I think also that, by focusing on the smallest and at a problem, this not even real witches police, killing of black people who is now real in the sense that it's not worse than any other group added, and even if it were exactly what you thought it was and I was born. The problem that was for other groups, even if that were true, which it isn't. I think the part about stopping more often end and harassing is definitely true, but What's that is that, because of the neighborhood, your end, does a black police officer harass a black suspect
more than a white wooden would not resign difference. If there's any, here are some of the worst about our whole. Policing situation is still the smallest priority, the biggest priority by far the one that changes- everything if you get it right is education, and that means that the teachers unions are the source of ongoing. Systemic racism. So if the black community, everyone to March against the teachers, unions and actually get something good, you know the ability to compete in schools and therefore improve if they ever wanted to that the Republicans with line up. Now number is the black. Do you want to work on their biggest problem education? Because if we get that right, you got your job, you got you. Basically, everything is better if you make it buddy, you're, educated, again, job things.
About four? Is she here migrations and go away, but you can certainly make yourself relatively immune to it as operators, for example, aiming black lives matter completely discredited, even though the idea Let's talk about heard immunity because I know you want do. Let's talk about that
I got a little more data here, because the the optimistic hope is that the reason Sweden has something close to zero deaths now from krona virus. Arguing death is because we assume they reached a herd of unity, but if they did, it would suggest that is easy to get there, and that may be heard. Immunity is closer to twenty percent of the population, not sixty, that's true, and maybe it's because the so called T sell immunity, meaning that if you, if you had some exposure to other types of kroner viruses, you might have a little.
Residual inherited this new one cousin scarlet and common and baby enough for some people. But I asked this question: well: are there other situations in which people pass that twenty percent- and here are some examples, encounter examples? Now, before you jumped the conclusion, say Scott, you can't make any decision based on that. You said: that's where I am too so nothing I tell you next should suggest that you could make a decision based on Bulgaria's context, so the diamond princess nineteen percent of the people tested at converse. So you say to yourself: ok, that's consistent with
heard immunity being twenty percentage because they were all on this crucial together if it reached ninety percent and stopped. Maybe that's because we got it in time, but maybe it's also because it was gonna stop there anyway. But what about the argentine cruise ship, in which fifty nine percent had it? In so we ve got one with nineteen percent bored with fifty nine pray different. Now. The fifty nine is, coincidentally right, where we thought the top of her he was but again that doesn't mean anything. It's one situation. We don't know what happened after they knew they had it, how they quarantine and but what? If I just throw the centre, what if people and cruise liners don't travel alone? What, if they're always pay?
together with their family and what is one of a family or for you got the credit of earth, but then they were core of teemed with the three other members of their own family, lattices. Three other members Probably gonna get it deserved this little room with whatever, an ventilation we ve gotta cruise ships and of What have you as it and now you're families- probably gonna, get to do so, We have a situation where you care really tell because of the unique way that they handled quarantines. So I'd say you can't tell anything about that, but I would add to the conversation that there is notion that the higher your viral load, the more likely you gonna catch it. So being around a lot of virus, more likely to get it being round a normal amounts. I would say that the house, how much your pact into space and what kind of ventilation you have
probably changes completely what it means to have heard levels. So, in other words, you might be able to reach heard at twenty percent in Sweden, because people are kind of space down here they, yet they have the option of space out, whereas if they're all packed into a prison aura or a cruise ship, maybe you don't get too heard until you're a sixty percent, because they're just so much viral loaded, sizzle packed in there. There's nothing you can do, maybe so, in other words, so here's the hypothesis that has proven that if we have these t, sell immunities, meaning we haven't been specifically exposed to the virus, but we ve been exposed to other once it gives us some immunity. The thought is that there are some amount viral load there would overcome whatever natural immunity you have so there's no such thing is just being
some ability, there's immunity at a certain level, and you could overwhelmed that with enough virus. That's the hypothesis other inmates we ve got. We ve got one prison that nearly seventy percent were infected again, maybe they're just all too close together, not enough sanitation. Do you make anything of that think you can almost shelter. There was one to twenty four percent, another one that thirty six percent. Let me ask you: this. Do homeless people spend a lot of time in close proximity to each other, now so much the homeless people icy are pretty much lowers. Obviously there are homeless families
But what do you say that the homeless are uniquely able to stay away from other people and a weird way I mean if you looked at the homeless, people on the streets or not interacted with each other, so much other united spent much time those situations, but it wouldn't surprise me if the homeless just have a natural distancing thing built into their situation so they're down at that twenty four and thirty six percent two different shoulders. We got another french aircraft carrier. Sixty percent is prepared to get away from other people on aircraft carrier writer packed into legal bunking place. But a? U S, aircraft carrier had seventeen percent again probably has to do with when they caught it hourly they caught, it probably doesn't tell you: I so those are some examples. So what we know
The only thing we learn from that is that in these enclosed spaces, be they a prison were or a cruise ship. You could have an infection anywhere from twenty two. Seventy per So so we know that We don't know is a big country where you ve got the option spreading out if twenty percent or so could be the limit. Now, if twenty percent heard immunity is not enough, we don't know what's happening in Sweden Dewey. How do you explain Sweden if, in fact, they didn't achieve heard immunity? What is it if its? Not that couldn't be vitamin d, get suppose, because Sweden has the quality that, although they don't give enough son to get the right kind of vitamin d, they know that so
it is normal to supplement so their vitamin d like crazy, in supplements, fish, oil, supple and say yes, so could it be that twenty percent of their community is weak enough? For other reasons, com or abilities age? Wherever that there but as long as you're, normal healthy person with vitamin D. Maybe I just can't get me some like that. So violently could still be pervert answers. Not it's not eliminated, but it's not confirmed either. I wouldn't be surprised if it That way. Now, what did I tell you about? How present trumps performance on the current fires would be compared by election day? I made the following prediction that those countries that have done good control of the Krona virus early, say you're Germany'S in Europe
New Zealand would have recurring infections and a second wave as long as we don't know what stops us thing, We don't know where her Tiberias uh sure we're all gonna be Sweden? I predicted that those with did well would have a second wave. It would make the president's performance look better because other people would look worse and that all those countries that peoples and a look at this country, I can't we be more like them and the answer will be their time is coming and it might happen before election day. Somebody says similar clean? Well, I'm still a thirty percent chance that hydrochloric queen is a game changer in
Part of the reason is I just feel like I know by now. I can't believe we can get to this point. Having so much talk about somebody suddenly studies that we wouldn't just know by now the fact that it is still up in the air and in fact a lot of people, leaning against it by what percentage just makes me think it's not it couldn't possibly be as effective as the
Because it would just be so obvious by now, but who knows, but we do live in a world where the unusual can happen so Carol had apparently the word cobbler translates too horrible in the finnish language so that there is a letter for shadowing there. So that's all you have now and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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