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Episode 1092 Scott Adams: Brain-Dead Biden’s Mask Mandate, UAE-Israel Peace Deal, Reparations Completed, Gun Confiscation

2020-08-14 | 🔗

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  • President Trump’s Nobel prize worthy UAE deal
  • Kamala’s eligibility to run for VP
  • Bill Gates dismisses HCQ
  • Kamala’s hypocrisy doesn’t matter
  • CNN hit piece on Dr. Scott Atlas
  • Alex Berenson’s mask opinion

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Bump bump of them come from them by money today, with a little bit less wearing, probably allow us, I'm gonna try as hard as I can to make this g rated, do what I can but its political season and gives harder everyday airily does. But you know what makes a world easier and better in every possible dimension, simultaneous up and do not mean much to participate. All you need government. Nevertheless, a dagger genocide against engender Glasgow vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee.
And join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the Dope Romania the day the thing that makes everything better, including the election go. Yes, I can feel my are not coming up. Well I'd like to thank all of my viewers here, gale, if you watching thank you for the excellent pillow which you can see From my back quite nice. Thank you, for that was a steel. The first election in which you can say the following is true. We dont know exactly who are voting for. And he might not now on election day Have you ever had an election for president in which you
maybe your voting for violent, but maybe is more a cobbler, maybe somebody else's governmental, thicker than You don't really know what we are voting for. You don't know when the voting starts, this male everything's gonna be confusing. You won't know when it starts You all know exactly was running. That's what we're here like that. You won't know The voting will be complete. You won't now. The voting will be rig. You won't know, if China or Russia influenced the election more than great Britain, and you don't know anything. Basically this is the first election in which we live, We even have a fighting chance of being credible. What happens this?
the first time we ve had the election that we'd know in advance will be questioned as rapidly And we also know that no matter who wins the other side who says rate has risen the way to get around. That answer can use. Everywhere you get around the country, believing the result was rigged. I can only think of one way. There is exactly one way to save the Republic two ways if you go, if you care to the second man yet always the first way is for a Trump landslide us, proportion that, even if you assumed something went wrong, even if you soon voters oppression, even if you assumed russian collusion, even if you assumed chinese
interferes, even if you assumed at all, but still obvious who up what are our chances well at the moment, the slaughter meter is just kinda a hundred percent, but things change right, we'll be more surprises, now an election day, but if things go the way their going, what looks like does. Every few days president drop is going to announce a historic accomplishment right, let's like today, our yesterday so you're
here is how the match up when yesterday. So yesterday, President Trump surprisingly announced that the U S and broker to deal- and I think people are gonna- agree that it took a trump to get this done. He brokered a deal for some peace deal between the USA and Israel and then hinted that there might be several more countries in the region who might want to get on board and teased some of them coming up. Now, that's a pretty deep deal. Both the Washington Post in the New York Times acknowledged. It was in President tribes, own words and they both use. The same word huge and we think about the biggest critics of the president just said: that's, ok. I got nothin, that's huge, that's huge! Now, so that's
the president, the historic, seemingly impossible peace deal that might be the beginning of something even bigger. Let's see, what did Joe Biden did? What what Joe Biden did was take the president's current mask policy and real worded it into angry dementia patients language? Do you know how that goes? Let me let me do an example. Here would be a person saying I could you pass me a napkin, so this would be the same normal language or trump language? Could you would you might pass? a napkin. Oh thank you. Thank you for the rapid now, if you're, to reward that into angry dementia patients. All of this, the Joe Biden way that the same thing would turn into what was well worth. Eight where's that no, not Afghans. What what's wrong with leadership? There's! No! It happens here that
can somebody give me some napkins Con man Jimmy's napkins, so you know the content was the same. You? You have to reword that. So here is a here's. What, as the his policy on masks so his policy is the mass are helpful and you should wear one in situations. Where are you going to be random people So you re recommends it quite vigorously and then says that is up to the states as that's the Trump palace. Highly recommended when, when it makes sense up to the states, here's the Joe Biden angry dementia version. I'll be mandated and it
but its leadership for, whereas the leadership Bandy they add, but the states could decide now no constitutional scholar, but let me break this down for you in the best lawyer talk. I can. Once both of you, president, Trump and binding, have decided that it's up to the states. And also decided that they think mass or helpful. That's really the end of it, because what she is throwing the get the states get to decide on their own. Once you put that in their your opinion, Well, they should be mandated, isn't really important. Is it yeah by then thinks they should be mandated? How much does that better turns out? It doesn't because the part about the states deciding is the operative.
The active ingredient, the other stuff, is the less the sugar and stuff that doesn't matter So some rising again, the president accomplished an historic agreement. The almost nobody would have predicted and it seemed impossible- might be the beginning of something tremendous, Thus, one of the best accomplishments of all time has already is name has already been discussed in terms of the Nobel Peace Prize, so that was the present day yesterday and then Joe Biden had that angry dementia patients reworking of mask policy sue pretty good, pretty good too. You know, I hate that's what it's gonna look like all the way to election day. I think you're going to see a lot more, this the play,
announcing an executive order, lowering pharmaceutical cause. It's gonna be one thing after another until you're, so sick of Joe Biden, angry dementia talk that it just won't even look like a close decision. Let's talk about this, you a deal now? I thought I was gonna come on this morning and give you this insight. And then I read, the New York Times. I think it was a rather somebody was onto me. Almost like they read my material now under the ok Tell you what I read from experts were recorded in the New York Times that we share with me. I don't have the expressly by ask yourself. Is that sounded like me.
It was this that the president has managed to create an asset out of nothing with your Netanyahu and Israel that collectively they had created an asset. Nothing and the answer was. Well, Israel has made an offer to the Palestinians to divide up the land a certain way. Palestinians rejected it completely. So the Israel said. Well, we don't really need your approval, so Israel said I You don't want to work on a deal or negotiate. You dont need do we'll just here the land we said it we're gonna, take we'll just annex it serve see later any time you want to talk will be here, but we're just gonna take this land, that's the end of it. No peace deal is necessary. I mean it be great. If great devil peace deal was unnecessary. Now it works best. If you ve created a
and here's the pattern that Israel with the United States, especially had created, looks like this. Can we move that embassy to Jerusalem? Oh no, it's impossible! Don't do it'll be. We're in the dont. Do it or you did it? Ok, those a protest. Wasn't as without ok, but don't do anything else you're, really really pushing it now. So but the goal of Knights, we'll just we'll just make their part of Israel what is it now? No doubt do that? Don't do that you did. They were busy that you can't go that far. Those way too far out working, fine, no problem about gosh. If you knew where Hezbollah was keeping their weapons and stuff you
just below the mob, wherever they are? No, no that's happening. The lot of Hezbollah asset seem to be blowing up lately, doesn't seem to be a problem here You certainly couldn't kill the top array in general, who was behind all the terrorism in the Middle EAST, or at least most of it. You couldn't just kill him. I mean like the top guy in around. If you think about it, the guy was, the guns is really the top guy. He can't just assassinate their top general but then we did and then we waited for the and the world and our protest in some rockets fired. But people were her tragically, but it wasn't the under the world. So now you ve created this pattern and what is the point,
the pattern is we're gonna take whatever we want, because you're not going to negotiate anyway and we're never gonna stop. How many times have I told you that what it doesn't matter, where you are in matters where everybody thinks you're going looks like you're moving somewhere. That gets people's attention. It doesn't matter where you are matters where you governed, and so is the United States, I created this very clear pattern of where there were no one is through them. Take what they wanted. We're just take what we wanted, because the other the collect. The other side, if you will anybody who would be opposing any of these things, are different? People in different places but none of them were powerful enough to stop it. It was just one thing after another. Rolling up until it was just a de facto is
who got everything you want, so that creates the opportunity for somebody like the? U use ie, are we want? Maybe we'll do a peace deal, but you gotta give us something. It's gonna look like. We got something important and so what does Israel and the United States offer them the thing that didn't exist? They. Chile created an asset, nothing which is the to take this territory and annex it completely, instead of just controlling their exit. But that was conceptual. It was future, maybe a want of Heaven. And so they gave up the thing that didn't exist. How many times have I told you, the president trumps? It's almost a signature, negotiating style he'll create an asset, mental,
and then use that mental asset to negotiate with You said you'd know that's like the strain of the trunk playbook crew an imaginary asset and then trade it for something this real, that's just what they did. Now if you, if you just heard me saying it, it would mean as much but like I said, people actually know what they're talking about said the same thing, but does this? How like me, talk about creating an imaginary asset and picking up the free body, because it was free money, you have also heard we talk about the fake, because the fake, because in the sort of persuasion, Domain, it means a somebody wants to do something anyway, but They need a reason because people make up their minds before they give your reasons or even before they no reason some but in the case of the Middle EAST, don't you-
you ve wanted to deal. They we wanted to deal. It looks like they ve been talking to Israel for ten years privately. So probably they just wanted to deal. But could the I have just said: hey, you know what were we just want to deal so yeah? You guys do as you want, but we're gonna make a deal with Israel. How that look? It would look. We What does it look like they just an hour? I will give you what you are. I will give you a peace deal, but instead the USA gets to use the fake because they get to say this. Wasn't for nothing like what we did. We stop indexation of these lands that are in dispute with Palestinians and israel- that's big, we're like a leader in the Middle EAST now, because we ve done one of the most important things. Nobody else in the Middle EAST who got Israel to concede. Something like that. Recently,
so the you. I guess this fake, because to do the thing that they wanted to do anyway. What did you say my really anything they, the others fake ass. I was generated and they accepted the fake asset which they can claim. Credit for symbolises binding, took everything that happened, but maybe it it So what would you say now about president drums deal making ability and then, on top of that, what would you say about Jared cushioning ability to to implement look in public? it's looking pretty good and you have to see the whole
poor Middle EAST as a whole package to see a brilliant. This was all set up. You ve heard Trump used the phrase in the art of the deal and other times about setting the table. The idea is that by the time you get to the negotiation, if you ve done everything else right, the negotiation is most done so, in other words, you can you can be done with the negotiation before you start. If you set the table so well, then it can only go one way right. You ve created a situation where you know we're gonna go now. You just have to get in the same room and say our what's the deal is it was the only way I could go on and one and the biggest part of this, I would say, is pulling out of the the Ariane deal, which now Export smart doesn't know a lot of people that it was Martin Day one. I was more in the camp of what the hell do. I know you
we'd love to say I'm so smart, I could tell the difference between is a good thing. To get out of the rain deal or is a good thing to stay and if you think you're smart enough to know the difference, congratulations, I'm definitely not. Smart enough to deal with all the variables and play in psychology in the different countries and histories and who knows what's coming in the future. I'm not so sure I could have known what was the better path, and maybe we still don't be surprised, but, as of today is perspective,. Looking up know what we're saying right now, it looks like pulling out of the Ariane deal, possibly one of the most. Bawler leader, successful spar things any leader ever did Emily starting to look that way.
At the end of the game, and you know I wasn't really pounding any drums about getting out of that dealers thing in that deal cause it's just sort of a little bit about by pay great a little bit slightly about by Belgrade, so I was sort of an observer on that. But What do you see the this peace deal? You see others looking in line, you have to say to yourself, What is the environment which would cause that and the environment which would cause it is around, is off the table as as a power. I think Trump just took a ran out of the equation. In terms of the other countries worrying about whether ran, would get mad at them for making a deal, because. Enough about the Euro to north the region to know if this is a thing, but I think it's a thing. Maybe somebody who knows Workin correct me: wouldn't each country in the area, under normal say five years ago situation
one day be a little worried about a ran. Maybe ran doing something bad to them. If they made a deal with, Israel is everything I don't know. If that's the thing, but it feels like it would be but at the moment, nobody's afraid of Israel or, I'm sorry, nobody's afraid of IRAN and the way they might have been even a few years ago, because they're so weakened and the ones like around my just fall so in the Middle EAST. Do do. Leaders follow power does pay. And winning get you something. In other words, if you create a history of winning which Israel and the United States have done together. Does that change minds, because everybody we are willing to write, and now it's kind of obvious who the winning team is it's not a ran around not the winning team over there, and now I think everybody says that.
So I mean when, when the United States took out their top general and and got a week to nothing response, the kind of really just opened up the the all I so I'm says this is one of the greatest pray. Central achievements. So far and very cleverly done very skilfully. I mean this is just sort of a plus material is hard to find some wrong with this, but I know that I know that set some of the most ridiculous anti choppers are finding something wrong: but it's not even worth repeating them their arguments so so stupid that I'm not here to talk about them. They they don't give rise to the level of being conversation worthy. Jumping around here look bad, so Biden Harris they did there alone, spend about the masks and they didn't take questions. They didn't take questions now.
How much longer they can feel they get away with that. I may really did to the Euro, as other people have noted, but why change strategy if it's working well, let me tell you why you should change strategy of its working, the the the strategy that you use early in a campaign sincerely the one that's gonna work a month before the election. If it's a. Before the election that you still haven't heard from from Nora calmly, in terms of answering questions, I don't know how they could possibly get elected right so yeah might make sense to stay away from the public for a while, but it's not really a sustainable strategy. If you talk about say one or two months before the election, when people get serious anyway, I guess most people don't get serious until September. Wish
So they don't really have a strategy yet because, The wonder using can't work in the last two months. Other possibility where they actually do take questions. Well, that would be the end of their campaign. Would your cobblers could take questions fine, but by the skin? bad brain dead button. So what else we are going on here, birth tourism to now. So this is the news has been this I've always tell you. The trump will always leave his options open. Its is just a signature thing he does and by the way you should learn from it. If there's one trump trade, which you should take with you and say that actually want that to be part of what I do from now on
it would be this keeping is options open thing you don't like what are you gonna do this country in a them, keep my options open What do you do about this I'll? Tell you later always keep the options open? so when he was asked about the this question of whether cobblers is eligible for the presidency, because Apparently, your parents were born in two different countries, but they come those born in Oakland, so according to the constitution, is fairly unambiguous if you're born in this country. That's the end of this conversation, are you eligible for the presidency. You are a certain age you were born in this country. There are no further questions. Your honor, but The legal world there is a way
somebody who can make an argument about anything so apparently there some are keen argument about whether birthright citizenship is really in the constitution or, if you so But I don't think there is credible enough, an argument that is there anything to worry about power when tromp was asked about it. Did he say She is definitely not eligible now. You didn't say that when now, who is it? Who thinks it would be folly to safeguard is wrong and all care Now, if you're somebody, who knows that I block you for saying that, but you think you would be funny to say it. As you know that I know you're killing, it didn't work because I just I'm gonna block you so I hope you're not a fan trying to be clever because you just
disappeared. I remind everybody. Anybody new! You can always give reasons. You can always disagree with me. That's invited, but if you just say say you're wrong, blocking you gone forever. So Trop says that yes, it's basically has looked into. History doesn't have an opinion, so it leaves us options up what he always does. He always leaves is option open. So now so leaving is options open turns into its birth tourism. To is a racist and sexist. None of this happened. None of that happened says, is complete, fake news like were used to say now. I do think it would be useful for Trump to dismiss that, because it's not going to help them, but it could
So? I think you would be to his advantage, since he has so many overwhelming advantages over this team to not now start a fight that he can't win. That would be. That would be bad strategy at his rarely deceive use bad strategy- that's very rare ever so I think you should just let them go next time is asked outside. You know I loathly vessel thing, I'm not gonna worry about it. I would just say just dismissed
say. I'm alone legal expert blown unjust, not treat. That is a thing here will be them with the regular way does matter right, somebody's asking the comments. If I killed my auntie find neighbour. Why, then is the deal? Is a teenager? It's not now, but you, a team issues are loose legatee and worry about that here that don't you worry, and so our ears, a funny thing.
So Andres back? I also mention him a lot one, my favorite twitter friends and used as a good analysis of anything. This logical phd economics and here is a covered that I thought has really clever. Tweeted yesterday, The binding campaigns must be running a loyalty check on the media, verse whatever you asked journalist knows by now that the way bite and tell us what happened in Charlottesville is incorrect. The socalled fine people hoax. So. The campaign can learn who, among them, in other words who among the press, is willing to dump, in truth in favour of supporting Biden, and I thought all that is what's happening now. I don't know if that's true
Plan, but the actual outcome is that the Democrats can learn which members of the press are completely uninterested in the truth and we'll just back the team, no matter what they say, and I thought to myself that does exactly that. You know who knows what they are in she's or but that's the outcome. The outcome is that anybody who allowed Biden statement to stand which they know to be false and really really Fortunately false. This isn't like other political lies. This is a lie that can cause Michael was an actual physical, violent revolution in this country the day after,
So I would say that Biden by repeating lie and his eyes a nazi supporters in the press, basically than a nazi like situation. I think I think this is what those very few situations where the analogy sets, because the the the foot, the fine people hoax, the point of it, is today. Nice white, trumps supporters, that's the whole point of it. So what country demonize is an ethnic? You know I didn't I will group Nazi Germany. So but were is doing, is setting up Trump supporters for violence. That's what held it now. Is that too,
drug, because when people make Hitler analogies, it's just automatically disqualifying for you to be talking in public really. Does a ceo everything's a Nazi analogy, everything sailor. But in this narrow sense of a leader of a country whose identify. Certain, other segment of the country and a specific calling them out too unworthy of good treatment and that's what the put the whole point of it is. That anybody who supported Trump because of this alleged thing that didn't actually have therefore, the supporters are not worthy of the same kind of respect and treatment as citizens, as somebody else would be, that is Hitler. That's not similar to Heller
that's pretty you re on the nose right now? Could there turn into something worse than words, one of the policies that cobbler says has promoted, is gun confiscation in the form of a buyback, but what's the point of a buy back, if you knock and enforce it so imagine and effectively, the President couple Harris imagine that they get Congress. So if they get Congress. And they packed the Supreme Court and calmly Harris's the effective president, or even if she isn't could they confiscate guns, and the answer is a kind of good,
the kind of a good now otto- I wouldn't put some per statistical odds of that happening, but could you rule it out really can't I want to? I mean I really want to now what would happen, if our legally or maybe sketch elected because nobody's gonna trust the election, the matter who wins. What would happen if we have a non credible election and then non credibly elected president, who was not even the top of the ticket calmly Harris who was not even popular in her own party until she became the president hypothetically and then she's. She goes to take away the guns of mostly republicans. How would that go down
Pretty much the way you think it right that would actually be a violent civil war. I dont think anybody can doubt that at this point and wall nobody promotes violence, and so I won't promoted and like a cheer leader for It is none the less predictable, so you can predict violence. I think that's not promoting think that's fair it. Now. I predict that if anybody tries to violate the second amendment, it's only go one way. It's only gonna go one way and if you want to have republican presents for ever try to take away the guns, you will get Republicans president's forever and not necessarily through an election. If you know what I mean at that point, it would almost become and patriotic duty to
we say resist. I think resist would be the wrong word, because resist sounds a little defensive and this would not be a defensive situation. The people with the second amendment rights would probably converge on Washington DC. You would probably see a massive mobilization of citizens driving directly into the capital. Of course, the massive military protection and all of those military people would have families in the United States. They would be presumably at least a little bit programme, because they have won with them it's hard to be in the military. The entire gunnar think must be a few, but So what would happen when. Three million armed Americans
pull up in their cars and pick up trucks and say The line of military, hey guys pick aside because it's going down What would the military say when the citizens came up to them said? Lastly, we want to do is. Are you guys we're on your side? But now you have to pick a site where you take. Your time doesn't have to happen today, but we're he'll be here tomorrow and tomorrow, we're going to ask you again which side to IRAN. Are you on the side of the constitution, or are you are you on the side of the dictator who is taking away our guns, because, we're not gonna leave Knocking we're not gonna. Take no for an answer, so you just have to decide which side you wrong. What do you think was? Do you think the military would be
the military are patriots, would patriots side with a dictator to overthrow the government and take away your guns? Good luck with them. That's why dictators usually have private armies if you don't have your own revolutionary guard or private army or you're you're bribing a certain subset of the military to have they got extra staff prepared? Their people so they're more loyalty, you, because if somebody else takes over, they might lose or extra stuff We have that we just people in the military, because I wanted to be in the military because guess what their patriots, their patriots, the patriots now so much about taking your guns away? So good luck with that calmly errors. Should you try to take guns away? That would be the end of Democrats forever because I dont think Republicans would ever allow and when I say
I mean at gunpoint, I mean by force Would never allow it to happen again if you ve ever got close to something like a gun confiscation at the federal level. Republicans would end the democratic rule forever. They would because they have the power they have the guns and- and I think Military went back the view, so I think that would be the under Democrats forever. I don't worry, I'm not talking about dad, I'm talking about as it as a political power. That would be the end of it, but it wouldn't be easy. So how about those reparations hours asked even Whether I want to continue talk about reparations for slavery. With somebody who is smart and had a good argument about reparations.
To which I said reparations are already paid, I don't know what you're looking at, but I just watch the destruction of several major cities in the United States and reparations. Over, I was on the side of hey. Let's talk about this, there might be some way we can work something out. Wherever everybody's gets better off than I? don't rule about, might be something can do here slips and I've written about it. I've written about it favourably in terms of yeah. Maybe there's something you can do here, but not at this point at this point would be fuckin crazy, As the black community has claimed the reparations for evil, I better recalled the eluding reparations. They call. That's not even me black, this matter is called the looting of form of reparations
to which I say I agree. I take yes for an answer. And that was your reparations, so that Congress, asian. That's never gonna happen again. The reparations covers Asian. If there's any way in the black community whose wondering hey, maybe we can circle back to that, don't bother no bother. Circling back. That conversation is dead as Joe Biden Brain Ass, pretty damn debt. However, that said is the black community would lie to stop being completely hypnotized by bad people and would like to work on their highest priority, which would be getting education right, which means getting rid of the school you, the teachers unions, does that's the problem with education if they want to do that,
I'm all in. So it's not that I don't want to do work that would help the black community em all about that for four years. That's primary interest, because I've always had a few help. The people were in the deepest hall. That also helps the whole country. The boast so taking somebody from no job to a job is a big deal, taking somebody from not educated enough to educate and enough as a really big deal. So most of your big gains can happen in that same segment of the world and are usually described as the the p You don't have money basically because it ends up being you skewed by race, but you don't have to make that way. He said how do we help all the people who are in a bad situation and then it ends up being good for black people a little bit more than other people too serenity.
So I am all in favour that in a willing to put work into that, but reparations, no, no, that's not even a conversation that we can have anymore. That's done, you can think black lives matter for that for ruining your Brandon, making everything a little bit harder by focusing on the wrong stuff, the wrong stuff meeting. Then, in terms of your priorities, the police, harassment problem all, except as completely real, if he will accept, as also the smallest problem for formal the big problem of Athens to you, but it's a small problem from the community I am quite annoyingly been annoyingly to you, I think, defending bill gates and whose many thoughts about the pandemic in about vaccines.
Everything else, I'm reversing that as of yesterday. So here is the rule. Bristle undersigned interview? article in which Bill Gates was asked about Hydroxyl clerk. We and he dismissed it because of the bad side, effects the bad side effects Drugs are clear agreed now, You know how you could be a public intellectual literally one of the smartest people in the country which bill gates is by the way, if you ve, never seen a biography or anything a bill gates in need to watch one, because if you think he's just a smart guy, that's now what's Goin on the bill gates is not like a normal small person. He's, like almost
other species like his brain yo, comparing you our brains, I think I'm pretty smart, relatively speaking, but anywhere near the delegates. Brain power level he's like another species even compared to just ordinary smart people. Here other species. So if you don't know that you just think he's a smart guy got lucky inserted a company right place in right. Now, you're missing the whole thing he's not like other people like we're, really not like other people. That said How could he be unaware, when all of you are aware that they hydroxyl Claret Queen side effects are non existent now, of course, there are no absolute, Of course it does exist, but so tiny the drugs been used for sixty five years. It's only those too
else where they over those people who were near death that something bad happened. If you're giving these tiny doses to people who have mild symptoms, basically the risk is zero. Now are you telling me that bill gates doesn't know that seriously? As of today, you telling me that bill gates doesn't know that the hydrochloric coincide effect. Our somewhere between trivial and none really really. He doesn't know that not african chance, there's not a chance. He doesn't know that I mean, I suppose, only in that the extreme case that anything is possible, but now. And for him to say that in public like it was true suggests. There's I'm gonna just put this in quotes something going on.
Now I didn't want to buy into the delegations in it for the money and I still don't. He's not in it for the money, that's like the most ridiculous thing of all he's literally working full time. Thank you. This money away. He's Last person lose either from the body. So anybody, things. I've got he's got this company making a vaccine so's. You just wants them to make money. Now, maybe as an opinion about with the the way things should go, doesn't think, draw the clerk windows and asked me a and doesn't work. Thank you get away without a vaccination he could have to do with, psychology of whether you get the vaccination ones available. Maybe could be one of those things. I
I do believe that he has good intentions so that parliament doubting whatsoever. So let me say that again, I'm positive. He has good intentions. People say is huge and huge emphasis that anybody who is in favour of birth control, basically But having said this well Hydroxyl Chloroprene, I now have to reject him as being honest on this topic. Once you have rejected them as being honest, anything else is up for grabs right God, my sense of smell is coming back. I think I can smell my coffee sign this operation and I think I can smell again because good Turns out not everything smells good, though so spending a lot of talk about Harris.
Being a hypocrite, meaning that when she was running and the primaries she call Joe Biden basically sort of a racist for some. Things you did, but now she doesn't think those things like. As it will be a number of things that maybe Biden has a policy that is different from hers. And she will immediately back off on that. So how much should we care that Harris will be considered a hypocrite? were the whatever policies she comes to embrace as a candidate. Now we'll be differ.
Then maybe a lifetime of things she said before? How much does that matter? Here's the answer not at all, not you'd like that matter, when you wouldn't you like to matter that are politicians are no. You cannot do this on Tuesday and then was so. This is the best idea, the world. This is totally get Yeh forget what I said before this is totally. How much does it matter to voters the answer no, no, not even a little bit in the context of vice presidency, the job is to agree with the boss. And we all understand that trade there's nobody doesn't understand that the job description is to agree with the boss. In this case the blast might be the operatives behind Biden but nobody's gonna care about any the hypocrisy stuff, so everything that
you say about that is interesting, but not persuasive. It won't change any votes. Here's interesting thing. There's a survey of the tech companies from Netflix through Apple through Google, Amazon or the tech companies, and they looked at their political donations. You would not be surprised to hear that ninety nine point, six percent of employee political donation Netflix went to Democrats. Ninety nine sand, tat, twitter, ninety eight percent apple. So what's your conclusion from that is your conclusion that Nearly a hundred percent of employees at the tech companies are democratic. Does that your conclusion. What's that one interpretation can, you think,
any other reason. All the donations which can be discovered by third parties, that's the nature of these donations. I guess you can tell who donated to the in what way. So, Is that the only explanation why all the people who made a public donation donated Democrat is that the only explanation is that they're all democrats- yeah, that's one explanation. Let me suggest a second explanation. Anybody who works. Can I can I be allowed? One swear word Can I see a show of hands? This'll be brief, but I wasn't expecting this.
So cover the years of your children? This will just be brief. I hope you're already now for this. If Nine percent of the people who knew that the donation could be discovered only only democratic. They only donated to Democrats the other power, Dolly, is that the Republicans who work or the conservatives who work in Silicon Valley and unjust can put that, There are not what's the phrase fucking idiots, how about the people who support president Trump? but also work in Silicon Valley are smart enough to know that their donations are discoverable because blah blah database. Don't you think that the Republicans and conservatives who support trump are simply not going to do something that,
publicly flags, another term trump supporter. So do you believe this? Ninety nine percent of adults are republican odds. Are democrats why believe? That's how it turned out, but if you believe is that there are not at least ten or twenty percent of of Silicon Valley is transporters, if you believe they're, not there. You were very wrong because guess what happens when the Dilber guy and you say anything good about Trump? Do you know what happens? You are contacted, pray, We buy a lot of people in Silicon Valley who say some version of this, I'm in deep hiding, but I'm glad you're not do you know how many people have told me that some version of ever mention by name, but I agree with what you are saying:
Do you know how many people watch this periscope in Silicon Valley? There's a few. You might not know it there's a few some of them Some of them have done well was Missus put it that way. So I wouldn't leave that statistic is twenty twenty, so asian believe any statistic or anything about anything. Although data is wrong, twenty twenty, I'm freaking out because the new doktor that President has brought on board for the credit of stuff. His name sounds too much like mine bugging me. Every time the president says so. Was I broke up and let's go what Eurasia
That's new export is deemed Scott and, unlike what to less? Oh, that's not me, but it was even freak here. The other day I was listening to the president and he just brought on Doktor Scott. I listened to be an adviser and he refers to him by his first name: Scott I'm just watching on just watching the president and I'm doing some other stuff and he's doing is press conferences. Like above all I am so what do you think? That's right, Scott and I was like what just happened. I thought I was just watching the press conference, but I think the president just called me by my first name: Doktor Scott else. Ok son just sense Three community Souci ended a little hip, is monologue by one of their one of their people. I didn't recognize and
they really want after Doktor Scott Alice, but here's the thing Somebody you did not have a medical degree, some who was not a scientist, somebody who is just as far as I can tell a journalist now, a journalist decided to go on television and explain the public. Why a train? Professional doktor was wrong on the doktor stuff. And the argument was he was. I guess insufficiently. Qualified now How do you have to be to listen A journalist who doesn't have any training critic? as somebody who does have all the re train and to tell you that the proper with the person who has all the re training.
The journalist who was non does that the doctor is getting it wrong Now, I'm not saying that the doctors getting it right or wrong, because we ve seen that the experts who disagree, but how done do you have to be to watch that network CNN and see a journalist criticise a doctor I'm doctor stuff, it's not unknown doktor stuff, it's doktor stuff, then she goes on with our criticism and they didn't make any sense at all. They really didn't because, for example, actors got Alice was saying that maybe we should have football because football players tend to be healthy, young, youngish specimen, so. Therefore, the odds of a football player you dying from coronavirus virus is low. Therefore, we should wish do that and the sea and then journalist, not a doktor. So
Who is so wrong and then gives examples of young people who had problems now? Is that the right answer to the profound, who says young people are. You know quite protected now, what after ATLAS, in speaking, did anybody interpretive to say: no young person will ever get corona virus or that no young person will ever have a problem with the current virus. Now he wouldn't say that nobody would say that, but the CNN critique of him pretends as. He did and then they criticise the thing that didn't happen, which is the absolute part of it. So. I show you that there are exceptions and that their yeah, a growing number of youngish people who are having problems with the krona virus, Is there anybody? You didn't already know that? No now there's nobody who didn't know that
Everybody knew that young people, cans, sometimes does not happen, often, but and sometimes have pretty serious problems, including death. I would suppose who doesn't know that nobody, everybody knows, So when the doktor says these people are safe. He means safe enough When the analysed talks about the danger from closing down the journalist, says that the closing down of the better solution, while the doktor is suggesting You need some balance between the economy, the lifestyle and the health and the risks, so the doktor is looking at the whole picture. That includes the health impact, mental and otherwise, from the closed down calculating the risk to this, the young, the old and then
economic thing, another other words. The doktor is He had all the things that matter and ignoring none of the things that matter. The journalist is criticising him by ignoring half of the equation, the economic power as if it doesn't Just just don't even talk about it, it just say well, if, if we don't closed down, people will die because they get more of the virus. How in the world does and what what's the end stated, that plan is still probably going to get the virus just later see Europe. Did Europe get the virus later there having another? wave after the successful close them, even New Zealand gotta got another case of it, but they'll probably do a good job as are so small. So It is ludicrous to watch somebody who is a journalist. Ignoring at least fifty percent of the entire equation and credit,
person, the guy who exe Was it we included. All of the equation showed his work. The other there's nothing that doctors. Do you listen check for yourself. Go look for yourself! There's ears. My opinion, you'll see, is compatible with everything. Some others that so yesterday I was tweeting that I am frustrated this far into the pandemic. We still don't know, masks work. Are you kidding me now? I have loved internet, so I think the Maybe the main voice of masks are perhaps unproven, at least is Alex Barons, and most of you know him from twitter from had worked at the New York Times.
So I think, use the probably most noted voice for the science is not conclusive and some things done that like it is one of the things the science seems to be not as conclusive us we'd like is this mask stuff, and so I was quite interested that Tucker Karlsson had a model tonight. So right after I was sort of asking the question do we really not know now if masks work seriously, all these medical professionals recommending it- we don't know so before Alex Barons and was honest, ugly, Carlson's, guest here, Doktor Seagulls doctor, you see a Fox news all the time and the US.
Talkers doctors eagle about the science of masks. Now this is the right way to go because doctors, eagles adapter, is obviously looking into this quite quite deeply l experience and would be more in the journalists non doktor category, and so I thought what's gonna happen here if First Tucker Ass, a doktor about masks and then his very next guest as the anti mask, and are we going to get a difference of opinion here, and I was quite surprised, somebody says Scot: I believe you blocked people for questioning insane justice. That is correct and not changing that opinion. So just to clarify yes, I do black people say masks
don't work and probably will continue to only because, I think is obvious is just obviously do and utterly dieterli to both sides. So doctors Eagle was asked in his response. Was there have been studies and the studies show that they work located a year that when a doktor was asked- and this is a Fox news doctor- in other words as its main association democracy, so you would expect that if there was even a little bit of information to suggest the masts, whirling overdone and maybe now proven you would expect a fox news- medical experts say you know, there's no evidence for it, but he didn't. He referred to studies of enclosed spaces de did note that wearing the mask, when you take a walk would be overkill, I guess we all do that, but he said there science and this and was not just the last:
kind of science, which is what the journalists will often refer to, because the lab experiments are beg you us you'll, see a lab experiment where they tried to put some virus through a Basque and it either helped you didn't. Do it came out the size or a din door it. Didn't the error dimmed or became more aerosol unsteadily error? Didn't none of that is useful. Every bit of vast stuff is used. Because it doesn't tell you how that translates into the real world. It tells you what might happen. But it doesnt tell you the odds of anything, so what does matter is real people using mask in real environments and those of the types of studies that doctor Signal four. Do that when real people war massed in places that you compare to similar situations with masks and without all working with
when patients, I think vessels situation, the mass where's did much better than the non S. Words is pretty clear and there you go now. That would be very. That would be very convincing that were they were they the controlled randomized studies. I don't know, but I don't think so, but I also don't know that That would be as important in this situation. As I like to point out, we ve all been hypnotized into thinking. You can only make a medical decision if you have a randomized controlled double blind study with enough people than you done everything right spent peer reviewed has been repeated. So we all understand. That's the gold standard. But did you know that twenty percent of all prescriptions written by actual train medical doctors, Our four off label use of drugs, in other words, for use. There hasn't been tested in any kind of a trial.
Not a randomize control, tiled trial not a bad, just, never been dusted. Twenty percent of all proscriptions have never been tested. Is that wrong now because if the risk is really low and if the hypothesis that the doctors working on makes sense and the patient and the doktor work it out, it's completely. This completely illegal for arisen is better than nothing. Are you sure, got real low risk? You dont need. Of all of the certainty that a gold standard trial would give you, because you risk management alone, tells you to try it well if it doesn't cost much in its knock it off.
I'll, have to have a hundred percent certainty that its also effective. I just need a good chance that is effective and then one up when you got to lose. So that's that, and so the cylinder listen gets on after signal, and I think to myself or what's he gonna say how do you If you're journalists to how do you follow an actual medical professional who has looked into the science and just proclaims that science very strongly recommends masks? What's the journalist gonna say now, there's no signs matter. You play that and instead he talked to something else. So so you didn't go even talk about them asked Alex them. So I would still like to see
doktor single analysis, barons and split screen and have Hannity or somebody s them both the questions they look. Can you guys work this out and tell the public, because you, your messages are not exactly compatible now, I dont, if I've misrepresented Alex Barons opinion on mass, I hope you'll, let me know cause that's always the dangerously. When, whenever people talk about my opinion, criticise them almost every time they get my opinion wrong and they end up criticising their imagination of my opinion so sensitive that I may I've been doing the same thing so someone We'll tell me if I have again, because I don't want to miss, represent him whatsoever, and I,
Is a valuable voice because it's a contrary, invoice voice. That's presented young strongly and I think we benefit from contrary and voices, because sometimes the right never know I think that's just about all. I want to talk about one more thing I hear people say to me,
Scott. You do realise there were in an insurgency. Somebody says: please help me explained my brainwash in laws, the Charlottesville Hoax, there's, nothing. You can do short of showing them the printed transcript. So just Google Charlottesville Google, the fine people hoax transcript enough people have treated at that. It's all over twitter. You can save my twitter account, but make them read all the way to the end. At the end, there are going to go down the what I call the the fine people hope a funnel. Once you make people read the transcript. They understand that the presence of the opposite of what was reported that he called out directly now, I'm not talking about the NEO Nazis and the White Nationalist, they should be condemned totally once you have established that what the person believe the presence and is
opposite. There will always retreat to the secondary position hours every single time and that will be yeah, but there were no fine people. There. Now? My argument is, I interviewed by people actually contact and being said. I was there a modified person and I said well prove it got off the phone with them. You got the whole stories I knew there are real people asked us if they mind, I use their name. Some of them said yes and that I said well, you're fucking, crazy, I'm not gonna use your name. I want you to get killed Oh you know the way to lose. Your job is greatly you're willing. Let your name be out. There is one of the people is not racist diesel How did the races and we're just therefore historical monument reasons, and you thought you were a fine person
there's no way. I'm gonna give your name republic. You would just be buried, there's just no way, I'm gonna do it, but they offer So when people say to me well, can you prove it? You say it, but can you prove it and the answer is nope nope, I'm not gonna. Try to prove that cause. I don't want you to know the name of anybody was life would be destroyed just because they thought there were shown up the supports amendments and then they'll, say Prescott, Scott, don't you know that was organised by the Vienna, NEO Nazis. So anybody who goes to something that's organ. As by NEO Nazis. Well I'll be NEO Nazis, to which I say there was a religious group there, the police were there there. The analysis they want their for their own reasons to protect people about the medical. People in the ambulances stuff, which will probably nearby where they neo there. To a NEO nazi land, now, is because
their own reasons. There are protecting the health about anti far. They went to the same event. Are they do now. Now they want their for their own reasons. It's a free country, if somebody says there's gonna, be a thing in the United States our people show up and they don't have the same. Opinions have you, Racine, a thousand Americans in one place they had the same opinion. Never you can't put a thousand Americans in one place on any topic and it and they all got the same opinion, so you can guarantee just by the fact that there were, however, many people that were there, you can guarantee the some of them were not raises, but also thought the statute should remain. Here's the kill shot
once you ve taken them down the funnel, and you said, of course, in America, Euro is going to get a diverse group mentioned diversity. The person you're talking to loves diversity, say, look it's America, you have a big public event. It's gonna be a diverse group. It's a good life because they like Diversity- and there are they mean some people are gonna, be there. From you and then here's the kill shop pole say there's something like somewhere between twenty five percent and a third of black Americans support keeping the statues. Are they bad people? That's when you walk away. That's your MIKE drop a moment, so you might drop is once
Once you're combatant has said, there's no way anybody who shows up could possibly be a fine person because they anybody you sports confederate statues by definition, is a person, and then you hold you might like this, and you say pole say about a third of black Americans are ok with the statues for just historical reasons, like drop of turn and walk away, because if your friend can explain like black people are ok, with the same percentage are ok with them for historical reasons. Well, good luck with that! I've never seen it by trying to explain them. I, so I will talk about the insurgency. Somebody asked me
do you know where the insurgency to which I say show looks like one but who's in charge, who's in charge of the insurgency and, moreover, what would it look like if they got what they wanted? Does the insurgency want to destroy capitalism and take over what good luck? What exactly would they be taking over if you destroy capitalism and do you take over you're just a pre chinese company but country? Basically, any country that has a military can just walk right over your next time. They want to know your capitalism will come right back, but you'll be chinese. I guess that's capitalism, other sort, some issues arose, Soros Wanna be. The Who would be in charge here if the insurgents one, what are they get? I would like
see, somebody game that out and say: hey antifraud. Wouldn't you like to see Anti for interviewed about their vision of the future, a sort of messages that hey Antipater? Can you tell us what the future looks like if you got what you wanted, what see no game? It offer us ten years from now. What's the country look like good luck with that they can't and they should be forced to describe what the country looks like, how it makes money and how its allocated and how crime this is handled. Ten years from now they got everything then wanted. That's offer now I'll talk to you later.
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