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Episode 1093 Scott Adams: Post Office Efficiency, Biden Botching Everything, ACLU Backs China, Barr Disses Teachers Union for Racism

2020-08-15 | 🔗

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  • FBI high-level lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith
  • ACLU supports China and child traffickers?
  • NY Police Union endorses President Trump
  • AG Bill Barr: teachers unions and systemic racism
  • Kamala: kids age 18-24 are “stupid”
  • Arab countries leaning in Israel’s direction, diminishing Iran

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump of bovine something something everybody crawling gathering grab your beverage it's time for coffee was got items is going to be. The best coffee was got atoms you ve ever seen. Yes, it is until tomorrow because it gets better every day. Yes, it does is better every day and all you need to join in on this incredible experience. That people around the world are enjoying simultaneously really is very little almost trivial If you think about it, all you need is governed by your glasses Anchorage, elders, time again to each other flask, a vessel of any kind
Following the very liquid I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the Dope Review of the day, the thing that makes everything better, including the legal system. Why not go? I feel justice breaking out all over the place, plenty of it. If you are selling around tonight and saying to yourself what could I do in the middle of this pandemic? What type of entertainment can I find that in my own house, without even leaving the house the answers, you should watch the great gulf
old show tonight because I'm on it not loan. Of course other wonderful people want to do. You know the show check your local listings and you will be delighted as the Great Gulf felt Joe tonight, so I'll be on As a guest, the Big NEWS, unless you watch the faint news, is that lawyer covered inclined, Psmith is being indicted for falsifying evidence that continue the the investigate onto Carter, page, which we know now was all a bunch of bias, and I ask you this: if you have a high level lawyer working for the FBI
and this high level lawyer falsified documents to keep a guy under surveillance and risked his life in the larger service of overthrowing the legal government in the United States. Just gonna put this out there should that be the death sentence, because it's a weird thing, because it sort of a if heels, blue, collar or away calorie. You know it's like if you change some words on a document. Well, that's not so bad right, miss not like you murdered somebody. Is it.
But a kind of is the kind of is closer to murdering somebody does that's the whole point of treason, treason doesn't say you murdered this one person. It says you created a situation that is so dangerous for the country that the entire your republic endanger. So there's one lawyer did a crime which, in my opinion, put the entire republic at risk in terms of how bad it is potential, You only got caught, but in terms of how about it is potentially its treason level you now I don't think, there's any chance that the death penalty could be, you know, actually used, but is trees level. Soldiers put them out, there apparently
the msnbc and see, then that then I think this is big story is by far the biggest story, but the you're, watching it in real time and is probably blow your mind that the press can make anything important sea like is completely unimportant and they can take something is completely important below it into something that looks like it's. The big national story Stand there, you look at it objectively. We think yourself are we spending or time on the unimportant stuff, and the answer is yes, we are where will the more on that in a bit. Bill Mitchell got banned from Twitter. I understand Jack. This outbreak was reporting
on twitter, and this was Jack's. Information said that build Mitchell first received a seven day ban for tweets talking about mask yours. Then it was using a second account to tweet during the ban and had his main echo permanently suspend now I I blocked Bill Mitchell a long time ago now I think, he's a nice guy. I bet they show a few times and is very nice personally. So it's not a personal thing, but I blocked him because he is his certainty on a medical thing.
Just is not good now, wouldn't I wouldn't have necessarily band him from Twitter. I don't know if that's something I would have done, but I certainly band and from my life because I didn't want you know I didn't want to interact with someone who is not a medical professionals who had certainty about a medical thing, it's just not good. Now, a perfectly ok with everybody who tweets a study that turned out not to be valid, That would be every one of us on Twitter. There's nobody on Twitter, who has at one time or another, retreated a story that turned out to be false study that turned out to be not reproducible, that's just sort of everyday on twitter, but most of us don't sell it as a fact. Most of us would say: well here
this is interesting, or these people say this once you cross over into I'm telling you the facts. Listen to me, people you're, probably on shaky ground. So I don't know the full details this, but I'm guessing that Bill Mitchell was saying something as a medical fact when, maybe maybe we shouldn't be speaking in terms of certainly but Lucy, I guess more information that will come out here is my favorite stupid story of the day as the creator of the deliberate comic. You know my filters,
our turn for corporate behavior. This a little bit ridiculous and I've always wondered. Will there be a day sometime in the future, where they'll be some company, the so big and so unwieldy as somebody moving parts, so beg the bureaucracy that it was Sunday sue itself? Rather the sun silly right, what would accompany every guess, a big that would know that it was suing itself well, something like that's happening, and I thought I would share with you so the ACL. You is for assault backing China, saying that Tik Tok and which, at the two chinese apps under review for being banned, country looks like they will be banned and Daisy L. Yours tried to stop what
the issue is trying to stop a national security decision by the commander in chief? What these are not very. In companies and nobody saying that these products cannot exist. They just can't exist under the control of our nemesis, who wants to destroy our country now, if that doesn't make you think that the acl you is lost all credibility. I would add this little little factoid the ACLU gets a lot of its funding from Google, for example. So Google is one of the main in a big funders of the ACLU Google of courses, maybe a little bit friendly, which item. So what do you make of the fact that Google, maybe a little bit friendly with China and its funding. We acl you in there
a single euro siding with China over the United States. Now they wouldn't put it that way, but that's where it looks to me, because even if, even if this is so grey area and still the United States call how much risk were willing to take its thought up to China to decide how much risk the United States stakes? They don't get to decide and also I dont get to decide. I don't think the ACL. You should get to decide how much risk the United States takes four in terms of foreign adversaries either. You know that blogs commander in chief.
Its purely is purely a security issue. So that makes you wonder about them, but here's the real story. I was going to the ACL. You is also going after this small start up called clear view, who does a an app that
If you have a photo of anybody, it'll find you more photos of that person, so you can figure out where they are so as used by law enforcement to identify people, and I guess the ice, so the federal government's ice immigration guys are. They signed a contract with clear view to use the app to catch child traffickers. Okay, so here's the setup there's a technology which we know with complete, certainly because it's already already being used already successful at exactly this, so we don't have to speculate whether works. That's already determined. That's why I signed the contract, not guessing. If it works, they know it works and lots of examples already of working in other contexts.
And Sarah so eyes the size of this technology will help them catch child traffickers, who would be on the other side of that right, leg, who's on the other side of use, ie you a standard technology which will be widespread far more than it is now to catch Traffickers turns out the ACL. You is so the so you is trying to stop eyes for abusing a technology that we know catches child traffickers, just just wrapped around that. Another argument goes like this: it's not so much that they care about this particular use they care about the company and that what it might be for you, no privacy etc, but that's just a big question for the kind,
doesn't really have to do with this contract and they're they're using their there's a punchline, it's better. If you think this is crazy, it there's a whole was all good part. Come so make sure your that, so so here's the fun power, There is, I guess, in Illinois, law recently passed and set its illegal to scrape personal data like the somebody's picture and ideas, They are suffering from other websites and then to use it for some purpose. So so, since Illinois has this law that gives the ratio you the ability to say that clear views, a problem. Neither side with clear views, problem in general and then taking this ice thing as the little fighter gonna make, which is the dumbest fight. But he overtook, there are literally undecided child traffickers and that's not even a joke.
Actually literally no kidding took the side of trot of of child traffickers. I've never seen anything like that is the most amazing thing you ever see, but anyway it s better. Here's the fun for so Google, as you know, is one of the big funders of easy L. You and the issue is going after this company clear view and the the cause is that their scraping this personal information rights- that's the holes There's a story in the Wall Street Journal saying the same thing scraping this personal information except here's, the punchline. They don't do that. The whole basis of the story is the clear view is scraping the photos and identification of people, and they don't do that. That's not their business. What they do is they
read an index of stuff is available on the internet. They just focus on faces that set clear view. A I is a subset of Google function itself is not another substance, the company, but rather they do well does. Google does not store on their own servers, all the information on the internet. They don't make a copy of it. They make an index services euro, goodbye So clear view makes an index of faces and does not store any of that data itself rather restores the index information. So you go find it. If you want to see it, what does Google do? Google does the same thing. Google doesn't cashing, but the the the Maid When is the last story, a copy of the letter that the so Google's
own business model. If you did a Google image search. It would have an index to the images of that which, out to you, that's exactly what Kim Clearview does they just have an index of where all the faces are and then it just finds it for you. Google is funding the you to suit their view for the business model that is identical to Google, Business model and the only reason this is happening is because apparently the people doing the suing don't understand how the technology works. They don't know the difference between an index and a copy. You think about that. This whole thing is
National NEWS, and it is right that it and it's all based on the fact that cannot tell the difference between an index which is perfectly legal. It's the way that's away. Basically, Google works. All search engines are an index is just another one. It's basically an extension of a fingerprint databases, just better. That's it. If fingerprints, Were legal and they are to take fingerprints? This is just a better version of it. Using public information is already available, and if you did a little work, you can find it just be harder without Thea. So Google actually found a way to sue itself, not technically, but their basically suing
through ACL you that they fund trying to stop a company that has the same business model, but here's the kicker there a competitor, so the ACL you, the ACL. You is managed to sue on behalf of Google if you count them as the funding source. Somebody doing the same thing they rules do now. I wasn't gonna go so he says I blocked the wrong person or the one I touched said. You are wrong if I blocked the wrong person. No, I don't screw with people for this. I dont like people for disagreed with me. If you knew here the rulers,
Ass, you can disagree with me all you want, but you just have to show reason. It can be a summary of reason. Just oh, I think you didn't look at this data whenever but, if you just say you're wrong, I blocked because I don't need. Anyway. So keep an eye on this issue. U story, because since he was a turn, bad Now this is an example of a young man amnesia. I talk about this all the time scale. Man was the name of a physicist. Whenever he saw a story about physics, he knew the story was wrong, but that if he saw a story that some other topic, he would say us, probably right, knowing that every story saw that he knew the information about was wrong now. Is it more likely that the only wrong about the things he knows about this? In this case, with the clear view
I know I know this much about technology and I've looked into this specific issue, so I know the index. So if you know just a little bit about. Things work, you can tell them all. The headline stories are just complete bullshit because they think they're scraping in keeping the personal information which is now I live in California, which, as you know, is the third world
country wasn't always this way, but last night I'm getting an alert on my phone about which parts of California are going to have to go without electricity, while the temperature yesterday at my house, was a hundred and six now my house is built me very green, so it could be a hundred and six outside in my house wouldn't give warmer. Probably eighty would be livable, but that's pretty rugged. If you live in
any less insulated house. That's a big deal, so I live and I actually live in a state that can't figure out how to keep the lights on all year. Really now could you could even think of any greater indicator of incompetence? Then you can keep the lighter in twenty twenty. You can keep the lights on all year and it is not even because there's a surprise. It's not like there was a disaster. It just got warm that's it. You got warm, and my state is not well run enough to keep the lights on sport bad. You know wasn't long ago that we didn't have enough water. Water lectures the and it looks like we're. We get rid of police and just fell the cities with homeless and protestors
Whatever else so, I saw some stats that people are leaving San Francisco and New York City in droves. But it's not everybody. Is it it's. Basically, all the people with money or living. And I have to say that I've wondered for some time why cities can exist. It just seemed like cities should disappear. Now I say this as someone who, through Muslims. We're out. After going to New York City once or twice a year for a book publication thing more press tourism like that,
and every time I go to New York City and have the same feeling, which is in others, the great energy here, and I do like the other people a great if you're in Manhattan girth course I'm talking about before any the protests happened. There was great people with great energy, but the city's completely broken I mean even even months ago. I go there and you know: I'd get a like a high end hotel room where I pay a lot of money and specifies monsieur box. You just get in the way to get out of there, so it just as unlivable many try to get some place and you just can't get across town lessen. Our Etsy wasn't really livable in my opinion, but apparently people like it. I'm not surprised that San Francisco in Europe, you gonna, get emptied out I also don't necessarily think usually under the world, because the people leaving have options they have enough money than that.
Pull staying behind where they shopping at those retail stores. Anyway, who knows were a mixing concept here so that New York Post as story about the New York PDF Police Department Union endorsing Trump you ve got this zero Super Democrat City, Derek City and their police department. Just endorse Trump Look that looks at the comments for that article. I tweeted about this and the the people who are really confused vagueness. They got cause and effect backwards, which was weird and their rang stuff, like. Well, no wonder the police are not trusted. If they're gonna back the President of the United States
I thought there was something wrong with these people and I kept saying comments like than I thought: don't they cause and effect backwards? Isn't it isn't it everything went wrong and people turned against the police and that's why they're backing job I mean is the backdrop first and then the city fell apart. Colonel was the other way around, so I thought who could be so dumb that they would reverse cause and effect in a sort of clicking on the profiles of the people. With those comments, writers, writers, artists musicians is so consistent that the ones who really don't understand anything this going on there just always writers, and I am looking for somebody who's you, an economist or an engineer, none none. There is nobody.
Who who understands? How do you compare things properly or to analyze? None of those people are confused about why the New York Police Department might might want a backdrop to them, thus not to suppress, but the artists. What's We're on Bill BAR was an entity mode and last night, and he said this, which may be happy when estimate you're talking about racism, systemic risk and Dunbar attorney General says, and racism is in this country. Look no further than our public education system, that's a racist system. He says,
maintained by the Democratic Party and the teachers, unions, keeping inner city kids in failing schools- and I say to you: how perfect is that now I was saying before that the the mark of the Democrats seems to be not knowing the difference between what is important and what is not as very consistent. Now, what is important and if you're, looking at the concept of systemic races and one of the big things? Well, one thing: that's not important is hoaxes and things that aren't true and other things that are not important. If you were to rank all the problems of black Americans, the least important thing would be the singular protesting the protesters worrying about
these brutality. Now, I'm not saying it doesn't exist, even assuming it exists, exactly as it is presented by the protesters, which is now so much the killing, but maybe there are the more stopping and no more more physicality. That, certainly something I would assume might be happening- have data on that, but it feels like that probably does happen. I think to myself, if all that's true it still your smallest problem, what's the biggest problem well, bill barges called the biggest the awful problem, the basic problem, the problem that makes all the other problems at the school system is broken. If black Americans we're getting good education's, no matter where they lived, inner city or other, would you have as much poverty? Would you have as much crime? Would you have as much, and even I mean it- pretty much
fixes fixes is too strong. It removes the friction that racism otherwise puts on the system. So, in other words, if you're doing great you're, not as affected by racism, even though racism doesn't go away as long as you're doing great doesn't affect you. So if you fix education, people have a far better chance of doing great and then the other still racism. You can't make it go away. It's one of those things is like air, so always gonna be there, but you can make it not matter so. Big. The administration might want to hammer on this whole priority thing a little bit more because the dams are getting this wrong, all all the time, the privately stuff. Let me give you an example that
Eternal CNN and what are the hammering about the birth or issue the birth or issue born out of the fact that when the president was asked about calmly, heiresses, we'll legal eligible, we have to be vice president and the presence and well. You know there is an interesting theory about that, but I don't really know that turned into citizens biggest story. That is the smallest story in terms of the priorities of anybody in this country. That is the smallest story, and it's not even true, because the present is not pushing birth. Tourism is the same
maybe which is just enough to get people Yemen yapping about all the wrong stuff. Now is becoming increasingly clear to me that one of the reasons that CNN might want MSNBC might want a black vice president for binding is so that they have reasons for insulting president shrub. Does they just make it easier? It makes it easier for four. Them to criticise tromp if they ve got at least one black person on the ticket, they want a black person, they want a woman, they got balls so that they can claim everything from says, sexist or raises its kind of transparent means justly alter the situation. Now. Compare that to what the presidency is working on the sea, for example, peace in the Middle EAST and what is more,
for peace in the Middle EAST or the thing he said he didn't know about, but turned into a story where he's really promoting it. When Alison's, you didn't know that
about ending ices about the economy of decoupling from China. There was a pretty big things and about the question about the post office. I guess everybody's dream that would seriously, but look for this look for this pattern that led the Democrats cannot tell the difference between a big problem in a small one, even once their own problems. They can't tell their own problems the big ones from this morning's very consistent. There are three things that I think have great potential to help with the corona virus situation. That doesn't mean for sure so dont majesty see any certainty in what I say next and not a doctor. But there are three things that appear to me just from reading and watch
tat, the most immediate short term potential one would be the blood serum plasma situation where you take you. The blood antibodies for people who have already recovered and sharing with people did some extra protection, the other as these cheap over the counter test. Reps. That will get your viral load when it set a high point, which is when you want to catch it, but won't get everything in the world that can be caught, but they're so cheap. These do every day, and that would be enough to basically this whole Thea the virus, and the third thing would be to acts of Flora Queen which, for whatever reason, there are still people on both sides. My current view is thirty percent chance that really works based on just looking at the various arguments
back and forth, but there still love to give her given world. In other words, if your doctor says it makes sense for you if, in fact, I'm right and it's a thirty percent chance of my work- that's totally been risen to prescribe it. But what what do these three things have in common? The blood plasma thing the over the counter terrorist groups and hydrochloric me? The three think the thing they all have in common is that they seem to be under emphasised.
At least in this country. It feels like the three most promising things are not really being pursued at the very least, a nigh drafts, a clerk when we should be animals about finding out if there's something to it like we should be chewing through a concrete wall to either dismissed as useless or to confirm that it works out. I'll feel I see that energy happening is, is perfectly fine if the government wants to say you know, it's not proven the level that we want in order to go hard at it, but who is making sure that that's true, who has studied every situation, bundle them together of
I draw the clerk and users verses, all the states and all the countries that worries and just see us as a difference. Instead, what we see is the you'll see one country compared to three or four others completely useless, because it would be so easy to cherry pick any countries and say look of this strategy. These ones I Jerry backed, are doing better than these other few ituri book of honour, NATO countries and a fifty states, all different experiences completely useless. So if you think you ve seen an argument that is completely persuasive drugs, a clerk queen works, I think you're wrong. Thank you wrong. There's lots of indication that we,
should find out if it works. There's plenty of that, but there is no strong indication, in my opinion, this as it works, but there's plenty of suggestion that it might the fact that we're not going hard at those or explaining to the public. Why we're not going as hard as we could then be? Why? Why are we seek some kind of, Plasma donation thing like every day. Why don't? I walk out or drive my current towns is signed. This is sign up here if you ve had grown a virus and eve recovered, so what man I was happening, but feels like us than those understated part of everything right where we get hundreds of vaccines being tested, know this and other stuff, but the things that we almost could be
you're would work than address clothing? We should just make sure we know if it works, I feel a little underserved or maybe it's just the communication of them. So like one or the other is a communication, says we're doing everything we can or we ve looked into it. We're not going to do anything more cause, it doesnt work and here's the reason thought be fine, but it just where they feel underserved. That's all I'm saying. Is it orally to say that brain Dead Biden has botched his campaign? Is tourism saves botched if you ve been following me for a while? You know why I'm saying botched busters weathers great words and your seeing that the Democrats for using it to refer to the president's kroner virus response, as just an excellent persuasion word, I didn't realize until I heard them use it,
while you don't really argue with botched causes, so comprehensive as like. Why we, I don't need to giving the details details now it was botched. It's just just makes the details, not matter so I thought I'd start using then about the binding campaign because it does seem to fit. I mean you can argue that the campaign has been botched, even though his head, so yesterday, Harris and biting did their little. It looks like they got some kind of us. That looks like sort of a war room with flags on the wall and maps of the United States, and it looks so like a but maybe like a war room kind of cool thing and my take on it is good try, but I think they missed.
It felt like a mess. Their little artificial said look pathetic because it didn't look high end enough, so you'd say to yourself: well, it's like the broadcasting from the oval office or looks like their broadcasting from some important place. Just look like yellow set designer. You put your little, you do she deaths than their didn't quite work. I not there we're going for and so what they were going for made sense to give it a more powerful or serious look at it made sense, but they didn't quite at the moment to me it looks a little amateurish and I guess botched I think you could say it was botched. Here was interesting thing. The
if you're looking at it from the audiences perspective they had calmly Harris in a desk of the left and then by on the desk on the right. Let me ask you this: if you were the one in charge of designing where each of them sat, would you have put the top of the ticket on the left or would you have put the top and the ticket on the right? I want to put the top of the take it on the left, because the left is the important part of the position in western culture. So in the west we we read from left to right. I've told you before that. If you look at a website, the important news or the news that they want you to think is important, is in the top left same as reading our brains is why,
listen west to look at the top of the left, or at least the left and start there under the right, so work, compiling a number of LE, say, subjective, looking anecdotal situations that also just the same thing. You know when you see a photograph of calmly Harris with a big picture and then there's a tiny little Biden behind her just indicate that these parties, to its all collectively, coming together, like the public is supposed to see come later says the top of the ticket. Then I want to say it out loud, but you can see it in photography and positioning and in a hundred different ways, and then they didn't take questions. If they do take questions, I would like to suggest something for the any.
Or who can get viruses take questions. It goes like this. You probably also the video so come. Lairs was giving a top somewhere continent. If too long, I think there's before she was running for president, but not too long ago, in which he said that young people, I think, between the ages of eighteen and twenty four she was talking about. She said that they're stupid now issue wrong. Now now now she's not wrong, she's completely right, because I've said exactly the same thing. It isn't really is an insult to say that young people are stupid, because I was young and talk about myself. Scott young stupid compared to more experienced Scott likewise, and this has meant, as
oh insult to my dear beloved viewers. But you are all stupid. You Earl stupid between the ages of eighteen and twenty four. There is no way around that, but now you're wiser your experienced your mature but you're stupid them. I was stupid com, whereas was stupid. Present droplet stupid. We were all stupid when we're that certain age, while thinking we were smart but here's. The thing if somebody guest here is to answer some questions here. The questions. The answer colors, you once said that people young people are stupid, does not extend to granite, amber. Isn't that great caution? Would you say the granite? Hamburg is stupid issues and that each group and what follow up question after that is death,
That's a stupidity, just stops at twenty four, or would you say Cutler, I'm just asking for your opinion. Would you say that somebody like a yo see who's on the younger side of the political professional spectrum? Would you say that, at age, twenty five on the twenty fifth birthday, she became smart, or do you think there's a little bit of that stupid stuff from age? Eighteen it Four does not linger a little bed. Where would you say MRS anna- those stupid zone- yet completely, I'm just trying to understand how the stupidity works according to your worldview. Now those would be hard questions answered with services, awkward, your wife seat. Now I dont block you for that, because
we re learning should give you reasons are okay, so it turns out the moraine jointly Phenomenon in the back, the? U S deal with Israel, the president and, I think, a jury pushing ahead teased that there might be more good news coming and then at least maybe this is the beginning of it. So Bahrain and an omen and Egypt And the USA are all living in Israel direction now, when we be surprised at this, no, because the President and Gerald Kirshner have set up the situate where, if you imagine or two major powers in the Middle EAST and throw in Russia, is complicated. But if there is the arabian sphere of influence- and there is less say these sound
israel- the United States sphere of influence, closer sort of on the same team- didn't make sense to be in the arabian sphere of influence. Anymore did because it's a losing sphere, nobody wants to be and losing team and is pretty obvious that IRAN is not heading toward a good place. So I think that the present degraded around to the point where it was a smart champion, the winning team, like you, might as well just beyond the winning team. Why are we just make peace? act like you said, lies people, and the Palestinians apparently did not like what the U N was doing, and so they decided to withdraw their diplomat and closer and closer enough it closely. But I'm thinking myself does you ve really
care that they lost the palestinian embassy or ambassador. Think they care at all. Do that so anyway, that's good You'd others there's this little side story about Jeff Sucker they had of CNN and how he has been a camel hair supporter of food for a long time, and we have to ask yourself how important was it in terms of cobblers getting the vps spot? How important was it the sea and then was gonna backer? I mean I'm sure they would it back? whoever the nominee back. But do you wonder if CNN was really the one who was the main force behind picking come? Let us hear the CNN Clinton universe. I don't think anything out of the way you think of that.
I feel like the real story behind all. This is never quite the one that you what else we got going on here. I think those they have those the big things just make sure that this evening, no, I did not. I have been very thorough arms embargo. Who's got an arms embargo, see that in the Middle EAST is a powder keg. You think well, that's no different than ever and representative to live. Didn't like it. What a surprise somebody says brought, there is anti tromp. That is not true use. Neither pro nor entire trump
barbaric, like the one guy who you'd have to say, is playing it right in the Middle EAST is trying to he's trying to tell the actual news what about Jeff basis. You say that use behind some of this. I don't know. I don't know that exactly right. Well, let us continue watching what happens with the plotters who were behind the Russia collusion hoax, see how many of them go to jail the Miller. We first story, I'm looking for use by that when we don't know quite what's goin on their soldiers watch now that you will be on their Gregg got filled, show to night check you local listings, and- and thank you are right that sovereign out- and I will talk to you later.
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