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Episode 1094 Scott Adams: Witches and Video, Three Civil Wars Scheduled, Low Information Voters, Firenadoes, Homeschooling

2020-08-16 | 🔗

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  • The media’s extraordinary ability to disappear stories
  • 70% of the country will never know what happened
  • We need a fact quiz to ID low-information people
  • 3 American civil wars brewing
  • Home schoolers…the revolution is on
  • A new form of hiring discrimination?

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump, and everybody got em it's time for a heart and whether version of coffee was got us right today will be hot. No not in lieu content way, but rather in the way that, if you live in the third world country like I do, it's called California, have you heard of it So California is one of those places that doesn't always have electricity, so that's the first thing you need to know about. The other thing is that if something breaks you're not gonna, get it fixed, my air conditioning just went out
and I'm not gonna be able to get their fixed. So it's gonna get really warm for me today, LISA my office, I think it's worth humorously house, but to make everything better as good as it could possibly be, possibly the best you happen to you today. The simultaneous up and opportunity to make it a reality in your life is a couple of hundred. I also take which also slightly getting drunk a flask of vessel of any kind feel that thing with your favorite liquid. I like coffee, Join me now for the dope Emilio the day. The thing that makes everything better, except apparently the temperature of the simultaneous up of as now go. I was wrong and actually maybe a little girl- I guess, there's nothing. The coffee get new simultaneous up. That is so
condolences to the term family president's brother best. Away, as you all know, what a horrible thing made: more horrible by the world. We live in because, of course, the true Rules are saying just the most despicable things, as you can imagine by a portable ac. Somebody says I plan to look into it. But what are the odds? Are the ready, portable aces left in California? I'm pretty sure pretty sure those the man right now because, as you know, the only time that you ever neither repair person free racy is when there's a huskily sail without ever breaks so those in time she can't get a fixed. When you need enough about me,
so, I tweeted this immediately got ten thousand retreats. It's probably thirteen thousand by now here's. What I said see if you approve this democratic. The FBI or Democrat the FBI and the media and sport to overthrow the government got caught, seventy percent of the country will never hear about it. This is actually happening. That is so mind. Boggling. The ability of the press to dissipate a story of that size, really impressive, That is a good way, and I think that this is actually happening. I believe that there was a look. Gentlemen, honest to God coup attempt. We know their names. At least this climbed Psmith Guy looks like he's a lot of trouble.
We now have enough information that there's no real question that it happened Nor is there any question that the media was complicit in pushing this narrative without proper evidence and at the fact that the media can just make this go away. Like you didn't even happened, is credible, It makes everything you thought about an oval animal, far more or whatever weird thing you thought was possible, the future, whilst the future and imagine now, if the government say Fox news or a few other blue czech people on social media, at the moment, the only way you know as the news is- is twitter and social media.
Think about what you wouldn't know about the protests that are ongoing every night? If you didn't have twitter on the news so years? Certainly you ve got a few right, leaning entities, you got your bright parts, Natural Fox NEWS, etc. But what? If? What? If you had a precedent by Can you imagine a scenario where they find some legal or other way to just make the entities on the right go? I am they could just disappear them from social media from search. I think they are. They did that to pray power. I didn't bright. Bargain disappeared if you do a search that doesn't come up on the news So the the ability to make history actually actually disappear is happening right now right. Will you watching history disappearing? This most amazing thing,
there's not much to say about it, because it's not like a complicated topic, they're just not talking about so it makes it disappear. I thought? Well, at least I will be in the history books when the students learn about it. No, I won't. It actually won't be in the history books. Think about that students learning history of that this period of time, we'll never learn that there was an actual to honest to God, almost successful coup attempt it won't even the in this now will be an individual's writing books. Family students are gonna by history book that they don't have to read not to marry and so this makes me wonder if what we need is a
a colleague, low information, voter quince. We need a test that I can just forward to people who disagree with me, to find out what their base of one you're standing about. The news in general is tough part is a lot of our. These agreements are an opinion, so it's an opinion that this will be better than that is an appeal. In that we can find a way to pay for something as but there the things that are no longer opinion and one that is. One of the questions would be. Do you believe President colluded with Putin to wreck the election and twenty sixteen there should be is there somebody says? Yes, there are low information voter, because neither the left nor the right report that beach how about, if you said the FBI colluded to overthrow the government, now, that's just a fact.
Right, when do you say that that qualifies as a fact at this point, and we may be a way for Durham but with the Club Smith Play deal, I think it moves into effect. And you can imagine quite a few other facts for boy you would ask, do you believe has been proven that Hydroxyl chloroprene doesn't work for chrome virus and that it might be dangerous if you said yes, your allow information, Gaza that has not been proven hasn't been proven for sure that it works in gold standard way, but there are lots of tests that suggests that does with lower credibility. Then you can imagine a number of other and I actually do want to make this test like. Actual honest to God a real test and ears a thing if you think the only people, We're going to fill this test or on the left.
You're wrong, because I have lost conversations everyday with. People who basically agree with me on the Trump related stuff and still don't have current information, Sturgis basic facts about stuff wrong, so we shall have a low information voted quiz and then you can just stop argue with everybody was lower information to say, like our debate you, but you I'll get a list of the eighty percent of this test. If you don't get, eighty percent or higher they do you're, not the person. I need to debate with so I got into it today with a made. I don't know why I keep making the same mistake over and over. Some really can twitter will say some dumb ass. They and also while that looks really dumb. Let me let me say you straight and also my little smart little comment to often I think I've straightened things out.
And then their personal go back to me with something is even dumber than the first thing, and I think how did you get dumber from that? First to tweak I just straight you out and all well one more time. Let me clarify nobody I've done good work. It was confused. I Clare. Five and a follow up question. I clarified we're done here third message, crazier than the first two and that I say Click on the profile look the career, its african writer, an artist and then we're done here. You Just keep have a conversation with somebody in the arts about politics. They believe, is that they know enough to have the conversation and there's so not even close they're, not even in the general universe of rational discussion.
I will go further and say that the number of by critics who come after me with any kind of harsh criticism I have become almost entirely artists, the people who are rational people who have at least spend some time will hear my opinions they will sometimes make clarifying- or you know mildly, critical comment, but usually it takes one set of interactions to end up on the same page. Somebody or say well, you're, not considering acts, and then also good boy. That's right, good point, consider acts or they'll say, reconsider, acts and I'll say well. That's because looking at it through the lens and that's a different question and the first personal say: that's a good point. That's
what do you do with people who know how to make decisions? No ETA, compare things, know how to set priorities, You can usually reach agreement, or at least find that the factual part that you might disappear in seconds it just takes no time at all, and those people largely disappeared from my criticism three. I guess what we ve got three revolutions planned that I know of now before. I scary you by saying that we are three civil wars. I guess civil wars would be the better way to put it. We have three civil wars planned in this country, on the calendar and. I dont know if they can be avoided because we don't have much time, but here the here the competing factors I've told you there's something called the the Adams loves low, moving disasters. If you can see something
coming from a long ways away. You can usually adapt and be ready for, like that. You're too thousands of such as run none of oil we didn't running out of food because of population. Anyway, we didn't, and climate change will be similar to that we ve got so much time to remediate will be Fine, but do we have enough time make sure that our election is fair. Not really. We don't, because it looks like the post office will be some part of the some part of the process, if not everywhere, baby some states. If that's true, there's nothing else. Lower credibility than the Post office is thank something that you would just automatically. Say: well, that's even less credible than the post office. There kind enough.
Address, who is less credible than the post office, now saying that we all know everything about the postal service. I might know a little bit more than you do? My father worked for the Post office for thirty years, just about every night. I heard a post office. Efficiency story, didn't go. Well was so I suppose I was gonna, let better that's what they did, but here's what we can know for sure, nothing changes things just goes away there having we will have an election that absolutely nobody believes is credible weapons. What happens if Trump wins, narrowly or Trump wins narrowly? Its ups of war asked me because people will say is rigged, suppose trouble
Losers, narrowly, maybe a civil war, but the people on the right, maybe a little less inclined to do that, but if they really thinking has stolen what what if they think it's not just a grey area. What if they say I got is just like this f b, I climbed Psmith guy. We thought this couldn't possibly happen, but there it is what what s the people on the right to say. There is not really any question that the that this was rigged. Where they do, then How about about when the officers that rested, George, Lloyd and ethically died during that encounter lab when the a jury says it looks like you die from sentinel over those. And the police officers by not get off completely free
certainly there are not can be charged with, or are there not to be convicted of murder? I think we can say that with a fair degree of certainty at this- what happens when ever comes civil war what happens when we say Trump. When's by a solid majority. Will there be a second to attempt like the first one, of course of so well, because the current termed almost worked it almost work, of course, will be another one. If, if people took those ridiculous chances before nothing says they won't take more ridiculous This is again so I think we ve got at least three civil wars come a coup attempt. George void arises,
asian and certainly the election has no credibility at this point, we can just stop pretending that will be credible. We should just prepare for it not to be. Would you agree It doesn't look like our government has the capability of producing a credible outcome during the pandemic, with with short notice. Certainly we can get a right if we have enough time, but without so here's the thing. What do you do What do you do? If you know there are three, the war is coming and they're all their basically on the calendar. There's nothing you! did the change any one of these is the answer. I don't think that either can do to change every autumn, so we'll have to deal with that looks like three three of wars but, as I say when can see something coming you can, you can adjust. Certainly
Very conservative as as is put in some ammo soon the cabinets. By oh yeah, that used to be a joke. There was a time when I would have said Well, you know, hypothetically, the citizens might need to be armed. Because you never know your government might try to do this or that They usually, I would say, given in terms of the government itself, but I think you'd have to worry at this point about anti fraud and. People who actually want to overthrow the government now something that has happened? Yet? I wonder if I can get kicked off a twitter for saying this. We try to find a way to say this without getting kicked off a twitter. So I think after so start by saying I'm not promoting this idea again, I'm not!
predicting it so neither promoting this nor predicting it Nor do I wish it to happen. I'm just wondering why hasn't yet. Because you know, there's gonna, be a massive, Gunnar them to write like you. That sort of brewing and the as a gun event may not be anti far where the protesters doing the shooting sooner or later, there's gonna be a crane, any person on the right, A lot of fire power is going, take matters into their own hands, feeling that their patriots, not that anybody would ask them to do that. Not everybody would be
happy about it, but I have a little bit amazed at the restraint that has been shown so far. Now I would guess that that restrict has everything to do with the fact that there is still a big police presence, even though the police are being relatively generous in how they go rough on the protesters. But don't you think that if those protests star slapping in places where there is not, police somebody's gonna take out not just one of them. You were we're not heading toward a place where there's one one tragedy that happened and one person got hurt, were sort of heading towards the part where you're looking like a mass casualty event.
And I think that might be whatever is the turning point. In other words, right now is very safe to go out and protest. Obscure, I'm gonna get kicked off a twitter. It moves will go down in glory if you're getting kicked off a twitter. You muzzle do right right. Ok, alpha periscope. Whatever happens, it might be that that's the only thing that would change the direction of things I wanted to happen or be really clear about that, but you have to predict that it will. Because that sort of the obvious thing that would happen eventually. Sooner or later, someone he's gonna say: well, there's a mob in my streets, it's my town, they just broke some windows The police are doing anything, I'm armed to the teeth, it's time to stop. It
I can imagine somebody going into the street and just taking out the whole crowd like just all at once, just literally just clearing the street, if you What I mean before anybody has a chance to respond now again recommending this not promoting it. Don't why anybody to get killed? But how does it not happened really because it's only a matter of how far people get punished right I would say by giving a standing ovation to the armed conservatives in this country, because, my God, the level of restraint that their showing is pretty impressive. Now some of it is because they live in different areas, As you know, then the protests and, like a says, losers, big police presence. You could you could argue that there, the forest part is taking care of. You don't need to get into that, but the moment the moment of theirs
a mob, and there aren't enough police- and this extent, listen to some less urban area. I can any one way eventually, and I think we will get to the point where the protesters. Well, there's a one in ten chance than if I go out and protest, I could get slaughtered at what point is that risk too high? would the protesters who are protesting if it was a one. Percent chance, that they will get hurt. Probably probably they keep protest, and if there is ten percent chance they gonna jail. Maybe they keep protest, but a sponsor were slow. They funds was at ten percent chance of all them in all their friends being slaughtered, And even if they had the odds wrong, maybe just because they saw a news event in their minds, the odds of it happening again would be much harder, and so it weapons with terrorism right there.
On terrorist act? It's all you can think about. So, in your mind, it's like is happening every day, even if it just happened once so. You're worried about where the protests go, and you worry about the fact that law enforcement appears to have not the power where the support from above to stop it, you'd have to ask yourself where doesn't stop and The obvious answer is: if the government doesn't stop at the citizens will. Would you agree that that statement is just a hard fact? If the government is unwilling or unable to stop the protests from growing out of their contained areas, there wouldn't be fair to say that the citizens will. I dont, see that there is any and the other way that goes. I would also like to state for the record the shooting
ever be chosen for jury duty. I dont have any intention of seeking justice, not even a slight intention cause. If I find that there's a. Some anti far pursue shine day, light into a police officers, eyes and blinded him I'll. If that police officer killed that guy with the laser. Not guilty, I don't even need to hear the evidence if a police officer takes out and anti far person put me on the jury. I don't even need to hear the details. So that's where I stand on that in your two worlds, to movies on one screen Do you notice that sea and the Trump hating media they only Port which states are getting worse, but if you go over to him some conservative media
there are more likely to tell you that most of the states are improving labour, which is what trouble say so suddenly, like well forty some states are getting better, but several states are getting worse, so they can. Give you. Whichever view of reality, you are things are getting worse or they're, getting better there's another one. Residents and in of likely voters supporting president Trump and, if here likely. Voters you get around. Dickie or at least impressively high number of black voters who support the present supported in terms of doing a good job. Now, that's likely voters. So what is a b c pull do? Do they pull likely voters to see if they can get another similar to Rasmussen? Now they Paul
all all citizens, so they talk to people, whether they vote or not, and so you get a completely different idea of what the public thinks of the vice president. So we don't have anything like news anymore, and I was thinking. I would think that the best news channel, if you could say that, would be if there's a twitter feed them. Maybe someday can start this one twitter account there would do nothing. Take other twitter journalists and combine them, so they had something like a coherent new source Now right now, that's all over Twitter and if your clever, you found most of them and you're following Do you know- and you know that stuff like that, but what
What have you didn't know where to find all that stuff? Wouldn't it be? Nice suggests that a twitter feed the takes only the only the news from independence puts together. That might be the only way we can pass the fake news on TV, the sea, then types. So one of the things that are finding really interesting is this schooling situation and the crowd of virus is obviously making a huge impact on hold. Schooling, so apparently the number of home school applications. The people have asked to have permission to home school unless just stop right. There permission permission to teacher of kids what why
permission to educate your own children with your own resources better than the government can do it. You need permission from it that we live in a free country and you need permission to teach her own kids, something deeply wrong with that. Now I get the fact that we. Have universal education but that there is more to do with the fact that we are forcing kids to have some kind of school, but if somebody can do a better and you won't let em so so. The school unions, the teachers unions, I mean the teachers unions are the ones who are behind the limits on how many homes cars can be in school district and they're they're. Keeping that cap. During a pandemic door, a pandemic and emergency when the kids health mental.
Being, are completely on the line. I mean these. We talk about kids dying if they don't have a better structure and the teachers, unions, pure evil and the source of all systemic racism earliest. All that matters in the current euro now wholesale the banners there that there is the biggest source of systemic risk. Leslie ninety percent and their stopping the only thing that can make things better for some people and the reason is that other people don't have those advantages now: Do you want to live in a world where you can't do what's good for your kids because somebody else also you dont know can't do something good for their kids. Is that a reason not to protect your own kids, while I think we're talking civil war for here's. What I
it is going to happen. I think there are enough people want to home school that they can all be arrested. So I think that there's gonna be a school pollution, meaning that there will be enough conservatives and people just wanna get out of the school system. I think Toby enough that they'll just do it, because you can't be stopped from just doing it. If there are enough of you, if there's a small number of you than the police can arrest you for now sending your kid to a proper school. I suppose, but if there's enough of you is a non issue, you just have to have enough people to say Let me explain this to its a pandemic. I'm not sending my kids do the pandemic. I M going to eject them at home? If you come and try to stop it? I'm armed right,
because the high schoolers are mostly armed. Now I don't think you should use your arms as the police come to your house. Of course. That would be the worst idea that Europe had you life. But it certainly gonna, put a little friction into the the idea that there is any kind of law enforcement. They can change that situation. So I would say at this point: you should not obey the government school requirements. Let me say this clearly is If you're a conservative you're worried about you, kids and you have the ability to home school them in some way, you should not obey the government. Let me say that, Do not obey the government on this homes glowing stuff, if you can make it work, do not the government. If there's a law, break it break it now technically, I will not encourage able to break the law
but there are laws that are unjust. And the law tell you you can educate your kid because a stranger kit educate his is an unjust law. You have a patriotic responsibility to disobey and unjust law. It's not just an option. It's your responsibility to disobey laws. Stop you from educating your own child period, you have a responsibility to disobey that law. Now, not all of you think it's a good idea to have the resources etc if you're their situation boy, do you have Let me just say: you ve got at least thirty percent of the country as your back and when I say, as your back I mean has your back with weapons
I'm talking about something that is so important that armed America isn't gonna, take, isn't gonna, take it anymore, so I dont think we're at the point where this is a conversation more. If you can t home school, your kids, do it! Please, please do it. If we only if the only reason is it takes power from these school, the teachers unions were able, by the way, not the teachers, I'm still getting. People were saying Scott. Why are you saying Here's a bad, never one, said that never once said anything bad about teachers. Only the union to hold different entities, not teachers, its lead. So it's only the union that I target for destruction so high schoolers. The revolution is on. You have my full backing and I don't see anything that can stop you.
Certainly not the law, because you watching people looting, frickin stores and not getting in trouble. If people are losing stores getting caught and then basically released, you can hold school your kid if you want to, We will no longer live in a world where the government can stop you from doing that. There are too many of you. It's too? Obviously the right thing to do is go to this website. You saw some stories said the administration and the FDA have approve some rapid rapid testing technologies. Some people said to me baby. There listen to you about this test Strip stuff, but that's a whole different thing. The thing that the FDA has approved.
It is a two day test, email and it away from some kind of device involved. Faster and better and may be cheaper, but it's not it's not anywhere close to the idea that is on the table, which could be called more screening tests so rather than saying it's more or less sensitive or more or less accurate. Those words don't kind of tell the story. They would the one dollar or so papers strips that you just test at home because you just business life, any changes color in a few minutes, so that test exists right. There's nothing about the technology of creating these, this heart,
and for rapid screening of everybody all the time, it would work really well, even if it missed some people with infections, it's ok. You can best some people with infections. If your testing everybody every day and it so cheap that you can do that, you can still get the virus under control with less than perfect test specified. The or test accuracy or test sensitivity every one of those words is wrong by the way because they all have their own little flavour, but you know what I'm talking about so the administration that has not responded to or approved the one of one of the ideas as the most promise to get the virus under control. So if your say to yourself this is the administration doing a good job or a bad job. I think you can look at this and this will be a case,
where, if they dont at least respond to the public and say we did look into this and it won't work. Here's our reasons might agree, my disagree, but I would say that would be responsible country management. If you don't hear, why the most promising technology that we have to really make a difference, if you don't then here why it's being blocked by the FDA. There's just no communication, then that is your government just not doing his job So those I've been arguing with people that you can't tell if a leader is doing the right thing or the wrong thing, because everybody was guessing. First of all, so there's somebody guess right there, nothing good leader there, just the one to guess somebody was gonna. Guess right, somebody was gonna, get better result in somebody else and then, after the fact, there were the smartphones. Now everybody was guessing, but that said,
if you dont have good communication with your with your country, your voters Then you can say the that's, not good management, and this. This is a case where, in my opinion, the administration is failing and pray are failing a maybe what could be in fact the top priority. So if you not hearing some communication about what could be the most important thing, then you can say that as a good job, so They may be still Molly it or researching it, but if you, we're here something yes or no from your government? That's just not a good job! Sorry. There's an anonymous report. Political reported and business insider picked it up as a story that allegedly. Obama told another democratic during the twenty twenty primary campaign quote dough
there s, Jos, ability to F things up now: If this anonymous report was about President Trump and had been whatever he had said something what do you think it was not true right if you're, this about trompe say that happened anonymous person. There is always an anonymous person isn't there, but because we have this, old man amnesia. We look at how we look at this bomb historian. We think of that probably happened. That probably happened. I don't know if this happened or not but a place. A little bit into your bias? Doesn't it does? I feel a little bit too on the nose Obama's, a very cautious guide. You think he would have said to somebody who could blabbed it that he thinks Joe S things up
If you would have said that to any anyone in the political sphere, knowing that ever guess blab, do you think that. Obama wanted people to know that. He said this about Biden, I'm gonna, say fake news on this. One. I am going to say fake news on this doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. It is within the realm of possibility. It is, however, not in the realm of credibility. Media could be true. But by the nature of the way it's reported you should. Soon not. You should assume that it's a funny story just put their filter on and say if this, if they were talking about your guy. Somebody on your team, you wouldn't believe this was true. They need a ruling on this theirs
new form of discrimination that popped up, which I believe is far worse than whatever we had before So one of the under unintended consequences of the black lives matter and the protesters is this: There is one thing to have a difference of political opinion and in the EU. State of the United States that hasn't made too much difference in your hiring decisions, I've never heard of anybody in my whole life who beta, the decision plus or minus based on somebody's political leanings, never heard it. Not even one time in my whole life, I'm sure it's happened to big country, I'm sure, as happened, but never heard. So it's not like most common thing. But what about now. What about now suppose somebody came into your office and you're a conservative,
And you're just hire, somebody and resonate looks good purse comes in and somehow you learn that there were part of the protests or there they belong to blacklist matter. Unless a your white conservative, unless your mail just to make an extra heart, what would you think about what the applicant thinks of Now, I'm not talking about what you think of the applicant so you might say to yourself, you no freedom of speech, I'm completely happy that you protested and in fact I agree with your message. Black lives matter totally need to make sure that police are doing their job. So you can be a conservative that even completely agrees philosophically with with the approach, but maybe not the technique and still What do you have to worry a little bit then? Although
you feel ok about the applicant that the applicant probably hate your guts and would look for any excuse to take you down because you're part of systemic races. Wouldn't you feel that, would you not feel that you're applicant hates you know that's never than the case before I can think of is the right time in history. Let's say in my life. If I were to interview a black candidate for a job which, of course I have everybody has, if you ve done me, hiring And not once have ever thought even though I know we live in a racially. The world and even though I know black citizens on it, average might have a little bit of a bad feeling, that way, citizens on average. I can't think of anything, in the past. That would have matter to me lay because it just
in all events or of a low grade you know. I just how these feelings, but everybody's got a little bias. You can't really hire people have a look buyers? No big deal. You just deal with it right, but today today, if you hired Given our hyper partisan situation, if you hired somebody today, you are what you say: a white male conservative and you A young female black activist who was in black lives matter. What would you think that person thing of you. I will be your risk. Would you be a greater risk of being attacked, meaning legally after something goes wrong ensued, and I would think that, in our turn, environment.
The wheel with accidently created a whole new kind of discrimination, which is weirdly legal, completely legal, you can actually not hire somebody not because their black. Like it, wouldn't even be racial, because you said the same thing about, let's say the white protesters, you just say I just can't higher anybody was part of part of that complaining. In other words, the complaint is that there are complaints, fears about something that you, maybe you don't think they should be complaining about. Hypothetically, it's a dangerous situation. Political discrimination is legal. I believe it is completely legal to discriminate on political belief. I believe I think that's legal ass. I was
about somebody knows more than I do. That very thing, you're, probably already risk of being sued. If you dont IRA the person well now that statue gives you could find somebody who well exposure owes a risky right, you're, always a risk. Somebody says you be hiring a walking loss, it that's what it feels like. Even if that's not true, so that's what Discrimination is it's so everybody wants me to talk about Milly, weavers, film, shadow gait, which is now available on you to somebody says oh, let me tell you that during the course of my day, lots of people send me videos that they think I'm interested in. I don't watch mostly.
So suddenly me a link to a video with a summary of why I should watch it thou? What kind of never get me to watch it. But, suddenly a lincoln say this person made this claim. I am I think, I'd like to see but if you just send me a link and say what do you think about it, I'm not going to offset because the the context is lots of people are doing that all day long, I'm just getting links all day, long watch this video watch, this video micro watch any of them none of them. But if you summarize it you might get my attention than it might watch it Yeah so you're in California, we ve got lightning rain power, outages fire, nay, those homelessness, drug overdose is crumbling economy and somebody is floating the idea of a wealth tax for Californians. Now, if you don't think a wealth tax will empty, the state
you don't know the state has a lot of people with wealth who all have one foot in the door and wealth tax which allow just be the end of that would be to find out the door. I right done with everything I say and I will talk to you tomorrow.
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