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Episode 1095 Scott Adams: Biden’s Fake Lead in Polls Evaporates, Trump Supporters Flee to Water, Coup V2.0, Q and BLM

2020-08-17 | 🔗

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  • Coup V2.0 to stay out of jail?
  • Mailboxes being removed?
  • Is BLM making things WORSE for Black people?
  • USPS is dependable…per CNN and other Democrats
  • Sweden’s dumb strategy…worked out best?
  • Trump supporter boat rallies

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody come on in I put out his shirt just for you. That's right. I was sure, listen to a moment ago, because we're the heatwave, and I dont have air conditioning. Sure wish I did. I do. I ever did the other part of the house, but not my office. How long does it take to fix air conditioning during the heatwave? Well fast, so maybe sometimes two weeks or so so I may not be able to work in my office when you have to relocate somewhere, probably a few,
But enough about me: let's have the simultaneous epinal. You need a copper, Margaret Glass, a dagger geologists, nine, a candy, jogger flask, a vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid, like coffee, enjoy be now for the Parallel pleasure in the doubling of the day, the thing the bags everything better, it's called the simultaneous happens now go well, although I still have electricity where I live in my zip code, I'm in california- and it looks like a lot of california- will not have electricity today. Why Because our government in California is incompetent yet decided to be very green and socially correct, and the cost of that is getting rid of your nuclear power, maybe some of your gas power and
to make it more green. What's the problem with that? No electricity when it gets hot, so there will be people dropping like flies today because of bad government management. They'll be people who probably die today, because governor Loosen didn't do his job and the rest of the government, because if you getting rid of power sources, you don't have enough. Come back? Invite you so like the rest of the country to be as well managed and California. You know how to do it. I don't know why everybody stays in California. The only reason I do is because connections and roots get too many things here that I can't walk away from.
But everybody you can leave whose days in California, I don't know why you do it less and less like me. You ve got connections. So a russian boys was getting in trouble today, for I guess I didn't hear it, but he is referring to Joe Biden, then couple Harris's, Joe and hope. Now you back up using that going round, here is my advice to Republicans slash conservatives there line of attack and Harris just doesn't work? So if the only thing you're trying to accomplish used to make Republicans and conservatives less popular and get them fewer votes than ass. A way to go, because here the
the personal sexual past of everybody, we just can't make that point politics, it just kept. You have. She broke some laws? Ok, but otherwise, since I didn't happen, it's just counterproductive. It's just counterproductive, doesn't do anything. So I would say: don't do that all right, so here the Democrats plan for reading, power or getting power? I guess back from Trump. They have three. Ways to win three different ways: to win number one: fair and square. Let's say by them, and Harris just get more votes as one way to win number two. Rig the election with melon votes Fraud and all that could that work absolutely
there's really talking about some battleground states, how hard would it be too rigged the votes with bill in votes and battleground states easy easy thing because in that way, but they have a third plan, which is the dangerous and that's the one that goes like this phase one make sure that the election will not be seen as credible, no matter who wins now. This is a big deal because we're better off with an inaccurate vote count that we must take is credible. Then we would be if we, if we got exactly the right vote, I will say, with no errors whatsoever and possible, but just say that, but we don't, because credible, that would be the worst case right. So if you have it, choice of a good vote count there. We dont trust, Or an inaccurate volcano for whatever reason we do trust you,
but the one where we trust, because otherwise the country is in trouble, and it looks like the Democrats or setting up a situation that guarantees the outcome will be in question. Wouldn't you say that that's obvious at this point fairly obvious that the intention the bill in voting is to make sure that you can't tell who one, that is, the intent, you know you don't have to be a minor reader to know that if you can select from choices that have more integrity versus less in the national election you, ever choose the one with less integrity, lass You wanted less integrity right, you know choose that option? If that's what you wanted I should say I everybody's got the same risk, the voting voting places, and so why
once they get, there was a trump wins but narrowly. If When's but narrowly they're going to say that the vote was not valid and they get a start. Whatever legal and or extra legal process to remove a president, It would then label as a dictator who refused to leave off How do you know this is true? you can see the different information campaign very clearly there see, and then you see more and more of us. It's gonna be what happens if Trump refuses to leave after he loses right. Every time they bring up that hypothetical. They therefore a truth that take him. Then just trim stir into whatever happens, so reality has given us an outcome of an election. Yet but see it is already forming the truth about it, which will then just be port over to the actual situation and so
truth that are selling the brainwashing? If you will the disinformation campaign and by the way, if I had heard anybody talk the way, I'm talking right now five years ago, now it said you stupid, conspiracies arrests, there's nobody trusts. Overthrow the government, but then we just watched it we know for sure that the Democrats the FBI and the media did in fact, try overthrow the government. That's not even speculation. At this point. Proven demonstrable fat. So if they didn't once, would they do this the other. To do the second time is way: bigger way more incentive to do in a second time. Do you know why? Because we haven't yet jailed the people who did it the first time if the
Let's say I will name names, but don't you think, there's some extra people where some trouble come in. Some people whose names are you know you know I've got a feeling. Durham probe and the elect are racing right now and if Durham can get certain people and dated in jail before the election. That might be one thing. Those same people who might be indicted, Andorra, gonna jail, are probably going to push pretty hard for the option of making sure that the election result is not credible if Trump when's, because an order for some people to stay out of jail, they might have to break the election and remove the legally elected president to stand a jail stay out of jail. Would everybody rig election to stay out of jail.
Especially if you read the last election or you tried to by having the coup and removing the president, in effect, rigour in after the fact I guess she said so everyone. This is entirely, Not only possible, but probable, I would go so far as to say probable at this Why is Adam shift another jail utterly and understand that, clearly you should be jail, jail. Now, let's talk about what the media is doing to us. So, we ve got mailbox gate going on the the belief that Trump is having all the mailboxes picked up on trucks and taken away so that people care for my mail, Of course I saw that story and I said to myself: you know. Feel I'm gonna wait a little bit if you a story that the present
As ordered mailboxes to be physically removed so that people can vote. The first thing you should think about that story is maybe I'll wait a little bit on this one, I'm just gonna. Take pause on this one, because I don't want jump right in removing mailboxes all across the country story. It's a little that have you ever. We say this before a little bit Knows what once you learn this on the nose thing where the word new story is a little too perfect, isn't that a little perfect? But the president is rounding up mailboxes. Your first large should be probably not and sure enough. You wait twenty four hours. You look put your look at the news, your Breitbart's scatter story about
yes, during the Obama administration, fourteen thousand no boxes were removed, normal neighbours to remove them and relocate them into busier places is just business as usual. Theirs Nothing happened, so you got that their. What else? What We got a guy others. There is the same story that the President's pushing a birth or thing with where'd. She is not exactly pushing is you're, saying other people brought up, people brought her up. Ok, I guess, as our national story, that's all we can talk about is the fact that the president didn't do something, but you can kind of making seem as if he did, if you weren't right, that's news What else we got going on.
So New Zealand has delayed the election which, which could not make me any happier, because what the Democrats well, that is, that Africa, but people have been saying for weeks now. New Zealand there, the smaller ones, New Zealand, really knows how to handle the corona virus. We, Be more light New Zealand, you know be good if the United States were more like New Zealand. They have got their act together. They did what they delay. Three, the election because of the crowd of ours. Now we don't like New Zealand, New Zealand, the role model, museum does everything wrong brazilian dom? So you can expect that today. Mozilla is now so smart. Don't do what we want them to do. Both by the nearest did not appear did not
Your honor shows before the convention. What the heck does that tell you. Neither by nor errors or even these senior people from their campaign that has said anybody else to talk on one of the biggest days of the week further, they even trying Something going on here is what I think is going on hypothesis. When would be the best time to replace Biden with Harris, would it be during the convention? Would it be that, once all the democratic powers are now at least connected by zoom unconditionally connected Can it be that that would be the right time. Four hey Joe Biden to say, live, gather sniffle. And because I ever sniffle, I couldn't possibly run for president.
Or some minor problem like that is possible. All the conversation happening right now is around the question of who should be the top of the ticket, Take the traveller that conversation intensely. Well, here's the thing if they get, ass, the convention. Can we allow harder to choose the ticket want it feels like theirs an optimal time to do it and then there's a little harder after that were possible. So I the conversations about when do it, not death? Because it's gonna happen? see the gravel naturally, during the term, it's gonna happen effectively, because everybody will soon Harris is running. The show was going to happen, so I think it's possible the having nobody from the campaign talk about everything could be risk management decision. It will
they know that everything may say today could make things worse, but there's nothing there then said yesterday in the news in terms of having your surrogates talking to the news, there's nothing that could have made it Because, whatever happens with a shake up of the ticket, What do you have a nuclear bomb of news? There were no Everything that happened on Sunday unimportant unless it was a mistake, so the fact that they are please to not make a mistake that aggressively, please Somethin's, coming as a little extra common. And the other at least talking about I'm not predicting that don't make the change at the convention on predicting that that's the conversation surrounding I didn't little poll in which I asked people if they thought the black lies movement protest.
We're, making things better or worse for black Americans, most of the people were answered. It were probably people who were trump supporters. Probably more male, probably more white papers and white sunlight that cause that's just to follow me on Twitter, it's not my fault, Let me now I'm not one who decides who follows me. I'm just tell you that's follows that if you don't think that's diverse enough, I can't help it. I think something like eighty three percent jacket recently said that the the protests or making it worse for black people United States. Now you might say to yourself a wire he s a bunch of white people if this is making it worse for black people. Well, that's exactly the group,
ask if you want to see how the people who might have prejudice are feeling, because black people are not trying to convince other black people that they should get more respect, resources, etc. Edra they're trying to convince the very kind of people who answered my ball. So that is the group you wanna hear from. How do you feel about the second of society now they ve Express day said the boy matter, protests etc have been expressed, the way they have been expressed, and if you get, Eighty three percent, or somewhere in the neighborhood, say a myth. Things worse for black people. I think that probably did
And here's how I think it's worse. I think the the I hate to use this word, but you know what I'm talking about the brand for Black America, I think, is ruined for a while might take ten years to recover that It's such a bad luck, because its paired with alluding impaired with pictures of destruction, violence, etc, because all those things are prepared. This has become a terrible look, Likewise matter, leaders say stuff such as this Is reparations. I don't know how you could do worse thing to the public you're trying to help. I mean really, if, if black people in America thought that something like real reparations could be possible, what do you want? You are less a people who present themselves as leaders, the blacklist matter, leaders,
answers. What do you want them say that the Looney was reparations? That's exactly what you'd want them, not to say Gazette. Just took a right off the table You know I was sort of pro. Looking into reparations at least having having a legitimate conversation about what could it could not be done given constraints? I was all for that. I am all for any conversation. I think that that was worth having not now now will just be a wasted time I wouldn't spend one minute talking about reparations I'd wait! Another ten years before, bringing that up. So. I think things are worth reparations there, certainly worth for racial. Harmony I think it's have the biggest impact unemployment. The thing black employees goes ahead. Because a lot of people say you know, I just don't want
somebody. You feel bad about me. So I would even be a question that the employer feels bad about the employee, though just Why would I hire somebody? I think my a bad attitude about me and I would be fair, I don't offer be legal, but it would certainly be reasonable to now hire people. You have hi likely a high degree of certainty that they don't like you and, of course, by closed, whereas their priorities upside down, which is the worst thing there there focusing on the police element of it. The unease luck unless I lesion brush aside there there's something real than these to be looked at their and. Better, but it is also their lowest priority or should be gives it affects the fewest people
highest priority, of course, is the teachers unions, which are the source of ongoing systemic racism. So have black lives, better care, even fight the systemic racism right they're going. The lowest priority, instead of the highest priority, the teachers Unions hardly give them any credibility, so I think there are way beyond So CNN News is you're not, does that embarrasses the president and about the you? U S, Postal service being Actually, quite dependable. The CNN is trying to brainwash the country into thinking mail services, dependable. Let me ask this have you ever had somebody else's bail, delivered to your mail box. I think you have, I began have you ever made,
anything that didn't get tourist destination, how I think you have Has anybody ever male, something to you, you didn't get. Oh, I think tat you ve had that experience it should be for my father worked for the Post office for thirty years every night, come home and over dinner you complain about some post office inefficiency, so I'm is biased, as you could possibly be about the efficiency of the poor. Let me tell you another little anecdote back in the, Is when I would draw the comic Strip Dilber on paper and I'll take a copy of it and mail. The original to my syndicate. Air would then take copies and send it off the newspapers. What why Once the post office, Where are your email, your originals? What happens once they figure out your name, what happened after they recognize my name and real? cuz. I was the Dilber creator,
sending a package that was about the size of original art. Well, what think happened to my original art, stolen stolen. Was I the only cartoonist put a or in the mail and once the post office realise who was mailing it they stole it. Nope happened. The cartoonist I'm not going to name names, There is a well known cartoonist who couldn't male his is work because the Post office stole it every now? I want salaries years before them. Go find means, story about somebody who's having trouble newsletter aged thirty years and years ago, and I think I asked people to send if they want to donate to this person. A bad situation. They can send money to this post office box,
No. What I didn't realize is that people send it necessarily checks. So like eighty percent of the people who was sent some money to their post office box for cash, they put cash. Now, of course they. So they tried to disguise it but paper, the cash or whatever, but as soon as the Post office realised that any cash there must be at least one that you could sorted tell. There was a dollar and terrorism as soon as the postal employers realised that the you're going to this one post office box at how much of the cash got through after the day that they realized it was cash Now they stole every every bit of the other. Like empty envelopes, it would show up at it just like stopped one day. They realized. It was casually stolen or so.
The Democrats who are trying to sell you the most ridiculous notion that the post office could take a thirty percent had too little traffic, and given the the current amount of efficiency that we will have some like a credible election. That way, there is not really any chance of having a credible election with massive mail in votes is just not a thing it doesn't matter who wins it doesn't matter what happens. It is not credible bias as the system In other words, there's nothing you can do between now and then there's nothing. You can do there's not enough time now. Let me just now. I need you to effectiveness. For me, I saw a claim that you can tell by the market.
But in some codes on it on the outside of your ballot, if you're republican or a Democrat, can somebody confirm that that's true or not and the claim is that under the barcode, there's this what looks like a Long series of random numbers and letters, but one of the letters is either or an hour the gaping, whether you register democratic Republican, I don't know if that's true can somebody's fact check that for me, because and remember the rule if something a little bit too the nose is probably not true. So if you here that the The mail in tell have some. The indicator on it, subtle one, but if he knew it was you to look for it the indicator will tell you if your democratic Republican, that is two on the nose meaning. If that's true, While I would be amazing so usually things that
virtual that would be amazing, are usually not true. So somebody needs to confirm that this is true to me before. I will believe it, but there's report out there that you can tell just by looking at the Oslo. If that's true, there is really no chances of a fair election. No chance, the- and this is the funniest part. If you want to know how does the post offices and again, I can say this because my father worked from the post office and was where the dumbest guys ever known story, aid to say that it is no longer with us. I can say that, but the Postal Union does to endorse Biden
while we're having this big national debate about whether the post office can be a major element of a fair elections, the Postal Union just endorsed one of the people running. Now that should have been the end of it. The moment Postal Union endorsed one of the candidates. That was the point when the Democrats should have said. Ok that really just changes, everything I see we can use this system anymore because now is, only by us, but has announced a bias? They announced a bias. That's really the end of it if we any kind of a competent country would just say: well there, debate about whether it could be done fairly but There is no longer a debate about whether it can be seen as credible, and if you think that so the same debate there. Not something
again to the most important thing. There's a debate but whether it can be accurate and that separate from well the public can ever see it as credible what's that once the Postal Union has picked aside that that's the end of any real chance. It could be seen as credible it can't the people delay Bring the that their mail just What do they want to win? I don't think it could be any clearer than that. The UK overcome that hurdle, that. That is among the no amount of hard work can overcome. You can do Anything you want you can! a trillion dollars into making sure that the actual mail delivery was accurate. Who would make no difference at this point because the Postal Union picked a preferred candidate, it's over
this question is absolutely over but the but the faint lose will try to conflate those two things and act. Like the credit, and the actual performance are really the same thing. There's another bit of magic where they have to act as though the Post office does a good job. Now, as somebody who is valid analogies said on twitter sure, because by the way you can tell this is a Democrat talking, because I only use sarcasm instead of reasons So don't look for the reason. Mr sarcasm, oh sure, we we don't. The postal service to to deliver the ballot box, We do trust it for our social security checks were. I think they do those electronically. But Do trust, therefore, Oliver, important, not through Odo, the only
important thing. We don't trust for his zeal. All these other important things we trust for just there's one thing right so that democratic argument it doesn't say anything. You do says it in that tone. So there's no actual. Can you anything it's just that down here what's wrong with that, of course, Somebody send you a check, you don't get it because it got lost in the mail or comes a few days later. That doesn't change too much. Does it There is too much. That's gonna go wrong. If you check as a couple days late or even the biggest lost, you can always called the poorest. Lastly, as I have let me, let me tell you how many times that I've not gotten a check that was mailed to me twenty five times
maybe in the course of my professional life, something like twenty five times. I've had to put a stop on a check or s, somebody to put a stop on a Czech. Does the melded deliver, probably twenty five times and So those are the next thing the news will try to convince. You is that there actually good one, at a time, constraint So the reason these analyses are not appropriate, because these are low risk things? I don't have a timing element to them, whereas the election is the asked of all risk is literally the highest risk in the country. If you get there everything else also for it doesn't matter what you're doing right with your economy, you anything else. If election doesnt holders credible everything else falls apart, so dependent on that,
That's the way the system is designed. We're gonna have a non credible result and the news will try to convince us that it was credible is most incredible. It's amazing actor, brainwashing, leprosy. So you notice their riots and massive shootings, Gunderson stuff I guess, Chicago and poorly Seattle out of New York is still doing it. Getting pretty violent and terrible and every day that they go on trumpet gets closer to election, because Tromp has played this perfectly from a political perspective. You could argue about functionally, but from a political perspective, the best thing
tromp could done is continuously offer federal, help and left the city's decline it and then once they have declined it. Allow allow that to stand now overruled another? The minor exception was federal people protecting federal property, but that's an exception. That's this federal property. So by trumpet not acting like a dictator, in other words, not sending troops and overriding the cities. The states he looks very much like a dictator and actually other side. The Democrats running these riot torn cities look like well. Do you want more that because that's what they want to bring you nationally the trunk everyone. I would do nothing but show video from the riots and say this is what they want to bring to your nationally, because you know that even a little bit wrong. That's not even a slight benefits superbly
What you're saying in the inner cities is exactly are, you would get everywhere if those same kinds of policies were taken nationally same call. It kind of policies of this case being soft on crime, See them as managed to disappear. All of the riots like it's like they don't exist. And also the clean stuff so too so the country is having like NASA these the guy's every night, And there was a coup that we now know at least one of the central players at this. This clansmen guy and the sort of not treated as news I really news. The the milky weaver thing, I haven't gotten interested in the earth, I has been removed, so I guess I some will say, can't contentious contention
some debatable reporting there. So I don't know what the truth is and any them here. Let me see if I can clear something that a few times I made some twitter comments that were incomplete and therefore misleading, and it goes like this. Why is it that the George Floyd story as a national story, where as the five year old, the toddler whatever was who was, by his neighbor, while he was just run for the yard, Why is one of them a national story and the other is ignored because Fox NEWS and others who tried to say a word about the stories and only because the victim was white and here's what the public does not understand about what makes a national story. I deal with trying to turn things that are not stories international stories
that's actually my job. So if I'm trying to get my book promoted, unless I was the original Dilber I would tie them to a national story. Wishes hey, there's a lots of down rising offshoring back in the nineties. Here's a character that has the same situation, so Dilber got on the cover of magazines, etc. Because I did what everybody does when they want to elevate and individual story they attach it. To something is already a story. You can't make us Nothing it's really hard, but you can attach anecdotes to this thing stories and then they they get some attention. So the George, why thing was attached to a national story. You can argue whether it was a true or false story We can argue that it was a national high level, a story about black citizens being abused by car
so because it was already a story. Video, especially in the video that makes the extra extra strong the video alone still can a story without the video, but I think we would all agree the video games that extra power. So I think I haven't winter has to be on video funny. Let me just say doesn't have to be on video, but this way way way stronger if it is so problem with the child who was killed by the neighbour is it does not attach to any national story and when the conservative side of the world tried to do that and say: hey hey. This is so ray to worry ignoring it, why are you being hypocrites? They worked? There won't be hypocrites, because the child who was killed as tragic as that is, and an EU in its its way in a bad way. It just doesn't attached to a national story, but support
Where's. The Democrats had run the same story. There would have been a gun, control story, a gun, control story. Right. It would have been a story about. There are too many guns and therefore look what happened. This kid got shot, but as the races were the wrong races it doesn't fit in the black lives matter story doesn't fit in with the protesters. So, places like Sudan would be disinclined to attach to a national story about gun control, casual work against their other propaganda. That parts, but if you're a conservative I wouldn't try, too hard is whose name is cannon its net. If that's that's threatening So I wouldn't try too hard to get this attached to national story. If you're a conservative cause, it's gonna get attached gun control. Now
You might say to yourself, but waistcoat what about the next story of black and white burger. What about that cause. I looked up to see what the stats around that something like I actually have those debts, and so is hard to find stats when you're talking and public and looking for your stance, you can never find years. That's how the hell did not find that areas. There are for them twice as many black and white homicides compared to wait on black. So the black population is thirteen percent, The country, why do something present but they have roughly evil equal them. Of crimes against the other, which would mean
the black and white crime as a percentage would be sky high. Now, why is that not a national store, the risk assessment Was it not a national story that way people are being slaughtered by black people? Now You use the word slaughtered to get myself cancelled because that that's the part will be taken into account. That's a lot of murder there's a lot of murder going on what is it? What is it can't be? Eighty percent- what's Oh, you know us, I think, in the stats, the hispanic population was added to the standard way population, so I think in the when they do the stats or adding hispanic and wait together as one category. So then it gets into the eighties. Not that you do not necessarily, but that's what it is so
Ask yourself: why is that not a national story? Now, of course, you can explain it by, income income groups and stuff like that, but it is not. A story that you could tell them getting cancelled, could you agent, any National news programmes story about the epidemic of black people, killing white people- you can't really, you can imagine it in this country. That can never happen and because data can be used to make any case you want. You can simply reverse and say, oh sure, but why people are just as many black people so lovely. While my point is that we sorted decide what the story is and then things get attached to it. But it's the national present decides what's this, and they have decided that is not good for their personal careers to emphasise any racial despairing
in crime and so laid out therefore, that story of the tragic story of the child who get married but neighbour doesn't tie to a national story. So if you think I should. I would be fair to say, but if you re a few wondering hey, why are these being treated differently? That's the reason just not tied to a national story and that's the way it always works. Quota virus does something throw rotten. Seventy five thousand from this country predict at least another twenty four thousand in the coming month. So we will easily. It looks like passed. Two hundred thousand dead. That's a number which I had asked. People who were saying is just the flu. Earlier said, if you think it's just a flu, can you commit to a number beyond which use? oh god that wasn't just the flu
and one of the one of these was well what I say krona virus, and I want to say sceptic but sceptic in terms of how bad it would be had said two hundred thousand would be the number at which you say: ok for tool. Thousand us. That's definitely not the flu, especially since two hundred thousand you only got to because of the closed down and the severe punishment of the economy, the so Does anybody still argue is just the flu as that Violation of people now shrunk to point were different conversation, conversation about how to handle it. But not so much there's just the flu It also transitions can happen, but I dont here that just a few people being as loud and social media anymore speaking of statistics
Do you believe that we will ever know no matter when any date in the future, whether the? U S did worse or better than other countries? Do you think. No, that if you said yes, I will definitely now wants, is all done we will look at the data. Lots of researchers will dig began to find out what worked wouldn't. We will now if President Trump did a good job compared to the other leaders. If you believe that can be known, you ve never been involved in this kind of work, meaning data analysis. We can't know that it is completely unknowable unless it were some major obvious thing that anybody could tell, but if you to some of them. Are the data and the only You don't say I'm not gonna. Look at I'm not gonna. Look at the decisions. You know, I'm just gonna see our turned down
You know you're never going to be able to do it. Here's. Why would be most appropriate solution? for the: U S: the whole to be compared to the other wealthy countries without the comparison, well. I would argue that you need to take the islands and I think you need to take here. Taiwan's yourself, Korea, which is effectively in Ireland because of the DMZ, your your New Zealand made. You're, Australia, that's a pretty big island, but but thank you need to look at the island separately and say: ok, has the most in common with each other because of the island element of it and say early islands it so if you throw in the islands and with wealthy countries while already the result, is less criminal. There's just one problem here, some more
the United States is really fifty different entities. Fifty two, if you count Porter, we go on glamour whenever so Should we say that the average of those all those entities is what the United States is, or should we treat each other states. Like a country say aright, New York state do compared to Europe right. Is actually the earth states doing very well. They had their the tough spot. Wasn't their fault for the most part, you could argue about the about the the old people were being put back. Their senior carapaces? That looks like a mistaken hindsight, I dont know. If, whose does when it happened? Obviously wasn't it wasn't obviously mistake when it happened, but Wouldn't we find, for example, that we have less say just guessing?
probably more than forty states who are. Better. Then Europe would that be true. Would we have forty of our states doing better than Europe? maybe, but then those european countries would say way way way. If you get to cherry pick, your states. We're going to say if you take just pick a random I will do the same thing will take Frankfurt. Our equation, I'm just guessing that Frankfurt have bad kroner virus. I did We'll just take that our equation about that, and then we beat you again so basically everybody who was the look good? This can have an argument. Well, don't count the these senior care places you have to take those that was just tat but if you really can compare, that was just one event that a big impact can't take that So if argue about whether there should be an around where the state should be compared,
whether we are on the same curve? We don't know, and then here's here's the thing this also completely unknowable and the thing that's gonna drive me frickin, crazy for the next five years. It goes like this. As far as I can tell Sweden did the dumbest strategy and it worked out the best now that, of course, a situation where you can say that they didn't have a good strategy or that they did. You can spend it anyway. You want. So here is why it was the dumbest plan, when Sweden, when poor, heard immunity, the assumption because they have to get the sixty or seventy percent infection turns out probably closer to twenty, because people seem to have some natural nudity.
And if Sweden known it was gonna, be twenty, while their geniuses, their geniuses, we'll talk about ITALY in a second, but but Sweden, thinking that they were having toward heard immunity of sixty or seventy percent, which by any measure would have been quite a big that death toll probably would a crash their healthcare system they probably would have ended up closing more stuff, they would have had to more aggressively closed down because the public would say. Too many people are dying or healthcare is thy so serfs. Didn't plan how to the way they thought it would work. There's the keeper if Sweden's plan had worked the way Sweden thought it would work with Gordon.
Happily, the way they wanted to do it would have crashed their whole economy because they thought it was sixty to seventy percent for heard immunity. They got Incredibly lucky, I think now. I think what I to wait to see if this Real, but the only way this week got down to basically something like zero deaths. Lately is a sort of unity was a fraction of what everybody thought. Nobody knew that they did the dumbest strategy and hit a home run. It was like they were blindfolded. Europe too bad and somebody threw a ball. They swung really hard. They hit the friggin ball, They got a home run and it wasn't because they were good matters. They had a blindfold, that's what happened?
So it's gonna drive me crazy that we will ever be compared to Sweden. Look how smart Sweden was now they were the dumbest country, but they got the luckiest. That's what it looks like So if it turns out that twenty percent is heard immunity- and it also is. The United States has rampant infections, where Europe does not who's the smartphone right. Because now we ve seen Sweden. If we'd never seen Sweden had heard immunity. We would also think it was sixty years percent, but now that we know is closer to twenty and we know that in all likelihood, I'm not sure you could say you'd know anything but seems very likely that the reason that New York City and your state are doing well is that they have so many infections
they got to her ability and we might be the next one who had heard immunity simply because we didn't control of that carefully same in Sweden, so if it turns out that We get back to a functioning economy and fewer DES, because we had heard immunity faster than Europe. Who is this parliament? Would we be the smart One, because our economy would be kicking back into our deaths would be zero would be on the other side of it. Like Sweden, while you're up is still trying to tamp down every fire. I know it close down again, but it closed down again, but it closed down again and they're going to end up in the same place. My my basic point, is that we will never know who did better than anybody else, because everybody was guessing. We have good, I none
it is reliable and nobody can decide what two things should be compared. I will add this following predictions: I think that the reason that the herd immunity is so low somewhere twenty percent issue may be because the vitamin d thing I think, we're going to find out that the people who had the lowest vitamin d as well as any other medical problem, were just the entire. The entire group that could have a problem because it turns out the of low vitamin d. If you're, african, american and if you're overweight, if you ve, got. I believe, if you're old, if you're, probably, and Do you care facility, like all things all the time. People were high risk. So then we also had a very low vitamins.
I think in the end we're gonna find out that they were the ones at risk and if we are tested for vitamin d levels, we could have really done better. Now, some of you can say how can hurt a newly be twenty percent when we know that at least in one city in Europe it was over fifty percent there are some prisons, which are also over fifty percent, and there actually is a perfectly good reason. Some environments don't get hurt immunity at twenty percent and has to do with density. So if you got people pact together such as jail. It doesn't matter that heard immunity would normally be twenty percent, though just there just basically marinating virus so much of a viral load. If you get enough infected on a small area like a jail that, in that case, as with at least one cruise ship as well
hush passed twenty percent, but those are artificial environments where people can get away from each other too. Well, so it could be true, The prison or a cruise ship or certain towns could have a fifty percent situation for heard. Another one might be twenty percent if you just living in the country, so those could be compatible. See has a pole that shows that the years ears I was worded, I think bright barred. The Joe Biden has led has evaporated and less two months a new poor from see it end shows this is a CNN Paul showing violence lead has evaporated. Now, let me ask you this Let's say you are planning a coup. Version, two point: two
I'd say: Let's say you wanted to maybe keep all your options open. And one of the options would be to replace the top of the ticket with common heroes. If you were an illegitimate news organization who, whose leader, Jeff Sucker, was personally and has long time promoting calmly Harris. What do you think you're pole, all's would show right before the democratic convention. I believe, your paw, rules would show that Biden has a lead. Separated because of sea and then once come. Let us take the top spot. They're gonna have to create it This says that body cannot win the way he's going now. Words are going to say. The weakness in the party is obviously the top spot because
and now is his letters of operating according to see a man how how convenient, just when the democratic or at that decision, point of deciding whether they need to make a change of the top. Just at the right time see, then that is very pro calmly Harris coincidentally, produces their worst poor results for Joe Biden interesting. What a coincidence Or is it now, I would say that one of the reasons that maybe try We'll work better and all the poles expect all the poles to star narrowing, especially as we are closer to the vote, and here's the thing that I don't think you can underestimate the degree to which Democrats saw Biden as I see two filler and not a real candidate.
Because as long as tromp was running against age, generic Democrat that there are democratic, didn't heavenly flaws and by and was really just a sea filler? He was just a stand in a proxy fuel for Generic Democrat, a person who was not trump but now you put it cobblers, people they were all she's real president and suddenly its trump verses and actual person who has actual history an actual targets and actual flaws? It's the first time until now, Tromp was running against a generic even with binding. There is just a generic, Now it's a real person, so you and expect that the flaws of a real person would seem bigger than the flaws of generic cuz. That person can be perfect in your mind
and the funniest part is that the battle ground states the only ones that matter how closely their daily, even so the battleground states are daily, even did not dare even means, Cnn Paul is the CNN pulses. The battleground states are dead, even statistically its forty nine to forty eight. That means that job is ahead of the battleground. There's no other way to see that you know, there's I'm shy trump supporters of their. How shy are the trump supporters? Let me put it to you this way. You know those gigantic Trump boat rallies that you've seen on social media, but you don't see in the news. Cuz there's doesn't cover it, those
I'm just looking at to combat this may laugh. The reason that Trump supporters have to have the rally in the water is because I can't do it on land trump supporters could not put on their trumpets pick up their charm flags and say hey less meat in the park and have a Trump rally? It would be dangerous. It's dangerous, to be on land as a trump supporter that can be identified, it's actually dangerous, and so Trump supporters. Didn't just find a cool way to show their supports like a boat circle, if we ever boats and its summer, let's get look pretty cool, let's have a lot of ass part of it as part of it, but the bigger part is the Republicans are not say. Land Democrats could have a Pro Biden parade
they would know they would not be harassed, maybe verbally, but not physically, right Democrat. Can have a rally on dry land. You live in the car. Where the sort of the sort of snuck up on you, it's not an accident that the trumps supporters had to leave the Continental United States and then there's still in U S waters, but they had to leave the Continental United States literally physically leave. It leaves the United States to have a Trump rally. Let me in their stone in our waters, but that leaves the dry land, thus dollar Joe there's no job there. That is actually what happened. They couldn't feel safe on dry land now you tell me that these people are telling the truth when pollsters call them and say what do you support not a chance nodded
I told you that when upholsterer called bathed first, I think the first thing that ever happened the moment. I realized it was a poster, and I realize what the question was going to be about. In my head I said tell them by. Because the last thing I will do is told the truth and it turns out. They asked me if I register devote myself now, and that was the end of it. So I didn't have to life, but I would have at the moment it looks like there's no real chance. The Biden can win at the top of the ticket. That means a CNN is going to soften up the public by giving some low pole numbers uses are there any other pool pulling company. That's friendly, dividing is gonna, show his his his own narrowing. You should see all of the left, leaning poles narrow quickly, because they're going to try to create the story that well sooner Its sooner than better, sooner is better.
To replace the top of the ticket better get this go on better hurry up because he's not gonna win. Look at the polls he's not gonna win you better put. Stronger in their hey. Who do we put in their colours somebody says. Dude tromp was holding to relatively weak, took over the lake, everything well, that was tramp. Tramp has the advantage of having lots of security and a secure location that still, safe. But if you're did you say hey why we like a Trump parade Rwanda
they are made in the park and we're just is just us: there's no trumpets us. What do you think would happen to different situation? Have you noticed that the people who disagree with me are just bad as analogies? I think the Democrats are basically two modes of arguing, a bad analogy and sore and sometimes a they combine, the two girls. You saw that, even even though there was a written comment about the person who said that tromp has had rallies, even the written comment was written, a sarcasm. Food travellers are two rallies, verifying even spelled everything said in that and sarcastic nightmare thing. They can actually have any kind of a rational debate is so so
universally true, there's just a bad analogy with sarcasm, and they actually think that that some kind of thinking, some kind of point- it's really not actually not, is just sorry as sarcasm, as reasons and analyses are not reasons either there's just something. I reminded you of something else that this whole thing. You have tried to put a trump bumper sticker on your car better, yet put a trump bumpersticker over any car that you think is abundant sport. Now don't do that cars are the direct. Take that back. Do not do that. Although I know it's been done, this Frank.
Somebody says Warren. I don't think so, but nothing can be ruled out. At this point, I don't think warrant gravity ass against Trump. Somebody says: what's up with trumpet helicopters flying with four missiles. Why wouldn't you don't think you nothing air force? One has defence. I would expect the helicopters to be armed. Why would they be somebody says the comment was funny. Jesus ease up Boomer.
Don't say that, first of all, the comment was meant to be a serious comment that the trumpets rallies so you're somebody, you can't tell the difference between humor and not humor, actually cancel indifference, and so is decided to call me a boomer because didn't have any other reasons. So psyche assess the third argument. There are three democratic arguments that analogy, sarcasm and calling people boomers kind of it, but this one will have to worry anymore because he is now relegated to be blocked. World Goodbye aright, that's all I got you cash out, your PAMELA bet well, she's, not officially it she's, not official. I have two bets on common one for the top of the tickets, and one for or vice versa, Both of them were long odds,
if either one of them comes in, it pays for the other. So We are going to win for vice president, which would pay for my other batten and more. But if she becomes, the top of the ticket makes some serious money. So I saw those best someplace, o q and on I do not say about you. It seems like CNN, wants to make them more of a story. Q has become a bit of a religion. I think people. Think people just enjoy the whole q thing. I just can't take it too seriously. Somebody says if I see an american flag, I think trumps supporter, I think, you're right, I think, you're right. I don't think that the Democrats use american flag anymore. I think that they to see it as a Republican.
All right I got for now, and I will talk to you tomorrow: slaughter beaters around represent.
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