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Episode 1099 Scott Adams: Brain-Dead Race Hoaxer Joe Biden is the Biggest Asshole in America. And That’s Saying Something.

2020-08-21 | 🔗

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  • Biden’s campaign centerpiece, a fully debunked race HOAX
  • Biden’s race HOAX targets innocent citizens for violence, discrimination
  • FOX and CNN, both perpetuating Biden “fine people” race HOAX

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Bump bump bump everybody. Commanded all. We have to talk about Boy Dewey and if he didn't see my tweet didn't read the description of this kind. Scope. Let me warn you again: I the children, there will be swearing, hide them, but the year moves on, but before we start what are we need to do. Yes, you know it's. The simultaneous up. An I need is a copper bugger, a glass of angry channels or sign the canteen Europe, a flask of vessels that are fairly with your favorite liquid I'd like coffee.
Can join me now for the unparalleled pleasure that don't mean the other day. The thing that makes everything better, including cursing skull the simultaneous happen as that go.
So the other day I will was testing my digital assistant from Amazon, whose name shall not be spoken to activate all of your devices. Oh and I said to my device, a l ex ay ay said play. Coffee was got atoms and sure enough. You just starts playing Maya, loosely audio of my part gas, but here's the interesting part whatever was playing. I guess the last time I have been using the player, I played a baby double speed or one point: five speed. I'm not sure so I got to hear myself at one point I ever or twice the speed I gotta say spatter its way better.
As a presenting technique, I should tell you that I intentionally speed up the pace at which I speak or when I'm doing it in public, but when you're the audience- and you hear it back is still doesn't sound fast enough even to Bionaire. Others, this weird speaker problem you have were were time, is different from the speaker that it is the listener. So right now, I'm intentionally talking about maybe fifty percent faster than I would talk if you were here in person and is still not fast enough. So I recommend that you listen to me either on locals. You can play it faster. I think you do we'll do it. I think the podcast can do it as well. So speed me up
its waiver so looks, like Putin, has poisoned another critic. What to think about that bad? But I dont know if it changes anything because it's not I mean for the person who get poisoned because it's not like Putin was gonna, be removed from power. Anything. So I don't know why anybody would live in their country or even live here, be a russian national and and be opposed to Putin, and you would need a food taster for that some dangerous stuff. I dont know how much longer I will be broadcasting. The coffee was got Adams from this location, because I'm
asking every hour to see if I have to evacuate. So there is a very large fire setting my way, I'm talking about a really large fire. That last I checked was fine. Percent contained and there's nothing between that. Ignore this fire, my house, except for a very Bernal stuff, so if are in fact, my town. This looks like a staging the area for the fire department. I noticed that there's There is one area down here: the fair grounds that are just full of fire department, people so
I don't know if I'd want to stay and fight it out, because I built this house to be fireproof inside of you actually picked it, so it would be drought proof I have my own well should be fireproof cuz. It's designed to have nothing on the outside that can burn something would have to get sucked in which could happen. Externally, there's nothing that could catch fire might have to remove one one tree go to close, but otherwise I could probably write it out. Even if the rest of the neighborhood burned up it was built. It was built for that specifically that the entire neighborhood could catch on fire. As long as I wasn't killed by smoke, exposure to the house probably won't burn. But I don't know if I'm gonna, take that chance, and I certainly wouldn't keep the animals here. So maybe evacuating soon
let me say this about the governance of California. You have fucked up badly that the government in my state can't keep the lights on, can't can't keep fires from destroying the state. Now we did have a lot of bad luck this year, in the sense that I think there are eleven thousand lightning strikes and last twenty four hours or something. So there are a lot of fires and we don't really have lightning strikes. That's not really, the thing that happens this time of year. Typically, so it feels like between the corona virus. This is what they after another, but anyway, what Allah austerity as I can stay. Abandoned, got arrested, we'll talk about Biden in a minute. If you're waiting for the swearing this war is going to happen. Still bearing got arrested for
legit lease? Giving some money and of the fund that he had used was attracting money to build the wall privately built all here's the thing I feel as if there's gonna be a lot more than that story, Because the steep abandoned is already quite rich, according to a quick, search as twenty million dollar that worth, I don't know, that's accurate what do you can find on the internet? and I'm wondering what a guy with a twenty million net worth be involved in a small scam. They had these qualities. There are witnesses because there's somebody else involved in this gap, so that there's at least one witness see if I have to evacuate yet
so I'm a little, I am a little sceptical that the original charge is gonna. Stick keep led not guilty It would be easy for me to imagine that t there wasn't aware of some lawyer, detonators partner, did it or that there is something else going on there. Just might be more that story. But then we also find that there's something about his connection to a rich
chinese Business man who is here he was I'm when he got arrested and that part of the story might get a little more interesting. So we don't know what that's all about, but here's my general statement about it. I wouldn't assume that he is guilty of the the the scale somebody's guilty, obviously his partner, at least from what we know, looks more guilty because he's the one receiving the money. If this is if this is what it looks like, if the Allegations were true amuse. That means the ban would have done something you would have committed a crime primarily for the benefit of another person which does she like the kind of crime in the people commit honestly. So if I had to guess he's, gonna have a good defence, but this chinese connection might be a little bit more interesting
Also, what comes out of that? I saw your story. It's a it's, not a current one, but there was a group, the figure. How to build twenty thousand dollar homes. So if you ve got the land, they can build a kind of acute looking home for twenty thousand Now, if you gotta fifty near alone mortgage and at four percent, let's say they'll, be like less than a hundred and fifty dollars a month for a mortgage. Imagine if you will this model. This is where what playing with my head. I dont think this particular technique. They that use for the twenty thousand dollars home is as good as you can do. I think you could do better than that and still keep it under twenty thousand thousand dollars. Words make it more livable, more, more green, etc, and if you could, you can imagine a situation in which there is lots of land in the country.
This close to free because nobody wants to live there, the other their blighted areas in cities where the land is almost ready or free, because nobody wants to live there. There are places that you could imagine that low cost. Anyway, you can imagine model where somebody could build their own, their own twenty thousand dollar home, and then build another one right next to it and read the second one act: does you could probably rent one out for out of five hundred dollars a month, whereas ITALY cost you under fifty dollars a month for the mortgage to pay for it So you can imagine that people would build one for themselves, build a couple more on some land that they have a job and suddenly they have not only a skill which is building these things. They have a home and they built a few. More
The people who don't want to build their own house, but one eleven one, so I think that It is a model in the future where people learn a low cost lifestyle the sustainable and that they can. They can have a full good life without the things that usually would be more expensive. Think us where it has to go. It's not like just that I wanted to go there. Can it has to go their cause? Is the only solution,
left the way things are shaped up, and maybe we need some kind of an executive order. So you can get loans for the sort of thing, because, right now you couldn't you can never get alone for it by the way. How messed up as s you can't get alone for a twenty thousand dollar house. Didn't why? Even if you are you a good credit, you have everything was good. You know you have a job, you, u qualified, you still couldn't get alone for a twenty thousand dollar house, and the reason is that the banks, own internal costs, to service any loan doesn't matter
It is the administrative costs of it is about twenty three hundred or something like that and doesn't matter if you made a million dollar alone or twenty thousand dollar alone. So what is the bank want to do doesn't want to make any twenty thousand dollar loans that are not profitable because their overhead would be more than they can make from alone. So there are some structural things that would need to be cleared away before you could do this simple, simple thing: Maybe we need some kind of executive order so that the sidewalk Joe biden- I don't- I hardly know where to start it was such a bad evening, dressed up as a goody. Now I was, of course, immediately drawn to watch CNN as soon as by didn't was done. Speaking, because I wanted to see how they would
tree that you knew what they were going to say. It was the best speeches ever given that was kind of a that was kind of baked into it and then, of course it would be conservative suicidal my God is terrible. You know he was just reading off a teleprompter, but the the fact that he based his campaign on being a the guy of good character. The one who cares at the same time and in the same speech perpetrated the most divisive race hoax in american history, the fine people hoax now you'll see the left fighting back this morning. Media matters- and others are- are trying to double down on the lie because our son, we people in the public, such as be, for example, you, Joe Pollack, Steve Cortez.
Yeah I saw Charles paying, I saw Ali Alexander, I saw Jack Balsamic yeah, just I'll, probably hundreds of people who have some clouds, at least on social media, saying no, that's like a totally debunked oaks he's basing his campaign on a d bombed hoax. Now, what do the people believe that folks say how Oh, you right wing, crazy people, you you're, trying to tell us We didn't see it with our own eyes. With here with our own years. Oh no, I thought I heard it and I can prove it Here's, a video of what I saw and what I heard here it is and then they show the edited video, which is the hawks if they show the whole video issues trump without prompting, and this is the important part there was no prompting said, I'm not talking about the NEO Nazis the way national as they should be
damned totally if you'll leave their part out, It could be misunderstood that he was praising the people with the torches, and so in order not to be misconstrued later without prompting tromp clarified. To make sure you wouldn't interpret it wrong And they loved that part off and made it the central part of violence campaign. So turn the truth into alive by getting rid of the clarification and beyond that there's a second lie. Its baked in, and the second lies this that it matters who was there, it doesn't matter It doesn't matter if there were the fine people there doesn't matter. If there was anybody there,
disavowed the racist and just like the statues. It doesn't matter because Trump gave his assumption that he thought there were fine people there who fit that category of not racist, and then he spoke to US assumption, worse case scenario- is that he was mistaken about who attended right, that's the worst it could be. Is he thought there were some fine people, but once you looked into it, maybe there weren't, except that I looked into it personally, because I'd said some things in public which cause people to to contact me and people, several of them and you get ass. Well, why don't you give me their names? Of course, I'm not gonna, give you their names. Are you kidding me one of them actually said that I could settle talk you out of that.
You don't want your name attached to any of this, but I do want to hear your story and one of the one of the attendees was jewish jewish background. Now. Do you think that the jewish guy was marching with the tiki torch people saying you know? Jews must not replace us seriously. He was against the racist. He just was there for rally the statues. You can argue that you shouldn't support statues, because here that alone is is racist. I dont support statues. I think their offensive and should be taken down the the confederate ones and but you'd have to
splain how it is as something like a quarter or a third of black citizens are in favour of keeping statues. If you can't possibly be a good person and want to keep the statues just for history, even knowing that their offensive to some people, how do you explain the that quite a number of black people? want to keep the statutes? Are they not fine people? The only way this hoax can exist is, if you never talk to anybody who attended, watch, watch the people debunking the the debunking. What they think is the DE bunk, the people who are trying to say that fine, the fine people hoax was real. That really happened will only describe it from the perspective of the media reports. At the time, and they will say well there you go, there's no
There's no media reported the time of any fine people, but I talked to them in person like I personally talk to them. The telephone viper We talk to them and they told me the story about showing up and one case that, no who organise the law. They had no idea organised, but they knew there was something go on about statues there local me said what we're local we want to keep statues there's something they're. That going on will show up and give her give our opinion. That's it were marching with races. Now they never got close to the martyrs, because the police stopped anybody coming in after point and said: don't go over there, and so they didn't, they were sort of trapped in a year in a police confined area and then, when it was over they own home. That's it now
If the president was wrong about who attended, that should be the story, he was incorrect about who attended dune. Do you know who else was incorrect? about what time did. Fucking everybody. Every fucking person who thinks this hoax is real, is incorrect about who attended every fucking one of them. I know because I talked to him. The President worst case scenario is in their category of not knowing who attended worst case. That's it. So Joe Biden tries to sell himself as the kind and carrying guy the man with character and that he bases his whole fucking campaign on the on the fine people do I care that he's lying piece of shit now, really I don't care if, if by them is an asshole in these we are politicians can be bad people.
Really care that he's a lying piece of shit. What I do care that he painted a fucking target on my back, This was personal. This isn't about politics anymore. This isn't about the tax rate, this about any fucking thing, except this asshole one of the worst fucking people in the whole goddamn world just painted another target. My fucking back now, you would be one thing if he had said at once. I'd say well, you know he tried it out it didn't work, making at the center piece of his whole fucking campaign. That is going to make me vote for the first time. First time recently,
As you know, I failed to sleep dont vote because I don't wanna be biased and want to be on a team, but I think this is not about politics anymore. This insult events, I'm gonna vote for self defence, because this fuckin guy be in charge, not with a race oaks. Now people can say what about Rob, but about the things you that are not true. Well yeah. He might say Some things are, though, pass the fact checkers, maybe but are they ever like this this, isn't like anything he's ever fuck and done. He told you you wanted to keep crime out of the country in the net turned into these racist. Trying to protect your country is a fucking job at the president. Is the opposite of what fucking Asshole Joe Biden is doing he's not trying to protect the country he's trying to tear it apart, the fucking fine, p
we'll hoax is not like other lies, is the tent pool, fucking hopes that makes people who were stupid and believe the faint lose thinking. It's all true, because if they see this, sure they so must be true that the other figures are available. It's the only one that they think they said or with their own eyes and heard with their own ears, because it got additives that here the clarification and because there sure that one's true- it makes all the other things that don't have actual evidence or any credibility to them whatsoever seem clearly true but worse. It makes So, like anybody who supports tromp was clearly no way he was affording these fine people and therefore makes us look like Assholes Joe Biden you're making your fellow citizens targets for violence. And discrimination.
And you're doing fucking intentionally. You are not worthy of being a fucking citizen and this country much less a leader. You have not qualify, at the basic level of understanding, the God Damn constitution, which should treat us equally. And should not have you targeting you're fucking. Fellow citizens for violence, for discrimination, you gotta do fucking piece of shit, and this worse is worse than that. Here's why it's worse than I just wrote a blog on locals that I share. You can see this even if you're, not a subscriber, I shared it unto so you can see it. Joe Biden has introduced a new form of fucking slavery. That's right here, has introduced a new form of fucking slavery. Does this fine people hoax has the intention of first law within the EU?
gender, but also to bind black people lack voters to the democratic Party. If he does that, and it looks like he's succeeding, he has once again taken away all black political power. If you live in this country and they allegedly a fucking citizen should you get some political power. How about that one, why people are political power? Why do they? How can black people care political cause you don't have any fucking political power. If you'd just vote Democrat, because asshole Joe Biden told you the biggest Fucking lie in american history and youth I bought it fucking believed it does you watch CNN and you think it's news is not lose if stopping news several years ago is pure fuck, propaganda, and you know who else is far Fucking NEWS Fox NEWS, you are just as fucking
guilty, see CNN? No, nobody, no better! I will make exceptions for some of the House on Fox NEWS. Gregor felt notable exception has called out this hopes, but it's pretty fucking clear that whoever is producing Fox news is not to issues killing this hoax, is pretty fun. Clear. So whoever is running Fox news. You assholes you fucking assholes fix this. You it's you know you ve got the responsibility, because you are the main. The main vehicle or voice for the people who support tromp were used today. What the fuck happened what the fuck happened. I turn on the news last night, Watchman Fox NEWS, talking about what a great fuckin speech it is without talking about the center of the God, Damn speech being the biggest. Raise hopes and like other food Do you believe that out
How is that not the most important fucking thing to say about the whole fucking event that he was tearing Country, apart into with a with a fucking hoax? How is that? Ok? Media matters is trying to do both of the above and acting as if that our goal was crazy, right wing people. I think like it didn't happen. When we also video yeah, you saw the hawks video you fuckin, assholes everybody's saw the whole because that's the one you show show the rest of it fuckers, if read if you read the media banners, a peace that tries to debunk debunked above. It actually includes the statement where troops, as specifically, is not talking about them. The races. They actually include that an act you didn't see it The most amazing fucking thing I've ever seen in my life, so Joe Biden, you fucking
shit, don't try to sell us on character when that's the worst, the anybody's ever done. As a politician in this fucking country, you can't find anything. The trump did anything that fucking Nixon did that's worse than this. Nothing. I might have a few more things to say about this John, how long the douche bag on CNN, who just says everything the Republicans do, is terrible. He said this the sporting empathy indecency, maybe the word most used in this convention, really empathy and decency, because those, qualities that define by then. Let's take. That is true. What say that according to the peace Who is the poor? The qualities defining our empathy and decency good.
That would be a reason not to make him the fucking president. Let me explain to you what a good leader is. A good leader is somebody you can do some hard stuff. A good leader is tough. You want a leader who has empathy. But not as their guiding fucking principle, because if empathy use your guiding principle, you are going to give fuck and walked on China, gonna eat your goddamn lunch like they will, if by The new president, Arap is gonna fuck and take over the Middle EAST, because Europe in pussy, whose leading with your, the thing and decency. Do you know what I want less of less of that for my commander? In chief less of that yeah I want somebody who obviously cares you want. Somebody wants it's good for the country, but the presidency is unique
you need a warrior there and somebody who is a warrior against your enemies. Not somebody is a war against your own fucking citizens, which is what, by has literally promoted him. Health has been. I will the guy who demonizing half of the fucking country, let me know one or two demonized fucking China who sent Bout Llosa, their guardians, phantom lover to kill our fucking citizens. Why you're fucking, is taking a billion dollars from disqualified. This fucking qualified you shouldn't be a dog catcher in this country, much The fucking president, I want to present was transparency. And has married his own personal fate to the fate of the country. You get that. There is no scenario in which a president can do a shitty job
Somehow it works out well for the game. Did this shitty job? That's another thing, there's too much transparent too many people watching even the room, all the secret stuff it would all come out there is, scenario in which Trump can even imagined in his head that there's something that would be good for him that simultaneously bad from the country, you, that guy, you won a warrior. Who cares cares about the country? Trump obviously does, and I would say that anybody who becomes president cares the fucking country. That is the lowest standard. You could throw a dark into a fucking crowd and find somebody you cared about the country- that's not are you couldn't set the bar lower for Fucking Joe Biden? Do not they dont say when they come
electrical, or they do say always Gus and empathy and of decency. What they don't say he's got capability, then I will say, is gonna good track record because he doesn't then I'll say is brave, is working because it isn't there don't say he could survive the fucking first term, because he can't Then, of course he had is yes, incredible ideas for a groan of ours which is to reword trumps, actual current policy into dementia talk and act like is now fucking happening and they can depend on his lap dogs and the fake news, to report it just the same way by trot doing these things did not trouble never thought of how about right. The testing, Tom ever thought of rapid testing did anybody not think of rapid fucking testing, that's by the UN's big improvement. But if we do I've got an idea.
How about doing rapid testing. Yet nobody fucking thought of that before. If we do the right away. We'd be doing. Fucking rapid testing now it should be noted that there is a different kind of testing the papers Strip kind of test that you don't have to male anywhere. You don't need a machine. Just changes color that kind of TEST The Tropic administration is not told us why they won't use it and they won't. Leslie. Well, that's a failure! If you, if you like to see me being objective. Say that they have failed completely. So the young So let me let me keep my scorn all the places that belongs whatever the fuck is happening with the FDA by the way trouble is to to explain this
Rob not talking about this topic of the paper tests, ripped Even to rule without which would be fine, if there's a reasons ruled out I'd like the Europe but not talking about it, is fucking disqualifying too. If you don't hear Trump talk about this in the next few weeks, fuck him too, and voting for Conway seriously, I'm going to overcome. If, if I do, we really think about these in desperate. Does that's not even close the competent, I think, most of the other stuff with the corona virus I say is as good as you could do in the decision but whatever happens with his fucking testbridge, which, by the way is now? Bob. I was talking about you, there's another fucking difference between the types of too, as you just said, Oh how about fast, like we for confirming that now, Gus of explaining to do? This is a fair without, even though we are talking about the testament, specifically the paper desperate,
dont require a machine and don't have to be sent anywhere to get a result. So Currently there is a big mistake by the Anti Biden people in painting him so incompetent that couldn't appear in public and CNN managed to turn this into. Oh, your people, and even Fox news that this even fact across also say anybody you thought by didn't would be unable or to put his words together. They were disappointed because you can see. Biden was perfectly capable that night perfectly capable at what.
He gave the shortest, except in speech in modern history. Did you know that it was the shortest one coincidence? Is it a coincidence that the guy who might not have to watch stamina also had the shortest except in speech, could be a coincidence? probably not ended anybody on the right believe that The Biden was incapable of reading off teleprompter. What was essentially has some speech. These probably got memorized Nobody really thought he was so gone yet that he couldn't reed stand all he did last night. You stand up right for less time than any modern president before him or even candidate and read He fucking read in public, and what did this Once the and then do they have tears in their eyes? How the who is the best speech
one is ever done. His unified the country who, if I leave out real leadership, all he did, was stand for a little bit and read a fucking teleprompter, and now he is the best politics. You ever live. I think we set the bar a little too low let me remind the CNN and all the fucking yearly it's over there, as well as the fact that the bar is how you do things that are new, that's the question, nobody is really questioning whether he can fucking Reed I dont know if anybody is said he's so go on If can read nobody, Fucking said that Yes, sir, the CNN way can play things. I don't belong together. Can you do, It is a little bit fucking different from. Can you read?
those are not similar tasks, maybe that's all I did it to say so once it oh, be spending. Some part of my day debunking this stupid fucking find people hoax. Once again, once again, the Fox NEWS is not off the hook on this. A lot of explaining for this frankly and I'm gonna go register to vote? I do that. I guess you do not. I haven't done it in so long. My browser than the circular registered a vote. If Tromp says something about this test: rip idea that all over him, we know hear anything about the test, rapes and
countries are using. It just gets ignored listen, there's something wrong. Just something wrong of Africa are right it, but I'm not going to fuck and vote for Joe Biden righted bike and they can drive a binding, could write a bike and it can drive a car for a block we're very impressed with him all right. I've got to go check on whether I need to evacuate or when cuz. As I said, the fire is approaching my house, and it doesn't make me happy- and I will talk to you later.
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