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Episode 1100 Scott Adams PART1: Cognitive Tests Biden Would Fail, How I Plan to Take Biden Out of the Race, TDS Cures, Brennan, and More

2020-08-22 | 🔗

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  • Drinking bleach HOAX
  • New fake news HOAX targeting Rush Limbaugh
  • The “Fine People” HOAX targets citizens for violence
  • MSNBC invited me to appear…it’s a trap!
  • Politifact…NO “Truth-O-Meter” for “Fine People” HOAX?
  • Biden’s GIGANTIC strategic mistake, “Fine People” HOAX

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Bump bump bump bump, but about fear about granting gather around it's time for coffee was caught atoms best part of the day every single time, and what do you need to have the best coffee was got Arabs? Will you gotta bring your good attitude. Of course you bring your sexy self you're wondering how do I know you're sexy? Oh, I know I know because you're here and you probably know because you are also quite smart. How do I know you're goin, Smart, it's because you here and you know that all you
It is cover. Mugger, glass integrity also stand against Egypt, a flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and jointly now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine day. The thing that makes everything better accept Joe Biden broken brain. It's called the simultaneous Heaven help us now go delightful. Sublime. I hope it was just as good for you. Well, I start with some fun to affix. First, you may have seen a clip in which an Jones over and see you then was saying of violence,
captain speech that paraphrasing, but he said that they were prepared to praise it. Even if it wasn't that good and everybody said a c c you're admitting that year, you're not you tried to present the truth now. First of all, very Jones is not one of sea events. News professionals- his is there to be a political voice, but I'll tell you what I like about Van Jones and is one of the things I like about tromp when Trump is BS, you always sordid, no it which makes it ok he's always be in everybody, all the time he's always and sales mode. If you will I mode, You just say: there's another one and you're: ok with it
it doesn't bother you because you're sort of an honesty because it comes with a wink. I know you do in weekly, it's only one. Somebody tries to sell the dishonesty as actually the truth that it gets on your skin, like that's just not the truth, but if you give me a wink, ok, I guess, so you were gone with us and when vengeance said we were willing to. You were ready to come out and say this was a good speech, even if it wasn't, but that he goes on to say what it was the greatest speech, Joe Biden ever given doable. Do you believe that he really thought it was Joe Biden does speech when he just wait. Tat you he literally just winked at you and told you that he would have no Tension of shading anyway than it was a great speech, and that is that he tells you as an extra great speech. I have to say I just
we should give it because it's now, I think anything. There's that there's a transparency there. They have to appreciate so give him good grades on that I was like me and Jones. Even if I disagree with him, some political stuff, I was a he's the real deal. So yesterday things yesterday, I was trying to do programme my most tedious, friend of mentioned before and the reason I use them as my example, Is that he's so smart? If you were really really smart And also
really well informed. This wouldn't be interesting. It's just that. You can't blame him for being dumber, just not following the news of something, because it's not that so you ve limited to tv S or I have it right or war, I'm crazy! Those, the two things you have left once you ve determined the people are smart and well in. Engine, them recently informed. Add one of their hoaxes that he believed is that Trump had suggested drinking disinfectants. Now you are that one right that the news widely reported the trump at least noodle other idea publicly of baby drinking disinfectants. That never happened. It's just fake news, but my friend believe that and as evidence he said, look it's right there on the video
You don't have to wonder if it happened. Just look at the video now here was the interesting part. Remember. My friend is logical, very committed to rational thought, which is are very committed to reason and data and rational thought, and I said you know I've watched that too, and it doesn't say that I had to go back and Can it again- and I have explained him- that if you didn't know that there was legitimately a light technology that their researchers were actively talking about at tat period, they were actively talking about it. It was a conversation that I tweeted about. I talked about and periscope about putting light. You rely to certain guide on events, later sticking yet inserting it into the body and their work, maybe shine that light on your trachea, possibly all the way to your lungs and then
food work. It was one of those, things add potential, because the light would kill virus, but it doesn't hurt cells, although by the way the ethic there was a warning today from the FDA saying that maybe that you re light is now so safe. So we we have new. Commissioner, since then by would back- and I looked at it- and I can see that he- the Trump introduced the topic by talking about light you being used externally and then he said, is there something you could do you like that? But then he used the word disinfectant, which The word that have been used by the researchers themselves light as a disinfectant exactly what it is, so use the word disinfectant once separate by a little bit of time, the time you specifically talking about light as a disinfected, so there its areas of all wait a minute is that a new topic.
You talked about lighters disinfectant and then he talked about just the word disinfectant and there was a little bit of time given by sea say that could be a new topic. Maybe he's talking about drink obliged, except that, if you listen how he bookends the topic, he make sure no, it was light. So he started with light, talked about things by used the word disinfectant by itself and that he closed that topic by making sure you knew it, about light now, once I pointed this out my friend and set about link to the actual article, the said there were testing this exact thing and the article is dated from that period, and I told him that so that my friend said here, but you can't tell me the Trump was air of this obscure little thing.
Which I said yeah again, because because there are enough people, they follow my twitter feed and I personally was tweeting about it and I promise I was doing periscopes on it and I do know that the Members of the White House do in fact watch my periscopes and do in fact retweet my tweets, in fact the presidency's retweeted me, several times so another. The White House watches this topic. And so how often do you get to tell your friend an argument when he says why would the president know about that How often do you ever get to to say later about it from me, which was sort of the best way in argument can ever go now. I don't know if you heard about it. For me, I just know is a real thing. I thought about it? I know they watch some members watch I know that what he was talking about was exactly that thing. If you know
the thing is another here and talk about it, it's obvious. That's what he's document, and so once convinced my highly rational friend, because now he saw it was real. He knew exactly where it could have come from me And he saw that it had been book ended by light. What do you think you did? Do you? things that he's done said, my goodness. I didn't realize I've been subject to a hoax. All this time. Do you think that I went up nope, believe it or not, though did, except that the president was talking about light as a distance. Acted K believe that I actually convinced a real living person. That's the information that they gathers. News was not true on a very important point that he had believed is true
and an based a good part of his opinion. Not have you ever seen that done try to think of one time. In my whole life, I've seen somebody go from. That's not a fact and I'm positive to others. The fact is very rare. So then did my friends say I guess you make your point Scot. I take back everything else and others it is clear now that you are completely right and me He even involved in the story. Did he say that here's what he said well, Scott, you said you called that fake and I were, I would say, there's nothing news, because fake news assumes that there is an intention to fail. Whereas this is obviously just the news. People maybe didn't know as much as you do or as you ve explain now as much as the president.
So maybe in the news was just incorrect. So that's not fake news. That would just be news: that's incorrect on a hot, from horrible way. Does it painted the president as telling people to drink bleach, which is exactly I was reported? Those words drink bleed nothin like that ever happened in the real world, but that's all was reported, mostly the Pandit, we're saying the drink bleach bar. So he changed into to the definition of what fake news is. Maybe that's as close as you can get. I. I think it was who said this that you ve noticed lotta people said that that the democratic convention didn't mention impeachment
that isn't that mind blowing there we spend all their time and impeachment even brought up, nor as Biden brought it up. As far as I can remember, can you up here seem vital in talk about impeachment as being a real thing, and you have to ask yourself what's up with that. Well, let me tell you what's up with that speculators now it could be that the Democrats have tested that approach, one resumes that they ve done pulling a knave. Maybe then focus groups that NATO That topic just doesn't work for them and that could be part of it. But part of the reason may be- and I teach you this all the time- it's it's a fact of persuasion the people's memories. This can merge. So you memory of one thing if it's in any way similar,
some other thing, they can start to conflate in your mind, and let me ask you this: if you were to ask the average citizen today, so not what was happening, but today, if you just stop somebody in the street democratic was a Democrat, and you say: do you remember impeachment what was it about what would they say what they say accurately? There was something about Ukraine and the perfect letter and something like that. What they alot of people were yes, they would feel you know what a lot of people would say. A lot of people would say that impeachment was about Russia collusion because they want they're. Their brain will not separate Ukraine from Russia, even though It is a law seem like one big ball of stuff
it will also seem like nonsense. Trot was not removed from office, so all they want to know is that Russia collusion was not only a gigantic fake operation to remove the president from office, which, maybe you don't want to mention. Your team was involved with so it didn't work but at the same time, Durham is actively investigating the very people who are behind the Russia Collusion Oaks. So I think the Democrats don't want you to be thinking about the Russia collusion Hoax and you would, if you thought about impeachment, because first they wanted to impeach about that, but they couldn't find anything that was purely russian. So what's as close as we can get to it,
a sure thing? Maybe Ukraine thing and then the public, probably just mergers at all, about the average person cannot sort out what was impeachment about Russia, Ukraine, whatever, but they might now that Durham talk to Brendan yesterday for eight hours and that there is at least one part of the investigation we know was falsified. You know they, the lawyer replied Psmith. Yes, his pledge guilty to falsifying Pfizer stuff. Carter, page investigation, now that alone, the worst abuses of your government power, I've ever seen,
but I can see why there would ignore the impeachment now, if you were a Democrat, ever came up to your mind, hey, why is the most important thing my party did last year or it's hard to believe it was actually this year seems like it was last year, but this year wisely, the thing my party spent the most time on their biggest criticism that are not mentioning now. Is it because it will Well, no! It's because I didn't go well, so that's got to give you a little less trust in your party. If your Democrat, A radio station in Cleveland fire. One other news, people for using a racially insensitive word now. What I, They I saw myself like others. How could anybody in twenty twenty
usually anywhere on the radio. Think that's gonna be ok. How can we use a word and not know they're gonna be fired immediately and indeed he was fired, immediately that I read the article on it wasn't the onward because, of course nobody would intentionally use that word on the radio. What he said was, I think it was twenty four twenties. It was a young guy and he said the camel Harris using his words, was the first colored first colored vice president candidate. Central candidate. Now he was immediately informed that that is a old, tiny, racially insensitive term and he was fired. Here's what black lives matter guess wrong like really wrong
the right is the right response to this from black lives matter should then you should immediately rehire that guy why he was twenty six, a baby. I'm being told that the comments
Why should blacklist matter immediately and publicly say when you went too far that guy's gonna get a job back? Why? Because there was no bad and tat. He was simply somebody you didn't have you didn't have whatever grounding were context to know that that would be in the sense of work. Now I've talked to you about the power of reciprocity right. What does it mean to the black community that there were more white people protesting for them? Then they were black people protesting, at least in some number of places. What what? What does that mean to the black? We believe that there are so many way, people who are taking their position as aggressively as possible. It probably means a lot because reciprocity, hey you, did
something for me and rescued nothing in return is really powerful. Now lack live man lives matter, one to be persuasive if they wanted to continue giving way people on their side to take them seriously about the things that you are, the serious things that need to be fixed. The best strategy for that would be reciprocity, recipe. Ask if you miss this easy low hanging fruit. You don't know anything about how to persuade, except maybe fear and violence, whatever. But this is low hanging fruit. If blacklist This won't happen, obviously, but however, the black community is. Everybody said this is too far. She's been informed that that's a word not to use is obviously was not used with any bad intent. Less draw the live here, let's, let's all of us,
get together. Why didn't black and decide that the little stuff is unimportant and less work on this big stuff? Now, if they did that, how much more support where they get for their one everything they want a lot. It's a big deal. It's not a small deal. It's a big big deal and the fact that this twenty six year old was thrown under the boss. Give me a bad feeling gives me a bad feeling about the black community, because I say to them and again, when you talk about a group of people your autumn adequately being not leaving so keep in mind. This is nothing about any individual and it's always risky to say anything about the average people of this group as a whole is doing this or that.
That's never completely fair, but the way of feels is that I'm watching tons of white people giving them giving in quite legitimately in quite all with a right interests to make the world a better place to help the people who would be the near the greatest help, and you can't give back this little thing. Such a small thing just just give this one. This one guy just give one impasse. Is I'm not ask because if you can't give that it's free is easy, it's obvious! You can give us that. How much do you want in return? How much work is? Should we put in to help again there's no individual? Who represents the group
but why should you give to a group of kicking me that much back? That's not asking a lot right because remember we all get the lesson if you didn't know their referring to some, in twenty twenty as colored? If you didn't know, that's offensive now, you do, Anybody can add. Are we all better, for it is an isn't the whole point to educate to improve that we become better. People were imperfect, but our work on it. Nobody is perfect, but look I'm honest, honestly workin on trying to do what I can isn't that what you want fairly, not. George Papadopoulos had some interesting points about the fact that Brennan was interviewed by Durham.
Now, the new says that Brennan there's not a target, is simply a person there. Talking too, for information relative to the whole Russia collusion, stuff and George Papadopoulos. Although him from if you following any of the russian collusion story, you know who he is he's got a new book out was near my care remember, but I invited him to be a guest on the periscope turkey vessel background. I haven't gotten history. I just asked before again, but maybe this week, if he says yes, we'll talk them yes for questions to be asked in Britain Number one ask about the Joseph pursued, oz rhetoric was returned his identity and handlers. So apparently, George pop up less thinks there's something with as Georgians
Masood guy? Then, if you don't download that you would find out some stuff number to ask about the UK and australian intelligence used against the campaign. Have you noticed the black hole on this topic, we're all watching this Russia collusion thing and the words Russia, Russia, Russia, are the words in the headlines. The ones we're talking about, but with our own eyes, were saying that this was a british operation is not maybe a british operation. Christopher steel was from the british intelligence and then this next question gets to it the other way, also from George Papa. Doubtless, why we're trumpet vices
constantly being invited to London to meet with agents. Why were they being invited to London to meet with agents because the british intelligence was in on somethin? Clearly, british intelligence was involved in the same info. Our elections and also australian intelligence? So do you think anybody will ask questions about that, while they might The questions, but I do know we'll ever your answers, because the answers by be something the public can't years and spoke to you anyway, but those are pretty good questions in a lady for thing that George Papa Lap says is: maybe they should s friend about line to Congress and I'm thinking are. We
This can ignore that that what's gonna happen, that Britain could lie the Congress. There won't be any doubt about it. There's no doubt because you see what he said. Do you can see was true. I will just ignore it was his act like it didn't happen. Ok, unless you think Brennan wasn't lying to Congress. So maybe our right, here's something that made me laugh yesterday when I realized it I'll give you a give you something reminds me of because I'm famous so my famous a little bit famous what everyone called
I often think about what will happen if I died doing something stupid and I feel, as if the moment before I was actually dead out, feel so done that I did something that could have got me killed and sure enough. It did and those those last moments before actually died. Instead of thinking it. Oh god, I'm gonna die than my actual thought. Would be how stupid can I be, and that would be my last breath and I swear this- is that in actual fact I have all the time and it example would be less say I thought to myself. You know I like to do that rock climbing thing where they don't have anything. They don't have any support ropes on what cycles
free free, climbing, there's something in the auto, have any skills for that and really might be a little too old for that kind of a sport, but I think I'm going to give it a shot, and then we are free, climbing up a cliff slip and, as falling back in space, I'm not thinking to myself my my wife is lacking before my eyes. I'm thinking to myself I'm so stupid for trying to be a free rage private. So with that in mind, this is all to make this next thing. Funnier. Imagine if you will now use Joe violence. Joe Biden technique close your eyes and imagine if you will it's the day after election day in Joe Biden has so decomposed by election day.
That is a landslide win for trunk and you wake up after the election you're a Democrat, and you realize that you would have had a better result running absolutely. Anybody else on the planet accept Joe Biden, why was eyes those two book and it's not just gonna hurt because you were wrong, he's not gonna hurt because you lost it's not gonna, hurt. Because tromp one and you got another four years- that it's not gonna, hurt because you'll have to learn tv or another places that you are sure Biden would win and he didn't it's gonna hurt, because you will know the day after the election? What's your kindness, respect is true. Already the Joe Biden
is the last person in the world. You should pick to be urgent champion. Did you scour the one billion people on earth- and your I'm the one that you picked to represent your brand to save the country. If not the entire world, Was the only guy who's passes expiration date? That was your choice. A slight me trying to be a free rock climber there, idea never sounded good. Let me be clear about this. The day after election, when you ve lost remember running Joe Biden as your champion wasn't never a good idea. I mean understand how it got. There was the oddities of as hell work and because he had the commission and the others one moderate, but there are lots of progressive and they they kind of game the system to people Isabel Word and there to take votes away from
birdy until the last minute, so obvious the game was rigged forbidden, but that's not gonna. Make you feel. Smarter for supporting when you did so I thought that I just laughed. I decided that the best way to summarize Joe Biden Let's say approach to campaigning is angry, squinting caring and it's better. If you put a dash between angriest windy and carry because that's all he's got he It gives you a scanty eyes gives you angry the meter. Let tell you how much he cares. I care. I care about this country to protect this country as well as a protected. My family. Ok, maybe that was the wrong thing to say. Apparently people
look into how well I protect my family, so angry squinting Karen. I think that just summarizes and internally So this morning, russian Limbaugh is getting the full fake news treatment there doing the same track that the faint news used to create the fine people hoax and drinking disinfectant hoaxes. There done the same way. Do you know how their done by cutting out the clarifying part of the quote? So if you see that The first part of a quarter of the first part of some statements. You might think that looks pretty bad, but if you saw the rest of the stable you say. Oh I get what you're saying you're not saying that bad thing, you're putting in a different context, that's fine!
So that's how the hoaxes are created, they show the part is true and they leave out the other partners through their Woodruff reversed as meaning. So they did that russian limber today and. So what really rational and were really said before, I tell you how they took Amanda Context. Was that he was comparing the bite in. A before will say empathy maybe or relating to him because he had lost family members and a rush said there were supposed to feel sorry for Biden, because his wife and child died, but then the part they cut out, which is the clarifying part. They don't show that in the headline they bury that in the subtitle where they bury it in the text is the fact that, but were why can't we show the same sympathy for the president who just lost.
Brother just lost in is brand new. The president is literally still grieving, but we don't count that, like that, doesn't count He doesn't get any of our. You are a good thoughts, for he is, So if you see the contacts he's just making a hypocrisy, why don't we treat them the same kind of a situation which would be perfectly legitimate? It's a reasonable political comment to say that one person's tragedy is being highlighted and other ones as being mock, literally marked the presence brother dying.
Was the subject of mockery literally and is a fair to point that out those being treated differently. Now it's the most common thing in in news banditry is to point out. The policy is not very persuasive, but it's, it's always part of the general texture of this stuff so region. So if you look at the the tweets, the tweets will say. The first part supposed to feel sorry for binding because he lost his wife and children and then they leave out the part where he personally context, which would not have bothered you.
Ninety percent of the people who see the tweet or the headline will never read the story because it's one of those stories where you think the headline is story. Don't you see quite often sorry, I gotta to get rid of the here bumpo goodbye. I tweeted after by the speech that binds darkened devices, speech, filled with anger and lies as a national embarrassment now part of the funds. That tweet is that I want to show you that there are some words that can be applied to anybody, so I took words. There normally apply to try
by his critics. I simply just use the same kind of words and apply them to buy them, and you can see that they fed. So if you think that these words say something about the candidate, you be wrong, because if you have words that fit every candidate you're, not saying anything, listen to this. This could literally shed any risk. Again every Democrat? They gave a speech, they say some good things and bad things about the country and that you as the critic coming later and say it was a dark devices speech filled with anger and lies as a national embarrassment. Couldn't you make their fit for just about any candidate, giving any speech? Yes, so I made a shit too. By, and you can see that when they make these same words said the President: do they fed
well, in their view, the world. Yes, but if you don't understand that these same words would fit every candidate for every speech with young some exceptions there being probably some candidate who says nothing, but you unicorns and rainbow both on common generally, a politician is going to complain about what's wrong. We're saying why they're the ones that can fixes as long as you ve got that complaining about what's wrong can always say it's dark and divisive fits every time. Here's another funny thing that I thought about last night, so Some of you saw my rant about the fine people hoax and made quite a bit of news, because there were lots of other people were making similar comments and amplifying each other so issued about one of the biggest things they trended on Twitter yesterday, the fine people hoax
did you ever see that in twitter trending, fine people hoax has that ever trend it? There is often a lot of talk about it. Nope now maybe Navy it. Mr soya. I will allow that I could have missed it, but think somebody would pointed that out to me is usually, if there's anything of that, much interest to me and people know it people dear me, and they treated. Having did you see this thing? what he has ever said to be Scott good job. It looks like you got that fine people hoax trending, because I don't think he dreaded I'll- think you did despite all the people talking about one of the biggest stories didn't trend it. How about that? So here's the funny thought I had and see
She would agree with us. I treated this. I said by now. Thousands of news people have double checked the fine people transcript now, because there were there were lots of people supporting the president pushing back and vitamins claim about this people oaks. Clearly you would expect that all the news, people who believed it was true- we're just go back to double check that they were right because often people treated the transcript, so they wouldn't have to do any work. They will just have to be following any these accounts. They were continuously between the transcript and maybe maybe some of those reporters and journalists and news people. Maybe they took a minute to actually. And remind themselves what actually happened that day or to watch the videos that people were tweeting and if they did how them, certainly not all of them.
How many of the hundreds, if not thousands, of news people who went in double check that story, How many of them had an oh shit more moment now? I think the ocean moment is just about that being a hoax, because that's where hundreds of them would have realized they would read. It knows that every time I see this clip they leave out the second part or Trump says indirect language. Just subtle be no confusion, I'm not talking about the white Nationalists and the NEO Nazis They should be condemned completely his exact words. Now, if you leave those out, you could easily be confused by what you said before. But because he knew that at the time that it wasn't as clear as could be, he put those words and, without being,
he simply realise that could be taken ambiguously. So we clarified as clearly as you can't know, I'm not talking about the martyrs. I'm talking about people were there just about the statute. I don't know whether or not there were people there about. The statue were fine people or not. The president clarified his assumption worst case scenario. He didn't have current information about lieutenant. That's it that's the worst it could be. Is that he didn't know exactly who attended. Do you know who else didn't know exactly who attended the entire news news media,
Nobody knows who attended that is completely unknown. I know who attended, because I actually did reporting on. I actually talk to people who attended and said: do you support the racists? Are you four against the statues? Why would you come to an event that is so clearly organised by your way supremacists? Why would you be here if you're not one of them, and they have good reasons, for example, some where local it was walking distance? They wanted the statues to stay, they weren't with anybody. They were just walking distance, it was their city, it was their park and so there was no. There is nothing to stop them from walking there, so they thought they had walked over. There take a look, maybe voice their opinion about keeping statues and ask them. What will do you agree with the racist, maybe they'll? Now I'm not a racist. I don't agree with a racist. I just.
Near by I heard there was gonna, be a thing about the statues. I didn't see the posters it was in the news. My friends told me: there was a thing about the statue. Was anybody who told me I couldn't go? Did somebody say all we know this is only for the waste supremacists you're not allowed to go you're not allowed to walk two blocks in this direction to see anti far and wide supremacists getting into fight. I've told you this before. If I ever hear the anti fraud and waste the premises are going to have a protest and account of protest in my town, I would walk five miles to watch that stuff, because I would like watching them meet each other up where you sincerely targeted, watch a fight while hoping for everybody to lose a very rare thing,
so there were real people there. One of the people I talk to you was jewish jewish heritage. Our notice practice was but jewish heritage. Do you think a guy with jewish heritage went to the these Charlottesville event and he was in favour keeping their statutes for historical reasons or free speech reasons. We reasons risen. You obviously disavowed the race does a racist, we're saying things about him? He was other people that the races were against by users there for his own reasons, and he knew that some rough people had organized it, but he said: to himself quite reasonably. Am I not allowed to go? Stop
texting me when you know I'm on periscope. So anyway, the the press did not talk anybody, but I did. And so I have some idea: what happened there now Many people are waking up to this thought. Oh well, this was a hoax all the time because they looked at the transcript realized it was out, but that's not the fund bar. Somebody says. I know he was a Jew. He told me, dear dear, think, I'd do you think I test is dna or something now he told me now, if you're so being that you lied to me, I suppose anything is possible. Might. I talked to several people who were also representing several other people that they went with an such the people. I talk to you.
Aware of or went with life, maybe twenty or so people that I'm pretty reasonably sure at the characteristic of fine people and they were not raises although I disagree with them on statues on anti statue. So so here's the the ocean- The ownership moment is not the point where a Democrat realises that the fine people hoax is a hoax. That's the first part of the oh shit. Do you not? The second part is. Because until until recently, it was just. This nagging thing about them about the president. There was a persistent hoax live that sort of all it was. It was bad, but it was that's what it was But recently bite and maybe the centrepiece for his campaign
what would happen to violence campaign if the very centrepiece the thing he built, his entire campaign on, which is the fine people oaks and by the says it pretty directly. This isn't there's not much interpretation and put in on this at all biden- features it ass his primary story of why the President needs to be replaced. It's the central theme of his campaign and here's the problem, one. If it's not true- and it is not true. But what about all the people who said well by this got a pretty good thing there, and then they looked at the transcript and realized. Oh shit, oh shit! This isn't just about debunking the hawks anymore. This is biting entire campaign and is based on something which is objectively.
Easily debunked, you don't even have to wonder you just read the transcript. That's right there in plain words, have a look at it, and then you will realise that the hopes works by cutting off the second half the clarifies what the present meant when he said he condemned totally the NEO Nazis and white nationals. So imagine if you're, the democratic youve awaken to the idea that your candidate has built a foundation on something that is easily debunked and it's worse than that is not just an ordinary bad thing. It's something that created gigantic division in this country, because it supports all the other hoax allegations. If you think what I think of it. This way, if you had heard five allegations about somebody doesn't matter who you talking about here, five allegation
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