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Episode 1101 Scott Adams: BBC Debunks the Joe Biden Race HOAX, Free Markets Can Solve Portland, Trump’s Sister, FDA Corruption

2020-08-23 | 🔗

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  • The Post Office HOAX
  • College tuition SCAM
  • President Trump calls out FDA for corruption
  • Portland “fight club” vacation tour packages
  • The “fine people” HOAX FUNNEL
  • President Trump’s principles

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Bump bump bump funpunk everybody come on it's time for coffee was got out, was the best part of your whole day. I'm talking about the entire twenty four hours yeah. This is it passport? Now, I'm not saying the rest your day will be all downhill. I'm just saying this is the best park. It might get the rest of the no to a higher average than it would have been in all you need to purchase all you need. What copper, mugger glass tanker Jealous Stein, candy Jogger flask a vessel of any kind fill it with
I favour a liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the dove mean her the day. The thing they make everything better. It's called the simultaneous happens now go. I can feel a news. European civic coming online, the seems to be effective against chrome virus. That's what I feel and all because of the simultaneous up, don't think they're stuff happens, Oh, I was given to the news, as you know, the investing asian Russia collusion stuff and how that all started they interview this up in a few days ago, the interviewed Brennan
and Brandon was not a target, so they were not talking to him as a target of the investigation. However, smart people have terrified, the following: there's a reason: you save some people for last night. There is this the reason you save some people in an investigation The reason you save them for last is that you're trying to trap them into line because you found out all the truth from all the other people you ve talked to so if there's somebody the EU decided should be last there, You have decided that there in the town
zone, shall we say, but not technically a target, because in order to be a target, you'd have to have some evidence against him, but the the interview with Brennan the whole point of it was to get evidence against him apparently or to find out. If there was none. I suppose if you wanna take the positive view of it so watch for the level clever, weasel words around John Bruton. Can he might be in trouble if he said there was conflicting with what they knew to be true, but we don't know that so wait. Here's a question. I've had for the faint news. I have to admit
I've had a real problem, getting interested in the post office scandal or lack of scandal. Whenever this- and there is this that I mentioned this before my father- worked for the Post office for thirty years and whatever was add, I've heard somebody post office stories in my life I dont have room in. Brain for another post office story. But for the better in the public eye cleared a little space. I forgot a few things happen. Fourth grade just make make room for some more memories of, post office- and I immediately came to this question. I've been watching the news and trying to see how long it would take for the news to inform me about the most obvious question, the one they should be
top your mind, the only one that matters really, which is. Why do we think that having fewer postal services, let's say whether it be postponed boxes and abandon been or removing the sorting devices, which has also been debunk, none of that was came about recently those wrong long planned activities because there is less mail in general, but is it Why is it that turn out already helps that way? as if that low turn out, which is why you might get if you are intentionally trying to degrade the post office. So the voting by male wasn't so good. The first of all that the first part of that that if the the mail services not depend that will only affect Democrats,
so, as I understand the argument from the Democrats that if the male doesn't look dependable and that's one of, if not the only when a may, to vote in your area that you won't vote, if here things. The male is not completely dependable. Even though voting would certainly help No matter what, because at least there's a chance, if would get delivered, even if there were massive male fraud, even if that were true, isn't there still ninety eight percent chance your vote gets. Your vote is counted cause massive. You imagine. If there was a two percent fraud,
Does he really possible gigantic number, but there's still a ninety eight percent chance? Your vote gets counted worst case and the you're telling me the Democrats would look at their situation. Say you now, I was gonna vote. I was totally gonna vote, but I see I see then there's a two percent. She isn't might not go through or knock your counted on time. I guess I won't vote, but the Republicans weirdly weirdly they're, watching the same news. They may be watching indifferent network but the news is telling them also, that's my. You some risk that their male devote wouldn't get counted. For reasons that are not explained by the fake news. The Republicans have a different opinion of it Ninety eight percent chance it'll be counted if it gets counted. That's good for me. Why wouldn't novo
there's a ninety eight percent chance that helps you do something that ninety eight percent piazza helps. Well, apparently the thinking I still want to swear, but if I don't give you warning to it- and I think it's fair, even though I do sometimes trying to cut down but the the belief is, the Democrats are so stupid and this is their own opinion. By the way this is, my extra rule be critical opinion move Democrats and describing their own opinion of their own group if there is only a ninety, eight percent chance that something will make the world better in there in their opinion, vote for Joe Biden in their view would mean the world better if they only have a ninety eight percent chance, the filling out a form dropping it in their own mailbox, which you can do. Is the mill
from your own mailbox mailbox. Not if you don't and thinking Are they calling their own people really stupid I dont know how to interpret it. If the Republic It's like a ninety percent. Chance of something good is good enough to act, and the Democrats think a ninety eight percent. Chance of a good outcome is not enough to act. On some average level, you know, doesn't affect every person of course, but in some average isn't that Democrat calling their own voters incredibly numb its. Almost as if Democrats don't know how to do risk management, oh wait, they don't consistently. It doesn't matter what topic here
Democrats seemed to have the same blind spot, the permeates the entire party, which is they can see- let's say the cost of something but not the benefit, or they can see the benefit of something, but they can't see the cost, so they don't seem to be able to do the most basic risk management or even cost benefit calculation and you you don't see it any more clearly than in this mailbox thing that there? one party believes that ninety eight percent chance of something working will not motivate their own base. How do you explain that other than that they think they are stupid? I mean seriously. How do you explain it without saying the Democrats believe their own people are too stupid to know a ninety percent chances, Something being good, isn't good enough to try.
I explained that, what's the alternative other explanation for this. Other dear times, others story they may have to eat it. I was going to that may be it in that said that even the experts say is not clear you have voting by mail, even if there were some problem with it, meaning that people thought there was it wasn't easy or something. The dear Times's is not clear who that would help, because it used to be that the report, add the more educated people there were more likely to vote by mail, but now that group seems to have migrated to the Democrats, blah blah blah, but but they didn't mention that there seem to be more seniors among the Republicans who vote for Trump. I think that's true,
And so seniors would presumably be a little more comfortable with mailing something because they grew up their whole life mailing, something, but let the levy put Lenny inject a thought to you that might make you you ready. Would you agree the Democrats skew younger? I think you re right more more twentysomethings or Democrat, I think by far I'm not positive the ratio, but I think it is unbalanced that the young people, who mostly democratic now, how many people under let's say the age of twenty five- and this is going to make you laugh- have ever mailed anything.
Think about it? Just like other people, you know personally theirs they give everybody you know between. Eighteen is only gateway. Eighteen and twenty five. How many people do you know under twenty five who have ever ever put a stamp on something if it needed a stamp and now can you think of anything? The young people literally dont know. However, I would think that Trump would be all over this vote by male, because a big chunk of the devil. A base is gonna, say. Male southern. Do I need to buy a step or do I need but like to address like one big one and one by one houses as this thing work,
we have an app for that preserve their smart. I'm not saying that the other, not smart enough to figures stuff out, but your comfort was something will definitely d been, will definitely determined with you do more of it, and I would thank young people the uncomfortable with mailing, just because they don't do it colleges Have completely exposed themselves and I don't think there's any going back, because a number of them are doing this balance, which thing where they say, hey adds. If you give us cheerful tuition, Will probably almost certainly have classes in person, which is why you think you're paying for? But you know something comes up if you, if you students, don't follow the rules and socially distance, we might have to send you home, no, you do online learning and will keep your tuition now
What are the odds that there is any college anywhere? There will be able to keep its students from having parties kind of zero candles zero, because in college they're gonna parties they're not going to wear masks. And they're going to spread the crowd of ours, so the college gets to say. Well, you know we did everything we could, but you, u Darn students party too hard. Now the promoter of herbs and spreading you gonna have to go home and just I ask the same same now: you're gonna, Bailey Way or or don't get a college degree of you. So I feel like the last bit of credibility. The college systems is being drained element, and certainly this creates, I think, its prey. A market opportunity for every alternative form of education that you couldn't have foreseen because as long as colleges were still, as they say,
positive, looking in our minds as long as that was like the goal that if you could afford it, and if you take it in you, go to college as long as we were all oriented toward that. That being the thing we all wanted for for the kids, that is, it was hard to create a market for an alternative, but now that the credibility of colleges just been demolished, suddenly the opportunity for alternatives, alternative education, pops up, so you may see the remarkably fixing that that would be the ultimate amazingly trump called out his own FDA for corruption? I think yesterday- and this is the coolest things I've ever seen in government, you know if he asked when people say: how can you possibly support the orange man whose bad I always look first
play this? Can you think of any other sitting president who would accuses own FDA of corruption in a tweet, Now I'm using the word corruption, but let me read between New, can replace it with the word, if you think, there's a word that says better. So the trump actually tweeted this the deep state or whoever over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people to get people in order to test the vaccine. Turbulence, in other words, to get volunteers to test and trunk goes on. Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November. Third must focus. On speed and saving lives and the he at the head of the FDA.
I think you he's literally accusing the FDA of killing tens of thousands Americans to wreck the election. The release change the results of the election now before the President of the United States decided to throw his own after under the under the boss. Do you think he you have enough information to do that, while as possible here you'd want to hear what the FDA side of the story is. Is it possible that this The little bare hyperbole that wouldn't be unusual, is it possible that the president has just use it as a sort of a political talking point, and maybe there's not much of a problem at the FDA, maybe maybe the FDA. Being conservative is exactly what you want them to be because you don't want them approving thing
it would be dangerous, you'd want them to sort of air on the side of caution right when you want that, so I believe the FDA probably has an argument, but pilot move with our present, I've been mentioning now for some time the latter the lack of ability to use these cheap at home over the counter terrorist groups. That apparently are easy to produce and do not require any kind of expensive machine to read the results you disorder look at. It takes a few minutes and you don't have to set it anywhere. You just do the home, my costume twenty five cents protest could cause you a dollar protest, but basically you could make a gazillion of them and everybody could test like crazy. Now they won't catch the first day or so of infection, but
Nothing else will either because by the time you send away to a test to one of these other kinds of tests spend several days and you ve already infected half the world, and so, if you can simply find people who have a serious infection already is even more than the day get rid of all those people and by get rid of a mummy quarantine. Not even if you could just I know right away if you ve had it More than a day, you pretty much get rid of the virus, and maybe three weeks basically, and if it popped up, you can smack down in probably wick as loans. Everybody had access to these cheap strips, especially where there might be hospitals so.
I've said a number of times that if the FDA has a reason that those can be approved- and I think part of the restriction is the fda- has a reporting requirement that anybody you test positive or maybe more than that they have to report government, whereas these tests troops, if he did it a home people, would not be reporting to the government and therefore there might be some reporting deficiency there. But that's not really much of reason. So here's my take the FDA, failing to say yes or no on these tests. Groups is such a gigantic red flag for corrupt. So you can't really ignored it anymore. If you see your as my colleague Zone FDA, for something.
Looks at least political, possibly, incompetent, maybe fully corrupt, because you know the pharmaceutical companies are the ones who will hire these FDA people after their done with the FDA. Right that's how it works. They don't want anybody to be mad before they get their big job over, but on I believe that the fact that they won't give us a yes or no, I'd be happy with no, if the FDA said. A lot of people. S view smelt these cheap over the counter Strip papers. Protests We just want you to know that there are some risk here. That we're looking into we'll get you an answer in a couple weeks. If I hear that I'd say you're on top of it, that's that's exactly what I want my after to do. I don't want them just route approve it. Does the social media says we should few experts on social media say it's a good thing. You don't want the FDA images bend lap right.
You want to look into. It says they they looked into it. And there are reasons, listen to those reasons. Probably guns They say, give us two more weeks. We really need to understand this I'll, say very good very good afternoon. I wish you worse. I wish it were faster, but two weeks perfectly reasonable under the situation at say. That's that's enough. The aim is doing his job. If they were to approve it, they say we look into the risk reward this was good. This is an unusual situation, so we're gonna break some rules and we re just going to prove that and then I'll say, FDA good job. Good job looks like you made the right decision, so I can see at least three situations in which your after would demonstrate that they are a credible, useful organization.
Without corruption of the type that do you notice anyway, but they didn't do any of those three things. As far as I know, I believe they have chosen the fourth path, which is to not comment. Now, if they're not commenting on the most important thing, we can do as far as we can tell without full confirmation, that's gotta be corruption, and, if its not correct, they could just tell us what the delay is. We don't have to assume corruption if they could just tell us what it is just informant. So without that information, I think you have to say that the FDA is no longer on your side in the way that you would like them to be. You have to assume corruption, and I would assume that Trump is right about something fishy going over there now
I'm not saying they have to approve the test ribs they just have to communicate. It's a very low bar, just communicate, Where are you on this question because it is a very very, is even task, Do you think there are unaware that the public only some part of it? The informed bar, is asking about it? Oh, they now of course, lay now there's no chance. They don't know about the top. There is something go now. Likewise, Some of you by remembered before I was talking about politics a lot back in The Obama is Ro Bomber, reversed and self his opinion about dispensaries, marijuana, dispensaries and California and decided that you can put it narrow, wanted dispensary guy in jail for ten years and he'd reversed himself from his initial campaigning. When he said
The federal government isn't gonna get into it and then he reversed himself only decided not only to get into it but to jail people from my state. Who had a reasonable reason to believe they can start? A business was ok with the government because the presidency was a miracle after and that he did exactly like that. I said this if he gives us a reason, all listen to it not agree with it. But I'm gonna, listen! Tourism. If Obama doesn't give you a reason. For this radical change, an opinion that is actually going to send somebody to jail for in the United States, you have to assume that the Obama is corrupt you have to assume these been bought off or bribed or coerced by something, that's not the benefit of the people.
He has never explained that reversal, never by the way, if you wanna fact check that, if you did Mr Lamy. Now, but as far as I know, you never explained- and there and the other reason other. Then somebody got to There was in their money on the line and is something political job after the presidency. There was something on the line, and he wasn't telling us the fact that even tell us, I said, was grounds for impeachment. Not its opinion on it. That's not grounds for impeachment the fact that he wouldn't tell us why he reversed it. And that reversing wasn't trivial. It was immense somebody going to jail for ten years in my state, my state, he was gonna, put somebody in jail for ten years, because he beaten wisdom.
That's abridgment and all, and by the way I do say why reason I changed my mind. I was thinking this now, I'm thinking that it wants to take in March, and I would say ok, I just disagree with you. That's not a patient. But this after a thing is just like that. You gotta do is tell us. You gotta tell us what you're thinking Otherwise you have to assume that the FDA is corrupt and I'm in a seriously a serious way, corrupt to the point of killing tens of thousands of Americans who didn't need to die, probably for money, Probably for money now, that's that has to be your working assumption, given the evidence, and today your president called them now, that's not proof right, because the president's failed in fact checking before Stop roof but the fact that they don't mention these test trips.
Wonder they go the more you have to assume its just dropped. About Portland, join watching the highlight clips from the big game last night in Portland. Their featured a number of the right, leaning people the proud boys, somebody called trumps troops and who knows what was their showed up to do a pro police thing, which of course attracted all the anti five anarchists and, of course it turned into a little bit of street fighting and most of those play acting with pepper, spreading and shields and stuff, but there were some good highlights, a hundred pounds, empty farmers and trying to punch wanted the proud boys. Now, let me ask you what he is
happens when somebody ways a hundred pounds punches one of the proud boys. Now, if you ve seen the proud boys, there are no small individuals care, pretty vinegar, really big, knocking to promote them or side with them. I don't know exactly what they believe in Sun up pro proud boys or pro anybody else. I don't know exactly with their. What their deal is. An appropriate I just done with their deal is exactly, and I know that has been missed report the proud boys, especially so I don't know what's going on, but watching the video because the hundred pound anti far anarchist punch, one is the punch one of the year, the proud boys, I think they were proud voice at the guy who was getting punched, basically just waves away. The punch like us is like this credible punch and the first gauges
It is in a way it just like you just wait the guy's our boy basically, but there was as three hundred pounder proud boy who happened to be looking over his shoulder, and he saw the hundred pound guy, throw throw a punch at his body, and the three hundred pound back just turns around and punches skyful force in the face, and I think to myself and then and there's a phoney bar. The proud boys were away outnumbered, probably five to one in two or more in terms of numbers. This proud boy just punches. The sky, in the face so hard, I've never seen a punch thou hard. I mean you put all three hundred pounds behind it and it didn't start a bigger fight. That was the funny part because you think if I happen to be like you'd be on if you like your full full
brawl book, but they watch this guy just take out their friend, and I thank you, I think that one guy could have taken all of them, because he would you This has to punch each of them once in the face, and that's the end of that part of the fight- and I was I was kind of hoping for some kind of a jack you can kind of you know, enter the dragon situation. Finally, where we're all of them would attack this one guy and it would have been a great video, so appalled that treating this violence as a sport be welcome, you're welcome to your being upheld, but it is, sport has evolved into a sport. There are two teams
they wear uniforms. They are trying to control territory there trying to score points you in terms of the public in terms of politically and the poor. Its actors, the referees, but they only whistled a really serious stuff, so that here there not looking from the little fowls are looking for the big stuff. And everybody there volunteered. All the combatants were there because they wanted to, and this may be. I wonder: how long will it be before the free market fixes the situation because now,
you ve all from law enforcement situation into a sporting event in which the law enforcement doesn't want to get too deeply involved in other local, a foul and all you do little stuff, but basically no longer about the police. As long as these right, where you come in, I thought somebody's gonna come up with a vacation package called fight club, It will be specifically aimed at people who just like fighting, because for everybody who doesn't want to fight every every ten people who would not want to get in a fight, no matter what you know, somebody that for every ten workin, poorly peaceful and they won't even punch back a few points in the first. There is at least one person like Safari. I mean you know that right, you know people in your life, they prefer the fight.
If the police are going to allow, the fighting is effectively legal once the free market senses and opportunity that is both legal and under served, you would expect they might pop up, I would not be surprised to see some kind of tour packages in which right wing people are maybe given little training given around shields and helmets and stuff, maybe a little mace little club, baseball, bat or something and you just by a package and you get on the bus, so you're with lots of other we're not alone, and you just get enough people that you have. Numbers, so badly outnumber and he just got their fight and maybe not because you want to change the political events. Maybe you just like it now. By analogy people go and Safaris happens all the time people go
safari. Is they hunt big game, big game that wasn't bothering them? Do the people will go and Safaris do it, because they they hate big animals, no, no, I dont understand, wasn't ahead of everybody would do, became hunting. It's not my thing, but you can see the people like to go her stuff. They liked her big animals. They might like to get in a fight. There's gotta be a big market for people with just one but their invite, and in that way the free market would eventually solves the problem, because the more people will go. There are justified. Eventually, if that crowd grows big enough, and I would say that the number will need to be about one third of the anti far people is an issue that the people came there to fight, assuming that their big people does that's who goes to fight people. Another can
I think about one third. Their size would be enough to clear up all of anti far or to make it a lot less one. The BBC World BBC World is the same as they got a lotta BBC's over And not what you're thinking, but he d be see. Let's call it the British Broadcasting Corporation, they fact checked the fine people hoax, the Joe Biden did, it is peace and they showed the transcript specifically the part where the president says Yeah he's not talking about the NEO Nazis, so even the BBC has now fact checked as false. If you keeping track the polluter fact,
did not give a rating but debunked it by showing the transcript. So political fact has factors is false, they don't say out, but they factors is false wikipedia unless it's been up. In fact, it is false. The BBC, as factors falls. Bright bar as factors falls at least some components? A Fox news Gregor felt in particular, as fact checked it as false, but people are still cling onto it. Is our fake news is pretty darn effective and here's? The thing that I tweeted, just before I got under a pole, found that half of his Spanish were in favour of keeping confederate statues. Have half of his panic? Americans were in favour of keeping confederate statues. Likewise,.
Something like twenty seven percent of black Americans were in favour of keeping confederate statues the people who find out that the fine people hoax has been devised, meaning that the President said I'm not talking about those NEO Nazis and White nationalist. They retreat down what I call the hawks funnel to this. They say: ok, ok, maybe that's true! He did did he did call the now specifically, but what about all those other people. Who were marching with them. You can't march with them and still be a good person. To which I say I totally agree. I'd always who disagree that if somebody was marching with the NEO Nazis, obviously ITALY there with them supporting them, it doesn't mean that they necessarily pay due to be a NEO nazi,
It doesn't really identify themselves as waste promises necessarily. But I would agree fully the if they were. Archie with them. They'd be bad people, they be bad people. Not find people at all, however, there is reporting that any of the people that tromp was referring to the so called find people were marching. They were just there and I, of course, have interviewed some people. As I told you, so I know that there were lots of just knowing around some small part of them were martyrs. They got away engine, but mostly young people, that you didn't know who was with him? It was just lots of people. Some of them were for the town from the town. They just walked over to find out what was going on lots of different people from let's have it reasons- and I would say to those Say yeah, but nobody is a fine person if they, if they support a confederate statues, because
pictures or racist, to which I say Biden has no called half of Hispanics shitty people. There's no other way to interpret it because of half Hispanics or in favour of keeping the confederate statues and Joe Biden says you can't be a fine person and the less as this You can't be a fine person. If you are on their side. He is basically called fifty percent of hispanic Americans, not fine people, as well as twenty percent of african Americans who support the statutes So Joe Biden, please explain why you think that a spanish and black people, twenty percent black people and half of the Spanish are surely people. I think you have to explain that the President says they're, not the president says they're fine people, Joe Biden, says they're not effectively by by info,
So he's got explain that president ass, if what he, what he's calling a big announcement on therapeutics today goddamn, wanna hear that now. What do you expect is gonna commander that. If the president is said, there's a big announcement, presumably good news on the therapeutics. What do you think is the likely outcome of this number one that therapeutic is probably going to be a form of product? Do you agree it's going to be a form of product, meaning that there's somebody is going to make a lot of money, probably There's a study and Hydroxyl Chloric Queen, then it works or some easily available drug and it works.
I'm gonna, be a part of you surprised I think is going to be something expensive. So that's the first and second thing is: what is the anti Trump press gonna do? Is the science says it works? What are they gonna? Do? I think that is to say the science as it doesnt work. What else could they do because they have said that the present you can't get this done, that the world is falling apart. Only Joe Biden can save us what, if what, if this firm this therapeutic actually is the big deal, somebody says probably vitamin d think so vitamin d is too inexpensive. Something tells me
I don't think it's gonna be rammed elzevir, because what I feel like we know, we think we know that, and I dont think that would be worthy of an announcement. It's gotta be something that may be wasn't on your radar. I don't know exactly what is both watch watched the problem it causes with the mainstream press when they dont know how to say it will kill you. If it doesn't, it's gonna be epic, if that's what it is now the other possibility. Is this not such a big deal, the president Lex attention so he's making it a big deal, but maybe it's not a big deal. Oh, I know, but I also love that there's no leak, Have you ever noticed that there's no leak. Why is there no league about what this announcement Scooby? Have you ever heard of
When was the last time we had something like this, where there's a big announcement, the country cares and it's not already leak. How often does happen not tomorrow, so yeah, I don't think it's I drugs of working. That would be the ultimate simulation great script. If it were, that would assume Thurston some trial that we don't know about their when. Well, I don't think this can be the case. A way we'll find him about that.
And let me say this about that. Why others also a story about trumps sister she's in areas and she was recorded secretly by trumps knees. Mary sets a merry. Tromp is not looking good. If you're secretly recording your relatives Heath, Some explaining to do, but apparently the the sister of John said that a set of Donald Trump that he has called no principles, and you can't trust him now does arrange her you does it ring true, there's no principles. You can't trust him because I think to myself I feel like I know his principles, though you so here a few that seems obvious to me. Does the president, like the constitution,.
We are at a principle, I think that being the constitution is principle that plane by the same rules, all play by the same rules as a principal. How about America or patriotism. Does the presidency have that as a principle ass very much so. I have not a principle and either in the always has nobody has suggested that the trumps love of Amerika the flag, the symbolism, the country, even his critics, have not adjusted the he only suddenly became patriotic. He a long history of Pro America that so clear that not a principle in this particular. How about the sanctity of life? Now I dont way in on this opinion. So you not looking my opinion in this
the president said that the safety of life is important in this life at least and he's antiabortion. How does that not a house that not a principle right? How can you possible say: that's not a principle about the principle of free markets and competition and trying hard to win and fighting hard to win and never quitting are those principles, whether character principles there. Somewhere. So my way of interpreting what trumps sister said. First of all, don't believe disgruntled employees and family members who haven't beef can really get credibility from any of them, So that's that's the first thing, but here's how I see the trump.
I see- doesn't- have artificial limits, meaning that unless something is illegal were impossible, is on the table. He says this all the time. Are you considering a nuclear strike? Never take it off the table right. Are you going to question the result of the election will wait to see what happens always keeps his options open. So do you want the person who closes their options? they got some kind of principles. That's exactly why dont! While for president, I don't the one who says there's nothing we can do because we have this principle. Here's a principle. Don't talk to dictators, what what would approve? What would president drums result with North Korea Ban if he had followed this little stupid principle that we don't talk two decades,
They want to go on well, but wherever North Korea's going, you would have to admit the temperature is down and were far less risk of any kind of war with North Korea is way less because the president violated that little principle, because he just didn't recognize a less important and it was so you want the person who will do the thing that other people won't do. Let's say dealing with dictators in, say China or Russia must stay China's my example, wouldn't you say, then principle would be you're either you're going to deal with them. Or you can completely shun them when that be the principal like? Ok, this country in this leader is bad, so we're just not going to deal with that view principle or there off the imperfect, so we're going to deal with them and put up with the imperfection shop
picks neither those trump says I'm going. Respect the leaders can be nice as possible. I'm gonna try to get a good deal once I've determine the tat can happen, then we decouple That's what I want I want the one who says: there's no artificial principle holding me back. I do Have these beliefs in America, the constitution, sanctity of life, let's not have unnecessary worse, is that good enough for me? Yes, yes, that's good enough for me. That's as principled as I want any present president I But why him over principle that person doesn't have options. I want the present have options, then how about that? You can't trust him well. You can make up your own mind about you. He has or has not done whether you could trust him
But wouldn't you say that one of the outcomes of this is that you also can't predicted doesn't the president a whole that, as one of his superpowers he does, he says it explicitly that the fact that he is unpredictable gives and advantages, and it does so the fact the he has a set of principles that are not the same as somebody else, because his is your constitution. America, competition, fight hard. When you know the sanctity of life respect the flag police are important military. The important you know, that's a lot of principles. The fact, he doesn't have the ones I hold you back and limit your limit. Your now only limit your options but limit you're unpredictability. I've said that there's no such thing as a perfect or or or even a good precedent. There's no such thing is:
good president. There are only president's who- and sometimes it's just lock are well suited for the tasks they happened to come up during this. I wanted a president who could deal with with China, but I got it I wanted a president who could talk up the economy and make sure that even even the unemployed have the best chance of getting a job. Done wondered president who wouldn't get us into a war for somebody else's profit done now. After those things are completed after ices has been completed no, why President Trump was able to defeat ISIS Billy's territorially then a little more trouble. It's this principle thing. Apparently,
apparently Obama, some kind of a principle about the military to check with the civilian leadership before they made a move on the battlefield and Trump thought. Well, that's a bad principle. Why are we not do that? Why don't we let the military take care of business and then they did so be open minded about what kind of personnel the need to solve what kind of problems. I could easily believe that after two terms of tromp than what the country needs more than a third term of a Trump person might be something different. It might be that the times have changed. You might need yeah. You can easily imagine that the situation changes and what you need is an Andrew yea right, because, if if the robots are taking over and technology is more important than other things. While you need somebody who can understand us, you can easily imagine a mark human being.
The ideal president sometime in the future, when the situation is, is really requires that kind of personality disabling the mark Cuban would be the perfect president, now it doesn't mean that it means you might be the perfect president for some future set of situations. Trump is really well suited. For most of our situations, I would say the krona virus was not perfect. Does that require a lot of empathy? Sympathy stuff that you just doesn't do as well as some sympathies empathy people do, but I don't think a change much the performance. It just change that empathy for South Korea reports, almost four hundred new cases of covert on Saturday
the highest single they increase since March. Remember, I told you that all those countries that might be gloating about their early success might have some surprises. Coming now, South Korea, to their credit, is doing a good job of temper. Down other, probably won't get out of hand probably want, but if you're comparing countries, I would ask you this. Isn't that right comparison to imagine that the One of these countries is doing well: New Zealand or South Korea. Let's say imagine that specific leader, the New Zealand President, just sports into the United States and its magically the president of the United States, with that person be able to solve covered in the United States as quickly and easily as they can solve it in little New Zealand or fairly well controlled.
South Korea? If you can answer that question a you're, an idiot there's, nobody knows You don't know how somebody else would have done the job. You don't know, there's no way to know that could have done worse than better. You don't know. But to imagine that we can compare ourselves to other countries is just really not sophisticated thinking. We can't it's not possible now the news will the polluters will but is not rational Here's an update on the big fire in my area on the boundaries of the one of the biggest fires in California. Parts of
The area on living are already evacuating, or at least there under the evacuation warning, I think, and it is ten percent controlled as this morning, ten percent biggest fire having re for my town, tempers, uncontrolled Not fun, so we don't know where that's going to go, but I do think that that ten percent is misleading cuz. I think they put up a stiff resistance when it starts getting houses and they probably don't try to put up a resistance. What is burning through the forest and they ate the empty spaces. So I think we'll see a good defense when it gets right up to my gate will see a funny story. Doesn't funding for the family by Kelleam? Conway's daughter is fifteen and she's on social media and she's, saying that she wants to be emancipated because
yes, they are vague and fair way, because your Mama's aromas works for Trump and apparently she says whether her dad against Trump. Now, if ever, I feel bad for. I feel better Kellynch yesterday to deal with this, but there's something fantastic about the family at the same time that you wouldn't maybe you wouldn't want this problem for yourself, but I do love the fact that there is no soft spoken person in the family loud enough. They have other kids, but I love the fact. But all a certain way, maybe maybe thither all fighters. If is if Kelly and Conway's daughter doesn't get like,
she'll, probably one of the most successful people ever if she wants to do because she's, a fighter like that I raised the theory that is a crackpot theory on here. Crackpot theory. Anybody you, like your crackpot theories, goes like this. The energy can't really ever disappear. It can move, but I can't disappear now. I'm gonna be talking about energy. And the human sets. So have you been surprised, then, at least until last night, with Portland, with this little bit of a few right wing? People showed up to do battle with anti far, but I think there were do you ever find look more like
Damn it have you been surprised at how little physical activity there has been from Republicans and concern is pushing back on the anti far pushing back. I'm really anything. Noticed I feel, is, as the republic in energy is gonna come out on election day. It feels like a whole bunch of republican energy really really pent up, not only because we're locked locked in our homes but Every day you turn on and you watch this city be destroyed, and you say to yourself: I want to do something about that, but how Not yet, hold and I'm gonna go with New Gingrich on this. Who says that he's predicted
maybe a more remarkable trump landslide than we imagine he didn't say, Landslide also big victory. He uses this. This anecdote. This is Newt, said this. You know we have the mayor of Chicago Nelson, that she's going to have the police on her own personal street, because she wants her family to be safe, but good luck to the rest of the city, Gingrich added Well, I think this stuff sinks in at a level of reality that even NBC News cannot cover up. So new as a perfect way of putting things often and I think you really nailed it there there's there's something that conservatives are holding in and when it comes out,
it's gonna about showing a ballot, that's gonna come down in voting, registering and- and I think that there are, as I said before, I think that the bolsters may have some surprises now I did see a tweet would not put high credibility on this. Nor would I say it's necessarily faults. You can be the judge tweet the says somebody had some doktor had some internal pole. From the democratic showing the button was only up five in New York state. Do you think that's true? because if by them, is only up five in New York, state new estates and play what now kindest skeptical,
Kind of sceptical, but if you lived in the United States, was New York City get destroyed by Democrats. Would you be immune to that? Would you just say moving on what would you say, that's pretty close now I feel like and by the way absolutely York. I feel like I know my upstate New Yorkers and they would not. They would not move until it was time for the kill, shot and killed his election day,
so I think that there are a lot of silent defectors from the democratic side and that those silent the factors are storing them, energy up and it's all about an election. That's just my theory stored energy theory. That is all I want to talk about today. Somebody says in the in the comments that the internal pulling must be dismal because the Washington Post is testing out the second twenty second amendment. That was it
but maybe you talk about something else. I will keep on Joe Biden. I believe that the fine people hoax would be enough to take him out, but I think his own. I think there is any so I think, binds going down. Will I think the air the mystery will be if calmly areas tries to take the top spot, one where the other before actual election day? Possibly, yes, we'll see I'll talk to you tomorrow,.
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