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Episode 1107 Scott Adams PART1: Fake Polls, How to Create Fake News Using “HOAX Edit” Technique, Coup Two

2020-08-29 | 🔗

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  • COUP TWO and propaganda PRIMING MOVES
  • What we’re seeing is identical to a pre-Coup PSYOP
  • Guillotine death and violence imagery
  • Chicago teachers union SUPPORTS guillotine imagery
  • Whiteboard: HOAX Edits
  • Rand Paul targeted/mobbed/assaulted after RNC
  • Incompetence/corruption why not pursue COVID19 solution?
  • STOP resisting arrest and you’ll STOP getting shot?
  • Green New Deal FAILED in both California and Germany

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Bobo, from funds everybody command, one who its time it's time for coffee was governs the best part of your entire day yeah, but that's always so far, because you get a kick off with a simultaneous up and then it just keeps getting better all day long until the next simultaneous Zeppa than Ban Euro back at it, everything's trending the railway. Again now it has come to my attention that some of you fast forward pass the simultaneous, zip or hell. You can do that, but you are missing the good stuff. It's the part where everybody comes together in this moment of cells
clarity. There is no violence, there's no ugliness in the world during the simultaneous and I'll need. All you need is a cover motor glass at anchor trousers. Diana decanting jerk reflects a vessel of any kind. I like coffee jointly now. For the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine. However, the day the thing that makes everything better skull, the simultaneous happen happens now go I can see. The fatality rate dropping even as the corona virus, increases coffee. What can't Do somebody suddenly this model? the mail name on it there we'll be cursing. There will probably not be cursing today,
I tried to warn you and it's gonna happen. Sometimes I can't always control it. Sometimes it just comes out. Well I'm having a terrific time watching the rest listen reports, dumping on its competition and is pretty funny. If you're not followed him. So you should follow the twitter account of residence. Reports and is pretty hilarious, what they do to their competitors, so Wouldn't you expect this is Everybody knows: there's gonna, be a bounce after a convention that soon the convention has done. You'd have lots of poles, because lots of appalling places? Oh you sort of expect, everybody would be hyper interested in Poland. Mediately after a convention, so It would be a lot of poles, wonder but those Rasmussen points out. There are a few. There haven't weight in Lisbon,
quite awhile. Among the ones they haven't weight in Ah, I see as of the twenty Eightth anyway Lucy and then the ABC Washington Post NBC was the Wall Street Journal wimpy arm rarest time, Sienna USA, today, Suffolk Monmouth and quite a pack and it restless and points out. There is a big coincidence. And how they seem to be the favoured poles by the Democrats. In fact, the very same poles. The Democrats used to determine. Somebody had pulled well enough to be in the debate. Isn't that a coincidence There is a big, grown virus flare up in Europe, I'm sure you ve heard of it, because it is all over the news. If you open up
see you then, obviously out of do this right now to demonstrate We're going to see it as homepage and will look for the story about the big flare up. Of course. The virus in Europe, because you know I'd heard that Europe was doing really well compared to the United States, so would be pretty big news. This was a major flare up. In Europe, so I gotta see an end to check the major news. Ok, it's not the top story, but obviously is one of the top stories keep reading down, snapped Miss not the second or third Storey ha. It's actually not under page, but they do have an excellent I worry about a man who built a a bar for the squirrels and his back yard is enough And it's not the some would say: if not them, Story in the news
good enough to make the homepage of sea and then so. There's, a man who built not bar the dispenses not to the squirrels what what about the groan virus in Europe can be important but I did find an article Nancy and they said that. There's something curious about this uptake. It turns their. Although the number of infections is speaking in some, european countries. I think they mention Germany, ITALY, Spain, France, I think, and but they say that the death- It is actually really love relative to the number of people were getting there. The crown of ours. Now that the speculative reason is there is young people who are starting to mingle and the young people are getting it and are less likely to die so so
we ve hidden, the seniors pretty well, that's the likely explanation is a young people. Just don't have the same outcome. Or. Or maybe but he's using Hydroxyl correctly there weed know about now, I must say they are not or not I'm saying it's not in the reporting The story I read, it would just be one: the things I want to check a difference in the therapeutic shoe using just to see now I do think the explanation of the young people versus the old people is pretty solid. But is it the whole story? Wouldn't you? I dunno.
Would you like to know what s up span never mind, so I would suggest the possibilities, and there is somebody who recently said to me that they were worried that I'm not worried, worried the wrong word there are projecting predicting the Trump problem we wouldn't win the election because the virus would be the primary thing that moves any independent voters. That would not be looking good. Which I said, no Members are a long way away and the most likely outcome, Toby flare up in these other countries, That we thought were the role models of how to do it. Well, here it is it's a flare up
And those other european countries preserve their get, the european countries will be held as the most compatible standard. United States, because I think people will think ok, If you're in Asia, country, there's a dictator is not really as comparable. So that was my prediction that Europe would have fled ups, but the other The prediction is that the the danger from the krona virus would be much less by November. For a variety of different reasons. One of them may be exactly what is happening in Europe, which is maybe we'll have lots of infections, but not lots of deaths. The president has pointed this out that why is nobody talking better death rate being so good? And that's it? question. Why are we focusing on the number of infections? when we know, is something that doesn't
heard most people and get the infection, but clearly there some doubts about lingering effects, which we should keep an eye out. But I think that we don't know enough about that, but certainly dangerous. So I think the likely outcome is that the president's performance will appear I always say you can't really compare leaders from one country to another is not really a thing. Does their situations are so different, just an apple, George, you, we will know this somewhat better outcomes, but It is not rational to say, therefore, the leader. If they had done something differently, you get a different outcome. In most cases, that won't be obvious. Does everybody was guessing in the beginning? so, but I think we might be in good shape if we follow the same pattern as Europe either. As we get more infections, the death rate will continue to stay down
So as a national problem, still big. Let's go look. Last, smaller and if the present We can say we're I'll, just pick a number three weeks away from vaccination, even on election day, even if we don't have a single vaccination on election day, I think we will. He started to say, look were three weeks away. You were on the way, basically we're. On top of this. I just give you three weeks: that's pretty strong story So I think the corona virus story will be much smaller in people's minds on election day than it is today. That's my prediction. We are, and we also don't know about heard immunity, whether this t sell things what's going on with the young people. Maybe that is well in the other countries
So it looks like a coup. Number two is on course to is the russian collusion hawks was the first attempted coup to get rid of trump. There are still some people who resist that that narrative, if you will, Or that framing this boy is certainly looks like members of the permanent political class we're trying to get rid of the present, and that seems pretty clear at this point when you agree, I guess Democrats wouldn't agree, but if it was clear to me now, coup too is shaping up this way and if you have not studied how intelligence agencies influence other countries or even influence your own country, you, probably ever
a blank spot in your understanding of the world. So let me show that, in a typical intelligence agency, thing would, if you want influence somebody in the longer would be to. Let's say: influence movies and television to produce positive or negative portrayals, of whatever you would like society to see us. Good way or a bad way. We, if that happens, we know that it works. We know that it's a gigantic thing, every country that less as a dictator, what control their media there movies, etc, because it's important The reason that every dictator, the first thing they do is gonna control their own media, This causes the media has a life of its own. It it becomes the power. Other leader loses powerfully news and we're not the news that
two, but even if movies and television or sending the wrong message, is brain pushing the masses lower the weather would be cause instability. So knowing that whoever controls the media- and I'm talking about movies and tv and entertainment. Whoever controls that can control the mines and the public so far, that's not any conspiracy talk right, so far, you on all understand that that is very science and history driven through there's. No, I probably going on yet it's a routine thing to influence the media to influence the minds of the public. And you can, you can see it when it happens once you're filter is set, once you understand this thing, not a minor thing. Really really big big thing and is really powerful, it's not it's not
in saying this happening over the weeds. While you a truly important stuff, it's the important stuff right, You knew you maybe we're just ignoring is actually the important thing is that's. What's making people feel and thank the way they feel and think, and therefore the vote according to them feelings, so here's some things that are happening this country right now that fit perfectly into the model intelligence agency, primate, public for a coup, some kind of a takeover so you can never know if that's what's happening. You can never know us intentionally people you're, saying I was set up a coup we'll do it this way. These people do this. These people do that. That part, I would say, is without evidence, but. If it's really really you're sort of obvious, is right in front of you and you.
Primed to recognize it s really obvious. For example,. By the way, when I say and intelligence agency might be behind it, I dont mean that I sincerely it's a foreign intelligence agency, although it well could be I dont mean is necessarily our own intelligence agencies who lets say, have a bias but enter implementing it. But there are plenty of people were not shall we say on the payroll of any intelligence agencies who are, let's say, intelligence agency adjacent. I tell it intelligence agency. Friendly right, so you don't have to be getting a paycheck from an intelligence agency to be part of that construct. In fact, that's the typical whether things get done. It's a sort of a network of a loose network of people
Similar interests- let's say so, here's some things happening in this country and just ask yourself is this- looks a little bit number one. These protests, slash riots, less polluting, Does it say to you that these are a little bit to persistent a little bit too organised? Now I went, Is it the vast majority of the people who show up problem good intentions according to their view of the world good intentions in terms of making a fairer world good intentions of helping things for Lex. In this country. I am all for that. Do not work and be Ethel black citizens. You don't know it all cause. I don't talk about as much
but I'm offer that so less good and am glad that through people were wounded, you go to the streets to make their case. I think I am unhappy about that too but remember what I suggested that you, the energy, comes out of these things. If you just wait, all that did work with chop, slash chairs the authorities waited until the energy went down and then they dismantled. I thought that was the right. Exactly the strategy for their specific situation? What are you surprised? How herbal. These protests are is suggests that somebody is getting paid to organise. That doesn't mean it's true strongly suggest there's something non organic happening, because the consistency of it just raises a flat it looks a little bit like there's money from something
from somebody someplace that might be propping up the of old energy. Yours, you sure you're, ok, I'll, give you that is a divided country, I'll give you the recent election year. So there was plenty of energy to be had ended in their energy, was gonna go somewhere, but the specific place it's going seems to be the place that you can most effectively hide. Their behaviour? Let's say if you knew you wanted to send in some people were gonna set things on fire. How would you do it or you'd, I them in a giant crowd of people of good intentions who were unwilling to change what they're doing, because they are fighting for something important equality under the law, equality of the of your life experience, etc, and again, I am all for that, but it makes it really easy to hide the bad people in the crowd and, and they become excused,
because the news will say but look at all these good people. This is mostly good people. A little bit stuff on fire, but it's mostly good people, so If you are an intelligence organization or you, then train by one or you're, a gene to them and you knew where they operate, and it would be exactly what you do you? Do it exactly? The sweat you and organise well meaning protests, and then he would make sure There are some bad elements in there to really mess up the country. Ever get. I'm not saying that there is evidence that has happened. I'm saying Once you learn to look for it, you can see that the fingerprints by you'd still after you know, you'd, have to do a lot of work to do. No, that's what you see. That's not confirmation by Have you seen the fake news media is doing stories about what if Trump doesn't leave office? That's a priming move,
you seem stories about what would it take in terms of the military removing trunk from office? If you lost in a narrow election and refused to leave, that is a primary. I'm not saying it's coming from an intelligence agency I'm not saying it's coming from any foreign country button or China. I'm saying that if they want to mess with us, it would look exactly like this. It's exactly the way intelligence operation would be you'd. Prime public and you put these thought in their mind. Her trump wouldn't leave here. What if he doesn't leave, because the if I've taught you anything about influence in person asian the more you think about a topic for more real. It becomes there's no logic to that. That's why it's persuasion and not rational thinking.
Put simply making you deal with the question over again of hard work What do we do with the military? Stop it. Primes you for that being a real possibility, whereas it would have felt impossible two years ago, but now they ve put it in people's head as a possibility So you ve got that going on and then you ve got the third thing, which is it looks like some intentional intentional activity to make the election outcome less credible. One of those is that the Poles would appear to be faked. Does that central? Does it look like there's a lot appalling that seems fate,
does again. That doesn't mean the intelligence agencies are facing the poles, but that's how they would do it if they were involved in looking back like that now because of the male in voting the mass mail. In voting on that, I'm not talking about absent emailing, which has a long history of being good enough. Whether you think the mass mailing is perfectly credible or you don't lot of Republicans would say no lotta democrats say it's perfectly good It's gonna be fine. Wouldn't you if you were an intelligence agency and you want really messed with his country, wouldn't you push a type of voting that would be guaranteed to be not credible when it was done, you would that's exactly what you do. You would make sure that people were talking about the one thing that you
I won't be trusted and this male in votes now that doesn't mean that they are not good. It doesn't the male involves won't be accurate, I'm not saying that they will be accurate and no expert on that. I'm saying that would be easy to cheat. I have to do is throw grandma's ballot in the garbage and you're done, be the world's easiest thing to cheat at Republicans, assume that, So you, you recently had America's senior general general responding as the chairman of the joint chief of Staff General Mark Billy. Told members of Congress because they had to ask, can you believe They had to ask this question of the chairman of the joint chiefs. And he had to answer it. This is scary stuff. He said that the military will not play a role in November as election and war.
Settle any disputes. If the results are contested now, do we believe that? Yes, yes, we do I think our military is well trained. I think our military, our patriots, it's a volunteer, it's a volunteer service. Do you think that the people fall and hearing to fight for this country? Dont know what the constitution says about the other transfer power. Do you think the people volunteer to be in the? U S military. Do you think that they don't like the country or that or that they would they would put up with a coup while they still have weapons they anybody could have access to weapons. So I think the military is gonna be siding with anybody in an election in this country and twenty twenty anything is possible, the future, but in twenty twenty
Now now on their way to well trained and their selected self selected, if you will to fight for this country there not self selecting to fight against it so let me reiterate that the there's, no evidence, and I'm aware of that there is any outside influence on what you see where the protests and with Continuous news about hey what about this election valid, but it would look exactly like So here's what you would want to do you would certainly want to find out if any these people that we're getting arrested for vigilance. And other things during these protests, and especially the organizers. You want to find out where their money is coming from.
And I'm talking about justly average guy gets beyond or or woman who gets picked up for breaking window if it looks like their professional if it looks like they're just doing all windows pick him up find out where the money is coming from. You might find something, they're, probably giving Paden Bitcoin if there's any bad behavior going on so you I couldn't find it, but if they had been deposits or expenses, maybe you could find it if they are big. Deposits. They were unrelated to any employment one. I know there are eight cloud research. A group called cloud research found that Almost twenty percent of Republican say they would not report their true opinions about the presidential candidate. They preferred on telephone calls. So a twelve percent of Republicans
lie or refuse to answer. I guess if they were pulled twelve percent, do you think that's real? Now, that's not real, It's way bigger than that. Do you know any Republicans who don't say that they would hide their opinion from pollsters I'd be they exist, but I think it might include closer to eighty percent would like two pollsters or at least a week etc, but I suppose when the phone rings, you're not really think you madness jealousy to say your opinion most of them so except that twelve percent of Republican say they would lie to bolster how many Democrats Corinth is poor. Five point four percent, so have as many Democrats would conceal their true feelings what's happening. Do you think that the five percent of the Democrats, who would conceal their true vote? It's because they're gonna vote from violent Would Democrats,
conceal their preference for Biden. So this isn't in the story, but don't you think five percent Democrats are leaving Trump at the moment and they don't wanna tell posters I've got a feeling that all of the people who are republican and all the people who register is Democrat, they say they wouldn't talk, gives the truth to bolster. I think both the Republicans and the Democrats, who are thinking the same thing, just speculation. What it feels like those of the Democrats that are order, leaning trump. If you know what I mean. Because seriously in World would you be afraid to say you than a vote for binding you wouldn't, you're a Democrat, you wouldn't be afraid to say you will get a boat vote for binding, not even a level that is perfectly socially acceptable and
turn ten point: five percent of independence fell into the shy voter category, so ten percent of independence eleven percent of Republicans and five percent of Democrats are all maybe pro from now willing to public. What does that tell you about what the elections go? Look like you should be below out. Rubber Rasmussen is teasing the the pro democratic polling places for holding off on their public after the the convention bump. I think you can see it. You can see a common protesters built a mark. Gayety now said Jeff Baisers House Let me ask you this: if you were a foreign intelligence agency or any idea, intelligence agency or you, had those skills.
And you wanted the protesters to get more violent. How would you do it Well, one way would be to set. Some plans for how to build a mock gayety to some organizers he's a hey. Have you thought of this is to be a fun. I d, a nice visual for the cameras. Once you get a fake it getting going, you'll get some more cameras going We fought, you'll love it now the people get that say this would be great. I can build that, may builder fake unity as was done in front of Jeff Base ourselves, and what do you think. That is just a harmless frank, no its not if you were in intelligence agency trying to influence another country. What you do is you will try to get their imagery and their communication to show.
From hey, let's have a fairer, better world try ardor was work. Better, must work together, less fix this inequality. That was that's the messenger. You spent, but whether you introduce a death sentence message. I gaiety literally a violent revolution. Image have an impact on the public, not by itself by itself, just a joke just some with bad bad bad decision making to do that. But collectively, if you insert enough. Of these images of hey. Maybe this red Pollution is like the other ones. Maybe these protests are not just protest. Maybe they have a violent, future and we're just warning you there's a little foreshadowing was just put it in your head, just make you think about it I'm not saying you should execute Jeff bases
just say was think about it for a day. That's what's happening. If you look for it, it's everywhere, it's identical to what a psychological operation would look like, but we don't know that's what's happening. It just looks exactly like it. Apparently, this Chicago teachers Union glowing endorsement of the people with the with the legality and from the base ourselves. They tweet. And this is literally from their twitter account the Chicago Teachers Union Twitter account. We are completely frightened by. Completely impressed by Plainly in support of, wherever
this is having and then it showed a picture of them assembly, the gear team in front of bases house, where this is heading where this is heading, where this is having you, the you, the I'm sorry. The result is mug, more on point than I thought it would be. There will be a curse So I'm warning: you now hide your children. If you dont like cursing, feel free to mute this or turn off for now. The teachers unions. Are literally encouraging violence against entrepreneurs. Violence against entrepreneurs is coming from an actual Chicago's teacher
you, the teachers unions, as you know, are the source of all systemic racism in this country. That's an over a claim, but the point is that if you get the education system right, Black people are educated well, instead of as poorly as our current system, educates them totally systemic racism in education there there are a hundred percent right about that, but the cause the teachers unions, because the only way anything ever got fixed anywhere in the EU kind is if there is competition there are the ones who removes the competition, but they ve gone beyond. That is one thing to protect. You were the people in New York that's the job of the EU, the right to have their doing stuff, further advocating good things for their members, even if they too far. You say: well, not where I wanted to go, but you have to admit that,
their job. Their job was to get good things further. You their members, but is this that is encouraging imagery of killing literally killing with the guillotine. Execute the people in charge and favouring that in public, as that is that just protecting their members. Now it's not, and if I were to look for the source of intelligence agency funding from a foreign country. But look at the teachers unions, because I do have plenty of money from their members to do what they need to do in terms of bribing politicians, literally Brian, politicians and literally getting them elected through, well, I also literally bribing Cosette implies a legal context. Let me say functionally bribing in for all practical purposes, but as far as I know, in a perfectly legal
Why? Because our system allows it to legally bribe our politicians to get what they would here. There are actually. Promoting death now do things, Somebody who is a patriot or loves this country would tweet in public something that clearly is intended to make people think more about killing. The elite. Do you think that came from an American who had pure american motives? Doesn't sound like it says? I came from China sounds like it came from a country that does not have our best just in mind. So I'm not saying that there on the payroll of a foreign entity, I'm say that if I were a foreign entity, a long term plan
destroy the United States. I would target the teachers. Unions possess the lever, the moves, the country and its only a few individuals who were the powerful people on any leadership group and if you got the big cities or say get your Chicago. Your New York you're allay the fears of the big ones You'd have enough power, I guess that a foreign entity could bribe? Maybe just put a number on thirty people, who were the heads of the big teachers unions, they could bribe, probably just thirty people and how expensive without be not very expensive. Do you know how much because to bribe thirty people, not a lot of money, sulphur bribing thirty people or collapsing them in whatever some ways they would get to destroy the
the fibre the holds this country together, the school system and the equality which it should be providing, but is doing the opposite. Currently, the dear J Listener Jack, possibly tweet, that seventy four people face federal charges based on Portland demonstrations, demonstrations. Ok, I guess, demonstration. But seventy four people are up for a federal charges I know that many people got arrested, but I guess it adds up over time. Those are exactly the people that we should be looking into where the money is coming from, even if the money coming from their parents, Then. If the money is coming from the government, does the government might be paying them some unemployment benefits relative to the corona virus of the actual about there
and I guess, there's a Congress Congress person who wants to take that away. So if you get convicted of protesting, and doing something bad while you're protesting- there's some thought that maybe you should lose your government benefits related to the coronavirus. I don't think that's going to get past, but I like, where it's coming from I'm trying to mark Anderson Cooper today, a mocking him off of it is ridiculous comment that the president's suggested drinking bleach. Never happened now when he says the President's suggested drinking bleach. He was marked on the air by the Trump supporters and knew it was. That's a lie in the act. Like you didn't know, he acted like you. We thought it happened now, Finally, from bleached disinfectant, so apparently he did know that part was a lie,
but not a big lie. If it was disinfectant, it wouldn't be a big lie to call it bleeds. That would just be overs, so I wouldn't be the biggest lie in the world, but would be a gigantic lie of nothing like that at all had been suggested, and I tweeted this question trying to find the best way to market. So I tweeted what does Anderson Cooper call it when doctors use especial devise twins. Dirty vc, light into a patient's trachea or lungs to test whether it can kill viruses without harming the patient, and then I linked to a new story it's their testing exactly that, and I said the answer is drinking bleach. That's what indoors and Cooper calls it. When doctors put a device into your lungs as uv, see light, he calls it drinking bleach alive and by the way that actually what he called it. I probably know
That's literally drinking bleach. Those words are what he did to characterize doctors using us. National device to Windsor UV, see light into a patient's trick, your lungs to test whether it can kill virus without harming the patient. He called that drinking bleach on tv on a channel. That's supposed to be the Fucking NEWS, the Fucking NEWS he did that now has he been corrected, I don't know he seems to have believed it was true. He actually fuck. Who thought that was true now how Do you have to be to think it to think that anybody, no matter what you think of this present Do you think you really want a national tv? seriously yourself fucking dumb. You think you were not national tv as a whole.
What about rigidly each one of over and you ve, even you ve hypnotize yourself, so deep, that that sounded like something. It was in the realm of may be true. Now you fuckin Idiot Anderson Cooper, you fucking destructive, that, was never in the realm of something could have been. Maybe you sort of true it was on the Fucking Planet, of something that was true, maybe dig into a little bit deeper, find out that there was a new story that very week about the doctors, doing this very trial with real doctor a real clinical setting. How about talking about how? Well let me do this on the whiteboard. I played my own hopes recently to to give it a test of how the hawks and it works
the hopes and it works this fine people, hoax Trump did in fact say that we're fine people on both sides- that's true! So they keep their, and then Trump wanted to make sure that he was not misinterpreted so. He went on to say just make sure. Let nobody was confused, said I'm not talking about the White National Assembly on us, as they should be condemned totally so, to make a true thing into hopes. You just delete the clarifier. What they did. They also deleted some middle part where he talked about the people. Just caring about the statues in a historical sense Now the drinking bleed chokes is done, Some were way. The first thing you do
get rid of the context, because one tromp was making a statement about injecting disinfectant, which was a poor choice of words, but he did clarify it. So they delete the context that there's a real thing. That light is a disinfectant and the Trump was talking about light as a disinfectant. That was the context beyond. That is the context that it was really being tested by real doctors say get rid of that says no contacts. You keep the part where tromp was asking about. Could you you some way injected into the body talk about light, light seeking a part which was a little bit confusing and then at the end Trump, when back delight so you'd know that was the topic, so he started with light. That's the contacts
with light, and there was nothing in between except to use the word disinfectant, which is a proper use of the word for light, but it's not a common use of that. Some people were confused. Does he used it in the clinical sense correctly correctly light, as it is he used incorrectly and that clarify that he was always talking about light and they just get rid of them, so they show the clip without the front the context or the clarifier. At the end I tested this recently with my own hawks. I created, I created a Let me give you some products, so some of you see that an tweeting and talking about the same panic connections to Joe Biden campaign, the first time I did it and each time after that I have talked about it, at least on periscope. I always say I'm not a believer meeting
don't believe in same which should be a key. Anything I say about Having a sweet Hannah connection means Don't believe it I do say explicitly and repeatedly. There's always use confirmation by us and coincidence. You see this kind of coincidence and any complicate the topic no exceptions. Anything this rich topic with lots of The goals will always have whatever Then you're looking for just look for a coincidence that you'll find it, and so I did my demonstration of showing how many Biden Satan coincidences there are from the Pentagon pantograph that use. Their logo to calmly Harris having six letters and consular six letters and in Harris, and Vice President United States, a six words the fact that binding
had been living and working underground. Like Satan, I mean these were clearly jokes, but why you didn't know was a larger purpose to it. What I did was make sure that I created a body of work in which the Clara fires could be removed by the fake news. I actually created it to be turned into faint news intent. Right in front of you know, I've been telling my followers on locals, which is a subscription service, so I give them all. The secrets first And I told them exactly what I was doing, that the idea was to get people to lapo off my clarify matters so that they would treat me like a crazy person who believes that Satan is what the earth in the form of Joe Biden. How long did it take for that exact thing to happen
not long at all times There are several articles floating around in which they did the hopes that they they got rid of my clarifies. They only showed the part. Where am I about Biden being Satan they got rid of the year. The clarifier I put the end saying that its usual believe it, and even I don't believe so. That is the hope, said now. The news does this all the time this is the most carbon. You see on the news is the hopes and until you understand the it's easy is predictable
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