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Episode 1109 Scott Adams PART2: Talking About Kamala Unleashing Her Demon Army to Hunt Republicans, Riot Politics, Mind Control

2020-08-31 | 🔗

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  • Republicans will be hunted
  • Election rigger discusses ease and numerous methods
  • Ted Wheeler blames riots on 5 CNN promoted HOAXES
  • Military grade mind-control…of Americans
  • Operation Not Forgotten, 39 kids rescued
  • Clearview facial recognition, Othram DNA tracking

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Or a vampire from now until election day. Only, vampires in the walls control the new cycle. In other times they can step back and let the news just by the news for next couple months, it's werewolves or vampires you'll never see them. But the news is not the real news from now until November and never has been, but it'll be, level you ve never seen before, for example, was at the New York Times, who had a big story this week that I get lost in all the details of the Russia collusion stuff, but to the extent that that was, it rose in Spain who stopped looking into trumps situation, didn't tell the F B. I some story like that and then somebody who is actually there one of the top up prosecutors Ramallah.
Just came in after the story is written and everybody is digested and it's your truth for now comes in after the fact and said, none of that's true. I work there. I work there, none of that's true, but it seemed a little truly you for a few days, and now I have to confess I saw the New York Times story mention I read the headlines in the first few words to hear what it was about.
And I immediately said Now- that's that's coming from a vampire or a werewolf. That's not that's not true, so I ll just ignore it for a few days. Sure enough you ignore it for a few days, somebody comes out. Who actually was there and says known and haven't that's just completely Mina. That's what happened so yet that go now like Servage also said that the boxer back the the boss, were, you see, ran election time now. I have told you that my box, or back as well, so I have more bought activities
it's not nearly as bad as wasn't twenty sixteen, but remember I told you that there's one really really hard working, but who, every time I blocky opens up a new account, changes the profile picture to my deceased stepson inspection and that he writes horrible things about me as a step parent for letting him die. That's that's the accusation. Now. Do you think that that came from just an individual who is very concerned about this specific story and has as a mission to say something about it, or maybe there's some bigger point or just can put it out there or when I see that is that the obvious outcome of a military operation against me. What would you say?
Does the fact that this troll is so hard working, I'm in this assembly is put in serious time into it. Yeah they live carved out something in their schedule to only plague me with pictures of my deceased. Stepson was fresh in my mind. Disaster like just a citizen who just decided to take action, doesn't like me, thought this would hurt me. That sounds like a citizen, or does it sound like a military grade, brainwashing operation designed to take me off the field.
Because if I were advanced a military brainwashing operation, I would look for the most influential people target them. First year. The military you're not gonna, target people are unimportant: you're gonna target people who can move the needle people will have a track record of predicting and influencing you would go after them first, so you would see. What's this so like server seems to have decided that he's gonna backdrop. There was no question about that earlier on, but it seems to me that decision I can speak for his mind, but just in terms of its tweets, it looks like he's going away and he says that the boss have attacked them
You should expect that between now and election day there will be a fake news story about like servage, watchfulness, you'll, see you'll, see something that just doesn't Why did this pop up now? So I would imagine that there are literally or people who are humbling, trying to figure out how to take him or taken him. Likewise, I would expect that their people, huddling and literally planning on what's the best psychological way to get into my head and take me out, now I'm kind of unusual and the train on the train hypnotist. I saw a recognised technique a little bit better ones coming at me, so I've got a little better defence that little bit
Also they sell on the periscope. Now, probably because I mean I- I blocked them yet again the other day, but I imagine he's back so look for them. I tweeted the other day that we might be witnessing the end of the Democratic Party for decades. Do you think that's true is just one of the possibilities If you're here imagine imagining the future and you're saying ok, that the future could take this path. That path. What are the pass this really wide right now that you can see really clearly doesn't mean I'm gonna go that way, but the widest cleanest, It is path from where we are right now would be a semi destruction of the Democratic Party for decades.
You know one Lyndon Johnson famously passed. What was it civil rights legislation and he was said to have commented very grotesquely? They that the Democrats would have the black votes for generations and sure enough the urgent? Nobody says they didn't urgent. If the Democrats pass legislation that was good for the wheel, the black community, they recognise that they voted Democrat pay. They earned it. They got that term square. But at the moment you watching the Democrats ripped apart the fabric of civilization and setback black lives in terms of how they fit into american society. Probably set back through effort by twenty years, I would say: is that the the branding and the the visuals and and the way our brains are being influenced by watching the the protests,
Certainly have made people far more prejudice than they have ever been in my lifetime. I would say that, right now, people are the most angry about other groups, then probably I've ever seen and I've been around and that's the Democrats and that's the brainwashing, the fake news they they ve done. This sate annex trick in this case that this is not properly is just description. A set, say: terek trap. If I can quote Kevin spacey from the usual suspects you're, the best trick, Satan ever pulled was convincing. The world eaten the exist and the Faint news has done that they have done the Satan trick. They ve convinced you that there's no fake news or they ve convinced a segment of the population.
There's no fake news and therefore, since fake news doesn't exist, that's the Saint Annick part that it doesn't exist. It must be transformed trumps, the leader, so whatever is going on that looks like social division, less gotta be the leader. Now, if you're, not brainwash by this Saint Annick track, where you can actually see that the faint loses continue, They think use and they learn ignited anymore. I'm we're we're we're way beyond the fact. We're way beyond the place where the fake news was hiding, it is right that are now, though, just put it out like they don't care in that world, the Republicans at least see what's going on in that regard. The Democrats actually think there's no such thing as vague booze. On their side. They don't vagueness. Can you imagine from
Most of you were your programme type viewers. Can you wrap your head around the fact that something like half the country has noticed? they. All other news has just made up, but they haven't noticed, get can that's hard to wrap your address, but that's what's happening and if you are a trained, hypnotist or train psychologist, you actually wouldn't be surprised about that, because cognitive dissonance is really powerful and it predicts. This is exactly what people with it, because for the Democrats to believe that their news is fake, news would be to believe that they ve been wrong about a lot of stuff, and people can't do that. So that's what makes cognitive dissonance kick in so present trappers decided that is what's gonna Canosa visit, that's a printing, powerful move!
powerful, because a krona virus powerful, because the demonstrations were in some ways they the and anti trump flavour to them. So for him to go there, this kind of a strong move and some would say ill advised, but that's how strong it is it so strong that other people say you know if he should do that, which is by the way trumps sweet spot? Do you not trump likes to do he likes to do things that are so strong other people think it's a bad idea. Let's move our embassy to Jerusalem. All we can do that. Whoa, whoa whoa, that's too strong! That's ok, work out, Let's recognise the Golan Heights as part of history, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. That's that's a little strong back up a little bit. President Trump. That's going to fuck. It worked out. Ok,
anything that would work out. I'm gonna kill you. Randy alone? Oh, oh, oh seems like it's starting to move in our direction, so this is a sweet spot doing things and other people say too much. Then it works out because he can make work, the governor of Wisconsin is encouraging him not to come. Why? Because this, would be one of the triggers to begin generations of Democrats being out of power, because Biden has already said he won't go because he's afraid now I didn't say, because I'm afraid. But how else you interpret it? I dont know another way window interpreted now that doesn't mean he's afraid for his own safety. Necessarily, although you always have to worry about that,
he's probably concerned about the larger everything that would happen if he went there, but it makes them look weak and it makes it look like the present. Who cares about the citizens who have their livelihoods stripped away from them? It say things Wisconsin's Battleground stay right, I'm not sure if you technically, which ones are technically battleground and which ones are just in play, is there's a difference, and I think this is just this is a killer move. I mean this is this? Is a predator move? Verses? Pray? When do you see tromp going toward the trouble like a boss? How do you feel about that girl right? If you feel like you're leader, is a leader and he's going toward trouble like a boss,
Do you think of Biden whose legal state my basement longer now like a boss is the difference between a predator and pray. Nobody wants their leader to be pray, even if you don't like the predator. If he's on your side, if the predators on your side, You just get more meat, that's how it works. So I think people are gonna, go with the more meat option and this election. And was Wisconsin governor knows that this is a big problem for Democrats, so he was trying to discourage it to yours. Prize- but maybe you shouldn't be surprised, Joe Scarborough is We me strongly against the democratic leaders of the cities And strongly encouraging them, at least by tweet, and probably more to clamp down on it and to accept trumps help to together. The trouble
now. As you know, Joe Scarborough is famously super anti trump, but on this issue has completely trump beating compatible with with a Trump opinion, and I like to just call it out. I just like to call them because don't know if this is easy to do. If you are, you know if you ve branded yourself as an anti proper and that's you but it is a patriotic thing to do it's patriotic I would say that Joe Scarborough in this situation, not judging elsie- is evident in this life. But in this this one situation about the cities in the demonstrations and violence is being a patriot. So thank you appreciate it.
Have you noticed there there's something is happening in a slow trickle, that's becoming a fast trickle and it's gonna turn into a waterfall. You were right about there, so you ve been hearing about. Let's say yesterday of Ankara tweeted this that the Eu S Marshall Service, account thirty, nine missing children in Georgia over two weeks in operation on his operation, not forgotten What there were thirty nine children who were missing thirty, nine of them and that's just the ones they found in two weeks in one state two weeks, one state, thirty, nine missing, kids
Are you frickin getting me? Also, you seen a number of people identified fairly quickly when their faces were shown committing a crime. There was the somebody Tried- was doing a rape in broad daylight. I think it was on a man hadn't subway platform. His face was visible in some video footage got caught right away, the the guy who shot the trumps supporter in Portland. They got so she was on video. They can catch him now. Why? What is it that's happening that I say as a trickle that will turn into a gush and then a wonderful Here's what different there to technologies that when you hear about them you say: oh, those who call, but you dont quite understand how cool they are yet because you might think well, that's a little creepy, and in that
the other that distraction? One of them is authorised, for example, the company that will, if you have any dna, less safe from some kind of sex if they have any dna in the old days they could even tested and if they could, they could find you if you happen to be a criminal in their database. But that's a small database compared to the world so mostly just couldn't get people, even if you had the dna that has changed utterance technology allows you to find a family connection which, at this point you can do and fine Mosul. Not a hundred percent, but you can get pretty clothes and then also you have clear view and other companies that are doing facial recognition. So these days, if you have any picture of a face or any dna, your odds of getting caught really high and the ones that clearly are the ones that are that the ones you retard
would be child trafficking and unsolved end and even fresher rape cases. And any kind of violence worse than these faces show. Those three categories have just moved from the really hard to solve into. We got you every time you going to see a flood of solved, sex crimes, child trafficking, crimes and violence of anybody you at it showed up on camera, they're all going against, sold or very close nothing's animals.
But they can get pretty close, let's say ninety percent for working number thou. Ninety percent of these on unsolvable crimes are now solvable this year just this year. This is this a brand new when you put together the authors of the clear views. Good luck, Dave Criminal, it's a bad time to be a crucial, so you got that so the Republicans are trying the democratic technique of hoax edits. So I guess Scully and allies, as recalled, but they're, a video in which they doctored by, Adding though the phrase for police to the end of this disabled man's statements about button and made. It seem as though Biden wanted to defend the police, but in fact, when you put the the, if you take away
the doktor part. It only says that he wants to take money away from the police given somewhere else. What you might say to yourself sounds a lot like new funding, the police, but it does have some new ones, because if you do a right, you not to funding and leaving a gap, you're moving funding into something that fills a gap, ideally better than that. Was filled before so that's the real intent, but apparently, with this hoax added embedded like a little bit more like just to funding the police, even though its not that big difference. So,
and then I guess it was taken off now, because the Democrats opened this nor the fake at its seem to live forever. The the fine people hoaxes if they get it, that drinking disinfected there's a fake entity over feeding the equations fake at it. So it looks like the Republicans have just said. We all do that. If, if we can live for four years, we see and then never correcting a fake edit hoax, they know is out and they never correct it. Why can't they do it who was there once once? The Democrats have established that a hoax at it will still live and work even after has been debunked, doesn't make any difference at all, and the other side is doing it not just a little but is literally-
Joe Biden primary campaign thrust is these two hoax added things, the disinfectant thing and the fine people so? Why wouldn't Republicans? Do it recommending it. But you be you have to assume they wouldn't give it a try. It works pretty well. If you think that you can tell which leaders are the best leaders in terms of how they now they did with grown a virus. I would ask you to perform this following test: lumped together the states in the United States that handle things roughly the same whatever. That means either they were tough on mass or not or or whatever take out the Hobart, because I think there must no special case just take out the nursing are then compare all of the states.
By what techniques are used and see if there's difference, because if all the states that use the same kind of leadership and the same decisions got different results, then you'd have to say: leadership is not a variable that matters too much, which is my opinion. That leadership is not a variable that matters to you Because all of the leaders could, we deal with the tools that they had not the tools I wish they had, but the tools they had the kind They have not the one. They wish that the fact that our task its were garbage and begin. What leader would have gotten all right if you too,
the New Zealand President put her put her in charge, the United States, which he affixed those bad test kits before they were launched. Now she would know there was anything wrong with them. So if you think the leadership is the deciding factor, it's a simple task. Just look at our different states, see if the ones who managed at the same way got the same results are not the answer to that is, but I don't think it's gonna be as clean as people with imagine there is an article. I tweeted Athens yesterday that the idea that we live in a simulation is getting closer and closer to something like a proof. Now it's not there, but what you would look for is all the evidence in every little way that there's something wrong with our reality. In other words, there's something that just doesn't make sense:
if we're an actual reality, the way we think we are, but would only make sense if we were a programmed software simulation and there you'll have to read the article, but there are plenty of theirs new experimental say evidence that reality is very subjective, meaning that you're actually creating reality as you go, including navy, the past, because if you can create the past, well, that's a simulation, because the way you write a simulation is you wouldn't fill in all the details in the past until somebody needed it. My example is, if you go digging in your backyard and nobody has ever done there before.
The simulation doesn't have to put anything there except randomly it could put a dinosaur the bone there and then maybe there would be some under your neighbors homes, but until one of you Doug there would have been no dinosaur bones under anybody's house When you hit the dinosaur bone, then the simulation said. I guess it's a dinosaur burial ground gave some dinosaur bones under. Houses. So that's what a simulation would be. Does you wouldn't programme than an advance? G20 needed it, and they are the sky. Is a history for why did that both get under under the ground? Ok, we'll get a dinosaur. So look for that! That's all I got now. Somebody says is: is a sin: if it's the same than by definition, there is a god. By definition, there would be an intelligent.
Designed. If we were a simulation, you can put any word on that you want. How is this view helpful? Let me tell you how, if we are a simulation and if we get to rewrite our our situation, you would look for is the people who have that belief that you can use author, your own, your own view would be able to have better results than people. Wouldn't. So people who believe in this world view, for example, are Elon Musk, Elon Musk, believes that early says it. Who knows what the actual things? But he says that the simulation is most likely explanation. Does Elon Musk have a life there would suggest he can directly manipulate the simulation yea. Does
Does that mean pretty much everything he does looks like he directly controls a simulation. He's got thirty five billion dollars to show for it or something like that he's rich. Do I look like I manipulate the simulation have you ve been watching me. Why? If I dont look you like, I can rewrite the simulation gibbon paying attention, that doesn't mean. I am, could be just an illusion: well, you look for is all the people who think they can write. It seem to be getting better results. So I do believe that if we were a character is in some kind of a software game that we have at least the power to be aware of it and then start crafting our own reality. Attica be different,
Your reality could become completely in conflict with mine. But as long as you- and I don't talk, it's fine, that's exactly how your grace offer you wouldn't waste. All of your software resources, making your history and my has industry compatible when it would be easier for me to say I think you're lying or mistaken, and the other person to say no, your history, that you tell me is right now I think you're lying or mistaken. That would be the short cut. It would be cognitive dissonance in the way we experience it. Just like you experience mask invaded there is need and what that come at means. Yes, that's the user interface of reality. If you want to see more or less just Google, the user interface for reality. In my name and you'll, see my logger explanation of this. As I have now I'll talk to you later,
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