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Episode 1110 Scott Adams: Spooky Plane Passengers, Trump Health, Mental Slavery, Debunking Hoaxes

2020-09-01 | 🔗

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  • Antifa sets fire to apartment building home of Portland Mayor
  • Spinning the narrative, “there’s no riots” to “they’re Trump riots”
  • Who’s funding the “out of town” agitators?
  • Political prisoner Kyle Rittenhouse
  • Only 6% of COVID19 deaths had NO comorbidity
  • Mental slavery, the worst outcome of systemic racism

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Oh Bobo, bump, bump bump bump everybody companion style for coffee was got items. Yes, that's a good time. Aren't you glad you're here all the good stuff scan it happened here in a moment he had. This will be one of the best coffees was got out:
and I need will not march really. Doesn't I much just of copper of our glass tanker jails were stymie canteen sugar flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope Amelia the day. The thing we makes everything better, including riots is called. The simultaneous zeppelin happens now go.
Too late for sir. I woke up this morning to some service controlling from Tom Arnold. Its is weird to be a little bit famous like me, because you have encounters with other people who are a little bit famous. Does her time. Arnold came after me and he used the so attack. We were you start your tweet with. So I guess you're saying does about what comes after the words, so everything that comes after the word. So can just be ignored because the word so says, whatever the follows is going to be a misinterpretation of your opinion. Follow
by a snark comment on my own misinterpretation of your opinion, so, rather than try to interact with people like that, I just tweet it and noted, as the so tell for you, I tell as an indicator for I dont use. Looking at my cap behind me, you said You stop watching me completely since the catalogue by their ways and so terrified the distance. So Tom World is not what I call a good debater, so it looks like the the Trump strategy for winning the presidency is, and this is a funny, but it is. I have said this before in my own defence, there are things that made me laugh than are funny, meaning that
Something bad happened into somebody and there's nothing funny about bad things happen into somebody, but sometimes I make you laugh under just the right conditions. I am not proud of it, but here's one of those cases and it appears that trumps strategy for winning the election is to let the Democrats burned down their own stuff, because. They seem to think they, the people on the left or, first all, the Democrats believe that the protesters around their side- that's the first lobby part the protesters are not on the Democrats that they should be obvious by the fact that the left that they ve surrounded mayor, TED, Wheelers, apartment and sudden on five years hears.
It's not funny, there's nothing for me about setting up these apartment on fire. That would be the worst tragedy ever saw, not laughing, but so the Democrats believes that there are helping to protect the people literally trapping them in their homes and so and their thinking. Well, maybe the strategy doesnt seem cells, on paper, but let us play this would give us give us a little space. We can make this work job and your opposite selling back there's they got all army. If you want, we can start with, national guard, but is it enough I've got a whole army, you just had to say send because you now, I'm no dictator,
I'm not some kind of earth authority, authoritarian, desperate I can't just sending military can do that? So you're gonna have to ask me I just gesture and where the again would you like to ask me because they cannot do everything that he wants them to do, just that, it's just impossible. They just cannot agree with them. It's the is the most diabolical trap. I've ever seen, because what makes a good is it praise on the roads to penalty, but it does it in public way. The public is looking at this insane weight, I didn't catch the part about why you don't want the federal help to stop it this problem? I I wasn't catching the reason
Oh, oh, I get it when when the law enforcement comes in insufficient numbers, to make a problem go away. It makes it worse. That's their argument. If you make a problem go away, it makes it worse. I guess and so the president has the Democrats in this impossible kill box. I mean it there's no way out so they ve they decided to try to choose through the wall. Workers are totally trapped in this, your backing, the backing domestic terrorism and every time one of the leaders of my black lives matter, One of the organizers says something on the streets. They guess recorded, something like. Are they really want to kill all the police or other burned down everything you see all of the EU? Just imagine all the devil
That's thinking, we back the road, we must maybe we shouldn't have little research before we when all the protesters says president. As of this total kill box there trying to chew through them as has been widely reported there they're trying to go from. There's no riots here to hey. These must be Donald Trump Riots, that are happening entirely in democratic lead and cities, and that's what we're promising to give you more of more of the stuff. The trump can stop in an hour. If you just ask you just have to. So the fact that the democratic burning down their own stuff to try to- the selection, It just seems funny to me so
an experiment. I've told you before I have one friend in particular who who will just argue to the end of the earth that trumpets Orange man bad and, I I've tried to engage them because the tediousness just off the chart, like you care, really deal with them, but the thing that fascinates me Is that he's a very rational, very smart, very smart Oh higher iq, you the mind, I would think and well informed for citizens in general. But of course he's well informed and that democratic way- the directive We have been well informed, as did not know anything because they only watch the fake news, which there sure is real news, which is funding, is like what they're watching professional wrestling and the end there saying now now that's real
their professional Russell. You see up there. I know people say it's fake, but I'm not. Right at it with my own eyes and you look at? It is obviously real and of course, the Republicans forsake you're saying that professional wrestling real because just look at it is obviously not real. The fear an adult, just look at it and the Democrats, I I M, looking at it with my own eyes. That's the real so there's this week, world wherein were the Democrats think that there are fake news is actually real news now, of course, I believe the faint news comes from both the left and the right. So don't put me in don't put me in the box. That says sake. News is only coming from one direction: that's not the box,
somebody's mentioning Jim gaff. Again I told you, I beg Jim, gave again a few times and use a great guy, but I had just block the gleam from my life before going forty years away. I talk to my friend who says marked and I said, and I try to convince them that he was only watching fate news. So I started talking talking a man of the fine people home. And I would send a young beset the transcript. I would show him you're selling various people debunking it and finally find I actually got him to understand that the most essential part of his belief system, the fine people hoax, didn't happen. I actually accomplish that. I didn't think it could
Dunbar number. I told you I'm dealing with somebody who's hyper, rational super smart. So I thought under those that that specific condition I should be able to break through, I just keep hammering on this and actually succeeded in convincing the fine people out didn't happen Then I had to go to work on the drinking bleak. Oh, that was so so I convince them that the drink bleach thing was fake to stout. Just try to hold this in your mind. I'd now comes The two biggest belief systems about why the president wouldn't be.
For a protein virus and his racial thoughts. The two biggest things were fake news. And- and I got through- I actually made that case and was successful with lots of sources. So then He was. He was angry at me because he saw a clip. Somebody suddenly clip of me apparently believing that Joe Biden was satanic. Now, those if you ve been watching me know that that was a trick. Then I played was call a public demonstration in which I said something that I knew would be turned into fake news through this. Editing trick as fine people hawks drinking bleach oaks, which is you just take off the clarifying part, so I made sure the clarifying part can be easily deleted and it was so sure enough. I became
national lose at the Eu Level NEWS. Not they never reached the highest levels, but he began big news story. My friends said: what's this, this craziness about you being believing there's a satanic connection and that I showed him the video in which I have explained the entire trade, from the original showing showing that I had said I don't believe in any of us, it's just confirmation by us Then I shall now I planned to have it taken out of context. It was, and it was a good demonstration do you know he said he said that the iron embarrassed him. I had embarrass him because the people who have contacted them. Met me through him. Sometimes the best and therefore was embarrassing to him to be
socio with me way for it, because the fake news, had taken, something that wasn't bad in any way and turned it into fake news. There he but his friends din, and so was embarrassing to him and so I'm kind of a jerk, but nothing about this is even close to a rational said you That, of course, as you know, it always doubles back to. But there were any fine people at the Charlottesville, and then I always go back to the top, and I say this will be the third or fourth time. I've said the following things: though you pretend I've never said. I say it again and I predict This is how I finally ended the conversation I think I said I predict the by tomorrow.
You gotta pretend I didn't say what I'm gonna say right now, which is it doesn't matter who was there as Charlottesville, because the present stated his assumption of who was their spoke to his son? that there were some people were not racist, who just like them, monuments. There might be true, it might be false. It is irrelevant whether its true or false, because we only pursue checked on it, was me, nobody else checked on it, so if he was wrong, he was as well. About an assumption which was actually a completely reasonable assumption, which I it or validated personally by talking to attend these, that he was right. Now, even if he was wrong, doesn't make any difference because he spoke to his assumption and The point is: what were you thinking when you said it? That's the boy: what were you thinking?
and what he was thinking is determined by its assumption, which has stated so by predicting that he would forget that again in twenty four hours, I think it caused him to not pretending forgotten in twenty four hours. So I think that that was my breakthrough sure so we get protests in DC. We had police shot. A legibly armed black man, I think, kill them and they ate go so Ella is erupting. Ellie Dc. Portland- and here is the interesting part, ran Paul and the President are both suggesting that they're out of town agitators and if we
finally, whose funding them somebody's gonna be in a lot of trouble and do you think we don't know yet who is funding the people that trample legit? tromp alleged, came in on aeroplanes and ran Paul said they had a change of closer. It's like this. They know something already that they're not ready to tell the public or start confirmed. I spoke, but I think we're going to find out something interesting there. So some of you were guessing sorrows, I'm gonna! Guess I'm gonna be a contrary him, I wouldn't say it's impossible. I would say it's impossible that George Soros funded and organization that funded some people to travel in protest. That feels like a good about, possibly, I think we're going to find somebody else.
I don't know who I, however, I don't have a hypothesis. I think you're gonna find somebody else. I would extend that to say that the tv towards guys were marching into Charlottesville. It all think they were organic either they were a little bit too good for the camera. If you know what I mean, and why We never see nobody who looked kind of like that group. The tea torch guys never saw them before. Anybody who looked or presented themselves thy way, never seen a sense would you say that the NEO Nazis all went away after that date? Would you say that they lost interest in any kind of public display her lots of questions? So I would guess that what we are seeing now is now completely organic. Definitely not organic. The trolls recover
after me, and other people online are definitely not organic. Those are coordinated. We know that, and I think Charlottesville was some kind of some kind of an operation I don't know entirely, but recently. Governor big story today is that true was that the alleged the trump went. While to read some some time ago and that pence was put on alert the he could be in charge depending on what happened there. And others rumours from the insiders that oh, how interesting Dont know the names of the anonymous sources. Well, as you know, a nominal sources are never wrong. Alright, there's nothing less reliable than an anonymous source in the White House. That is the least it's gotta be the least credible source of energy.
Information, but their say that they think he had so many strokes and there's a video of him appearing Tuzla his words now I sent the video around it S. Different, look doctored people said no. At least one expert said no, not doctored it does look like either had some some dental work that day he definitely was slurring speeches, no doubt about that, but it looks like it was more like them to work. There certainly doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them. At the moment we have watched the president and public continuously and extensively for months, I haven't seen a problem, so we shall keep an eye on that, but it sounds more like an election year thing that you say as, moreover, response because bided is falling for.
Rasmussen the Rasmussen report pulling company. They continue to entertain me by noting that their competitors, when they went silent after the republican convention, they just stopped publishing their poles for awhile. I don't know why just stopped publishing, could it be? Could it be because the poles are so favourable relative to what they were for job? Could it be? the ones who are publishing other ones with that we know our sort of trump unfriendly. If you know what I mean, so I think that part is hungarian. That's a lot of dogs, not bark, and right now the everything we were seeing now seems to be what I call word thinking: where are you
simply replace the words that fat with your own words, and then you act like you said something, for example, when Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people in Canosa. How is that being described? Well, if you dont, like Republicans, you say, use vigilante or no, no, you say user militia, member or a white supremacy. There is no indication that use either those things, no evidence of other things, and you say that he killed two protests. So if you see an end, that's what he is he's wish number were or way supremacy is that he killed two protesters, those poor innocent protesters or, if your Republican, you say he was a patriot who went there to protect people and property, brought his own medical geared to help protesters. In case they got shot
three separate people attack them and he shot him in self defence. So he was neither a vigilante. He won't. You wasn't going there to to hurt anybody, use actually going there to reduce the amount of damaging do. The amount of death does Ebay, Leary literally, but rob medical equipment with them to help and even stop to see if we can help the guy shot so use closer to a boy scout than any way super. Says, wants to go shoe people, but that's the world we live in where Kyle it is now for all practical practical purposes is a political prisoner. Wouldn't you say. Wouldn't you say the Kyle is a political prisoner at this point, the video is pretty clear that he was being chased.
And it was a great bodily risk mediately before his shooting. I mean that's right on the video eager to see it now the question about the legality of the gun. According to his lawyer, who is on Tucker last night, the gun did not cross state lines. He does have a right to that its open carrying it was legal, apparently, is illegal firearm, the legal right to have it is possession now it made A good idea, which is a separate question, but What we know so far is that no crime was even close to being committed. If you take reasonable doubt as a standard preserve the video it has at the very least. Even if you are the most Anti Kyle person in the world, he have to admit that the video at the very least, shows a massive amount of doubt.
About what happened. That's all you need to be innocent lives. There is doubt- and I would say that in my interpretation is that it went beyond doubt, and this is obviously result which is just as it is if you watch the videos but the videos lie. So maybe there's something we don't know the most ridiculous story. Is this one about the finding that maybe only six percent of the corona virus death of this country were from people who had no co morbid is, and in fact they usually at two or three if they died. Now people are healing this as a big inside the changes everything I dont understand that
is exactly what I thought was the situation. What did you think was a situation? I thought the situation was. If he had come more abilities, you'd be in trouble. If you didn't, you wouldn't be enamelled shovel. The risk was love. Had this change, anything that I think people are taking the sick. Percent me more than means, because the whole point of it is that we live in country where there are just tens of millions of people have come orbit is what are they? Gonna do stay on the If you just two people are overweight and said: are you all right only the overweight people have to stay home and everybody else can go about their business. That would still be two thirds of adults. They'd have to stay home. Is that something like two thirds of adults are heavier than they need to be, and then you throw in anything else that they might have like hypertension,.
I've, got to go morbidity is I'm sixty three, Probably in better shape them ninety nine percent of people, my age and even I have to call so so common out, another change leaving compared to what we thought was the situation. J, P Morgan is warning people or alerting lemme, guess that they should be.
Prepared for the rising they trump win. So they're. Looking at all the trends and saying these trends continue, it looks like it's trample the way, so I would argue that the stock market is already built them so that the predicted model has totally closely gap to almost statistical tie. The the stock market is clearly voting in favour of a trump when that's obvious and now J P, Morgan saying it directly. I have an opinion that mental slavery is one of the worst outcomes from systemic racism and it goes like this year. It has been said.
People may the analogy that the black, the black hole usually goes for Democrats so that some kind of a plantation thing people, like the use that imagery I find that a little offences, the plantation part of it anyway so at all. I like use the plantation part if your black even say that if you're, not black, maybe stay away from that plantation word just feels a little ikey and inappropriate But I would say that one, the outcomes of systemic racism. That is just a hundred percent. A big problem is the school system snubbing adequate and, of course, is that the teachers unions, that would cause of all the problems and because the teachers unions perpetuate bad education by removing competition which would allow it to improve you end up with black citizens.
Were under educated compared to what what we would all like to see a better situation and I think that that also allows them to be duped by Democrats, a little bit easier and other words your total level of education is one of the things they can protect. You as I, as I said with my the example of my highly educated, smart friend. It took a lot of convincing to convince them that he was watching fake news but suppose you have much lower level of education would be a lot harder to Vince, you that you were being fooled, and so the Democrats take advantage of that situation to see the the black voters ridiculous version of reality in which they're they're trapped in this world they can't get out of, and it's somebody else's fault. I guess, but
to pick pick a classic example, or somebody like soul, economist, soul or again, the silence they have seen through the illusion, and they can see that, Open door They can see that ok, sure, maybe not every door, is open to every black person every situation. Yes, it's an imperfect system. We need to fix all that stuff too, but there is an open door. If, if why people are three doors and black people, of one or two you can still get out? You can still get out it gives you get. It are now your doors different than my door, maybe but everybody's gonna door, and if you can see the door, somebody is blinding you to it and that's the the mental. So
every part. Is that so so, right now you're saying you see, leave the protesters. Seemingly in favour of no police protection, that's just the lack of education. Isn't it anybody who is in favour of getting rid of police protection is hard to see. That is a philosophy. That's not a political opinion that has just What an educational failure I would say so a lot of what the protesters are asking for things that if they got them it would be the worst thing that could possibly happen. It would be. The end of everything
and they don't know that and I think education is it there's a big role in that yeah Thomas all is someone who could see the open door better than most Larry elder another good example. Somebody says not necessarily, but I don't know what you're talking about that- and I am much ass to say today is gonna, be justly lit, totally crazy, weak,
Somebody says they're, door's locked not just today, but, as everybody has noted, the next few months are just going to be so full of news. Scooby crazy, but it looks like for the moment. The Trump campaign is just gonna. Let the let the Democrats have their way, which is burn up their own stuff until there's nothing left and they think the wind with that heavy anything's possible I'll talk to you later.
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