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Episode 1115 Scott Adams: Antifa Dance Moves, Organizing a Resistance to the Resistance

2020-09-06 | 🔗

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  • Registering to vote…for self-defense reasons
  • The murdered Trump supporter was hunted
  • Brandan Straka and group…were also targeted, hunted
  • Critical race theory training cancelled…1619 project next?
  • Options when local government and police abandon us

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody will go to see everybody come on in stone. It's time for coffee was got out. You may have other things to do possesses Sunday. Maybe church related things better, keep your priorities straight, it's time for coffee got atoms and all you need is a cover among our glass at anchor gels, Diana Kandian, jogger flask of vessel of any kind fellow their favorite liquid. I like
Coffee and join now for the unparalleled pleasure, the doubling the other day, makes everything better, accept, apparently the riots but work on that score. The simultaneous app is now go well start with the good news The good news is that the Trump campaign now has a Navy airforce. Did you see the trumpet Boat parade as allow boats and Amazingly, they found a way to have a gigantic event that did not clog the streets, some good for them. I would be really worried if I were a Joe Biden supporter and I couldn't find so much as a lawn sign for Joe Biden. The only kinetic energy that Joe Biden is creating
terms of people moving their bodies, their arms and legs or or a vehicle moving in some way. The only actual motion created by his anti far and the bill of rights, stuff. So violent Biden is creating riots, trumpets, inspiring boat parades and the boy you still close. What kind of a weird country is us.
So the funniest thing that happened and, of course we're at the point where were laughing the tragedy of other people. That's the kind of people we are. Did you see the new anti five dance move it doesnt have a dame, yet I think it might because somebody like the molotov or possibly hot fate, but involves I can't do it. I guess they end up on camera here, but involves catching one foreign fire and then sort of cross. Stepping until you jump on the ground and then roll back and forth in the ground, then sometimes sometimes you're. A brilliant helpers. We'll try to put out the fire with and here's the vesper if you're gonna put in a fire on somebody's leg, wilder rising and rolling on the ground. There are some tools that are better than other tools.
If you saw the video referred to on social media of the anti far person dancing with their leg on fire. You know that one of the helpful friends tried to help put it out with what look like the top of a garbage bail. Now the top of a garbage pale just so you can picture this is largely flattish, except for its edges and probably one way to not put out the fire on something. That's an irregular size and flailing like a leg, is to put a flat mental object and keep keep pounding on it. So that the people are better ideas can get there.
I don't know it was familiar. The guy, with his leg, on fire or with a guy guy, was helping of were certainly later drives. Everytime, I just Gustavo, yet the guy with the guy the garbage bill lid was just now. I hope it is not helping at all.
I should be laughing of us so cruel, so it looks like the hashtag Biden Riots is is catching on. I just used it before I came on and there were four hundred and seventy uses of binding riots in the last hour. Whatever do you think, that's enough to make a trend, nope can't dancing with you, you know you could make a video with a dance move later. You know, there's comes so. I dont know if this is happening, but it looks like the whoever is in charge of what trends
try and pretty hard to make binding rights, not trap. It looks like you, there may be some manual intervention, but I can say that for sure, but a lot of people are using the ash dagger and it's not going anywhere. Doesn't sharpen the trimming last night. I register devote so that doesn't sound like a big deal view, but the last time I register devote remember because, as you as you know, I famously dont vote, because it would make me biased now, I'm already biased so probably doesn't hurt in this case, but normally I wanted bothered because I d I live in California. It just doesn't seem to make that much difference by one vote, and I am happy that
people vote makes a system feel like as credible, but I'm only voted for self defense. I mean actually literally self defense. I don't mean that is a joke and not being sarcastic is actually just purely safety. Because will you look at the what's happening with with the Biden Riots looks like you can get out of control, I don't think it will be, psyche, could so we ask that potential. So here's a little psychological were question for you. This has more to do with the psychology than whether its practical suppose suppose there was some state who wanted to end the the the protests.
And suppose stay said: hey we ve, gotta love landward are using. Why don't you just make your perfect society on this land? There were not using. You can do anything. You want form your own government run just the way you want to just don't involve us because here's the thing nobody is really stopping anybody from living. The way they want live are. We is ready, the anti fa who can go and just sort of live the way they want to live and if we are stopping them from living the way they won't live, where we should stop no one, not let them have whatever they want. Just just don't do around us. The only require I have is. Why do you have to do with my stuff? Why can't you just go? Live your life with your stuff.
All live my life separately with my stuff. You live with your stuff. Why can't we both be happy just be separate. The euro, not talking about black lives, pattern talking about anti fraud, in particular, I'm talking about people who are different. System. Why don't we get to him or why we really messed up their heads and offered to them cause? You know what they don't want they don't want to run anything, they don't want to be in charge. Antifraud doesn't want to be in charge of anything. I say we round them up and put him on some kind of an anti, far reservation and just say a guys. This is all yours. You have, the freedom in the world color wherever you want make up your own set of rules, we just don't want to be involved,
We only want to be away from you, that's all we want. We don't want you to be different. We don't want you to change, we just don't want to be around it. That's all now, I think, there's enough he's in the country because of the total number of antivirals? Not that big, you know, if you have them, multi gathers he's thousand put on a reservation and say, look if you can get somebody to set you free food, you don't even have to work or an activist and new free food, but if you can find people who will good for you and you don't need to,
spread your revolution to us, because everybody you would rather live at a non capitalist, non democratic society. They'll have an option that he'd go live in the mud and disease with the rest of you seems like a good idea now, of course, it's completely non practical, wouldn't happen in the real world, but the beauty of it is the mental part of that. What if you gave them what they are asking for right? It's like the dog, Jason, the car. Don't you have the feeling about the the riots by right that if they got everything they wanted, they sure wouldn't be happy about it. So what are you? What are we create a picture in their heads,
I'm getting what they want, because it is a well known trick of persuasion that if you can make somebody think through to the future and it's a bad future or a good future, depending on which way you turn to persuade them. That imagine future will affect their decisions today so rather than let them live with some idea of an ideal anti far where everything is good and we ve all that food and health care and things are great. What are we say? Look you can build your own chazy chopper, wherever you want it'll be totally legal were just we just don't have anything to do with you. We just want to have no contact with you also ever that's all. That's all were asking no contact and
Let us do the thing, but you could draw you: can you can force them to imagine what that would be like until they didn't want it anymore? Not I mean because right now, they're, just imagining some collection of things which might be better, is not really a coherent image of the future. Then we have one. So when I give them one one, I give them the gift of imagining their own future. Accurately. Thou be a good gift,
I just say it's going to be here, so you can imagine what it will be now imagine how much fun you'll have with your no money. You know police and you know Healthcare cuz, that's what you're! That's what you're trying to give all of us! Why don't we give to you what you are trying to gift to us, the gift of no no modern society, the gift of no law enforcement, the gift of fear every time you walk outside? Why can't we give that back to you- and this is our gift to you, Have all this land no again is more of a mental trick, because you want them to imagine what would happen if they got what they wanted. What would it look like? They do you like it so much?
watching the video from the Biden writes last night in Portland. The fireworks stuff is just really weird, because I can get that the fireworks are mostly non deadly, non lethal and you're. Mostly it's just to create noise, and you know baby brush the police back, that's what you're doing with the fireworks, but it looks like literally a pretended war zone. Literally pretending to have war using fireworks and non lethal stuff instead of lethal stuff. Is the weirdest pretend the situation that you ve ever seen?
are we done with the Atlantic stuff. I feel like that. In the last forty eight hours, the whole president tromp was mean to the troops. Now I guess is why those situations where you dont even need to talk about whether a happened or didn't, because it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. If the present ever said those words or didn't cause, his supporters will think he did not say them, for the most part is.
Detractors will say you did say them and it doesn't matter if he did it actually doesnt matter, the literal literally the reality of whether it happened or didn't happen. No difference does a better at all. Is the truth of it is not even a variable here, which is weird. I think that we ve discovered a new form of energy, and this is this is brand new. This is only this week. If you haven't heard about this is a pretty big deal and the way it works is
that. Take the hooker generator around the lifeless body of Steve jobs and then as Steve Jobs spins in his grave. Why Serbia's that's just the safe assumption, as he spends in his grave? They put the magnets on his body and the spending of Steve jobs as body in the grave against the year against the other magnets in the. Greater, creates energy and, as his widow squanders his money on propaganda for the by didn't riots, inspiration one imagines was Steve. Jobs would have thought of this situation in which his widow is using the money he created over his lifetime to support rioting and possibly a civil war or the United States. Oh yeah, Steve Jobs must be
happy about why up into his money three left, but the good side is generating a lot of electricity, so we're Abe, Loreen, Loreen jobs. You have completely destroyed his legs, and so I guess you didn't see that cabin. Southern there's more reporting on that rain whole guy, the guy you shut the trouble. I guess you'll, be a police supporter of Blue lives supporter The new video shows that he was actually lying in wait. Looked like it was just organised completely. Obliterates is his alibi before he was killed by the police and obliterates his alibi that some kind of self defence thing it was obviously just he lay in wait and here
It was just the planned hit now add that, because that was clearly a case and people have been saying, listen: social media. There was clearly a case of eight from support through being hunted. There's no there's no other were the feds right because he wasn't robbed, it wasn't self defence. It wasn't here at the moment he was identified tracked. If he will be no kind of cut it knew where he was. They set up the kill point. It was organized. He was hunted. Is that word not accurate? We also saw a video of some of the walk away. People Brendan struck and Carlin Carlin, whose last name like Enron and there is showing the video of being followed by the anti five people and basically mean chased away at great personal risk. Did it look like they were being hunted dead,
they look like live video of drums, supporters being funded in public right right there in the street and being chased away now, look pretty seriously dangerous, so I don't recommend anybody get near those protests. If I feel like a bad idea for your safety, if you would like to do a simulation of What are we like to live in a abide in future? I ever will exercise you can do not normally would be difficult to imagine yourself in the future. You at least accurately, but I think this is low
little exercise and I created in which you would be able to experience today fully just a full experts today of exactly what the future will be. Like should Biden win and the anti farming be eleven people get their way and here's how you can simulated today, you where you do as you'd gather up all of your possessions and maybe put them on a carpet in one place douse them with gasoline set them on fire, while everything that you found your life and have worked for is is on fire? You wanna use that time to punch yourself as hard as you can until you pass out now once you fast out, and I can guarantee this last part, but young fingers crossed. If you do everything right, some NFL team will put your name on a helmet
for being in a sense, a hero. If you will so that's how you experience the Biden future, but today What does the out then Trump is getting provocative, but he'll totally be able to get away with this so, as you know, he already cancelled within the government. Training, critical race theory. So the federal government just can't do that anymore. It's considered an american and against everything that we care about, but the question remains ethic reject the sub equipment was ass. He was on twitter. Does that include the military? Is the military included in trumps ban of thee.
Critical race theory, training dont, know I'd like to know that, but just to buy along a little bit more apparently tromp is considering, and I think Tom cotton likes this idea is promote. Is he's, got some kind of letters Commissioner, that the federal government is considering DE funding or now funding schools. They teach the sixteen nineteen project, which would be California schools to start with. I guess there's another there. The sixteen nineteen project is the was at the New York New York magazine protein, in which they sort of re frame. The history of the United States through a slavery is the most important filter, Canada, lens and critic
say that that is not an accurate view. Another historians online away in what's accurate or about that, but I dont think that the president could have gotten away with this so easily, if not for the Biden Riots, So if you're wondering what the Biden riots have bought so far but they were so far is much worse feelings about race for sure the end of reparations has a conversation. That's not going to happen. Certainly it will get rid of these. Six thousand and nineteen projects in schools probably get rid of critical race theory, and at least
government have not corporations so say the bite and rights are so far getting them. Everything they didn't want to get, in other words, is caused already a it made it easy for Trump to get rid of the sixteen nineteen project if he succeeds from the school system and made it easy for Trump to say, you're really critical race theory, because the bided riots have so spoil that Leslie that the philosophical purity of any of that message, to the extent that I read philosophical purity. But now it's completely the credibility of the movement is completely depleted at this point, so the president can do that, whereas maybe before it would have been politically impossible at this point is just easy.
There is a story about one of the black lives matter protestors who is facing a felony charge for writing I saw was a summit it was actually literally smashing. Windows is a wealthy upper EAST cider a twenty year old.
So who's mother is an architect and her father is a child psychologist. So Clara grabber aged twenty she's, one of eight people arrested four hundred thousand dollars and damaging fully square her her father's a child psychiatrist. Now, if you're a child psychologist, your child, who is raised in privilege, joins anti via a guess, arrested, breaking windows downtown, could he be said, the you're, the best child psychiatrist and world? Well, you might actually be because I am not sure that child psychologists that effective- in other words it doesnt Jameson these lines
reliably, I'm sure it's useful, but he couldn't. You didn't, have enough power to change his own kids life and I'm not like you fond of him, because I don't think just being a child psychiatry gives you superpowers. You can't can't change somebody who is really dead set on big some other person, but that's not really good for his. That would not be a number of good on his yelp reviews. If you know that occasion laugh about that yours question for you, what what backup plan do we have we meaning the citizens. Country if the local governments and therefore law enforcement abandon us. So what happens if the this the mobs just grow in power, because the police and law enforcement just don't have the sport.
The local governments- and they also don't call in the feds and church lictor, had a really good article in town, all about. Why is not really practical to call in federal forces will say the national unless the city is welcome, welcoming them and giving them the the back up that they need. For example, if you're federal forces came in and rested a bunch of people, what were those people go once arrested? They they sort of need to work with the local governments to put them in local jail. Rules and process on locally etc? Then, if you don't have the local support, you can't really do anything without outside forces. Very well, you'd Ethel I send in a whole army together done, gives you need all the logistics to come with the forces if you dont have logistics. In other words, how do you feel that they go to the bathroom? Nonetheless, that where did they get their supplies, if you don't have all that.
You gotta bring with you. So it's not really easy for the federal government to say we'll just bring zillion people in and take care of it. It's a big big operation and not to be take. Lately. So what happens if a law enforcement just gives up in the I must say, the anti far mobs star spreading into the suburbs. What do you do so at this point is just an open question, but there is part of a suggestion better than this. We probably need to have a shadow government. This ready to go at least in the governing the gorilla worth. Warfare sense so something that is not anti. U S, government, but rather an augmentation to it, something that would protect it if it care protect itself, which is the idea of the militia, of course, but our militias are low.
Local and they're, not really coordinated. As far as I know, who would be, leaders of such a counter, a Counter revolution yahoo. What kind of structure would you have if the citizens want to push back against anti far and they had no police or government muscle tell them how they do well. I would suggest that we should start thinking about forming an actual structure so that would be at the minimum. There would be communication so that you can organize your ears. Whites important correct me if I'm wrong here, just a fact check fact check Do the protesters in Poland do they have a camp? They have like a base camp with tense. I think they do. Right. Can somebody factual beyond that? I might be confusing Seattle there's something with Portland
I feel as if these protesters go somewhere to sleep and they problem. No stay hotels in their problem, not all local. So is there not a physical tent city somewhere that they all go to when their resting up for the next riot Because it seems to me that the people who want to be the the resistance to the resistance, if he will should know where that is If you have enough people who were less resistant to the resistors, there were just mass near that that tent area and just walk through as a gigantic mass of people and, just Mantelet EM, you wouldn't even a silly, heavily and violence, because if you had enough people, the others are going to back up. If you had ten to one in numbers, they're not going to defend their tents very long little bit a push,
and they're gonna be gone so especially just swept through and just took every every one of their possessions. Suppose you grab them and stripped them like actually spread through close off and there's just released, and he took every article of clothing, a writer their socks. You just grab and hold them stripper release him, and you take a course that would be. You would be getting their hidden guns and weapons and stuff and everything. But you wouldn't be. You wouldn't be. You would effectively be only hurting their merchandise, their merchandise would be the clothes that their wearing right Oh, you would just give back to them what they gave to you, which is a purely material fight, because Anti fi is mostly tried to describe goods and store fronts.
Buildings and stuff like that they are, they have. There have been humans who have died, but that's not the primary thrust. They are trying to destroy stuff, so if there was a reaction to the reaction, if you will the counter revolution to the revolution, shouldn't We also consider going after their stuff so get rid of their tents. Rub them and hold them strip them of other clothing and goods, and then just listen, somebody would immediately give them a code here. You won't have to worry about the new deteriorating, or maybe only due to the man. If you, if you're, trying to listen to the least damage. Let's say you just tell the man, you know, don't don't be strengthened the women on this way. That's a different situation, but has struck the men could really strengthen and they just released.
So if anybody try that without massive numbers, they will just be bloodshed, so don't try. This
There are some ideas asian do at all. Until you have a ten to one physical advantage, and then you can do anything you want somebody says turn off their cell phones here. That would be a way to go. Sorry says: I'm not touching right, you that he'd have to wear gloves and spit where they get, their merchandise is provided for them. Ok, just keep taking away, and as long as it's stuff for stuff it's hard to get. You knock you to get any more punish than they are, and the barriers that anti far might be destroying things would be felonies, guess it as a big dollar value. But if you simply took somebody's clothing that even much of a crime, small misdemeanor- maybe now I guess it would be- the physical borders is to be probably fell. The anyway put trump stickers on there
cars. There's an excellent idea, identify all the anti for vehicles and put drumsticks bumper sticker sought. So here's my point: it would be a bad, bad, bad idea to do anything like that. Any kind of citizens moving against Anti via unless the citizens had organised to the point where they had massive numbers, just such massive numbers that even the law enforcement and everything now, if you ve, got massive numbers, you ve been kind to do anything. You want both short of massive numbers. Don't do anything outside just wait and see how things are developing but shouldn't we at least organise. Should we not know exactly who is in charge of the counter counter revolution and again we should stay completely legal, because what I'm suggesting is protecting the United States, not overthrow
And I'm suggesting returning to law and order not having less of it. So we shouldn't do anything that the illegal but couldn't you organize? Would it not be completely legal to organize effectively at the neighborhood watch, but for the whole country? How hard would it be. Yeah- and I don't know it's happening with the Rico laws- I'm guessing that there's a lot happening behind the scenes in terms of looking for leaders and arresting and such like computers starting to come to life and make noise not supper. There, there's not much else happening, so I'm gonna keep it keep it short today. Spray them read, somebody says you know in
Turn this off, I used to be a bank teller and we used, as is exploding money packs. If you got robbed, you would give them one of the pack, some money that has exploded die in what we do is they were just coat, though the bank robber with his blue ink, so they couldn't blend into the background. It just be obvious that they just rob debate. There might be something like that there might be a way to tag Antiphon, but I wouldn't use Paypal guns. Apparently that causes trouble. Solving problems is a good discussion here. The one thing that I think we can all agree is that none of these
None of these rights are about solving problems. Would you agree because it in order for anti fraud or black lives matter, to solve the problem, the minimum required? Our problems are trying to solve the minimum requirement would be that they had some kind of the leadership that they recognised and therefore could negotiate on their behalf, and that ownership would narrow down all the things that could be asked for two sub group of things might be possible and then they would find somebody to negotiate with and then they would get busy doing them, though they might do it. At the same time, the protests are going on this.
Get busy doing them, how they might do it at the same time, the protests are going on as part of the pressure, but if you don't see that, if you don't see a leader who has specific demands and is authorized and negotiate, you not see black lives matter, let's not was Governor Yu Nursing Anti far trying to make the world a better place. There's nothing like that is pure destruction. Unless they have some, in the rescue for if, if you just have individuals, somebody says well, I'm sort of on the side of black lives matter arrive in article saying the things that I think would be good and then somebody else rights another article with some overlap, but different things. That would be good. That's nothing until you have somebody in charge who can negotiate for all of you,
you're, really everything is just a bunch of people destroying stuff. So it would be a mistake to see this is some kind of a political move that trying to improve the lives of the people involved. There's nothing like that because it would look completely different. If that were the intention, I think it's mostly just anger and lots of different motives that came together so those somebody said they had to recall of me Social media manipulation will probably get extreme and next next several weeks and isn't. Imagine is this amazing that we can just talk about it out loud. Nobody, doubts is happening in your. What I'm talking about is the fact that people get on followed, or
radically on twitter, and now I don't know if it's only people who are associated with Trump. I just dont know if other people are being followed, but the fact that it even happens in all its happening massively in all the time. The world? Are we still putting up with that, or at least I don't know why it's happening some more specific answer about what's happened. I was out ok, but we just get used anything. That's all I got for now and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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