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Episode 1116 Scott Adams: #BidenRiots, Vitamin D Saves the World, Celebrities Attack Me, UnAmerican Airlines, Polls

2020-09-07 | 🔗

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  • Exciting vitamin D gold-standard study
  • Fear-evoking headlines NOT supported by the article
  • Political dirty trick technique: “The Wrap-Up”
  • American Airlines allows wearing racist pins
  • My unique tax plan proposal 
  • Debate: Cardi B versus Candace

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My window from my office, what use should be seeing instead of this wider conditions? You should be seeing the town and a red wine and some hills, but instead you see nothing but smoke. That's right! Northern bespoke closed the blinds in here. That's what happens if I go outside now. It's a hundred and ten degrees out there today will be savings. Yesterday, the air quality is on breathable and if I stay inside and can we get the covert everything's great everything's great?
if you don't mind hundred and ten degrees rolling blackouts little bit a covert and of course you can breathe there and you have my burn down, but other than that, looking good, So if I can start at all negative, so let me put a positive spin on us, as I just tweeted the really only two places in California that are dangerous. I don't think you can say that about allow places, but our state of California only to dangerous places. Those two places are indoors and outlook. If you can stay away from either be indoors or outdoors you'll be safe in California, The other thing that will make you say is the simultaneous up, and all you need is a copper among our gas tankers, Palestine, accounting, geography, Alaska, vessel of Eddie.
Filled with the earth they re liquid. I like coffee and now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine does a day. The thing that makes everything better, except maybe California skull the simultaneous happen to have the stout go. I can feel the temperatures starting to ease, there's a low pressure system coming in from the east yeah? I think things are getting better. Somebody says it sounds awful. Why do you stay well. Every ever been anywhere else. I don't like to brag, but it is. It is just the truth. I think this is just objective. Objectively speaking, if you like good weather and, like other stuff,
California, you used to be like way up here compared to the second best place, if you like, whether you know fairly, open society, kind of situation, lots of resources, but that was then Now I would say that the gap between California as a place to live and the second best place, love, A gap got closed. What is I'll just marginally better than a lot of other places, because if we build California, you may have to experience a thing called winter or a thing called bugs. We ve got
Have you ever been in Florida during the summer s? Little muggy loaded, muggy guess bugs we don't have that, so you can take forty percent offers, the goodness of living in Caliph, living in California, and I think that's kinda, where we're at. I would say that California is approximately forty percent. Worse all things considered from taxes to forest fires and everything else probably forty percent worse than they used to be and still competitive. That's just the truth. But it won't be them both without where much longer. Here is an interesting fact. Why does this not barking? Do you remember how often I was
news or news related channels and twenty sixteen was quite a bat in twenty sixteen I had a contrary in view that trust When many of you have the same view, but among the people who actually said things out loud in public that was only the group that we're gonna rare because I was saying He'S- definitely can win now. I'm still the same person. Maybe even arguably more interesting now, because I spent enough time talking about politics the lesson of reach and shower and maybe have something to say. I have no interest from any of the news outlets except for you know. I'll get a bright bar radio were bright, born actually still hasn't, just and Fox will occasionally beyond,
But absolutely nobody on the left is interested. Just complete lack of interest. And it might be because of what I would say they dont want there. There I don't think they want their audiences sort of locking. To their little news silo. To hear anybody from the other silo. Who has anything to say. So it's interesting to me that there is no interested now that I've been proven right more than wrong. You think they more interest, don't ya. Our aim was checking on the binding riots, cash binding rights states do pretty well by the way, still still zooming. And I guess we had some big aims and Rochester in Portland.
If you have not yet seen any of the humorous videos from not last night but the night before of the Anti far guy or black black lives matter. I can't tell who got his feet. Call on fire. In Malta cocktail situation of his own doing, I guess we're somebody else's and he started doing what look. Ok funny they answer to pull it out. I wasn't funny if it was you that their feed on fire, but if you just watching it was kind of funny, I dont want to admit that doesn't say. Doesn't speak well of me. Does it, but here in the same boat you laughed when you sought I can see you. I can see you Milo right now. You know that was funny tragic, but are funny and it's been put to music by a number of clever people.
If you haven't heard all of the different music tracks, some of them are really good. And I think they are all funny, but I want to point this out as a humor Tipp, so you'll be smarter after you done with this periscope on how to write humor. Now some people put to music songs that fire in the in the lyrics like, was Johnny Cash, who has its own goal, fire, so us very, your Johnny cash singing, Rang no fire and save the guy dancing with his feet on fire, but. That was not, and then there is also a Michael Jackson. Thriller, where the
lay the guy with the feed on fire. They play the reverse. So was his moon, walking moon, walking with slavery, see they play that Michael Jackson's, I think, is really really or smooth criminal or something. Was one of those, so that was pretty funny, but the folly is one by far was for loose. If you haven't seen the one you should. Google, just Google Anti Fund, footloose feed on fire and will probably come up and what's funny about footloose, is that the the mood and tone of the song Footloose is happy and free and sword. Like a celebration of life and freedom, and all that has been put to put to a was feeder on
So here you use your humor lesson of the day humor or the they laugh reflex. Happens when your brain care process to things that don't fit together, so if you can create a joke where you ve put two things together, the sort of faded in pseudo Lang, pseudo love way, but your brain knows they don't go together, that your brain, just laugh because its two things I don't belong together. I want you see that rule. It becomes a lot easier to write. You were or to know that you ve been correctly You say you can make to things, don't fit together. Together with the pseudo logic, people get that right Let's go eleven So listening for the happy Footloose on while the guy's desi with
Legs on fire, he shouldn t be, but it is speaking funny man in France. I think this was a fox, site or CNN I care, but which one, but a man in France was injured Friday after it blew up part of his home while trying to kill a fly with an electric water again tragic, there's nothing volume, somebody blowing up their home unless they did it by using electric flies. Water so the man was The man was in those areas is about dinner these others fly so it took ends electric, So I do not know what to make of electric isn't shocks of why you think they're having a fly with applies. Water would do enough.
But now he's gonna like an electric shock her to his slice, water, to really get the job done, But here is unaware that I guess canister was leaking from the whole sources. Is he swallowed the flies ASP which is not funny? laughing at a different Europe that I thought of at the same time, what's wrong with you, if you're laughing at this joke, this is a tragedy. Think he was uninjured over now he blew up half of his house. Omen was uninjured, but that's the Good NEWS. So while you were sleeping the government, in was solved, what he don't believe it no us is solve now. So I might have a little bit of hyper really in that statement just a little bit but listen to my evidence.
Yesterday or this morning I guess we saw the result of a rare, devised clinical trial, also known as the good stuff we're not talking about observational study, where you just look at things happened, we're talking about randomized, were they control where they randomly created two groups of people. Who were hospitalized, but not yet in the icy you and they give them vitamin d, No, they also drugs correctly and zinc, which was part of their standard treatment for all of them. So every Do you get treated was already Hydroxyl clearer, Queen Ann Zinc, whereas, as you might ask not the United States, surely that is correct use in Spain. So it's a Spanish Study University study linked with. Asked the boy and these studies, seventy six people,
a divided them, you randomly roughly half and We found that the ones who are treated with the council, a feather yentl its they call the downstream. Product and vitamin d three, so it's vitamin d, three but it's not the same vitamin finally do that you're getting over the counter. This is server hyped up, beefed up. If he will medical grade vitamin d slopes obese autonomy, clear as possible, you don't get that right, and indeed just by getting the pill over the Counter the pill over the counter might be useful, also we're talking about a strengthened version here and give to people, and so it helped keep Bilbil
the people ever the icy you by a factor of twenty five. It was twenty five times more powerful than the people who didn't get it. I'm Moby say that wrong, but I do not mean the difference was I get out of the control group. Exactly one person ended up in the ice. You in the Azores, the group that got the vitamin d. The special kind of identity, only one of them ended up in the ice you, twenty five or twenty six of them. Versus the half of the people and the other group, half of them as well. So one from half of them go into the icy you to just one. Now it's only seventy six people, that's
enough is enough to get a statistically meaningful result, especially when the result is so different. If the resulted, closer and you can just say well mathematically, there's a difference, but it's only seventy six people, that's when say it's only seventy six people- that's not me, enough. But if you get a difference of twenty five times, then you still need a bigger. You still need a bigger trial. It's not a hundred percent confirmed because one trial- that's even it's so well designed trial, but still seventy six people, that's not enough. So it is not a hundred preserve confirmed but also there were some questions about whether
to random. Randomize groups were truly as random as they can above does, or a few more obese people in these group that didn't get that these three. So, but even if you are to correct for all of those differences is still, the overwhelming advantage that was shown in the study, if it if it holds to be true Now, at the same time and by a coincidence. There was another study and observational study The observational study is not a good guide, so it's not like the first gonna talk about, which is the gold standard kind, just needed more people. That's that's. His main problem but the observational study. It is really group did this and that we also found strong, strong correlation between how well People handle the covered and how much vitamin d they have in them,
so? I found that if you had vitamin d levels that were near normal, you did well. If you didn't you didn't poorly now, you learn something about the difference between observational and recognised. Like this. The observational study can't tell you which way the cause and effect or because it because if you just look at what happened, what you don't know is it because they didn't have vitamin d and that's the reason they had poor outcomes or do they have power poor outcomes, because they were generally unhealthy and people more generally unhealthy, also have low vitamin d so as a vitamin d, just a coincidence of the fact that
for who are unhealthy, have bad outcomes or is there a closet thing? The observation will study won't tell you which, to which direction it goes, and he can't be entirely sure that even have the correlation right. If it's an observation is that But because there was also a randomize clinical trial that one- will tell you the direction a little bit more reliably because the groups were chosen randomly. So if you choose people Surely you are not already selecting the sick as people just accidentally, because you're you're human beings, you, maybe you treat the sickest people differently than Classic is people so unless you have explained that well, but the point is that there are two pretty strong indicates
vitamin d, maybe the silver bullet, because if you could keep ninety eight percent of the people who would have gone into icy you out of the icy you if that holds the eight percent or sudden number like that. We're done because I dont think that this this. What would you call it medicine? Chemical, why didn't I'm not sure what it's called, but I don't think it's inshore supply. As far as I know, there is no shortage of it. And it doesn't look like the kind of thing the people would necessarily hoard for preventive reasons we could probably get there would just sun and supplements. But if this is true, we could be done. We can act,
will you be done now soon? Take a little while for the of these studies to work through the system, people were critique them, they could fall apart, as other studies have fallen apart, so don't get too excited if the stock market doesn't go up by the end of today, I'm gonna be surprised because- looking to me as though we were very close to maybe we have it. And that would be amazing now if this is true and if it turns out that the validity of the big I would like to remind you that you should always look back and look at the people who predicted things correctly. And keep that in mind for their next prediction is as somebody who got the last thing right: nothing before that right
Or have they ve never been right about anything good thing to know. Our mark is close today, darn it yes markets closed, so tomorrow will see what happens tomorrow. But I would like to remind you that the very first thing I ever said about grown a virus was to take vitamin D. Would you confirm. That must have been Januarius. Maybe it was the beginning of February. That. I was saying right out of the gate. Take your vitamin d. Take you vitamin D. Now that was before I noticed any coincidences or correlations later a few months later, I said to myself: I wonder why some people are getting the drone viruses, covered nineteen really badly and some people art and I started- noticing a pattern
black people are getting worse. What is what is it that they have in common low vitamin d? Hey fat people, People with and we start do you start looking at all the groups that performed They have one thing in common. Got involved were low vitamin D. But again the correlation could be backward. You don't know So I had suggested months ago that vitamin d might be the magic bullet. Here say the vision that we were getting close to it and if we get that, just remember who was right- and he wasn't- I be put Tweeted there, if you use the voting republican, sorrow, he's giving advice the Republicans her
Years for now, you're grandkids will ask what you did in this moment. A you'll have to tell them if you were a quote John Mccain Republican or a quote Donald Trump Republican. And I tweeted back I'll tell them. I start believing in fake news after the fine people hooks, because here's the thing. A lot of people didn't understand. The wooden tromp was talking about cocaine and said, like people did captured a lot of people. No, that was a joke one of them, Didn't know there was a joke. Was was was, was a Daisy Fuentes marks. Now you might recognize the name daisy winters as
so she's, an actress, she's recognized recognizer from various things, she's, a blue jacket and you tweeted this talking about the Mccain thing two plus years ago. This was a story. It's on tape, meeting what Trump said about Barbicane. Like many other insane things. You said that blind zombie followers. I think that's me, I think I'm one of them, lions zombie followers ignore, but it cannot be denied. He called senator John Mccain, a loser for being a pr w. This is typical. Trop he's a I hate filled liar and dishonest. So
what I saw that I commented back to daisy. Winters marks, I said Trump told a Chris rocket joke about my king Gos Chris Rock actually told their job before trumpeted, but but he didn't credit raw and then I put in parentheses, the joke about preferring heroes who didn't get caught. Him save joke wages worded differently. And then I said, you literally want to overthrow the government, because you don't recognize a joke, that's act, Molly was added this. Somebody who wants to overthrow the government of the United States, in other words, get rid of trap at any cost in part, because she doesn't recognise a joke. And so I said, maybe the problems of your end she received
as you might have, might imagine this way, Bs Circus with trumps trained monkeys again, I think that's me. I think I'm a train monkey and this telling of it defending used to penalties what's wrong with you people again. That would be me who cares if Chris Rock manager You should see where this is going. She is now acknowledged that the president told the job. She did not know until I explained it, then it was a joke So now she has to change her objection from me. A horrible thing you said to yet it was a joke, but it's still horrible adheres why He says the president must know better than to say something like that
many better things. To quote as president, how do you fall for this crap now genesis tramp tramp doesnt have a sense of humor. So therefore I couldn't about a joke earlier, to which I pointed out. The trump is the most successful stand up: comedian and the history of humanity Because is realities which or some gigantic audiences are literally stay other poverty. He does it to entertain. He intentionally says funny things and is already. Laughs and they go there because they know he's gonna, say funny things that will make them laugh, He is literally the most successful stand up comedian in the history of civilization. If you just look at the number of people who go in,
person to watch and say funny things and then laugh about it and he does other things but after a net? The reason that the crowd is so big is a breach of the entertainment and largely you So how can you be informed about her as Daisy Fuentes marks would like to believe? She is, I think without knowing that the presidency is not only somebody who doesn't know what a joke is. He recognizes them, but he is the most successful humorist of all taught him in ITALY instead of comedy you in front of alive audience. So when you kept somebody you after do they change their mind when they get new information. While I've we see that happened, but here's a finance guy. Somebody was not an artist who must be abandoned supporter
And he repeated the very fine people hoax as if it were true, so, as I often do. If somebody's thinks the fine people, a thing is true, I go in and corrected this is thus the low information voter version. I like to say that, because it puts people on their heels, if you don't somebody there a low information voter, then you tell them what they must make some pretty bad, which is partly why I do now who really say specifically included from the fine people groups. I challenge them to go back and look at the transcripts. Now I don't. If you did but here's the set up, so somebody was a antitrust they're not an artist somebody from some kind of the finance background, so as somebody who knows critical thinking and risk management- and I just told them that a central part of their belief system, this fine people- think
didn't happen, and I just I told him where to look to confirm it. Now I dont know if you look or just knew that if he looked for, you would find out who is wrong, but here was Israel reaction. He tweets me, This, as I see it got atoms says, has gone from drawing comics to randomly commenting on twitter, defending trumps, racist speech, and thinks I'm a low information. Voter, ok. What did I tell you? It's it's always sarcasm, so the artists will just save stuff is just badger crazy. You do that. You can tell the artist like our you said: that's not even
logical, but when the people who actually do understand reason and logic and risk Mandarin stuff, like that, like those gentlemen, once you show them that they ve been duped by their own news sources, which is what's happened, these are smart people by large smart person who s been fooled by his news. Persons because he thinks are still news that a lot of people don't know that that any attempt to display the news and objective way. That's not really per day. That's a little bit ten years ago and five years ago there was a big change, so look for their look for their sarcasm, tell So one of the things that happened this week is that most of the citizens of California became pro nuclear power.
Now. They all know that the report on nuclear power, but they will be because We don't have electricity in California all day, long like you, other people do and its because a bad energy management, because we close then a nuclear power plant, we're going to closed closed down or have some gas facility. So we ve been Mismanaged everything- and I think that a lotta californians are gonna, learn for the first time. Ok, ok, I'm a little desperate now as I do need electricity live. So? Can I get there were solar panels now. What would work and then I think nuclear is a guarantee at this point
we can stop selling nuclear. I think it's sold. We still have to convince people, not convince because that that imagines that you know you know use in fact that some people need to be educated. That one. Nuclear energy is in the year. Twenty twenty is by far the safest type of energy sources, not even close so Michael Cohen southern there's a new CNN trick that you're seeing a lot of so CNN, wool and other other disreputable news places the a headline little something like Trump bites. They offer a puppy and you'll. Think yourself, my guide Trumbull bit ahead. Bobby, and then you read the article and though
nothing like that it'll be Trump gently, tapped a puppy on the head and said good dog and you look at the title again and it'll say Trump. Of a dog that he'll say: what's happened, and they read the article Trump gently, better dog. You think yourself. How is this possible let the headline or sometimes the theme that they introduce in the first paragraph two like what they article is about. Has no resemblance to the information in. Here's the best example you properly, so the story that Trump originally hired Obama, look alike to be filled. His office, getting insulted by Trump and then fired, you saw that right You probably also the story. The trump had such a ban,
feeling about Obama. There His own entertainment, other reason he hired and look like just so. He could insult somebody to his face. Who looked like Obama? That was the story right, but then you read, the story It goes on to say that it was. The thing was filmed as a humorous, all skit play for the for the, but I guess they them use, so that is completely different. From not only the headline. Where are they reduce that when they start talking about it in the body of the story, and you have to read like halfway down before you get to the part where they say I was actually made for the Rnc. It had nothing to do with Trump needing to fire Obama. Personal reasons, so you see a lot of that.
CNN Track Nancy Policy described as the wrap up. So there is a very of policy actually describing this technique as a political dirty trick, while he's using the technique. So there is two different times, but you can see here describing the dirty trick and then you can watch, as does the Democrats, use that dirty tricks and The way the works is that some politicians will make a claim, and by itself it may not be persuasive, then get somebody to read the story about the politician and made a claim, and now you have two sources is really just the one person who made a claim
but now it looks like there's also a reporter who Doug into it and is backing the claim, but really they just talk to the first person. Now the other media will do the story about somebody's reaction to the story. So now you ve got just one stupid claim with no evidence turned into a story about this. Proclaim claim that's two sources, and now a bunch of the media start writing about it and saying different things. All based on the one source is not credible and so It is a national headlines and and you're dealing with the well we're, not reporting it's true exactly which is the dogs they use. I'll say is true we're saying the allegation is out there Then we asked this politics so slow they have a new feature on periscope, where it will Will you back into the thing you got kicked out of, which would be a great future
yes. So I lost the connection there for a moment, but periscope now has a future that allows me to get back into the same periscope, which is amazing. I hope that's Sadly, I let me go on as we're watching the black was matter protest. As we're thinking more deeply about everything around there. I would like to suggest that the only standard we should compare people is by similar strategies now, maybe similar starting places. In other words, I was less compare a poor white kid to a poor black, it solicitor boss, starting from a deep hole, what does they use the same strategy to succeed? They say they both pay attention in school stay out of trouble. They stay off drugs. They find a mentor two things. It would be obvious, good life strategy, if you
Compare then the outcomes of- let's say the poor black kid who did everything right: the strategy wise to the poor white kid? Who also did everything right? How would that look? Which one would get the the job which one would be doing better in ten years, if you're not lucky that you're just involved in something that is now for which is what black lives matter? Is it's completely on health, and so unhelpful that at this point, American Airlines said that they would allow their their people to wear a black lives matter. Pin when working but they would not be allowed to wireless approach from a pin or something like that. I think the differences Tromp is political, whereas black lives matter is, moreover, social good would be there thinking, but here's what different justly.
The protests and everything we ve learned about black lives matter being a marxist organization in we ve seen in terms of their actual actions the members actions. You can say now in September of twenty twenty, You can say out loud without getting cancelled the bee alarm. The organisation is a racist organization. Now I think I would have been cancelled for that not too many months ago. But now it's sort of seeped into the under standing of what's going on to the point where you You can just say it out loud, Hey American Airlines, if you let your employees were be alone pin. I would personally consider that racist. Now I get that you could disagree with me and I get that you could say domino we're just trying to me
things less racist. That's the whole point of black lives matter, but would you would you accept that everybody gets them an opinion? My personal opinion is that the black lives matter. Movement was well intentioned by most people, not necessarily the organizers, but most people good intentions for all the other right reasons, but nonetheless it has evolved in fairly recently into I would say, as greater racist organs So if you're not looking at comparing people by life strategies you're just being raised, because if you compare people have exactly the same strategy and he found out, they still have different outcomes. Well, there's your racism, because once you have eliminated, you know the the what you do with your life as being different.
You ve really got apples and apples of that point if there is still a big difference than others to save the presumptions racism. I'd like to know how being that is, but you can't know until you compare people by strategies. Here is an idea for you? Oh well, let me just mention this. I think it was in Mali. Hemingway article mentioned that there's a writer for the Washington Post named Dan Balls Damn ball spelled be a Elsie now never again, balls His brother Harry Harry balls. I didn't really have anything else to say about that. He's just should have a brother mayberry. How about this for a tax plan be ready,
So you ve heard every kind of tax plan in the world's fur from tax the rich to flat tax at Terry. Every other idea, but you haven't heard this one. So this is my very own invention? That goes like this suppose you based the tax rate on the top one percent on the outcomes of the bottom ten percent. So here in rough terms, without working out the details, it would look like this. Your top one percent as a tax rate of acts, but if the bottom, ten percent could let's say, increase their average income by twenty percent that the top one percent get to cut their taxes little
global and if they can get less say more of the term. The bottom twenty percent to graduate from school is thinking. Unemployment down to some really low level. So the point would be that the top percent are not like everybody else, what what bill gates can do or a year, the billion just neighbour, Billinger just just basis. The basis or a gates can do in the world is so much bigger the way you and I can do they can actually change. They can change society by focusing on the right things and pushing right levers. So wouldn't you like to see that the top one percent and again we're just talking in approximates here? What do you like to see the top one percent have a self interest in helping the bottom ten percent directly because it with lower their own tax
If you get incentives right, you can everything right. If you know how humans work if you say to a billion there I can lower your taxes by two percent, but you're gonna have to fear some way without the government's hell to fix all those other stuff figure out how to get the health care for maybe that's. It figured out how to get healthcare for everybody. Do whatever you want. Figure out how to get healthcare for body. If you get that, you actually goes down two percent, just the top one percent This is not a well thought out idea, but I like the idea of the the most successful having it as their personal burden, to make the least successful at least get up to the middle age. If they can
There's a suppose, point numbers and Rasmussen showing a trend which I think is gonna, be more pronounced so Wisconsin After all, the recent troubles it looks like tromp has a slightly not statistically important. Close to it. I in a slight lead in men. So, the only people voting in Wisconsin were men, trampled win but he's getting killed on women. So, where he's got forty percent of men, these illegal thirty nine percent of Women- so that's the big difference, but here's the interesting part according to Rasmussen, he's got support of twenty six percent of blacks and forty percent, forty seven percent of other other meeting, neither white nor black, so
De Boer minorities, so he's got forty percent of non white people and twenty six percent of blacks are supporting trump. It looks like the black man I think, you're going to drop. I feel like that's what's happening now, we'll see, but it's starting to look as though the Democratic Party is becoming a party dominated by, run by women just as black lives matter is dominated. By and effectively run by women. Now, if you don't think that women are running black lives matter, just look at the production action is usually a woman. Annabelle harm Anders, Very funny. Video I forget Dunaway City was, it was probably Portland or maybe Rochester. And there was a video from last night. I think there was a black woman in her car and she gets stopped by a bunch of protesters.
From the camera angle that I had couldn't see everybody, but the people standing directly in front of her car and blocking her from going wherever if you needed to go, might have been home. Look like they're all white, so they look like white supporters of black lives matter and their blocking car, of an actual black person. So all these, like fake lovers, were standing for the car blocking an actual black woman who just wants to get home or guest workers. Ever she wants to go. Somebody says is North Portland, and what do you think happened So here is the competition. There's no didn't look like there was any law enforcement anywhere, so one alone black woman, whose telling these people. The way quite forcefully and a bunch of weight black lives matter. People refusing- because I just Didn'T- want anybody to get through
well. If you were born yesterday, you might say to yourself sounds like a fair competition that standoff. No, it wasn't stared. Because in the hierarchy of the black lives matter, world a black woman is the top of the pile black woman out ranks a black man and black people. General outbreak, the waiters supporters of black lives matter. And I think everybody would agree with that right that that's Lee the rank, which evolved and I'm not arguing that there is anything wrong with that issue sounded like I said, and that's a big mistake or something I'm not saying anything like that. I'm just observant, I'm simply observing.
The black lives matter, movement is primarily female dominated, as is the Democratic Party in general, not that there are plenty of men, but those men are subservient to the women who work running the show and you're you're actually see A trend that protecting a while ago, which is a lot to do with how the genders relate to each other and who wants to be in charge, really. Oh said, the Republicans are more more practical about that. That is to say, I don't think the Republicans have a sense of who needs to be in charge. I think if you ve got the talent, in charge, if you work, aren't you in charge. If you don't you're, not if you ever watch this somebody just doesn't seem to be important,
and the Democrats, who is all with matters that matters all right. That's what I wanted to say today, If you haven't watch this somebody, somebody tweeted and I reiterate that their favor Entertainment is watching the police take back street because there's a technique that the police use there are often get seen before, which is interesting. When the big group or police form a line and they they they go at once and sort of attack the crowd and pushing back there. Thing. The police do again out of this part training or just a thing that they do, but they'll sometimes just push over a protest or like just push lost her feet and fall backwards, and then the protests will get up again. Put him down even see the one that I tweeted.
It's just a Larry's everytime. You watch it because you see this. One police officer push the protester down and the protests or jump right up and sorted gets starts coming at the guy. You push them. And then the guy Poles, L. I think it's a taser look like a taser and they start like tears, the guy, but before he can his ears, buddy and other law enforcement guy runs right. Valuable images pushes that guy down again, so it's hilarious to watch. We are watching at them in the telling that's all I got for now: services, Trump approval, low levels back to pre covert. That's that's a big problem for the Democrats if this vitamin d thing is true and is looking good, we're done if it's true we're done somebody's promptly me to talk about Jake Tapir, so others a story, the story
that Jake Tapir talk to. Somebody was thinking of running against a Democrat that you'd like for and he talked about it and so that the person, the subject person ran and a different rates so that the person allegedly the Jake Tapir liked Democrat would win and his race here's the thing so Jake has denied it. When, when asked directly, did you do this? He said now? There's other reporting, the said. Yes, this almost certainly falls into that category of assorted depends subjectively. You know, if I think, if you are, if you heard all the conversations yourself which he can
It will probably be closer to a conversation about the pros and cons which is different from you, should drop out rates and save my friend so I'll feel like. I can take sides on this one, because you would have to hear all the conversation to ever a good opinion on that, and I have so. I won't do with the fake news does, which is have an opinion on something you couldn't possibly know the details of what really happened. Somebody calls us my encore. I think you're right nor didn't blah blah blah here and I'm not too interested in their story. Frankly, oh listen, party be Cardy B and Canvas so party be, has become interested in politics. You know she interviewed.
Joe Biden, you might also know that the Candace Owens had some public back and forth with her and Candice suggested that baby Cardi B should educate yourself on the political stuff at because Candice notes that she seems formed now I wore I'll echo. What can what kinda said, which is I respect? I tend to respect any artist who succeeds so I'm not a big fan of music and I couldn't even tell you and he saw the Cardiff B and ever done. I don't think I would recognise, and if I heard it I just don't listen to much views, but that said objectively speaking, she's sensationalism successful. So somebody is sensationalist successful.
With their art, I say: that's good. Art is good, because people wanted it it's good, because people bought it there's nothing else. We have to discuss. It is not objective if a whole bunch of people want to listen to your art, you're, an artist and a story security, be I have maximum respect for her as an artist, but I will differ a little bit with canvas and maybe not even much at all, maybe not, but I like the fact she's involved in politics. I like it because there is nothing about this suggests that she's done learning right, nothing about our party, be there would suggest. She doesn't want to around our knowledge of politics,
is so. She is open to making this a continual sort of a system in which he is getting more informed. As she goes. I say more Let me when we give you this thought I've talked about. It would be good to have more than a debate like on tv, because the debates on tv or too limited the people have they don't have. Of time you gotta get to the next question. Basically just doesn't work. But were also would not work is giving your politicians all the time that they want to debate and here's. Why wouldn't work the politicians? Will The sly, both of them doesn't matter who they are. Both sides will just sit there in the context of a debate. They wouldn't say a single thing? That was true because the truth doesn't work as well. So if you're trying to win a debate, this televised-
you just go live through your teeth because it works better and I thought to myself. How would you like to see a debate between Curdy B and Canvas because- presumably Candice would be filling in a lot of blanks. You have just background knowledge that would be good to have to have an opinion and you can watch that happened in real time with two people who actually want good things to happen to the black community into the country, because don't you believe that both Cardy B and Canvas genuinely interested in the well being of the of the country, and I think it goes without saying interested in the well being of the black community goes without. I would love to see them debate.
You say to yourself: no, no Scott, because curry be might not know as much as some Pandit might not know. As much about politics are some professional. I say that ok, because the pond and the professional or just liars their professional liars, I dont We need to see a debate between two professional liars, but if you put candles, cardi be from the camera and just just turn it on and just step back, watch what happens. You're gonna end up smarter. You're gonna hear something from Kansas City had never before, and you can say really say really you to let them up and unify now. That's the thing So watching candles say respectfully does I think she would do it respectfully, respectfully, Fill in the blanks for a be would be real
that wouldn't even be just worth watching, It would be the best thing I can watch this month, not counting the binding rights which are very entered in. So let's do it. Who is with me? Wouldn't you like to see that tell me the truth. You would like to see that, and it would be better. Watching the politicians cause. I would just be liars, I don't think Candice. I dont think as ever been accused of line. I mean I'm sure everybody's minute used like, but I would I would trust Candice to come with it If anything she said wasn't under percent accurate there wouldn't be because she intentionally lied. Cardy b I see no reason to think she wouldn't be completely honest. Love to see too honest people haven't debate. How often do you see that
to honest people who actually just want the world. Do better now would be the best debate of the lawyer hands down. So let's get there go left us it s. Often our talk, dealing
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