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Episode 112: New Executive Order to Keep Families Together

2018-06-20 | 🔗


  • President Trump’s critics were imagining that a third option existed
    • Sign a piece of paper and problem disappears
    • President Trump embraced the imaginary third option
  • Competing to be the most offended critic


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i'll tip tip tip to i've got a little cup of coffee here but more of a reflex because i need it uh are you all watching the news the new this is happening so quickly i can barely keep up there's news all over the place news news news i'm going to let a few more of you sign on here before we get going uh watching one of the most interesting things i've ever seen it i don't know if everybody understands exactly what they're seeing and maybe i don't either so i'm going to view the flash reaction if you allow me to back out of that should
should i learn in ten minutes that everything i'm saying is wrong all right let us start with as you well know i had framed the situation i think accurately and saying that there two sides one side who wanted to keep families together an were opposed to children being separated from children and the other side was sort of in favor of child trafficking because that's what happens if you're not in favor the other side there were only two choices and then the president sign in act that says we're going to keep families together and so people are rushing to me on twitter to say see you said there were only two options we told you he could just sign a paper is that what happened
did he make the problem go away by signing a piece of paper do you think that's what i don't have you seen the detail of what is going to take to keep all the families together no you have so here's what i think is happening and again i'm going to you know all adjust opinion as information pours in so this is so you preliminary opinion the president was trapped with two bad choices separating the children this is just short run in the long run i think we all agree if we add lots of time and resources we could get to a good place that everybody likes
in the short run it looked like he had two choices and they were both bad separate the kids or create a situation where immigration looks like such good deal if you bring in a kid whether it's yours or not and that would be even worse situation but because and this is the fun part and by the way let me let me back up i don't want to use the word fun before i first acknowledged that king children from their parents and putting them in cages nobody wants that nobody wants that that's bad news if we can avoid it we all want to we're on the same page about how bad that is but let's talk well what the options are so the president between two bad choices it's either a bad choice this is base hated or a bad choice that would get him you know the midterms would be a disaster he'd get impeached terrible choices
uh and the problem was that there were only two bad choices but his crib yes we're imagining here's the keyword imagining there was a third choice in which you could just sign something in the problem goes away now the reality is just signing something to say will stop let's say enforcing it the way we were just creates the other problem which is more people are incentive to come in so there was no third choice what do you do we and there are two real choices they're both bad and the public is demanding a third imaginary choice the imaginary choice as you sign a piece of paper problem solved that's all you had to do if you sign a piece of
for all our problems go away the old problem goes away the new problem sign that piece of paper so the president trump do when he had to hard places that were real and one imaginary choice that the public was demanding he signed on to the imaginary choice yeah actually he actually embraced the imaginary because in this case the jerry was real to people so instead of to convince them that no you're living in an imaginary world of course i can make the families stay together but that just creates this other problem that we trying to avoid he couldn't couldn't convince anybody of that so does he do the only thing you could do
and by the way i did not see this coming so this is the did not see this coming in anyway what so ever so is embracing the imaginary choice what is what is the they happen next what's going to happen next is that the news has to report what's wrong with his choice in words they're going to have to argue against their own opinion from this morning what are they going to do i've been telling him all he has to do is sign a thing that says keep the families together and it's problem solved so he brace the imaginary and just signed it now did signing that paper make the soul of appear in which would be suitable for keeping families together did signing that paper
create a new staff that are immediately in place to to sort things out did signing that paper cause the judge is that we would like to add to the situation to transport from wherever they are to hear maybe but i don't think so so here's what happened this is the president was very clearly focused on the long term solution which was terra in the short run had bad visuals and was bad for people right wasn't just visuals it was bad for people bad for the people involved better for the public it was just bad but it was the stronger long term play so stead of doing that which she couldn't sell he just signed a piece of paper
and now everybody saying what just happened because that's what we asked him to do and then he did it so everything's fixed now right because he signed a piece of which is what we ask them to do because we were sure that would fix it but judges can't transport from where they are to hear and facilities don't just become available so what did that what exactly does it mean here's what i think happened it seems to maine that the president was being blamed largely for his intentions you with maine the big the big complaint about the president was not oh we have two choices are both bad and you picked the wrong bad one
wasn't that the real problem was his intentions so what did he fix what he signed that document joe those intentions 'cause it didn't change a damn thing on the ground did it we still don't have enough facilities we don't have enough people now in long run we would like to have all of that stuff but in the short run he fixed the where they say you're not doing anything 'cause he did something he fixed the part where where they say you're not doing what we what we tell you is easy and you can do it so we just did it he's been saying it wouldn't make any difference now they will have to argue against their own policy to figure out why it didn't make any difference in the short run
in the long run in the long run in this case could be you know just a matter of weeks could it could be fairly soon but it's still longer run than today the problem was today so he managed to extricate himself from today's problem by joining the side of his critics not all entity join their side he signs a document just like they said and so yeah somebody say worse hitler ever so now they have to hold in their heads wait a minute he supposed to be a monster but when it was pointed out that his polisy was hurting people he agreed with us and within a matter of days sign in executive order that is what people want like hitler wait that's not like hitler so there's this insanely interest
something happening here again when i say there's something is entertaining or interesting i'm not forgetting that the primary cern where empathy should be used with the families that are in dire straits the kids being separated from their moms that's all real i've been on that train from the beginning that's an unacceptable situation in the under so the president has now created a long term solution because there is no short term solution i mean nothing's going to happen this afternoon right those key they're pretty much going to be where they are this afternoon i'm guessing plus there's some whole new thing we don't know about that's the part that would revise my opinion if it turns out there's a lot of detail on this that just hasn't been announced then i will say ok i'm wrong there was a bunch of detail and that fixes the problem but i've been saying from the start that there's no easy solution and then the president went and signed the document
which tells all the people who believe there are easy solutions that they just got one in the mean time they can work on fixing the situation we'll will take a little time little money little resources might take a little congressional actions so they can start moving in the right direction but the president fixed the hardest part which is they believed his intentions were to use the children as gambling or as a whole this is sarah in this action sort of takes that argument away from them a little bit how dare you sir i'm not sure what that means
so peter fonda so most of you saw a peter fonda's hum peter fonda's quote but here's my take on peter he's seventy eight years old and he's done some drugs in his life probably still doing him if you know what i mean i think we could just ignore him that's not a that's not a topic that has any doesn't yeah we don't need to know if he's drunk racine color old doesn't matter he's seventy eight i hope i get a free pass when i'm seventy eight when i say some dumb mass thing on twitter it would be better than my current situation uh
however salute leave their user yeah they were what we see and i'm trying to one i've been wondering if this is biological or just strategic but watching people try to be the most offended and the most sad about the situation i he did say it is a little bit entertaining which again does not take away from the seriousness of children being taken from parents and put in cages that's all deadly serious stuff but it's a big world and at the same time watching people do public melt so that they can be on record as being the most offended by this situation i have more empathy than you oh yeah
rachel maddow cried on camera i'll be that i can i can top that i will kill myself on camera to show how my empathy is greater than yours yeah it doesn't honestly it doesn't come across as sincere even if it is um it might be sincere but it doesn't it doesn't read that way this just doesn't look sincere especially when you see them competing to be the most offended so you're saying that the families will be released into the wild
we don't know we don't know what details are being considered for fixing it now it's possible that the president um didn't have a specific set of details but maybe just ordering you ordering his people to go forward and fix that that could be enough it just won't happen this afternoon was van jones crying too how many kriers did we get ok and keep in mind as i said in my earlier periscope the if what we're carrying about caring about as bad things happen to children the world is full of worse examples and i didn't see anybody crying about them
they're going to use old army base is that the actual detail or somebody just as somebody seemed details yet and by the way just having a facility is still going to take awhile to to get this working that doesn't mean that the buses just pulled this afternoon and they're taking him to the facility i would imagine that there's a lot to do and by the way the moment you get some new facilities and treat everybody well does that does that create more people coming and then you need more facilities will find out what is the title of the eo
i didn't see it her role does yeah taking a and empathetic view of this and that's consistent is always is always at a lot of empathy for the the people in trouble nothing wrong with that schools are vacant then can be used well here's the thing it's one thing to say we have facilities that could be used it turns out it's very hard to actually do things in the real world so even if you had let's say a school that was a block away and empty actually getting the rights to use the school and getting the lights turned on and figure
you know how to manage edge and all that we're still talking about probably months but if if it turns out that there's a fast way to do this that would be great but don't you think we would have been told what it is if there were a fast way to do it to keep the families together from the currents duration you hear some details when you so i think the trump did all that he could do in this situation it might be love your ridiculously effective given the bad alternatives because it puts him squarely on the side of his critics he just took their side and said yeah can't do this i'm going to sign something to make sure does happen now if it takes awhile to get it done at least is fixed as intentions and you by then you'll be able to
point to things that are happening in the near term that will get us there all right i think that's all i have to say on this not much more to say let's let's try to follow the news and try to keep up with this fast evolving story and all talk again soon
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