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Episode 1124 Scott Adams: Fake News, HOAXES, Science Denying, Magic Tricks, and Everything You Thought Was True But Maybe Not

2020-09-15 | 🔗

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  • Whiteboard: Understanding Reality
  • “A Harris administration”
  • CNN new position: mail-in votes are a nightmare
  • HOAXES my smartest liberal friend believes
  • Critical Race Theory is proceeding in government
  • AI produced and fans the flames of all the protests

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Bump bump bump bump bump, and yes there we are again smoky California. I hope many of you live in states where you can breathe the air and do all those things, but I dont so it looks like it's gonna be weeks of breathing whatever. That is. So basically on house arrest of little asked issues like you to go outside, basically, I'm just locked inside for weeks and weeks and weeks. But do I mind not what I have all of you here? No, no! It's all good! When you're here and I gotta tell you- I can't quite appreciate- I don't think I could communicate how much I appreciate the time we spend together in them
during this currer viruses situation. Another wildfires I gotta say it really helps really helps to have this connection with all of you and speaking of connections, wouldn't you like to enjoy the simultaneous, All you need is a couple of other adolescent, Ankara, trousers, Diana Canteen, jogger Flask, a vessel of any guide salute your favorite liquid. Coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine the day. The thing that makes everything better, it's called the simultaneous happen happens then go. Shall we start with the Good NEWS, everybody, everybody, some good news. I start with that. Others are reports at the University of Pittsburgh. Scientists have discovered;
Bio, Milo, cool, bio molecule. You know you should probably practicing Bio molecule before you save and allowed for the first time in your entire life. I have never said the word bio molecule out loud until just this moment Well, it wasn't, it wasn't smooth anyway, this bio molecule. Made neutralize corona virus. So it's not a vaccine. It would be some kind of bio molecule if it works a burly works and animals which generally is not enough to get excited. There are lots of things, work and animals that don't work and people, but this particular bio molecule come on. You ve, probably just said by a molecule at home, just to see if you could do it,
You did say it out loud bio molecule and apparently it's in the sort of general category of things that are generally safe, so it seems to just rapidly just absolutely whack kroner virus. And and looks promising so we might have something. That's. I don't know how long it would take to test this, but seems promising my fate. Story of the day is internet trolls, Jacob Wall, faked an FBI. F B, I read some guy. I think he works with Jack Bergmann and so the Washington Post actually picked it up as a real story, I have to admit, as fakes go. This was really well then, because the
the videos and the pictures of what looked to be really looked like enough, Pierre, Daphne I write raid. Somehow they got FBI jackets. Suddenly, I think they're actors or something. Have you put on this whole fake FBI raid and the Washington Post reported it like? It was real. Ellie. Beast was onto a little bit early, so that's funny now I don't know why I can't figure out an export understand. The part about ok, internet trawl puts on a prank. It's not as first rank.
And it worked really well, but was that the only point which was just trying to see if you can get the the news to report fake news, I don't know I'm not sure what the point that was there will be some interesting news coming out of Rasmussen will later today will heads up. I won't give you the details, but let me just give you a little tea The Erasmus and, of course, does polling, and even if I know some details about this, but it turns out- and this might come as a surprise to this- my covers a big surprise. So but you see the on because you're never gonna believe this turns out that anybody, who lived in the town, they had protests, slash riots, not happy about it. There just now
and will the will it affect their votes? Well turns out? Yes, yes, so the people who live in places affected by the riots looting, slash protests, the not so much the peaceful protesters, but everything that often comes with it. Those people are not happy happy and here's. The part you didn't know Because there are so many protests and they concentrated on the population centres, if you said yourself well, if you added together. The entire real estate that every protest was taken in the United States. It would be like a pin brake on the Big United States in terms of space that they occupied the fuse.
Trades in these seventy four point: one percent of the real state was affected by these protests, but not really about real estate. As a spur people. If you happen to live near or what I'm driving distance of where there was losing it change your vote. Not every time, but man people are pissed. So when we do you see the details in that, but the biggest news is well. Let me put this in another context as impossible, as this might seem by November, we might be kind of over the corona virus. I dont mean over a medically I dont mean over in terms of the economy being back to normal, we won't be over it in terms of what is doing to us. But
quoting my late mother, who taught me one of the most valuable things you will ever know about. People goes like You will understand humans, here's the thing we can get used to anything, including hanging. There was little saying you can get used to anything, so the problem with the corona virus from the democratic point of view. This complaint about the president, not handily at the way they wish it would have been handled. But it's really gonna seem like old news, but November, even while we're still experiencing because whatever, happened in April? It just feels like a hundred years ago already and we'll talk a little bit more about that, but dont discount. The fact that you simply get you
the corona virus, you just get used to it and then whatever is happening at the moment, artificially takes a bigger role because you're just get used to the other think so protests are still happening in their still new news about it in those new video everyday, which seems to be the case. People are going to vote on the protests way more than there are going to vote on growth, a virus and have only to do with the fact that you just got used to one and you haven't yet got used to the other one. I want to give you a little context about what makes me look at the world a little differently than other people. I get asked about this lot. People say to me: scouts got what happened to you, that you see the world differently and I've noticed that there are people who took what I would call my journey people who
Suddenly we're doing similar things and had similar experiences often think the same way. I do, and I found to be useful, to show you what that looks like here is my path to others. In reality. When I was a little kid, I loved optical illusions, The fact that your brain had this this blind spot You can be looking at an illusion, then, even though you know it's really not that it looks like it it's all. I was always fascinated by how easily the brain could be fooled by an optical illusion, suddenly you're looking right at Then then, I started noticing that people are different religions learning one religion, but people are different ones and I even the young age of eleven, besides myself, ok, I don't know what's going on here, cause he's. Religions are completely different, so
If I imagine I got lucky, I got the right. One Luckily, I was born into the family that they had the right religion and all the other people were getting the wrong religion but or baby. The wrong religions, other possibilities, but the one thing I can say for sure is that everybody who had a different religion You tell that we were not basing our just religion on facts so much or at least not all of the world, so Because the people would believe just buy anything, now who was right and who is wrong. But it was pretty obvious that billions of here
were otherwise normal can believe. Just about anything that I got interested in magic when I was little trip trip that little kid doing magic tricks and you start learning that there are the predictable Lesabre blocks in your brain, predictable gaps and blind spots so that you can craft a variety of different magic tricks. They take advantage of weaknesses and perception now, once used are doing enough magic tricks, and you see the EU starts in all the weaknesses and perception. It changes. How you see the world and you start saying well you know it's magic tricks, can fool people so easily. Maybe I should look into those little more, I so lucky to have noses and persuasion, and by the time I started analyzing fake news. I gotta tell you it was easier.
It was easier to analyze, fake news. Let me give you an example of what learning magic tricks does. If you can see this here's a penny panel there's nothing in the sand. Watches gonna take this penny. I'm just gonna put my finger on it, squeezing until it becomes a quarter now, is that so learning how easily people give fooled primed me for looking at the fake news, there is news. There is little clip. There went around twitter today. That I recognized immediately as fake news and it was a clip of biting the view from twenty nineteen and the clip was,
it fell to me like he was obviously edited to take out all of his coherent statements and kindness, together a whole bunch of hesitant young, incoherent things now he is a little bit hesitant and incoherent, but it was clearly edited to get rid of all the coherent parts. Nigh point that out cause is the same track done by the fine people hoax and what people say when they saw the fine people oaks- and, I said, hey- that's a hoax. They all said the same thing, the ones who have been fooled by dogs to a person. They said Scott. Not a hoax. I watched saw it with my own eyes, with my own ears, ass, real, but then what about this violent, video? You watched him with your own
He heard it with your own ears, but it's not real. Somebody helpfully showed that the full videos he can see that was doktor. It's just like the magic trick. You saw a penny in my hand, so It was apparent had to be abandoned. You sought saw with your own eyes, but it was just a magic once your brain is primed for looking for the magic trick, you can see so here's the ears, the correlation people who were interested in magic tricks when there were kids watch for this correlation there less easily fooled by fake news, deserters primed for it.
The best Freudians slip of the day was commonly Harris, referring to quote a Harris administration, and then she corrected it together with Joe Biden. So here's what she'll do with a Harris Administration together with Joe Biden now. What did I teach you before this happened? If you ve been watching my periscopes, you know. One of the things you learn in hypnosis class is that these are not. Accidents are the first a hundred times. You see somebody mistake you say to yourself. Ok, that's like a funny coincidence, because when they misspoke, they said something that it felt like they were revealing some inner truth. But you know it's just they just use the wrong word. Nope nope, once you start paying attention you'll see, is not an accident not like they say it's never an accident.
My claim will be that in general it's actually meaningful. Not a hundred percent of the time but it is more meaningful than not. Do you think it's an accident. That combo errors refer to a Harrison administration, you I say that out loud unless you been thinking unless it's been part of a conversation, so I think she has revealed that at the very least, there's a conversation going. About getting rid of binding or how long you last or something along those lines, there's a story which didn't get big news. I don't the major news covered it, but there is research institute and researcher who may hear claim that the
quota virus that came out of the allegedly came out of the war on lab had to be artificial. That's pretty big news right! There's a researchers used know this field who, as claimed that it could not have been a naturally occurring virus and that she can tell you exactly how they made it s. Pretty big clay, not only issue saying this man made, but she is claiming she could make it herself. In other words, she already knows the components. If you take this, you take this. I think she said and six months you could make this thing that true what I don't know if it's true but there's a claim today, that the research institute had some connection with Steve mostly ban has been hammering on China for the move on your profile virus So that's all flag. He have to ask yourself: why is this not
the headline NEWS and the answer is, I guess the news business has decided. It's not entirely credible that in its false member. Whenever I use the word credible, that doesn't mean true or false. It just means that the nature of it tells you to be cautious about believing you, that's all so will keep an eye on that. So here's here's another magic trick and something that people study magic would see the Anti are using their magic trick that most of you now this, which is in the magic trick, is that
the name themselves anti far, and then they say: don't you get. It were anti fascists. So therefore, if you're against us, you must be a fascist. Now, that's a magic trick to force you into thinking a certain way. The real trick is that capitalism and fair, same thing: that's the magic trick. So, instead of saying, hey we're going to destroy our capitalism, which You might say to yourself that sounds pretty bad, because I'm pretty sure, if you destroy capitalism, we all die or were conquered by China, etc, and but the end, if I guess you say all capitals, who said capitalism, I said anti fascist. I didn't even mention capitalism. What's? What's capitalism got to do with it.
By here's, here's how you know: that's the magic trick. Have you soon, the regular news interview somebody from Anti far and asking this question. Can you tell us that there is such a thing as a capitalist system that you would not consider fascist. There isn't. Bernie Sanders vision of a socialist version of capitalism would still be fascist, and this is something that the news if they did their job? If, if we had a real news business, there would be calling- all leaders or representatives to somebody who can As you know, have leaders in the traditional sense there, their public and identify they do have some kind of coordination. But they don't seem to have. Anybody was the spokesperson, but still you could find people who would be willing to talk about
so, if we had a real news business they would call them on they say trying to understand anti fascist. So I have one question: could there ever be a capitalist system that does not fascist. The answer is not really now they might try to finance it by saying share. Assure you have you did everything right, but you really can't bill this system because it would remove incentives, human incentives, so would it would fall apart. So the fact that this dog is not barking, meaning that the news business is not giving you Annie and they look not an approximate one, not I'm not a glance, not anything about what does that mean to be anti fascist? Nothing, it's just not a topic that tells you that the magic trick is working.
Susie focused on it would fall apart. The rubber some of the things that I said at the beginning of the corona virus. I told you Why didn't you? You will be important now studies into be validating, the vitamin d might be not just important like really really important unconfirmed, but look in that way Now, there's a forthcoming study from twenty three be showing that your genetic code could affect how how much the credit of our, the facts, you so remember, I told you earlier on, you know: I'm got a failures genetic correlation here and that if we knew what their genetic Coralie, was, we could do way better in protecting ourselves, because we know who needs to be protected and now pure enough. So I say this,
because I always tell you that you should watch who is predicting well. One day one practically. I was a look of genetics, look invited to day and correct correct. So so you have to believe you gimme those checks That doesn't mean I'm right on everything and when I'm wrong, you should pointed out and the obesity and being African American either a whole bunch of things that increased risk. I dropped out too was in California yesterday, talking together nuisance and people about the forest, fires, etc. Now here s a little fat? you may not have processed when you're, watching that it's kind of interesting that Trump gave a nuisance Treat each other with an unusual amount of respect, wouldn't you say they differ, no doubt about that, but
There is a level of respect there. They, u dont, really it falls you a little bit. It doesn't seem to be as nice to every other governor, but he's really nice gave a nuisance, and vice versa, by you, no, they gave a nuisance ex wife Kimberly Guilty well, is, as correspond with Don Junior in a relationship for some time now, and I'm pretty sure fact check me on this. I think that govern Newsome and can be legal file, children right or one child out of what the situation is very least one, which would mean that President Tromp basically has a fact other. Who knows what the relationship or will be in the future? But in fact it's like he has a grandchild,
in law. What would you call it? A virtual grandchild stepson regret a step, grandchildren or something so Gavin Newsome and President Ciampi share family. They actually share family, and I think that you have to really have that. Later on when you see how they interact with each other, I'm getting confirmation that they have a son, and you can you can discuss how important that is, that the personal relationship and the president has been always good with the personal relationships. Anyway. What's interests do here is that govern. Newsome was very diplomatic by saying yes, forest management is a thing that needs to be done better. I think we all agree, but. He asked the president to be open minded to the difference of opinion about the importance of climate change.
The way you worded it was just really good. I have to admit good in the sense that he needs to be super diplomatic, but still get his point across. I think you did say that communication why's. He did a good job. And then the president, because he can go five minutes without controversy I listened to those like myself, don't say it say it talk about Trump, I'm waiting for him to respond about the climate, change, stuff and the whole time. I just know don't do it don't do it, then? The President smiles Regos years, it will get cooler Oh, oh you'll get cooler, he didn't have to say that, but
I think we're all used to it by now that that whatever is the provocative, seventeen is going to say it is theirs. There's a provocative and say something in a non provocative way might get the provocative one. Now, here's what's interest My criticism of that only in that way, it's gonna make people feel and the other politics of it. Criticism of that is not. That is wrong, because my guess is that temperature will will probably modulated up and down. I happened to be only on the side. The says it all likely. The temperatures are going up on average, I don't think it's the end of the world. I think we'll figure out how to mitigate, and you know that disasters have gone down every year because we're better at managing everything from hurricanes to floods. Do you name forest fires even were better at managing a weird way.
There's more to their story, but the point is that we would figure out how to deal with that. Even if it's getting warm, which probably is the president, goes for the provocative statements that cooler you just watch now is that true well. It might. We might have a few years worth a little color on average, but I don't think on the long term. It's gonna stay cool. I could be wrong. You, science, science, can surprise you, but at this point I would say the the the weight of science suggests that the temperatures will probably go up with Don't know what that looks like, so I want to say that if I were the- but I doubt it changes anything at this point and
I say this is another example were, and I say this often, if you think there is such a thing as a good precedent and a bad precedent. I think you're wrong. There's no such thing. Good present and a bad person there are presents were well suited to certain tasks and maybe not well suited for others. The president. Is just absolutely not suited for anything but optimism. You just doesn't have a non optimism mood. He doesn't give bad news now, the Zambian. These bad president, now it means for it some things were. Maybe we should be a little more worried. People would like to hear him give a little more negativity if you want to get your economy back. Who do you want? It's like ghostbusters, like ok, if he wasn't fake optimism about something
just not always the right guy, because sometimes things need to be treated more seriously, but if you want to use the economy, if you want to get a piece, deal with another country. If you want to win three or four Nobel prizes, he's your guy, nobody does what he does. Well that doesn't. Let me let me Let me framework where we say before. In my opinion, the president is bad, easy stuff. The president's present trump, in my opinion, is bad bad. Does a bed easy things now. An easy thing would be saying tat. The country all things are gonna be bad. I have great sympathy for you. Let me say things about to end divisiveness, etc. All of the staff, the Bible says every day is the easiest.
This president waves is handed easy stuff, but I think good at it and all these good at but here's the thing president, and the reason that I have supported him from the start. He can do things that are impossible, so here's the frame The president can do things that are literally just impossible. He just not good things that are easy. Now, the Good NEWS is the easy stuff doesnt seem. Matter as much does it matter that he he turned the entire psychology of North Korea around so that they are not really are our enemy anymore yeah? Who thought he could do that is seemed impossible that he didn't? Did you think that it would be to peace deals in the Middle EAST nope
seemed impossible did neither did you think that when he pulled the forces of the area that the Kurds wherein in Syria and all this, our people said no, no, no, they will be slaughtered. That will be the worst thing in the world. Then it didn't happen. It was impossible to pull our troops out without slaughter and then he did it It was felt that it was possible, move the embassy to Jerusalem. He did. It was impossible to recognise the Golan Heights and the interests that it was impossible to get unemployment down to what it was before the corona virus, and then he did it about tell ELF, just just a tiny little example from my mouth, the things that you changed with executive orders. Did you think it was possible
that we would have tell health. That's no legal across state lines where we have been banned before I don't think so. I mean technically anything is possible, but I didn't think it was going to happen and he just signed a piece of paper. And it happened and I was like the law of the land. Essentially, so that's the frame Not so good on little unimportant stuff that, where you have to say things just the right way, but when it comes to things that are literally literally considered impossible. He doesn't routine we have not noticed that wrecked. How do you not notice that.
Somebody says, whereas Kim Jargon, thought about that the other day. I need a fact check on this, but I think I saw the president the other day out of the blue, with no prompting. I don't think anybody even asked the question he treated the Kim's. Ireland was completely healthy. That happened right. Did we not see? President Trump between the king is healthy just the other day when nobody was questioning. What's that mean think it means the king Jargon either asked for a favour, because maybe you want to marry or the present is just clever enough. Though he knows that the treaty Kim Jeong Hoon with even more respect than you would expect, giving him a little extra respect in public,
basically having his back does. That would be a case of having his back. The present just stepped up, and you just had Kim Jong goes back now. Do you think the king John is healthy? I dont think that his sister, maybe maybe he's getting groomed. To take over. We will hear the reports of that, probably something going on and it might be a pretty big deal so that the present later perfectly plain it perfectly. He just give you just as the contributes back and that will be good for the country. All right I'll leave the things that I wish Trump has said about. The forest fires is that we need nuclear energy, but I think that's just sort of people can't quite understand the topic. Yet probably eighty percent of the country's still thinks you can't deal with a nuclear waste. You can it's not that big a deal
Dangerous does not. They just are not up to date, and I think the president maybe just doesn't want that fight began under I'd. Rather, I would be legally speculating, but Billy, obviously to say, and it would be provocative, so you would expect him to go there, not Here's something that somebody noticed when Gavin A was blaming climate change from the fires. If you see the map, the fires go from the bottom of California to the top of the country, and then the fires of which there are dozens or hundreds and, like the whole state of California, looks like it's in fire in different places. Right up to the border of Canada and there's no fires so after the canadian border, no fires now is the climate that a mile on the other side of the border.
Does a mile on our side. I don't think so. I don't think it's that different. So you have to ask yourself: is it management of the forest Or not, that was a thing that I would like to see is that our forests, that has the biggest risk we should be cutting these on a fifty yard, pass crisscrossing them so that they will be a natural firebreak. It's something start, but I would also like to see those at fifty yard. Fire breaks through the forest turned into what what am I going to say? Why should all those firebreaks that we need to build across all these for us? Why should they be in addition to fire breaks, that's right, they should be bicycle pass. You should be able to go anywhere in California, on a bicycle without reaching traffic. It just is the bicycle paths.
There are also, coincidentally good for the forest. Could you charge people at all to use the bicycle, pass and use that money to help pay for the forest Forest Fire Forest fire remedy I would say yes if I could write a hundred miles on a bicycle path through through cool Woodson stuffy zones, either paved bath day for that slowly I pay for that little bit of it all here's a here's, an update, CNN after reporting for months and months and months Siemens been reporting that every expert will tell you that mail in votes are fine.
There are fine, there is no problem with male in votes. The president's a big old liar, there's no problem mail in votes, they ve worked another. Can they ve worked and other states they ve been working for years. Nobody is finding a problem. Therefore, the president is completely wrong about the risk of melon votes. Well until yesterday, when CNN here's, the important part CNN is reporting The million votes or a total nightmare and that there are completely inaccurate and there's plenty of evidence that they don't work. What did you see that seen in just did a complete one, eighty, a complete one, eighty and they act like they had never said the other thing,
they just they just pretended the months of reporting about how to say that was just doesn't exist anymore, and now the report is wait for it. It gets better. This isn't the whole story. Gets better. Part of the report on CNN said that one of the reasons that mail in votes are so inaccurately is- and I quote, one university of Florida study found black and hispanic voters in the state were twice ass, likely to have their ballots rejected as white voters who could have seen coming right now? This doesn't have anything to do with being black or hispanic. Let me be clear about this. This difference almost certainly has to do with economics. Almost certainly has to do with education,
she's related run. So if you're in a lower socio economic group. What are the odds that you're good at filling out paperwork right eye, the terrible time filling out any paperwork, even the simplest form I feel in the wrong blocks and I got the wrong debate tonight. I sign my name in the wrong place, so you would expect it's completely predictable, that the higher educated you are regardless of ethnicity, has nothing to do with that, but the educated! You are, you would expect your mom. Likely to Shalom reform is that is that even controversy, the more educated, the more likely you can Solana form the more likely you can do anything that requires little bit of thinking.
I wouldn't make this a black and white. Were hispanic thing has more to do with education, but the practical impact of it is that is racist, Male massive mail in votes are according to see an end. This isn't me, according to CNN mail in votes, the thing that tape in been promoting for months or racist, because that would be the outcome black voters would be disenfranchised without knowing because the vote should be rejected and they would know they were rejected our ears and update, unlike who I call my smartest democratic friend who is suffering from tedious Heres, a list of things he believed a few weeks ago. These are all the things he believed to be true. He believed that the president's suggested drinking bleach to cure corona virus. Not he believes the fine people hoax. You believe that
the binding doesnt, why does it believe that melon voting was dependable, CNN told them that last week before this week, you hear the sea? He believed that the protests were probably about tramp tramp of because of the protests. You believe the russian bounties on american soldiers, which a report today says they don't have evidence of that. Yet. Have we ever well, but they don't have evidence of it and he If that you still believes. As of this morning, the Hydroxyl Chloroprene was proven dangerous, so not so much that it doesn't work against crowded virus, but he still believes, as of today, the corona virus that drugs clerk Queen was shown to be dangerous by science, none of it absolutely velvet, so I've been I've been chipping away at him. So
and I sat on the reports about the the uv see light ventilator, that's injecting it doesn't. So now now he understands that the drinking bleach thing was a hoax. I also said on the CNN update about the mail in votes. So now he believes that melon votes are in fact racist and undependable. So once you take somebody's firm belief and you completely obliterated, what do they do? Do they say you know? I was quite fooled by their fake news. Now the youve informed me I changed my opinion and I acknowledge that you are right, and man was I completely wrong up until now. Thank you for addressing me. Did that happen now, but here's the fun part. What didn't happen
cognitive dissonance, cognitive dissonance is when somebody finds a worldview is wrong. They just spelt word salad. Instead, he simply softly redirected. The conversation in here is his answer. He talked about Voting rights as a partisan issue, we talked about votes, suppression and how not enough people vote so his answer to every Can you believe from the news about melon voting being dependable from the same? horses that told me was dependable. They now say unambiguously? It's a mess, he didn't say. Oh gosh, I was wrong. He said there are other problems with voting unrelated now what that means is, and if you study persuasion, you can come to see where this going, that is, somebody who's been persuaded. Someone who is not been persuaded
would say something still on the topic, but it just wouldn't make sense here. He say things that make complete sense, but he's quite unintentionally changed the conversation without without mentioning that means both that he understands that he has been fooled and I give us another debunks will see if that makes any difference. I still think the biggest issue about the krona viruses, the question whether the president did enough testing and when I find out more about other countries and how they did allegedly superior testing. I say to myself: let's dig into that little bit. Why is it that some other country did protesting then hear South Korea. The reason in South Korea did so well in testing. There was a private company who, when the news first came out about the krona virus, they realise that
They have the capability to quickly and ahead of time. I think they started in January, maybe even to the theatre cited in January, but they quickly wrapped up because they were a private company and apparently there was nothing stopping them from doing it, so they wrapped up now. Would you say then that South Korea, their leadership, did that then the United States, to which I say well, ok, you're, not analyzing in this right- is that private company, the deeds well under the really good job and South Korea? What if that was just as american company what if an american company had been as clever as this. Private company would an american company have said you know they have it s right yet, but I'm gonna get busy on this, because I think there could be a billion dollar opportunity, so we're just gonna we're just gonna start making tests gets. Nobody asked us to is not approved by the FDA or the CDC, but we're going to do it.
Is that a leadership, though, because I am not sure that leadership is even part of the question? If South Korea got their solution because a private company acted both aggressively an early and wisely, it took a good risk management approach that was probably good for their profits as well. There's nothing to do with men that has nothing to do with leadership. They just have a company that was pretty smart. I think Germany had a similar situation in which they just head. I think Germany had a private company that was also big in this space, so the private company was able to do something quickly with testing now in the United States,
Another full detail, but I guess the CDC kids were incomplete and have all the parts. So there is a part of the city see fell apart, but where were our private companies? I think our private companies were probably limited by Navy FDA enough in city, see red tape. So if there is a criticism about the president and there could be by the way- I just don't and understand this issue? Yet if there is an issue with president trumps performance, I would think it would be in the in the area of not getting rid of red tape, maybe. Maybe there was something our private companies couldn't do fast enough, because maybe they were barred from doing it, that a thing so. Their a lot. People will base their decision on what they believe about the President's leadership on testing. And they won't know anything about what actually happened.
They won't know that it was probably just private companies making decisions in other countries. That might be it. That could be the old story, wouldn't know, Christopher Ruffolo is reporting that we thought that the president did executive order banning critical race theory train But apparently the CDC is just conclude. Then do it anyway, so the CDC is training clauses uncritical race theory. I think they tried to finance it by not calling at that, but it is- and I have to wonder at what point: does this go the Supreme Court,
At what point is the Supreme Court say you can't teach this critical race theory stuff, because it's just racist. Does this racist? It's obviously raises its gigantically racist. So what does that can happen? Would you like to be scared about the future of human kind? I can deliver. That goes like this. In my opinion, the protests and riots that you're saying run the country could not happen without artificial intelligence. Now the current events in protest movement something's, but in terms of the extent of what we are seeing in the way it's affecting the country.
We would not have this if not for I here's what I mean now, you're gonna tell me, but Scott, the kind of a year we have now in our algorithms, etc, is still controlled by people people programme them people tweak them its people people, making decisions or just using you guys can be the tool that, I believe is a mistake in perception was really while it is true that the humans are to him the wing, A variety of ways, what's also true, as the algorithm forces the humans to do with the humans do, once the algorithm through trial and error has determined what gets you the most profit. The human doesn't have a choice of not following you cause a human will be fired if they dont pursue profit So you say to yourself, but the human as a choice. They don't have
do what the eight I says just as the air. I says, let's see these ads or this this news to people cause I'm gonna more worked up they'll be angry and then click more, the human you could say in some technical sense they could decide not to do it, but then they would be fired when the next person would do so? You don't really in a practical sense, have anyway to fight the artificial intelligence once it decides that this is how you make money, you're gonna, do it That's the way humans are wired, so we are already at the point. Where I controls humanity A lot of people are worried like what happened some day when the air I get smart enough, that the accounts it sentinels making decisions, while I dont think you could argue its sentient, but it
already making the decisions that is literally true ally is determining how mad you are. What news you saw, what you click that and that will determine the government, because our government has to react to what the news and the public. Effectively want the government. In some cases in limited cases can do something republic is in demanding, but for the most part they have to do with the public and in the public is only demanding what the news and social media tells them to think, and it always does that because they, I was telling them what to think so for all practical for practical purposes, artificial intelligence is running the United States. It is that it's already done so there's that
bloom might Bloomberg is who spend a hundred billion dollars in Florida trying to make sure that the Democrats when florida- and I thought to Myself- I believe in free speech and people- should be able to use the money where they want, but when, when the founders of this country were designing a system at what point today understand that one person spend a hundred million dollars in a swing stay and determine the election. Would that be legal? Do you think if the founders knew that could have happened, narrow think they could have conceived of somebody with so much money? That would have been hard to imagine, although you could argue the George Washington was one of the richest people in the world. If you normalizing But why is it legal I understand
this legal, but should we look into let alone, but could you are? I feel like there should be some kind of limits on what one person do you know if you set me well, MIKE Bloomberg can put in up to a million dollars last autumn money, but I'd say I guess I'll be other billion years about ten million the other way, but have one person put a hundred million into one swings state or one that could be a swinging state? That's that's a big risk to the republic. I'm surprised that this legal, I that is
I want to talk about somebody says you don't even vote so this year, I am going to vote. I registered to vote this year. The only result registering to vote this year is for a self defence, because I do think that this is this year's unusual, and I think that everybody is supported. Trump would be in a lot of trouble if he doesn't, when it could be violence, there could be discrimination. There could be any any nor any number of things that can be bad, so just for self defence of voting for Trump there you go.
What does he get in return? What does Bloomberg in return school questions? Somebody says: Kimberly son was from a prior manage marriage. You mean before governesses we'll do effect check on that, because I might be wrong about her her son, but there's still there's still a connection with gave a nuisance. Its indirect right water meter is the slaughter meters at about two hundred percent. At the moment almost every day that goes by their looks better for Trump and worse, providing until that changes. This latter meaner said about two hundred percent, so I guess now- and I will talk to you later.
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