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Episode 1129 Scott Adams: I Explain the McConnell Rule to Dale the Democrat, Princeton Confesses Racism, Tiny Dancer RBG

2020-09-19 | 🔗

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  • An awesome Presidential response to news of RBG passing
  • Explaining “McConnell Rule” to Dale the Democrat
  • Talk of “burn down the country”
  • Chant: “Who do we protect?” “Black criminals!”
  • Princeton systemic racism investigation
  • Pending “Bombshell” report on Hunter Biden and Burisma

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Bump bump bump bump bump on a very common in its time for coffee was got atoms the best part of the day, every single time. Every now, and then you say to yourself: well, it can be the best part of the day again with a cab really can And here it is, and all you need to enjoy the best part of the day is well. I think you know it's a cover by your glass at anchor channels or stand the canteen trigger less a vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me now, then parallel pleasure. The dope of either the day. The thing that makes everything better, it's called the simultaneous happen happens that go ah
that's where we all need just watch a video in Portland of the protesters and apparently somebody who lived in an apartment above or their protesters were thought it would be funny to throw eggs at the protesters from above. And I thought to myself how many of those windows open, because protesters are in areas below lots of places, have windows open, where I think we found a way to solve. This problem sounds like if the police won't take care the protesters, there's nothing that chickens plus residents can't get on together might might break if you eggs, as they say, as the saying goes, you gonna break. If eggs to stop a protest. I think that's insane right. I also talk about the news,
most impressive thing that happened last night is that, of course, we all know the news, Ruth Gear, Ruth Paine Origins, group s way last night and one of her greatest accomplishments in life full of accomplishments is that in twenty twenty before a major contentious election, the most divided we ve ever been in this country for appear, of about one hour, nobody in the country was a dick. Notice. I turn on the tv and I thought How long will it be before people start being awful, and I thought oh, it's actually just people saying nice things and carrying a better family and respecting her legacy, respectfully saying that maybe they deserve.
With our own policy, but that she was gray one and the countess I'll get in out of you, if you sampled, but you're. If you you went to MSNBC or CNN they'll, be Pro Ruth Paine Regensburg You expect it to go that way, but if you went over the fox very respectful, very respectful from from handy all the way through- and I kind of appreciating the kind of appreciated that was just an hour for the whole year. There was just like this one hour, where we were not being taxed each other so good, So here is a rule. I would like to suggest. Generally speaking, we don't like to talk business the same day. Somebody You know you don't want to be taken,
also we are who gets the job after this person died the moment they died, but I would like to make an exception in this case number one. It appears that Ruth Paine Origins, Burg is universally respected, so nobody's gonna. Be disrespectful, urges because we're talking about what happens in the vacancy number two, if somebody s last written statement on their death bed, toxic Of filling their vacancy, then you can talk about it too. You can talk about the moment they pass, because that was there. It was literally their dying wish. Her dying wish is that we talk about and deal is a replacement. She said specifically, so I think, in this case is perfectly respectful to just jump in and talk about the
a tax of it, because I was literally refiner wish and talk about all the things number one. Did you all see president trumps masterful our reaction when he was told about her death. There was, if you didn't see it, he was leaving his event apparently did not hear about it during his speech because he was- stage one happened and there was a long two hours and stage So there is a long period where everybody in the country, except the President of the United States, New Ruth Paine Regensburg Past. So it gives us a stage that it goes to his plague and under the press pool is air cameras, IRAN
one of the most remarkable things. I've ever seen for a political situation. He hears what was remarkable because of the set up, because it was playing on the tarmac and it was right after an event, most important person in the world, the President, the United States, most important event, The the lighting and the set were perfect for this looked just like a movie set just perfectly lit in the background quite easily heard was own Johns, tiny dancer, tiny dancer. Are you kidding me Ruth Vader Ginsburg is about what wishing five dollars very small. I mean what do you think you're? Very you think of her is tiny, tiny and female.
And tiny dancers playing. In the background when the president comes up is told here, he says this is and then he gave way I would say, would be very I'll say it in, and empathy filled response that looked genuine and they looked like just a real human being. Who is just expressing his sadness? He said he felt sad and, Though she was an amazing amazing woman, any such an amazing life etc. Now you don't expect the president to be sympathetic. To show real concern and to be respectful, yeah you, you can't, you think, he's in rail Odin campaign, though herbage user The other side politically,
think that maybe you wouldn't give a perfect response, but I did it and I think that I saw at least one hard core, anti jumper even say. Ok, I gotta admit gotta admit that was very presidential. So let me add the fun part of this. You ready do you believe that the president walked off, the way from the stage to the airplane. Without anybody telling him the roofs better Ginsburg died. Really do. Do you really think so these issues forthwith forthwith? The central do you really think you made it all the way from the stage now at the stage was real near the airplane, so you can to the stage of airplane? It's I'm the tarmac literally on the tarmac.
We only have to get down and walk. I don't know, maybe maybe a few play links to get to the plain, but you don't think anybody talk to him would go off the stage nobody shouted out the first person who taught you didn't say I just want to give you a heads up. You be passed away because you know everybody else knew it. There was nobody, nobody didn't know it by the time you got got off the stage, so you have two possibilities and they're. Both awesome. Ok thoroughly two thousand all these, and one is just more often than the other. The almost scandal, which is more awesome one. Is that why you saw is exactly what happened? He was surprised,
He gave you a genuine reaction that was very human and end. You account here. I would say he acquitted himself quite well presidential. That would be awesome who I think we can hope that happened. The other possibility is that he knew it was coming and therefore he gave the best answer you could give, because he had a little little heads up if that happened and that off its also pretty awesome? Now you could argue and say well, but that's not fair, because he's misleading s by acting as if he's just hearing it, it's a political campaign he's in the middle of a political campaign, nobody is telling the truth about anything from now who knows until two election day list, but you know really expect the same standard waste. I dont in an election
You expect that everything is political. Our system is designed that way. It's fine everything can be political for a while that doesn't kill anybody. You can be political during a political season. There could be maybe a little smoke and mirrors goodbye a little bit of sharing in reality all about to get the best picture. So here's my taken, whether well, that was a little bit planned or completely spontaneous. It was still damn good right, because, first of all, even if it was a little bit planned, even if he had adds up that, doesn't it his reaction wasn't real. His reaction, London, the actual, is genuine feeling. He just waited together
seven November when it was real, real or a little bit planned. It was, though, also was really good job, because we just- expect our present act a certain way, and I think he did it. I would like to explain to you the so called macabre rule you'll be hearing a lot about this now so do with the circumstances in which you would delay Nomination or a confirmation of Supreme Court of Justice in its based on history, and since it's been done once before, Mcconnell delayed Obama's nomination and the
one explain it to you, but I'd like to explain it to deal the Democrat. I have you met Dale Dale, the arctic warrior. Here I am, what can I do for you deal I'd like to Won't you, the Mcconnell rule. Have you heard of it it's about whether you do or do not replace the Supreme Court? Justice, let me just show you this deal on the way bored, so there two important elements of the cardinal rule. Rule number one of these around these are things that would, cause you to delay a nomination that normally you wouldn't delay so delay is unusual, but these two conditions Mcconnell says you could, or should an election year like now? This is an election year so that the feds right, the first thing Fettes,
here, and this is important, Dale Delity, let's leave us. This is important and not or not, or both of these have to true that the president and the seller, or opposite parties now the reason for that is if these seven, the president or up as a party, is you don't quite know what you're gonna get there's a little more uncertainly, but if they were the same party? Well, you just go ahead because You gonna get what you want anyway, so they all. Do you understand this two requirements? They both have to be met and began. As the president in the Senate at the moment, are the same party that the second one is not met so the Macao rule. One of the things applies, is an election year, but the other important part doesn't apply. Do you understand that they'll? Absolutely
your be ever, have regret a measure. What that means. My being a hypocrite because colonel delay. The confirmation four Obama, but he's not gonna, do it for job. That is hypocrites, well, but there is a rule here. You see here, there's a rule and there are two things and they're not satisfied. That's why it's different deal here, that is different right. It's like you here, ok election year election, There would be one one of the two things is either two things here. That will be One of them, I'm gonna, burn down everything they must remain somebody your programme burn down the whole country, all eleven country burning.
Ok? But why are you doing bad confused? Is it because you, like the Mcconnell rule readjust using can ignore them. Cholera! Now cholera, I'll use. It Like you, the same thing, it's Electioneer bottleneck, ok, but do you see this this part here? Do you see this bill,
you can buy there on the whole country via their ideal. Can you come over here? We just need to talk. What would you would you give me a minute? I need to talk there they'll. Could you come over here? So that is how you explain the Mcconnell rule. True Democrat I've, I do think there is another way to do it. Were you just explain None. They understand that money act as though they understand it, but that
doesn't seem to be an option election year. So here is will Mcconnell go ahead and he said he'd have the vote, but does he has the votes? Do you know that? I don't think we know if he has. That's right, so if he doesn't have the votes, maybe not. I so dont know if tramper has would have an advantage if he'd nominees somebody or will we have more of an advantage if he didn't it's very hard, it's hard to
score this right. Imagine if you will just thought experiment, suppose several senators say because I think Lindsey Grandma said he is on record as saying that you wouldn't nominees. Somebody in the situation, because Linsey Ground is also here just election airport he's on is under video, saying it in the least to different times he has promised that he would not be part of nominating somebody in an election year. So we'll see, if he's ex with that. But if you present Trump, would you be better off getting the nominal nomination through, or would you be better off, not getting it through its hard to know? Isn't it because if you are trying to get people to show, up to the voting booth. What would get them they're? More say you re you're republican
and you're on the fence about voting. You like That day. Just one vote, I don't eat up and you have to situations one one is that the term Ginsburg has been replaced and that there's somebody in the job and now there's a commanding conservative majority and the courts. Do you need to vote if you have a commanding conservative majority? That's why you care about well you might say, maybe I'll, get another another judge. If Tom you selected but you might say to yourself you might to judge advantage here. You go, le vantage there. So we ask and enough.
So I don't know how will our voters will react if they'll be more or less motivated, based on whether there is or is not? Somebody fully met their position. I would think if I were President Trump, this is what I would prefer. This is just a preliminary thought I think there, smart people like if, if an hour for now, you see Carl Rove disagree with me. You should probably just take Carl Roves opinion, because this little bit out of my depth here, just a little bit. Here's the thought. We have a million topics that people will be thinking about from the corona virus. Do the economy to foreign relations and everything else, but if there's an open supreme court of seed and and is being held open for the next
under that condition, that's the only thing that matters corona virus? It's not gonna matter much. If there's an open superimposing all you care about As I said, every conservative, then you're angry at the President, for whatever corona virus stuff is gonna say. Ok, I did like that for all of our stuff, but I really care about this Supreme Court seed, so what I would do if he left it open if Trump left an open intentionally number one. He looked like a good guy. You wouldn't with like a dictator, but I don't think it's his personality to wait. You're. My guess is that Trans personality is that if something is available, he's gonna take it. So if there's any chance, he can get this through. I think he'd push it but
If he didn't you just completely fooled, everybody said hey. Let's imagine if he said, let's otter was honour, Ruth Bitter Ginsburg, by leaving it open. Well it will just blow your head off he's never wanted. You wouldn't feel like a dictator number two. It would seem so fair that you would be confused like who is this. But it would also take every other topic off the table and it will only be the Supreme Court effectively and does the presidency have an advantage if the only thing you talking about is the Supreme Court? Maybe I'd have to see the polling this. I don't know how you
Really builder Sus level, but my feeling is that conservatives quite care more about the Supreme Court, then that the Democrats do so. I think he'd actually getting advantage but be risky play, is gonna, set a precedent either way. Here's a question for you It seems that the whole country has this idea in their head that Ruth bade Regensburg should be replaced with a woman. To which I say yes, that standard becomes something that, although it's not a law, is not a constitutional requirement, but if it becomes sort of hardened into a standard is a constitutional. It feels completely.
Constitutional to decide that one of the seats or any of the seas and the Supreme Court have to go to a certain gender or a certain ethnically? Isn't that the opposite of what the Supreme Court should be helping us? Should they be the one place where they just don't look at that now, I happened to be completely in favour of diversity in the Supreme Court. So if you gave me the choice, of course, I would rather have diversity and you get a good mix of male female. You get some other ethnicities and there. I think that the great guess gives you more credibility for your decisions. But even though I would like the outcome and even others a historical precedent for holding a seed open for us or gender in particular, isn't it completely against the constitution today,
That is, if somebody went into for a job interview at a corporation and the corporation said, you know you're very qualified, but you're you're, a man and we're just not picky men? Would that be legal. You have somebody women for a job working for the the court would say they wanted job cloaking for one of the Supreme Court of Justice's. And they go for the review and the supreme, and where is doing the interviewing says, you know we really want a woman for this job without legal. It wouldn't want it. So
to me that having a gender requirement for the Supreme Court is the most unconstitutional thing you could possibly come up with, even though, as I say, I think, we'd be better off with a diverse court. Is just this kind of creepy that the only way I can get theirs by violating the constitution no no better way to do that. Already. There are crazy people, and by that people on the left, who are talking the burning down the country that seek its filled, wow happen. If you just took all their energy animal images, how do you know where wages wait? All these people? you think they're gonna burn down the country and take to the streets and all that one. If you just said yeah, you know you got a good point, we're just wake, it would take, only energy would be interesting.
Nobody, I told you that it will be theoretically possible to do a gigantic brake on the protesters, whatever severe or protest, because they're loosely organised, and I said all you have to do is get a charismatic young black woman, because that would be the highest credibility within the within the protester community. A young black woman we just want to adequately be sort of the top of the ranks, and is that this person was a prank sir. I pathetically hadn't your phone like you to walk into the protest and start getting the protesters to say or do anything they wanted no matter how ridiculous and Yesterday I saw a video of a young black woman with a megaphone who is leading a bunch of protesters. I forget which city might even probably Portland or something
and here's what she was getting them to chant. So the woman with megaphone was telling them to chance behind her and they were, and the chant was is who do we protect the than the call back? Was black criminals? Who do we protect black criminals? Now that real people gave him said: Scots Gus got you think that was a prank, but there's other video of other times when this is actually one of the standard. This is an actual thing that they say it's not a joke They actually say who do we protect black criminals and us both?
black people were marching and they're all black criminals now. Do you think that Israel, here's here's the best bar? It could be real, it could be, but it is identical. It is identical to a joke. The united talking about the parity crossover where reality and parity emerge- and you just can't tell them apart. Can you tell this apart? You tell me the truth, If you saw this out of context- and you saw the near them during this chance, would you think that was serious? Does I think you would trump retweeted trumped? We did what
Did it with that very very clip anyway, whether not that's real, I tweeted it like it was not real because I think it's funny or treated like it's, not real if black lives matter wanted to completely discredit themselves, yeah The the woman with the megaphone who is leading the chap was laughing but that alone doesn't mean is not real. There's an even funnier story. This is that this is the best story of twenty twenty ready, pretty they claim right twenty twenty years, a wild wild here? This is my claim, the phone going story that I'm going to tell you that is in the news is the best the story of twenty twenty, because it captures twenty twenty. Best ready this? This is a win you're going to be happy about this.
The education department, the government's Department of Education, They opened investigation into Princeton University Do you know why they open an investigation into Princeton University is because the President wrote a document, some kind of public document in which he he said that Princeton has racism embedded in the school. So the President Princeton declared that his own school had systemic racism. I was the first thing you say about things like. Well, that's nothing. Doesn't every left, leaning person believe Every major institution has systemic racism and the answers are probably every left. Leaning person does believing
with that. So would it be a surprise that the present Princeton believes that Princeton still has some systemic races and the need to deal with, and the answer is thus not surprising. Here's a surprising for this maybe after that the the department of the Education Department is launching an investigation, because, because there are under suspicion that the racists because the government, the government, can't give federal money to a college unless there knowledge is non racist, Princeton just labelled itself raises therefore made them ineligible for federal floods, and the funny part is that the federal government acted on it. That's funny for right, you would expect them
just say just shake their heads and say a everybody in the left. Things everything's raises they're just doesn't mean anything, but what the Department of Education decided to treat it like were serious because they treated seriously. If, if the present of Princeton Is going to say publicly and seriously and no joke about it? Princeton is a racist organization. Then the federal government is required to stop funding them. So there's your ivy league education, that's just the best story. Now I don't have a preference that turns out, but just the mere fact that that even happened is great. Andrews tobaccos pointed out that Spain is about us, according to the latest statistics, on grown worse.
Spain is about to surpass the United States again in terms of content, over nineteen does per million population on the seventh day more rolling average so we're gonna see countries having more infections and trading places and stuff. So I can reminding you wait, wait until the the end of the day under this world of to know who did a good job and prudence, their words. There is also where there was a comparison of countries that our world and data countries with the lowest infections, also had the best economies. So there was a tweet that pointed out that Everybody thought there's gonna, be a trade off between how many people gains. Well, the economy does right. That was the debate
understanding the either have a good economy. Are, you can be good and factions, but you couldn't be good on both and what they found with their data is that the countries where the law infections also had the best economies so therefore is the ones with the lowest infections also had the best economies least damage to their economy? Wouldn't it be true that the best thing you can do for your economy is to reduce the number of infections right common sense Just it logically, if all the ones with low infections also have the best economies than managing your infections, is the way to keep your economy strong right now now does make any sense at all. Here's what's wrong with it. You can compare dick
in countries, because the countries that didn't have many infections did they need closer economy now, If you didn't, have money infections, you didn't need to closure economy, so doesn't it makes sense that countries that did it either by luck or by skill at low infections, of course say that gonna call me, but the real proper, the proper comparison would the country to itself which you can do. What you want to see is the United States with the shutdown versus the United States without a shadow, and you can't study that the care be studied. Does you only didn't one of them? You didn't do both the only one of those things so you, don't know what would the economy? If then, if we shut down more aggressively So this is another example of data that looks like
it will be useful, but if you go just a little bit a little, the down into the detail is is just completely meaningless. It is virtually random data, so it means nothing to say, There's a story that didn't get a lot of playing a little players that the Post office was Getting ready to be allowed goes with government plan to bail out five masks to each address in April, so that everybody would have five masks reusable and
like I canceled, the reason given for why was cancelled is that the government didn't want to panic people by sending the masks, because they might panic. Do you believe that you shouldn't? You should not believe the story? If, if you ve ever smelled fake news. Smell that the post office story as fake news written all over it. Here's your cue. How do you know it's fake news? Well if somebody you said the president told me we don't want. Apparently people. That's, why we're not gonna mail, the amount that might be real, especially if he had two sources that hurt. If you had one anonymous source, then you would trust that but suppose you don't even have an anonymous source? Who say
that somebody told them to do it. I suppose just an anonymous source whose simply speculates that reason was they didn't want anybody to panic who said it worthy that come from who who came up with the idea that the reason to stop it was to stop the panic. That's not an evidence. This is clearly fake. News now could have become real news? Yes, it god it can become real news if we found an actual source. Maybe somebody cameras at yeah. I was standing right there. The president said write to me personally castle this, because we know what a panic anybody and to people on it. That would be news but somebody in the post office speculating about why something happened. That's not news! That is good news. Now what would be any
other reason that the Post office would plan to merit to male five mass to everybody and then changed their minds. Can you think of any reason that that might have happened? I And about the fact that nobody has a problem getting a mask on their own, have you seen any situation even once somebody said I want to know where a mask, but I can't get one know because it was permissive you could put abandoned or whatever, and the mass costs practically nothing and lots of businesses and them out, so the more the more likely reason that they cancel the yet was it was expensive and it didn't buy them much because everybody had no problems. Getting them ask so
So he says what about knowing about size is. I think you could do universal size that the the kind that I use would separate much anybody I so I've killed. I think news, of course, my mice, more democratic friend, sent this article to me and said. Well you can't doubt this one here: here's a cod caught that tromp red handed this time. I haven't responded to him yet, but now need did not catch. Anybody ready with its just fake news, toilet paper would have them appreciated, as somebody says become, Sir Sarah cartons Route Monsieur Sarah Carter is reporting that there's a Senate Homeland Security Committee is gonna release a report like in about a week about.
Joe Biden, Sun and Ukraine and Breeze my guess so that might be a bombshell. What do you think? Do you think that a report about Joe Biden, son embarrassment, do you think that that will be a bomb? Shall report or not a bombshell report. This will be a test to see. Well, you have been following the news. The answer is, will be abolished shall report, even if, even if there's nothing, because that's how we do it now so today, the fact that a report exists
this makes it a bomb shell and the people who wanted to be a bomb. Shell will simply go on television and knelt. We know, say my god what a bombshell it's a smoking gun shows that bad things happened with the violence in Ukraine right and that that will happen no matter, what's in the report, the report could say you know we started to do report, but we got bored and disease. Important, so we're just gonna write one page that says we didn't do anything, that's all report. What would what will hit the half of the country report about the report? It says the bombshell, it's a bombshell yeah. We didn't see this coming, but it so bad in Ukraine. They couldn't even fighting So they had to give up and they'll just list characterize it, so it doesn't matter who does it doesnt matter? Which side creates the bombshell report,
that the side that wants to interpret it as a bombshell is just going to go ahead and do it. It doesn't matter once it is completely irrelevant. What is in the report? It will just be a bombshell and will the Democrats then react to the spa, you got us now? You know we didn't believe this Christmas stuff, but now that we've got this bombshell report now that changes everything Joe Biden you're going to have to step down. Do you think that'll happen, That won't happen, even if there is a banjo. That report could say that Joe Biden himself was taking a bribe and Sun Camera video. One man, no matter what it is, the entire left the country is, can say that didn't happen and then he'll say regular and video and there's this whole report and the others all taskforce,
and we got lots of witnesses and video, and then the left will say nodded and that's that we reached a point where, where one side can simply say now that can happen but walk. We do because, once you dont have a functioning news in your country that we don't have like a credible dues entity. You can make any kind because the news that agrees with you or back you up, I am now. Other than their we run all day long, there's nothing in there other side will make up their aversion and though reported leg is true. I just looking at your comments by didn't charisma bombshell. Three bees bill back.
And I would say that Joe Biden did relic. Simply well reading his statement about Ginsburg when he got off the plane, because you do wonder Biden spontaneously respond to questions let's sequestered night, if he's not prepared. But look like somebody wrote about prepared speech and he stood in front of people when they read it. So it wasn't very high level of difficulty. I hear they said that about instructs test text messages, sustainable urban Tesla. What about Tesla seems like a question on this either falling off now I'll talk to you later.
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