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Episode 113: How Trump Handles the Children on CNN

2018-06-21 | 🔗


  • President Trump paced his critics by giving them what they asked for
    • Did the President “cave”?
    • Did the American system of checks and balances work as designed?
    • Is this how negotiating works?
  • Morning Joe’s call for diversity
  • Gaslighting applies to all political parties
  • 95% Consumer confidence, highest ever recorded
    • The economy is driven by psychological phenomena
  • President Trump always leads with a “big ask”
  • Peter Fonda’s tweets
    • Why give him a pass for his disgusting comments?
  • Ana Navarro mocking people not policies
  • “Elite” joke by President Trump at rally last night
  • Are we seeing “happy hate” by President Trump’s critics?
  • Jeff Sessions response to questions
  • List of thinking errors
  • Is it getting more dangerous to be a Trump supporter?
    • DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen getting heckled at dinner


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and it tipped if bumper bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey everybody come on in i'm a little bit earlier than usual so the rest of you wake up wake up it's time four you know what you know what coffee with scott adams and the simultaneous sip is the best type of the day the other steps are pretty good but this is the best one here it comes here it comes oh that's stop are you all watching how president trump's critics are handling the fact that he agreed with them
now we all knew this something crazy and strange was going to happen when the president said oh yeah i agree with you about separating the children but there nothing we can do and then he finally decides that he can just sign sign something which is different than what people imagined he could sign but the idea was hey you could just make this go away by signing something you just have to give the order just sign it everything will be good so remember what i told you about how is and as though the president was taking what i call an adult position to immigration which is he was making hard short term choices that were uncomfortable for a lot of people and worst of all of course for the the families with children who were in cages which none of us support children in cages
and but it was for a longer term good it was to prevent sexual abuse was to keep the kids safe it was to get to a you know a better place in the long run so that was sort of the adult approach short term cost some people are not going to be happy but it gets you to a better place the children view was just something yeah it'll all go away if you just something now the just sign something idea to make it all go away spoken by guy without kids how hard do i have to agree with you it it's just talking about this particular idiot not the rest of you how hard do i have to agree with you before you can hear it does it matter that i don't have kids if i still agree with you that kids should not be in cages
do you really think that that was like a useful comment when everyone agrees with you can you even do you even see that everyone agrees with you is that now obvious then nobody likes kids in cages all right so and by the way i'm going to double back to that point you've got the children's view that the child that president could just sign something make the whole thing go away it's easy there no problems there no there no cost of that just to sign something and then the adult view that it's not that simple you know a lot of moving parts you know even if we tried do something you would take awhile so who is the president do when he's in adult mode but all of his critics are in child mode how do you handle that
now do you remember pacing and leading so pace is when you match the people you're trying to persuade if you match them long enough that you know ideally you can leave them so the president did was he left adult mode which i did not see coming i did not see this coming he went to child mode and gave them a toy you just signed something now it's going to take awhile maybe twenty four hours maybe forty eight hours but actually the children are going to realize here the children being the critics on cnn and msnbc the other critics eventually they're going to realize the signing something doesn't make anything happen well of course we all want something to happen again
nobody wants kids in cages we all want something to happen but it takes awhile in children don't really realize the things take awhile for example at the at the at the very at the minimum they probably need extra facilities right and to get an extra facility even if it's nearby and empty you have to at least sign the contract 'cause these are apparently is run primarily by one company that does this a company that does it for the government so at the very least there's going to be a uh an acquisition process there's going to be some negotiating to get the good
price there's probably going to be some lawyers involved they gotta figure out what's the best one and then if they find one they probably have to retrofit it probably with security cameras they've got to make sure that the kitchens work that they've built the i hate to say it but cages whatever whatever you want to call them so so what yep six months minimum would be my guess right but the president by giving the the children meaning the children the critics not the actual people who were under eighteen the children in the media he just is that what i asked for and they don't know what to do about it so i'm watching the criticisms today the people in child mode meaning the adults in child mode and here's some of the things on cnn's front page
charlottesville rally organizer wants to hold white civil rights rally now i don't know if that was news or not but is it an accident they charlottesville came up again just when the president sort of took care of the immediate problem of siding piece of paper then there was a vertical about ana navarro mocks fellow conservative so i looked at that clip and if you haven't seen it this is really good so cnn's page and it's it's the top left it was ana navarro mocks fellow conservative and when i say marks and she mocks him as though she is a child as what will you know sort of the donald trump mocking and she just looks like she's lost it and keep in mind
there she is losing it over or the president doing what they asked him to do and she still losing it and their complaint is owed republicans you know you flip flopped or the president came so that's the other word they're using on cnn then they're saying the president caved he caved now caved is one way to say it here's another way to say it we have a system of checks and balances including the media there was a policy replaced by the trump administration the media spotted it highlighted it the public weighed in
and opinions were pretty solidly on the side of do something about these kids separated from parents on both republicans and democrats side it was pretty universally agreeable thought or at least the majority of people and then the system worked which is the only thing that could be done is side something that's will take care of this but it's going to take awhile so in other words what we watched was a system checks and balances they work perfectly who is reporting that who is reporting that this is one of the best examples you've ever seen of something that worked right there was a problem no problem the media circus that the never meant in the public weighed in and then they did something about it now the did the
something about it i warn you is going to take awhile but the government has at least fixed their intentions because in the long run the intentions were maybe as big a problem as as what was happening in the detention centers because the thought was that what we're seeing is part of larger intention to do something far worse so by taking the intention away by signing the signing something that says hey let's let's take care of this problem
the president reversed what people thought was the intention which was oh my god it's going to get to hear is already here but it's going this way and you just reversed and said now it's here but it's going the other way we're going to make it more comfortable for these people not less so you watch the system that's sort of working um but i don't think anybody is going to report it that way now i made the mistake this morning of flipping through the channels and i don't usually watch msnbc and the reason i don't watch it is 'cause kinda has it covered it covered it's if you're looking for both sides cnn and fox gives you probably that ninety percent of them but if you want to pick up some extra let's say standing more context it's good to check out msnbc as well
and i was watching morning joe and it you don't watch it all the time jarring because because it's hard to believe well i watch was i think there were four or five white analysts if you count micah and the regular gas so there is the widest group you've ever seen about how the president needs to needs to have more diversity etc and i thought to myself is there no self awareness whatsoever that that there are a perfect example of a lack of diversity that they chose not to diverse at least i've never seen anybody who wasn't a super white on there but the other the other thing that was interesting is
probably seventy five percent of everything i saw you know over about fifteen minutes of watching it probably seventy five percent mind reading literally people saying what the president thinks that he's never you know has not expressed by his inner thoughts and what his supporters feel their inner thoughts it was almost the entire show devoted to imagining that they could read minds and as i listened to it i thought well it doesn't sound right now i can't read minds either so i suppose i could be just as wrong as they are anything is possible but the the assumptions they make about how other people are feeling we're just crazy i mean they bordered on like a mental illness at least in the way it looked not i'm not diagnosing but
just observing him i would watch it and i think well that doesn't sound like analysis that sounds like some kind of a mental problem because if you think you can read the minds of strangers by the way what's in there is just horrible it's horrible somebody somebody asking for examples i may have forgotten by now oh good i just saw a news bet that i don't know if this is true yet i guess we'll wait for confirmation then n korea apparently has large supplies of rare earth metals yeah china has ninety five percent of all the rare earth metals or at least the ones that are discovered or explainable i guess and in north korea just just turned up on a whole bunch of
which might change the equation in some way i don't know if it's good or bad it gives them a little more leverage for sure but will say um then there's somebody mentioning gaslighting so where is playing gas lighting so what gas lighting is supposed to mean is when people are lying to you and trying to build a build an artificial world in your mind with a bunch of lies until you do the real world now clearly this is both sides doing this right both sides are doing everything they can to create an artificial world of lies that their their supporters could live in it's not one side but it's definitely both sides
but that by imagining a false dichotomy but imagining that it's only one side is sort of the lowest level of awareness so let me see if i can give them to you in order so the lowest level of awareness is that you don't know anything about the world you like a child he be like i don't know anything about how everything works then as you move up in the awareness you start thinking you do you like i do know some things and i know that i'm right and people are wrong usually by the time your teen or young adult you're starting to think i've got a bunch ideas that are right and the other one's got a bunch of ideas that are wrong those poor dumb bastards getting everything wrong
so that's a little bit better than knowing nothing but not much is actually not much better than knowing absolutely nothing then there's a higher level where you realize that nobody nobody knows anything so the news business is sort of stuck in that middle view are they they're pretty sure that their view of the world is the real one and that the other side is gas lighting but they don't they don't seem to process the fact that the other side things like actually the same thing once you realize that both sides think the same thing you realize there's all artificial and there were all we're all living in different movies of our own making but to imagine that you got the right one and the other one's got the wrong one well that's a stretch now i would i've been arguing that the highest level of awareness is that
you don't necessarily believe you're in the right model well the world and you don't necessarily think that somebody else got the right model of the world but the best you can do is to see if your model of the world predicts when it does predict and you can see that it has a good record of predicting yeah and even that could be confirmation bias so you have to watch out for that but it's probably the closest you can get it's probably the closest you can get to something like reality is knowing that your model predicts so i heard a some pundits i think it was yesterday or today say that it's possible that the next to gdp report could be close to five percent
right and if you hear in that and i've heard estimates co four four point eight but this is the first time i've heard five yeah i've heard for part a before and maybe somebody was just rounding up but apparently i think it was consumer manufacturers or just a manufacturer's confidence at ninety five percent this week which is the highest of all time now it's going to get harder and harder to deny this something is working it does look like something's working you know in the economy a list
and so if you're looking at which models of the world project i had a model the said the economics is mostly a psychological phenomena and if you get the psychology right the economy will will just be turbo charge and then i said that this resident is the best we've ever seen and managing psychology and is and to take in particular psychology of money psychology of investing psychology of the economy that would be his strong suit and so my prediction was that under a trump administration the economy would do really well now i do accept and i know you know it almost all in this that obama left a very strong base coming off a very weak base and i give obama and his administration complete credit taking us from the edge of the you know the edge of the abyss to a solid base
but what we're seeing now is more than a solid base your years of your very much seeing the the evidence of the psychology being so positive from and it's some combination of taxes and cutting regulations and arguing about trade etcetera and what we're talking trade one of the things that i've said is that the president will do a good job pushing as much as you can that doesn't mean he gets everything he tries to get it means he pushes until he gets it and in all likelihood with all these many trade trade agreements and with our economy rushing toward five percent imagine you're one of the countries were negotiating with and your economy is starting to stall out a little bit maybe your growth is down a little bit
and your negotiating a trade deal again somebody whose economy is on fire you don't want to be in that room you don't want to be with the one with the weakening and or not great economy negotiating against the one that's on fire 'cause this economy has all all the leverage if you're up here and the other than your competitors here let's say competitors wrong wrong word but the person negotiating with you can come down to here and you're still doing great so you can take a hit that they can take this is all of course you know part of the trump plan to get the economy as strong as possible gets you the best possible negotiating position he's pushing on all these complicated situations we're saying hey he doesn't understand trade or he doesn't know how it works to which i say no i think he does know it works doesn't matter how many you know that
people who know more about the the inner workings of the detail what do you know is is if you keep pushing against these things and you have the strongest you're probably gonna get something you know you're probably not going to get a worse deal i mean you could but it seems unlikely so it is the perfect situation for a born salesperson slash negotiator that he has all the leverage and he's thing on all these complicated deals and that complexity is going to start working in his favor because if he keeps things and you know he will he's the president who keeps things simple he's just going to keep pushing until somebody on the other side says well maybe we could change the tariff on you know aluminum something and then suddenly made some money on aluminum and it was
because they needed him to shut up so they could get a deal because our economy needs a deal our economy it's one two but so my filter says we would be exactly where we are here pushing install these trade deals the other countries have too much to lose by going rogue they're going to have to we need to play they need to play nobody really leaves the room in these situations all right and if they do they're coming back the other thing my filter says is that the president will always always always always always always make a huge first ask and that gives him room to negotiate back if needed and
i'll have plenty of wind space plenty of space to win by the way what just happened with his border and it seems to me and stop me if i'm characterizing this incorrectly that the president made a much too big first ask because part of that was separating children from parents and having zero tolerance that was too big of a mask even our country rejected that all right even republicans not all of them of course but many republicans reject that that was such a big ask so he room to back off and
i don't know to what extent this was some kind of a you know plan but if you see the pattern every time he caves he's caving back to a stronger position than he started meaning that he want zero tolerance and he wanted it to go down well so he zero tolerance on top of penalties if you will for families that just were more than the public could take or should take what do you do he gave he he he he he gave them back something he gave them back something that he took he took a first and then give it back but the only the back half of what he took because he's keeping the zero tolerance how does zero tolerance sound today compare
to sounded a week ago just in your mind zero tolerance zero tolerance sound well today as it did twenty four hours ago well is zero tolerance also means kids being separated from parents that's awful but today once the you know what we're what it's gonna take few by probably but once the children and families are reconnected and as system is working a little bit better uh zero tolerance is not going to sound as draconian as it sounded before now i know you're going to say wait a minute did he use these children as pawns probably not probably not in the sense that he was thinking oh i'll torture some children because that will get me something i don't think so i don't think it was as simple i think you just ask
for a lot it would probably didn't have all the mechanisms in place to take care of the kids but it created a situation where he could give something back and still had more than he started with he got bad advice he got bad advice and still set up ahead oh and then the other thing as others have pointed out that the publicity if you will about all of this madness uh is probably going to discourage immigration and that was one of the one of the goals alright let's say a little bit more about peter fonda peter fonda junior
so as you all know by now peter fonda did that terrible tweet about barron trump and at least one other tweet that was way over the line and i got some pushback on social media on twitter because i said we should give him a pass but let me explain what i mean by that he's seventy eight years old has a long history of substance abuse and when i read those tweets they looked unhinged meaning that it looked like he was either under the influence or possibly starting to lose his faculty little bit so my take on it was that there was a medical problem right i i believe that he that his public outburst
was almost certainly somebody say i'm trying to justify his actions yes i'm trying to just not justify i'm trying to explain the likely reason for his his actions the his mental faculties we're just not all there so i don't think you should treat people who are having some mental issues the same way you would treat somebody who has all of their faculties and i it's a far more likely explanation that he didn't have all of his faculties
uh what if they're all there well then you judge him differently but yeah he apologized he's so he's not he's not that bad off but i would say that the tweet itself is all the evidence you need that there's something going on there that's um that's not quite right but let's septa that so here's here's my question to you when i when i watch cnn and msnbc so much of their coverage is about how people are bad in fact annan of our owes l of little outburst which you really have to say it's great it's great television where she locks her fellow conservative it really is all about the guy
she wasn't really mocking polisy or mocking things it was personal there was just about the guy and yeah that the pretzel stuff and it seems like that's what it's turned into it seems like it's it's about people now so so be careful that you don't become the other side are you watching you watching the people who dislike trump becoming becoming the worst parts of what they didn't like about him that make sense so the way president trump speaks is disrespectful and i would say aggressive language about various people who are his critics or political enemies his tone if you will is what they most objective
and instead of becoming the opposite to create a a contrast between how good people should act versus how he's acting they simply became him yeah they became that worst that worst part of what they hate in you're looking at this peter fonda thing and you're saying you know f that guy
i'm in jail let's let's let's do all kinds of bad things to him because he said something that was certainly way over the line then i think you're just you're becoming you're becoming the people that you you don't like and if you can try to try to rise above it it's going to be kind of necessary somebody just asked have i seen the time magazine cover zine let me look at it time magazine the child it's a picture of picture of trump looking down on a little child welcome to america well it's pretty good cover i mean in in terms
what they're trying to express you artistically and in every other way it's actually pretty good cover yeah and so most of you or some of you saw or heard the the jokes that the press wasn't made at his rally last night in which he said something to the effect of why do we always call the other side the elite and then the president said i have a much better apartment they do richer than they are i'm smarter than they are and i'm president now have him deliver it for the full humorous effect and the crowd goes wild and the first time i heard it i actually laughed out loud because his delivery was actually kind of perfect but i heard that same story being reported on msnbc and
after like it wasn't a joke it was like that's that's just what's wrong with him how could he have you talk like that you know did they think it was a joke and then you watch the audience reaction it's like perfectly delivered humor the audience reacts exactly like you would want them to it was nothing but a joke it was nothing but a joke but to imagine it was something else that is funny now did you notice how much happy hate the president's critics had when they had this issue of the families in the children there was a hatred slash joy there that was sickening
meaning they were really happy to have been right all along in their mind so my god were right all along he's he's is gearing up the concentration camps but what are they saying today when he just signed to things say oh yeah i totally agree with you we shouldn't break up the families how do they process that because they they went for yeah we know we seller when he gets elected he's going to be doing other things and then you know five hundred days later he hasn't done any good hitler stuff so it there like i'll we're we're all disappointed we expected similar stuff the the pop i'm talking about is chris now and then they get this family separation thing like finally finally we get to be right after after this long desert of being the he's wrong about all the big stuff we're finally right that he's gonna
round everybody up who is brown and put him in concentration camps and then he said i'll sign an executive order and will just reunite the family's 'cause that's important now what do they do well all of them big complaints of hitler and the holocaust just made it go away with one signature i was like well just saying this piece paper or bubble pop up here we go gone what the hell they do so there's scrambling to find the new thing to complain about hum and in other stories of ridiculousness did you see that michael i haven't had a store daniels lawyer who apparently is not getting any good air time these days because he had some own issues with i don't know bankruptcy in this business
some stuff but he sort of sort of suddenly disappeared from i don't even think cnn hasn't on anymore so his newest move is he is going down to the border and volunteered to give legal advice to fifty um families i guess and i thought to myself that is just i don't know what to think about that because on one hand i totally appreciate the the skill that he is putting into play so michael avenatti no matter what you want to think of his is ethics or you know what it is whether he's made good business decisions in the past
there is a good person you can have your own opinions about that and i have my own opinions but for the moment let's just talk about his skill level pretty pretty good skill level is high and the slow this move is just hilariously probably effective in getting him some more airtime and i suppose that's going to be good yeah it seems to be probably has a future having his own show on some network so the more attention he gets the more people will watch his show the more money you makes so as disrupt well as some of you might find him there's a lot of skill there i'm so what else is happening
i'm seeing the one of the attacks i'm seeing from the democrats is that the the station had so many different explanations for why the children were being separated in the first place which by the way is a perfectly good criticism it is objectively true that the administration did not have one story the state the same about why things were the way they were and part of that is because we don't live in a one variable world so jeff sessions was asked about whether or not you know part of the reason for this would be a deterrent and jeff sessions being the law and order a guy basically said this is my version of it but
my version of it is that you every time you tighten a law you're creating a disincentive break the law this one happens to have children involved but it's a universal truth of any titan law that the point of at least one point of it it's not the only point but a point of tightening any law is to discourage people from breaking it so when jeff session says that he sort of saying just well laws are i mean basically it's just this is what all laws are this is why we have any law at all here's another law but he didn't say it that way so it gave the pundits some ammo then there was the keeping the children safe from predators which is of course just true yeah that one i'm sure is
unambiguously true we don't know how many predators but doesn't matter how many predators would be acceptable zero right uhm and then i think there were some other explanations about he couldn't the president couldn't just change the law and here's the other funny part so people kept saying president you can change the law just sign something and so we did you just sign something but it's not going to change much in the short run i don't think we should change things in the long run and that's that's what we hope to see all right we should talk about travel meaning of life one of these days maybe eric weinstein is a weinstein steen explained intellectual dark web and
yeah i saw that explanation for the for the label intellectual dark web that includes people like i guess like him and jordan peterson and stefan molyneux i don't know who else is in there i believe i'm not on that list i believe i did not make the list of the intellectual dark web but part of his explanation was clever in the sense that by becky and dark web this sounds a little negative it took away it took away the critics ability to put a negative on it because they started with a negative sounding name so that you couldn't worse in it to make fun of it and i thought well that's actually pretty clever but
long term long term is still says darken it so i have a i have a concern that the short term benefit it got by getting a lot of attention and it sort of did do a masterful job of branding the situation so short term it was kinda brilliant long term i worry about that name having you know causing some bias against in long term it's hard to sort that out it would be impossible to know which of those is the more important factor but at this point it did brand a group of thinkers and that probably has some immediate value all right where is connie in all this i think connie is busy with his number one
best selling album here is somebody just said anyone agreeing with taking children away from parents is sick on what universe do you believe person who said that somebody is in favor of that i in what universe does somebody want to do that if they have better better options it's it's amazing the somebody's going around with that thought in there had been some people are in favor of taking children from their parents you know some there are some things that have to be done and there's some things you do in the show turn that you don't want to do in the long term but there's nobody who wants to do it prisons are perfect example nobody wants to do it sometimes there
it's about somebody says i'm naive because there are some people who do want to remove children from their parents all right there might be a couple of psychopaths but it's not important it's the fault of i'm going to add that i'm starting a list of thinking errors it's the fault of one variable so i consider that so somebody here said that it's the parents fault for bringing them into the situation and other people are saying no it's the administration's fault for having this this process neither of them are thinking neither for those statements are or anything it's just noise coming out of my mouth
because you need everything that happened for this to happen you need the parents to bring him you need the administration to have this rule you need you have oxygen you need facilities you need or a border problem you need a united states you need to mexico you do this you know this ministry you need all that if you take out you know any one of those variables you don't get this so the sense that one thing is the fall is the i want to complete the thought the solution and the problem are not connected so it might be the parents fault it could be the parents fault that they bring their kids into a situation where there's a high likelihood of them being separated but that doesn't mean
it's the parents solution in other words that doesn't mean that the solution is that the parents do something differently 'cause remember they're leaving desperate situations and they have a pretty short set of options so you take the solution wherever you can get it you don't say i'd i've identified the magical problem and of all these variables everyone of them which seems to be necessary for this to happen i found the one part this the th the fault and therefore that's where the solution is to well it could be the fault but it doesn't mean that's where the solutions hope zoom moral of the isn't it a moral of
the parents though how is it a moral of the parents do you think the parents want their children to be separated my guess is that anybody who comes here is coming from a worse situation to one that they hope will be better and that's sort of the end of the end of the conversation in that is it my imagination or is it getting more physically dangerous to be a trump supporter
i think i told you that i stopped doing public appearances so also do you know media appearances but i see i would not go in public anymore if i were you know i stopped going to berkeley my you know where i where i got my mba does do a lot of work on campus and trying to help try to be part of the community and help to start ups and stuff but once it became unsafe i i backed out of that at this point i actually started getting some requests for speaking which i didn't have
for two years but i've started turning them down i think none of them would have been completed because once the process starts there's always somebody on the client side who says wait a minute do you know how dangerous this guy is yeah we can have him the audience will revolt yeah houston or kristen is a christian nielsen secretary of homeland security department of homeland security she was handled in a restaurant and i believe i would have the same risk so i'm i'm really just staying out of the public it's a dangerous time all right i'm going to sign off now and i'm gonna talk to you later bye
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