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Episode 1130 Scott Adams: Supreme Court Gender Discrimination, How to Escape a BLM Mob, Beta Storms Aplenty, Schumer Threats

2020-09-20 | 🔗

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  • Senator Schumer and Blumenthal threaten…violence?
  • It is NOT okay, to say you hope half the country dies
  • COVID19 ethnic differences in mortality
  • Monetized incentive to code deaths as COVID19
  • Potential SCOTUS strategies for President Trump
  • SCOTUS candidate gender discrimination

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Bump bump bump bump bump up up up up up up up up? Everybody wanted style. You came to the right place at the right time. Yes, we're gonna. Have red start to the day to day is gonna, be incredible, I mean really. Incredible and all you need to get lost in the re start is cover. Mugger glass integrity also sign the canteen jogger flask of vessel of any kind. Fellow with your favorite liquid, like coffee and join me now for the dopamine ahead of the day. The thing that makes everything better, it's called the simultaneous zip and it happens right now, go.
Christina taught me a brand new beverage. It's called a coffee with about half of it filled with our. So it's like a week, coffee that gives you the suggestion of coffee. Without all the jitters. Indeed, that is what are we going on Arthur a crazy things? in the world there are. At the top of my list is new tropical storms and the name of the tropical storm is tropical storm beta. That's right. The simulation serving up a beta storm at the same time, beta males are writing all over the country. So what do I tell you about code? Reuse? So I have this
Theory, the one of the ways that you can tell if you, if you are a simulation, is if there something happening somewhere in the world that would take a great deal of processing power. That. There might be other things a slow down or they
to reuse code, to compensate for the fact that all the energy is going into one one part of the programme and doesn't seem to you like there's a tremendous amount of activity and complexity going on just because of politics, but at the same time we have. These weird coincidence is going where, where it seems like the same names are getting re used for stuff and we're saying like these familiar patterns like haven't, we see this before. It just seems like there's a lot of repeats going on. I noticed this the other day I told you the story, but I went to the emergency room the other day. And what was really interesting about it does and it wasn't busy. I kept saying to them this weird about the emergency room of a major emergency room, Butner really to other people here. How we're does that
yeah really weird normal? We could have people filling the hallways, but today no real reason. Just nobody is here, and I keep running into these situations where I see fewer and fewer people. At the same time have you noticed that it's called social distancing? So suddenly the complexity of my personal life as like shrunk, shrug way down its way less complicated, because I don't have a social life, as most of you are experiencing some version of that too. So the world is way more complicated in politics, but there is other videos of life, the suddenly, coincidentally, became way, less complicated is a coincidence, probably ass, but it's fun to talk about the simulation.
I have a suggestion for all of you who think you're, clever. Maybe other people, don't you know you are if you have ever tweeted the actor Rob Writer is a quota had you may not be a creative person, because you are the same people who tweeted me or actually its people. On the other side, We should be saying that they have just discovered that I'm not actually the cartoonist, but I'm really the pointy here boss in my comic strip,. If I can beg of you one thing you can, you saw me all: you want that's cool, I'm used to that. Insult, rob rider out. You want I've done it myself. I enjoy it honestly insulting rob rider One of the things I enjoy
if other people enjoy insultingly well, ok good for you, but can you be a little more creative, a little more creative than accusing them of being a character they played on tv. You just need to raise your gave a little bit. I'm begging you only because. There is a certain level of lack of creativity that hurts by eyes sort of in the back. You know what Thus, if I read one more tweet calling, rob writer me had those like the shooting. Pain behind my eyes, and I saw on creative, so just a personal favor, just I'm begging you just stop being on creating a comb supplements anything's.
Many you saw the videos viral video of a couple of guys who got it didn't car by protesters. I think it was Portland there. Surrounded by the protesters and the protesters at least the ones in the video looked mostly like white man and for insisting that the the men The car may have done this panic enough. It matters to the story and you can decide, but they were being forced to declare. Now one of the guys in the car was like a little. If is like ok I'll put the first up a little bit and then they is said that he was an enthusiastic enough
He wasn't really put his fist. Stop uses sort are raising it a little bit so they were autumn and it was pretty threatening. It looked pretty dangerous. Actually, if, if they had resisted more than they did it look like their vehicle would be destroyed, they might be heard. Could Dragged out to those just about anything can happen. So here is my suggestion: how to handle a situation. If you find yourself in it, are you gonna say to yourself Scott what work, because they will immediately now you're joking? No, they while another. They will not know you're joking, if you say the following, if they say say it say black lives matter what I would say, and I would say I really loudly allowed repeated as many times as I needed to to make sure everybody harder go like this
black lives matter. More than white lives, I'll be alone, be alone, highland, diva, death, a weighty. So that's it don't you want to agree with them but amplify it, don't just say black lives matter, because you know don't want be a Trump storm beta. If you know what I mean just go for it and just say black lives matter. More than white people. I'll, be alone. Highland diva. Does the weighty now again you to yourself Scott they're, getting know you're joking? No, they won't. This is the only thing I promise you know they won't. They will not think you're joking.
They might nominated you to be the leader of the group. You could end up, you know they might give you snacks snack them. If you wanted free snacks from the anti, if a snack, then I think I have to do is say that and they say, would you like a snack guess, bottled water here, listen frozen? Would you like it. So that's my recommendation by the way if everybody gets killed using any you my recommendations, what the hell you think, I'm a cartoonist, don't take my advice on self defence. If you're getting self defense tips from a cartoonist. Well, you can it deserve way. You get so that's why morning there. What am I methods for predicting the future I've talked about this before, but there is an actual theory behind it and the end of the year. The technique is us,
if there's a situation in the world in which you can anticipate, while things could go this way, or they could go that way or they could go that way, but is fairly well defined These are either gonna. Go one of these defined ways you can usually you can usually bad That's the way it will go is whichever way makes the most interesting story: nice entity, There is no reason that would be true right. Why would it be that if there are three possible please you don't have any way to know which one is more likely why Could it be that the one that's the best story ends up being more likely, not every time right, just a just a biased towards the good story. Here's why I dont think you apply.
The natural disasters, in other words, if there are no human beings making decisions, while that is just news and it was going to happen in other than the cliff collapsed, the earthquake happened. What a rapid but. When there's a situation in which human beings are involved, human are very affected by the fact that we live in a world of stories. We learned by stories. We are entertained by stories. We tell stories with listen to stories and stories have sort of a form that you recognized movies. In particular, The three act form books are a little different, but we all recognize what a story is. We would know if somebody told a bad story. We would all recognises that was a bad story. There was no conclusion. There was no those no third act just was flat. So here is my hypothesis.
The people are drawn to the thing that they can conceive the most easily and you can conceive a story, one that looks like a story More readily than you can conceive of something this random, and we're drawn towards the story to the to the point of making it happen. This is this is the part of the others. Is that has the most question too and I would say, people are drawn to what they think about. If you think about an accident all the time, you are more likely to have one. If you, if you think about a particular bad thing happening, have you noticed is more likely to happen it's almost like you, you bring it on yourself. You could almost wish yourself to get sick. Have you noticed that if a if one spouse dies said the two people been married
sixty years, if one of them dies, the other one is usually going to God in the year and its because that person is following the story right intentionally. But you know if your partner dies, you kind of warning, follow them. If you dont want to wait too long, so the odds of you dying pretty quickly go way up, that's shown to be true. So with a situation of was say Trump running for president. One of the filters I saw was at the most amazing story would be if he came from behind one right. That was the best story. If you're gonna make it you have twenty sixteen, it had to end their way. Didn't it had to had ended with Trump winning does? That was just the best story,
You might not enjoy it if your Democrat, but she kept, you cannot ignore. The fact is the best story. Likewise, one year ago, when people talk about Ruth Paine Regensburg Health, I said to myself I what would be the best story. The best story is not that she died a year before before an election. The best story would not be there. She died a month after the election. The best story to make it like irregular, regular plot of a movie. She dies forty five days before the election. Why? Forty five presidencies number forty five? Now that's just a coincidence, but the exact timing
of her death feels entirely like a movie plot, and I did in fact privately. I don't think it is at this publicly. I don't like to publicly predict somebody's death, but privately I was saying the ins can happen a month before the election, because that's the story so watch for that pattern see how many times the best story wins it. If you were to take that concept to let's say Durham said, Durham Investigation is happening now. What would be the best story? The best story would be Durham comes out before the election,
Again, it's like Ruth Paine or Ginsburg right before the election is the better story after the election. Would it be as interesting? No matter what it is, but before the election I've got a feeling. You gotta see something about Brendan Clapper, at least. Brennan. So there's gotta be something I think interesting, because that would be the best story. The best story would be in the dirt, not only found something but found something that just make your whole had come. And I feel like we might be hearing that way. Only because it's the best story will say. Let's see what else we got here, I was talking yesterday about the strategy that Trump might one look at once.
Energy would be what apparently he's going to do, which is trying to get his nominee for the Supreme Court pushed through before election day, I did say, It would be interesting and maybe clever as a strategy to not do that. Imagine if he decided not to Just say how about away what way and then just use it as a as a means of getting your ra getting your voters, now that would be risky. But also it wouldn't be Trump, what do you think that you? If, if you and heard the tribes said, you know maybe you're right you're right, maybe we just wait. Wait till after the election that sounds fair to me is if he ever said that you say to yourself what happened to job
You think we elected the guy who doesn't know how to do anything but fight. We intentionally elected the guy who doesn't quit. We very specifically elected the guy, who would be the pirate who, if it is to kill somebody to get something done, he's gonna, kill somebody to get something done legally will. So, if trot did not do exactly what Trump did, which you say. I will try to get this through before the election. If he hadn't done that, who is he really I mean? Who Maybe he wouldn't be the guy you elected you'd, be a different guy, so I think that you are politicians, do have some responsibility for being the person they get elected and not
not bathing in switching so independent of whether it was a good strategy or bad strategy to push it through verses waiting. You don't want to be tromp, don't you don't? Don't you still want him to be? There the fighter who never even probably, never even considered holding off. You know it's hard to know, but if I had to get I'll bet. There was never a time when Trot said yet, let's hold back. I just don't think he. I know. I don't think you. Works that way and that's exactly why get elected he got? elected, because you won't hold back the hill, the oasis, potential money on the table. We don't know if this is money on the table, because there's gotta be a fight but if there might be money on the table, you want your presidency to pick it up. That's what you got
he didn't get elected to leave money on the table right. Nobody wanted that guy, so I I would say that I respect and I appreciate this this method I dont know if it will succeed and also because I know national succeed. I dont know if it's the best strategy, but it could be, it could be here. Here's what good about number one thing that's good about! It is that by actually having the nomination of forces calmly Harris to come back to Washington, so you can take calmly Harris awfully off the board. That's pretty good right.
Harris off the board. My help just go she'll be bogged down, but at the same time should also get a stage in front of the world to say or thing, and that could be to her credit, so could work either way little dangerous there. The other thing it does is: did you look at the headlines today? Everything else disappeared. There's nothing else than anybody wants to talk about. If tromp can keep this going, I would say that that's an advantage because he just took everything else off the table and if the only question is Supreme Court and lets say less that lets say that Trump actually got the nomination through and actually
completed right before election day hypothetically. What would that do? Well, if you're, a Democrat, maybe would be demoralized as an you know. Are so far behind. Or do you decide the after have a revolution and do an armed revolution of the country could be dangerous, but I do like the fact that trumpet took everything else and the headlines and it is good to concentrate in an area that I think is stronger for him. I do believe that Trump has an advantage. If this is the option, if this is the topic area,
talking about. I think he s an advantage now about some more about this. If you're watching the news, you know that the Senator Lindsey Graham was a lady ticklish situation, because he is on record in two different times on camera, saying that this exact situation that he would delay the delay the nomination. That would be his choice and then he came out and said: I'm totally knocking to delay the nomination, now, if any of you thought that he was going to rely on principle or that he would keep his word, and here I said I'd, do it so I guess I'm down my word, throw you and allow well because in a world where people keep their promises and stuff like that that there was just so obviously you is going to
He was going to find a work around. You know, I'd lawyer work around which he did and he gave his reasons that were so ridiculous that I forgot them. Ready, so I read his reasons about why he has changed his mind, but doesn't matter now doesn't matter what is reasonable? If you'd, those reasons it would have made up another reason because one he's not going to do is go against the president. Why is for his own re election of its rays within. Lindsey Gram wants to get elected. Our system allows him to do that. It is not. This is just my personal But to me it is not on ethical to do legal things they get you elected, even if we are means changing your mind, is allowed to do that. If that's, what it takes to get em elected
let me steal your transparently, it's not really any secrets to it. You know you know what he said before. You know it. Now you know it's the opposite: it puts a right out there. You can do what you want with that and at least its transparent. So the Democrats, the leadership, has decided to threaten the public. That's why I take it so Huber said the quota. Everything's, nothing is off the table. If the present pushes through this nomination, nothing is off. The table was any nothing's off the table and Richard Blumenthal, Democrat Senator said. Similarly, he tweeted, if Republicans recklessly and reprehensible force a stewardess vote. Or the election. Nothing is off the table now
if this word normal times and a politician said nothing is off the table. What would you think that meant you would think it meant o parliamentary procedure, and might meant might be the third trying hard to raise money they're going to push all the awful you'd, probably think it was something peaceful, leaden, clever and strategic, but it doesn't feel like that today, does it. As you're watching the riots and you're watching people say in public. You see the number of blue czech people say in public that if they don't get their way, that's gonna be revolution and violence They say it directly. Now, given that violence and revolution
are literally the table. These Democrat senators saying that nothing is off the table, basically have threatened violence against here's. The key park against you and me are politicians have actually threatened the public, They haven't threatened, just drop, and I'm not saying it's because you are a trump supporter, necessarily I'm saying that they threaten the public, the public. Because this is not exactly a limited threat. It's not a we will do anything to stop President tribe, they literally said nothing is off the table in the context of violence and people making death threats
right and left the scene really dangerous stuff. So I think that this is a tremendous advantage for Republicans because their creating a situation where Democrats feel like they, when they they have their concerns, and there are quite worked up, but they ve theyve. They framed it, as republicans are really in trouble like like physically and trouble. If that doesn't get, to the voting booth or the melody vote. I know it well but feels like a gigantic error on the part of the Democrats. Here was another sort of things that people are saying this
Ray Sonny, I think she is. I don't want to judge people's ethnic Steve from their profile picture, but not a white woman. Was, I I won't say what she is, but probably does not identify as away one would be fair to say, and she treated this Respectfully white men got us into this. I don't know this is an frustrates me endlessly, the white voted tromp in and somehow get away Scot free as if, because the racism and selfishness is given, we know we don't have to drag them, dragged the fifty three percent in the sixty two percent. What has dragged me mean actually like tie them to the back of the car and drag that doesn't being hurt them. What does drag them lean if you can tweet in public, specifically against an entire
this and gender white men and you're your tweet doesn't get taken down. You don't lose your job, I think she's, a comedian or something that's! That's that dangerous situation? There was a Marshall University professor, we set up video the other day yesterday or something that you because every Trump supporter would die before the election. What how do you do you go on video of Europe, the semi public person, because you teach at college And you say in public with no with no reservations at all, because up early. You only deal with people who agree with you for a long time, didn't realize
It wasn't ok to say in public that you hope half of the country dies and actually mean it. Does she wasn't Jochen, she Sworder, she wasn't being literal, but she was certainly be it looked like she was very accurate around her own feeling about Transport like she wouldn't mind of some of them died, certainly not all of them. So it's just crazy that these things can be set out loud. This is the sort of stuff they should predict Trump landslide, because I think Republicans are staying, quiet and doing to think
The order of their balance, if they don't have em and learn stocking upon ammo, just in case just in case, so the spray dangerous situation. I continue to believe that the republic can handle this while easily so every now and then I feel it is my role too, were to put things in context to make you feel better. If it is so easy to get caught up in these each topic is the end of the world. Replacement of the Supreme Court seed, the world will kill each other. If we don't get away. The crowd of Irish the end of the world? The economy is crashing, it feels like every, Story is gonna, be the end of the world.
But how many of them have been the end of the world so far, none of this will be the end of the world as problems go. If you were to look at the history of the United States, its easy to forget how many things this country, Revived we survive some really big stuff way bigger than this. So if you were to rank where the Supreme Court thing is in terms of ripping the country apart, it's a too two other term if you're trying to say how worried? Should I be about the future, because the Supreme Court stuff to Anna TAT? That's about it, but it will be treated like it's a ten out of ten, because that's what we do now we're all going to treat it Instead, the town, but
about an hour ago, us we'll still be the United States are Academy, will still be improving, we'll still be inventing things will still be fixing things and solving things, and we will be fine, we're a lot closer to solving our more recent big problems. Then we are too not only speaking of which I forgot to mention this. I thought it was polluted. Brilliant for Trump to what did he? He approved ninety billion dollars for four Puerto Rico. Now the pay Critics of the present will say that I think is a completely fair statement. They'll say why the tanks along Now remember, I was a kid. I was market people for saying that if somebody did something good, though you mark them for taking so long disastrously, easy cheap, they does it well. I do
takes a lot. I will I criticise you for doing the wrong thing, but are also critical as you are doing the right thing, cause you got another sooner now. Of course you can do anything sooner since the universal non non thing, but with the port in Riga thing I think, there's a better argument for sooner if he asked me, the reason why not sooner is number one was probably helpful for the the election there's a couple of reasons. Why maybe not sooner made sense what is theirs a tremendous corruption problem there They might have taken them a while to figure out how to pump money and port Rico and not have it all, stolen or wasted because stolen or wasted is exactly what would have happened if you had put ninety billion into their a month after the hurricane. Do we all agree
that if you just said less throw money at this place a month after the hurricane just I'll be wasted because they're just what it they don't have the systems that can Roles, they just don't have a way to watch that money keep track of it and get it the right places it couldn't be. It could be. I don't know this that are probably takes a while to get some confidence leave, get a structure in place that you can now put money into. It goes on as usual, probably takes a while, probably a whole lot of planning. A whole lot of figures were really needs to be done. So maybe you just have to two years, but I don't think that's the full answer. Obviously the you know: it's not a coincidence that there's an election coming up and is not a coincidence that the presidency would like to show up near his his spanish support and do everything he could that's counterfactual.
Whatever the claims are about him, so the claims about Trump, our haze, bigger racist. So what's one thing you can do if people are accusing you a beer and racist how about putting a world record amount of money into Quadriga? It's brilliant idea, because it's hard to its hard to argue that that some big races thing, even though its obviously a politically moving, so that was good, then, of course the tick tock looks like the sale is. Can we go through the Oracle in Walmart? If you, if you ever, if you told me to companies that I thought should never be in a business deal, it will probably be Oracle in warmer. What are they have in common other than I guess they had the cash and the willingness to do it, but there's somebody there's some word that what what China might do is is
keep the algorithm but sell the company to which I Howard would be for the United States to build its own elderly. What, if we took, everything from Tiktok the assets, the customer base, but only thing we got rid of was the algorithm we just deleted and replaced one. They just says something simple, such as you'll see more things from your friend The people you follow, maybe you'll see more things from just some, easy algorithm, but couldn't you put given that is mostly for children? It's young people use it mostly. Don't you think should have an open algorithm that we can all see. I feel as if I feel as if the the Oracle, of the world and warmer stew. They should guarantee the government that
The algorithm will be public service, but it can see what it does that they're wrong. Now I don't know, maybe they can make money that way, but given that its directed at children about this for a law about a law that says: if children use your platform, you have to reveal you're algorithm. That's pretty good, I'm so happy! I just that has anybody ever come up with that idea? You know the big, the big platforms from your facebook, steers snapshots, dear Instagram, etc, twitters little different, because the kids don't follow politics, so I am not sure how many kids use twitter compared to other platforms, but less. I guess. Wouldn't it be reasonable,
Given that we want to protect children more than we might want to protect adults who know what they're getting into shouldn't. We require that any platform that has children on it has to reveal their algorithm asked to be public but anybody can see it so parents can see it now would be hard to understand it, but at least be Pollack for people who do not agree with the code. Look the algorithm. That would be be my idea. Here is a little mind. Effort for ya, you ready for this one. So there's increasingly news and of Europe that
having another way, and that infections are spiking chrome of ours- and here was a statistic I saw that was useful because, because a simplified things so so hold onto just a few numbers here, I'll keep it really simple. Just hold these that the Europe has seven hundred fifty million people. Say the? U S has three hundred and thirty million, so we ve got a little less than half as many people in the United States as there is in all of Europe but although Europe has more than twice as many people there of almost the same amount, ass, two hundred and seventy thousand hours- is about two hundred years so about the same amount of DAS by Europe as a little bit more than twice as many people, so that that's clean right. That's one of those things where you can say. Ok now,
see how the United States is really doing poorly, because we ve got twice as many. Thus they do a relative population, but I myself, this are they the same is or something The United States that's different from Europe on average. Here's one thing this different: how many? What's the black
a population of the United States, because, as we know, the black population as something like forty five times the problem with corona virus, it's a gigantic different right. It say: there's something like four or five times worse. If you're African American, let's say black, is we're talking about Europe is about four five times worse, so you wouldn't you expect that a country that has the biggest population of black residence should all things being equal would have way more death because, unfortunately, it does not The krona virus is not an equal opportunity. Virus is just slamming the black populations to slam. So I said to myself full if we're through that the black, the percentage of black population? skewing our crony virus death count you
let's see that easily. For example, you gonna Europe need say Well, if there's anything to this hypothesis, if you look at Europe, we shouldn't you see, whatever country in Europe has the most black population? would have the highest you death rate and sure enough? That would be France, so France not only has close to nine percent. I think black population, but it is Not too far behind the United States, a thirteen percent so with just one data points, so don't don't make too much of one data point right, so the United States is doing poorly and also as thirteen percent black population who are doing far worse
France within Europe, France is one of the bad ones right, so one of the worst countries and in Europe and also has the highest percentage of black population. Percent now is or any other country that you could look at. There will be maybe confirming or diskin firming this hypothesis. So I took a look at Brazil now Brazil's a tough one, because Brazil is like super racially mixed, so they ve got a whole bunch of wonderful stuff. On there the people are just like. Almost every person in Brazil seems to be some mixture of interesting stuff, but we can glean a few things. I think they have nine percent Black Box, mission, but somewhere between nine and thirty percent, at least partly black? So
Brazil has an enormous percentage of black population and is one of the worst in terms of grown virus deaths, Now, what about those countries in Europe that have almost no black population below two percent? How are they doing pretty? Well pretty well turns out turns out that having almost no black population really gets your death countdown surprise shouldn't be because this is its well known and thing. Let's say that's one one! You normally one calculation that this be done, which is you have to normalize it for ethnic differences in terms of mortality and what about you? What about differences in incentive for coding something grown virus death. Can you compare the United States where people get the hospitals anyway?
we get a large large. Dollar amount profit. If they could something kroner virus, whereas in Europe they don't? Do you think that you get the same kind in no world. Do you get the same count if somebody is is monetize in one case and not monetize? In the other case, you don't get the same result never we don't live in a world where people are immune to monetary incentive it just as in thing now it might be a five percent difference, not a hundred percent difference, but still some pretty important you to calculate and then, of course you ve got the the number of obesity Americans, which is greater than others, were a bigger country and then about this. Is it fair to treat the United States as one
ball, given that we have lots of states with power, we have an unusual situation or states have a lot of power. We be comparing each state to Europe without any better. How many of the individual states in the United States are doing has as well or a comparable to Europe. I think the answer is a lot of them right out of our fifty states, thirty or forty of them. Maybe what would you say? Thirty forty are doing as well as Europe Oh, that's another window again a way, there's a million ways to look at it and I don't believe we have within all the best way we can. You are noticing that the Ruth Paine Ginsburg stuff is just kick everything off the news. It makes
a little bit boring for awhile, because there's just really one story and all we're gonna talk about Africa right and watching your comments like people or agree. There's a fifty percent plus payment differential for recording covered, medical bills. Fifty percent is certainly enough too many variables to compare. That is correct that we always talk about Polly. Oh, let me bring this idea. So President Trump has said publicly that he's probably gonna pick a woman. I think that's true. He probably has now. Here's what's wrong, But let me say before I start I am completely
in favour of a diverse, yell, very diverse supreme court. I think, we're all better off. If we ve got all the voices accounted for so long as everybody's capable to do the job as our great and obviously there are plenty of capable people, and you say as long as you have cable, people. It would also be good to have them diverse, but
We have this thing called the constitution and we have this thing called the Supreme Court, whose job it is to uphold it. How is it constitutional for the President of the United States to say that he can't pick me for the Supreme Court, because my cock seriously, I personally this is there's no exaggeration year. I personally have been told by the President of the United States that I would not be eligible not not, that there was much risk. I was gonna, get picked, let's say TED crews, you know somebody you actually would be in the top twenty or whenever he can get the job do you know, I tell crews get the job his cock. Do you think that if somebody soothe the president of the United States for job discrimination and said, hey, you're, saying right out loud that you're not gonna, even consider a man what's up with that and in what about.
What about your genders that are not either mail For female entirely, what about all of you, in between genders you, your shades and you're you're various. What would be the best Let me say at the the rainbow of different genders. What about all that? You don't care about that anymore. What about transsexual? If you transsexual, can you be unstoppable? or maybe that's ok. As long as long as you're you ve transition in the right direction. Maybe so so here's what I'd ask you if somebody sued the President of the United States, which I actually think would be a good idea, if somebody soothe the president of the United States
that is a job discrimination, you're, saying that men can have this job where's that the constitution? I would like a constitutional ruling from the Supreme Court whether the president can limit, is choices to one gender. I don't think that's gonna pass constitute muster. Am I wrong about this? Can somebody who's Smarter than I am about the law term, am, I am I just often outer space here or is it completely obvious there? What president is doing by limiting his choice, to a woman, or even just say it We don't have the actual choice yet, but even just saying public and say this is what I'm looking for is
anybody. Who can argue that that is constitution, because it looks to me like grossly illegal. It looks to me as illegal as anything could ever be. Now I do not have this feeling about somebody running for office, different situation, If somebody says hey, I'm running to be a senator or president, and I thank you and I think we more women in this job? You give us more representation whatever doesn't seem illegal to me because that's a case of the public. Yes, the vote, and not just one of the variables cycle I care about that variable or I don't, but I get the vote. It's not like a job, but the Surplus Supreme Court is picked is pick like a job interview. It's you know. I don't get the vote on the Supreme Court. If I did before.
If, if I got to vote on the spring court along with all of you, if all the voters get the vote on the Supreme Court, Somebody was saying here we should have. A woman replace our gb no problem. I would have no. I would have no problem with that. Little He says I think, you're off. But what would be the reason simply is laughing white privileged? I don't even know so. He can tell a parity from reality anymore. So people are making comments. With a little laugh. He faces not not hear agreeing with me or disagree with me. That's that's how weird things are. Somebody says this is playing the lefties game.
I will say in advance that you're gonna pick a woman is definitely playing the lefties game. Maybe you speak you, someone specific. I don't think that helps I mean. Maybe that will be a defence think that's what's happening necessarily khazar. Apparently there are women who have risen to the top of the likely list. So it's not just one moment It's his choice, man or woman. Well, it is his choice, but if you say that the public that your limiting it by gender is still legal.
It couldn't be. I would be willing to believe that it's not there wouldn't be treated like regular employment and, as the president has complete power to do what the President wants, or maybe it doesn't matter, maybe you can be. Maybe you could be completely discriminatory and an sexist president picks and he disclosed you vote for the President read my comments and you will see the real,
somebody says, although I don't see where you combat, is as long as it gives the opportunity to all he can say anything he's not giving the opportunity to all that's the opposite of what is right, he's not discriminating. How is he not discriminating? Who breaks a tie? That's good question weapons. The Supreme Court has a tie. You know. One of the reasons you don't want to like me for president is that I would I would lock up the Supreme Court. If I could, I would try to make it a tie. So if there were more conserve is than liberals, I would add a liberal if that was the other way out at a conservative enough, I were present. I would make the Supreme Court eight people.
Born for, I wouldn't even replace, I wouldn't even place a knife nice person? Do you know why? The reason is this: if the Supreme Court can't make a decision, breaks out of the liberal and or conservative silos element. I don't want them, you, even if the only reason that decision goes. One way is more liberal or you have more conservative judges. If that's the reason the decision went away, went that's not legitimate, I mean it's. It's the law and its legitimate in terms of that is this: that we all bought into, but it doesn't seem to me like a good idea. I only want things the somebody is willing to here we'll take care of this worry we're reset, boring and stay down here
your block. It's ok to be bored and then leave, but don't be bored and then tell me you're bored just leave you gotta choice,. Somebody says, tigers to lower court decision, or that makes sense right, so it doesn't get to the Supreme Court. Untold lower court has ruled if the Supreme Court is time. Somebody saying the sounds right that that means there's no decision of the Supreme Court of the lower court ruling would stand, seems reasonable. That's all for now, and I will talk to you later.
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