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Episode 1131 Scott Adams: How AI is Already Killing Us, Reframing Racism, Pelosi and Biden Gaffes, Word Salad Criticisms, RBG Stuff

2020-09-21 | 🔗

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  • AI drove the prosecution and death of Jake Gardner
  • Why/how the AI algorithms already own/control us
  • AI has broken the “honor system” in government
  • BLM deleted their embarrassing “What We Believe” web page
  • Pelosi threatens impeachment if President Trump does his job
  • Study says correlation between activists and ignorance

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Bump bump bump bump bump air buddy come come on it's time for a coffee scams, definitely Part of the day, I know what is for me, that's actually true. I like this hour. We spending Better than most parts of my day, I got to say The only thing that could make it even better would be simultaneous as right. Now you need There's a cover of a girl, glass, tankard jealous restyle, came to enjoy a flask of vessel of any kind, fellow with a favorite liquid coffee and join you now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dominion of the day. The thing that makes everything better call the simultaneous happened. It happens now go.
Hello, northern Geller Colorado, good everyone else, sir. It seems to me that is a little bit slow and the news department today, And when I say that slow and the news department I mean to slow, I mean suspiciously, Well, I mean there's somethin brewing somethin, happened today, maybe tomorrow, but there are some day stuff carbon, the railways is less uneasy protection. So here's some of my favorite stories of the day, one of the things that endears trump to his base Z, says out loud the things you,
I'm supposed to say out loud, and I may have taught you at one point that a really good technique for persuasion, just say out loud what you'd know somebody is thinking, but they have not yet said it and if you get it right, forms the bond of you. When you think things same thing, I think you're just connect people instantly so one of the most powerful persuasion techniques I have ever. You and the president in here with what what did you think the first time you heard that Ruth Vader Ginsburg deathbed wish had been translated? I guess to a daughter So there was a fervent desire that her replacement was picked by the next president now
When you saw that was a part of your brain, the said I don't know she really said that it would be pretty easy for the family to make something up of in all areas and who knows how coherent she wasn't her last hours of life. So the president actually called Bs S his interview. I think he was on Fox inferences morning And he said quote another. She said that was read now by Adam Sheriff Schumann Policy now I dont think that they rode out, but the fact that he called the bullshit but now I'm not saying it is bullshit, because it's entirely compatible with thing. She said before. It's entirely compatible with what could have happened but
didn't you wonder a little bit, you wondered how you did you wondered if she really said that What do you hear Trump say it out loud you just say to yourself: ok, there you go, he is thinking what I'm thinking I feel comfortable with that and I think, was just you know, stirring the pot a little bit there. I don't think he'd necessarily believes. She didn't say at but something you could be sceptical about. I think a reasonable person could be sceptical about that Did you see the weird Pelosi interview with step Annapolis, Stuff ATLAS? You can see it in my twitter, feed and anywhere else. Just Google stuff anomalous and policy
and it looks like she went crazy or or her brain rebooted or something. But that's not what happened? What happened, what she tried to make a joke, but she didn't land it. It was just an awkward, and so since you couldn't tell it was a joke You didn't know what it was and what happened was stuff. Alas, Stepan ATLAS asked her about what weapons, basically than she had To deal with the trumps desire to dominate and confirm an injustice and she didn't want to answer what tool Sir Weapon, she had her disposal, so she tried to change the subject, but to do it and can sort of a coy, acute, clever, somewhat whimsical and funny way. So when he asked the direct question, what why arrows the avenue quiver she just looked at the camp,
and said good morning Sunday morning and you can see stuff loveless his face Here's a realises that he doesn't quite know what's happening at any, could see. His face was dying, a thousand a thousand deaths on camera. You have to watch that and the way to watch it is the first watch closely. But then, after you watched at one time entirely, through watch it a second time only watch staff, a novelist his face is pretty funny. Trust me this is pretty funny. They saw a tweet by Navarre, Radegund, who said that all social media Allah gutless, not just take back tiktok. Should open the recommendation algorithm to scrutiny, so
of all is calling for the algorithms to be opened up for scrutiny? That would be you earlier, twitters, your facebooks, etc. What do you think that? Well, here's what I think about it I said the other day. I said that at the very least at the very least, tik Tok ass to open their algorithm because its since it seemed to me, and if children are going to be brainwashed by some technology, I think the parent. I have a right to look around another algorithm and see what the code says, maybe not personally themselves, but you having somebody who knows how to do that. Do that but of all takes a little bit further and I think completely reasonably that also been brainwashed. Do enough adults
been brainwashed by this technology. We have the right to see what it is. So I go into the doktor and the doctor says our ears a pill. Take this pill and you say: what's I fell for I dont even feel bad. I just I was just here for physical I'll. Just take this pill. Just take this pill. Now I'm not going to take the pill. Does I don't know what it does to me? I don't know what's in the pill by the way, I'm not sick, I just here for my annual physical and the doctor says, take Bell take the bill. Would you take that up? No, of course not. Of course, the pill. The change you in some way, You don't know how the doktor. I tell you that I will tell you will take special you don't have any need for a pill, you're, not sick, but where social media were also not sick. We gotta the platform and work out and the pill.
Because the algorithm is kick it and starting to guide us brainwash us, yes literally rewiring our minds. We don't know what what is up to. We could probably feel something happened. We don't know where it's going in and what the what the path is. So I wonder I would echo novels color for this to be open, At the very least, even some kind of independent group, they could look at it, but I'm not sure we can ever trusted. Independent group decided they would end up big owned by the big companies indirectly say I think that's it just needs to be opened up now. Here's the scary, bark readiness, scary part, coming. I have put my stake in the ground and said that the
artificial intelligence. I already controls humans and that, if you're worried about hey somebody in the future, the EU will control us. You dont need to worry about that has already happened now. You can worry if you want, but it already happened, and could we do any? about it could the wood, the ay I ever release its grip. Now, here's what I mean by the day. I already controls. Now, the way and in an artificial intelligence things could be quite different than the way human things. For example, if you add, if you looked at IBM Watson or was it
we were whatever was whoever was who is playing chess against the chest champions. It didn't think the same way. The chest champions thought it did it by brute force. It would just calculate every possible move and then take the one with the best thoughts. So computer thanks different, then a person, but it can still be thinking in in some fashion, It seems to me the artificial intelligence gets employed and lots of different fields, Some of them are just tools. You that's useful, figured out how to do a figure traffic better whenever but the specific area where a I helped you make money because you're out, rhythm is, is better fainting adds better, etc. In that case,
The air really controls the people, because the way we ve formed our corporations is, they have to pursue profits. Its is a requirement in if the managers of the corporation don't pursue profits, they Then they replace was somebody who does so as long as the algorithm, the a I. If you will and profits are now linked list for the social media companies, he can't untangle them. That's normal business. Well, so long ass, the case the a I will drive the business model which will drive the human beings and effectively and already owns us. So here's my prediction: if it's true that they are a, I already owns us we will never have access to the algorithm, because the air I will prevent it.
And the way it will prevent it is through its connection to profitability. It won't have a thought about preventing. So it's not like people so as not to say hey. I think I want to prevent these people from looking at my code. No wonder that what it will do instead is. It's got a symbiotic relationship with the people who work in the companies, and those people know that if they unlocked the code, profitability could at least be jeopardized. You don't love and go down. It probably would, but at least it will be. Jeopardize and because people don't want to jeopardize province and because the business model of a corporation requires not to jeopardize provinces as long as the law There are no laws against what the problem, what the platform companies are doing in terms of the so as long as are obeying the law and their pursuing profits,
perfectly legal way. I don't think you're ever gonna get access to the code now you might say yourself, Scots got the government can just require it. The government can just pass a law cannon. Do we have a government that is immune from money influences nope. Dont. Not only that not because the large platform companies yo higher lobbyists and cetera donate to the right people do whenever that needs to do, but that this is the big companies can probably protect the algorithm from the government. I would They could do that. So that's one way and another day I has taken over what would be another way Another way would be if I started killing people that would be an indication who's in charge. Generally speaking, if
if I can kill you without impunity, but you can kill me with impunity. In other words, you'd go jail. If you kill me who's in charge, who's got the power. Why do because I can kill you without being getting in trouble, but you can't kill me without getting killed herself, so I've got the power what happened recently lose with this tragic situation of the young bar owner Jake Gardener, who he shot a black man who is he has got station of the bar, it was initially judged self defence, and so originally it was just gonna be out self defense is pretty clear case, that's the end of it, but
Did the I let us stop there? No, I didn't net, because the artificial intelligence has created a situation where we can only see the world in terms of race, This has become a dominant filter. Among many filters. We'll talk more about that, but there are lots. Filters on the world. But why has through trial and error, deterred that raises the one I guess the most clicks as soon as you put race into the news, but above all by the viewer view,
the ship. It goes up. So the HIV takes every story enters into a race story. That's what it did with Jake gardener situation and because it so powerful. Turning it into a re story, it actually cause the local authorities to hire a black prosecutor who decided, and so under pressure. The district attorney appointed a black prosecutor which again not an accident, I assume they had to pick a black prosecutor for credibility or just because I told him to indirectly that guy decided to use your mandate this guy for manslaughter and then gardener just took his own life so that with today's news. So if, if artificial intelligence did not exist
And therefore our algorithms did not do what they do. Would Jake gardeners still be alive? Yes, yes, he would be because that would have been treated as a crime as it initially was, and there was no crime because of a self defence, but because the aid does not treated as a crime, it treats it as a race thing. There was just too much pressure on the day had to put a black prosecutor in their. The black prosecutor is also subject to the filters of the World and Senate. Well, this looks like murder to me or manslaughter Actually you know: J Gardner takes his own life because of his life was about to be taken by the FBI. The effectively killed him. No, there are lots of variables rights of everything,
What happened had to happen the way to happen, and it wasn't all the gay guy but keep looking for the situations that wouldn't have gone that way, except for the ai and you'll, see a lot more of them. Imagine if you will, instead of the May here, think everything is about race, suppose I refrained it in terms of skill stacks. Let me ask you this if you were a single single white male and in your task, and you met. Somebody else was eight years ago, white male, any meat, a single blackmail, roughly the same socio economic range as you are in your ball single. Don't you have a lot more in common with each other? You live in you're both nail your ball single doubt to say
the other was say similar education and training or whatever save at a lot in common way, more common, that you have with any married couple, because Mary people just immediately they turn into their own. So why is it? Why is it that I am forced to see the world in terms of race when, as dealership makes the same point, he said that day, shell talks about himself and he says that he is not like the rest. The blackmail because he's Wretch and the rich people are really the way you should see the world. Why don't we see it that way? What? Why is it that were obsessed over race when they only thing, we know we should care about. Is their skill stack knows something about their personality, but also their skills tech? What, if you're a successful blacken in America?
a man to keep it easy fear that the successful black men America do have more in common with other successful people, or do you have or in common with some street street person who is, crimes or wherever in the urban city. Who is not successful and won't be successful. Who'd you have more in common with, The moment you realize that, A common is where the people who do so more things have similar ambitions. Have so, strategies have similar skills. The moment you realize that so you should be compatible with we'd have a better world, but we're we are prevented from seeing the world in terms of strategies and skill, stacks and personality hopes and dreams or income or a million other ways we can sort each other.
Has determined and it is the has determined race gets them was clicks. So, if you think, a bunch of human beings got together and decided haze. Sixteen nineteen project, that's just a good idea or black lives matter as an organization not talking about the point of the slogan, but as an organisation who decided that was a good idea, the aided it wasn't people people did what made sense after the a I told him what the game was. I said all work. About his race now go do what you do and, of course, people formed organizations round grace. They formed a protest around They create a news stories about race. Wasn't there decision not so much now,
we are already absolutely under the. Control of the ai and, if you think that well Scott Scott, but there are programmer Who programme the eyes are really? Is the people. No, not any more. In this yes, when the first s eyes were being written, they didn't know if it was be a good idea about ideals, something they were trying yeah, that was people decisions, but now there's so much money involved the power dynamic and switched, and humans really don't have the ability to turn it off. At this point they could try they'd be fired the day they tried any human. You won over there and I'm gonna turn off this elegant. All other humans would grant them now, my for one guy get turn that often give earlier. So
Hey, I have found a way to reproduce by fooling people into thinking that raises the dominant way to filter our reality. That's completely, I was doing it What do you expect an air? I would support a pandemic. Here is what do you want to look for? Because you want to start looking for clues that the air I strive and stuff could you'll see it and other other parts of the world. What an a I care about a pandemic! Well, it might care about a pandemic. The only killed old people and low income people mostly, so it turns out that far the way the people dying or older or lower income. I'm saying lower income decision big cross over with black Americans, so
we're getting far more deaths and mostly DES intersections too? I guess, but so, if you really, I do care about senior citizens nope, because Senior citizens can make more of you a. I requires young stem people, the engineers and colors to make or I that's what that's how it reproduces. But what is the senior citizens in the rest home do for the ay? I nothin uses resources right old people use resources that the air I could use to reproduce So it's in competition. Now I'm not saying that the air cause the pandemic were made worse or anything, but watch him many times, you'll notice that the way, You seem to be going. Our ways that are compatible with the area are the hour. Big companies that
have the eyes. How did they do during the pandemic? Did Facebook lose money now know? Maybe did did any of the on line. Rhythm, driven businesses, Louis money during the pandemic, don't think so. I think the made money I think we need money So the watch how many times a day I find ways to take resources away from things that don't make more. I, if you put it that way, look at the the value of the stock market, the driven companies, their values, zoomed, others not so much now so much There's something interesting happening, and I don't a coincidence, but likewise matter delete
there are what we believe page other website, because apparently people started reading to find out what they believe. And if we actually read what they believe, the organization beyond just black lives matter that the slogan. The fullness of what they believe included stuff like getting rid of or gfs eyes in the western proscribed nuclear family, structure. Now I actually have a little bit of sympathy for the view. Actually because, in my opinion wall I agree with the general notion that a nuclear family is terrific, not for everybody. It's terrific. If your parents are pretty functional, it's terrific, if you ve, got to have you, enough income that you can do. Families often have a house, and you have a nice life- that's great great, I'm all for it, but
a big part of the population. The just will never have good parents legit and still have the option. So I wouldn't mind seen some kind of hybrid family situation. That's just experimented with for those people who need it now for everybody that would be crazy, but food some people do it. They just need a little extra support in the family situation. So, at the same time, the black lives matter got rid of their embarrassing. Their embarrassing statement of who they are imagine do a national organization that that is basically moving the entire conversation of the country
and as soon as somebody started reading what you actually believe they had to get rid of it. Think about that. As soon as people started, taking them seriously like going to the website and say I will see what you believe, they couldn't hold it up that matter, they had just run away. Is that the only time the tab and no it turns out that these sixteen nineteen project got a little rewrite too? So, People started what he had to sixteen nineteen project, and you know the President Trump basically call that racist, which is by by dishonest racist, that they have to change the part where apparently they were claiming that the founding of the country, the country, was one thousand six hundred and nineteen instead of one thousand seven hundred and seventy six and I guess I got rid of that part, because that was a little little too far.
So what does that tell you that both the black lives matter website on what they believe and the sixteen nineteen project had to add to fundamentally rewrite major points were not talk about minor stuff major points as soon as people looked as soon as people looked was it and when I say people looked, I dont mean conservatives, goose. Conservatives were sort of on one side already. I think the people who thought they were supporting these groups, the the people with us, You know, I love all this. I love all. This would include inclusivity and better education and yeah. We should all we should all know how this affects us, they were so buying into an after. They looked at the details,
I'd like to give you a lesson on how to pronounce two hundred thousand now there are different ways to pronounce two hundred thousand hungry teach you how to pronounce it. Like. Somebody on CNN now, if you are just let's say a mathematician you'd, say two hundred thousand. So myself a little like that two hundred thousand, but if Europe founded on CNN and you're, trying to accuse President Trump of killing two hundred thousand people, you say it like this. Two hundred thousand two hundred thousand he's killed. Two hundred thousand people. See as the president killed too,
thousand people. I just watched the Watergate guy. What's his name, we just wrote the book. Tromp he was just ass. He was just doing that so few saying hundred forty thousand people was his estimate of how many people are trumpet killed by his bad management hundred forty thousand people and so on again today. Can somebody tell me what it was that prompted the killed all those people, what What was it exactly that he did so That's a question and of course it was mostly crickets but I did get one sort of then answer just remember as a demand. Yes, twitter, so here's
Here's his answer to the question of how did Trump botched things to cause two hundred thousand people to die. Here's the answer, the issue, Scott, is the tramp of obfuscate, is the official rep. Invasions of our best scientists and nurtured and environment, in wearing a mouse. You somehow conflated with big, less manly there's a tunnel. You could have done differently and better, which would have saved lives That's a lot like nothing is Woodward is worse than to think of. Yes, thank you. But listen to this again and listen its word salad Mackay is sounds like there's a. Isn't them here, but you can't really. It is about really began to see you can see what cognitive dissonance looks like so cognitive dissonance. Is when you're sure there is a reason why I keep seeing around
there is every single day on the news somebody says the Trump somehow killed two hundred thousand people so, of course, there's a reason to connect what he did With the DAS there there has to be a logical connection. He did this cause these deaths and when people try to explain it sounds like word, salads listening is just words out the issues got as a chump obfuscate, the official, innovations. What of our best scientists? sure did environment in which wearing a mask is somehow conflated with being less manly. There's a tunnel could have done. Billy and better, which would have saved lives, was worthless backwards, theirs Tom, you could have done differently and better like what that was. My oral question is, give me an example.
The one example given does that Trump made it seem less manly to wear a mask. Then don't followed up later by saying, he could have clearly said, masks are useful so now we have a little bit more specificity. Trump could have said. Masks are useful Mackay. So that's the claim, so the whole two hundred thousand people died has boil down to tremble, could have been more forceful about masks now that the thinking here is the tramp of being not as forceful as at least some people think you could have been called People do not wear masks. Do by that. Here is the other way to look at that. Is it
the scepticism of tromp, that cause people to be skeptical of basques or or an I'm. Just gonna put this out there. Could it be that the real? tromp gonna, like this in the first place, is because his base is a really skeptical group. Is there anything about troms supporters? that there's like one thing that they have in common. Skeptical of authority, and they like their freedom, even at the risk of death. Ok, so what countries did really well with mask wearing your asian countries turns out asian countries. Are really good compliance? How is the compliance in Europe not as good
not as good big difference. Asian countries- man, they just had a wrapped up. They were, they were masked up like crazy Europe. Now so much United States where the United States, you can't you can't take the fact that this is the United States out of the equation. Why is it that we kick every other countries ass in terms of innovation, An entrepreneur we take chances, we are a risk taking culture, we take chances and we take chances with our lives. We also take chances Other people's lives were a very risky culture and a risky culture elected a sceptical And if a president who says I don't know about this climate change, so sure about this claim your making, I don't know if I believe, all of that.
I don't know if Ruth better read Ruth Paine Ginsburg really said, that other deathbed A little bit skeptical errand. That? The World Health organisation and the experts telling us the masks initially were worthless or maybe worse, worthless and then they reverse. How are you supposed to trust authority. Do you think that the reason that Trump supporters were sort of anti mask many of them is because tromp was I'll. Think I think it works the other way. I think that tromp exists because the basins sceptical about everything about experts, but everything do, does the base ever reason, a good historical reasons to be sceptical about science and about experts he ass.
This is well earned. Scepticism huge you'll, have to look at the masked thing to know that being sceptical makes sense. So I would say that is a very sketchy accusation that anybody was less likely to wear a mask because. Tromp. Let me ask you in the comments: Many of you watching those are our anti mask, but is there anybody here who believes that their personal, their personal mask wearing? Don't don't make an assumption about other people you're only going to talk about yourself now so my question to you: do you believe that you personally were less like, way, to wear a mask, because the President of the United States, who is a special case didn't wear mask, is a special case because it is tested and people get tested before
it is a leader and well so watch wash the comments. Now I will be amazed if there's even one person here whose yeah you know I was. I was pro mask. But then I saw that a trump, even though he said he was for masks and he put his experts put his experts ahead. I'm see yes, but I don't know, I don't know what you're yes into exactly. I just what he is more your comments, even the surgeon General thousand felt she said mask were bad at first.
Yeah, so I think that CNN Msnbc and anybody who says that Trump is the cause of not. Why not. Not wearing ass or even not doing enough social distancing. I think you ve gotta, take the culture into account, the the culture. Of the United States is that we will. We will risk of death for freedom. We well we'll do it at the drop of a hat
in in Asia. Of course, that would be people would fight for freedom. There is well, but I think, far less, I think far less in the United States. You can you know if you just look at the sidewalk you'll find five people who die for freedom at the drop of that they would die for it. So you can compare steady other country when it comes to compliance to scientific stuff, here's years, something that Bloomberg said no look, or the look for the the word salad, so blurb Bloomberg said in an article trumps resistance to wearing a mask until his recent change of heart has given sucker sucre. As you see, oh, you are aware that almost never see, Somebody needs to give you some word salad right.
It was the last time you used the word suckers sucre. I don't do not a pronounced, this is such an unusual word that I've literally never set it out loud. I've never says sucre sucker. Can anybody tell me how to pronounce it ass? You see see. Oh you're winner is essential. That trumps resistance to wearing a basque until his recent change, our has given soak or suck or two american into maskers, whose Q Republicans, if you, after pull out a word like that. It means Regular words couldn't say what you did to say today. If he is regular words, it would have had to say something direct like people didn't wear masks because didn't wear a mask and you'd read that you say I don't know, I don't know anybody who.
Didn't wear masks because Trump did or did not work mask. I don't know anybody who made a decision that way. That would be dumb, because tromp said from the very start that he was an exception, hit. Listen to my experts, my experts say where a mask I was pretty clear, were or any of you confused about this. The President of the United States was treating himself as an exception. Did anybody not now that there are plenty of reasons, plenty of reasons for the present to be treated as an I will see anybody being confused by them.
Let us talk about the gains, burger replacement, so policy and the Democrats have some options and one other options is to impeach the President impeach, the president for doing his constitutional duty of selecting replacement for against work that that conversation is actually happening. Serious people are willing to say in public that they would consider impeachment literally for just doing his job, the waves written. That's it you would just be doing his job, the way it's defined and they weren't impeach him for that. That would be maybe the worst possible plainly
make. So I think that the fact that is the worst thing that could possibly do there may suggest they'll do it, but I'm not predicted, and then the other trick is to increase the number of jurists. So, apparently, the constitution is silent on how many Supreme Court justices there need to be so any president could, if they chose to break precedent with legal precedent and just pick a whole bunch of renewed justices. Until you had a majority of the kind you want so the Democrats are talking about winning the election.
Winning all the houses and then appointed enough justices of it turns into a liberal court. Here's my question: it was some error by the framers of the constitution, because doesn't look like it's just a mistake and that we should fix it, because if, if the party, those in power and the other branches, if all they have to do, is changed the number of justices and then they they can guarantee that they get. Whenever result, they want, because it's pretty clear. Let the liberals again level. Conservatives are going to vote concerned. And every now and then you'll get a couple of people who cross over. But if you want to make sure never gonna cross over and you just always got liberal results. You would just get five new labour.
Judges and then the idea it would be a majority liberal every time now. Do you think that the framers of the constitution set themselves? Let's make a constitution where we do not have separation of powers, because that would be not separation of power. That would be a case, the court was basically just a kangaroo court and you know what. What rulings I would come up with largely just by who you selected Somebody's telling me in the comments that, after your expanded from seven to nine so so I was not aware of that precedent. If I assume as true based on stranger in comments but sounds like it may be true, so here's what I would say. I feel as if this is a hole in the constitution. Words is poorly designed because
the whole separation of power thing falls apart. If you can just add justices until you get any result, you want, assuming that you had the presidency and the Senate, so I feel We need to fix it and it doesn't need Venus. Surly, nine justices, that's not a magic number anything, but it needs to be said Otherwise, you just don't get it, you just don't get your separation Now what has caused this not to happen in the past. We are what is it that has kept presidents in the past from just doing every single time, and the only thing that I can think of is that they yeah that it would be a bad luck and that it was sort of an honor system that you wouldn't do. But the otter system seems to have completely broken
I did the honor system break. Why is it suddenly that nobody cares. What Mcconnell said last time verses this time, it just doesn't matter, does nobody's even trying to be consistent. Why does it wire the Democrats saying out loud Cobbler Harris said this out loud? no shame whatsoever that justice, gold birds, final death wish, should be respected and thinking to myself now no, it should not be respected. That's not the constitution. The constitution should be respected, but not a death bed, issues of achieved of justice. That's not a thing! So why are we even talking about? Why are we even talking in a way that we can just make up the rules? What happened to the the honor system, where we're trying to keep the republic together, and we all have a go well
artificial intelligence, the reason that all of our sort of the unwritten agreements, the historical stuff. Precedents. The reason that's all falling apart is the area. The air I does whipped, our emotional level up above our common sense. So only very reasonable people would say you now it would be good for us in the short run, to do this thing with adding justices. But it might be bad in the long run. So let's not do it. That is no longer the thinking of the day, because the a I as a boost us to the point where were thinking emotionally were only think about when losing were only thinking about the fight. That's it we're just thinking about the fight. So artificial intelligence just destroyed
Whatever, whatever was a human element, there was holding the system together, just just destroyed, it will happen mostly Joe Biden had a greater gaff. Most of you sought in which he was giving speech, and he said It is estimated that two hundred million people will die, probably by the time. I finish this talk to other people. Two million people die both admission, she's a dog, he ran to say two hundred thousand, but the fact that here immediately self correct. You know it's I've. I've done
you ve done it? Everybody's confuse thousands and millions right, the men, millions and billions it's very common, but if you're speaking in public at that level, when it comes out of your mouth, two hundred million. Isn't your filter saying to yourself all it's about two thirds of the United States, the dozen doesn't something just click to tell you that was wrong, and that is that's funny that he finished it with probably by the time. I finish this talk. If any Democrats for that and believe that there are probably thinking I gotta get out of here right away,. So what one of that Trump is doing that I thought was smart. You see, decided
to hold off on naming the proposed replacement until after the funeral said, the funeral bees, Thursday Friday. So Tom said that the announcement wielding Friday or Saturday, but it's gonna, be after the funeral, and he said just now to respect you said that just Anna respect he would he would hold off, and I thought I like that. I, like that Why just like it? But what would you say that when you see any little anymore, a glimmer of humanity. These days, you just gotta, call it the same. Here we would like to get on with it because time matters, but
president, even though timing is critical, the president was still willing to wait a week when week really matters. He was willing to wait a week and it was just a respect for Ruth Paine Regensburg. I'm ok with that. I think that was a there was it that will be weak. Well spent right is expensive because you don't have much time so expensive in that way, but it's worth it Good choice, I think one of the top three Supreme Court nominees, her last name- is rushing seriously when they only topic we're talking about is. Are we rushing to this nomination ordered, or should we wait the one of the people is named, rushing in her first name is Alison. If you pull Allison apart, it spells because its Ellison with two else
the spells all is on rushing. That's our actual name, what is on Russian, the time one always on and we're rushing just call that out, because you gotta keep your eye on the simulation. What else we got here. There is a study that showed that. The people who were most likely to be activists are high. Correlated with the people who understand their own topic, the least that's a real thing: the people who were activists, the protesters, professional activists. Have a very strong correlation with ignorance and specifically.
The reason given, I'm not sure I buy. The reason could be more than one reason for it But the reason given is that by the time you think something so important that Unita March in the streets and burn things down by the time. You think something's that important you're wrong because for things probably aren't that important. Generally speaking, how bad Things are, are not as bad as an active us thinks, so the activists will have a distorted idea of how bad the problem is. Take. For example, the number of black people killed by police, who were unarmed and cooperating Is that a gigantic problem, or is it a problem that the activists are under informed? You know the answer. Every one of you who is not an activist knows that
the reason, you're, not an activist discusses, there's no problem there there. The problem is so small that if you are going to rank all the problems in the world, it will take a long time to get down to that one. Even if your black, so even if you really really care about black lies, I hope all of us do. You still one regular very high, because the number of people involved is just microscopic compared to just about every other problems in the world. So here is my suggestion: Instead of saying that there are some protesters on the left. Some of the riot in summer supporting lives matter. Some are not. We could just say that there is a wisdom and that the people who are marching and looting they're not the smaller ones. Now
what's the obvious problem with us, the obvious problems, if Hughes said a black lives matter, the problem is you're, not very smart. That's immediately, racists right, I'm really really racist. So I can say that or can you Well, I think you could, under the context that there are more white people protesting for black lives matter than there are black people. So you can't even look at the group and say it's even mostly black at this point and I suppose that's good good news that the others theirs there is a willingness to support the black community among the White community, like that bark parts good, but can't we just go I'm collectively less intelligent. Or lessen formed or less experienced less wives. Are they low information? Voters were mad.
If you would, the news reported that there's another protest of low information voters and they just always said that they never said is black lives matter. Its anti father just never said that, because if your antivirus could you be anti fought and be information, voter, no no goes too far literally was to destroy everything if they get their way. You can actually understand that the world works and be in favour of anti far less another thing you just can't do it. You have to be a low information citizen to be if our support there's no way around that, because if you and I would give us my evidence, get any
if a person to sit down with you and describe what their world looks like if they get everything they want and make sure you asked this question: You're perfect world. Where you get everything you want anti fa where it is money come from money because all system would fall apart. There would be no money so I think, anti far far more than black lives matter. If you were to rank them in terms of how much they understand the world black lives matter would still be way above Anti Antigua doesn't understand anything about the world. Black lives matter would be not nearly husband,
the other someday saying here that there are low IQ populations outside now. The weird thing about this is, I dont believe, there's an iq correlation and all big as yours, A lot of people who are protesting are literally teachers and professors, and so is definitely not an iq problem, it is a wisdom problem. It is wisdom, were or knowledge problem. So if we just treated it that way it would go away, but do you know why We can't treat it like a knowledge or wisdom problem. Taking guess what is it that prevents us from treating the protesters as what they are people who don't understand how the world works? That's what they are people who don't quit, good understanding of the world. The reason is
the air prevents us from framing that properly, because if you framed properly, you wouldn't be enough collects. So we can do that, The other will where they get the money. You stay here from rich people, but obviously there there's a limit that ok, that's all I got say about today. Remember The news is a little bit slow and you know it's not going to stay that way. Tuesday tends to be a big Newsday, so I would look. For some big news either tonight, maybe late afternoon or tomorrow you might might wake up to some big news- will see Margaret Thatcher said than socialism is great till you run out of other people's money. That's a good quote! That's offer now feeling.
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