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Episode 1134 Scott Adams: Peaceful Transfers of Power, Fake News Riots, Biden’s Lid, TDS Cures, Impeaching Pelosi, Nadler’s Waddle

2020-09-24 | 🔗

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  • A voting system designed to fail and spark chaos
  • Whiteboard: Breonna Taylor, Two Realities
  • Did CNN reporting, increase the violent rioting?
  • Van Jones question…if Breonna had been white
  • Hunter Biden new info, lots of swampy info
  • Joy Reid’s corrosive comment on “bygones”

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Come and pump uncomfortable pump out of the bottle bump bump bump. They are very worrying gather around its time time for the best part of the day. The part that makes everything better it's gone, the same thing, do you know you need to participate? Do you do you yeah? That's right, you all got the right At the same time, all you need is Capra, Margaret Glass of agriculture, seismic anti drug or flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid,
I like coffee and join me now for the uncurled unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine. However, the day the thing that makes everything better, it's called the simultaneous separate happens now. That's good stuff who says that that was Johnny, Carson, ass, good ass, well, It's hard to evaluate the news. If you're, not an expert yourself on some things, and there are a lot of things. I am not an expert on one of the things is political campaigns? I'm not an expert on political campaigns. So when I look at Joe Biden Calling a lid on his schedule, meaning that he will not appear in public today whatsoever in any anyway
When that lid is called, firstly, in the morning. I asked myself this because again another expert on political campaigns, but if you're running president and its forty days or so before the election. Do you not know what your schedule be tomorrow. Do you not because it seems to me they could have called the lid for today yesterday because I'm pretty sure they knew yesterday that there would not be a people of any public appearances today what they know their yesterday, but they called it this morning. Sort of makes, you think that maybe he's Sworder, just possibly they make their decision about whether there's gonna be a list
based on how he's doing that morning. Now you can tell me no, no Scott, you don't understand. He's fund raising Needs all data fund, race or or he's on raising and he is preparing for the debate. You need to clear your schedule and get ready for that. Eight, to which I say He heard a zoom because you can do a national interview in ten minutes. You can do it during break of your preparations for others. So. It seems to me that there is no legitimate reason that a candidate for president would just disappear from a day. This close to me Alas, there trying to him to us that the cats on the roof, if you know what I mean the old joke- that that is suggesting
there's more trouble ahead, but we're gonna Bregetio slowly. I write them. Big news of the day? Well couple a big news: What is that a reporter asked the president yesterday? the porter says, will lose or draw this election. Will you talking to president tromp? Will you commit here today for a peaceful transfer of power after the election and Trump is inevitable, instead of solely obvious thing, which is, of course, we don't want any any violence and we're all going to follow the constitution and allow work hell? That's why you expected it to say but
present job does not say what you expect them to say sort of ever, and so, when I asked if he would commit a peaceful transfer power after the election job says, and I quote, we're going to have to see what happens. The reason I like that, Is that its transparent and its at its honest that that was the only honest answer it did you want to lie? Did you want him to lie because every change, something what one is changed if you, what you said earlier. I can commit to that because you know he can commit to that. He doesn't have the ability to commit to that, because only one person. And while he hasn't vast powers as the president, he doesn't care
all of our actions, he doesn't control three thirty million people, three hundred and thirty million people feel like that What do you get a little violent after election day? What the hell is chopped going to do about it? how in the world can commit? That's not going to happen when, in fact we have designed a system this guaranteed to make it happen. You know how you could end, and the presidency referred to the same thing if you created an election process that the entire country thought was a valid process. Well, maybe baby. In that case you could close to guaranteeing it does you'd, be least getting rid of the private. My reason for any vial. If you got rid of the reason you have a pretty good shot no violence, but
Few design, the reasons for violence into the system. You actually create a system that guarantees violence. How is the president's post to commit to a not happening when you ve, designed for violence? What I mean by that is, if you design a system that forty percent of its use, number pulling down my you know what, but probably forty percent of the country, I'm guessing could be thirty years, fifty whatever but didn't, enrage essay. Forty percent of the country is not going to trust the the result. If there is a mass mail in kind of of which looks like the weights. Having now for those who are new to this, there are three separate curves melons. If you don't know that there are three different kinds
you just say to yourself there all reliable or you say to yourself: there are not reliable. You don't understand the question. There are three different kinds, two of them pretty reliable. I would be comfortable with two of the three, the third one completely unreliable and it's the big one The reliable ones are absentee. Let's and the reliable, because you request the ballot.
It's a little harder to cheat. If you have requested, did you get this guy your day, Mamma you sent them. We ve done that for years, people are pretty comfortable that that's one of the three pretty good second one is five states have gone through the the history of doing your generic melon ballots to everybody, but they ve also a time to scrub their databases and figure out what their bases, if anything is at a whack. They say all this means that a black sea prior years than look like that, so for five of the state's pretty good I'd like it to be better, but pretty good. So this, two other two of the three types, the the absence of any balance very well tested the five states that have been doing it and had time to refine it very well tested, and then the third category, which is the best,
which is all the other states who haven't tested it, they ve, never, they ve, never testing their databases. The north they're gonna send the wrong homes. People get massive wrong. Mellings, we don't know now I could be good and it could be not good, but would you trusted if it's never been tested and lets say it gives you a result? You dont like now now it's a system, this designed to fail is designed from the start to fail it. If you don't get that is designed to fail you're not paying attention if you fall for the the trick that there's one kind of mail in vote- and it's all like absences absenting about balance. Therefore it's all good. You have fallen for the fake news. There are three different situations to them: pretty good, pretty good. The third one
Anyone dont know so, even if it were accurate, which is sketchy who knows but even if it were accurate? Who would trust it? Because, as has been tested and in our current situation, that is called planning to fail? You can't draw any picture where, if we do what we plan to do it works well, Can you just try to try to tell a story that includes doing exactly what we plan and then everybody's happy at the end, he can't do there is no story, the ends that way you can't even magic. One like in here weird imagination,. So when the president says he can commit to nonviolent transfer of power- that's just honest,
how in the world he can't even stop the apparently care stopped the riots in the cities. Why would they stop if tromp gets elected? Do you think riots are going to stop, well, let's say Trump gets elected in a landslide. Such a landslide, You don't even have any questions about the vote. You might say to yourself. Yes, there was some voters, suppression and there are some voter cheating but couldn't possibly be big enough. Account for the landslide, even with a landslide of that size. Do you think there will be no violence, of course, that of course it will be. Of course it would be violence, because there is violence now and there's no. That will stop it. There's nothing. That's lining up, there's nothing about the election. That would stop. It, of course, would be. So that's getting everybody all worked out and of course, their place.
The you're you're, a big all dictator. If you talk about that, but here, of course, is the part that these fake news dozen tell their audience like this there, I don't think there's any trump supporters who violate the constitution. Have we ever met? One have you ever met, Troms supporter who say if we have an election, that we can trust and Trump does not get elected. We're gonna take up arms to give them an office said zero. People have, you ever met anybody who would say if trump losers, we want to keep them in office. I've never been everybody was that opinion. In fact would argue anybody who has an opinion is not a Republican. Anybody was that opinion that the election doesn't count and we're just gonna keep
Anybody would have that opinion is not a conservative. They would not be somebody who believes in the constitution and therefore they would not be untroubled team to begin with. That's pretty fundamental and the whole trumps. A poor thing is that if he doesn't, when he's not president, can we agree if there's any, if left, leaning people want or anywhere to see your comments. Can you back me up in the comments? Is anybody who supports Trump what support keeping him in office if he lost the election? No, now that doesn't exist as completely imaginary. Anybody who thinks that that's the case, it's got a real bad case, a tedious. Now we'll talk about it,
and then I guess, president from predicted that the Supreme Court may decide the outcome of the election, I would say that close to guaranteed when you among president trumps among President trumps prediction This was a pretty safe one. I feel as if no matter what the outcome is, the Supreme Court's gonna get involved. It just feels like a guarantee. Now is that they are our Republicans and conservatives going to trust whatever the Supreme Court says if they ever six three majority, which they might have if conservatives have a six three majority and the decision doesn't go their way they are going to accept it. Oh they'll complain Babo, but the law- they may say, hey my justices or not as conservatives as I hope they will have something to comply.
But if a six three conservative majority says Trump didn't when you're not gonna, see a lot of trouble. Supporters marching in the streets nobody's gonna pick up guns over that because that's their court, that's their core. That's the way it goes gonna take that, so I don't think you have to worry about anything from the conservative side now what if what if the elections is actually stolen? What about that? One of the election was like just obviously stolen, and I was just you could tell.
Then it was stolen unless they were stolen by the Democrats and Trump still in office. What, then, what? Then? What would you support if the election is stolen? While I would support of going to the Supreme Court in as the Supreme Court said, we're gonna have to do it do over however, that whatever the Supreme Court says as long as were on the same page, that we can trust the Supreme Court, you don't have to worry about the conservatives. You do have to worry about the liberals because they may not. They might not accept what the Supreme Court says. They might say. This court is rigged with all conservative,
we do not just it looks like a gun sales and in the swing states or up eighty percent this year and is better good or bad or a good. The gun, sales or up eighty percent are now is good. Freedom, I suppose, but will more people get killed because there are more guns? Probably I go the other way. Maybe more people will be protected, hard to know Kevin Mccarthy
finally said something. I wish somebody it's in a long time ago you said that if Nancy Plus, he tries to impeach President Trump just for trying to set up trying to get the Supreme Court nominee that he wants when he wants it, that if she tries to impeach for just that and other words doing his job, that that they'll try to impeach her now, I feel like us completely fair, don't you if, if policy tries to impeach the president for simply doing what the constitution says, this is job. Even if you don't like it, I think she should be impeached,
the fields perfectly fair to me. What should trump do or not you about all the riots about the the police, violence against black people and the black lives matter, rights, etc? Why surely do what at the moment he's just milky it for political game, and I have mixed feelings about that right. If the present the president was getting some some flag for not coming out
you come down must not have any violence over the Brian teller thing, and so the critics who say that the presidency should be more of a calming force on society, to which I say. How would that work? How exactly is president Trump of all people going to make the riots less righty because he said something is everything that could come out of his mouth? There would make the riots less likely to be riots, I'll think so, there's literally nothing you can do there, wouldn't make it worse. If all he did was say, I call for peace and we should all come together. What difference would it make? Would it make it If anybody said it where it, whereas Obama calling for peace and to make a difference, if Obama say: retired Obama. If him calling
PS, doesn't make any difference to the rioting? Why would trump calling for peace make any difference? It would make no difference. It couldn't make it worse, but here's what he could do. He could call for all parties to look the science, which would be a very tricky play, he could say: look there seems to be This agreement on the basic situation, meaning that the people have Agreements about what's happening with these protests, black lives matter etc just seem to have legitimate disagreements, about what the reality is? What causes, what who is responsible for what what's the best solution for this? So why are we just call on science? Let's see if we can get the
stated. We can get everybody to agree, our black people being killed by police in some way that is statistically meaningful, verses and the other group, and now, let's, let's all get together and really use our science. What would happen. Well, first of all they would say now there was a get away from me with your. With your dictator ways or something I mean they would have to say something as its trump. But it would be unassailable. It would be completely, unsaleable say: look, I think
Our problem is we're not agreeing on the facts. So, let's bring in the science of bringing the experts less really have a national, a national debate on just the facts. How much of it is institutional racism? How much is it a trading problem? How much is the behaviour of the people who are being stopped? Let's just put it all out there. Let's see what the truth is, if the president did that The unambiguously was a productive meaning that who would argue against having better information really cap, but
where would that lead you while they would leave you to not protest, but they would know that, and so they would resist. So I will put the Democrats in the position of resisting calls for better data, and science now would be a good place to be for the present. I hears my filter on that. The the riots and the brain it tailor stuff. You all know the story by now. The plea officers were found not guilty of any kind of murder in terms of her death.
And therefore their rights, because that now here is the central magic trick at play, or you can call it an illusion or a magic trick. I call it a magic trick because there's somebody actually doing it, in other words or there's somebody perpetrating the trick intentionally, says more of a magic trick than a natural illusion that just happened on fears how I see it. Yes, we're going to the whiteboard. There are two views of reality here the protests, saying, there's racism, everywhere Anders Racist and the cops, and because some of the cops are racist there?
more likely to murder black people in routine stops than they would other groups, so so this is their protest or view of the world. There is racism, there's racist gaps, their shooting people and there aren't enough people doing something about it. So therefore society needs to be really stressed and pushed because it's just not doing anything about this problem. Here's my view, which is that we are passed, the point where people make their own decisions for politics. People largely are assigned opinions. So there are almost nobody in the world who just thinks up their own opinion. They look,
there are new sources of may adopt those billions that are assigned to them. So if your Democrat you're getting some CNN opinions of animals suddenly see opinions, but why you're not doing not even close to doing is making up your own mind if you believe that you make it their people make up their own mind about politics. You don't understand home mines, work, how the news works or how social media- and our So here by here's, my model of the world you ve Artificial intelligence, in the form of an essay, the algorithms, the algorithms, are telling us what we're seeing and what's important, the first thing the algorithm decides. What you think is important you'd, decide what you think is important. You think you do, but should doubt the algorithm decides that, based on what gets you the most excited activists, of course
using this seller, their pushing wherever they can push their yellow there being opportunistic. Of people are already man about this listless pile of this little that we can. We can move this little bit is already moving on its own. So between the social media and the fake news, and by fake news, I mean, If you had originally heard the brie on the tailors story accurately, let's say the first day that anybody heard the story. It was completely accurate. Now CS. I dont think, though there were people lying about the story, I think just we didn't know the story. Until recently,
but suppose on day one you'd heard it was not a no knock raid so that the core of the thing was that it was a no, not read. But now we are told by the police and by the I guess was the prosecutor. Now we're told that there's a witness- and it is confirmed that it was a knock rate, so suppose you'd her that first, oh they knocked, and then you heard that the boyfriend shouted the police first and then you're that the police shot back and that there was an innocent person. I think, on the other side of the wall, who got killed and not about this story involves race and other words. You could tell the entire story without mentioning the ethnicity of everyone involved, and nobody would know that you had left Adele because
doesn't interracial element to the story whatsoever, so imagine that that had been the news, tragic tragic accident. The police are investigating the officers to find out who was is purely an accident or was there's something you bad behaviour here. If you had heard that version first, would there be riots now, if you, if you knew that George Floyd had a fatal amount offence in all Indian, when, when all that, when down, would you feel the same about how he died now they're? Still, there is still something that legitimate questions can be asked about. The police performance, so did the police handle themselves perfectly right, but did they kill George Floyd
will certainly not in another intentionally- and you know if you heard the story just accurately for a moment, one you'd have a very different feeling about it. It would be tragic. You would certainly think there are questions to be asked, but look exactly like murder, They wouldn't even look Rachel what was the racial element of that? If you look at it- and you can think of a few other examples where there have been riots over something that turned out to be not quite, the way it was originally portrayed, so, in my view of the world, the aid, the activists pushing social media. The fake news is literally reporting things that are not true, and these things collectively leave you. The impression, which would be a false impression under this world view the false impression that black people are being murdered by
now. Here's the problem. Have it haven't these two people ever debate? What's that, look like it's impossible that these people can have a conference, with these people they don't even live in the same reality. If you believe that this was true, you're not really can be away here this, and if you think this is true, you think these people are just under informed and if you try to inform them, how would that go southern somebody's like protesting out there and if they have committed like a significant part of that, are like fixing this problem of the copse, murdering black people, and then you come out and say you know, you're just wrong about the whole thing you're, a sort of looking at the situation wrong. Really, your opinion was assigned to you by algorithms and and the news, so you don't have an independent opinion. It was actually assigned to you and all the
It was wrong, so you started with completely wrong facts. That pointed in exactly the opposite direction of and then on top of those facts. There were completely wrong. You were assigned an opinion, in your mind. You think you have. You came up with yourself, but you, but you didn't, you actually were assigned this opinion. Has our conversation go this person say Warhol you're blowin my mind now wish I'd known this before before I wasted all this time. Protest in the wrong stuff now know it's not going to go that way. You can convince anybody you neither those realities that are in the wrong reality. Just doesn't work. So Sir, will see more of that. So I was really curious and if you didn't do this yesterday, boy do MRS Shell,
I found out the verdict of their Brianna Taylor thing mediately turned on CNN, because if CNN was a legitimate news organization, what would they have reported about the brie on a tailor such Well, if there were legitimate news there one said gosh who were the reporting was wrong about a being no knock and that's really important, did they say that nope Chris Cuomo actually said? That's not that's it. Russian. So, even though the official report is that there was a witness and there was an announcement and knocking Chris Cuomo says, but there was somebody who were reports, they didn't hear it. There was some other way so they didn't hear at the announcement to which I say if there's somebody you heard it. And then somebody you didn't hear it. What do you say?
is more reliable because it seems to me that the person who clearly heard it unless they're lying, why would they, I suppose they could guess but he has risen lie, but it's only war believable that there's a witness who has an affirmative citing of something happening than it is somebody you didn't hear it because not hearing something a little bit ordinary. People, don't hear things that happen, but it's a little weirder to specifically here something in detail and then have imagined. That would be weird in this case that this isn't quite these seeing the elephant situation and know where you're going on this one. Definitely there. So they wouldn't reported that these central claim is at least at the very least. It's been credibly question.
At the very least, then they would have said it was a tragic accident and I had nothing to do with race. There's no evidence. The race was a factor in any way, and there is no. Listen to place even knew they were shooting in the direction of we're. Gonna tell her. I think she was on the other side of the wall or something they thought there were returning fire to the boyfriend. So it was sorely perfect storm of bad luck that the boyfriend, who had the legal handgun thought that the export friend who was a drug dealer might have been the one crashing and the door ass, the bird first bad piece of luck and the fact that he was there Oh so you know you can get a lot of bad luck. They created the tragedy if you they reported that then it was just turns. It was just a bad luck, tragedies situation,
Would there be more or less writing? I think less because imagining you're you're a writer and you turn on the news- and you think, is your friendly new sources. Cnn and they say our turns out. This was just a big mistake. You you should think about the the families other Taylor family. It's a tragedy! Here we can over state how much more tragedy was, but I was just the tragic it was an accident. Maybe can do better in the future, but it was an accident that will make a difference, but instead CNN played it like maybe like. Maybe it was racial, there's no evidence, there isn't there's no nobody's even offered evidence that there was a racial component to it.
They still treat it like it is that is so anti social will. I can't even read my around it. Let me that that is a guarantee that you have. Riots. So I would, I would say that the the riots I'm gonna start calling them the fake news riots that might be misleading. The faint news is, is whatever sparks. Because the rise, or almost all faintly sparked by fake news, CNN, Amazon BC era, and I don't think they can escape responsibility for and the citizens believe it's because of police actions, but that opinion was assigned to them. It's not their opinion. I saw I watched Van Jones come.
To talk about it and see them, and I like to use them as my example in lower cases, because there are lots of people, you can't quite tell ok area. Are you just being a liar, because here you're a partisans you just lying? Or do you really believe what you're saying? Sometimes you can't tell and that that determines how you think about them? But in the case of Angelos my personal opinion is that you genuine and fairly transparent. So even one he's doing something that is nakedly political. He actually will sometimes tell you that I mean recently. He made news by saying that he would have complained. You know no matter which way something because its political, so he's family, transparent about the fact that some of its political- but I feel like I feel, like is actual emotion about things- is completely genuine.
And he came on after the Brianna Taylor Thing, and you know you can't read people's minds by his face displayed genuine pain, genuine pain, you care, that well like there there's nobody who can do that to their face to show that much pain, less Israel. Nobody is echoed of an actor, so vengeance the figure him out right, because you want to understand. People have different opinions if there are reasonable people and. I hold them up as my reasonable person, so he's the one I want to understand, trying to understand. Don lemon is a waste of time, because he is now really trying to presented an accurate view of the world. Virgins for the most part is actually want. The live in the real world, with real solutions, the stuff
So I want to understand him, and I was I was. I was looking at the pain and I was trying to understand that cuz I said to myself. Wouldn't he be happy that this was not a case of racial murder by police? Should that be was for at least a little bit of relief that wasn't what you thought it was, but instead he was actually in just as much pain. As if it had been racial murder and, as you said this directly, he said why this has happened. If Brianna Taylor was white, to which I say why what what part of it would not have happened if she had been right wing,
would they not have gotten the warrant in the first place? Now, if that's, if that's the, if that's the year, if that's the assertion that maybe the it wouldn't even happened, it would have been no or event. Maybe borough see any evidence of that? Don't the police pursue crimes, no matter what your races, I thought I thought they were pretty good at that it's a crime or is not a crime is not a crime and watch you raise. I don't think anybody says I do so. I think the event what happened and once the police encountered gunfire you once people were firing at the police. One say they broke. And the door what exactly what the police have done. If a white person was hidden behind a wall, They have said hold of your fire, hold your fire just let this
I should at us because there might be a white person the other side of the wall or What they have said hold on hold on the person who shooting at us at close range that we think might be a drug dealer, but we don't know he's white, it's ok, it's you guys yet you shooting at us. How shall I go not in the leg, but dont returned the fire diesel He's a white guy, everybody don't shoot, is winger with that. What what are you have to do to your brain? To imagine that please don't return fire too people or or is the argument they wouldn't have shot as many rounds. Now. Let me ask you this given that the guy you had the gun apparently never got it. I don't think he's got a shot right. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he was even wounded if the guy
who has the gun, is still with a gun and he's still not subdued, because he was alive and he still at his gun how many bullets as the right number tissue in that direction. Now one of the copse apparently did something reckless. That is this on its own situation, but his is reckless endangerment had to do with neighbours apartments not even what was happening in that room. So should you stop at say four bullets if you're the police. When there an armed men who just shot you who is still alive still as this gun, any stolen the room here. The Roma? Are you gonna start shooting Well, you know that guy's, the subdued is ten enough. I mean I would have shot about twenty five. I can't I
anyway to understand the situation as a racial situation. I just don't see anything, but is it true that the Van Jones. We'll save him? I want to use the right word here. Is it true that he's pro as a genuine racial event? I think so because he looked completely is sincere. So what do you do about that? What do you do about this? that is not just liars and advocates, and political people who are claiming this is a racial tragedy. What do you do when people were actually sincere completely well informed? Smart, smart well info
Well intentioned has all the information still thinks his racial? What do you do that? What do you do with that? I don't know so, but I think we are- and we ought to think about that- and I think that this year feels to me like the unstated, there's no sort of an unstable thing here that there is a sort of a revenge element. In other words, I feel as if that, beyond some segment of the black population of course, but some insight into the black population just wants something like revenge against white people and I don't think it's based on a specific thing rather It's a collection of grievances that
He had them all up gets us to this place, so I think we're. We need to call it what it is, which is some kind of revenge, e kind of emotion. Here's what Biden said now. Biden is he's the adult in the room right. So if there is a right thing to say something: the war, calm down the people's emotions, you would expect violent said cassettes does, brand? So, let's see what you said about, he said quote in the wake of a tragic death. Are we mourn with her mother and family? Okay so far so good, and I would say that trunk should then that too
I would say, if you compare Biden, statement to anything, trumped dinner did not do Biden so far is winning cause you giving giving giving thought and attention and respect the family is just always a good thing to do right, so so good good on Biden for starting that way, Everybody should do that. If I didn't do that, that was my mistake as well, because where we think about the families they didn't do anything and Rwanda tailored and do anything to deserve, you shot, but then he goes on Ngos and we ask ourselves whether justice could be equally applied in America. What we ask ourselves whether justice could be equally applies in America the words. Even Joe Biden is not willing to say in public that this was a racial event.
Because if he was willing to say it. Well, you know we had sailed. Why would he not say it is if the entire democratic fields thinks this was a racial thing? Of course he was that, if he's not, That's true, but I'm gonna give violence from credit here and I think this is useful to do is useful to give credit to an. Position character for everything they do good, because it makes it seem more credible. That way. I think it's good that he cared about the empathy for the family first, and I think it's good that you did not say it was a racial murder. He could if he could have just gone full sharp them right. He could have done that and I think that would have been really bad for the country and he didn't,
and it might have even help them politically might have actually been a little bit of revenge. So I'm gonna give Biden credit because he he wasn't willing to tell him direct lie even leaving one that might have helped him a little bit. But he did say we have to ask ourselves whether justice can be equally apply. That America, which imply, is what implies that, maybe you didn't happen here so by the news, may hear racial wallet essentially admitting by not calling racial, then it was he found a way to make your racial. At the same time, he called it, basically not Rachel. So that was kind of a weasel thing to do. On that this was disastrously bad for the country, so Biden. I think this is negative.
Just what he should have said it if he had only cared about what's good for America, he would have said tragic. Death were thinking about the family, but less not less, not turn this into something we have enough. Real problems was just deal with. The tragedy see if we can come together. That would have been useful, but now you didn't say not to do that There's confirmation. Now, as I told you member, I told you that one of the horses about Biden was the hopes that he was reading his answers from the teleprompter. The answers to interview. Since- and I told you know that teleprompter was where there was somebody who is asking you a question, a citizen s, key question and something I cut off the table and that that it wasn't it wasn't his answer.
Cut off. It was the question of the gun, color and sure enough. The fact checkers have confirmed that today you that's exactly what it was. So if you did not know that was a hoax from the first moment, just your filter does I do. That was a hoax from moment one. It was obvious So just filters, here's one, so I said yesterday that the Hunter, fighting stuff look like a whole bunch of smoke, but maybe that wouldn't be any fire in in the specific sense of something illegal. Now, there's a whole bunch of stuff that looks swampy
or a bunch of stuff now looks really really bad, really really bad like as bad as something can look. That's how bad it looks. So I think I may have misled you yesterday when, when I was saying that there was a lot of nothing to this reason hundred Biden story, there were details, but they really change what you thought of anything in it didn't look like any of it was necessarily illegal and was not even alleged to be illegal. As far as I know, bus wabi. Here, let me give you Some examples so one of these several allegations Hunters investment company got three point. Five million dollars from the Ex wife of Moscow mayor any mayor of Moscow is gonna, be an ally of potent. That's that's a given right any ex wife of an ally of Putin Pro hopefully not liable,
He is also, I believe, the richest woman in Russia probably in our opinion, so someone who I think we could agree the sea was beyond doubt that she would be ally of Britain, and this report is that she gave a hundred binding three point. Five million dollars points out exactly what Or did she moved three point five billion dollars into his investment company? Another word is not a hundred by this money. It would be money that you would be investing causes investor now again totally swampy are now saying: hey, that's good, but would it be illegal foreign investment company, to take an investment from somebody who has legal money
I think all their money is legal right. We if, if she knew well hello if as an investment, is money she's putting in which she would later with I believe this being reported and I'll need some fact checking on this, because it might be a little. I might miss effect but I believe that it is reported like he got three point: five billion dollars like she wrote a check on turbine. I don't think that's what happened. I think she invested three point, five million dollars of which, if that's what happened, is investment company would get the one or two percent whatever from that which would be kind of a small deal. Yet if it had been a payment that a swamp is you can get that would obviously be a red flag but investment. Now, let me ask you this: if any,
billion there. Russian invests in your investment company are you guilty of somebody? Let let's say you just just yearning investment company. You just take investments, you don't care where they come from. They could come from you. So America, that could come from Russia and some russian billionaire. Who of course, is allied with Putin cause. I don't think you can be a billionaire noggin poisons list sport and so some billionaire put money into your investment fund. Are you guilty? Are you guilty for a legal free citizen who wants to invest in your business and they put me
somebody says it was wired to his account. What does his account me if it turned out that she just gave him three point? Five million dollars and its unexplained. Allow would be as bad as it could be right. And do you think that they would allow a digital record, a wire transfer of that big of a bribe seems like bad bad bribery. If he, if you are going to do something illegal, when should send some bitcoin, let me ask you this it if it had been a pure bribe when they just some big going anybody. Bribes, where the wire transfer is not good bribing in my opinion, because you're gonna digital record there,
yeah like donating to the Clinton Foundation so wall. While nobody is happy with the situation that the Russians might be influencing hundred Biden etc. Let me summarize us by saying problem. I believe the way it's been reported is completely misleading. Doesn't mean he didn't do terrible things. So can we separate those after this is done since No, I know how this works. People are going to come to me immediately after this periscope and say Scott. How can you say Hunter did something wrong and that will go. I didn't say that I didn't say he did nothing wrong,
I said I don't know, listen terms of legally wrong. I dont know swampy, of course. Yet what was it inappropriate? In my opinion, of course, is it sketchy of course, so don't don't act like don't know it's getting. Ok, here's something! There's somebody said the sounded smart me. President is being criticised again for saying that the covered the krona virus will just die out. So you see said in the past. I think he is renewed, saying that at some point it will just stay out now the experts say you fool. It's not just gonna die out, and then somebody said this. The spanish flu right Why did the Spanish flu die out? It wasn't because a herd heard immunity.
Do you know why the spanish flu died out and the answer is not what he knows so. Would you bet against this flu, the krona virus? Would you bet against this just dying out, given that the spanish flu just sort of died out our own, maybe baby? We know something about the spanish flu that makes it different. But I wouldn't bet against Trump on saying that it might die out and we might we might not know. Why might just I owed it. Just won't. Do it as fast as we wanted to There is a jerry nebular, video that you'll see on twitter and
I'm not gonna, describes the video I'm just gonna say that there's something deeply wrong with his health and as much as I dont, like Jerry Meddler, or what you done to the country whatever whatever's, happily on that video with his health is not funny. Is this man says that funny? So so I'm not gonna retweet, that's not gonna. Describe it further. It's it's really disturbing is very disturbing. Actually, and I hope is open Getting well beads joy red, asked this question and it's just ahead: Shaker Citizen, Twitter, she's as genuine, What will be the relationship between the majority of Americans and trumpets after this long,
national nightmare ends, and it will. Actually end. Do people anticipates simple letting Bygones be Bygones with people who joins the trumpet personality cult, Nevadas chilling, isn't it because what it sounds like is that, whenever percent of office that they plan to retaliate subway for people who just want a better judges and lower taxes that actually going to retaliate for political profits. That is so far over line. Does joy read not know how dangerous it is the same stuff like this? Here's what she said said if she wanted to be a positive force. Positive force would be in the end, will always come together as where America, first about that
How about what's come together over common humanity about that now be good, when you put this idea into the public that maybe we shouldn't let Bygones bigger Bygones cassettes, really the suggestion. The suggestion is that anybody who supported this republic and president has to explain it forever and there is a permanent stay in life. That is the most on american thing. For a long time So I think that whoever employs joy red has of explaining to do because this is just clearly a bad bad influence on America and when you put something this corrosive into the public any do it intentionally you're. Just not. The person here? Something of surprise me: Rascal,
did a pole on whether people believe that the forest fires- let's say the California forest fires and the ones and in the western to take their they s s the public, whether they think they're caused by climate change or cause by other factors which will include human as well as other natural factors. What do you think the public thinks about the forest fires? Do you think that they mostly think its climate change or Firstly, bad forest management may be bad luck with lightning those worthing, and the answer is us that thirty. Eight percent of women think climate change is what's the primary driver of the fires and forty four percent of men think so. Forty four percent of men, but only thirty eight percent of women. I would say that's a significant difference.
Which means that women are better and science. Because in this case, women have been fairly healthy majority over men, women are less likely to be duped by climate change. Claim interesting, isn't it I wonder if this kind of trend will will continue to hold over time, and I wouldn't be surprised because isn't it that there are more women in college than men now right, I think there are more women were lawyers, the men or listened law school now not now practicing. So should we see.
Eventually further differences between women's opinions about factual scientific stuff and men's if anyone's, because women will just be better educated, it looks like those words having because women are closer to the truth. On this way, those details will come out from Rasmussen little bit later this morning. That is just about what we want to talk about it. Just looking at you're situation here, giant bicycle freeway through the forest, exactly yeah, I've been calling for this
I will read reiterate in a perfect world good forest management would put sort of a thick crisscross through the forests of part of the birds and lonely burn up to the The other, the fire break, that you use those paths for bypass. You can have these amazing California bypass where you're going through yell forests, mountains and stuff on your electric. Another bikes could be. The coolest thing California ever did would be an entire new tourism thing would create a lot of jobs, could get a clear. The four and then you would have you just have this increase all superhighway. Bicycle bows through natural surroundings would be amazing. So, on a different topic: I've been working on sorting, mentally and otherwise,
and how to design a perfect small home this inexpensive, and you think people have done it, but they haven't, because when people have done is they ve created their native egg addicts? this house, this really awesome, and then they made it tiny said about a tiny house and will be inexpensive and is an expensive but also no fun to live, and so what I ve been trying to design for years on paper and mentally in every other way is something that small and inexpensive more expensive than small. But that would be better an expensive home and there's no reason to gather if you design right so here's my idea so far the the foundation would be pylons. There would be adjustable so that I think the cheapest kind.
Foundation that you could do would be for pylons that maybe have a lever that you can adjust them, so they get from the right. And then I was imagining that you have ways to connect little units. So let's say every room is pre designed so that there is no nailing and no sign and every part of the house can shed into the back of a pickup truck, not at the same time But if you are built, if you are building your own house, you go get a pickup truck full unloaded with. Maybe two people and just click it together until you at home, serve a dozen clip together with no sign coming or nailing, and you can't do it to people they considered in the back.
Back. Pickup truck is not quite there yet, but the other thing you do is have each room Sworder sorted designed as a perfect room. So you don't have to guess what is a good room? You just get the package, but each room would have two doors. So so, if you, if you only could afford one of them you'd ever front door in a backdoor, but if you are going to buy more than one unit either at the same time or later, the backdoor would just be the entrance to the next room, which would then have another backdoor. So you
modules. Are you can buy this many of them as you want they they fit together. People can assembled among their own there. One stories of the Euro have as much risk of multiple stories and there you go right and lots of natural light right. If you get the natural light right and you get the the acoustics right, you have a really very livable place, so it seems to me and by the way somebody can help me with this, the the primary thing that you need to develop to make these awesome homes that are also small is glass wall. The kind of open and close inexpensively, if you could get custom, not custom but standardized glass walls, there are also the kind that can open up like like a Hawaii Lanai,
and make them in quantities of that they're all the same and really cheap, you can have the most awesome little homes with like, say: one total glass wall looking out onto something attractive. The trouble with having something like an air scream or or a trailer is that you don't have a light, so you need or at least one wall of light with a with a curtain over so there you go now that the people who say thanks, you not really understanding what I'm talking about. So any one of you who says I wouldn't live in that house. You're really missing the point? It's not for you, it's not for you. We're not tried to build the super inexpensive home for all of you for the people who who couldn't find a better option.
I have a double wall in the middle of the house, There are a million design considerations that would be one of them. I guess. Area concrete, here's what I wouldn't want to do. I wouldn't want to do anything. You couldn't pull apart with your bare hands, in other words, I wanna house that you don't have to. Anything away or scrape anything away or even paid. So if your paintings scraping, you know chiseling to redo anything later than you did a wrong. They should be just on assemble an reassemble. Colleagues, Elon Musk, it does seem like it would be a high tech thing not to build
I believe the building industry will never be able to do this, I think, is going to have to come from the tech company somebody's talk about the boxes, houses I think, this new model, so you ve, seen some that fold up that they somehow make the house folded up is a very small house. They can put on the back of an attractive trailer and they can deliver it. This is exactly now What I'm talking about so, when you talk about those little factory made full unfolding houses could not be further from what I'm talking about Oh then, unfortunately, every his mind goes to those little homes. They are so poorly designed it's not even in the universe of what I'm talking about. If it isn't a cool, great design. It's no good
give you an example? I was unable to bed room condo in Hawaii, so space wise was very small, was just like little vacation thing, and but because the entire front wall was a nice view and opened up to twelve deny it didn't seem like a small space and in fact we paid a great deal of money for the small space, because the simple the simple addition of a wall with a good view, changes entirely the experience from a thing. You would never want to be in two vocational. It was literally a vacation destination just because of the glass wall. That's the only thing about it. That was special. Everything else was completely ordinary and fairly pedestrian pick up, tries pickup
truck sized would suck your not understanding the pickup truck concept that the pickup truck doesn't mean you put the whole house of the pick up truck and means that you go to the you go to the same lumberyard or whatever, and you get the components the pieces. Then you drive there and you take each piece you put it together, so each piece might be something one person can hold in their hands anything for the goals, a problem. I would do anything for me
Interchangeable parts yet and the other thing, the other thing you want is that all of your interior and next year walls could be changed easily with facades. So imagine, if you will, you add brick facades southern there are thin, but from the outside it looks like a brick and they just clip to the front in your home or to the inside walls. And then, if you say, I'm tired of a brick wall, you just take him off, replaced with some other kind of design. Yet every that everyone wants to pretend you're ideas have already been done. That's one of the things I always deal with people always say that's being done and then they'll describe something. That's not even close. In fact, they'll described, the thing I said
I want to not do this. I want to not do acts so, whatever undoing, don't do ex that's the thing I don't want to do and then somebody will say. People are already doing eggs now say now now I know people are already doing acts. That's not what I want. I want to do if someone is not acts, but Scott there's already ex. No. No, you don't owe me. That's all for now, if anybody, if anybody has a source for a cheap window maker- and I think maybe three d printer might be the solution, let me now offer them
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