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Episode 1136 Scott Adams: Debate Strategy, Dividing the Country into Two Countries, ACB, Vitamin D, Black America Plan

2020-09-26 | 🔗

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  • Biden debate options, possibilities
  • A “color revolution” in process…in America?
  • Amy Coney Barrett expectations
  • Bill Maher ponders “rounding up” Republicans
  • Whiteboard: Luck
  • Joe Biden’s offensive “stupid bastards” remark

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Bump bump bump bump on us as to what it does. Is it like I'm a little bit late? That's because on preparing to get by whiteboard ready, because I know how much you like, you wait, you're whiteboard lessons! So that's given up here. This is the best part of the day. Scrutiny pretty good, would be off the hook and all you need to enjoy it to its maximum potential is there is what I think you know all you need is a copper, mugger glass at anchor channels or sign again to inject a flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite
Well, I like coffee and joy, but now for the other, parallel pleasure that doping end of the day. The thing that makes everything better scope, the simultaneous up and you can see the world improving with every delicious taste, go. Let me tell you about a discovery I made recently has tried to cut down on my coffee. Well, my caffeine account and I felt that if you add water to coffee so that us half just hot water and have coffee instead of tasting, bad, watered down coffee. To a different kind of beverage? It just tastes like
of he flavoured warm beverage, you think it would be terrible, but it's delicious and I can drink more. That way. So works. Has Joe Biden declared a live yet said he, but I heard from him because I think this is just about the time he wakes up And Joe Biden goes ahead and shakes, I'm a little bed says Joe Do you know where you are what you dream and if he says, I think, I'm Joe Biden and diamond basement, and if it gets the right answer, then she talks to the campaign that she says he's good too, oh, but among zoom, quick, quick before he loses. So that's. What's going on, we're watching as Spotify, employees are apparently threatening to strike.
Over wanting to have control over Joe Reagan's content, so Sergio Rogan, this enormous payday, going over to Spotify and you would assume their part of that negotiations for that deal is if agreement about who, as editorial control. Well. The employees Spotify were probably not personally negotiating that deal have decided that they can possibly abide by all the free speech that does not agree with them, and so they might go on strike, my god, my smartest democratic friend, who I mention often because I like to give you an update on me, trying to convince him out of his tedious. So here's the funniest thing that happens
this week? As you know, the additional emails came out about the the the whole investigation into the Russia collusion thing, and there were We got a new information about also Hunter by then, and we get information about your green and how under Biden has taken from our meal ability their Russian, the Ex wife of the Moscow mayor so obviously pretty close, dependent. So I was thinking to myself. I can't wait. I can't wait to hear one way. Smartest democratic friend says Because once this information about Hunter Biden comes out, you're just going to have to admit that there is a problem with Joe Biden because now that is clear. You knew what was going on that, but we know from the new documentation so
Joe Biden was aware of these concerns about his son As far as we know, there's no there's no specific crime. That is alleged. I'm not alleging that either. It is just that Rio really really swampy, and so I thought to myself. This is gonna, be good what the world, because my smartest democratic friend and say that, possibly explain away obedience connection to this swampy stuff and so he emailed me and said well looks The New York Times has looked into this and there is nothing to worry about what what and so I looked at the article and sure enough- the New York Times had decided that all information about Hunter Biden, it's not illegal, so we're good here right.
How in the world how world. Do we go from here from a trump has is real. Russian connections and it's the end of the world, all the way to the other side where well, it turns out that Hunter Biden and, by extension, you through the family, blackmail connection that looks like Joe Biden's, got to a rush, a problem. Which doesn't matter now suddenly now this was not technically legal. So Why are you in bringing up, sir, to what the mental imaginations of people trying to trying to understand their world spray. Funny. I I saw some experts giving some debate strategy and vice.
And I would agree with the following advice- that? more president trumpet can die every topic to the economy. The battery looks because the economies is strong is the strongest topic So I would agree that any time the president can say well, let's bring it over to the economies of these can be winning, and you can do that. Almost everything. Let's say the topic is healthcare. The president will say: yes, I've done this to lower drug prices. I've done this, to allow your telemedicine across stay lines which should have good effect on things. We're doing this that to increase the market, and these are things that are going to be good for the economy and that works. So
He could talk about climate change. Well, we gotta get the economy right to be able to deal with climate change. You could do with grown virus. You know it's not just about the direct deaths is also about the economy. I think he can t just about everything to the economy and the things that he can't are things that people have already made their mind up about the Supreme Court for example, there's not much you can do about that. Republicans are going to like it. Democrats are not going to like it, but there's not much to debate it's just it's going to be what it is. So I think presents got a real strong play. There are just try everything
the economy. Anyway, you can- and these can look pretty good now, do you think we're going to make it all the way to Tuesday and have that debate? What do you think if you had to put the odds on it today is Joe Biden Gonna, make it to Tuesday and have a debate here is what I would be looking for. Yes, Joe Biden is not going to debate on Tuesday. This would be the tell there would be a lid on Joe Biden all the way through Tuesday, if you see it. If you see a lid on Biden, they just clamps it down from today. All the way, through Tuesday he's probably not going to debate, because that would be sorted. The tell that then the sea, play. Elsa's going to happen. Let me know they have to replace it or they're going to say well, we need some time out, or maybe we don't debate.
As of yesterday Nancy Pelosi was still saying he was still. She was still say that binding shouldn't. So you know that at the highest level of the Democrat Party, they are not too happy The idea of him debating Sue will say, I would say if you were to put the odds are as of today the odds of making it to Tuesday being on stage and debating are greater than fifty percent. Probably greater than fifty percent. When you say yeah can always say he's prepping, so he always have a cover story. But if you, if you puzzle For three days, I just think that would be a tell that they may have something also planned. I would say there is maybe in it when the two eighty percent chance of this boy he'll make it to the debate stage.
They could be that the Democrats have decided that he might get through a debate now, a perfect situation would be guess through one debate doesn't do too badly. You know the and takes a few punches, but basically survives debate. What would be the smartest thing for the binding campaign? to do if he survives one debate. You already know the answer, he survives. One debate he's definitely going to cancel arrested because of. Survives one. Then it can be said that he can debate. They can make the case, but it would be crazy. They would just be crazy for them to let him have more than one. If the first one goes. Ok, if even thus goes a little bit. Ok, you gotta, cancel wrestle It would be easy to do there. Would you say well, look at what present
tromp did in the first debate, he did was lie so What would be the point of having another debate when all is gonna do is lie so it easy. They just say we one debate were good. Now, let's they do one debate and he just falls apart weapons and well then the Democrats, just how to replace them, and they say you know. Okay, we see it now, so we're going to make a quick change is going to be I'll, probably the top of the ticket things the same common libitum, you get the same package, there's no real difference, I didn't picked cobbler as the vice president, because they have so much in common. If you think about it, nothing really changed. You did his change, the name and we ve been, Errors Biden taken anyway. It's not that big change dough
re about it after the election. By will you be replaced or something maybe before baby, after so I think what will happen here would be my best guess. I think the Democrats gonna role, the dice rule the dye role, the dice are one debate. I think it's a one hundred and eight bat. If it doesn't go well boom, they switch the ticket. If it does go well, they cancel the rest of the dates and try to ride it. That's what I would do all right, it's starting to look. If everyone except the Trump campaign, colluded with Russia in twenty sixteen more. We find out about what these steel dossier was up to the more we find out about one hundred bite it was up to everything, looks like
They were all colluding with Russia, because the hunter by in connection with the money coming in from a russian oligarch and and, of course, the steel dossier apparently was put together by a an alleged russian ass. It was. It was a major some source for the for the still dossier now, given that bread and new, how is that not colluding with Russia if if you're literally working with Russia on a common goal, to overthrow the United States, which is the allegations against Brennan? How is that not colluding? Now you could say well. The person We talk to wasn't necessarily having a conversation with Putin that week, maybe just a russian. Well, I don't know if that's the thing, because the person that he was dealing with for information,
it was a suspect in russian asset, which means you would have connection to the top indirectly. So, given that we have this new model of the world? That is, if you accuse somebody or something first, And it turns out you're the one who was doing it. People getting Austin by the original accusation, and then when the truth, no. The person you accused was innocent all the time completely innocent, but you the accuser, were actually doing that crime like crazy. Somehow it doesn't hurt them. Because we are so easily rewired or were? Were so easily, though, we buy into the first story we hear. That is the first story is that your accusing somebody is something.
They can't even see you as early as the perpetrator, for example,. You wanted to murder somebody. This is what we ve learned. Instead of just going out murdering them. You want to set the stage first, so prior to murdering somebody, you should publicly accuse the person you plan to kill, Of being a murderer,. And any sober and the personal Billy. What are you talking about ring anybody unjust at innocent citizens, no no no you're a murderer, you get everybody to believe that a murderer and then over them. And people will have a hard time understanding does. It will be too much of a leap: to go all the way from wait a minute saying that the the murderer was was actually the one you burned
hold that my head, it's too travel weep? I can't Be that wrong about something cognitive. This dissonance has just put up a wall. I cannot see this new truth The? U just murdered this innocent person. I just getting. Is it my boy doesnt register it, because I'm stolen vested in the fact that the person who murdered I believed was a murderer. So if you don't think, that's real, then you need to look into brains a little bit more because that Israel, whoever accuses first as the permanent advantage in its it's hard to erase first impression. Tucker of girls in the other, the other night, the expert talking about the United States is experiencing a. Color revolution. I don't know all the details about what this quote. Color revolution is.
But the idea is that we have people in the United States who working for intelligence agencies in the past fermented revolution in other countries intentionally, and they did it by simply sewing chaos about the election process. So? If you can get the citizenry to not trust the election process, then you can have an actual revolution because the system will break them, the delegation, is that the same people literally the same people, the actual save people who did this professionally overseas other countries are literally specifically and even publicly. Doing it right here right now and that and that there is a
active color revolution being perpetrated in this country by the book publicly. Obviously, while we watch it right in front of us by the same people who are experts are doing this thing now. Do you believe that? Does that sound like something you believe? Here's my problem with it I dont know what they would think is the endgame, if you're, if, fomenting revolution in another country you're, I'm game is the revolution. You just when a week in another country and if you get a new regime, that's friendly to your country. Well, that would be an event. But you don't really care that much is that other country just falls apart, because it's not your country
So, if you do a color revolution in another country- and it just goes to Hell. Well, it wasn't your country, so that's a kind of risk you could take with somebody else's country, but would you take this risk with country, would you would you literally cause a violent, probably there'll, be violence A violent revolution my own country, thinking that would work out who exactly would be smart enough to work in an until until organization, I also think that you could have a violent revolution in the United States and that that would work out pretty well. I have trouble standing how this plan makes sense so which doesn't mean it's not happening. I just don't understand it.
Lenny, Davis, noted Republic? I'm sorry in noted Democrat levied a seat. We do this Dear red states we're leaving with decided we're leaving. We intend to form our own country. We're taking the other blue states with us that includes Hawaii Oregon California, in New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota Wisconsin, I saw that, and I don't think he's out of that A literal statement, I think, is more about hyperbolic sort of thing. Say during election period. They have to say it's not a bad idea. It's not a bad idea to at least test it? Here's what I would love to see, president from do he won't do this so that this would not be something you expect president jumped to do, but.
If I were president? This is what I would do. I would say the black lives matter and all the people who were unhappy with systemic racism. I would say how about this. We don't know exactly what you want. We don't know exactly how to fix it, but we we would love to give you a plot of land will find a place in some states friendly to this idea and create effect. Like a native american reservation? Where are you- Just have your own rules I will let you run things the way you think things should be wrong and you just build your own society. You can take donations from sorrows or whoever you wanna. Take donations from will be plenty of people who donate just try to build. A functioning non systemic, racist society-
that is a long. The model that you would like to see for the rest of the country if it works, maybe we'll take the good parts and try to expand into the country. If you find some parts of it don't work, Well, then, we won't expand those parts to the rest of the country. But why don't you take take us from land than just go. Do what you want now? What would happen with that? Actually have Would anybody say well that is a pretty progressive idea. You now no matter what your plan as it does make sense to test it. First. One is an opportunity that the United States is so openly. Let us have
land just test our ideas and make this work we're all in. Do you think that'll happen? No, no, because everything we have learned so far is there doesn't seem to be anybody involved with at least the leadership of the movement who is interested in solutions that are not interested in solutions. If they were, everything would look different. People who are interested in solutions Deuce do things like the following: hey? Can we have a meeting our people have? My dears we want about some or all of you will really float these up, see what people think maybe get a budget for this see what we can do. Are you saying that? No, no you're, not you, see crazy stuff, like defined the police, but
I don't know exactly what that means. You see, we gotta get rid of institutional racism, whatever that is whatever it means to the person talking we have to tear down the system, we ve got burned it all down. What does that mean. Anybody who is working on solutions really really obvious what that look like you couldn't mess it. It would be people with actual plans, actual suggestions or pretty specific about this law. About this budget about this area? Does this differently about? trained, train police in a different way. That's what it would look like. There's nothing like their happening, so I think you would. You would expect. Their movement for what it is by just. What they want and and good, the high ground and say we're gonna, give you everything you want, but obviously obviously you can attest. It first
that's the way you would do everything nothing, you wouldn't test. First, if you could write, just common sense So give them what they want and the whole thing would fall apart. That's persuasion trip by the way the precision tray, instead of argue with people who appear to be irrational or or maybe they're lying about what they want you the way in which the same instead of arguing with them that doesnt work. If the rationally argue with them and if they are lying about their true motives, argue with that either does not just keep line so that, but the thing you can do is agree with them and offered to give them what their ask four and in the process of trying to accept everything they're asking for it will become obvious. It wasn't real. So that's one way to solve it. The big news, of course, is Aimee Coney Barrett.
Hu, I love the fact that the public is deciding to color easy, be now you think of aid or see when you think of Asia Be- and I think these three named people need to be a national, but there's something that happens when somebody gets a three letter initial be at air sea. Be it J F K, be it l, b J or be it be it anybody else. Am L K. I guess anybody who gets a three letter initial or end our bt as well. Anybody who gets an initial three initial name is more important. You don't think that should be the case right and you say to yourself: well just having a coup,
let me name doesn't really make you more than you were, but it does. This is one of the things that I learned years ago in college, so in college, some of us got nicknames. I was one of them. My college roommate was begun. Give people there dig names, so here's one guy would assigned everybody there nickname it. If it was your nickname all the way through college, it was like a superpower. He had to give you a nickname, those stuck sore trump like, and he gave me the nickname w just the letter w, because I had once war assured that a big w on it for my school that I grew up on women, what's the name of the town and and so for four years of college, my nickname was w and people, I knew pretty well who had no idea what my name was because I was just w
and there are other people when aims was There- was a guy called the cool shortfall molecule because he would get so high that he called it getting small. So he was just a molecule than the fuel and what happened was that the people were cool, nicknames, actually keen to be. Seen as a little bit now. This might have been my imagination, its subject, of course, but it seems to me that when people gotta Nick They they elevated to a level of just sort of I caught that's wrong word that you back something like a symbol or something so there something powerful about these initial nicknames. They tend to go to people with some higher level.
Importance all right, so the big story is that she is a member of this people appraise music charismatic covenant community. So it's there they're catholic or Catholic Catholic and friendly or catholic leaning or mostly catholic but they have some interesting views that includes allegedly- and I'm gonna put him really big a legit on this, because I am very sceptical that this is happening. Currently, it could be that their being blamed or he with something that used to happen, but doesn't anymore because I'm not entirely entirely believing that they speak in tongues. Do you think that whatever place of worship that a sea bigos do with their family, do you think they actually speak in tonnes while she is there at the service
guessing not, which doesn't mean that some part of the organization has never done that or doesn't do it, but I'm kindly guessing Prob. Not if I had to put money in that say something like I feel like that's seventy percent chance. She has never been in a room where that happened. I could be wrong. Somebody says lid did. The live. Gift is early now? It does make sense if you get at least one one more live before Tuesday or two. But if it's all lead, when all the way, the Tuesday. That means something, so real, this stuff is, but it's gonna be the big topic. Now here's the beauty of it. As figures Timmy Young, pointed this out.
On twitter. He said every time a democratic calls Amy Coney Beret Occult Member, which is what they're calling Thousands of on the fence, Catholics turn into Trump voters, and I think that's gotta be true. If you're, if you're a practising catholic- and you hear the Democrats call somebody, you also arises with Catholicism, if you hear them call her occult member you can say to yourself out another, that's the different kind she's she's over there doing speaking in tonnes? That's that's a different kind So yeah, maybe that's called not me, I'm just a regular Catholic, so that does it affect me. I don't think people were wire that way. I think if she is called the careful And you happen to be called the Catholic and somebody is making fun of the other kind. The Catholic you'd
the shaded and say that's not be that's a different. Had the Catholic, I feel as if you're gonna take that personally, if you're, a normal human being you're gonna, take it personally So that's the beauty of trumps trap is that the more. They complain about her, the more votes he gets. I think I think, is pretty direct. Here's the most fun part of the allegations against AC religion is that Quote one of its most notable features is the submissive Played by women, some of whom were recalled, the cord handmaids at least until they had made stale aired in twenty seven to at that point they start
Referring to that many women leaders, women leaders, now do you. The phrase. Women leaders suggest submissive, handmaids. I got a feeling that we dont quite have the full story of what was going on there because- don't know how you would take some, I believe that your own religion considers to use their words submissive and You just rename them leaders like it's. Ok, we just rename the leaders still submissive, but we're just gonna call them leaders. I dont know if that's what's going on, it feels more like. If I had to guess this is just a guy. Pure speculation? Then? If you dog into this a little bit, you would find that whoever whoever labelled their belief as a bleak
but women are submissive. I think you'd find, Maybe that's just not the case. I think you will find that that, if submissive as even part of the. Believe it, maybe in some specific way, I don't think it means of life in general, so I got a feeling that we don't know what's going on, but here's my take on this suppose the left goes after her for this allegation. True, it is, we don't suppose they say, hey. We object to her in part because she says she. She has a belief that women should be submissive. What to their husbands, maybe maybe that's the context whatever and again, you should be really sceptical about any of us. I don't know what the odds are that this is true, but let's just talking through will say what, if it is, is
sort of an ill gb too acute problem, because wouldn't it plebeian, lifestyle preference- if true don't know for this, but if true that her preference or other people in the in the religious group there they would be able to use the work, as I think, is an accurate but submissive to their husbands, does not just the lifestyle choice Why is there anybody's business because I know believe they're, saying that you and I should change what we're doing. I dont believe they ve ever gotten my face and said Scott. You need to change what you're doing doesn't bother me surf theirs. Who, in their private life as a personal one, relating to somebody that's different than yours- how's, our problem- and shouldn't you be the open minded people who say: hey sexuality. It is a big
until you I'm a rainbow, which is my belief, I believe my belief is everybody is so different that grouping people into these arbitrary Canada categories is sub optimal. So I'm on his pro algae Bt Q, as anybody can ever be. I'm super pro algae. Beating you an extra I'm extra, proud algae. Beating you, the more the better feels to me like, although this was another sexual preference, that it's in there That area where it should just be a personal choice, was everybody's business. Bill Moroz making news again by. I don't know why this is news. Is the most famous celebrity atheists than the world, so he said: biting things about her religious beliefs? Surprise these at that.
Here's what I would like since everybody's worked up about President Trump saying that you would not guarantee a peaceful transfer of power. Has anybody asked the democratic leaders if they would commit to a peaceful continuance of the trumpet administration? Should you win action. How is that never been asked where, as soon as you hear it between this this morning, moment you hear this, doesn't your brain say yeah, that's missing Nobody is ass Pelosi. Can you commit to a peaceful continuance of the tribe administration? Should you when the election, that's a fair question, should, should they be asking Biden, should they be asking popularise
Ebay, asking Chuck humor yeah, you should ask every one of those people to get on record would use support and commit to a peaceful continuance of the administration. Should they win nobody's if you, if you don't see that asked by today by the end of today, is the others, always a demographic floating around. You can ask this question that Sunday, the notes but a state Saturn, so you can certainly question. If you don't see that you should just assume there's no such thing as news anymore. That is just so broken that you should forget about it. What we do my impression of chalk humor is it. My imagination was Chuck humor, the worst public speaker you ve ever seen for a politician.
I dont know if I've ever seen a worse public speaker and around the world. Does he get his leadership job by being? The worst public speaker. Let me give you an impression of church humor Gimme, a public statement glasses down like us. And president tramp, he continuing to do bad things and things are done by the president because of his badness and his meanness, and he doesn't believe in freedom. He hits people here would like to destroy the economy for selfish, narcissistic, raisins. Among my God, how does somebody like that become a leader? literally all he does is red and
doesn't even read sincerely. He doesn't even read sincerely if you look at prominent politicians and either already. Would you say that Elsie, whether you disagree with her agree with a dozen she'd look and come off as being sincere, I would say so I should like sincerely to me that doesn't mean she is, but in terms of how she presents yourself look sincere. Does President Trump look sincere, He does does vice president pants team sincere when he speaks and public totally he seems a hundred percent. Sincere again, you don't know what people are thinking internally, but they certainly present themselves as sincere. How about most of the politicians you see talking on television. Do most of them look sincere
A lot of them do some don't, but I've never seen anybody you looked intentionally insincere before humor actually looks like he's, not pretending to be serious. He looks with that with us Merk than the oasis. He looks like I'm not even pretending that this is real and I feel like its disrespectful to me as a citizen that you wouldn't pretend you mean what you're saying at least do you believe it don't ask me to listen to it? If you're not even pretend you believe in yourself, and I don't think he pretends, he believed, It is a weird look police. This kind of a hybrid she
She does a little bit better job of acting sincere, but the thing she says or so ridiculous lately that you know they're not so Lester. Here's a ears, a question: was it bill no more awareness of Bernie Sanders. Listen to this question. Ass possible world by the winds and eat and takes office. Then the morass? What do we do with these republicans ones? You show that when it mattered that they were willing to cast aside democracy, that's pretty cheap What are we, what are we going to do with them? What do you mean? What are you gonna do with them? Have I Don't do anything with them about you? Go about your business, about you be happy. If your team, one your former government, you try to run the country
How about you dont round up the Republicans and punish them? How about? If you were to do that, that would be the end of the republic, because, let me tell you if conservatives republicans start getting rounded up and punished, because this question is: What do we do with them? How do you interpret? What do we do with them Then there would be some active measures to do something. What send us to weaker re education camps. What exactly does that look like? So I think that is a little bit showing. I would remind you that I think there is no chance that the country will be ripped apart and that we want exist and twenty twenty one By twenty and twenty one. May or may not be by you know at the end of January, but certainly in twenty twenty one will have an actual president was still have a country and we're gonna be taken ass with the economy, so it's gonna be fine.
You know the you're feeling about whether this could be a revolution: violence on the streets and all. There will be violence on the streets, but there is now probably won't be that different than every single Tuesday there's just of islands in the streets every day now doesnt, but the sort of the new normal, but we will be fine, but in the reason it seems more dangerous than just that the the emotions or elevated for election period what would be the point of holding hearings for a c b and the Supreme Court confirmation in normal times it's a good process, because you won't make sure you vetted candidates,
You want to give the public some credibility to say that? Ok, all the people who really know what you're talking about both left and right and looked at this candidate. They have wrestled with it. They feel they pushed over We kept all the tires under a normal situation, its a bit process. I am in favour of it. But this is not a normal situation. The Democrats have they have broadcast that they don't plan to treated seriously. Haven't they just fact check me on this. Have the Democrats not?
broadcast in the clearest possible terms that they don't have any intention of treating this in a legitimate manner. They just want to stop it make a political point now under those conditions, I would apply the the bill BAR Rule Bill BAR agreed to testify to Congress, and then they didn't. Let him talk they kept reclaiming their time. So when, when the additional people were requested by meddler to go to the Gonna Congress and testify the Department of Justice said no, because you ve now signalled so clearly that you don't take the process seriously It would be absurd for us to be involved in something that you ve already told us won't be a serious process if there was some hope it would these areas if there was some Remote chance something good can come out of it for the country. Even for us, though, we might do it, but now the
Told us in no uncertain terms that you're not going to be serious about this is just could be a stunt, Why would we? Why would we show up likewise with its Supreme Court stuff, given that the votes are there to confirm her, given that she was recently added for her the job that she has, it would be foolish to hold hearings so Lindsey, Graham, I think he's still planning hold hearings. If you do, you should at least keep the option open of closing down the hearings right away if it doesn't work, because I don't want to waste time, there's nothing to be gained as a citizen, there's nothing to be gained by that Just throw down and get it over with all right, it could be an advantage to the president have to drag it out a little bit like the fight. The daily mail and Britain reporting that Bosnia,
Diversity. Researchers found that covered patients who had sufficient levels of vitamin d were about fifty two percent, less likely to die your hospitalization, so we have yet another study. Now. This is not one of those randomize controls. Please. This is another one of those they just look at the data of things that are already happened. So it's not it's not that gold standard kind that you would like to really really know that you know you're, not about. So we haven't reach that level. Certainly Then I worry a little bit about cause and effect because it could be the people or weaken state also have less vitamin d, and it's just a coincidence, so they just could be,
for what we don't have. What would be better would be. We treated this group with vitamin D. This group we didn't, we get a different result. That would be better if it were randomized and controlled, and people. Anyway it about forty two percent of Americans are indeed deficient, given that we do know the vitamin d is unambiguously good for you, and even if it didn't help you with krona virus, we can all agree met in the science agrees. There's no debate about a really Why don't you get so? The question was asked: why is felt you not pushing vitamin d like crazy? Should Pushing vitamin d like crazy, anybody who is not taking invited the day, I think vitamin d supplements every day and when it's not so smoky California, that I care
outside. I also go outside every day to make sure I get a little bit of sun with my son's green, but. I feel as if the government should be pushing vitamin d, and I feel like that's a mistake that is not happening, because it's all upside no downside, except, I guess you, could Those of you went too far in Helsinki. The testing covert sniffing dogs- you ve heard about this before, but apparently seems to be working at least the early indications, so the dog will just go up and sniffed you and it can tell even before you have symptoms. Apparently it can tell. If you have covered dogs are unlikely to get covert, so they can missiles safer for them to be sniffing against cats, have a bigger problem.
Dogs they can get it, but not is often so here's the question I asked: do you? Could science make something that smells like covered but isn't dangerous and if they could make something smells like covered but is dangerous? Could they distributed to everybody? Has a dog to train them? Because I can train my dog, I think maybe I dont know how sensitive the dogs knows as today but I'm guessing probably most dogs could do it. You know. I know some dogs, bloodhounds or extra extra good smelling, but all dogs are pretty good and smelling if you can a little less smell tab smelled like covered the cove in wouldn't smell, like anything to me,.
If I can train my dog with that, I think we'd be three weeks away from getting rid of Cologne virus Because there are enough people with dogs who Can trade the dog right our due to be the train, the dog that gets a tree when they smell one thing is not another, it would be the easiest thing in the world. I can train my dog sniff at a pretty sure and she's, not like the genius dog of dogs. Somebody says it didn't. I predict this I remember talking about it: I believe I read about it as a possibility before I predicted it. I would take credit for it. If I thought I deserved it, Boston dynamics, a robot making company they make that robot dog. Look. So pretty. Have you seen it is like this for early?
walking robot dog. That is just so scary. It's crazy! apparently the other going into production for seventy five thousand dollars. You can have your own robot dog called spot, and if you don't think this stuff's can change everything You got a new thing common cause these this robot. This can change everything you could just drop these into dangerous neighbourhoods and wise buzz. I get torn apart. If I get broken pretty quickly. Here's a fact: you probably didn't now I just throw this and ears of fun fact. Did you know that the organiser of the shell is filled tiki torch, racist, Marge named Richard Spencer? Did you know that he indorses Joe Biden, that's right, Joe Biden primary claim is that President Tromp was so
favourable to these racist and Charlottesville, but the guy who organised Richard Spencer, has publicly endorsed Joe Biden now. Does it does it mean that Joe Biden is a racist because a racist endorse them now it doesn't work. That way, nor does it work that way. If some racist endorses President Trump, it doesn't make the rest of his followers racist and it doesn't make trumpet It doesn't work that way. People one Dorsey, you don't turn you in Then that's not a thing, but it's fun to note that the the biggest racist, the country at least the wonders made. The most trouble recently endorses by so take therefrom, it's worth? Here's a question for you is the phrase african American done it's over.
I have been using the phrase just respect, because I like to use any name that any group wants to be. So whether you are an individual or a member of a group, if you ever, preferred name that you wanna be called, I'm all right, no reason many people mad. If somebody has a preferred name and there's another name that makes them unhappy? You don't use the other help you you want to make some happy right, we're we're all trying to be this country together. So I'm a big fan of using words that make people comfortable, but it seems to me that, because of black lives matter and that phrase becoming the dominant phrase, black lives matter- that is not african american lives matter.
They don't do it that way. It seems to me that, plus the fact that recently there was a decision to capitalize the bee in black by a number of publications, which I also agree with by the way. I agree that, as a as an author, I think capitalizing, the being black as a little clarity to send. His pals around one little bit here as long as you do the same thing with the w and white the issues more clear, better right. I am in favour that as well. To me that that black is now just the acceptable common word. Everybody agrees Can we agree from today on that the african American is just unnecessary
and it is no longer a term of respect because the word black- and if you write it Capital B, is equal, maybe better is a better or equal. But in any case I am, I think, going forward. I'm going to discontinue the phrase African America American in favour of black. If, if there's anybody black, who has an objection to that, let me know women, because I would listen to that. There is a question for you ass. I talk about thinking, pass the sale, there's there's a jag, take past the sale, that's happening was happening now goes like this. In this world there are people who are bad luck.
Born that way, never gets better. Here is born into a bad situation in the near bad luck, your whole life there are other people are just born with everything their born rich. The born healthy, their bore, handsome good, lookin beautiful just all, but suppose for here you're, you don't have great luck. You now have the worst luck. But let's say you have a health problem, your parents, alcoholics you're, you know you ve got pdf. You ve got some serious problems. And they're, not your fault things. Were born with, let's say here you can assist. Disability there was an accident You went to war, you got injured, could be just hundreds of different things. There would often the category of bad luck.
The proposition that were being given is that this person with the bad luck? if there were wide would, this person who, as slightly worse luck, some somebody reparations or some kind of consideration or there The person who is not? U has a preferred problem that there's there is such a thing as a kind of bad luck. The worst kind. Now, let's say you, add the legacy of slavery- that ripples through time. You find yourself in a bad neighborhood, there's crime and bad education. All kinds of problems there. Do you have a thing called bad luck. You do you do that Pretty bad luck to me if, if, if racism and slavery is still affecting, a hundred years later, and you still have
climbed out of it and ve, always been behind the behind the ball. Whatever you had But why is your bad luck? A preferred! Bad luck now, not talking about myself right. So don't put me in the conversation. Doesn't I'm kind of over here at the moment things are pretty good, so good, not complaining, but there are a lot of you who are watching us who were not not black. Who just didn't have a good life. Things went wrong. Why is it that you are just an asshole. But if you're over here and you ve got bad luck and it has a specific flavour of bad luck, came from slavery, there's still systemic racism, etc, and that's that the nature of your bad luck. Why is it Favoured what why, if I'm over here as a good luck person, why
Why should I transfer some wealth and attention to somebody. In the same neighborhood of bad luck but banal you what was I'm with you! Why are you the asshole like you? Why can't you get out so the the thinking pass. The sale is that there is a favoured kind of bad That some kind of bad luck is the good kind, a bad luck, another kind of bad luck. That's the bad guy about luck, but that's not a thing. If you're bad luck, that's it! That's all! Sorry! You got bad luck, so I think we ve been duped into thinking. There's a favoured, a kind of bad luck and that's quite distorting
I asked I asked on Twitter yesterday. I think I mention this. I ask people were on in my non scientific twitter ball, there's something going on now. I just saw my audience drop off. There might be something happening in the news that ninety two percent of people who answered my very unscientific Paul, mostly would probably trump supporters if they follow me on Twitter and Ninety two percent of them said they have less empathy for black lives matter in twenty twenty. Because of the protests, ninety two percent of them, think, worse alone, how in the world this is working. What is it that black lives matter wants. If what, wanted was respect their getting the opposite Arthur
You're getting the opposite of their stated intention and its obvious: isn't it if you were just tried to be an objective observer came? another planet, you didn't have any bias. Look look at the planet from a distance, say: ok, how's the strategy gun the black this matter- people say they want. They want to be considered for full humans. I guess, would be the best ones. Do not concern in any way some kind of a second class citizen. Completely legitimate thing to want, and I were certain we want them to have every bit of that. But here's the thing if you looked at what they're doing isn't what they're doing exactly the opposite of what you would do. If your stated goal was to be treated with respect.
I don't know how you do things that guarantee you will be treated with disrespect while fighting for respect. I just don't understand how that works. So. So, I think that's not working now. The other thing that is unstated watch me state something this unstated makes you uncomfortable around. You sure about all these. These people have decided to move out of the urban areas, so people moving away from San Francisco people moving out of New York. And whenever we tell the story, we say: well, it's it's people getting away from crime, yeah yeah! That's what it is that at that is accurate. It is people who want to get away from
but here's the thing that people are saying. It is really white people getting away from black people right now. How bad is a sound? The sound vessels as bad as it possibly be, but what other outcome could? imagine would happen, if you were a well off white person living in a city that was on fire every night, because black lives matter was protesting, What do you say to yourself I'll stay here? Probably not you would probably get as far as you could from black lives matter. Supporters as you could cause, doesn't look like? They have a solution in mind. It doesn't look like there's an end state where you say: ok Everything will be fine once their demands
addressed, we'll be back to normal. It doesn't look like that's a possibility. It doesn't even look like it's on the table, not option? So, if you're a typical white person living in the city, what internal mental process. You're, probably thinking I get as far away from black lives matter, supporters as I can and in your mind, are you thinking that that also includes the anti Another white allies and protestors- Maybe- but you probably also thinking that you're getting away from black people. So how did we get to this point? Is that an advantage
it is in a better world that something like forty percent of white people. The United States, are actively thinking. How can I get further away from black people because you know that's exactly what's happening? That's not good, that's just about as bad as things could be, so we need to fix that. But that's what's happening. Nobody wants to say that out loud, but that's exactly what happened. President Trump trying to make things better, as proposed the five hundred dollar billion Black America plan, which is very cleverly- does it- is both KKK and anti terrorist organizations. Now in terms of political cleverness, this is a really good. The fact that he paired KKK, which so many people wanted designated as a terrorist organisation, I guess
I agree with it, and then I was the two aware what the KKK was doing in recent years. I will assume its true that there were involved in terrorist things that feels like. There must be somebody you involved in that So I would say that that seems reasonable and most of the country, I think that's pretty reasonable does need to KKK is case terrorist organization, but the fact that he is, anti far in their at the same time,. Because now these protesters are going be part black lives matter who have not been designated as domestic terrorists. You can argue that summit should be, but they haven't been, but they are now marching with domestic terrorists. Let me ask you this: if your marching with terrorists. Are you not the terrorists because
I'm pretty sure I've been hearing since twenty eighteen that, if you quote marched with raises you can't say: you're, not you're, you're, not racist, and I completely agree it Charlottesville. The fine people were not marching with them. They were in the same sip code, but they had nothing to do with the martyrs. There was that there were some a group, but it is true, had those fine people, some call fine people if they had been physically marching with the tv towards people, then. I would certainly say those fine people look.
There are actually literally marching with races, chanting, racist stuff. Of course, I would condemn them exactly the same as the people maybe have a membership in a racist organization. There'll be no difference, they be marching together, but now and he saw and black lives matter. I couldn't be marching together, literally marching actually physically marching every night. So the president has just fine. People. He just fine people anti far and black lives matter. He just got away with calling anti far a terrorist organisation because he called the KKK a terrorist organisation. At the same time Which kind of makes it all ok right, You can't really argue that is long since both who argues
so I dont think people why you see the brilliance this move? This is really really smart. One of the smartest plugins I've ever seen in politics here the kind of game field and just suddenly, this booms right there, ok, those really good. Now part of this is making Launching a national hate crime who disagrees, who disagrees with lynching, be a national hate crime. I'll think anyway, disagrees with that. Well was always somebody who does Greece, but that seems very popular if, if President Trump is this big, all racist, why he the one suggesting that lynching be a national hate crime. If he's a big racist, why he's the one who just made the KKK a terrorist organisation.
If he's the racist, here the wandered in prison reform, wise you're the one who supported the historically black colleges with their funding why's. He the one who brags every day about low black unemployment, I've gotta feeling the trumps black voter numbers can be just crazy. This might be the biggest shock in the system. Is the number of black people were not great you are the ones who look at this and say you know I like the idea of black lives matter. I'm totally down with a philosophy. I like everything. About that like that are fighting for people. Like me, I like a lot, but they do seem to be having exactly a productive direction. Whither Marxism etc. I think you're gonna see.
What a black people say about. We just don't go down that path. So far. This is five hundred billion dollar capital. Kind of thing we don't know the details, but apparently something to make capital more available targets of good political blame? separately in one pole, support for black lives matter. Demonstrations have fallen from fifty four percent three months ago to thirty nine percent. Today, that's a big drop the black lives matter is now way underwater. At thirty nine percent support So now the president is just tag them with being domestic terrorists is marching with domestic terrorist anti thought. I don't think that's getting awful
You know I could talk more about. I think all this talk about Joe Biden and he was quote video from twenty ease of a few years ago. Twenty sixteen years where Joe Biden was talking to the troops, and he said quote clap for that. You stupid investors, so he called the troops stupid bastard to their fate. But he was obviously making a joke, but it was sort of awkward the ways added and but is that the kind of joke you make to the troops. I accept that it's a joke. And I am certainly not the guy who's going to argue that a jokes, not a joke, because I spend so much time saying, do not realise the president was joking. So, unlike undoubtedly reverse that just goes on top.
Bye bye was obviously joking, but is that the kind of joke feels right to you right Yes, you are. You can imagine a million kinds of jokes that are definitely jokes and they're just intended this jokes, but there's still offensive right. Is a what about ethnic, Joe and after the joke is a joke. But is really offensive. Is it ok? Is it ok, because it's a joke? Now, it's not ok because, in addition to being a joke, it's kind of offensive and I would say that even joking to the troops calling them stupid, bastard Does that really is funny as they should be, so
would criticise them for for being awkward and offensive accidently, but it was a joke. I gale king got into policy a little bit and said that when policy calls refers to trumpet or henchmen that she's just me, is as bad as trumpets and so even Gale king is calling out policies, language and I want to go to lunch today, there's so much news. So much so much is happening. That's all I got for today and was at the punchline you can you can google that, as I got for today- and I will talk to you tomorrow
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