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Episode 1137 Scott Adams: Biden Brain Farts, Black Strategy Matters, Why Antifa Wants Trump to Win, Seattle Solves Racism

2020-09-27 | 🔗

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  • 3 key things, Seattle has done to overcome systemic racism
  • Ibram X. Kendi…wonderfully provocative
  • BLM/Antifa protesters do NOT want Joe Biden to win
  • FBI used Russian agent to spy on Trump campaign
  • 1,000 Proud Boys and NO major conflicts
  • The domestic terrorist group, ironically named Antifa

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Bump bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump carry your phones off riggers off. Ok, you don't really have to do that because it turns out, I wouldn't even veal, they earn if it rang, but you might hear minds Walter Minor, you know what you mean today. Let me tell you that today, first of all, this is gonna, be one of the best days ever, not for any particular reason here. Just is You don't need a reason. All you need is Uproar among our glass tanker genocide against in jogger flask of vessel of any kind.
And fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee enjoyably now, for I don't mean to this day the unparalleled pleasure. These things makes everything better. It's called the simultaneous up, and I know you came here for it jointly now. For that delight, go
I guess they go and does that everything started to turn up. Look a little better. You you started emerald is low today, but look how much better things are already happens quickly. I saw today that the company ring that makes the homes security they avenue prototype of an indoor drone for security and apparently, though they ve already made it but they're not selling yet allowed drone. There will pop up from its toll charging station and do a predetermined route through the air through Europe, your home and send you back pictures, so you can look at me. Look at what's goin on
now, if that's not cool, I guess I don't know what cool is guns. They got me all excited. Here's another is another little positive trend that is unexpected positivity from the corona virus tragedy. Hydroponic farms are doing great, I have a tiny, tiny little investment in aid desktop hydroponic company and there the revenue just one crazy, because the corona virus and what they make is a sculptor click it and grow if you're looking for and they make. These little were desktop garden things that have their own Blake.
Tourism, pods and seasoned stuff, the predictable, but apparently the the full size farms hydroponic farms. Just when from well that's a good idea. I suppose you could make an indoor forum if we really needed to barely is completely shifted off too. We need some minor bonnet farms, because if our food source, its cut off like a sort of almost did with grown a virus, we need a backup lands and having local hydroponic forms is a pretty good way to go. So, let's get There's some faint news about Joe Biden today, of course he's the gaff maker, so when Joe Biden makes a joke intentionally in the context of so many gaps, sometimes she can't tell, but this one is being reported as again
this was clearly had making a joke in which he said in one of his zoom appearances. He said I got to this two hundred eighty years ago and the term campaign tweeted that as a gas at all, think it was a gas unwilling to place a sizeable bet that even Joe Biden knows. That is less than years old, so I think he was. He was just joking about how long ago was, but things are so crazy that is reported as well. Maybe It is doing so poorly that maybe maybe doesn't know, is less than one hundred eighty years old, maybe, but I think those junk here's, the funniest tweet,
I saw yesterday and I am going to read you the punchline before I read you the set up that wouldn't make sense until you hear it ok and its because it's the way I consumed because twitter shows the shows the twin the retreat message, before the thing that got retweeted so looking through the three the twitter feed yesterday and I see a ten crews tweet like you, I dont noughties, referring to yet so just consume. At the same the same way, I did, he said you know they're dead, Calculated brands on the market that are just as tasty, that I was like what what what kind of message is that a reply to you know their decaffeinated brands? Ok that are just as tasty, and then I read what he was retweeting it. It was a Lisbon worn and listen to this word, salad that she tweeted.
This sleazy Supreme Court double dealing is the last gasp of a corrupt republic and leadership None do it's only hypocrisy, the last gasp of a billion Euro fuel Party- that's undemocratic Lee overrepresented and desperately clinging to power in order to impose its extremist agenda TED crews. You know their decaffeinated brands of the market that are just as tasty. After the others, what are the odds are great tweets Here's some good NEWS for Europe. These protests were happening. Can you set your thinking to yourself? Well, what good is coming out of all these protests you'd, like you'd, like to think that, with all the disruption there's something good coming out of it and adhere to report. Finally serious progress, against systemic racism, and this comes courtesy of the Seattle,
so. Seattle has voted in and approved. Only in changes. Thank God. The long nightmare of systemic racism is finally coming to a close, at least in Seattle I would imagine a lot of places give a copy this model, because once you hear it what they ve done to eliminate systemic raises you gotta say to yourself: it's obvious ones. You hear it until you hear it. You say to use of fuel like such a big problem, nor to begin but one you see, I was done. You're gonna be slap in years, often ahead and say. Why did we not do this before? Why so here's the thing? things. I've done they have eliminated the police unit that clears homeless caps. Now I think you know,
that if you eliminate friction for something it just stops happening right. That's that's the Seattle theory as if they stop clearing out these homeless camps Things should be good that some people are going to say. I don't really say Scott. If you stop clearing out the homeless camps, isn't the guaranteed effective that to attract more homeless camps, to which I say I dont think you are You stand house systemic racism works, you're, you're, crazy land. No, if used, up clearing the homeless camps. Systemic racism goes away you're thinking,
now how removing obstacles will make more of something happened, such as more homeless people screaming to Seattle, because as a good place to be homeless, that's just crazy because this will get rid of systemic racism, but it's not all if that was all. That would be pretty amazing, but there is more to it. Second thing we have done is David. To cut the command. The staff of the police pay, though, still be as many people on the staff, apparently or as little by little unclear, but it looks like there what they're doing is mostly just cutting the pay of the people who are in charge of making things better for police. Now I don't have to tell you if you're a student of human nature that one way to get a better result from
and if you really want them to work hard and and give you a good performance, cutting their pay that that's the way to go so these command staff police officers were being asked to do more with less they've also been asked to cut their pay, and I think that I should know let them in the right direction. Obviously, how old are you gonna motivate people other than cutting their pay? That just feels obvious after they do you don't until they did this honestly, I feel dumb, but I wouldn't have even thought of this. I might have thought of this. Damn. I am I I would have thought you know if you want more of these people to do a better job, better choice, better training of their staff and Sarah. I would be out been thinking in terms of getting better people in paying them more to get more performance
but I think saddles on the right track here, just cut through pay that should make them work harder and have better morale, and so you should get better results. There are also going to reduce a hundred officers now, if you want to make your city better, take the thing that holds it together, law and order and get rid of that because the law and order was becoming sort of a Trojan horse. If you well for racing Lots of people would realise that you pricing to use of law and order, wait a minute. Isn't that good for black people and white people and brown people and people of all types is there's somebody for whom and active force? That is pursuing law and order is or is there some demographic group for whom that's bad
well. Seattle has spoken and again these are these were obvious solution. If any of this was obvious, it would have been done before you need. You need sorted out of the box thinking. You need some genius in Seattle, stepped up, so the reducing the number of police officers cut the command staff pay. They got rid of the unit that is clearing the homeless camps. So those three steps, I think, are bold. I think they should be observed for how effective they are and probably in a few weeks, the rest of the country should go there. Because I can't imagine this not working. Imagine your black lives matter and leave you here this announcement than you think. Here every day and protesting I'm trying to get rid of systemic racism, but nothing Happily, nothing's happening. Why,
nothing happening, and then you see this is a well. I think I've over performed. I was trying to get rid of the racism. But I may have done it in the whole world, because once once these three ideas get out, there's nothing. This gonna stop them from spreading to all of the other smart cities that also want to get systemic racism. So that's all good news. We should be pretty pretty happy about that here are some more news. Will be harder and harder to run against Trump and call him a racist number one. I love the fact that the organiser of the Charlottesville finding people raise is endorsing Joe Biden, so Joe Biden primary campaign claim is that the President's called the racist and Charles will find people, of course, that didn't
That was fake news. He said exactly the opposite, condemned them, but the organiser of the Charlottesville endorses Joe Biden for present. So that's interesting at the same time trump I forgot to mention as yesterday, but trumpeted speech explicitly said, and I dont know if he said this before he said the school choices, the civil rights issue of our time. In other words, if he gets school choice right, then everybody's gonna do better and essentially that's effectively civil rights issue, but so big and so important black community, so that's a big deal. Have you ever had a president who said there's a gigantic civil rights issue and I'm gonna make it a top priority to get rid of it? What is what is Joe Biden means big civil rights issue,
He has done because the apple already solved it. There's always systemic racism thing used to be a topic that, We could talk about, but now sea levels gonna take it off the table with their whither, so effective solution President stores work. Our civil rights issue, which is education, is terribly unfair and poorly done so the president's done prison reform is massively funded. The historically black colleges will talk more about them. There's a button story. There is funded the opportunity, Zones is putting five hundred billion dollars into capital for black american businesses. He's is got black. Unemployment to the best level has ever been before grow to viruses. Coming back already, he's designated the KKK, a domestic care group, even Obama didn't do that and we seriously
Obama, didn't do that. Ok, here's the law nor your president and by a majority of the black population, does like law and order. Surprise, surprise, surprise, is that people like Lord ordered matter who they are. It's amazing that that's a surprise. But here is the other. The other thing that sort of snuck up on us tromp as the first U S, president, to nominate a mother of black children to the Supreme Court is the first one to nominate a mother of black children to the Supreme Court. Now I know what you're thinking you're thinking in terms of diversity and the Supreme Court, wouldn't it be better for an actual black woman with black children.
Be nominated, yeah, yeah. Ok, I see that point. It would be a little bit more on the nose. You know you'd say the use of our that's exactly that's the segment we will. We want to fill in there, but I'd have to say if you don't have that you know the the more I deal solution that everybody would recognise like. Ok, now be good to get that kind of diversity. I would think that a strong, second place is woman was black children because I don't think the mom reflex gets turned off. I've got a feeling that quite legitimately, Amy Coney Bear. It feels that Oliver children are,
Orson! So having somebody on here was that sensibility. Let me put this into a visual persuasion. When Amy pony Beret watched the George Floyd shocking videos of the moment of his death, do you think they? She looked at the same as people who do not have black children I'll bet not about the fact that she has black children. Theo changes, her filter, unseemly George void situation, to make it not exactly what a blue citizens of this country felt I mean that's. You can't really feel what other people feel, but if you want to get close to it, you know, if you wanted, given the General Zip code that she's a strong choice. It's it's interesting to have somebody who.
It was one leg and each world in which she has one leg, sort of mainly in the parent of black kids. And one one leg and sort of a generic way person world, it's kind of a good perspective. You you're probably heard of Doktor Abram Candy, whose so universally known, professor professor national. Book award winner, bustling author and he wrote anti racist and recently so he's a sort of public anti racist advocate We recently made some news because I guess Jack Dorsey gave him gave his group. I guess Ten million dollars unrestricted money.
To help them work on the sea? Has it described unqualified support of his vision, of putting academic researchers at the forefront of the movement to dismantle policies supporting racial inequality and injustice? Now? What do you think of the general idea of have accurate Emmett researchers at the forefront of how to dismantle racism. That's not bad, I would say you sort have to see how it works, all right, everything's and implementation there? There's no such thing is just a good idea. You need a good idea that is implemented well, but on the surface on the surface, don't you think then an academic approach to really understand. As best we can things such as our black people really being targeted by the books.
I think we need the researchers and leading scientists and stuff disorder. Take the the lead, entails. Tell us what's true and what is true where, where we identify this, doesn't where we can now. Of course, she has a risk that, because their academics ill just all the bullshit and then you make policies that are based on complete bullshit. So the execution matters right. It can be executed completely wrong. But in general If you have a real academic, who's got real credentials and work. With other academics and they want to dig into really understand going on here with the systemic racism on about play, the way to go so. He said something that was so delightfully provocative. Tweet. Maybe like him. So I did
anything about him until this tweet and then, when I started looking into it and connect the dots and I'm gonna say I have a positive opinion of him. This may be different than some of Europeans, but I'll tell you why. The same thing that makes me like Trump is: is provocative way of just go in and shaken the box, because there are a lot of cases we're just going in and shaking things up is exactly what you need it's you know you don't write it out that way on paper right. You know you don't make a plan, I'm gonna just shaken
up, but sometimes you need that here, the so somebody made a tweet there's been deleted now about. It would be hard to make fun of me going to bear it because she is to black adopted children from eighty, and you think yourself, ok, that's unassailable. Who could possibly Who could possibly complain about her in terms of racism when she's gone so far as to adopt two kids from Haiti. So she's beyond criticism. Well, not according to doktor rhythm and here's support that. Maybe, like you and I know, you're not gonna have the same impression, but just to understand where I'm coming from that, I, like provocative people who shake the box, they dont have to agree with me right. So that's
Martha you're missing, I'm not agree with his possessions necessarily, I might agree with some of the money You say that, like a like how provocative how here's, what here tweeted about EMU, Coney Beret, he go some white colonizers quote adopted black children, They called civilized. These quote savage the court superior ways of white people. While using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial. Or cutting the biological parents of these children and other pictures, I feel we have humidity come on, you have to? U have to approve how wonderfully provocative that is. You can agree, disagree with it. You find you find it offence. I get that, but just but just agree with me on this point.
The way you feel when you hear this has gotta be very similar to the way Democrats feel when they look at a Trump tweet It's going look at a similar here. I hate it, but you can't look away. What have I told you about persuasion? Fifty percent of persuasion is getting your attend, one way to do it and nobody is come up with a better way to do. It is to be just so crazy, provocative people can't look away. He has that he has that. So, if you, if you're tempted to dismiss him because you say I don't believe anyone I agree with other things you saying Would you give it another look because There's a whole lot of x factor in that comes out of this sprays. Out of this, the same kind of x factor that an air sea has same kind of x, factor that a president Trump ass, it just it's just you coming.
His pours now once he gets all this attention, what's he do with it? So here's the second by right Now these got all this attention being provocative. What's he do with it? Here's those with it. He follows up with us. He says and whether this is bear it or not, is not. The point is bleak Well, anyway, people have if they have, if they have were adopted child of color than they can't be racist, so basically is making the point by it ology that if you say you have a black friend that doesn't mean you're not raised. It just means you have a black friend and these extending that to say just because you adopted a black
I held that alone doesn't make you not resist. It just means you did this. One good thing to use is challenging that idea. That was that fair is fair for him to say that that's now far enough, like you, you need to go to the extra level just having a black friend or a black adopted. Not enough Thus completely fair, that's a completely fair statement. It is also a complete losers statement. Here is why, The difference between winning and losing strategies is that winning strategies in courage, good things to happen more and losing strategies discouraged good things from happening more, that's it! That's! That's all tweet a vacant use that statement.
And when, when you see somebody adopting a baby or babies from Haiti, your white person adopting black babies why is the winner away to look at that. The winner away. To look at that is she's awesome. That's it as soon as you add something to ok, that's awesome, I respect that hundred preserve, respected and now we're done talking about it as soon as you depart Just good and you put their well, it's not good you're still serve injure. You have you have put a penalty on good behaviour, good behaviour, adopting black orphans, it's good behavior. I think we would all be happy about that. Forty people, a little bit right. Every time you penalized good behaviour or support bad beaver, let's say violence and looting,
you are in a loser strategy? Then there's no doin there there's no real debate about. There is no domain in the world, there is no there's, no professional coach, there's no mentor There's nobody who knows how the world works. Who would say you should ever ever ever put a penalty on good behaviour. Nor should you ever ever ever say good things about the behavior. You don't want to see more of. It's very simple human nature. The people will do Other things that figure praised for lesson things. I don't be praised for so long to talk about this mornin Poor, Graham famous famous investment programme, asked this treaty said I wonder if the protesters in Portland etc realise their roughly a hot
the percentage of the effect there having the protests, that is, on the up. Presidential election is to help Trump. That's. Where does that. Don't do you wonder why the protesters are so obvious. We helping tromp because they're playing right into his message. At the same time, he would be the biggest pro the person they would not want to leave, how does that make sense, as it makes sense that every day that they're pulling lots of personal risk and energy money into getting trumpery elected? How can you explain that? Here's how I explained they need Trump to get reelected, not all of them. The lot of the protesters are little legitimately protest in racism and that's great, but in terms of the organizer class,
really, the ones who make it happen. The most people are just attendees most people are followers. Our group of people, let's call them the organizing class that make it all happened among the organizing class. Do they wanted to overthrow the government or did they want Joe Biden to be president. They want to overthrow the government, they don't want Joe Biden to be present. You don't see the protesters calling carrying Joe Biden signs do you see any of the protesters with Biden signs you doubt, because they don't want Joe Biden to win, because of Joe Biden, Windsor takes the steam and their protests takes the energy and other revolution. The worst thing that could happen from the perspective of black lives matter is for Joe Biden elected because a moment he gets selected the
People who were protests thing can say we got something, we didn't get everything we want, but least now Joe Biden will help us in the right direction. Cobbler they'll, be moving us towards a better world. Thank God. This tromp is gone. They don't want that world, I'm pretty sure the organizers would prefer. The perfect situation would be a non credible election where Trump winds and stays in office. Then they can complain that it was rigged election. It was not credible. Trump is still the problem. Nothing's been fixed. We have to overthrow the system so watch for the protests.
To be very unenthusiastic about button? For that reason, Dan Bungee two points out that the that is it's incredible. That has been confirmed that the F b I used the suspected russian agent to spy on a trump campaign and is not a front page story. Think about that just a try to imagine this has not a front page story that the F b I actually use the russian agent despite the suspected russian Asian, despite the Trump campaign, and it's just so ignored now. If you think you live in a world where Perform your own opinions. You look at the news of your own opinions, you don't that. I don't know if that world ever existed, but definitely doesn't exist. Now what happens is you are showing
a little sliver of the news that is designed to give you the opinion that is being assigned to you. If they showed you more than the sliver of news. You might get too much context and you would not accept the assigned opinion. Does you might say well, I see your point, but what about all this other stuff as long as just leave out all the other stuff. They can give you a sliver of reality. He'll say: look: to me. If I don't know anything else, I just know those lever, my my opinion, has been assigned to me. I accepted by the way, are more concerning note: the din bungee, no, no publicly that he's got some kind of a lump on his neck. There seems to be a concern and maybe a big concern don't know yet so wishing him the best on that I will add the story just if it makes you feel any better,
my twenties. I had a lump on. My MAC went to my doctor, Keyser. They said that looks with their look into that we'd we'd, better get a closer look, took an x ray, I go in they looked at the x ray and they said this doesn't look good and I said well, what does it mean if it, if its, not nothing, which is the other alternative, they said you couldn't do nothing, it could be just ass. They said one of those things that was actual Fraser could be just one of those things, and we just drain this little bump and there's nothing. That's it could be it or or you have a horrible cancerous problem in your life will never in those. Are you two possibilities? Why don't you come back next week and we'll figure out which wanted is so I had to wait where they basically almost a death and sent
Preliminary diagnosis of a lump on my MAC. I had to wait day to figure out what I was now. It turns out that the way to confirm whether he's, gonna, kill me or not, and of course spoiler. I lived, there would stick a needle into it and draw out the fluid and there's a fluid? Was blood I'm in big trouble, because it means there's some cancer donor but the clear fluid, it was just some kind of minor infection, no big deal, some sitting there and I can see the needle causes back here. Feel a go in and I feel the liquid come out and I'm sending their thinking. You reckon asshole, you see the little Now you know if I'm dead or I'm fine tell me, I have actually ask still bothers me to this day
the moment it came out, he showed and say no problem. You're all good tourism there's no problems. So then I hope you're situation goes like minded. I have more empathy than you can imagine, but I'm gonna hope that it's just one of those things in your everything's fine So I tweeted this yesterday, I said that I know lots of people wrote a success on the strategy of skill acquisition and positivity, which is a pretty good package package. If your life's strategy is to continually acquire skills, pretty good strategy and to to approach life with positivity, which affects other people, you yourself, that's a pretty good strategy, and I know people have done that, but I don't know anybody who complained there will be a success that might exist, but if you have a choice of those two things
These are building skills and having a positive attitude or complaining and not doing anything. Useful viewed The one that works now, weirdly Elon Musk tweeted a reply. So a lot of people took note because when you learn Buskin tweet set me people, people think you guys neither talk or something for some reason, people get excited when when that happens, so you learn mosque tweeted. This, I'm not sure exactly how it relates to my tweet, but he said there are times when I feel like I'm living in a Dilber cartoon so,
we back. The simulation. Doesn't right itself, wait until you see when I have planned for you, he laughed with some emoticons and certainly that those one tell crews. Also retweeted me. I had a good day for getting retweeted Did you think it was weird when AC be Amy Colbert when. She was giving her a sort of nomination acceptance speech. I guess you could call it. She went to great lengths to describe her husband is subservient to her was that weird- and I didn't understand why, until the endless explained to me- which was so people. Criticising easy, be for being part of a church group.
Then, allegedly- and I think this is incorrect, but the the elk issue was that the people in their church, the women were taught by their religion to be subservient to their husbands or something I think, that's inaccurate. I think that it never taught that I think it had to do with their use of the word handmaidens, but it was really a biblical reference it wasn't. It wasn't a reference to subservience, so she goes in and. I didn't like this at all honestly, like it's the thing that felt the she she needed to describe her husband as basically the I spend in the group that the one who is serving her needs and although he is an attorney and has a practice of his own, he seemed to be the primary caregiver for the seven children, because urgent was even more.
I profile it does seem to be. The issue is sort of suggesting that the way you can handle an immense workload of being on the Supreme Court will have Seven children said her husband was unusually supported in terms of reason, the kids and supportive of her. Now I have, of course- and I dont criticise any couple if they have a situation that works, it's not my it's not my issue. So if anybody has any kind of arrangement that makes them happy in their family great great to me what it felt just uncomfortable there, she threw her husband under the boss to help her nomination. Like it just like it? Now, I'm not I'm not saying it was an accurate description.
Entirely sure that the husband has a problem with it. He was probably perfectly happy with it, but I didn't feel right. They didn't do, love it, but it probably work. So what else is going on so up in Poland? The proud boy rally ended with no major clashes. So there were a number of rests and where a number of you know people throwing stuff in the usual now of relatively low level of violence enough. So you could characterized as no major clashes, but here's the party found interesting. So you knew that the proud boys we're gonna show up and you knew that it would be counter protesters. Here's the interesting part there were a thousand people. They showed up with a proud boys. The thousand:
and there were five hundred you showed up as the counter protesters now Do you recall I've been asking for some time? Why is it that the news does not report how many protesters and are at each of these events its conspicuous missing. The most obvious thing that you would say about any protest is how many people showed up as the number one determinant of how much I should care. If six people shop to protest, I probably don't care. If a thousand people show up to a protest, you have my attention and it's not reported and its its. Characteristically not reported, and the reason I thought that was important, not just in terms of news value. Is that Might recall that I said the following: if the rest of the country knew how many protesters there were.
It would allow them to send more non protesters into the area and take care of it. If you add enough locals who herb anti protester whatever their number of locals is you could get enough of them. They would so overwhelm the number of protesters. There would effectively become the police force, in other words, the that the locals, if they had enough, could just cause the protesters to behave, because it would be too much money. The general area. This force is really the only thing that changes anything in this world, and- and here it is a thousand proud boys showed up in orders and only five hundred Anti fascists and the result was no major clashes. Why was there no major clashes while I would say this because the proud boys outnumbered the Anti protestors
right, and it shows you a model that it's dangerous, of course, because if this and lots of people willing to fight into an area you you ve got. In trouble. But so so let me say that this is not a recommendation or a suggestion for me about how to handle it. Rather, I would say, is one of several ways this could end in other theirs.
RO paths you could predict, you might go down, but one of the past is if the police force decides not to be the primary power and the era, that's what they decided. The police forces decided that they will. They will play for a tie. The police have decided that there not been a defeat. The protesters the protesters, no, they can't defeat the police they're both playing for a tie, but the proud boys were not playing for a time and in theory, you could bring enough people who just want the protest to stop that. The sheer number of bodies of the non protesters would make his thought they would just be too much power put into the area. So that's one way it could happen it could
be that the citizens mobilise enough numbers that they just overwhelm the protesters and or their enough people to make sure looting doesn't happen, because really, if you just had Enough Kyle Rittenhouse that the problem with mouse was now Kyle Rittenhouse. Problem with Kyle written houses, there were not enough Kyle written houses there, yes, the curl written houses had outnumbered the people who attacked them and some of them ultimately gunshots furthermore killed. If the current houses had been the majority instead of the loan ranger trying to help, things would have been different and probably would have been a lot less loans, Here is something interesting in electric land Pro Republika. That's a publication election lan problem the reporting that North Carolina so far-
this year. I guess we're already counting the absentee ballots, and already there are three This has many ballots from black citizens that are rejected compared to white. Now, what's the firstly, you say about that: oh my god, there there are discriminating people rejecting ballots, because three times as many black ones as white. But the story goes on to say that there is no demographic information on the ballots that are being rejected and I'm thinking but isn't, or at least a name there's a name our right a printed name, don't you know where the ballot came from my wrong about that, because that is demographic information. It isn't too hard. If you are a racist to try to guess which names belong to blackmail, you wouldn't get everyone, but you could get pretty close. Could you
if you just picked up the obvious ones, so I'm not sure. I believe that you can't tell completely who voted but the problems that they call out for why they were being rejected, were. Missing a signature or missing a witness signature, it's pretty black and white right. There is either a signature or not. There is a witness, your signature or not. What would be the reason that, both in twenty eighteen now and twenty twenty three times as many black voters. Did not fill in one of those two things. What causes that, do you have any idea? What causes that, if I had to take, I guess, I would say, is correlated with educational levels,
the more educated you are, the more adept you are reading a form correctly easily them correctly and not making any mistakes, so it probably is just correlated with economic situation and education situation, but it does. It does certainly raise the question. The trump has been raising these balance or a problem. But I didn't notice that apparently these system this year now's the voters to their apparently if time out enough in every case, but they were times have time to Their errors, because I guess they get notified now, if there Notify to the errors, the errors. There must be some information on the ballot that tells you something about people
so they can either fix it or they can go vote in person. But, as you might imagine, not everybody fix it. So the original problem persists, even though they could effects that are so maybe that'll make it up. We'll see? Remember I asked you I said I I couldn't understand why people were criticising Trump for saying that doing extra testing is surfacing extra infections, and I thought to myself: how would that not be true? How could you do extra testing without finding extra people feel feel like I feel, like that's just obvious and maize over basically said the same thing in the treaties, and it's not clear whether Kovac. Says are actually on the rise in the? U S or if it's because there's more testing- and I thought to Myself- that's that First time, I've seen anybody who.
I would imagine, is more associated with the left. I dont know if he he says that about himself. He may not identify with the left. I don't know, but that's the first time, I've heard somebody wasn't. Obviously, a trump supporter say you have your test more, you can find more infection is seems, sort of obvious and now needs overseeing, and I'm wondering what am I missing. What am I not understanding about this such. Mission that could ever not be true. Then war testing wouldn't find more things, isn't the reason the attest to find more stuff. I'm really confused on that.
So I asked by tweet today: can someone asked democratic leaders, including be alone if they commit to a peaceful continuation of the trunk administration if he wins? Why is nobody asking Democrats if there will commit to a peaceful transfer if tromp woods isn't that a pretty obvious question for democratic leaders, of all type. Here's another one and wire democratic leaders not being asked by the press to disavow the domestic terrorist organisation. That is, IRAN actually called Antigua. Now they anti FEZ, been designated a domestic terror organization. Isn't the obvious thing to ask democratic leaders? Do you disavowed them now that their domestic terrorists? It's a good question, is the most obvious.
You- should ask that's not being an ass all right. So a lot of people have asked me what kind of persuasion or linguistic kill shot. Should you use against The protesters that you think we're going too far. And sometimes you have to wait a little bit and see how the public is natural responding to things, then you find our help. Four naturally responding. You can design a linguistic kill shot a place to the things are already thinking that, much easier than just trying to make up some kind of persuasion. Nothing- It really helps the know how people already think about something, and now
a little time has grown by. I have this suggestion for a linguistic kill, shot on Antigua, and you just heard me use it, and it is that the press should always referred to them when describing Antigua. They should be risk described as the domestic terrorist organisation. I run a clean named intifada. It's the ironic. We named the takes their power away because what antifraud did that was super clever and as serves them really well, they call themselves. Anti fascists, even though they weren't in a way that you would you consider it. And therefore anybody who criticise them was calling themselves a fascist one of the best things anybody ever did in terms of persuasion, so.
In order to take the power that you could simply referred to them, as the ironically named Antiphon, now You can feel it right if you said that often enough said the domestic terrorist organisation ironically named Anti far, it would completely take the power and of antiviral. So that's my suggestion somebody found a video from ninety ninety one in which Joe Biden said he was talking about a justice sooner. I think that was being- Considered at the time we talking about how old people would be twenty twenty by then said in the year twenty twenty I'll be dead and gone in all probability now what are the odds that there would be an actual? video of of Joe Biden predicting his own death by twenty twenty at the exact
same time that we're all wondering if you'll live to election day in twenty twenty. Did he say that about lots of other years is, Also a video of Joe Biden say he might not live to twenty twenty five. Or maybe somebody says a lot and the just found the one they have the twenty twenty years, that is very simulation. Very simulation. And there's another video of bite in doing a gas, but that doesn't make any sense at all and the gas is. He suddenly injects. Somebody named John his answer and there is nobody named John involved. In any way. With the question or the answer, you have to hear that to know what's going on,
but I have now learned I've learned what Biden does when he loses his train of thought and it might be a trickle I'll use myself, because I often lose my train of thought and doing these periscopes Probably I'm losing my mind why he does is, if he, if he starts into appointed, he loses his train of thought. He doesn't even know what the topic is anymore. He reverts to this generics statement, which it is we can't let we can't let Trump keep doing what he's doing. Because that fits everything so you'll be like we're gonna change. Economy and check to change their taxes. Ninety forgets completely. What he's talking about is well here's the thing we just can't. Let trump keep getting away with one he's getting away with
So whatever he does that that means he completely forgot what he was talkin about. To look for that. Alright, some of you were thinking that it's the Trump's middle name, Donald John Trump, or that he was thinking his name was Johnald Trump. Who is talking about? There's another tape, the surface of bite. This is the trouble was being in politics for so long infinite, number of old Biden, tapes of him saying bizarre things.
But Jonathan Turley is writing about this today. He said that a tapers surfaced of Biden, claiming back at some point, wasn't too long ago that he quote started at historically black college. He actually claimed by the dead in front of a they look like a crowd of mostly black voters. He claimed that he had started out at a historical Black college, which it turns out, never happened as far as Ebay can tell, and they don't even know what he meant, that they can't figure out well says he started out. Does he mean you went to school there or did, or did he have some involvement with its just sort of bizarre unstated? But the fact that you could ever presidential candidate claim that he released up.
Currently claim this could be misinterpreted, but apparently claim that you went to a historically black college and nobody in people's. Let them nothing to see here. He went to his historically black college boy. Not why not? I tell you all the time, and it's always good riddance- remember this- that the human brain is tuned toward change. We, get used to whatever our situation is. So even if some is really really bad. We do a long enough. We stop complaining about so much because we just get used to it. If something is moving in the wrong direction, even a little bit you are, There will be on fire with love, it's moving in the wrong direction, sore far more affected by the direction of things than where things are. That's just a good thing to understand about human beings, guess that that
I never use it all the time and then one of the ways that is really really important at the moment is that apparently the cove id deaths in the United States are kind of flat And as long as they say about the same even though its way to I found people a day or something that everyone or dying even have a thousand deaths the day as long as it just sort of stays there, and even if the two hundred thousand deaths there now to for five thousand deaths as long as those days around a few hundred thousand. You know my creep up to two hundred and thirty thousand by election day or something what However, it is as long as it's in that two hundred
as a range is gonna feel like it didn't change much and the fact that it seems stable is really really good work for the president, because we can't stay interested in things letter. Same even when their bad. We get way more interested in what's on fire today and what somebody said today. So I think the presents biggest problem is what people think of kroner virus is becoming smaller and smaller in people's minds, even though the problem, I would say this about how to interpret that the United States has such a bad about outcome with grown a virus. According to the experts,
convinced that if you look at all the variables, it would look so bad now the words if you consider or basically you consider higher percentage of african american citizens. If you considered everything, probably would look so bad. We don't, and I would say that one factor that we don't count enough is that Americans, just like freedom and Americans, like freedom more than they like life itself, that's built into us were actually designed that way too, like freedom, more than life itself, were literally train from China, not least, my generation was another gabions anymore, but my generation was changed trained from childhood. That, if you had a choice of you know, you can't get freedom unless you die trying to get it.
Die. So this crowd of ours is no different than every other challenge the United States has faced since its inception. What what's my tradeoff? Yes, you could be much much safer if you do the following things or maybe you could be sceptical, but the experts are telling you you could be much safer. If you do these things, but to do these things you can it have to go? this other thing called freedom, do Americans, say sure sure, let's give up some freedom, Ahmed, saves lives no, we don't do that. We don't want to be those people, that's the bigger part in order for us to have had the same success as other countries. We would have to be like them, in other words, the thing they killed. Two hundred thousand people in this country
This is going to sound, really ugly, but I think you understand what I'm saying the thing they killed over two hundred thousand Americans too, to an extent is a feature not a bug: that's cruel, it's horrible, etc. There's an ugly thought, but there is something that makes America a little bit his passion and is this. It is the fact that we don't believe authority is the fact that we don't trust the experts. All the time is the fact that You give us a choice between living like a slave and being held
or living like a free person and maybe killing your own grandmother, you'll kill your own grandmother. You will kill your grandmother for freedom, you kill yourself. Do you kill anybody for freedom? It's a feature, it's a feature, not a bug. So did president tromp preside over a country, they got a worse outcome than other countries. Maybe again, I think you really have to dig into the difference in the variables to know that for sure, but let's say it's true: was it a mistake, its being couched as a mistake, I would say it's
voice. I would say that the country made a conscious choice. Now. Did president tromp influenced by his own behaviour? Let's say not worry, mask, let's say downplaying the virus. Did he influence anybody's opinion by his own actions? Perhaps so perhaps so, is that raw? Well, if the way he's per the way he's persuading Americans is to be more american? It's a heard argument to make that it was wrong unless you think being more american another worse, preferring freedom over life itself. Unless you think that's a bug he was, but he was persuading toward a feature not above so. This is one way out framework right.
There was a sign I saw at a protest at your Belinda, so it looks like there were some protesters in some count and protests. And one of the signs held up by it, looked like a white counter protester to be a lamb, said: black behaviour matters, so the response to black lives matter from this counter, professor, was black behaviour matters pretty offensive, isn't it it is its offensive. Now, of course, he bade it to be provocative, seek yet again that was a fee you're, not above this, as somebody who is trying to get your blood boiling and their work. I would say that strikes me as offensive, even though I agree with the thought the thought I agree with completely that people have to take responsibility for them twelve, even if somebody else caused the problem. So I agree with a thought
but here is how I would have said it better. Instead of saying black behaviour matters, I will said black strategy matters. In fact, is somebody asked me if black I've matter, here's one way. I might answer the solution. Scott say it said to black lives matter. I'm not gonna be the jerk. This has no. I'm not gonna, say the first thing out of my mouth is not going to be all lives matter, because I'm not an idiot. Why would I cause trouble? That doesn't mean because here's how I might handle it,
Absolutely black lives matter. Super super to blacklist matter black lives matter by even put up my fist screen it then I would say: would you agree that black strategy matters, in other words, that if you have a good strategy, you're, probably get a good outcome? If you have a bad strategy, you may have about income. Would you agree with that because that's my problem, my problem is not black lives matter, because, of course they do not like problem. Is your strategy sucks if you use a strategy that is guaranteed to get you the wrong answer? Don't blame me when you get the wrong answer, don't put it Tell me what you're doing and objectively obviously, clearly bad strategy. That's not on me! You gonna, take that yourself. Here's here's, a general rule that I think is a good one.
You have somebody who's protesting were once some kind of change and you ve got other people who seem to be the ones who are in the way If one of those size says let work together, I'll do some things differently. Maybe yield some do things differently. I acknowledge that the problem might not be me. I mean I might not have caused the problem returned. And maybe you didn't cause the problem we're trying to fix, but if you're not approaching this from the perspective of both of us need to do something surely you are not really a credible player. If somebody comes to you and says only you need to change you'll, never get there. You can never get there if this year, starting assumption is that one side needs to change, even if all the problems or, on the other side, the problem, the the
that may be doesn't think, has their fault still needs to say you know, I don't think we did anything wrong, but if you're willing to change I want to do whatever it can to make it easy for you to change. In other words, all do something different. No, it's not my fault minority. Indeed my responsibility, but if you want to be productive both sides every time I have to say, I'm gonna do something different. You need, do something different to, but we have to start without assumption assume you say you need to do something different and I doubt that's the end of the story. You can't just walk away stop. I want to tell you a story about that, but
What chant for privacy reasons, but I have been in that situation, shall I say in the past where it was expected that I would only change and the other person would not, and that can never work, can't work, never negotiate with yourself all right. Millions of acres of burned in California, but my air quality is good at the moment, so still keeping an eye on that. That's like, after all, divorced men have been there buddy. I guess you knew what I was talking about energy, I didn't I didn't disguised as well and all that I am going to tell you the story. I'm gonna that my my ex wife will be ok with us, because I don't wanna. I want to do anything to personally
But towards the end of my my marriage, we did what marriage Mary people do if they're having trouble went to a and I wanted to make sure that I got the best outcome from emerge counselor. So I said you pick the marriage counselor, so this will be the solution. My deal in order for me to feel like, like you, got the best shot. I want you alone to decide who the marriage counselor is because I was so evident that my point of view word would be well represented HU, the marriage counselor was really matter. Who was so my ex wife picked a woman s, marriage cancer and which I sent artists perfect, because if a woman, Agrees with anything I say: it's gonna carry
more weight, I think with my ex wife. So I thought this is perfect. You pick the marriage counselor and it's a woman. This is ideal because I'm pretty persuasive right have you ever met me, I'm kind of persuasive. So I thought this is a perfect sun up. I could, I could not have asked for a better, essentially I think it was and probably day one when the marriage counselor told me. This was the rule that I had to change, but my ex wife did not need to change in any way whatsoever. How do you think it turned out? I argued like like a wounded dog? I argued. Ok, we gonna change that right. We can't even talk about any detail. About. We are. What are the issues? Are we have to change that assumption? if we go into it with an assumption
I'm the only one who needs to change in any way. The cap possibly have a good outcome and she could not be present persuaded way from that she'd never changed her opinion that independent of what the actual issues were I was the only one who did it to change now I never really even understood it, never understood it. I didn't understand why that wasn't. Obviously the worst advice anybody ever got anywhere in the history of advice, but it happened now how many, how many of you in the same situation, I won't wait for your answers, but another few. So that's the story and I'll talk to you later
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