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Episode 114: Resisters versus Producers, Fake Pictures and Donny Deutsch

2018-06-22 | 🔗


  • Ana Navarro rant – the extended cut
  • President Trump’s tweet “resisters versus producers”
  • Time cover photo, the crying child
  • Open borders, who supports that?
  • Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch compares Trump supporters to Nazis


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but it but by noon open from pop up bubble gum hey everybody it's time you know it is time for you know i think you know you can hear the theme song already in your mind bump bump bump bump bump bump you can smell the freshly freshly freshly freshly brewed coffee you can smell it you can see it because it's time oh yeah it's time for coffee was scott adams in the simultaneous sept that's good simultaneous all right we've got a number of things today to start with as everybody seen well let me pause this year
as everybody's seeing in navarro's extended cut or make sure you see in the extended cuts but to do that i have to turn off my a duty to make sure you check my twitter feed this morning it's a good one thank you well hello i have been on tv and all over the place okay and the the indefensible and now let's see if you can see this it's funnier if you see it see it's funny or if you see it on your own device but just so you can see i've been playing like that have been on tv and all over the place okay the the indefensible how you have to justify it and you have to justify the
should logo all right if you haven't seen that i go to my twitter feed its it's retweeted there now the other the other thing i want to talk about two other things one is the president's tweet from this morning they said or else this is president street from the morning says elect more republicans in november and will pass the fairest comprehensive immigration bill anywhere in the world so that part's not the interesting part because right now we have the dumbest and the worst meaning the policies and then says dems are doing nothing but obstructing now here's the good part
remember their motto resist horses produce so use reframed their their valiant resistance into being the opposite being productive which is first of all hilarious second it totally works but it it perfectly sets up this observation have you heard of the heard of anybody describe emotional intelligence do you know what emotional intelligence this is very similar to the idea of maturity and emotionally person has high emotional intelligence can give up some stuff in the short term will take some pain in the short term in order to have gains in the long term so if you have a good
visual intelligence you can go to the school and work hard and get good grades because in the long term they'll make your life better people who do not have good emotional intelligence will skip classes because it's unpleasant they'll sleep in because they can't really see the long term there they just more about happening today that's also very similar to just the difference between children who can see the long term and adults who can and at this point doesn't it feel to you that that that separation has become really real in terms of the long term short term difference between the parties it seems that the democrats have become the teenagers in the room you know the teenagers who say well i want any candy for dinner
why can't i eat candy for dinner and then you say well it'll be bad for your health in the long run and the teenager says but i'm hungry right now and i want candy no no in the long run is not good for you it's you know it's better to have protein and good diet but i walk handy right now so the president's little re framing of the republicans producing well the democrats are this thing is really accurate for the for one thing now that's it's true generally because the party that's out of power they don't have much many options to produce anything but in this case they're doing a lot of resisting so i thought that was a wonder now it's the same time we're seeing that north korea is returning remains of soldiers
item the war and they're also talking about reunifying families north and south korea they got separated by the war so things are just happening all over the place in north and s korea all good stuff all because of this president and let me give you a little life strategy tip that you rarely i don't know if i've ever seen this anywhere so this will be a life strategy tip that i doubt you've read anywhere maybe have i haven't it goes like this whenever whenever you see a problem that people have used the same solution on and that solution doesn't work but they keep trying the same solution and it keeps not working the first thing i asked myself this is just my little mental process is what happened what would happen if you did the opposite
and i just ask that in general it's sort of a also a cartoonist question the cartoonist yes okay if that's the normal way would be the opposite of that for example in the normal world you go to a doctor and the doctor is trying hard to make you healthy so the cartoonist sass well what if you went to the doctor and it was reverse and the doctor did whatever he could to make you less happy right now and then you've got something to turn into a joke so my normal mental process over many years of doing creative work is that anytime i see any normal situation i just automatically say what if that were the opposite and if you look at sort of the creative approach if you look at president trump's success with n korea all he did was take the normal approach and just he did the opposite 'cause the normal approach had
build for seventy years in a row so in the normal approach was hey we can't talk to this guy until he gives us everything we want you know the different leaders for n korea we can't talk to them that would be giving them credibility and all the things they want we can talk to him so trump did literally just the opposite so if seven years the old thing didn't work he just said well what if i did the opposite 'cause there really wasn't much of a downside to talking to him but the upside was eventually the end of nuclear confrontation and that's what happened so look for that in your daily life look for situations in which you ask yourself what if i just do the opposite of what everybody else is doing what would that look like let's talk about that time
using photo of the little girl who is crying because it appears she had been separated from her parents at immigration but now we know that she was never separated from her mother that the fake news got story wrong now i see the number of trump supporters of russian to say i knew it was all a lie you know the the fake news is blowing this out of and of proportion etcetera i'm not going to make you happy right now i know you like me to tell you things you already agree with but i can't be this inconsistent i'm to be consistent with everything i've said before here not gonna like it you're not going like it that photo
of the little girl crying because she was separated from her parents wasn't true she was not separated from her parents it was a fake picture but i hate to say it it was directionally accurate it was directionally accurate because children were being separated from their parents some of them i'm sure cried so does it really matter in any real way that that particular picture was faked no it has no impact the fact that that picture was sake doesn't change you know the underlying truth it's it's a most is a very small point about some fake news but it doesn't change the
story in any way so the reason that i say i'm staying consistent is because my entire approach to president trump is that when he says my god there's so many people here in this in my crowd there maybe thirty thousand of them and it turns out there are really twenty three thousand album but it's an overthrow overflow capacity and you know the which is there is that a lie well technically it is inaccurate but directionally it's true he's got a big crowd and there's lots of energean directionally it's it's close enough so i would like to be the only consistent person on the planet earth today an say that if a picture is technically inaccurate
but generally it's true of the bigger picture that's not going to be the thing that i'm going to complain about because i don't complain about it on the right i'm not going to complain about it on the left now that doesn't make the whole story legitimate i'm just saying that children were separated from parents it's the fact we all agree on if we have a picture that tells that story well the fact that it's not technically accurate i don't care now do you remember so it wasn't long ago certainly in my youth the saying that just sounds ridiculous today the saying goes like this pictures don't lie right remember when that was the case of pictures don't lie and now it turns out that that's all they do remember the pictures of trump merkel and the g7
huddled around in all looking angry and you thought yourself well that picture doesn't lie and then you see the very next picture were all there all laughing and and trump is actually taught touching merkel on hand and in a friendly way like just moments later well sure did lie totally live number the the picture about trump feeding the gold fish with with japan's ave and it looks like you you know these are video but it looked like he was just being a rude guy throwing all of his fish fish food in there well when they show the whole picture you can see the abbe did at first trump followed the fall of the system so there was a time when pictures did not lie
i believe we're in the time now yeah somebody just said it before i did pictures only lie that's their purpose in the political context in the political context all pictures lie i say that as someone who is often in the meat like i'm often the subject of the story and they use my picture where i'm like you know that there's one picture i took in which i was literally posing in different positions when the photographer photo so i would pose like this that that was doing these yeah weird weird poses and there was a reason for it that you don't need the written to know the reason but some of those some of those funny poses made it into the public domain i guess and so when somebody runs a story about maine they run this picture and so when he
got it you think i don't like that guy i would want to see a guy looking like that you would want to be talking to your friend who looks like this you say i think i'll need another friend the the picture that they run about me of is of course you know ally of sorts it's it's meant to put me in a certain light and yeah you you can find example after example after example pictures live now let's talk about open borders for you the time of trump's introduction to the political process here at least running for president people have been talking about something called open borders and every time you know and people were pretending i thought the
there are actually some people who were literally in favor of open borders and i thought to myself well that's not true you know there may be if crazy people who are in favor of open borders but not really you know i thought to myself there's there are really serious adults who are talking about open borders did you used to think that that that wasn't even a real thing i went through the or campaign the election and not one did i ever think there were real people who wanted open border in the same way i didn't think the all trump supporters are racist it just sounded like one of those ridiculous things people say about the other side it's like oh you're all racist sawyer all open borders none of it's real right but i'm starting to think that there might
actually be people who are in favor of open borders and so to ask is there anybody is there anybody here i'm i doubt it but there is there anybody on this periscope who who actually literally favors open borders somebody said i told you so somebody said i am not sure that's real but because if i can find it open borders person i'd like to interview on periscope in i don't know what you would say 'cause i don't know the argument before it i've never heard one as anybody ever heard an actual argument for why borders works in the long term because in the short term if you have low emotional intelligence or you're a child
open borders sounds great it's like hey don't put anybody in jail let everybody be let's all love each other that makes cents in the short run but in the long run how do the open borders people imagine things going you know what does it look like their world if they got their way well so i'll be looking for somebody who can present that interview now you saw i think you also that the nfl players already talking like this and then periscope the nfl players some of them anyway put together a proposition for lowering or at least reforming prisons in one sense not in a big sense but in the small sense
by letting a lot of a drug offenders who had served a long time or depending on the severity of the the drug the drug crime they suggested fairly mass you call it pardon or commuting of the sentence and i thought well they that is productive you know the people who came up with that idea are producers they're not resistors their producers and so immediately so you know given that most of you are probably trump supporters of here on the spare so and that means that most of you have been accused of being a horrible racists if you've been accused of being horrible racist and then you saw the story yesterday of the
nfl players who are saying hey let's let's maybe commute or pardon people who are in prison too long for these drug crimes because they are disproportionately target notice did you see many trump supporters resist that i saw a few but they were they were just the lawn order people it's not legal yeah to me it looked like people were pretty open to that on the trump side of the the the world and i and i believe that you're also speed races right
you're you're also speak in on the other side of that and i don't know it looked to me like some of you saying that you that you are racist i'm not sure what that means in your case but nope nope nope so one of the nope so not sure i'm not sure what people are saying no to no they you didn't have a problem with it and i i've but the people i saw seems to be quite in favor of at least considering that let's talk about donny deutsch did all of you see the donny deutsch comment i don't know if it was on morning joe or something
in which he said that the people who voted for trump have to be held responsible for his evil that's some serious hitler stuff right there no i called donny deutsch the poor man's anthony bourdain i don't know why i just always thought they were the same guy except one was the poor man's version and when you hear something like all trump supporters have to be held accountable that's pretty chilling stuff that is really chilling and
it's pretty pretty hitler like so donny deutsch hitler has gone on the record as being against people and citizen and
i don't know i don't know how he lives with himself i'm not sure how you can have that kind of a hateful opinion and live with yourself but apparently is ok with it yeah and what exactly is it that trump supporters are supposed to be responsible for the good economy the peace in north korea you know what what exactly because it seems to me gently here's a just a a mental little mental what do you call it and mental then it was the word not a mental experiment what's the word for a mental
department a mind experiment now there's a phrase for it never mind but imagine if the press had never complained about trump as being a racist and just suppose that supposed to press had done nothing but report what they saw would we have this much racial animosity i don't think so and that's the biggest problem in the world so it seems to me that the the and let me make some some distinction the issue we had with the children in cages i think almost all trump supporters also did not want children separated from kids if there's a way to avoid it
so that was something that i thought the press did a pretty good job of surfacing something that people cared about the president looked at the the public's reaction and then he and then he tried to adjust i'm not sure the adjustment will make everybody happy but to me that look like the system working perfectly there was an issue the press service that the public way then the public wanted to change the press and so the public asking for the change both his side and the other side and the president implemented a change all within what a week that would be almost a perfect example i thought experiment thank you that would be almost a perfect example of this system work exactly the way you'd want it to surface the problem governor reacted now
so there are real cases where there are problems that have to be surfaced and then dealt with but the larger issue of are all trump supporters you know not season monsters is trump going to round people up and put him in concentration camps and kill them all all of that stuff comes from donny deutsch and more and the the people who are blaming you trump supporters for being heller's are the ones causing the problem president trump
if you take every one of the things he said and put it in an objective language it all just goes away let's take charlottesville it was the fake news said oh he's siding with the white supremacists that didn't happen that something they made up he cited with the people jen really it was a protest about pro statue or anti statue and he was saying well they're good people on both sides of the question of pro statue at anti statue the news illegitimately said i sattler and he's saying that the voice premises are good people he didn't say that and in fact when he was asked for a clarification he clarified very clearly now i don't mean that i'm not talking about those right now it's the news were even a little bit legitimate they would have said
the way you said that was a little confusing so we asked him to clarify and thank goodness he wasn't supporting the white supremacist he clarified world good meal that's what real news would have looked like what we have now is illegitimate news in which they gin up stories and make things look worse in there oh likewise the children in cages had the news been made any attempt to be objective they still might have raised the story that people wanted to act on and wanted to change but it wouldn't have looked like this it would not have looked like this is the next step to the death camps you know which is essentially how it was covered the melania's jacket story
if we had a a real press they were looked at that and said i wonder what that means and then malani a spokesperson set eyes just is just the jack and they probably would have been skeptical that which which they were and then when the president clarified is at odds it's about the critics really i said to myself well that's how i took it i i took the jacket to be talking about her critics because she's been she's been piled on just mercilessly by the critics now the way the president said what was the fake news and that's a subset of the critics so we're not that far off same concept and rather than the
he is saying malani and made a statement about the the press before going to do this generous and good thing of visiting these children that would have been an objective way to cover it's like oh she's making a political statement about her critics on her way to do this good thing so what the the hypnotized anti trappers don't understand is that their opinions did not come from themselves this is the biggest misunderstanding that the left has the left believes the anti trumpers they believe that their opinions came from their own minds they believe that they looked at data and formed opinions
nothing even remotely like that has happened nothing like that happened to anybody and by the way it's the same on both sides right so both both sides are under the impression that they've looked at the data made their objective opinions and now they've got an opinion there's nothing like happening the reality is that there very influential people and organizations on both sides those influential people and organizations are providing people their opinions and the people once once provided with an opinion come to believe it's their own opinion that's how normal people work i'm not driving anything that's broken i'm not telling you something new or revolutionary about people this this just how all people are built we believe
have opinions and we believe they came from our own mind and thoughts and and resources and everything else not true there are there are very few people like the president like cnn like fox news people like me who are influential and after we've done are influencing the people we've influenced believe they made up their own mind giselle this just not what's happening so when the anti trump per
we're going to get you with our pitchforks in our resistance they believe that they have come to this independent thought and that they must resist nothing like that happened they have been given their thoughts and they're acting upon them as they have been provided to them i need to get off this periscope and do something else in a minute so i'm going to end it now uh there's a libertarian on the rubin report arguing for open borders alright well i'll look for some people arguing for open borders and i will get back to you bye for now
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