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Episode 130: The Zombie Apocalypse (Democrats), Rocket man and coffee

2018-07-06 | 🔗


  • Civil discourse and physical acts by the Left
  • Fear tweet by Stephanie Mickus, Macarthur Genius Grant recipient
  • Redirecting anti-Trump energy
  • “I block all Nazis…goodby!”
  • Giving Chairman Kim a copy of Elton John’s “Rocketman” song
  • Pre-Suasion elements of the song


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Bump up up up Bum bum bum Bum, Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, hey everybody come on in gather round. I've got some extra chairs over here. Somebody can sit in the back, Dogbert will move, but before you sit down make sure you have the seek. the lecture, doesn't matter which elixir you have good because he could be team could be a cold beverage could be ordinary water, which I call the tears of, enemies, but whatever you have it's going to taste extra good because of the magic that I call the simultaneous sip by now, you've all scurried to grab your cups, your mug. You're thinking, my God, my god, I've gotta get it in time this time, this
I'm all finally make it in time for the simultaneous up. Well, this is your day here comes. This includes simultaneous seven, all right, first topic of the day, we're seeing quite a lot of press on the question of how we're treating each other about civil disk? r, r politics. You know, protested in the streets could be snatching the make America great again hat off of somebody in a burger joint
it could be crowding around somebody and shouting them down in the public restaurant that and certainly there are people who are directly calling for violence or speaking in violent terms, now The conversation about this is completely come, Really on the wrong topic: the topic is not an should not be civil discourse. What is polite, what is appropriate if you're talking about that you're missing the
hire a story and you're. Probably thinking yourself. What are you talking about? That's pretty important civil discourse, I'm in favor of civil discourse, unless the Nazis are really taking over in and eggs in a situation in which the actual Nazis or actually taking over the country, I'm not signing up for any civil discourse, so The problem that we're having right now is not the people are being impolite. If you think that's the problem, you're missing the big problem, the big problem People think they're living in a country where actual nazis are taking over they believe it to be true. Now There were true, then everything that they suggest, which is aggressive and even down
very violent. Who? would be completely called for, so if you're saying that is uncalled for you're on the wrong conversation. If you say these people should act more polite you're in the wrong conversation that conversation. Doesn't happen: Porsche what happen or is completely irrelevant, because the problem is there actual. Belief, it's not their behavior 'cause. The behave just follows the belief right The behavior is the outcome of the problem, the problem, is that they literally literally believe that they are in a dangerous, immediate threat situation and when I say immediate, I mean there or bodies are. Actually. This is the anti trumpers properly there in a continuous, apparently fight or flight,
situation like they. They feel that at any moment you know things are, things are gonna turn violent and a dictatorship will break out and and all that, so when When the press is covering us, it's you know, of course they have to cover. If somebody does something violent or threatens the story. Alan Dershowitz, apparently her that some host of the party- and I think it was Martha's vineyard, Said that if Alan Dershowitz came to her party, she would quote step through the heart. Now I don't believe that she meant that literally, I don't believe she would actually pick up a knife and stab him through. so we can't get too carried away with hyperbole, but it is true that that type of thinking starts putting people into a hey. I guess it's ok to talk like this 'cause. I hear everybody doing it.
So as soon as you hear everybody doing it, you can worsen the situation until something bad happens, so the talking about it does make a difference. The actions do make a difference, but the big story is that they're, acting on the belief that is pretty wacko so the big challenges: how do you? How do you get people out of them and the only way is through actions which violate it, so the other words you have to have enough counter examples to whatever it is that they're hallucinating that they can't hold the hallucination anymore or that talking about their hallucination in public would make them feel stupid because other people, you know, know that it's it's been debunked already so getting there is, is a
This is a problem, and part of the problem is that the the model of the news industry is that the violence and conflict or are better news than people getting along So we all have, we all have this. You know this heightened sense of how bad things are, because we see the examples of the bad stuff over again so there's this tiny little bit of bad we're going on in the country really very tiny bit, which is always see so we're complete, He focused on the tiny bit of bad news. So what can you do about that. well, let me throw out some ideas, one. You could create a uh, let's say a meme, which was nothing but Trump supporters.
doing things that clearly are not racist and not dangerous, and nothing else I mean you'd have to make it entertaining enough that people want to watch it. You want to short, but entertaining and and just put that out, get a block block the role and just put that out to give people counterexamples now, I saw on Twitter and I just retweeted it. So let me read the actual tweet from someone who is a a macarthur genius so tweet is from a woman who is literally a macarthur genius recognized as an actual genius, which is important. Somebody named Stephanie,
because she's got a blue check and she said I fn hate this president and I don't feel even remotely safe around him or his supporters most women. I know feel this way too, and it's real and it's affecting us so The part that is I'll take her at her word is how they feel so the but that's real is certainly how they feel, because I thought we should just make this up. Right doesn't mean it. Everybody feels this way, but people she knows actually feel that they're not safe, that they're not safe around Trump supporters now in your world, can you imagine any safer place for a woman to be that then, at a Trump rally.
have you ever heard of a you know a woman getting hurt at a Trump rally. Unless I suppose, if the woman was causing trouble herself, you know there might be something, but it a woman who is just minding her own business what are the odds that that you would be in danger at a Trump rally because the the at the Trump rally would make sure The work of anybody who cause trouble. In fact the most dangerous thing you could be is Amy two person at a Trump rally that the you know the the violator would be the most in the most danger. That's my view of the world. You know my view of Republicans are the sort of protecting class, especially if you're Americans, you know the. Obviously you know that you have a preference for Americans, which is a separate time
back what she's talking about so somehow this this artificial danger that people feel And the feelings are real: you have to you have to treat the feelings as if their reality, because that is their reality. How they feel is the reality and it's not good enough to say well, you got the facts wrong or you're being such a snowflake or our policies are good there's almost nothing. That is the right answer. Unless you're actually going directly toward What made them feel that way, and what did you do? That would be visual and violate violate that belief. So let's be thinking about that. What would be the way to not do that? Let me tell you one of my methods. I've been a testing on twitter,
and I'd like to recommend it. Ok, oh yeah, I referred to the zombie apocalypse in the title of my periscope here and. it's sort of the way I'm starting to feel in you know, in a it just sort of a a fun fun is the wrong word, but Yeah, it feels like a zombie apocalypse because the folks, We are so angry. Dealing with anything that, from my movie, looks like thinking. So it looks like a mindless mob who are coming for the people on the other side. So uh, you know in my by framing the things that doesn't mean that they crazy and the other people are awesome
not talking about good or bad. I'm talking about two different movies in one movie, people just trying to help the country and do the best they can. You know do what's right. But the other side, the zombie apocalypse people think that these guys are not. and I'm not saying there aren't a few notches in the group, but of course you know everybody gets. find by their worst elements. You know, so you know it's easy, for the people of the right to think that the people on the left are all Antifa people, and you know, I think the rest of them are white supremacists or something uh, so we define each other by our worst. Most extreme members but it feels like a zombie apocalypse. Doesn't it because they're coming for us, it feels like, and yet there's no sense of reason. You couldn't be able to reason with it.
But let's talk about some ways to deal with that that do not require because reason is an empty weapon. Are you can't kill the You can't kill a zombie with the reason you can't stop the zombie Say a zombie hold hold on hold on I know you want to eat my brains. I know that I get it, I get it that you want to eat my brains, but look it won't turn out well for you. You know I have. I have this, flamethrower right here, so maybe You should just logically go eat, something else, because I got the flamethrower right here, turn you into a number and the zombie goes. And then you have to give with the flamethrower what's better than that right, so the flame so is sort of last resort. We don't want to get the flamethrower.
We want to figure out how to make the zombies, maybe change direction. There's a thought among people who try to stops. walkers from stalking they. You can never stop a stalker from stalking, because it's just too deeply embedded in who they are. But Americans talk somebody stalk, somebody else by making it harder to know your client So it might be that all of this anger just need. To go somewhere. Well, you can't get rid of it. May not be something you can dissipate, you might just need to redirect at the moment. The United States weirdly doesn't have a common enemy. Think about that. Just think about that thought. the United States. Doesn't really have much of an enemy anymore. There's buddy, who is organizing principle, who would say, there's, there's no outside threat. That's so big at the moment
at the people in the United States would say well, let's just stop fighting with each other. We've got to deal with this outside threat now We don't want an outside threat, so you don't want to create one You know all of our all of our smaller threats are really they're sort of, sexual like China wants to dominate in the next one hundred years, but things are okay now and I This is, of course, the problem, but they haven't done much lately, doesn't feel like an existential threat today, thankfully uh so we've got this Ganttic, weaponized zombie apocalypse with the energy And reason isn't going to change them and there is no external threat big enough to unify the country for the external threat. So what do you do? I don't know the answer, but I think you have to ab test your way through it.
one suggestion of showing Trump supporters just doing things that Trump supporters aren't supposed to be doing. simply showing Trump supporters as nice people is a big deal. I understand that one of the Supreme Court please Amy, Coney Barrett Zoning she's got seven kids and two of them are adopted from eighty see. More of that, let let's see more of the Amy parents, with the kids adopted from eighty there. There must be yeah. There must be millions live really 10s tens of millions of examples of Trump supporters acting like, normal people and not like the monsters, imagine. But let me tell you my little trick. Some of you have seen do it on twitter and it goes like this. I had the
I have the sudden realization, after being called a, you know, nine hundred thousand times that half of the people on here have been called a in, this year too, so I get it more than most, because if you talk about the presidents, persuasion game, people come on and call you a nazi and that word or different. and here's the thing about calling somebody a Nazi Give me a while to realize this. never says not! First wins! That's it! That's the realization! whoever says not see. First wins on social media and here's. Why. Because the other person is defending? Why they're not a nazi The game is over before it starts. If defending. Why you're not such a big nazi, there's, no, there's no path to victory the best you can do is be. Let's see who did a bad job of explaining that you're, not a the
the game, it's already over so. what I've been doing on Twitter. Whenever anybody comes after me personally and here's the trick, if They come after my ideas. I deal with fairly about the ideas I I might have some sarcasm or something but play I'm dealing with the idea, not the person if they come after me or any group that they think of associated with uh as people if they come after me, as people like as a person something's wrong with my brain is something's wrong. With my character, you know Anything like that. I say immediately I buy, lock all Nazis goodbye and then I block him. So I go nazi see immediately as soon as it's personal,
because when it's personal, you have an argument that that going after somebody's politics or their opinion, fair game, you can go after my opinions all day long, I might even enjoy it. I might change my mind. But if you go after anything about my character now it personal or even if you malign a group which you believe I'm part of whether that group is white, males or trump support or any kind of group, as soon as you're, demeaning, a group or a person as a person you're close enough to not see theology that I go first immediate. So if they say at first that I sometimes I actually called as a year. Your Joseph Goebbels today say I block all poop goodbye and. What would you feel like if you're
on the other end of being blocked as a just think about it. Just put your mind in the head of the person who just got blocked. for one comment? One interaction got called the Nazi and was immediately blocked and it For a good reason, the good reason is, you came after me. Personally, ok, nothing to it right now. Here's here's why? I think this was worth a be testing number one uh. It will apply to just about every single person on social media, on the left, 'cause almost everybody on social media. On the left. Who is active, you know not not the casual workers, but the people. Active. You know they're interacting there saying stuff they,
They're all going to cross that line eventually and by the way the people on the right cross that line all the time alright, so I'm not saying that the left or the people who are making personal insults or generalizations and the right is not it's It is bad everywhere, right, Not even sure is, I would windows so far as to say, is worse on the left. Then it is the right. I have no reason to. build a major that one way or another is just terribly on both sides but as long as the right has the power- and this is key- and they get personal. They are monsters. Make sure you hear this correctly. If you don't have power and you're attacking people, the personnel, cetera you're annoying.
but you're not a monster you just like, oh god, another person calling me names, but If you have the power your part, who's power, any you call somebody something personal you're, a freaking monster Don't lose that distinction before Trump got elected most of the people out here are trump supporters You were the underdogs. underdogs, get away with a lot of stuff right. Pawn shop all day, long The dogs were after Hillary Clinton. The Clinton machine was running the country, so could be as bad as you wanted, I don't recommend being bad, but you could be bad. and the other side would just say yeah. That's those people being bad again, yeah
But the moment you're in power, you can't do that shit. You can't do that. So, if you are, if you would like the situation in the country to change There is an easy mechanism to do that. It's easy to do individually, it's hard to get everybody to do but individually. You could just stop going after people personally and stop maligning groups as groups as in there all snowflakes. That's how liberals think or well you're, all socialists you're, all anti fog, whatever that just stop doing that stuff. Just go after the point. Go after the the rules but understand that the underdogs are still going to be coming after you. Personally, however, you can block them the first time it happens. You never give them too.
answers. Just say I block all Nazis goodbye and keep it simple. Just say I block all goodbye the you block them. Eventually, you would block most the bad people the left and you would just stop seeing it so I've blocking aggressively for last few weeks and what happened as the amount of hatred that I was exposed to when from this bag. To you know something more like this: it's still pretty bad, but you know it's probably down by seventy five percent and it's not because people are less angry or less inclined to do it. I just blocked them so instead of saying Five insult swear. I try to insult them back and be clever and engage them or make my point or anything like that. I can reduce it by eighty
then just by blocking it on the first one and not hearing the next four insult so if you want to get to a better place, just for that. The Republicans are in power and just get off of the personal personal insult game. now you're saying to yourself. But what about our president, who is personally insulting people five times a day? That's his job and he's not he's not insulting random people he's insulting him political opponents there in that contest. For them it's fine for them, it's exactly how they should be playing. game for us. You know we're we're the spectators watching the football game and the people in the game are hitting it. the hard that doesn't
give you the right to hit the person in the stands? Next, you really hard because you saw a good role model down on the field, you're the spectators, so let let trump be as aggressive as bikes. That's why you hired him. You know you hire your lawyer to do lottery in for you, no higher your lawyer to do lawyering for you and then go do the lorry lawyering for the lawyer. You hired him to do that or her to do that. All right, that's a weird analogy! So try that so I recommend, in the in the Spirit of a b testing, try my technique of the very first moment you see a personal assault or a group, condemnation that you call a and block it don't give anymore reason. Just say you block all go goodbye, and
First of all, know how you feel when you do it, the so I started doing this might initial reaction was all I really want to engage with this person more I really want to use my great arguments in my persuasion and my my superior knowledge. To the facts, to make an idiot out of them online because I'll show them, but the never was satisfying. No matter how many times I tried to do that and even felt that I succeeded so I would think man I showed that Blue this it's a public record. The entire world can see that I have now bested this evil troll and that record will be there forever too Shame, but then you watch the troll and they'll be like well. Issue you. I guess you're backpedaling now you'll be like what what backpedaling? then they'll mischaracterize you and call you a nazi again and you can never win.
There's no winning by engaging, but I did learn the each and every time I block them with my little eye block goodbye, I blow, call that I actually get a little a little boost of because I know I won, How do I know I want 'cause? I went nazi first, whoever goes nazi, twins and then I also closed down the conversation, and I so turn mirror on the person so that they can see in the mirror. Not all of them are going to recognize it but they're going to say, ok, what was it that I just did. That was so bad that got me blocked on the first try, oh, I got personal uh,
so I always feel like that's a complete victory and you'll feel good. If you do it is this a reverse Godwins law? Well, not exactly, but I see what you're saying. Now. Let's talk about little rocket man this is that Pompeyo brought with him a signed by the president, Elton John CD of the Song rocket man, because Julie, the president asked Kim Jong Moon. If he had ever heard it, and he said he hadn't, and so he sent it to him now. I don't know, This might be one of the most clever things anybody ever did in in the history of diplomacy,
because remember. I said that when President Trump call the rocket man that that probably took the man of a the end of the head space of you know he. oh and you know I'm going to crush you and it's all war into it. The space of okay- this is kind of funny. You know you, Insulted me, I insulted you, let's have a good laugh, let's have a beer and. you're. Starting to see that come through in this is that that this gesture is clearly trying to soften the the rocket man joke at two. You know he's not walking away from it. The president isn't big. Because I would be sort of the old way to do it's like I walk that back instead. He's just said all I know you, you know me this isn't going to be a problem. Let let me tell you where this came from just you. You know you understand that you might even like the song and
By the way, the rocket man song is is not insulting to the star of the song that you know the rocket man in the song. is a heroic character? Who just happens to be on the space and may not be able to get back just someone who loves him? So in terms of a a feeling, and by the way, here's the best part, which you won't hear anywhere else, have you heard of the book three suasion, so I've got on my bookshelf up there somewhere. I think so pre suasion is where you just sort of seven attitude for something they could be in a totally different topic. Before you talk about the thing you want to read, persuade somebody into
What is the Song rocket man make? You feel anybody. Anybody tell me what this song rocket man makes. You feel sad. Isolation, lonely, lonely, isolated, yeah,. Mostly lonely, mostly alone. Rockelmann is all the way out in space with no friends. completely lonely and isolated, but President Trump is offering to be his friend under the right conditions. Yeah the conditions have to be met, denuclearization
for example, no notice also that NBC reported- and you know the alleged Intel sources were saying that Kim Jong Moon. you know clearly cheating on his agreement to make fewer missiles and denuclearize and he was building facilities and stuff like that. Do you think that's true Well, maybe he might, he might be saying well we're in negotiations. The best thing I can do is to keep building, because then I have something to negotiate away. It's more. More of a visual anchor that as yeah? I really am building these missiles, you know watch me do it, you can see it from space, and so you know that gives me a strong, negotiating position. It doesn't really tell you that they plan to never comply, doesn't tell you that.
It tells you that they might want some negotiating leverage notice. How the president and pompeyo are are very gently approaching this and when was the last time you saw President Trump Approach, anything gently Is rare right? We wouldn't do it unless he had a pretty good reason. now, it's also instructive to watch that President Trump can do things with subtlety when it when it when it doesn't matter, there's no subtlety at all, but when it does, apparently he can do that, and this is a good example that subtlety. So here's my take, Uhm, I don't see any signs from the people who actually know what's going on the President Pompeii I don't see signs for them
where they are ratcheting up the rhetoric you might expect The ratchet up the rhetoric if they had also confirmed that N Korea is not playing with them honestly, so either they can't determine that. That's the case. well. They've decided that ignoring. It is the better strategy, because, if Kim is doing it primarily for negotiating leverage which they might now they might, Probably not, but they might, then there would be no reason for them to ramp up their own rhetoric. 'cause. I could make things worse, but it probably couldn't make things better. Does Kim get a pass for anything he's done in his country to his own citizens. Well, this is the tricky part and the part where I wonder if kims generals uh are on board, with whatever Kim is doing
It would be easy to imagine some kind of an agreement in which the Kim family is absolved from any historical act. Asians, your real, real or not real, I can imagine them working on a deal where they are not targets of any future revenge. I guess or legal. But would that extend to his generals and if it extended to the generals, would it extend to all of them and what it extend to the majors you know how. How far would that go? Because there's probably a lot of behavior. That needs to be addressed in general, so it's possible that the generals or the military are seeing that they would be thrown under the bus. Even if Kim came out. Ok
so there may be a part of this negotiation which is really tricky, which is how do you get the people who have the power? What are legitimately feel like giving it up would be the end of their lives. How do you get them to believe that that they have a better path, so that might be part of the diplomatic dance right now we'll see when they let it go this far they might. Alright, I think that's all I got from today and remember to mind your manners on twitter you're. The party in power. Don't start acting like it. Maybe maybe you stay that way. I'll talk to you later.