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Episode 14: How Trump Derangement Syndrome turns small stories into big ones

2018-04-08 | 🔗


How the mass hysteria around President Trump makes the small stories seem like big ones.

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bump bump bump bump dared to do oh straight on my shirt here bump bump everybody come up in here get in here we ve got delicious coffee we ve got topics and it's time to put them altogether for coffee was got atoms and groups on getting a reporting much ardor don't go away a little of this whole stay alive right the should work so i will tell you about a series of twitter
changes this morning that's kind of california it is worth karen still hangs twitter user so i started out with me making a comment about jaws weakens tweet this morning so let me read just sweden sweet if you don't know him he's a famous spectacular writer director has done a lot of things that you probably like so very very talented guy that part is not in dispute where's what he says about donald trump this morning our job is killing this country some of it quickly some slowly but he's spoils and destroys everything dodges here odin sponsors wheel guns government
power or justice bug doublespeak or russia my hayden sadness exhausting die they don t just quietly die so let me read that again really is frozen and i think it is when we read that again except this time as it's much better this way they'll job is going we country some of their quickly some of his love but he's spoils and destroys everything is emboldens monsters wielding guns and govern
the power or just smug the doublespeak or russia russia my haven sadness are exhausted sort occurred died by sea if it looks like is frozen just reboot and come back in everything's fine aegis need to probably refresh your browser or something so then you said that this reads like mental illness in my opinion no doctor i can't read his mind i don't wanna be a mind reader i'm just saying that those words that's the only can see accuracy in his mind but i can see his words
and the words don't look mentally stable and i mean that i then the political sense i dont mean that a day hey i like my team the other two you were all crazy sense when i read that actually looks like mental illness like the actual legitimate mental illness kind so then karen snags on twitter dropped him and she says it actually scott items are reads like a personal values the ethics and traditions of this country and whose heart is breaking the promise of america greatness is dying for their very eyes sounds pretty bad tromp as the american mussolini it is tragic then anyone defensive so notice how she comes after the defender which is very interesting
i don't remember conservatives saying that yo people who support the other side or just u deplorable in the second place the same sense of course everybody thinks sailor side is deplorable but this is sort of a different sense like you sort of loved me and with mussolini here so i said to her out of curiosity what are your top five national priorities because i was curious if karen things the world is falling apart probably means that the top priorities are where the real problems are right so what are your top five priorities and i said mine are jobs the feeling races north korean peace economy and crime now
i suppose i might change my top five priorities at any given day whether their base these are the big ones at us as i can tell all of those priorities moving firstly the direction so then she gave me her her top priorities again here are her top priorities for the country education an equitable that currently exist poland affordable health care a smart imprudent foreign policy sustainable environment sue none of the things i mentioned so my top priorities or i'll move in fine north korea looks like it's ended nuclear eyes economies granted centre those look at her priorities though i opinion everything she mentioned is
something that would be a major priority if it were park so i would agree with care and that her list of priorities would be very important if they were falling apart if they're workin sort of okay there we would just to be a little bit better i dont know how that can be a big priority compared to say having a job or you stop nuclear war so education for girls is education worse in the last eighteen months now there are people who don't like your bessie divorce but are our kids giving lower s eighty scores is is there something the this going wrong in education there might be
charlie possible that i just don't know what it is but i don't anything major that's any different from a year ago right so that's a weird priority is a priority fridge education is a priority of course but as a national priority at the moment don't know that is that broken yeah lilies compared to other years that different from last year there were and equitable economy or what is for echo rule equitable then more jobs wages going up what does it mean to be more equitable you notice i would just sort of vague a sort of a vague goals but to have an equitable accommodate if they he's doing well in everybody's in people are getting jobs in its capitalism
capitalism is and is not exactly the equitable academy socialism is the equitable accessible and affordable health care that of course not going well i would say that's a priority this one of my priorities i would say that president has not succeeded on healthcare but rather than the other ones is a good reason for that it's just that the president's job it's congresses now if she's saying the congress doing a bad job and healthcare i'll say well that's true i have consistently done a bad job on healthcare forever does not really a trump problem per se it's that congress is the rule wrong tool for the job always has been and still is
a smart imprudent foreign policy now knows that she's changed from foreign policy too smart improve so that she can have something to disagree with to me it looks like see any major problems in the world except the ones that were intentionally creating with our trade its negotiations lash wars but that same it certainly saying to push back on trade broken about that it might turn out poorly it might turn out well we don't know it certainly reasonable is certainly same to push back on negotiations and a sustainable environment now it is true that the trumpet duration has done a number of things there their service would look bad before the environment on the surface
so some regulations have changed the call for plants are coming back on line the paris accord we pulled out etc but if you were to measure air and water quality right now is it earth then it was a year ago in the united states and a really now i haven't heard anybody talking about it my guess is the arc of that stuff is stored improvement but it's not a major story so i would agree with care and that having a sustainable environment and having a good education system and equitable economy and a good forum i'll see those are super our priorities but we have their broken
if those things are not broken i'm not sure that they are as important as now korea is aiming a nuclear weapon at us right now or i don't have a job right now those are big problems but the the environment is not improving quite the right rate or the edge asian is still one of the best in the world but could be better so it seems to me that one of the the impacts of from the arrangement syndrome if you look for something specific not just the reaction to it but but one is doing people's minds i believe that is changing their priorities so in other words the better that press tromp does on the big stuff like
nuclear war and currently in fighting this is the better he does on those things the more his critics are gonna have to thank the other things are the important things so they can't the critics president are unable to say that isis north the economy jobs our priorities if they said those were their top priorities those things are going pretty well so it so what troubles it is actually changed what they at least say other priorities i do not think it but they say isis was on the decline in the above years so i think it is fair to say you know that
a trend was started the economy was strengthening in the in the obama years etc but it is nonetheless true the things can to improve on the big stuff ices economy during the trump administration good luck running on the environment in twenty twenty allow well the so whoever said adela well let us there's just such a tell if the economy if the environment is getting worse air quality and water quality then that would be a gigantic problem is it might be
on average not looking at any particular new one location but on average am i wrong the air and water again better now worse i might be wrong but i don't think there's any facts in it what we have is that what we have evidence is that trumpeted stuff like pull out of the paris accord what was i going to make any difference even the experts say now i'm just talking about a random twitter user and as a typical person s characters karen is now famous he's just someone who spoke interacted with me on twitter today
infrastructure he i don't know what's happening with infrastructure doesn't look like much looks like immigration illegal immigration is down just looks like everything's heading in the right direction for the big stuff somebody said they want to learn more about tells her for a cognitive dissonance well in my book how too failed almost have it names are book windowy you'll see a chapter on it but i am i do a periscope just so that one of these days what role student loans that you don't know good question than we do here much about it i don't know maybe it's just not a sexy topic just still hear much about it
where did you get your degree in political theory did i need one is having a degree in political theory to be really really working out for people if having a degree and political theory make me more accurate in predicting than i already am i will listen a lot of people to be more accurate than me and yet it doesn't seem to be happening i did see the pandit robot gregor filled shalt thou precarious am i a trump supporter i always
fourth the president's whoever the president is but i dont vote then russia poison the guy in the uk yesterday information today is that this is why their story stories a carefully he can't make too much about what is publicly now so great britain has said that russia definitely did it but now others some information that would suggest that they do definitely know who did it here's a vain word with great britain tell us how they know stuff if greater says that russia you killed the same or tried to kill the guy and their soil with poison we know the stuff that they said publicly what we don't know is as they have additional you know until
information that they care reveal so you really don't know too much about what do or do not now we can be spent skeptical yeah we can certainly be skeptical that would be warranted care really know what they on what they don't know does they're not supposed to tell us they did tell us how they knew no that is incorrect they told us they wanted just to know about how they knew so great britain said here here's what we're gonna tell you publicly about why we now but that does not mean there were no other sources because they would not tell us the other sources so if the stuff that they told was publicly is not solved incredible that's from saying laden really now we just don't know this is no way to know what anybody want any
country knows privately by definition you can't know what they know privately i must respect for you you shouldn't have any voice if you dont vote well i just lost back for you what is the logical connection the says you shouldn't have any vote you shouldn't have any voice and politics if you don't vote there's no connecting logic to that i have connecting logic to why i don't vote the reason i dont vote is that i speak abandoned in public in voting would make me biased once you vote you bought into your side and that size size agree with me unambiguously leave that that would buys you want you join the team because
the next president or the next candid for president is a say a democrat and i just really like that candidate i'm totally free to support that generally and i wanted a hobby is if i liked what they can it was bringing their priorities in my lined up so those of you who voted should not speak in public about policy so whoever said that they lost respectfully because i speak on politics but i dont vote i would suggest that you have that backwards if you want sandro persuasion and bias works the people you don't want to talk in public about politics is anyone who voted because once they voted they took aside and they're just gonna be supporting their team now
the exception to the rule under shoots who is i can tell just about one of the few people on the planet earth who is willing to say in public while i ve for this to him but the strange really screwed up the steams gonna write this time very rare very rare and by the way dershowitz has already said that if he had known about some girls about maybe farragut something whatever the issue was though he may be would not have voted the way you voted so where we said that voting should be a requirement for speaking about politics and public you got there accurate here ideal situation is the people who didn't vote did not join the team have not registered as a republican or democrat that's who you want talk in public about politics
you want more of me that lesson me not me specifically but people who released attempting as alan dershowitz does to actually be objective is very rare very well but even attempts it yet and is succeed which is probably why people don't attempted we talked about just we know i do want most of you devote so i'm not just that the rest of you should do what i do is you probably don't talk as locally as i do about this topic but if you do so talk publicly about it i would consider not voting if i were you
talk about picking the lesser of two evils don't don't know also there is to say about that somebody's asking me if i like story well it was an interesting new cycle when stormy was in it she made absolutely no difference except maybe she wrote she held the president's approval rating improve i suppose i will talk about stormy i think it's time to the girl i'm gonna do some other work let's wait and see if there's any bigger who's gonna nail possessor is i'll go back earlier but sort of a slow newsday so far and i
what do you guys and girls later
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