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Episode 140: Trump’s UK visit, Russian Hackers and the Republican Brand

2018-07-14 | 🔗


  • Indictment of Russians for hacking
    • Where’s the evidence?
    • In today’s world, no evidence = no credibility
    • We now know, Guccifer wasn’t real…maybe
  • Whiteboard – Hawk Newsome’s anti-racism suggestion
  • The power and importance of brand, both personal and group
  • Brand management, “Liar pattern” and your external face
  • Conservative resentment of being told to begin doing SJW virtue signaling


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but i'm bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey everybody it's the weekend and not only is it the weekend but it's time for coffee with scott adams today is a very special coffee with scott adams i didn't mention it on my title but there will be a white board talk oh yes there will be i change your life you're welcome i'm glad i'm glad i could help um grab your coffee grab your bedroom your beverage beverage featherbed berg bebra beverage ok and get ready for the simultaneous
so i'd like to summarize the president's trip to the uk and it goes like this who cares well once again the old got all worked up about nothing except with good shell and i would say that nothing really happened in great britain of any importance we talked about how he he may have said some things that theresa may didn't like but then he complemented her in public they seemed like they were getting along special relationship stays intact let's talk about russia we saw the details finally
of molars indictment of the x number of russia and if you didn't read the actual the actual indictment is that what is called the document that describes all of their bad alleged bad deeds it's actually good reading a i thought it would be all legalese but it's not as written pretty plain english and it was fascinating to get a good look at that now there are a few issues with that number one issue is that i don't see any evidence there's an indictment that says russian guy number one did x y z but we i see you know we the public can see the evidence presumably there's some secret means that they have of deducing who exactly was behind watt now it could be that is not direct evidence so much
as well we know the people who are behind their cyber operations and we saw some stuff that look definitely russian so it must have been those guys and so they connect the dots but we're in a world where you really can't take that stuff as credible now i think muller and whoever wrote the report probably you know serious professionals who know what they're doing we're just in a world where anything like that is believable anymore so it's not really a comment on the people who put together that document and and the allegations against the russians nothing about a you know i've got nothing to say about those
the suffolk people but we're just in a world where you care for i can believe that either you just can't believe anything you can't believe a picture you can't believe a document he can't believe a you know a professional you just can't believe anything that said it was still very persuasive because of the details and you know the the official looking picture of it it looked very professional now if you can think back you may remember me saying some things about the alleged hacker back i don't know how many months ago when it was guccifer i think that's how you pronounce that two and the news was that guccifer two so it was a russian agent and he had discovered as the hacker and i said well
doesn't sound right it was it was just something about that story the sounded wrong like really goose of her is he is such a good hacker and he's part of the user russians who are so good a hacking and then he leaves a path yeah he lives of actual trail right to himself and then he's hanging around the house when he gets arrested and i thought this doesn't quite add up there must be something i don't know it and in the in the document i was talking about i guess it's the indictment i think that's the right name for it it says the goose for was a fake who is russia's fake so apparently according to the allegations when we were on to russia and in other words when our intelligence people figured out
that russia was behind the hacking allegedly that russia allegedly frame to this goose of her character to make it look like it was a lone actor working and rumania so i'll give myself partial credit partial credit that server wasn't real so i see if that out on day ones like this are for that doesn't sound real but he was probably not bill for a different reason than i imagined it wasn't real but he might have gotten a russian invention and not so much of a u s invention if you will but again at this point you can rule out anything there's nothing you can rule out now correct me if i'm wrong but if the allegations about the russian hack
you are correct doesn't that mean that the south ridge was not involves i guess so confuse with which russians and which hacking and which server but that's the case right the south ridge story is completely debunked correct me if i'm wrong yes it's true that these allegations are accurate is that right and i could be totally wrong about that because i get so twisted up with all of the solution wrong possibly possibly now i'm saying if hypothetically the allegations about the russians are completely accurate that would take seth rich out of the story um now somebody else is saying seth rich was definitely involved i don't believe there's any evidence of that assange disagrees well let's see what a song
this is he is assange cut off from the world at this point now it's entirely possible that wikileaks might have just wanted to hide the source of their information so he may have he may have created a false path there i was looking at my twitter
lowers the other day and i noticed that kim dot com follows me on twitter so i talked to in the world the world got really small for me i never looked in my twitter feed to see which verified users are following and that just two days ago i guess i did it for the first time and i'm looking through a list of like roseanne follows me my god and and kim dotcom follows me as the weirdest one was alicia keys follows me on twitter and at at first as a mere thirty and i thought it was thirty thousand users and i thought well that's not that's not the actual alicia keys the young hugely talented singer superstar because a superstar is going to have more than
thirty thousand followers and i think i mentioned it to christina and she goes that's thirty m thirty million followers so alicia keys us thirty million followers and one of the people she follows apparently is maine but i still think it must be a mistake i can't imagine anybody in the music business following don't get a big head yeah i'm not because i don't think it it feels like feels like a mistake let's all i want to talk about on those two topics now let me talk about the fun topic that is safe for the and the people who really no con a does not follow me with star
about so what do some i'm sorry yeah hawk leader of black lives matter greater new york but at maine and at the world the other day and said this uh early on paraphrasing that some things need to be said right that's the import some things need to be said so some things that is not good enough just to think some things need to be said for example if you were in a relationship you might love your partner but it's important to say it the saying at is a very important part is not enough they just in your head yeah i totally love my partner why do i need to say it you know she knows or he knows right i don't need to say it so walk star
out with the premise some things need to be set i'm on board so far so far so far i'm on board and then he said if essentia lee if trump supporters or republicans are not racist they should say so they should actually in an affirmative way say we're not racist and i thought ok men so i read and said an unambiguous terms of i oppose racism in all its forms and although i acknowledge in the tweet acknowledged that we might disagree on how to get there you know the policies might be a disagreement but i
i buy into the theory i reject racism in all its forms and that would include racism against every group you know not just a specific groups and i in my tweet i ask people to retweeted if they agree now it seems to me this was my blind spot and little blinds out here it seems to me that republicans would see that and say oh for the the high cost of hitting a couple of keys to retweet it i mean literally you could hit one key and retweet it for the tiny tiny small cost of just retweeting you could actually help reshape the brand of republicans what do you think happened yeah you're already seeing you're already seeing some of the push back then go talk about so it turns out that
the blind spot i had goes to a very distinct care her personality preference this just the live mostly on the right the people who are let's say republicans conservative trump supporters of loving them all together for now there there's a very specific character traits that i probably should have seen coming but i had a blind spot for it and it goes like this is an end in fact check me on this if i'm wrong if something's in the constitution republicans say okay it's in the constitution if it's in the bible ok if it's a law ok it's a law or it's in my fits my religion or if it's the constitution
and i'll do all those things but if it's not if it's not whatever you're talking about whatever the topic is if it's not in one of those three things stay out of my business don't ask me to say something don't ask me to do something don't ask me to do any then you don't rule what i do you know you got three shot it's in my religion my constitution in my law it's not one of those three things get out of my business all right so what i quite innocently innocently said that you just retweet this and you can help your brand quite a few people you know lots of people retweeted but quite a people push back card and they said essentially look if i have to defend why i'm not a racist i've already brought i've already sort of accepted
frame that maybe i am and i reject that so i reject your premise that i need to explain it i reject your premise that there's any question about it i reject your premise that you even ask this question get out of here with your retweets right some a lot of people agree with me so i feel like i have characterized that pov accurately that don't make me do something that puts me in this defense i would've saying i'm not a racist 'cause it just makes you sound like you and by the way what business is it mind ask you to say anything it's not in the law it's not the constitution it's not your religion stay out of my business all right so if i care eyes that correctly i would like to go to my next point and then i'm gonna take you to the white board the people who at that point of view
i believe i understand it because i've just fed it back to you it this part of what i call a loser philosophy or a loser strategy would be a better way to do it now now at the same time i'm going to agree that that pushback is perfectly acceptable perfectly acceptable the reasons for it are well thought out and and they fitted philosophy they fit a way of life they are consistent with things so i say that's pretty good but let me let me give you a different look at it i asked people there's a lot of stuff on my board here so i'll get to all of it i asked people to think of
out the brand think about the republican brand let me spell correctly public brand alright i'll brand is a powerful thing you know everybody who is a member of a group as a brand people have a brand and the power if your brand we have a lot of impact on your life so the a lot of conservatives say something like this is everybody is playing by the same rules i'm done like we all have the same constitution the same laws same god most people would think so their inner dialogue the thing that's inside their head is perfect yeah well i want everything to be even i want to
where everybody has the same opportunity i want everybody to be able to do well i want i want good things happen for the world but that's just inside my head the outer dialogue the thing that you present to other people in any cases is some version of so tell me what i need to say do don't tell me what i need to defend just stay out of my business you know i'm not even going to address your tweet like i i'm not you can't make me do something i'm not going to be i'm not going to be signaling my awesomeness i'm not going to act like a control where i have to signal how virtuous by saying things that somebody wants me to say all right i'm not going to be that guy so inner dialogue is perfect it's virtuous it's useful it's as utility
perfect but the outer dialogue which says don't tell me what to say has this flaw it's a liar patton do you know what a liar pattern is goes like this if i say bob did you rob that convenience store and bob says what evidence do you have that's a liar pattern 'cause innocent people say well you talked about i don't know why i did not rob a store what are you talk well ok that's what an honest person says a liar pattern is did you rob the store i don't need to talk to you i don't need to talk to you no i'm asking you did you rob the store look if you have to ask me if i rob the store forget it not even going to talk to you i'm insulted by the question you could
a completely honest you could be completely innocent but you're talking in a liar pattern talking the way liars talk right but that's not intentional all your he's telling you real feelings you're real things are leave me alone i don't need to answer your question i don't need to signal my virtue you know i don't need to i don't need to be part of this don't tell me what to do right so as long as you do that you can be i would say that that opinion is fine i don't have any problem with that opinion but be aware that that's your external face and if your ex ternal face is a liar pattern then you have pissed all over your brand so if you're when does republican new brand is conservative trump supporter whatever
and you're not willing to just say of course i'm opposed to racism if you're not willing to do that small thing and act like an honest person and again i'm saying act like i've conservatives tend to be very honest people in my my experience so i'm saying that you need to is not good enough in the real world to be honest it's not i'm good enough in the real world to not be a racist in the same way that it's not good enough to be in love with your spouse and refused to say it why won't you say you're in love i don't have to say that every day right if you say your spouse do you love maine and your spouse says you know the answer does that sound like love this sounds like someone who doesn't want to say that they loved
because it's a liar pattern here's if somebody says do you love maine you say yes i love you with all my heart more than ever that sounds honest even if it is it might be dishonest for the sounds honest so if you're going to manage your brand you have to act in a way that's good for the brand alright let me extend this point there is a pattern in life that hawk understands and a lot lot of leaders understand that many people who are pushing back on this idea of retweeting your your disavowal of racism people maybe don't understand this concept and it goes like this then if you want to get to the greater good there might be some persuasion involved 'cause people don't just go
the greater good on their own somebody needs to be waiting in the right direction in order be persuasive you have have an open channel of communication you know unfettered communication have you noticed that a hawk and i have that you see him tweet to be a tweet him we've talked on the phone the number of times we dm now and then so walk and i have an open channel so so far we both wanted greater good which would be fairly similar i think you would disagree but i think you'd find out they're actually pretty soon we both like to persuade to it and we've and the channel but i get a channel open and there's no such thing as communication unless there's trust the only way to build trust is through actions people don't really develop much trust based on words you have to actually do something
right so if you get this line right you're in a good place if you do some actions let's say a favor for somebody let's say you just offer a favor to somebody you just do something for them that has nothing there's no direct benefit to you if you do somebody a favor they say oh this person actually has my interests in mind i trust them at that point anything you say to that person will sound more believable and more credible 'cause you'll say this is a person who does favors for maine and ask nothing in return i trust them if they say something i'm going to trust that too now your trusted you can persuade to the greater good who uses this technique let's take japan for example then after world war two surrendered and then said okay we're going to play nice and we're going to work with you with the united states now
did anybody ever surrender better than japan in terms of keeping their word when japan surrendered they totally surrendered can they actually worked in germany to they worked with the united states in the allies and what is the result of japan actually acting in a way that was good for them good for us the result was their actions cause us to trust them they tremendous allies munich eight with him very well and together we can we've reached a better place right saint martin luther king why is it that people trusted him whether they were black or white it wasn't because of his good speeches it was because of what he did he was so committed to the nonviolent approach
in the the non approach is action you know it's like don't fight back take a punch need to know the only way we're going to get to this better world is is if we can do something that's good for both sides what was good for white america at the time non violence so martin luther king deliver something that white people wanted which was non violence it was it allowed to trust to be built it opened a channel he became very persuasive things are much better because he lived in because yeah that message who else did that jesus jesus didn't just say you should good he literally according to the bible stories died for your sins he didn't just
didn't just say be good he died for it that's an action action makes you trust right now open shadow is a little different than the god version but you get the point who else uses this technique and no i'm not saying that trump is jesus or japan or martin luther king right i'm not he is those things or to compare i'm only talking about the technique so he's similar to them and that you know they they breathe oxygen he breathes oxygen don't make too much of the the comparison but trump does things for his base like keeping his promises he tries to keep his promises and is working pretty hard at it for the people who elected them the people of
perform they consider that an important thing and then they trust him and then there is this open channel he can say things that his base accepts because because they trust him and then he can persuade so here's the thing getting back to this tweet from hawk hawk offered an opportunity for conservatives who have at the moment a terrable brand what's the worst year brand could be ask papa john what's the worst thing that could happen to your brand you would be called a racist papa john is having that problem 'cause their founder john actually said the n word on a call apparently i have trouble wrapping my head around that how that ever happened but apparently something like that happened so your brand is racist that's as bad as it gets republic
have that brand problem hawk offered up the simplest way to you know help not not not not fix it away but at least moving in the right direction he offered away just just say in public on twitter it will take you as long as it takes to hit retweet just say you disavow racism because just like talking to your spouse when you say i love you the saying makes a difference no no you don't have to say you don't have to do anything the hawk wants you to do you don't have to do anything anybody wants you to do it's not in the constitution is not in the well it's not in religion but if you want to keep a racist brand and be part of that then just keep doing what you're doing 'cause did you get that nobody is telling you to do anything different
i'm just saying that if the outcome you want is to be seen as a racist just keep doing what you're doing because that's what got us here and that would that's how you stay there walk said look as easy just retweet this say so you're not one and that will be one step to a better brand in essence you because that would be action action would build trust it would open up the communication channel and then there's a chance to persuade toward a common does so those of you who said i would rather keep true my internal dialogue with him self i don't want to be told what to do i don't want to even be part of the conversation that somebody would say out i would even maybe being a racist that's great you have great internal integrity but your internal integrity will get you what you already have which is to be labeled a racist
if you want to live in a world where half the world thinks you're a racist that would be the so in summary i will not tell anybody or suggest that they should i not just that if i should do what i suggest just telling you what happens if you do a and what happens if you do be then you can choose choose a or b you can choose to acting the way the others will see is racist even if the wrong and i have some internal integrity for that you might feel more freedom for that you may feel you're not part of the social justice warriors virtue signallers and that may be so important to you that you want to you want to be true to that but
if you want a very easy way to improve your brand hawk was nice enough to offer it but most people did not take it look at the number of people who are just saying this is so wrong and but you'll notice let me let me challenge you now to put in one sentence 'cause most most objections can be put in one sentence even if you don't have any details say in one sentence while you would disagree about anything i just said cool somebody saying so far all i see is people agree with me yeah so all of you who believe you're disagreeing all i see is agreement
uh the analogies are used to explain a concept in this case the concept was uh the concept was there are some some situations where saying it it's important you know i'm not saying that races is like being married i'm saying that there are some situations and racism is and being married is another one am in both cases it's important to say it asking if this applies to non white republicans yes because in this context racism is against anybody so it would be it would help you brand to say it two defensive yeah so a lot of folks are saying that it's two defensive so let me
let me bring this back to another topic do you remember when i talked about ego if you believe the ego is who you are you're a loser strategy if you believe the ego is a tool that can be manipulate it up or down you can raise your ego to let's say play a player competition 'cause it's good to be confident and you can lower your ego in any situation where it might get in get you in trouble if you're using it that way you're using it as a tool so if you say to yourself i will not be manipulated no i will not be thought of this way that is coming from the ego and you you in your in your sort of defining yourself as a certain person and i'm not going to give up that freedom and i'm not going to admit to what somebody else wants me to say even those two so
if you're acting out of ego you'll end up being branded a racists racist by your ego might feel great if you see your ego as something that's a tool you can say yourself and this is essentially what i said i don't work for hawk he's not my boss i don't need to say anything that's a virtue signalling i have no no need for that you know but it's a perfectly functional thing to do to prove the brand so if you put your ego aside you can just say do i want to have a better brand or a worse brand ok i'll just retweet this poop has nothing to do with maine none of this has to do with something about maine i'm just helping the brand so those of you who disagree with us
this is somebody saying now i'm a racist because i didn't retweet no how many times have you seen somebody have to make up a whole opinion that i don't have just to disagree with it so you're saying it now when i i trigger somebody into cognitive dissonance the first thing they'll do is imagine ice it's something completely different and and argue against it so you saw that right here in real time so somebody said saying to me just in the comments they said so now you're saying if i don't retweet i'm racist no i didn't say that in fact i said pretty much the opposite of that i said you're probably not racist but you might look like one if you do this and you will not look like one if you do this and it's your choice do either the one that makes you look like a racist or the
make sure not look like racists so if you said my gosh i'm a racist because i don't tweet that no nobody said anything like that we're only talking about how you were you're presenting yourself to the world and i would say that not retweeting doesn't really say anything about you but if if let's say a million people had retweeted this with me here for a moment so i think several one hundred people retweeted my tweet disavowing racism suppose it had been a million just little mental experiment suppose one million people retweeted that and they were republicans saying i'm not a racist and then black lives matter looks at that and sees a million retweets a million
what would they think well it wouldn't completely change their minds but it three one point against their their preconceived notion that republicans are racist it would be hard to see a million retweets and say oh well that there are an awful lot of republicans who are willing to say in public i'm not a racist i didn't see that coming what happened instead i have a quarter of a million followers and four hundred people retweeted it now people had their own reasons they don't all see every tweet and everything else but i would say if you park and you were looking at this what be your interpretation if your and you look at how many people retweeted four hundred or so and of a quarter million mostly republicans following by
my twitter feed what would be your what would be your impression of that your impression would be well looks like my my assumption was correct no a lot of you probably the ones who are still angry are still getting caught up on on the issue of whether you do need to do with other people tell you to do you don't need to do anything i am one hundred percent on your side if you just want to say screw that i'm not i'm not virtue signalling i am on your side it's just that what you get will be a bad brand all right uhm but a liar usually retweet yeah you know there's an interesting study by a chill teeny he did the study that is so revealing where he had people randomly write a paragraph or that you wrote about this study
they ask people to write a paragraph supporting the this is of their actual opinion so it would be a political opinion let's say but they'd be asked ok write the opposite of your opinion then they check back with them in a year and the people who had wrote had written the opposite of their actual opinion many of them and a shocking number had actually changed to the opposite of their opinion so stating things in public makes you become that thing not everybody not every time but it's a very pronounced effect so the fact if a million republicans had said in public no i'm not a racist it would actually make them operate differently even if they were lying
so even if they were lying the very fact that they proclaimed not being racist and public would make them less racist so there's a huge functional useful element to this that may not be obvious on the surface i'm actually a trump supporting democrat somebody said slippery slope theory they'll just keep asking for more you know same thing in a relationship do you know that if you tell your spouse you love them they might ask again because that's the first thing hawks that some things need to be sent so you're
if you if you put the if you put your verbal affirmations of where you stand in a slippery slope category you're completely missing the value of saying things how many times do we say how many times have you heard people say you know let's be nice so let's do the right thing the you can't say that stuff too many times there is no such thing as as saying i'm not a racist to how many times did i say that right you can't say it too many times you can't say i love you too many times you can't say i'd like to be fair to many times you can't say i want what's right too many times you can't say i like capitalism too many times you can't say you know democracy is better than dictatorships too many times you can't say socialism
socialism doesn't work too many times there are a lot of things you can't say too many times so when you say a slippery slope i'm worried about the slippery slope if yeah you know that that would be like saying to your your spouse sure you know all say i love you but don't ask me to you know dig a hole to china because it's a slippery slope it doesn't really were that way there's some things that need to be said and they need to be set off and and that's how you get to a better place alright too much about that then no but nobody likes nobody analogy of analogy the marriage to racism me tell you analogies are not meant to be persuasive because they don't have that quality so you shouldn't you shouldn't say that because you say in in that in america
i'm simply making the very independent point which evaluate as the point the some things or better said and sent often let let let me just let me just ask you this question do you agree with the general point that there are some things which must he said to make them real in other words would you agree that is saying at in some cases no matter what the cases are do agree this saying that matters politics is in marriage
right but that's why that's why i used to live at the point the point is there are some things that are better if you said i've said that there are there are many examples of that i give you many examples marriage was just one of them but is it better too positively affirm that you're not racist all right somebody says i think your love for hawk blind you well i would say that there is a there is a level of affection there that is both useful and i think something of value what's the
it's the opposite of racist yeah unfortunately there's no there's no good or the so if there were i would be suggesting that use that of course so when there is no word it's like there's no word this the opposite of collusion sometimes you can't get out of the trap of the word is problematic um yeah actions matter and actions in this case mean tweeting or saying it out loud all right that's enough for now i'm not trying change anybody's mind i'm just telling you what you got if you take the path you're on that's all and then you can you can choose and i'll talk to you all later
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