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Episode 144: The Time President Trump Made the Press Compare Brennan and Clapper to Putin

2018-07-17 | 🔗


  • The truth-free summit had an objective, find a path to progress
  • Did pundits REALLY not see President Trump’s “wink wink”?
  • Understanding President Trump’s use of leverage with Putin
  • Does President Trump believe what Putin said?
  • President Trump can take the heat like nobody else when necessary
  • Russia has to be part of ANY denuclearization deal with NK
  • Russia also needs to part of ANY solution for Iran
  • The press now comparing, Brennan, Clapper and Putin’s credibility
  • Rand Paul, trained Doctor diagnoses TDS in Wolf Blitzer


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but a bump bump bump bump bump bump bump oh well water twenty four hours i tell you the news doesn't get more interesting than than it has been lately and i'll tell you something else for some something else you you need to know right now you need to know at morning joe is phrygia so if you're not watching this periscope either live around reply you'll have no idea what's happening in the world so i'm gonna give you a little trap door
to get out of all this stuff that's happening to get to a little little higher vantage point had a look at it with some perspective ah some of this is very funny my favorite part of the morning is i i just retweeted see conceded my twitter feed well there was a patient meeting a lot of lot of you don't know that senator i ran paul is actually a physician how many of you knew that new that senator ran paul is actually a trained physician and i tweeted a clip in which he is he's diagnosing a case a really bad case of trump derangement syndrome and normally you don't get to see a video of an office meeting between a physician and in his patient
but i want to show you a little bit of a clip from it is paid to mrs guy named wolf blitzer that there can be a real name but let's get some or all of this right now joining us republicans ever ramp all these doktor ball of other foreign relations and homeland security at ease and the physician much for joining us let me get right to the question and you believe that president transmitting with them with food being made america's safe yet i think engagement with our adversaries conversation with a rabbit this is a good idea even in the height of the cold war many of the lowest have when we were in the midst of the cuban this guy he's got good bedside manner kennedy eta that's a good doctor i think is a good thing that we continue to have ambassadors for russia even when we are really very calm rightly going he makes me feel comfortable
i think that is a good idea to have engagement military or from the patient sport is lost in this is that i think is a bitter trumped arrangement syndrome i think they're people write the president so numbed arrangements and grossly then president obama early and it's free trade sounds like a diamond
recently said balin and trying to have their relations would be an example of termed arrangements in rome for that they are a nuclear power they have employed in syria in close proximity to a change in syria watch me wait for the potential of north korea and inasmuch as it can help is there nothing is lost and people forget this completely the russians tried to help us stop the boston or other bombing we actually did a fax for terrorist attack and saint petersburg factors communicating exchanging information all those injured people i drop some oh what's it that's being lost its not a matter of aiding president trap is today what he said today that with president putin is you know for more than two hours unlike other presidencies especially on foreign soil we blame the united states you're a good relationship with russia he declined to back his own intelligence community decisions peas giving exe
it is worth the u s law enforcement system spittle senator continues the ball and although the second he continues to call the news media repressive the united states the enemy is melting down the european doctor who save him darker than the other for senator in american history done everything i gotta think our four december spectre so for example when you look at the entire rights now the doktor gives the talks leaders intelligence community change clapper john random change clapper partridge himself i'm talking o the full melville nation state we cannot oblige of oh if you get rob faulty ds wanna people
it's my music that is worth doing an urgent need to allow the response to respond well goes on like that but if you haven't seen you have to watch it until the final the final sign off of the interview it's a classic so there you have it making this up senator ran paul is actually a dream physician and he's he's diagnosing wolf blitzer now what interesting is that the little label on this clip from cnn says says say ran paul sides with trump over u s intel doesn't look like what happened again first of all the this is an absolute
news ran paul did not decide with trump over you essen tell nothing like that happened nothing save your cnn with justice the most obvious vague news because you can just listen to what people said they nobody say things like that let me tell you how to sort this all out and keep your sanity so let's talk about all the lying from yesterday and there was some lying yesterday was star with putin you saw the many of you saw the interview in which food and talk to who was prudent talking to chris wallis chris wallace by the way gave a great
you didn't hold back a bit and it was it was pretty great but remember what i told told you about detecting lies if you say to someone did you murder the deceased and if the person no i didn't know you crazy we're a word even here there was crazy that tab might be innocent but if you say did you murder that dead person and the person says why what do you know what evidence do you have that person's almost always lying and almost always guilty about that example if you saw the chris wallace interview with putin let me to summarize summer of pollutants answer to the court
about the troll farms and i think this actually was an answer he gave during the press conference were embodied in the press conference when asked about the troll farms what did putin say he did not say no i had nothing to do with any of that he said well you know there are companies that operate on their own and do things on their own that is an obvious telephone lie because when people don't do something they say i didn't do that but you know i can explain why it probably happened so on the question of whether trump was around the sorry of weather odin was aware of the troll farms
looks like he was now none of this is a hundred percent confirmed but if you were to look at the pattern of what honest people say versus the pattern of what people who are trying to deceive you say is pretty clear that food and was not giving a clean denial now take question that chris wallace asked about the the murderers by poison on uk soil what was putin's response to our eu murdering dissidents in the uk did putin say no we do not do that nope you didn't you didn't say that he said we have not been shown any document there would show this evidence there would suggest that we have done that that's what you say when you're guilty as exist
what you say when you are guilty so i would say putin has essentially confessed to the poisonings then there is the question of interference in the election and these thirteen or so russians who are indicted now if you if wrought if russia did not attempt to interfere with the election whether asked they would say we don't interfere with elections we did not do that these allegations are completely false now that doesn't mean you're not lying but not aspersion talk that way a dishonest person says i make a deal mothers team can come over to russia and they can talk to our people what what what would that interview look like able press imagine mothers team over there in viewing some of these aspects he boris did you do these things we accuse you of doing and bore says nope
and then the multitude says i remind you that you're under oath and then the russian says not that i'm in russia i'm not under any oath that's the end of the interview i mean it you're not under oath does it make any difference if you talk to her because all they have to do as they do that then than you show me ok here's a photograph of actually pushing the bottom to do this happen so here is a video we ve got a secret video showing you do it what do you say to that that's it that's not me another video nope not me so why putin has offered the let's let's go to you you can come to rush in time your people means absolutely nothing
that also suggests suggests that he's lying given that poland has clearly lied and at least three topics in my opinion this is my judgment that only a liar talks in this pattern so it seems is admitted the uk poisoning by the way i dont think putin wants the world to not think he does because it's a good way to two were squashed descent how'd you to be dissenter against putin right now when you know he's just he could just poisoning wherever yard whatever country its guy the good for a boon to keep that they fear out there the troll foreign part was obviously deception and the very thing about dollar was just a
version so i would say that this point putin has essentially confessed publicly in the way that young people try to hide their their true true guilt he's talked in a way that makes it look completely guilty now nothing's a hundred percent just saying that the way he talks is exactly how a liar talks exactly let us talk about the present the pro has added a few things that got people chattering today yesterday he said when asked about the until the u s intel agencies and i'm going to paraphrase a little bit what about them they say russia definitely did it and what did tom said say he said well putin says he didn't do it he was very strong
how did the media reports that and i think the president also said some things about the lack of credibility for the intelligence is if you didn't say yesterday said it before so that's the context so the news reports that as the president believes burden over his own until that didn't happen that didn't happen so the biggest story of the day is something that you can see with your own eyes and here with your own ears never happened not once did the president well i'm comparing these two things of this will i believe more than that no
like that came out of his mouth what he did say is the putin claims you didn't do it as he was very strong and that those two things are factually true not one another saying that what putin claims is true is true i'm saying that the observation the prudent it didn't happen this true that's an observation also true that our until agencies they'll have great credibility now he also mentioned that the that the server was somehow missing and that that that degrades the credibility of our own position that's that's true would anybody argue that that the fact that these server was not looked at our own intel agencies that's problematic
now that does mean it's all story but somebody says i'm twisting his words like charles will know you can check his words you can see that that i'm giving it to you straight so how do you how do you style that on one on one hand doesn't is into you let me let me test your belief beliefs on this does not seem to you and i'm gonna say
in all this minute doesn't it seem to you that the president couldn't possibly believe putin now he may have some questions about his own entail agencies that seems clear especially past past performance but how do you explain that the president's seems in public to act like he is believing putin how do you think why do you what do you think you do that do you think it's because he does you think the president does believe you have to see this along with his other his tweet the president it is that we have to forget the past we have to move past the past we have to break out of on paraphrasing
we have to break out of our mental prison of the past desire sound familiar what's the worst way to break away from your prison of the past blaming somebody of something they did in the past that's the worst way what's the best way to break free of your prison of the past well you sought you saw the president go on on television in front of the world and not throw putin under the bus even though it should be really obvious to everyone that there for a good reasons to throw putin under the bus now
most of his critics the president's critics are saying they're saying oh my god you have to be tough with putin you can't believe him because he lied to all of our other presidents before him before trump and he just says whenever he says and everybody thinks are looking into his soul and then you trust him and then it's a big mistake well how how much luck if we had pressuring russia so the way that all of president trans critics want him to act help our productive would ebby be so if president tramp tramp let's say he had gone one of the public and said you know i believe our until people i think pollutants line i think he lied during the meeting i think he's like every time you talked about this
and these standing next to me right now and he's lying to you right now that's what is critics asked them to do right where they actually ask them not to go to the meeting in the first place which i think would be the worst solution to not have a dialogue with somebody who's an adversary with nuclear weapons and we have lots of common interests in fighting terrorism and stuff so imagine if president trump had done what his critics wanted him to do can you even imagine any scenario where we would come out ahead i don't think you can i can't think of any scenario where you could possibly come out ahead by pressuring russia the way he's credits
do you remember i told you that what president translation do is enter any situation and then shake the box and i and i tell you that he's the best box shaker because he has one quality president trump does the uk i find in you know if you search the million people be hard to find this quality and the person he can do things and take the heat like nobody you ve ever before he can't shake the box unless you're willing to put up with whatever happens and that means just insane levels of criticism does president trumpet seem to be able to put up with insane level of criticisms yeah clearly is actually said he loves the heat and it seems to be true he's seems likely attend
so he shakes the box and gives us a situation we ve never been in before have we ever been in a situation where we're doubting our own intel agencies were were treating trick or treating putin as if he the truth while not a single person anywhere on the planet believes he's telling the truth about everything you say let me say if there's one thing i can promise you i would take a bullet on this bet i would say put a gun to my head and i'll make a bet and if i'm wrong the bull issues and blows my brain here's the bat president trump doesn't believe what prudence saying in public there is not even any chance he believes that there is not the slightest slightest chance that he believes wapoota saying
now not believing wapoota saying what are your two choices you call em out is a liar and then you go back to the past before the box was shaken to the path that absolutely wasn't working that was your only choice nobody nobody has suggested another alternative there was one choice go to the path we know doesn't work because we ve been trying it or you shake the hell out of this box and you say the past i'm actually get a kind of ignore that if you looked at chris wallace's interview there were a few things that i thought or insanely important that probably won't get any play today one of them was the putin said there when he talked to trump about north korea way for this part
that putin said he understood the for a full day nuclear escalation of the peninsula the korean peninsula that russia would have to be part of security guarantees for north korea how import is that right if you dont have russia china and the u s and south korea signing up for security guarantees there isn't the slightest chance the north korea's gonna get rid of their nukes now there's big question about whether they really
here or not but without that there is no chance putin just signed up and announced on tv and why wouldn t i mean seems it's in his best interests to to give the united states when it needs more than anything in the world which is help with north korea compared to russia as a risk russia's undercut you know that they have zero interest in new king the united states but we don't know about north korea we don't know who they myself stuff too that's a bigger problem and we may have gotten closer to a solution because putin on that question is willing to get too well beyond
our team what was the other thing putin said to chris wallis he said that we also talked about iran and the oral question and he hoped putin said he hoped that he could be productive on that those are two biggest issues and also the basically the entire serious situation if you consider that part of the iraq question so these are biggest international issues and an imprudent seems to be stepping up on what did we give up what did the president trade away here's what the press traded away he put putin on the international stage which is something he can take away have if i've told you nothing you given somebody something anything you have
given anything away if you have the right to take it back in a moment all the president nasa do is take it back he can push back off the stage in ten minutes so putin is only on the international stage wait for it with president trumps permission permission if president trump withdraws is permission if you will and pushes putin back to the shadows who is going to do i agree with that in our allies and around the world nobody nobody putin is back to something that looks like your own bigtime player
the same stage with job only because trump is allowing it who has the leverage it looks like trump because he created as he always does an asset that did not exist before the same thing you did with kim jong kim jong moon has something a little bit of credibility with the world etc that he did not have before president trump created that credibility out of nothing except persuasion he just did the same thing in front of you for putin he created a version of the putin and a brand that allows putin to stand on the stage next to the president of the united states is that a permanent thing it is not as with permission what would happen if putin says i'm not going to meet with you mr president with that diminish the united states it would not why
president tromp says i'm not gonna meet with you anymore you you didn't do your part of the agreement with that diminish the serpents they would that diminish russia and potent yes it would burden brunel somethin to lose their lives terms that status thing trump really doesn't so he's created in an asset out of nothing using persuasion alone so you have to look at you have to look at trumps two statements together to understand either one of them one of his statements was with russia we have to let go of the past this is important because if you don't keep that let go of the past thing the next thing he's as will be confusing to you so trump stairs in four of the world and says a year until agency says acts by putin says varies
only why he did not pick a winner now there's something else you should have heard in that and it sounds like this imagine you hearing your hearing president tromp say that putin president putin says they didn't do it and he was very strong about that now listen carefully wink wink wink wink wink dear now wink wink albano wink wink could he wink any harder even possible to wink harder than he was winking did you even sound a little bit like he believed it he did not just listen to is sort of body language like yap abundance said very strongly name any dinner
do you really think he believes that no president trump is is describing to us a path to get from the crap in place we were terrible relations with a gun we need to solve some other problems too have to get to a better place that's just better for the united states and here's how you do it my guy standing next to me that i need for a bunch of things here you don't do it president putin you are big liar we cannot trust anything you say why am i saying then russian accent let me say in american accent you're a big liar everything you say is a lie we're going to crush you would that be good that wouldn't work how this president putin denied the allegations wink wink
wink wink now the problem of course is that the american public so good at hearing and seeing the wink you have to see the wink or none of this makes sense now i a lot of a lot of folks talking about that the present lay his ego get in there because he wants you want the public to know that he had a clean win over clinton and he a cloud it up with the russians ruin the election true i'm sure they his ego would feel better if he if history recorded here the clean whim
as far as i know there is no direct evidence that russia actually successfully changed any votes but the story is out there right in and the odds that russia tried to interfere with our election probably a hundred percent odds that we ve tried to interfere with their politics but ass a hundred percent so we're not really arguing whether anybody tried to interfere with anybody else hundred percent of course we did rainfall just dinner video that i'll show you how are you didn't see but he said there was something they were there were eighty one one incidences of countries interfering with other countries elections apparently is the most i'm thing in the world so let me ask you this it would be better for the united states president from saying you know i think my my election was not legitimate
that's choice one or what he did say this this russian interfering stuff baloney i one fair and square which one is better for the country there's no competition that there is no competition there are only two choices either says i wasn't elected legitimately because russia held that would be terrible for the country terrible for him as well let's you that's a factor but it would be terrible for the country what would be better for the country to deny the impact of russia no matter what they did or did not do the smart correct political thing to do is even if you had secret information that some some
ouch were changed you should lie lie lie why because it's good for me it's good for you it's good for the integrity of the kind there are situations where lying is absolutely the moral and correct thing to do here is another example there's a terrorist says i'm going to kill somebody unless you do ex but you can lie let's say you lie has a year we did ex let that let's not a terrorist lesabre kidnapper let the let the victim go well in that case you're lying to somebody bad and if you ve got a better result
know what you're going to say it goes like this stop are you saying that the end justifies the means are you saying that the end justifies the means yes yes i am the ends do justify the means whenever you ve done a cost benefit analysis when should you do of course bennett the analysis every time you make a decision a hundred percent of the time you should away all the costs against all of the benefits and then you should pick and i know this is tricky you should pick the one this bigger if the costs are higher than the benefits you don't do it the benefits are really big but the costs are small then you do it here's what you don't do go get
herself a bumper sticker and put it on your press and say look awful so does the bulgarian beyond all doubt means if the extent of your analysis is a bumper sticker that really doesn't even mean anything because the costs and benefits are always compared in all decisions all the time it's like being against air i am i would give air like breathing what i don't like air unlike us doesn't can he says to rail against the joseph justifying the means when every decision is that you're always comparing the cost the benefits so should a president lie to the public about how credible the system is if he lets say he sincerely believes that that's what's best for the country best for everything absolutely absolutely he should lie about that i would
very disappointed if the president came out and said anything like this you know sure sure i was legitimately elected oh my god the biggest mistake any politician can ever make yes oh before my critics pile in and say some version of stuff you wanna know the ethical and moral dimension again you are a bad person who ignores the or ethical and moral dimensions no i'm explicitly saying those are part of the costs and benefits they're not the only ones sometimes avoiding nuclear holocaust is also in the equation in which case telling a lie to avoid
nuclear holocaust maybe those maybe that's case where the end justifies the means dale there's there's something i call the ibm affect happening with the the pundits were watching the situation with putin and the ibm affected goes like this the back when i was working in the corporate world this is millionaires here if you if you had a choice of getting an ibm system or computer ursus some other vendor the i'm saying at the time was nobody ever got fired for choosing ibm because ibm service etc was so
good that if something went wrong ibm would just fix it i remember the first time i did it a deal with ibm in i was in charge of negotiating contracts for the bank does the bank and i said ok though its listen negotiate your contract after we had decided to pick them and the ibm wraps and are we don't do that and i said come on everybody its contracts that's how the world works you know you know just give me a contract and ibm said the widow
look at the contract that say there's all there's like all these things we would worry about that are not mentioned what happens if you put it in the system and it doesnt work what happens if we need some kind of an adjustment what happens if we chose wrong we need an upgrade there's nothing new contract there would protect us in those cases and do you know i ve m says they say we're ibm if something is wrong or fixed period that's our business model something's wrong we all
we will stay up all night will pay money will do whatever things that's on us and so i end up signing a non contract if you will with ibm didn't really say much except we're gonna buy your stuff in when when trouble happened because it always does right nothing goes smoothly what did ivy of do they fixed it was it in the contract nope did they argue about it nope because i was their business model will fix it period now here's my point that was the reason the people would say nobody ever got fired for choosing ibm because somebody always goes wrong after you choose the system you have chosen is like i wish i'd done this russian than this doesn't work but if you choose the other vendor something that was wrong and you may not be able to fixes recently so
even if it was the right choice you can still get fired forward if something goes wrong you're saying the same thing here with the russia situation if you are a russia pundits lit say you're an american pondered talking about russia or you're a news person why is what is the thing you can say about putin and russia there will never get you fired and by that i mean you will never be wrong if you say this in an question was the one thing you can always say about russia that will make you look like a legitimate pundit an observer though never be wrong you should be tough with russia you need to be tough that's right
the the ibm opinion on russia is you have to be tough because who ever says that is never gonna get fired if it turned out that the answer was not being tough unless the presence approach gets us to a good place would that would that pundits get fired for saying we should have been tough with russia not really because because a sort of the picking ibm choice at such a bland normal routine thing to say we need to be tough with russia the eunuch india fire for that even if it turns out that the other plan work better so say you ve gotta be tough with russia is everybody keeping their job in saying the same thing because it is so obvious what europe is doing is why he always does he shook the box
sulphuric and hard that and this is the hilarious part trump has made the his critics compare putin to brennan and clapper and and argue about which one is less reliable think about that president trump has caused the entire world to debate whether putin who is essentially just admitted to all manner of bad behaviour whether he is more or less credible than clapper brennan and that's a legitimate question that we are actually talking about were actually having that conversation he did that now that's as hard as you can shake a box there is even the newt gingrich's freaking out yeah you know when you see when you see somebody
like newt have such a strong statement if you didn't see it newt tweeted that that wasn't too specific but whenever i think you talk about the intel verses boon question and that if the president doesn't clarify that is biggest mistake of his presidency i agree with newt i agree with the if the present didn't clarify what he meant about our own intel agencies versus putin if he didn't clarify that it would be one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency but then he clarified it wink wink here's the clarification i want to read the actual tweet but i don't want to make you wait the clarification was
we have to let go of the past that's the clarification because when you see we have to let go of the past and you see a next to putin says they didn't do this stuff no you can hear the wink if you take away the first statement about about ignoring the past to get to the next level then he can't hear the wink here is where did i just hear the president say our own intel was no more reliable then the sea lying taylor guy i've got problem what's going on here so was new to correct absolutely watched i'm said was so misconstrued because people than quite get why he was going for that without a clarification it would be a big mistake and then the president did
the best you can do in this situation because you can actually go in public and say look could you just go along with this i'm just trying to play nice with this guy is we need and we will just let go we all know that they interfered with the election nobody is or at least they attempted to change the change the the result he can't say that and you don't want him to the best he can do is give you enough clues so that you can hear the wink and if you here the wink yet you're missing the show i now one of the most fun answers was at the press conference when they asked putin if you prefer if he cared who won the presidency and in his ear we prefer we preferred
first of all i dont know that that was true right because we're talking about two people who didn't say anything true for twenty four hours between putin and trump they're they're both playing a diplomatic dance which in this case required no truth is a truth free process by both players the actual is probably getting us to a productive place release we hope that this the planned anyway that if we play well together and just sort of ignore the reality of what we ve done to each other in the past maybe we have a chance of moving it so the fact that boon seti preferred trump of course just makes all the conspiracy theories go nuts but here's an interesting question
let let me this is one of those questions that is too painful to think about so which is why i like dimension it what if no this is something i am not allowed to say because the moment i say at all because the trader and treasonous and i'll be taken out of context so let me let me preface my say i really like the united states i like it much more than i like whom i suggest that you know united states excellent putin just somebody we have to work with so there's not comparing them or anything like that but what would happen in theory if putin thought you knew what was good for the united states and it happened to be good for what good for russia at the same time whose us the two things are connected right
if the united states and russia are good with each other then both of them prosper and if we're not gonna do with each other than were both in some trouble in big ways you know north korea iran and in russia itself so what if hypothetically putin actually the thought their president tromp was better for both america and the united states who what if he actually thought that was true and it what if he thought what if he obviously thought no i'm not trying to destroy the united states that's crazy
how the hell am i gonna destroy the united states and they would be destabilizing it wouldn't be good for me but one of these candidates might be good for russia and good for the united states and that we both when so here trader he jails and kills reporters so so my statement is is entirely possible that that russia and the united states might have the same interest on some questions and for those views in the world as black and white see there you're a trader or you're a patriot well sometimes the world is less clean than that does anybody feel more comfortable
with their their presidency after listening to this periscope cause if you were a hearing the wink was pretty scary stuff but if you do here the wink always doing is the same played with north korea you can just say russia is not korea minus two months right so my prediction is this there is way to know that things will go well in the future or not but tromp has shook the box and took the because the old way of thinking absolutely wasn't going to work and the new way of thinking might work or in but probably could be worse so he shook the box he got us a new situation what would happen let me ask you what would happen
yeah whatever burdening enchant came up with what happens if we don't see the results we want it lets say putin once again interferes with the mid term elections what would be the right response well i think trump would shake that box again if you're thinking that the united states is locked in two hu a plan that we all ride forever no matter whether works or not i think you're looking at the wrong president this presidency is willing to shake their box as many times as he needs to shake it and take the heat for a shake it but she gonna hear the wink or none of this works nobody believes pollutants telling the truth nobody not the president not anybody believes that russia's stays out of our business nor does anybody believe we stand their business but i do believe that the two
leaders talk to each other and this is the part that i wasn't in the room but i feel fairly convinced that this is likely to be the nature of their private conversation there's nothing in this for either of us to be enemies there's just nothing to win there's there's no upside but we are willing to work with you on these things that are important to all of us yeah and i would say ran paul has i think ran paul is the only person in government may be the only citizen who came out of this looking good because he didn't say a single thing there wasn't neither factual based on good reason a reasonable etc
i'm not sure i would necessarily back ran pole for president after after trump leaves naturally agree with all of his policies but you just saw you just saw some high level behaviour there that i dont know that ran paul was always playing at this level it feels like he feels like he took it up a little too presidential level i don't think he was quite at presidential level before but it feels like he's he's definitely stern to check all the boxes
i write any other questions i want that i made me feel better wanted to get to this early serve as any impact on the coverage today but if you don't understand the president trump also does not believe putin then the entire story doesn't make sense and there's not a single chance in the world the president trump believes wapoota saying not any chance in the world so feel comfortable with that and i will talk to all of you later
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