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Episode 1451 Scott Adams: The Worst Arguments For and Against Mask Mandates, Simone Biles, Biden Quote, More

2021-07-28 | 🔗

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  • Primed for “My butts been wiped”
  • CDC wants vaccinated to wear masks
  • PCR test can’t distinguish COVID vs flu
  • Simone Biles Olympic withdrawal
  • Debunked mask arguments
  • Larry Elder leads in Governor race

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For the best time of the day, every single day, no exceptions, and if you came here to watch coffee with Scott Adams, congratulations part of your day is going perfectly because you nailed it here, you are, everything's working now, if you like to make a special or use a diner jealous oars died away. The swede from the top a couple of August, the tanker gels beside the canteen jirga, flatter vessel. That guide. You think I'd have that memorize by now, but style. My brain works. Joy been Althea per. Well pleasure the dopamine here today. The thing that makes everything better everything is called the simultaneous and watch it happen now. Go see little technical difficulty on one side
here, but I think it's, my favorite fake news of the day. This is a good one. Do you remember the? Of course you do the famous Laurel and Jani, where some people could hear the word laurel and some people could hear the word young on the same recording and we thought to ourselves. How is that possible? And it must be like a trick that only applies to this one. Weird set of sounds that they can sound the same while being different. It turns out is really easy to reproduce this effect and it happened with aid. Joe Biden, so somebody cleverly took his video where he was talking to the press
Reportedly he saying what must be want asking for clarification of a question that you didn't hear, because the helicopter noise was about it. Now. What do you watch it? Can you hear him stay over the the noise of the crowd in the helicopters? What must be what? No, you can't because we're the first time you heard it. You will probably primed by the social media video to hear my butt's Ben White. So you see you soon bye. here too, the photographers and the reporters, and he goes by Bob. My bike just got wipe. I bought just go I've Eddie. You really care here, everything else after you that bribed even have I heard what away house claims. He really said it doesn't look like that. It doesn't sound like it.
And I just watched it over and over again on an unthinkable, nope, even his lip. so not worth going in the right way right, even those lips lipstick seem to match up with what must be what it looked like my butts been wiped. Now I think that he didn't. I say I bought some light, but how many times do we get to see this trick this trick? going to happen a lot in politics as soon as you've been primed. You all you need is an indistinct sentence, any kind of interesting the sentence and you can prime it with anyting. You can see a lot more than this ask how the funds are right. Is there one topic, Years so damn cycle. only in the real world, but talk about it? Why? God do we have to talk?
so again in the air. We do with you Jack and I go into this- is all the more interesting than the normal on ad. So the CDC is now say that the delta variant is raging through the country which it is and that they want school kids to get where mass, even if activated they did say, is even vaccinated. People should, where mass indoors, if therein- Higher substantial transmission area, of course, they water vexations as much as they can get. Now. How do you and temperate? This is your interpretation that the CDC looked at the data. They looked at the mask effectiveness, data and they set for themselves. This is a good time to apply the science.
Let's put some sites, others this baby and with our new data we ve got data mask effectiveness, o the the infections arising masks, work boom, put them together. Is that what happened sounds Doesn't it when I describe it that way, it sells perfectly natural infections, Rob. Science has showed that the Basques do work according to science. That's their claim, not mine, and so you personally Or. Or what would be another interpretation of why the CDC is requiring masks, because my first instinct was wait. You're punishing the people who did the right thing, I got the vaccinations and which is the right thing according to my government, and so if I did the right thing, why have I
upon being punished wealth courses because we have new data. This says that even if you vaccinated you can you can transmit the virus, we got the virus which of course, should have to get to transmit and so its new data. So that's what's happening. Let me suggest that there is another reason for the mask mandate. Anybody anybody in the comments see if you can beat me to it. What's the other reason for the mask mandate that they're not telling you. Let's see if let's see if you can get that, what's the real reason, all right, the real reason, I think, is to create one more reason to get a vaccination. Are you saved yourself, but wait? That's opposite of what's happening because the people who did get vaccinated didn't get the benefit that they thought they would get
in terms of freedom from masks. So is that the opposite? Scott, like you're you're, actually just penalizing people forgetting vaccinated? They gave us that they still have the worm ask a penalty, I don't think so. I think this is a sign up. I think this is so that the government can say well, we told you all to give vaccinated. Did you listen Because if you had listened to us the first time, nobody neither mask but sorry we know you hate the masks. We yeah, hey that more than you hate anything, so we're going to require the masks, because you didn't listen to us the first time. I think that's what's happening now. I also think
Ask work: can you handle the fact that I think mass work at the same time that I don't think that vaccination vaccinated person should be forced to wear? One can be handled up a minute. This is the smart group here. The people who follow the library. So there are many people in my category most people say I dont like masks because they don't work. What can I say they do work? I think that's my judgement at the moment they do work, but if you're vaccinated you should get one. I think I have ever been right But we can talk about the worst arguments for massive minute below me. Do a few other things here, so I read just in one source, so I'd like to see a confirmation of this
that the CDC is going to replace its pcr test. Leave the virus test with one that can differentiate between the corona virus and the seasonal flu. Is that true first of all anytime. I see historian one source does about what the sources my first thing. Why is this not in all the other sources at the same time? So if it's true worthy to learn something interesting, and I'm gonna, go with by my personal conspiracy. Theory is a conspiracy theory that I dont know if there's more than one or two people worldwide You're with me, and it is that the regular seasonal flu did really kill anybody.
And then it was just a statistical, a statistical data gathering artifact that made it look like the flu was killing people, the regular slew, normal seasonal flu. I think that if We are the actual data. We would find that sure you know a few hundred year olds die with seasonal flu, but basically don't kill anybody for all practical purposes so. I think we can fight so it s about byles, socially dropped out of the Olympics. She had some more competitions. he would have done well. If she had not dropped out and she dropped, because she says they shouted tough day yesterday, I guess day before Ed she said she was having a mental health issues, and so she was dropping out for her mental health. what did America say about their champion, who dropped out because she wasn't feeling well,
well a lot of people say you know your representative of a country right you, you do get that this isn't about you write and maybe, if it's tough, you should just suck it up or the latter. Opinion this morning? That's not my opinion. My opinion is, I think I saw Dave every boy, I'm pronounces, they write say the same thing. I will say right now, which is we don't know what's going on in your head? We don't know, we only know what she told us. You dont
what's happening in her head? If what's happening in your head is really really bad, then she made the right decision. If it's not that bad? Well, then it would. You could argue that she should have sucked it up or something, but you don't know how bad it is. So how could you have an opinion on whether she did the right thing? That's just pure mind reading if it was horrible and it was just a some living hell and she was gently. You're concerned about her health that she might hurt herself competing in that way, or at least embarrass herself and embarrassed the country if that was honest opinion based on our internal mental state, where my will might adopt them now. Of course, I have a larger filter on the Olympics, which is the Olympics are useless, anachronistic. probably more bad than good at this point, and then it ruins the lives of young people such as some old byles, although shadow greatly from her skills so far,
she she now has the thing about the Olympics were her. Life will never be the same because it is so the Olympic. You train your whole life, for it, you don't get. The gold medal is so sort of a wasted time, so I dont think the Olympics should be respected. Where's my view well well. Well, there's news on I've Rebecca. What do you think if I told you that there is a new, highly credible, something called the Cochrane review on, I remarked and where they looked at the existing studies. So it's not a is not a new randomize, controlled trial. The great as there were its again subway looking at the existing evidence, and you know that people have looked at the exist I wouldn't say, always really strong. The existing evidence is very clearly says you should at least take a try me, I've Rebecca you ve heard brat ones. Do you say that
you may also another address tobaccos my favorite critic of all things data analysis, I've said it's the time that he wasn't convinced that he thought one of the one of the larger trials that was in the review of the Meta review of all the trial. one of the ones are probably influenced the average of the mouse guess was big one was weak, so that might be one week study this biasing the whole thing at the conquered review. I think agreed with me and said that the quality of the evidence is so low that they, essentially say that there is no evidence that I've reacted works. So the newest respected, better analysis.
says that there were too bad quality studies, there were skewing it and that we don't have evidence that it works now. Let me be clear, they did not say the evidence shows that doesn't work. I didn't say that, so they ever debunked it. They have only debunks that the evidence shows that does work, because apparently the rage of possibility in the given the low quality of the evidence, the range of errors. So My work into my mouth there just say: there's no evidence networks. Now, that's what Andreas Back House said earlier answer here: keeping score of who gets things right. Early go So I don't have an opinion on any of this. Analysis causes all little baby on me and I haven't looked into and of course detail, but somebody
as bread dealt with this by removing the study and the still works on others to two studies. So I don't know if you remove the second one, the second as problem illegible, And that the Scarecrow Review says that if you take, if you consider the quality of studies and everything else combined, their opinion is there's no evidence that it works or doesn't work really just no evidence. I saw a great does tweets read that I retweeted you should read it to the question of basque mandates, as Roma treasure agreed howl guys how a mushroom proponents Leslie. she's a professor of primary care at Oxford and does a great job of just laying out what we know and what we don't know add most most
maybe a hundred percent of all the arguments over roundabout about masks or with people who are not well informed or that or they have a logic problem through that, because I want to see, if you're, in any of these categories, that are logic, errors, as opposed to date, airs. now we can argue all day about was right data and sometimes will just never now, but you can really know assemblies logical are thus not something you can know for sure does. Logic is pretty clear if you ve got somebody who can help you sore throat, So you do that for you and I will start with the most debunked mask arguments. So what Those is my opinion of what the council sense of science says so, there's two things that could be wrong here. One is, in my opinion,
of what science at right. That is, science right so two ways I could be wrong, one as I could be wrong and then also size give IRAN. So we ve got to Tibet Dollars so I will keep my humility while I say this because I know people get really mad. Why, when I act arrogantly certain, I have to tell you that lots of times when I appear certain others, Georgia recording in my head the pledges and says where you could be wrong and by the way I reckon At that, as a strategy for four you going forward, just always have a little recording their place in your head. That says, but I could be wrong I'm pretty sure I could be wrong. It's just a good think. They're playing at all I so here the debunked anti mask arguments. If you
hold one of these arguments to be true Joe No, those science disagrees with you as best I can determine, but I might be wrong number one science says masks don't work, how many people think that's true? How many people think that, if you researched what science, as though you discover their science in general, not just one study or a study here there, but how many of you think that science says Mass, don't work. If you think those science says Mass, don't work, this is wrong. this is wrong. You won't find any actual scientist who says that you might Why they scientist, who says they don't work. but you won't even find a scientist who could agree with the statement that other scientists don't think they work. So the worst argument,
you can make is to say the science says they don't work and been proven in a study as just not true. As far as I can tell. Now that doesn't mean sciences right. Ok, so we're still allowing the science as a mess. Definitely work besides could be wrong. Science has been wrong before, but dont confused That was what science tat size is very clear that they work even this wrong. but this must go make a tiny difference, while the tweets red eye reference to talk about how these tiny difference is multiply so, mass or we may the tiny difference still totally worthwhile independence. The math next that true. So if that was your argument, Esben debunk again doesn't mean you wrong. Just means is bent debunked by people, know more than you, and I know,
I about the mass harm people either because you're not getting a fox, Nor your breathing in your own germs, du bon jour, you left your nasty mask, laying in a drawer for three weeks breeding germs and put it back on so about that. Well, there's no evidence that mass averred anybody so now we ve got but all over the world were in Mass three here and now, evidence at all, according to at least this professor in Oxford, there is no evidence that the massive part anybody? So if you are even was wearing the mask itself, good her. You know evidence again now again I that true I'll just tell you spent about. Does mean that the bank is true how about this argument that masks dont block viruses, because viruses are too small. I can't go through these,
Those are the viruses are so small that they easily go through these gigantic holes in the masks. Debunked totally debunked, because virus travels on water particles, most of the water park, or at least a lot of the big ones, are trapped in the mass. That's why your mask is moist when you take it off, suck it sound by the sides, but if you're stopping that Hose Canada virus going directly into the person, you're talkin talkin to it's better than having something go out. The side and and. Disuse into the atmosphere. So the argument about mask leak around the edges is true, but irrelevant the game is true: the Mask League, it's not relevant it's true. The viruses are way smaller than the holes in the mask is not irrelevant because they travel on water particles of many of which do get stopped, and you don't have to stop them all
asked do not stop all of the virus was plenty is getting out the size and say you're fussing with it. You wear it improperly. That's not an argument Because science has shown the mass work, if science and shown the mass don't work. In other words, the population shows no difference master unmasked. If they choose, that you can save you. Well probably the reasons are for the mass or not stopping all the virus, but if the masks work. And sides knows that lets say the right for argument.
Then you don't have to argue about the little stuff you don't have to argue about the people message with it with their hands wearing it properly is not the best mask as it gets out decide none of that matters. If you look at the whole population and they drove them infections with masks, but all the places that they didn't have mass it didn't work now you can argue with the data, but if you accept the masts worked to lower infections than all of the arguments about the holes in them. ass, the size of the virus in size and all that is irrelevant. So if you baby argument against mass based on any of the minor parts about the leakage the size of the master, the fuss and with them, the wearing them right, none of those are relevant. If This is a bigger. If it's true, the science is right, that we see the big difference when people were the mask.
So you would not be rational or logical to consider the smaller things if we ve tested the big thing that work Here are some of the worst argue. I saw this morning. Here's one the mayo when it tells you how to properly where a mask. Therefore, mass don't work, because people will not wear them properly. So the argument is, why would the mayo, like make such a big deal about how to wear them properly, unless they knew people would wear them properly in a large amount and therefore would make them a waste of time As the worst argument, I've ever heard, because again If the data shows that they do work on average for any population that uses them.
as a matter of somebody or some number of people are not doing the right, because the steelworks, the number shout and here's another bad Thinking I have links of studies from before the pandemic say: masks, don't work, what what good is your data from before the pandemic? If the data from the pandemic clearly shows they were again. That could be wrong, but that's what sciences, it clearly shows it does work during the pandemic. Why are you trying to convince me with links from before the pandemic, so showing the mass don't work when has been proven? They do. I suppose you could say that studies of masks might be hard to sort out. What is the social distancing, because that works too? I'm guessing they probably figured out of the sort that another
so here is my final. Take on mass. For today, I'm I'm an anti masker. Four people were vaccinated, my opinion. If you ve been vaccinated, you know what you're risks are very, very low and if you're on a vaccinated, you also know what your risks are. Or should I mean it's on you if you don't know that this point ed? What about freedom about freedom, if you don't want to,
where mask find with that vaccinated or not. Now, of course, you have the problem of keeping the hospitals for being overrun, but I'm gonna make an assumption. That needs to be checked, which is there are therapeutics, are so good now and with no there's a learning curve, but how to handle covert, etc. They probably the odds of getting over run in our hospitals is public law and the United States can. Somebody do can be effect check on that. If a sad fact that fact checkable I'm gonna say,
that we have done so well with therapy attacks that we want over Annapolis. Whither without mass just won't make any difference. I mean there will be a difference in level, but it won't overrun. The hospitals and our aspects covered currently overrun, eliminating overnight surgeries and they say from covered interesting. I don't know whether it is Derek in what the subsidy hospitals in New Jersey or fine. You know, I don't know if the hospitals are overrun has to do with the fact that some hospitals are specializing in covered could it be that only the specialised ones are over or the ones that have a focus on that now or is that not a thing.
Alright, so this is the open question. We do see that there might be some hospital problems and I think the degree of the hospitals being overrun would definitely have an impact on on my opinion, but I don't need, confirmation on the bus, bus hospitals are five could be more obese people in some places. Yeah does anyone know anyone with cove and right now I do. Yes, I have a family member with covered. Not my house extended family member that's right, gotta get some of you do, there's Rasmussen Poor coming up today, the scope
oh Biden at a record. Low presidential approval now record low just needs a slower than what's bandages minutes in the toilet, but now seems like an seems about right because covered is what completely took trump out. Don't you think covered imagine trump running for reelection without the krona virus. I think you would it just whilst into a second term, would most of you do. That
but without the corona virus you. What is the trump? Definitely what about a second term? I think so, but I wonder if by to have the same problem, which is if he puts a mask mandates and does bunch of things the people don't like that, even his own party will get turned off and we might see me in the beginning you that little bit now they more than five percent of public ever changes. Reminder presence, but we might, we might be seen her some five percent to change, and I get to that. I, as a question for all of you, my because of China are right by Nelson trying to problem and how, if we going so long without a Hunter Biden, scandal blowing up into some larger thing. It's really amazing what the what the deep state and they and the news can keep out of the news anyway.
I do question this is question for all of you see your answers in the polls for those of you who got the vaccination. Is it my imagination. That the corona virus vaccination Unusually, on Paypal beating, like I barely what happened. I was literally. I didn't know that they gave me the shot delivery of that same experience and somebody speculated that deal with smaller or that gets a smart is a micro needle and, oh, that's, a good word micro needle now. Of course, we had side effects after any cases, but I'm not talking about after the shot. Somebody says mine, her badly
I'll talk to you about the actual shot itself, as it goes into your arm, I could even feel it and and what it, what I did feel was like. Not even a pinch really was just a feeling yeah. Now I wonder if people who are afraid of needles and since I'm not afraid of needles, I can't really get in the heads of people who are I don't like them. I'm not afraid of him. I wonder if people would be more inclined to get the vaccination if they do that vaccinations are unusually on painful in terms of the vaccination How many of you listen for those of you who might be afraid of vehicles? Would you be persuaded?
The fact that if you are looking away you just don't see it, you won't even know I haven't barely they'd have to tell you happened. Would anybody be persuaded by that of seeing some yeses? My goodness, I actually little surprised, I didn't know that was actually part of the psychology, so you're. So some of the psychology about fear needles that has to do with a needle itself and how it and how it feels the pain. Would reduce anxiety I'll go one level further. If you heard that the vaccination won't hurt when you get it just the point of vaccination because they were using a micro needle instead of a regular needle. Now I don't know what a micro needle is. I don't even know if that's a thing, I'm just making up a word right. I saw some the comments, but somebody said others.
in a regular needle for the vaccination that they use a micro and evil and you don't feel it when they change your psychology It did not use a regular needle, they use a micro need only could barely field remember everybody has a different trigger for persuasion. So if I said something might be persuasive, but ninety percent of you would be unpersuaded by it is still a good idea if you could persuade ten percent of people on anything just ETA. If you the move, ten percent of the people, s gigantic persuasion, that's really big. My reply is irregular needle somebody says it's a regular needle and and whoever says it says I administer the vaccine. Is it the same size as the needle you used to draw a blood because
When I think of beetles, the needle I see most often in my adult life, is when I'm just getting a blood test for one thing or another, and they they put that blood drawing needle in you and it kind of hurts his kind of scare, Yeah, I think the blood joy needle was probably a second needle and they ve got to find the right place to put it in all that. So So I guess call you the microbial doesn't help, but I have to believe that is it because they don't have to find a vain? Maybe that's it so the blood drawing needle is larger, which
sounds so I got a feeling. Their people, people think that blood drawing need all when I think of the vaccination micro. Only micro needles are patches that makes sense blood cells. LE donating needles are bigger. Ok, so that there is such a thing as larger and smaller needles. Well, I don't know about ok here. Cap cat is saying something I was looking for is inter muscular suppose you knew that they didn't have to find a vain its into muscular. So you feel in law. Alright I'll just testing that it so that's about all this going on today? Is there any topic I miss today if the Rizal I'll jump into it.
So the right, if needed, needle sizes while anyway, the way persuasion works, is that you get a policy of what might persuade people and their use. Try it is you re? Actually you got if it works, you do more of it. If it doesn't work, try something else. So in a be testing, I think the government. If the government wants to persuade people to get vaccinated, they should put a little bit of effort to find the out. If describing the actual legal situation, gets you a little bit more compliance. and again, if you don't want to get a vaccination, that's ok with me! Oh talk about Larry Elder, it looks like Larry Elder issued to the top of the pack for possible replacement for Gavin Newsome in the recall election.
And I have to admit, I haven't done any kind of a deep dive on Larry Elder, but everything I know about him just from observing him on tv. for years, etc. It is a really good communicator and he seems to be very commonsensical, meaning that doesn't by degrees. Stuff, so other laws that makes a good governor I know that what we are doing now is not optimal, so I feel like he could win at. I feel like maybe it's time to try something else. So, oh at back, I guess about.
Prosecuted Democrat fundraiser was doing some bad things with some some men and resolve that destroys very interesting. Let's just a criminal story right yeah, the buck story has lots of lots of intrigue dramas stuff on it, but ultimately not import from us, except that bug is Adam shifts. Fred. Alright, oh somebody. Sal experience was banned on twitter. Can seventy confirm that they happen today? Now, when I did my happen, we have to show you a violin up, looks like experts and was. Then on Twitter Worley suspended, I think, suspended for twelve hours. So I
That's not all we got for now we're still waiting for the are away
for the Arizona or it can someone tell me what happened to the Arizona or where we supposed to know about that by now, and I'm gonna get double down or triple down on my prediction that if you haven't heard something from the Arizona audit, yet that's just absolutely damning. I dont know that they have anything it feels like. You would be deeply unlikely that the audit would have proof of fraud that you would know by now, really wouldn't when legal little bit and those of their some leaks that come out with a big debunked diseases, they do airports should, then what are you talking about airports, as should the China Force mandatory testing? This common keeps going by too quickly, and I can't read it
for censure down for yellow quarantine. Ok, you can start pulling out of the comments because it keeps going by too fast for me to read it. I they said no release of information until the file yeah, but this is the real world. in the real world if they had the goods you know it by now, lie if, if I'm wrong about that, that would be shocking and I could be remember. I get that recorded in the back of my blackberry could be the first time somebody has world changing news and lots of people involved, and there are mostly mostly amateurs or people just working on this project, and that, oh tell anybody, maybe
Maybe but I doubt it so if that's what's happening, that that'll be the biggest surprise in the world. I've got a feeling that was, let me make a prediction: what's gonna commanded, the Arizona audit ambiguity, if you The bet on a clear result in the future on any topic versus an ambiguous result in the future, where people are going to interpret it as two different movies, always bet on the two movies in twenty twenty one anyway, maybe was different in the past, but the odds are the audit, will create what the people who already thought there was fraud will consider proof and the people.
You say there was no fraud will consider debunked. You know that's common right. You know that what's coming is two movies, one that proves that the election was fake and one that proves that. Wasn't there, both given me playing at the same time, a month, a guarantee of a guarantee that whatever the earth or what it says, it will form to complete movies that will live forever. Zobeide disagree with that by the way. By now you all know, that's true right. You ve all seen the cycle repeats. How many times was the Russia russian collusion in the twenty? Sixteen election to movies will live forever
Why do you keep saying China isn't affected by Covid, while relative to how much the rest of the world is affected? If you have other information, let me know, but I haven't seen it all right Jean. I agree this is boring and that's why I'm going to help you. I beg you on this shell. Goodbye are thus all of Fox NEWS saying there is an order, finds massive fraud, turn on CNN scene and will say: stories are massive fraud. All debunked doesn't mean it's true, but you know they're both gonna happen. Do you see anomalies debate was Dixon Hammers X, x x? I didn't want that and if that son, video and watch that for sure.
I keep telling you nine million citizens of Nanjing mandatory testing here, but you know that it doesn't even come club to the size of the problem? You expect from lobbying ground zero, so yeah nine million people with mandatory testing means or taking seriously, but it doesn't mean they have the same level. Problem of other people wish Steve crowded. Well, somebody says was happening with Steve. Clatter sticks debate is on shoot sticks killed him a baby. Did I saw a little bit of their exchange twitter, so I would imagine I search engine
in China. You can't leave home without a red, yellow green card, mandatory quarantine centres yet, but with all of that, with all of that, there, are nowhere near where you would expect them just common sensibly in the pandemic there, There is still a giant mystery of what's going on over there, what crowd or is having complications collapsed long from what we have an accident of catch up on that our I that's all for now, and I will talk to you tomorrow,.
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