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Episode 148: Scott Adams Debunks the Fake News That President Trump Believes Putin Over His Own Intelligence Services

2018-07-19 | 🔗


  • It “appears”, it “seems”, it “suggests”…BS will follow
  • Trumped “seemed” to support Putin over his own intelligence community
  • The enemy press conflates…
    • Trump agreeing Russian interference happenedTrump Presidency must not be legitimate
    • NOTHING like that is happening
    • A catastrophic mistake by the right to allow and support that conflation
  • A copy (mirror) of a server is NOT acceptable by courts, worthless


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mama bobo bumble bumper me back this can be short single single topic because its bugging me as i read this the news from watching trumps porters or at least republicans last and people on the left they're saying the same ridiculous thing over and over again and they're saying a version of this and the version is it appears in this is the important part or it seems or is suggests or a hints assumes you see that you should know that whatever comes after it gonna be bs but the common story on the entire laughed and much of the right is it the press and seemed to believe putin over his own intelligence agencies
nothing like that happened the least not my movie here's what did happen there was the press conference where president trump asked the question said that burden was very strong in his denial now disaster like he believed him when you say someone is very strong their denial your car in the same year don't believe it right that's what that means means in this time and place i'm not gonna call him a liar but i'm going to call him a liar i'm just gonna do it the deplored diplomatic way i too how to and he made a very strong denial very strong so i'm allowing him to kneel keep face but clearly calling him a liar do you know you say when you believe somebody you say
he said he didn't do it and i believe him how many times have you heard president say food says he didn't do it that's not believing him that's exactly what you say when you don't leave somebody he said even do it right if you don't believe it you say you don't believe it do you think that the president is shy about saying whether he believes or doesn't leave something have you ever seen a situation where this president president tromp was shy or hesitant to say what he believed know if he believe putin he had frightened tell you you would like it
earlier you didn't tell you that has he said directly i believe my until agencies when they say the russia was meddling et cetera yes he said that a number of times he is said a number of times he believes it what does the press do the enemy press the enemy press conflates lad with therefore putin got you elected that part our president resists quite strongly now there are two possibilities one russian involvement did elected in other words there was enough of a difference that that it puts him over the top the other possibility is that it didn't so two possibilities russian interference did help prudent present trump or it did not because it just wasn't a good level of interference not did make enough difference in both cases what is the proper smart
elegant way for the president to respond only one smart way we're going to get rid of this asshole only one the smart way to respond you should say russia did not have any involvement and that my presidency is legitimate do you know why because what you want you being the public is for the president's presidency to be seen as legitimate there would be nothing more damaging for the presidency united states to say nothing it would be more damaging than to say you know you got a point there i've been listening to my intelligence people i don't think i did with that election come on that would be the worst thing anybody could say but because he can't say that
you know people i always at his ego is it because putin own some keeping i'm there's only one thing you can say if there's only one thing you can say which is in fact the election therefore i will again in that the only thing you can say if you say anything else you not doing a good job for the country you're not doing a good job for yourself you are ruining possibly the entire planet earth by deal generalizing the government of the biggest military on the planet what would be the biggest mistake this president could make to say here i think my presidency was a little bit illegitimate that's a good point there making so when you see the the president attacking him for what appears to be or seems as if or
you suggesting that good news more believable that his own intelligence agencies nothing like that's happening not even close because if he were he'd be saying stuff like while i believe food and i dont believe my intelligence agencies do you believe that this presidency holds back on his opinion if you believe that you would certainly say it s one thing weaken depend on ah height now he has said the president that the chain of costly for the servers and apparently is not one physical server its physical servers in the cloud a chain of custody was not done right and therefore on the narrow question of whether
whether russia hacked into that particular set of servers he said there is some question because the chain of custody essentially wasn't there that the f b i didn't look at the base service now some people antechambers of don't say that you do not understand this in the cloud of actual server and by the way they gave him a perfect copy it's a mirror copy you don't need that the original thing well it was court what corps in the world takes a copy no court accepts a copy especially if there's a chain of custody problem going on it so the present has accurately criticized accurately criticise one little gap in credibility for his for the intelligent
services they do have a history of sometimes not be incredible weapons of mass destruction being among them and possibly the whole thing with peter struck we don't know how to ask him turn out but
when the present criticise is one area that is clearly and unambiguously a point of non credibility and the information he uses to do that is in the public domain nobody is questioning the facts of it that's pretty believable and also its exactly what you should do if you're trying to defend the credibility of the presidency and i tell you i wouldn't care if this were hillary clinton or any other president you don't want your president criticising the credibility of their own administration as in whether or not the raven legally elected that would be the worst
doubles the stupidest thing anybody ever deeper than the political or any other arena it would be a catastrophic mistake and so he is his critics of the ones on the left you figure or maybe just taking the opportunity for whatever attack they can but the people on the right are the ones i am most disappointed with so the republicans who have said he yep it looks like that president has taken the side of putin year idiots so that the people on the right who say that the president of people that would otherwise back the president to say that he suggested that putin ism you know isn't doing any kind of cyber attacks is just a lie the president has he has quite
one very specific clave about these servers and said there's a lack credibility there he has not questioned the basic premise that all of the big countries are trying to cyber cyber mess with all of the other big countries there isn't the slightest chance he believes russia has done nothing in terms of cyber attacks there is a good chance he believes or he would like you to believe that russia didn't have any important effect of a thousand been demonstrated so i'm gonna leave it there but i'm very i've just shocked that the news is continually getting away both sides by the way i think fox news to say the same thing that see them saying on this topic that he seems to have suggested there putin
the little more reliable nothing like that happened he what you did act diplomatically and he did defend the integrity of the election those things he did but those are those are both good things being done automatic is good and defending the credibility of the election if if there is a possibility that there were something go around there the main difference even if that's true you should defend the credibility of the office one shrimp because you can't change the past that's all i want to say about that and i think i'm done first it unless i get mad about something else
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