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Episode 160 Scott Adams: Moving Goalposts, Economic success, The Love March and 4D Chess With 3D Coffee

2018-07-29 | 🔗


  • Quarterly 4.1% GDP, annual results look like they’ll be good, yay?
  • Media pushing the narrative of moving goalposts
    • Don Jr. meeting, you can’t listen to what someone has to say?
  • You can’t believe your eyes and ears
    • Koi pond video
    • Yanni and Laurel
  • Fareed Zakaria has a serious case of TDS…no NK or EU progress?
  • The economy is a psychology engine
  • My interest in “this Hawk Newsome guy”
  • More stories lately about TDS being a legitimate mental issue
  • Dale attacks Scott for his “pretzel logic”
  • 800 regulations removed…has anything bad happened as a result?
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • If you can’t stop thinking and talking about her, what’s that mean?
    • Does it remind you of someone else…like President Trump?
    • Master Persuader trait: not getting embarrassed, no matter what
    • Master Persuader trait: She uses visual persuasion


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but i'm pump pump pump from bump open chrome mobile hello everybody come on in here it's a beautiful sunday except it's kinda smoky over here custom custom to fires not too far away but what we do have you know what do we have so i think you do it's coffee it the election elixir of the gods and you should be getting leave for the simultaneous sip be at coffee beati beata beverage of your choice join me now the simultaneous sep oh whoever just said you're having a protein shake it's just showing off but i'll have one later too so i'll join you all right let's talk about
a number of things number one knew of course all know by now that you all know by now that the economy is doing well and the economic numbers came in a four point one for the quarter look like the whole year will probably be a pretty good number and what i love about this normally by now right about now don't you think it will be a whole bunch of new news coming out of the white house don't you think that would be a kind of a tweet about something provocative something that takes all the attention of the headlines have you notice it's not happening have you notice that the big news drops i think it was friday on how good the economy is and then the then just sort of went quiet is just letting you hang right there
the economic news is so big and so good for him he just puts it out there and then you just up into the shadows you don't really realize how good he is with us until you until you you know you look at the negative space you have to look at what he doesn't do as well as what he does to get full picture so he's just like to hang out there and what is what is the news have to talk about i turned on the news that i'm thinking it's not a lot of news what happened all the news well you suddenly went from this much news every day too let me still good and then next news program whatsapp today seriously that's all we have is the economy feel great well tomorrow how about tomorrow got what now has he please dear god tweet something that we can hate all we have to talk about is this
so that part's funny we've seen the we've seen that cnn and the let's say the pics of the president are talking about now republicans are quote move and the goal posts regarding this this meeting that don junior did with the russian lawyer now by moving the goal what they're saying is hey suddenly they're not saying that this was not collusion or not important they're saying the republicans who support the president now the pundit who supported more saying the even if did meet to get some dirt from a russian it's no big deal who is the first person that told you that it may
remember when it first happened and i even go further than it's no big deal so big deal is about halfway to where i am where i am is not only no big deal but you would have to be an idiot to not take that meeting let me just i've said this before but i did put it in context again this is a meeting that happened in the in building that working normally this is back in the campaign so it in trump tower so all they had to do was take an elevator down a few floors is a twenty minute meeting it was set up by somebody that they knew well this this pr they had a relationship with so they have a good connection it's literally downstairs it's twenty minutes and the upside is that they might tell you something about hillary clinton
do you notice what i left out i did i'll say that they stole some spy stuff and colluded they just some information now on what it is it illegal to go downstairs and listen to what somebody has to say if there's no cation given it secret no anything then and in that meeting of course the meeting turned into a big nothing but had anything been presented that look all such as we got some hillary clinton stuff and we got it off her serve anything like that then absolutely that moment you leave the meeting you have call up the fbi and say look i gotta tell you what happened we thought are you getting some information but it turns out maybe the source was sketchy now if you did it in that order you would
first have the information which could be very important not only to the country but it certainly your campaign so first you get the information and if it came from a source that was problematic as opposed to hey this russian just talked to an american and the american just told me something about hillary clinton which is totally possible right it could have come from any source it doesn't have to be a secret spy a kind of a source 'cause that was never there was never presented as secret information so first you get the information if it's a problem then you deal with it but after you get the information now is there anybody here who would argue with that order of events would you think it's smarter to call the fbi it was something that does not suggest a problem because there's nothing suggested there was untoward illegal you know trees this there was no
like that suggested it was just come downstairs i have some information don't know where it came from don't know what it is going to listen to it so i will go so far as to say that not taking that meeting would have been flat out stupid i don't know how else to put that it would then flat out stupid to not take them bing and just hear what they said 'cause remember it's just downstairs it's twelve minutes out of your life the upside uh this is there's some good information that might change the course of the campaign to the world and it comes somebody you know somebody new so i had a little bit of credibility it turns out it was incredible but at least the source was somebody you know bill under that condition you can't tell me the don junior did the wrong thing
that was the right thing it was the only smart thing to do yeah cause a little trouble but it was still the smart thing to do alright listen up on that so when when the critics say they're moving the goalpost to say that this meeting was an important i'm taking further they haven't moved the goal enough the goal or should have been of course should take that meeting are you an idiot only an idiot would not take that meeting period i'm very i'm very confident about that opinion alright have you noticed that went people are talking about the economy now and good economic news this is mostly on the pro trump channels that people are saying listen lee he it's going down the psychology in the psychology moves people's optimism and the optimism is is helping things along with the tax cuts and regulations etc
but the primarily it's a psychological engines so are you noticing that that's the typical way it's being framed now is that the we're starting to understand the country is the economy as a psychology engine and we're starting to understand that the president is a site ology fuel he is exactly the right president red engin that's driven by psychology now am i the first one who started saying that every day when the president and i was saying this before he was elected that he add these specials psychologically and skills and that the economy was a perfect place to apply them i don't believe i ever told you hey you know this president is going to be
good role model you should do what he does in his personal life don't believe i ever told you that do believe i told you that he has the exact right skills to goosen economy 'cause it said psychology machine alright i just watched a so of also seeing reporting you pricing this the this is instead the some version of paraphrasing shouldn't believe what i see and hear in the news and of course the people who present the news are saying some version of god he's telling you to ignore reality well think that's what's happened because i watch the news and i listen to the news and most of it is fake most of it like sixty percent probably
i would say sixty percent of the news at least if you look at both sides right which one's the worst one at the mall mentor who's having the more fake we can do isn't bolsa it's got their issues but it's about sixty percent fake news i'd say and that includes pictures how many times if we see the video where your eyes were lying to you for example here i'll get rid of then it is so hard to block these people they go by too quickly so remember the quite pond where the video clearly showed the president being a jerk and throwing that all of his fish food into the koi pond did your eyes tell you what was happening no they did not your i swear darn liars as it turns out that if a little bit more it would have been something else we also
laurel and is that the case of you you have to believe your ears no that is case where your ears apparently will give you two different stories at the same time so when the news organizations try to tell you what you see and hear must be real because you see it in you hear it that my friends is complete you are not in the world what see in here can be trusted the president knows that and send it directly the people who report the news are pretending that that's not the case when you can see pretty clearly that the president's right you can't trust what you see in here on the news because it's so easy to manipulate and it is manipulated everyday
by your what context they show how much of the clip they show what do you know how they frame it it's sixty percent fake news in my estimation now i just watched faried zakaria show just moment before i came on here and let me say things i really like faried zakaria's shell he's a great he's got a great mind and i love that he takes it in places that other people don't quite take it feels like he takes it to another level just sort of a smarter show but boy does he have a bad case of trump derangement syndrome he's got a serious case and i watched him today saying that trump is in this thing where he makes old insults to his let's say
political adversaries that he might be negotiating with overseas and he walks it back and guess nothing in the end and then claims it says success so that's for reads explanation of what happened in north korea and with the e that the president wildly insulted them met with them walked back everything got nothing in return and claimed victory and i'm thinking how in the world do you look at the north korea duration where literally watching the remains of the service people being returned like an actual picture and you don't believe it so there is for real who is actually reporting the news that's in complete contradiction picture of this on the news which is pictures of the remains being respectful return by the i think marines
and i'm thinking to myself i how can you say that we got nothing in the n korea tensions going down there talking about reunification the they've taken down their propaganda in the north they're you know they're making small moves things that could easily be reversed but you know there may be dismantling the rocket factory maybe got rid of it site no i printed everything is reversible but so is everything on our side everything is always reversible there's very little bit isn't reversible in this world so the fact that we're moving down a very productive path looks too for read as if nothing's happening there i don't see how any rational adult could conclude that we're not at the best place we've ever been with n korea the best place we've ever been how could we say
that's not true likewise with the eu granted i don't have a deal yet doesn't it feel like that's progress it doesn't feel like you know something productive happened there that's likely to move toward a good result you know these things do take time now interesting the way interesting lee the way for read introduced that segment was to say that his supporters the trump supporters often referred to what trump is doing as quote for dhs where that come from correct me if i'm wrong
bug but pretty sure i'm the one who introduced the idea of 3d chess which the critics try to ramp up to 4d chess and twenty seven d chess and thousand dhs because they want to exaggerate it might make a sound a little cray here but now it's common it's a common way to look at it so my frame of the economy is a psychology engin is now the common way to look at it the framing of trump making a first big ask and then you know settling on something that's still good for him is the common way too look at how he negotiates and the whole 3d or the chesler is now come the common way to both say
exactly in that way or to critique that he is or is not acting that way yeah star trek had 3d chess that's no doubt where i first saw that idea all right uhm i saw a tweet from hard newsome yes the right re about him organizing a march for some reason i can't find it today i don't but it is so does anybody know what happened i wonder if you cancel that uh so the idea was a kids had it was put the new york daily news i think story that the hawk was part of organizing i don't know if he is the organizer or part of organizing a blah
as a matter of march that was meant to be inclusive of everybody in other words it it would you know republicans are absolutely invite march and it's not going to be against police just be in pro love and it would i guess go from new york to washington dc and culminate on yeah that's the wave of love is called that would culminate on the anniversary of charlottesville but the idea was to just make a make it a positive bring us together kind of kind of a situation but i don't know if that we'd disappeared so i don't know if that's all grown up but i i retweeted now somebody is asking me what is it with your obsession with this guy and i would like to answer that question
most of you know that my i beat my interest is persuasion and that i'm most interested in those situations they have been resistant to persuasion for long time n korea for example and the persuasion on the economy that we just talked about so wherever persuasion is is there possibility or it's why you need for a breakthrough i tend to be interested in those situations one of the biggest pro homes in the country but maybe the biggest is race relations and race relations i think course there real things that need to be done but i think that it's at least eighty percent psychological meaning that both sides distrust the other yeah how can you have a conversation about how to fix things if you don't have trust in the simple answer is you can't because
in comes out of either either mouth is just discounted by the others like i don't trust anything you say yeah hawk i hear you talk about love but i think it's a trick right so if you don't trust somebody you can't possibly hear what they're saying what i've offered to hawk is that i would be an honest broker of the communications between you know his group and republicans because the people he wants to persuade or much republicans and conservatives because he's already persuaded meaning they were already on the side the people that you know let's say the people on the left the black as matter folks they're all on the same side he doesn't need to wait them to do anything beyond be organized he's trying to persuade the other side
so what i've done is i'm trying to build some kind of a trust relationship talk so that his ideas can be heard by the other side and vice versa remember this is a two way channel so if i ucv amplifying hawks opinions which i try to do on social media it's because it's part of a two way process in which i can promise you he's hearing my thoughts as we have conversations that are not public right so definitely heard what i have to say understands it like probably just about nobody ever has meaning that hawk understands both sides and i've come a lot closer to understanding both sides i was before i started this communication and
so when you seahawk hawk organizing a love wave and i hope it's still on i just don't know where that we went when you see him doing that how perfectly does that fit with what the right is also say what is the right to say all the time in response to black lives matter they say something like all lives matter right which just causes trouble it just goes when they say black lives matter if your responses all lives matter all you've done is take sides right so it's a very unproductive framing he knows that that's why this is not framed as do something for maine it's framed as let's do something for each other you know it's a christian first martin luther king inspired by the way let's just
show some love and then maybe we can get some trust and if you've done the love maybe which together a little bit maybe get some trust then you can start hearing each other but right now we're in a mode where we can't hear each other we're just discounting with the other side um i've also told you that the hockey is is a unique leader in that he is suggested specific rule changes that could be tried specific law changes the should be and again these are subject for debate but there are specific suggestions about i'll give you just one one example is what the process when police have a person in custody the person says i need some medical treatment right now it's up to the police officers to decide whether to give them medical treatment or take him to the hospital or not the hawks suggests
then maybe we try not giving the police that option and making sure that it's if they ask for medical treatment that they get it now make an argument that that's not a good idea one is hard to make an argument that you shouldn't try it somewhere just try it in the city see how it goes and see if too many people are asking for you know and it could be that you don't publicize it because or people asking for it because i think they can get away with it maybe it's just a it will change right so the point is talk is making suggestions that are very testable the highest level of thinking in my opinion highest level of thinking about politics used to make practical suggestions they can be tried on the small basis and then compared do you rate so he's operating at the very highest level uh and you see this with the march two that the love
arch is taking it to the highest level he's finding anything where we can connect 'cause that makes other things where we might have some disagreement a lot easier he's doing the hard part first so i hope he succeeds what you're going say to yourself hey hawk or black lives matter said that thing that we didn't like why are you why are you give him him oxygen here's the thing you kind of need to hear the stuff you know like you should not hide from the stuff you don't like nor do you want them to hide from the response that you might have to it that they don't like there's anything that would be productive in this day and age be actually listening to something you don't like to hear
an idea that isn't your first choice and then having a chance to respond and again a respectful way so part of what uh i find powerful about hell bing hawk and particularly black lives matter and by the way i think use the most effective leader of black lives matter even think of any other name do you think if anybody else was leader of black lives matter whose name you've even heard 'cause i can't think of one now hawk has a big problem with the brand because there's so many people who have said things i have said things under the banner of black lives matter that are different you it's a lot of people was we different maybe sometimes very different opinions
in some of those opinions are very a provocative if not downright unhelpful so he's got a problem with in which he needs to consolidate the brand or be part of the effort to consolidate the brand something that is unambiguously productive because that's the point right people though you know hawk isn't he's not protesting 'cause he likes it is trying to get something done he's trying to be productive so i is doing all the right things right now too get their brand on target now here's my point if you be persuasive which black lives matter wants to be supporters want to be we all want to be more persuasive here is a trick technique if you will a tool perhaps that is very very important the first
or being persuasive that you have to get right is getting peoples tension and holding it long enough to persuade them if people don't pay it listen to you you're not going to persuade them so it's very very important to get their attention in one of them ways to do that is to you the old newspaper quote it's not news of a dog bites man because you expect that to happen there won't hold anybody's attention hajir but the dog bit somebody i don't care dogs bite people but if you hear the mayan god on all fours and attack the dog and beth the dog let's headline it's hard to forget that 'cause it's not supposed to be happening right now when when hawk and i have a productive conversation i'm most most associated with being a big trump supporter in terms of writing about his persuasion tools and that seems to be the
the opposite of anybody who could have a productive conversation with the leader of black lives matter so when i talk it's whole bunch of man bites dog 'cause it's not supposed to be happening that's what holds your attention that's not an accident right the fact that we're not supposed to be having this conversation is what makes a sticky that's part of the part of the plan when when somebody immediately said what is your obsession with this guy didn't you see that it bothered you word probably i don't know maybe even half of you wouldn't you say that you're actually bothered by the fact that i give him so much attention it bothers you right that's part of the plan it should bother you a little bit that's what sticks in in your brain how to get that in your head why is this guy who president trump also like the
the leader of black lives matter why do you say good things about him that can't be true ha right sticks in your brain that's the point he's got a bigger problem i think because he can't he can embrace you and still be credible within within his own organization he can do things that nobody can argue with which is take up to the higher level talk about love first see if we can get a little trust going little bit of momentum on the things we do agree with and then the details start getting easier because now you can have productive conversation all right uhm somebody says is not the leader of black lives matter no i'm not saying he's the leader it's a national group so hawk is the leader of the green
new york area i'm just saying these probably the most effective charismatic smartest most strategic you know head heads in the right place he's got a christian first approach love first approach i think you have to like all that stuff all right somebody says trusting hawk means we get taken to the cleaners i think you should have some confidence i think you should have some confidence that you can find a way we can find a way collectively to be productive things don't have to go wrong just they just don't have to go wrong things could go right the economy can go well n korea go well russia can go well we are not locked
you are a little mental prison where it used to be as the way it needs to be alright hawk is definitely out of his mental prison if you haven't noticed uh i'm helping somebody you get out of your mental prisons as well the fact i'm writing a book about it will be writing it in about a couple hours uh i saw a headline that said let's stormy daniels lawyer would not be gagged you should never headlines with stormy daniels have you also noticed more stories about trump arrangements grown by different names but essentially that
as a real medical problem maybe i'm just noticing them but we ask you this have you noticed in the past just a few weeks the more stories about legitimate actual medical problems coming out of trump derangement syndrome now you've probably noticed that the anti trump are trying to respond to the trump derangement syndrome framing by saying that trump supporters are a cult how many have you seen the anti trump person try to frame trump supporters as a cult no i was wondering if i was if that's an organized thing or just somebody heard it and it was catchy so they they picked it up do you think that the simultaneous ness of the anti trumpers all using the word trump cult do you think
that's organized because i can't tell i've got to feel about this one is it seemed to happen somewhat simultaneously which would suggest that the memo came out much like back the campaign when everybody started using the word dark everything the president does is dark and stark that was clear we organized there's no question about that one there's not only did everybody say at the same time but it was such a weaponized high end somebody who really knows their stuff came up with that i've made my guesses who it was but when you hear the trump cult say to myself ah i'm not positive that that's nuclear grade
doesn't feel nuclear grade not like dark dark was dark was strong strong stuff colt is almost a comma things you know when you say somebody is in a cult it almost seems like a punch line or something it doesn't feel scary or or terrable so even though cults are not don't have a good reputation obviously uh but it feels like it feels like uh the left is trying to counter the trumped rangement syndrome thing because it's so sticky and reminisce at it number types it is it's not my imagination that folks are even the anti trumpers are using the phrase trump derangement syndrome have you notice that yeah they're usually using it somewhat defensively as a
we don't have that or were being blamed to that but it feels like both the left and the right are talking about trump derangement syndrome as though just a real well not as though that it is a real thing as an actual medical diagnostic quality to it and that there are millions of people suffering from it that feels to be now medically demonstrated you have scientifically if you will without without the controlled experiments i don't mean that but the trump all doesn't it doesn't ring is true does it sir really true that people who support the president tend to be sticky meaning that you know they're going to they're going to support him through good news and the bad news but that's just politics
is that really different than anything we've ever seen before i'm not really one of the things that i also wonder if you know how much this i'm behind does sometimes it's hard to tell have you seen how many times the the anti trumper will blame the pro trump side of getting themselves into pretzels to be apologists too play the way the bad things that he did have you ever seen that this so many times we see people say oh they're they're making this bad things like a good thing have you ever seen so much of that in my take on that is that trump supporters are succeeding at that take the the charades example that i i just talked about
you know he's seeing no progress on north korea and no progress with the wizard i i don't even know what world that is but i can't even imagine that point of view so am i twisting it into a pretzel when i say that the economy is four point one percent of gdp this quarter i mean it feels like it's just the fact you don't give or take a few points that will be adjusted that feels like just a fact and now one hundred percent of economic experts i would say yeah this optimism thing that does drive the economy so the things that i've been saying that people keep in mind the i've been saying that his brand of persuasion and optimism would directly drives the economy up
part that optimism is doing the right stuff tax changes and regulations but honestly it's the bigger feeling we have about those things that really drives things so i said that before you sought right i told you year and a half in advance that if you were elected this is what you're going to and remember people said well you're twisting it into you know that you're really you're really reaching it's a reach scott it's such a reach imagine that this guy who had some bankruptcies and he doesn't pass the fact checking you think wait a minute wait a minute well whole whole scott you say how are you idiot you fool you think that this guy over the bankruptcy this this con man
is going to do good things for the economy ha ha ha ha ha sky view twist into a pretzel europe wrestle with your logic your pretzel logic how can you say that in then he gets elected and then he does exactly that and my pretzel logic turned out to be right on do you remember when president trump said they were saying fire fury and was sort of giving it back to kim jong noon the way he was receiving it and the legitimate press was saying at the end of the world we're going to get luke can i say those things that week it's making everything worse what did i say i said wow that's now what's happening here he just i said
is in trouble just humanized kim jong moon he just he just moved a month of the level of bro talk he actually just showed him respect but dealing with them like a look up here and a weird way and that this is probably going to be leading to something good who said that me and what did people say they said all scott you'll trump supporters will say anything you apologist you are twisting things what is wrong with your logic you see what is right in front of you on the television screen so so and then how long ago was i talking about trump derangement syndrome
as a real medical problem and sure enough it is and i think that you'll progress also with you had been saying that the all of the terrorists and the trade worst i've been saying that the best thing to do is push on all the doors at once make as much this is a cat and push as hard as you can and some of those doors are going to open and once you get few doors going your way probably is going to create some mental momentum to allow the other entities the other countries make a deal also but until you get the first well maybe the eu will be that one until you get the first one the others are going to hold right no was to be the first one to the cave because it would look like they're caving but if
number of people just say hey let's come to an agreement let's get rid of terrorist both ways then it makes is safe for a china to say oh we're not caving we're just doing what people so i see you what is doing this i'll canada is doing it now i see mexico made a deal goes that way it makes is safe for china to say all right well this is not first choice but at least it's safe to do it everybody's doing it we're just joining the pack so i think what you're going to see is that the presidents seemingly crazy healing style is exactly on point we can't predict the specific outcome but if you ask me is is more likely to be positive than negative i don't even think it's close it's so likely to be positive in the long run show
of course we're going to we're going to take a hit but he's doing it when the economy is strong that's exactly the right time to do bottle both both all right what else is going on here today don't trust the ice directors retweet other know what that is all right i think so somebody asked if i could thank you love me less it's impossible trump met the new york times today for what even the new york times gave him credit for the economy by the way so what did i say about the first year of trump's economy
i said i agree that first year of any president's term you have to kind if whatever happens at first year that's more the more is about the the person who just laughed because there's a bit of a time lag with the economic stuff but i said that by the second year of the president's term that's going to really be the trump here
see your that seventy five percent drop in twenty five percent prior presidents of courses the president isn't the whole story but in terms of presidential influence and the first year of a trump the economy which i call the sophomore year you know the second year of his term is really the first year in my opinion this is my view that is his economy what happened well the first year of the trouble economy which is the second year of his term beat the crap out of the the the the last year of of of obama's economy which was effectively the first year of trump storm so the relation takes effect yes is so it took awhile for the tax breaks the d regulations and all that stuff to the cake and do you know the story i have not heard and i'm trying to figure out why
here's a story that is not in the news it goes like this president trump remove regulation acts whatever that is yeah all the bad things that happened because of it how many reg tions that he remove was like hundreds or something i don't know what the but lots of regulations were just removed word none of them a bad idea hun thousands one hundred thousand all all of these regulations removed just wiped off the books where are all the stories from the enormous industry that hates this president where are the stories saying all this one didn't work yeah this regulation that that went to crap now if such a thing happened in there
i would like to think that the regulation would be put back in place if one of those regulations was removed and it just made things worse maybe the pressure report on it have to some of them out of all those regulations to be at least one of them there was an overreach nobody can be nobody could get write eight hundred times in a row or whatever the number is but could the president be right eight hundred times in a row on removing regulations i doubt it who could do that no matter how good do you think he is who could do that but where is the story i mean where's the picture of the extra pollution i mean where is that story is it because doesn't exist did he get all eight hundred right maybe i mean that's i suppose it's possible because there because of all the regulations in the world obvious
really they were targeting the ones that were just clearly dumb so it we got one hundred right or all i mean it's it's not impossible feels like at least some of them would be a little gray area in his critics would be reporting on it so it could be it could be that the stories would be boring it could be yeah it could be that the news organizations don't have enough resources to go chase down these little stories that might be kind of local it might be that there's no there are no statistics yet but it's it's curiously missing isn't it uh huh sure enough my predictions for the midterms well
i'll just renew my prediction i said in january of two thousand and eighteen beginning of this year that republicans would do substantially better then whatever was forecast back then no sure just means it might be not as big a los as some people thought and it might be a tie it might be a win but i'm sticking with that prediction because to get to get more fine than that about who's going to pick up seeds that's not really a persuasion prediction asian tells me the gap will close the actual win loss after that
has more to do with the individual candidates on the match ups in the the way things the of the districts are drawn and a whole bunch of stuff that frankly you'd have to be really down in the weeds to to keep a scorecard on that have i invited her shorts for an interview i haven't waiting for when you for my my
start ups apple to do an upgrade and then i'll start using that for some more interviews well i have i have one interview with a built all day coming up i think on tuesday unless we reschedule but you're gonna see an exciting update with a bill pull today and the blight authority which i'm gonna get you all involved with both talk about that on tuesday that'll be tuesday so tuesday for my periscope will feature built all day and you can hear some good news once like you're some good news please good news in terms of process will wait to see how things start up a process wise good news of due to rush limbaugh needs to have me on his show you say you know i actually was income
station with his booker and we traded messages i said i was available and then they just never heard from we now it's possible the he emailed me and i didn't see it and then he just moved out because i don't always see all my email so i don't i don't know that the problems of their own they're under my and i don't have a theory on that it's just we could easily be on my end but it didn't happen of two hundred and twenty two who is faulty it's spelled pulate and i'll tell you about more about that on tuesday but if you like progress in your inner cities you know building a better world that's what that's going to be about so it's about taking them really the toughest problems may be the toughest problem
uh that's one of the things i like about bill i have full day is that he literally taking on maybe the toughest problem in the country and not for the government to do it so he's is just said what can i do it turns out he could do a lot so that's kind of american you want all right eta for tuesday's broadcast it'll be about the same as always seven am seven hundred am pacific time so one thousand am eastern time tired of immigration talk somebody asked main well i don't know why say that oh let's talk about cortez somebody says she's turning out to be a disaster for the devs
you're so wrong so i'm seeing tons of attention on the right to alexandria octavio cortez my finally getting her name right or close if people are sending the clips in which they say hey her answers are not good answers to these technical questions about the budget and everything and these people are saying to be isn't that proof that she's not the real thing to which i say who are we talking about there are three hundred million people in the country who this is the one that you wanted to talk about it was her who does that remind you of president trump hate to tell you now they say she's like him i'm not going to say she has his level of talent 'cause she doesn't but if you can't stop
talking about her that's the real deal right every time you find yourself talking about her on social media or with a friend sometimes there's a story about how she's not the next leader of the democrats she gets stronger she is absorbing your energy and using it against you again who has ever done that in front of you president trump is absorbing your criticisms and turning them into attention what is half of persuasion attention has she gotten the half right oh yeah she got that she got the half right like no his business if you're ignoring that level of talent to make all of us talk about her you're missing a big pig
right 'cause you want to look at her errors you want to look at the mistakes you want to look at the things she said there are technically not perfect or accurate i know you want to talk about the time she stumbled other question also if you ever seen do that president trump right is she she is a political rookie who is working your way through a tough business and is be testing your answers she did there's about how to pay for the stuff she wanted probably got a lot of criticism i hope she she sought in which she said oh the way i answered that well regarded it as not a good answer what do you think going to the next time she answers that question do you think it will be just as bad no 'cause she's not stupid you watching her
this in public what do i tell you is one of the traits of a master persuader one of the biggest traits somebody just said she is an embarrassment you accidentally answered my question before i even asked it one of the biggest traits of a master persuader is that they don't get in bed imagine imagine if you were an ordinary person the tv and you answer the question you just got savaged by your critics like how you don't know anything your numbers don't add up just you know you're dumb you're a fraud you just got savaged
what do you do if you're a normal person well you retreat into your shell you get out of politics you become less effective you become tentative you become nervous in public you try to avoid questions you become worse what happens if you're a master persuader you say to yourself her that didn't work as well as the next thing i'm going to try i'll try bills but by the way i got a ton of attention everybody's talking about me and when i say it right the next time everybody's going to be listening everybody is going to be listening so an answer she gave about how do you pay for the all the changes and she sort of stumbled through some things but here's the thing she did write many of so the interview she's
by saying that she just she just had lunch with a nobel prize winning economist and she and she joked about that in the very would say disarming way 'cause you just act like a person who was excited that she could talk to a nobel prize economists and even she was impressed by that which was actually adorable but now it was very non professional looking but in a way it was it was adorable because it seemed so human that part was perfect she put in your head and nobel prize winning person advising her so she went immediately in the very first moment she went from what the hell do i know about anything in the economy which is what people were thinking about her you i just had lunch with a nobel prize winning economist and he's helping me craft my message here it is that's good right so far
that's really really good if i advise you if you didn't know much about economics and your against was doubting you what would be good way to change their minds well i had just had lunch with a nobel winning economist he told maine some things packaging went for you and here you go it's as good as from a nobel winning economist so that's good and other things she he had some very visual language she was talking about military spending so keep in mind they're getting the facts right doesn't matter because she's persuading so when you say those facts are all wrong who does that remind you of somebody who knows the facts don't matter i think i mentioned that person before and so she said was something like you know we we bought enough pretty five we didn't even need and so why do we need another nuclear bomb
well i don't know if any of that is true so people have said no no no that's true with the military was asking for it all she was saying that they didn't even ask for it but that's dispute the truth doesn't matter to point what matters is she made you think of an f thirty five she visualize she made you think if a nuclear bomb that you don't need like you visualize it you saw the mushroom cloud probably so when you see her talk in such visual language and keeping a simple she didn't go compare this compare this um i think the military spending is too much that's a concept with no picture very bad persuasion she didn't do that she said this is f35 we didn't want you picture it gave us you know nuclear bomb we don't need an extra nuclear bomb you picture it simple visual who's i remind you of remind
with somebody who talked about immigration who could have said well i think strowger stronger immigration control that's a concept concepts don't work they're not persuasive so instead he said wall we did a wall look at cortez we don't need that f35 we don't need that extra nuclear weapon same technique is well the fact checking the details correct on either side doesn't matter is is persuading in direction that both of them fined productive they genuinely think those directions are productive and how you get there is through persuasion not through fax so she's taking the smart way to get there so when you see her work capture your attention speak in visual language riff to her nobel prize winning and then her answer about how to pay for it
was marvellous marvellously terrible meaning that she actually gave some reasons he said we know we can do this and we can do that and you tweak the taxes and whatever they were complete factually in the because the the size of what she wanted to pay for is this big her answer was about this big so the she was how do you pay for this it hurt ttl answer was well this little part we might find a way to pay for that but then she ran out of time as long as time was on her side she just choose up the time she's given an answer and the people who are likely to support her here that and they don't know the difference they don't know anything about the budgets they don't know how this mathworks they just say oh well esther for how she was going to pay for it and she said that she would
most people who are not maine i kind of like that idea she said that we would not buy the unnecessary nuclear bombs i like that i like the idea of not buying unnecessary nuclear bombs now this is simplified to the point of ridiculous still persuasive so when people ask me what do i think of her i say watch out is probably the real deal too early to tell right she could have missed apps anything could happen she's young but the preliminary indications that she's got a lot of game the game so watch out which is completely different from me agreeing with it right and i'm not telling you i agree with her i'm just saying that her persuasion game is very strong
and will be improving so what you're seeing what you thank you sir operating at like twenty percent effectiveness and already we can't stop talking about her so you rap your head around that and multiply it by twenty years let's see what you got then alright can she actually persuade those on the right the issue that good oh we don't know because her job is persuade her side until she has enough of them that she has power once power that she has the necessity and the ability to start persuading the other side but that's you you see that even president trump he's totally consolidated his side but it's still tough to make much progress on the other side he's chewing away at all right i think that's all for now i'm going to get off and do some work please go enjoy your day and i'll talk to you tomorrow
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