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Episode 162 Scott Adams: North Korea, Iran, Twitter, Healthcare, 3D Guns

2018-07-31 | 🔗


  • NK doing things they haven’t negotiated to stop doing yet
  • Misleading cost estimates of healthcare proposals
  • 3D printed guns, is that a big deal?
  • The clear advantage of my “48 Hour Rule”, allowing clarifications
  • NFL new rule on kneeling, worse than the old rule?
  • President Trump approval polls
  • Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “the real thing”?
  • Who is the best Democrat Presidential candidate?
  • Koch brothers vs. President Trump


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But a bump bump bump bump bump bubble Bob Bob Bob on Y hear buddy. I hope your singing along, and I hope you have your coffee because today is a day, were you. Finally, on time you ve got your beverage And you're going to enjoy the simultaneous up with so many like minded people who are about to do it. Ah, ah, that's good lower, when you call me captain A Morgan, hey Ray hey, based, diva glitter
so let's talk very few things in the news now Korea behaving Badly or are there so there's a new report? the Washington Post. Well, that's credible in the Washington Post Their referring to Sir intelligent sources, while that's credible, intelligent sources. Intelligent sources always get the sort of thing right and then, Those intelligent sources talked of the Washington Post. Well, that's twice is true, or is it. Well, here we have a problem, because the intelligence agencies are no longer credible. I guess I'm not sure they were ever credible, but at the moment There are probably an all time low of credibility. now. Does that mean that North Korea is not continuing to work long range missiles? Oh I wouldn't I would imagine they are
do you know why I imagine they are working on long range missiles because they have negotiated not to Look I've negotiator would go into in negotiations and give away the stuff their negotiating. That's not a thing! So, yes, MR continuing business as usual, because I don't have a delia now I saw I saw Reports- I'm having a little trouble believing or power possibly something we don't know about it. That would make it all make sense, and that is that North Korea is save that they're, not gonna, go the that the next step of actually doing more physical things to stop their nuclear and missile programmes. Unless these I don't need that his days makes a bold step, no. The bold step may in some kind of a concession, but what they talked about in the reporting
is a bold step. There would primarily be declaring peace. and declaring an end to the war that still officially war and and implementing security guarantees. So North Korea has guaranteed by the big powers that nobody will attack and I'm myself that's pretty doable. There's a little bit of a chicken and egg problem here. Do they have to do their thing first, or do we just say our thing? First by here's, the thing Wouldn't it be easy to structure the says will give you will declare peace? I will say the war is over and will give you security guarantees, but the security guarantees are contingent on. You actually get invented the missiles and asked
get him out of the news, and then, if you don't do that, the security guarantees are not valid So it seems to me there's a bath now, that's the hideous version of what's going on. because one imagines that what the people doing Work now is very different from what we now could be a completely different situation in reality, but in terms of the reporting, we're saying is that work continues which it should because their negotiating the right giving stuff away, and until yet their deal, I would imagine that keep the pressure up by continuing to develop. But the things they want according to, reporting. Don't know if this is true, but the report, is it the thing they want sounds pretty doable. So that's all good news. There is nothing that looks like Stop was like veteran, so after president trumps, all caps ward,
to IRAN. there's a little bit of a sort of a public dialogue: argon, not a private one. But the President President trump said that he would meet with IRAN's running without conditions. Our people happy with that. Well, of course, people saying. No, you never meet with people without conditions and I grow are you saying I have my own conditions. You must get back in the agreement that you got enough. so that's not going to happen. I mean at least that condition will happen, but it's interesting. It is interesting that the president has already talked to him now. The that I saw from one of the iranian officials or maybe use they reporting about it. I forget, but they
here is the word humiliation and the thinking is that, since the United pull over. The deal thus put IRAN and weakens situation if IRAN agreed to just say talk to him. That would be like talking to your boat. These are like a humiliation for around I thought to myself, I can see that that's a factor but you know, occur. the factor that is so. I've told you that the definition of the gold, I've told you that the definition of the golden age there, when we realise our biggest problems or psychological and around is probably the best example of that The only thing, that's keeping us from the only thing this laughing at her pockets know exactly what you're saying that is. The only thing is, keeping us
from having a talk with the red. Is that their feeling humiliated as a psychological situation. I would imagine that that is a solvable I don't know exactly what I would take the solid but probably explain our pockets. I will hop archives or a small food. you put it a toaster and it makes a meal. But what's funny about it- is it's part of a famous comedy act by a comedian, Jim gaff. Again is, on my mind, I hang out with Jim gaff again for a great challenge for a couple hours.
I watched his showered. Las Vegas recently got to talk to him afterwards, and so I think that might have been on my mind. Oh yeah, I've met had met him because we worked together years ago project. Let's talk about healthcare, So I saw a quote from Jamie Diamond whose one of these three big people in this private health care initiative with basis and buffet, and Jamie Diamond- and I guess the ideas that those three companies are going to try to create their own private health care or low cost situation use technology. Now there a little vague about what that means in is the right direction. But I like the fact that I, like the that
the technology is there focus conceives like those three companies should be able to come up with something they ve got the money at least Amazon it as the technology jobs, so we'll be fascinating, see what they come up with Somebody mentioned the third trillion dollar cost for Medicaid for all or Medicare fraud, and ah You probably heard me call out that number was BS has first of all as a ten year number. So if you multiply using by enough years becomes. We had becomes too big a number so whether these things should always be expressed in a one year number. In my opinion,.
I should be a one year number unless it's gonna be changing a lot like going up faster, going down, slow that it makes sense to ten years but we can really understand ten year estimates Gimme a one year number and then put it in contacts with the budget life. I've got a little more chance of understanding it. But I have seen at least one article which agreed with what I said yesterday in periscope. today, that number did not include the savings of the people it would be buying their own healthcare didn't include, maybe the savings of efficiencies whenever maybe that was now. But the the larger point here is that there are. There are gigantic differences and be in the house. last month stuff because I believe buried in that article about the thirty two trillion extra cost. Here's, usually you probably didn't see.
In the same article I believe said vacuum. air to doing what we already doing, which is nothing two trillion dollars cheaper now, you're probably thought you just heard me so the same article. The said it would cost thirty two billion dollars to have health care for all. If you read, if you keep reading down to the detail This says that compared to doing nothing, it will be Two trillion dollars cheaper now, You said yourself wait a minute is literally the opposite. Look at the problem here. Look at the problem The same article said it would be thirty two trillion dollars and you say: well, that's impossible. The same article said, but it would be to deal to truly
hours cheaper than what we're doing now and then he said yourself. Well, ok well actually looks like a good deal, but if you're wrong, it would be wrong twice, but the things I told you are completely misleading. Why big if it looks like you, you spend thirty two trillion over ten years, and somebody saying well you don't do anything it would be before trillion. So you really saving two trillion dollars now you're. Not because we are, thirty two trillion dollars suspend over ten years so now but he's gonna spend either those amounts right. the entire analysis is too, Mercer opposites, pay thirty two trillion dollars. We can possibly afford it. We say two trillion dollars. so you say, while you can see everything you want, this article again this problem, but we Don't have thirty two or authority four trillion dollars, so
We are always talking about alternatives. That cannot happen. so comparing one thing that can happen and say it's less expensive the other thing that can happen doesn't mean you save money, so you got be careful about saying to save money, but also gotta, be we'll saying it it'll cost thirty two trillion, because that's probably misleading to so. My larger point is that, like climate science, any any imagination you have, we know what the hell will happen and what it will cost is absolute fantasy. Somebody say this is so stupid. Hurts I don't know if you're talking about me you're someone else, but if that was above me, you're gonna get kids. You can get right, subversive need to know about healthcare. Is it any estimates, of course, are probably imaginary?
Now that doesn't mean that we can tell the something's will be more expensive than others we probably can, but the big the big changes, if you're looking to if you're looking at ten years it, a I'm begging, your tenure estimate of Healthcare COS, does that include whatever buffet Jamie Diamond and bases come up with an idea illusion. are with the rest of the world does not because we don't know what they'll come up with, doesn't include the device that I tweet about yesterday? That takes the blood test down too little a device that goes on your phone, it doesn't include that none of those glue There are no inclusions of any kind of age healthcare costs. So less about health care are bunk I also growth, reedy guns,
some others, the new. Now that earlier will be legal too. Download plans and print a three day gun if you have a three do printer and peoples themselves, my god, this is dangerous, because people who have a bunch of illegal guns And I say to myself: well, there's really make any difference. Do anything? Will it really does here's? My thinking, How much overlap is there between people want to use a gotta illegally also have a three day printer. Is that a lot of people do at all. People have three printers. And they want to kill somebody? Probably some, but
that we live in a country were getting a gun, is just about the easiest thing in the world who a buyer three, the printer when they need a gun. feels like the wrong way to do it. Secondly, if you want to stop people from making three d printed guns, Here is the way to do it right now. There must one This probably at least warm. plan on line that tells do a really good one way to stop. It this too, but more of those plans are life. Have you google directions on how to do something. Look at you turban here, looking for directions, what's the biggest problem, Is there to many directions and are all different and you're thinking? Oh, my God, and I can't is this- the updated software or the cylinder. The bug is. Does this work?
my three day, printers arrives at the other version. If I get this plan work with the operating system. I haven't my three, the printer or not wait. Why are there fifty versions of the plans of the gun if all you do is let the plans worth reading plans? go exactly the same way as every other online instruction from Youtube. Instead do anything. You, Google, about software, trying to fix the software bugging. You you, Google, it and you find fifteen hundred frickin descriptions of had who had a fix- but there are completely different, and at least one of them is always. Erase all of your software have you This problem, you have some kind of a bug with your device or computer and you go? I lied to look for the source and one of the solutions. Every frickin time race. Everything on your hard disk delete start over.
The only thing you can do site and is one of the one of the three hundred instructions. So let me too, If I'm mad enough to want to kill somebody I need a gun the, Believing that could make me more mad is to try to print a gun with a friggin, the printer and trying to figure out which one of these stupid gun Gun instructions is the one that actually works on my printer and then make sure I've got the right kind of plastic because yeah, there's probably something like here But you have to especial pellet for your plastic as a harder plastic, and then I saw Did you see the picture of the somebody's out of here: did you see the pig of the actual printed gun, let me show you like. I am no design export,
let me show you a picture of the gun. It look like this. It looked like a clean Xbox were the handle now. Psychology is always a big element of you anything right, Now, if you are a bad ass gangster. Let's say your Amis thirteen years it you're thinking, I'm gonna, get me a gun. and your eminence thirteen and you're, like you, hang out with your home ease and they ve got their cool hang out again, look at me, get the gun. You say, that's nothing! You pull areas really plastic. You gotta get laughter of almost thirty just saying if you got a prison.
For a crime with a plastic gun. It looks like this: you knock and get the respect of the other prisoners. This is not the gun. You wanted a crime for and go to jail. You'll have to lie about your crime, people will use a plastic and create a crime if they actually go to prison. They're gonna have to say that there are actually child molesters, just stay safe. because you don't wanna, be that guy, don't be the criminal with plastic gun some say. now? Will there be children who will by the Download plastic guns, probably but their children who get turf there prince guns, children who guns illegally, unfortunately there just and everywhere. So my thinking is, he's plus the guns.
If you so many big change will cause somebody to die. Then probably yes, but probably the size of the problem, is not nearly as big as people. Imagine you start to get ammo, and I am also thinking It seems to me that there will be ways for I imagine there will be ways to control that, because even though it software they're probably will be, online markets that are the only places you get plans at another. Three d ab stores work but is there something like an app store for three, the printers it wouldn't be that hard to restrict somehow those plants or at least track, who hasn't morleys, make sure you're in.
older or or make sure that you'd goes in the same young garden check as anybody else, you'll. Probably waste control. I wouldn't worry about it. Let's talk about, You talk about my forty hour, rule again the forty eight hour rule I'm gonna, keep putting another if I can get to catch on Is that if somebody says something in public or is discovered to have said something in the past on Twitter, let's say, and it becomes public at the moment more public. The sum of your thoughts does now, who you are, who you are is where you do at least for this, is we don't want to live in a world? Where people are judged by what we imagine they are thinking. Remember that? You are not the some of your thoughts does know who you are. Who you are is why you do at least to the rest of the world, because we
care about your internal thoughts. We care what you do if you are thinking a bad thing but you're, giving your money to the poor. What you think, might be bad. But what you're doing is good. Who are you you're? The person who gave to the poor. that's who you are serve some says: hey that thing you said was provocative were insulting, nor what did you really mean and then the person who says let me clarify it was not the bad thing. I really meant this or that. I think the only thing they should matter is what the person says. They think that our area guessing of what they really think is only bad, because not a world you live now, I'm not telling you that your guessing incorrectly, sometimes your guessing correctly. Sometimes you are accurately guessing what another person's thinking,
but my rule that I've suggesting is a: u dont live in a world where we judge people and treat them based on what we imagine there? Thinking, because, as a bow, a half the time, maybe two thirds of the time we're gonna be wrong. so you don't want to standard for judging your your fellow citizens if, if their standards gonna make you wrong two thirds of the time and then just trouble. So I say the only standard for was somebody, but somebody's opinion is, is what they tell you. It is period the only standard for no, he was somebody. Things is what they tell you. There thinking I would say if they care clarify within forty eight hours. Well, You ve got a right to wonder what their thinking and maybe you put that judgment on them.
but take the the rose. An example within forty eight hours. She said. Oh crap, I didn't even realise that Valerie Jarrett was African American. Whether or not you think that's true. Society works best. if you allow her that clarification personally, I think it's totally drew your ear mileage navy. But even if it were not true, this is important part. Even if it is not true, you still have to give her the chance To be the only author of what she thinks, even if it's not true, you have to treat them like what they said. Is there their opinion,
The thing that matters not what you're thinking just care of a world where we're judging people well by what we imagine there thinking that getting nowhere, even if sometimes you're right, you don't you dont, want that world. Start Muslim, wheels. Initial kneeling, the president said that the fell, rule is maybe even worse than before so the old rule was they could Neil if they want to do on the field The new rule is a carefully on the field, but they can stay in the locker room during the national anthem and I have to admit, I think the president has a point on that in terms of which is worse, because if you can the field and New Neil, you are you're making a protest which also looks disrespectful to the flag and the country in the eyes of many people on pro pro protest. So
in favour of dealers, because I, like a good protest, flies. Nobody gets her and I think those protests were effective because we're talking about. If we were talking about him I'd say they weren't effect. but the fact that the presidency has taken the locker room is actually worse and I thought about it. I thought yeah. I can see that because staying in the locker room is simply disrespectful as kneeling is an explicit protest. The weird thing about America birthing about America is, you can love your country But what it stands for in part is the ability of protest, So is actually weirdly respectful to protest right in front of the fly, because it's also risks
the flag and a weirdo at way right like the good, because you can't in another country you couldn't disrespect the flag written from the flag, you'd be executed or so part of what makes America. America is a? U could Neil in front of the flag right on tv and protest, it that's what makes a great doesn't know so, I can't see the president's point. First, choice is just show respect to the flag. Second, choice is a respectful and I think it is respectful protest in which you're you're kneeling, because then the is respectful in a right. It's not aggressive is the opposite. That kind of gives respect for whom the country is a place where you can do that, third choice and here's where I agree with the president and the worst choice
you staying in the locker room. That's just disrespectful, but it's not a protest. Protest at least give some respectable sides. so I think the president's right about that. I'm not sure that the biggest issue in the world, so He says disagree I think, there's room, Disagree on this one, that's a judgment call I wouldn't say you're wrong to disagree on. That's just my opinion. Save it for one year now they work, I agree. you know, and I agree with the people say that work is work. I agree that the owners should be able to manage this anyway. They want. I agree to that. Well, don't you got going on. I think we ve covered all the big stuff. This farm.
Thoughts on Venezuela, I don't think there's much to think about on Venezuela. It's it's just a sad situation. You're, the the weird thing about them, as well as it becomes a sort of a cautionary tale because it shows what's the worst that can happen with dictator and socialism. Left men afford not to interest and men, for what did you not say about of another up I'll give you some updates bill poverty and the blight authority sooner fish? There are some interesting developments that you're gonna, like we'll trump every have fifty percent approval. Maybe-
But you know when it comes to tramp approval numbers, don't mean the same thing so when he asked here, do you approve of the president? You sort, I have to ask about the details. You saw it. I have to ask you approve of his work on the economy, the approve a North Korea. I think you can almost get to a reasonably believable. number, if you do the details, but if you say the approve president, it ends up being about his personality then that's not really any kind of a number of these and compare do past numbers because in the past I don't think I don't think President Bush.
Senior or junior were being judged on their personalities. They are being judged on their jobs and sea can compare that to a present from who is entirely being judged on his personality, not entirely, but half of the country have a naughty ties to essay. I don't wanna say is, but there happens to be my initials and I have no time to him how to stop a Cassio cortex. There are two things that make me laugh over time. So when people talk about Alex Andrea Cortez, they always say two things: they say: she's not or salary.
Again. They say she is not as good as you think Scots. She isn't. She doesnt have those master, persuade her potential skills and I say potential. I don't think she's there, but she has the raw materials, but that I always point out. Why are we talking about her? Was everybody talking about her Everyone is talking about her that What I'm pointing out on pointing out the UK stop talking about her. That's why she has. So every time you asked me issue the real thing you have answered your own question. you're not asking the question about anybody else, who here is saying is now is Eric swell. Well, the real thing is he the future nobody's s in that question. But about hurry or asking the question so yes, that is your proof. If you ask the question
And you're not lower lots people rescue that sort of all you need to know. None other peoples. So those of you think she's an idiot, keep in mind that that is the popular present opinion of this precedent that we now have the country thinks he's actually stupid. like actually a few measures like you, you just be the actual idiot half the country thinks that. No, you know that's not true. Right least the people on this periscope or pretty sure. That's not true. But when you watch the people on your team saying that court.
This is actually literally stupid. Just check your bias. There check your by us because half the team always takes the other team is stupid and they're pretty much all is wrong, because the fact that she has already reached us this level suggests that she's got a lotta gave a data purple somebody's his bushy, isn't it you can tell. I like the people were insisting that is obvious than she is using some of the comments here. There's no such thing as why you're suggesting you're saying
Well, you can tell what you saw was that she she stumbled in your opinion on some complicated answers about how to pay for stuff. I watch those answers and while they were halting meaning that it took her awhile to thoughts together, that's not gonna! Last year that the length of time it took her to explain her answer I'm sure she looked at it after the fact, said well. That was a long answer. I needed a short man up, making little crisper, maybe make a little more visual. That stuff is gonna, cops now, if it never comes while that are wrong, but if she always gives that badly answer to. How are you gonna pay for these things that I was
well, you have proven your point: she's, not smart, but if the next few times you hear talk, it gets a little better. That's what you're looking for- and I would be. I would be amazed if it doesn't get better because it wouldn't be hard for together shorter, crisper, more more influential. They protests the stuff to no one would come. if she were ugly, I think it's the younger. I would disagree with. I think it's, the young and female part, that's the exciting part and the fact that she goes full full, socialist or somewhat. I think those are the exciting parts. I don't think it's. I would not say it's the attractiveness thing, that's driving her at this point so people gps me, who I think would be the strongest democratic challenger.
And I'm gonna say this with no regard to policies. I so forget policies, because nobody really cares about that when they, when they vote, I do you beat Kemal Harris for, for some Who's got sort of all the big stuff taken care of she's got the resume. She's got yeah she's, a woman cheese. I think she's african American and the worst want to know. Who is what? But she's got something going on the visit, a white male? I have you beat that.
Because you care, I don't think the Democrats can run a white male. I just don't think they would get enough support on the wrong side issues insane, but I will say nothing. Kemal airs could wear against Trump, but she Maybe the strongest candidate will see she has skeletons. They all do everybody's got some skeletons the days of having a president with no skeletons, don't you think that's just over, because even candidates does not have actual skeletons by the time. The by the time the average adversaries are done without the persuasion game is so strong. Now
the every one will look like you, murdering pedophile. I think that's just what the future looks like every every game. They will look like they were a serial killer before they get elected. Has newsman more boring lately, yes, do you know why. Does anybody know why the news is boring lately lay reason? Actually it's called August. just for those of you don't know, is these low news month that's a month where both the Congress is out and at the same time a lot of the news business they take. Their vacation as well. People are concentrated on getting back to school in finishing up their summer answer. So You should see less news in August than any other news. When September heads work out, you see some news
He also the president said some some things about the Coke brothers not being helpful to him, and that's one to one. measure has any great meaning. You're probably helps We helps the president if he put some pressure on the Coke brothers, because the gold brothers are sort of at least in terms of a brand there. There sword like Soros as the left cope brothers on the right Soros on the left, the others always a Billy they're, pulling the strings so for Trump to put some distance between him and the Coke brothers and probably is the smartest thing I can do, because Trump already has locked in eighty percent of Republicans, so he doesn't need to persuade Republicans anymore.
You, if he is changing, is persuasion game to do the other side. What could be better than saying the coat brothers are my personal imagine. If you will. Koala Harris or anybody. Running for as a Democrat? Just all this in mind, Imagine one of those democrats running of suppression came out and said. I want to be very clear. George Soros is not my guy and I reject him and I don't think what he's doing is helpful. Imagine it because on the left, nobody really cares about Soros. I don't think I think Soros is like a non brands irrelevant and left. He gives money to different groups, but if you're not getting money from them, I don't think he's relevant. I think Soros is relevant on the right sort of that, the bogeyman that we think is driving everything and then the I think the coat brothers driving over them so
the strongest things you can do once you ve walked in your own base is to reject the buggy man, but given that it bookie man on your side, so very smart for President Trump to reject the goat brothers, because it may have some influence on the left and that's how he needs to influence next. I did not read that book that you just mentioned. I am curly. Reading Gregg got fields book, the Gulf held my locks and enjoying it greatly
He has a description of Hillary Clinton. This made me laugh for three days, but you're gonna have to read the book to see that I'll. Tell you more about that one under the book. Why is Q announced so popular, even though it is totally ball? Somebody says well. Is it? Is it totally ball, so I would say that down By taken Q is that it's not real, but it will be very engine, Sunday will know who is behind it and that there will be a fascination I think is really interesting. When we don't know how can we go this way? without knowing who q is thou. Art is actually very interesting.
so the question about who are really is is really interesting, but the the issue of whether or not these are real. Elections. Have you ever seen anybody line up the queue predictions with reality? because I always see when it happens to look right and often when people say look Q. Right and will be some taxed and that'll be the story of. It happened when I look at the text a look at the story and I think I also feel that looks like somebody Eric thing and then there's the story. really see the connection, but why People imagine that that there is a connection they say it now. Somebody says: are you seriously talking about the queue nonsense? Well, I'm telling you that there's nothing to it. So I think that agrees with you, but it's very entertaining
oh. I like that, for once you take on Re Delco. I have his book. I haven't read it though, so I don't really have an opinion. I think we ve got enough and I'm gonna go, do some work and I will talk to you later.