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Episode 164 Scott Adams: Healthcare, North Korea, Noam Chomsky, Climate Change

2018-08-02 | 🔗
  • Healthcare is moving in the right direction
    • Technology to cut costs and cutting unnecessary regulations
    • Rand Paul…most honest person in the game?
    • Fountain of youth pill discovered?
    • Possible medical uses for weed
  • President Trump’s tweet thanking and respecting Chairman Kim for returning remains of our fallen heroes
  • Noam Chomsky video about current events
  • Climate skeptic scientists


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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on air reggie vodka i everybody coordinator jeremy tyler jappy eddie mustang girl mark coordinator bikini ninja you're funny names susie wreck i know why you're here i know why you're here you're here for the simultaneous if i dare say it's the best the day it's a way to get your morning after the right start attire i can speak from experience
i have never died on the day when i've had a simultaneous up zero that's my correlation in fact i'm willing to say i will live forever if i just keep drinking this she's coffee and it's time for all of you to join me for that i will then is a quick quack quack grab your mugs your cops your vessels your glasses with liquid of your choice coffee preferred added star so good i hope you're all feeling good take a deep breath
you know sometimes you just need to be reminded to relax so that's what i'm here to do take a nice deep breath shaken off get you get your muscles loosened and you're off to a good start that we get a few topics today let's talk about health care healthcare as you know is a big complicated area and people like me don't know much about it and people like you probably don't know much about it either but few interesting things happening one is that the government is apparent approve some kind of tela medicine law again don't know the details but it looks like the government is loud some doctoring over the internet for rural areas
i saw that i said to myself what why does the government have to allow that were funded why there are already happening but i think the the issue is funding because they need to reach these areas they don't have the infrastructure necessary to do it i think i might have also been some laws about it at some point but i don't know if that was part of the the current changes tell a doctor it seems like a big deal i also see there are some changes in that the governments made some changes on something about short term insurance and how you can extend it do from three months to twelve months what whatever the change was really understand it but ran paul seems to think it's a good idea and when it comes to competition
she's sorted my ellen dershowitz for competition and i've told legal matters i just wait to see what alan dershowitz us because if he likes it on probably like it too if he says it's good opera i think is good but on stuff like this healthcare and specifically whether the government's doing something for competition the au everyone has looked at it and he likes it you unlock closer to like you myself without really understand the i think most of us are in the same boat a kind of a kind of trust he's very trustworthy don't you think ran ball i say good things valuable lot even though i don't i don't agree with him on all is policy anything i'm just talk about the character of the individual he seems like
the most honest person in the game right now you just seems totally straight which probably is why i can tell there are some things and alike because if everybody else's lying you don't you dont know if you like it or not but with evolutionary stance yeah i don't know if he's an idealist stories practical some of his ideas seem a little little impractical i can't think of one in particular but he certainly noses anyway i can't get on with its neighbours i says well some of us have their problem so here's my larger point about built here it looks like stuffs happening and it looks like the
the strain is taking advantage of technology in cutting regulations those are the two most fruitful paths compared to the year the bernie sanders wing that are saying single bare and healthcare hill health care for all and could cost us a few extra chilean to do that that plan while sounds good in theory the numbers are hard to make big that but maybe something with technology and with cutting regulations and inducing cursing the the market that will get us there i think i talked about this before there were some some law regulation
wouldn't allow private doctored have an mri machine because you any good charge young very little like five hundred dollars compared to thousands it would cost if you went to a hospital and there's just like a regulation that doesn't allow it i'm thinking i'm sure there's some explanation for that but it's not quite obvious to be what it is so i feel as though there is a potential efficiency gain maybe fifty percent the just just what it feels like inefficiency gain meaning the costs of health care is probably fifty percent higher than it needs to be
for any good reason ass new regulations and inefficiency in doing things the old way and not taking care not take advantage of technologies now i know this is ass the year the big picture is that healthcare might be moving in the right direction and i saw tweet mike servage tweeted the other day yesterday me about an m i t professor slash scientist who came up with a pill the sore like i found new view still now if i told you that just as contacts and said o scientists came up with movies bill your first reaction would be now we didn't sounds like perpetual motion sounds like sends a bunk
and probably those but the credentials of the silent saved is working on it pluses board which apparently is filled with nobel prize scientists i've found some kind of gene that you can you can manipulate and apparently this pill they ve made manipulated so they say when you get rid of aging as a problem you also get rid of the lot of the age related diseases elysium somebody said in the comments is the name of the company if you wanna google that el y s i u am elysium now it did not go through the fda so few year these two things it's a year is a youth pill and it did not go through the fda
you you should put all of your scepticism powers onto that you know i'd be a sceptical as you want i don't have an opinion whether real or not i'm just giving you the facts that there's super qualified people who say there's something to it but it didn't go through the fda so i am not sure whether it's a good idea but my boy here as if you're trying to predict healthcare expenses over the next ten years which everybody is doing compare these healthcare plans and the fact that in what is in three years we're taking live forever pills added that change everything factor in also
factory and about every day you see that there is a new breakthrough in cancer treatment and stem cell stuff and these are completely game changing in some is as close goes up it's entirely possible across goes up but it could but could also drop by eighty percent at least from the big things that you're u gas belies were so next ten years i don't know how you could possibly model the economics of any other stuff somebody says you will look more
guy do when you get younger you know i've i've actually said for probably twenty years there i might be the generation that is the first generation they guessed to grow younger you think about that probably if you look at you know that the entire your future life human beings somebody's gotta be born into the age the growing old and then technology gets there and then they can start reversing it's gonna happen the somebody might be thou it might be then now of course i think everybody in saying that every year since probably the seventies station put too much stock at it but sunday is gonna happen
and i'm pretty healthy at the moment i said before that i believe i have reversed my aging since i was forty meaning that at age forty i wasn't far worse health than i am now just sort of general health not not anything specific and between the ages of forty and my courage sixty one science has improved and science i said hey if you eat these foods if you exercise this way you will be more healthy and so i've taken what science is learned and thrown away the the bad sides of the past which was the the food pyramid which
he made me less healthy it was all the wrong recommendations for food either figured out how just through diet and exercise and you smoky lhasa we'd which is really good for some people but i recommend that i'm not a doktor so don't take any any medical recommendation for me but through trial there and legitimately grown younger science i have legitimately groaning under no aubrey actually and how did smoking smoking takes care of most of my smaller problems so so marijuana than just this just in my case it in conjunction with preventive inhaler for
asthma it completely eliminates my allergies and inasmuch problems so you have like two months of a year where it was just a living hell for most mind don't want but there's a marrow wanted just makes outgoing so so no asthma problems i got my dinner enough but i sleep like a baby despite having some sleep abner problems mildly value but enough that it was marijuana helps all of my anxiety i don't know how much i know if i didn't i imagined it would be more a hint so i sleep like a baby
and have no anxiety i have no depression i might add i might if i if i were not a medical user and i have the other the major benefit of marijuana does it say entire inflammatory and most problems that people however inflammatory inflammation near their whole host of problems you get from inflammation and one of them is just a simple one which is you can't work out as much if you're all sorry you don't want to work out you can but you don't want to i have no soreness ever i work out five days a week typically and i never have any sources and my body is as fit in his lean is probably what i was twenty five minutes
that's largely because i now know two eaten butler ok so nothing was changed the topic did you see the tweet this morning from president tramp about career he made a very friendly tweet to kim jong whom thanking him for the ashes of the fall in the heroes and saying that he he knew he would keep his word wishes vert now not stone right now somebody's asking as so as the president said that he ass he appreciated kim jong moon forgiving the the ashes and for doing what he said you do so you see
the persuasion parcels tweet when you tell somebody they you knew they would be true to their word that's really powerful persuasion because it could be that you kim jong moon is just doing what he needs to do in your he's now really thinking of it as a matter of honor per se but the president has framed it as an act of honor you know you made it made us a province it was something the matter to us you came through in a fairly quick manner
and that you know the present said he knew he could trust him on this issue now that is a really strong way to frame this because what is it they can once while you was to be your respected on the international stage i mean what's other things too but that certainly something he wants and so in public use jeanne two leaders and this is the important park you all we hear anybody else say this you watch two leaders have each other's back if you dont get that you don't know what's happening because you need you might be looking at the you know what have they done with their missiles are they still working on and stuff and as some people were smarter than i am have said of course are still working on their vessels of course are still working on whatever because they're still negotiated
until the incas dry somebody said an agreement of course she gave organic that's the only way that you get to an agreement because nobody's gonna make an agreement if you're just giving them stuff and you're for nothing in return so you shouldn't worry at all that they're doing stuff that were hoping will stop that's just part of the negotiation no you may say but that would also look exactly the same if they were just playing a trick on us in and they don't plan to give up anything any right to us as observers would look the same it probably wouldn't look the same to the people actually know what's going on over there in other words our negotiators and pump echo and the until services stuff they probably have a different idea what's going on then the public does but when you see a tweet life out from the prison he's done you see he has kim jong guns back another way
skin genuine did something that made the president look good he gave him something conspicuous the ashes of the soldiers though he knew he knew were important to the president both emotionally and politically and in terms of young showing that showing that he's made progress right yes somebody said the brokered that's that's pretty close to what's happening and so you see these two leaders now in public have each other's back making each other look look good make each other look like there's some success now we hope that the ashes your real when we test the dna yeah that we got what we thought we got i think i'll be true they probably know by now and maybe they'll be more of them we don't know now what will the critics say
i will let you do the punchline services you do the punchline at home i'd what will the critic say about getting the ashes or the remains of the fallen back here and say ashes but i just mean in terms of the organic matter decomposing i think the critics will say something like giving young got everything you wanna do you still building weapons and he he got respect and all all he gave us was some boxes of dirt school look like that so but it's gonna be tough to make their claim because those boxes in all likelihood
have the remains of heroes of them so you don't wanna be a critic it's gonna be dangerous to be a critic on this particular point i saw your video clip this morning with there i thought was interesting i dont have a link to it but it was known i may have tweeted accurate member was video clip of review with known chomsky about current events and about the job and ministries and
and it was really interesting because you might know nome chomsky is no no friend of governments right is not a big fan of the government just serve in general and he said the at the russian stuff was just trivial and new barely worth our time now his context of course is that governments always interfere with other governments and if you look at it and contacts has just all bunch of nothing where do the real problems we have now his his example of the biggest real problem well to own he said one of them is now having a nuclear confrontation with russia so we're probably better off if we try to put play friendly with them and he mentioned previous administrations is probably just made things worse uttered off is right about that
part about the previous administrations but is interesting the gnome chomsky is saying that the russia thing is it is no big deal buddy does say that climate science could be lethal to humanity humanity in general and the same day somebody had twill around some links do some climate sceptics
who if you watch the video it's very convincing that we don't know what's going on with climate which does not mean it's not a problem it just means that we don't know what's happening and and then i see another clip of another scientist who saying oh it's definitely there's no doubt about it we ve got this big problem and i think to myself there both completely convincing the sceptics are com lately convincing that we don't know what's happening and then it is ridiculous to think that we can forecast these things and then he here the experts and you think well that's pretty convincing to calculate both be convincing and of course the the way that that can happen is that the the topic is complicated and went away
back is complicated people know more than you do can pull anything other than a topic anyway they want it's gonna sound pretty good do you take for example that the healthcare stuff i was just talking about the way i described it was as positive things like its positive we do this positive we do that but i guarantee you that i could breathe and someone who knows more than i do about this who would say you know both those things are a waste of time it will just make things worse and here's why and when their done you'd say to yourself lessons pretty convincing i thought this was good but looks like it's actually bad and then i could bring in the next expert who would say that guy's only got half the information when you look at
information these are great things are moving in the right direction and then he'd say to yourself sounds pretty convincing i believe it so we you and i are kind of helpless in the face of all this complexity that's why that's why i always recommend trying
things small says there's anything you can try one state or try a pilot or anything like that that's always the way to go with climate climate change i am not sure that the option exist do you know where we can find those claim it sounds videos the the ones who were the sceptics were on prager you pr agee are prager you if you think if you google claim his science in prager you you'll find it easier to find the ones that are true climate now indecision they i heard one of the sceptics i forget his name but
the famous sceptics talking about the famous ninety seven percent of climate science scientists agree but if you really drill down to what it is they agree on its not the models when you see a new story everybody it's always a model this model particularly under the world leaders ninety seven percent agreement that the climate changes and that co2 is a component then the nets i maybe over summarizing this but that's close to what they agree on which is quite different from the world is going to end and we know it now they don't rule out your even the sceptics don't say there's no problem captain say we don't have a reason to think there's a problem which is different
now that doesn't mean that the world will end from claims and even the sceptic you're not ruling out there just say are you care rule it in now i've heard people say under that situation well you should just act as though it is a problem because if it might be it will kill us all so just the fact that it might be a problem should be all you need to know the spin trillions of dollars to fix it to which i say bad thinking if you add unlimited money and time and resources it would be good thinking you should just taught us all unlimited time and money in that direction just in case but we live in a world where were surrounded by mortal threats unemployment is a mortal threat the economy is a mortal threat of economies bad lots people die as others terrorism nurse nuclear war
others you name it so in a world where there are competing competing risks if there is a risk that might be a problem and it might not be how much resource do put towards that when you have real ones that are immediate and you to deal with my my taken this as it does that there are technologies coming on line that can modify sought to see or to out if we need to humans are extremely adaptable especially if they see a problem coming so i think that in the long run were better off making sure economy is operating at peak cosette if it turns out we get it we ve
perfect quickly and do something about either hardened during our buildings against these storms or living underground or whatever word in better shape living under bounce obviously not a short term solution somebody was may say something that i think i want to say oh how my upcoming on good i'm gonna tell you more about that may well maybe next week i'll tell you a little more about that so stay to him for that
anybody every questions i've got a few minutes i was talking about q caesar that some of the eu the followers of q these so called conspiracy theory anonymous users attended the last tromp rally which which got cnn breathing hard because they thought we can focus on these this handful of people in and make all trumps
orders looked down yet as you know i am not a believer in q i figures for entertainment only like horoscopes but here you are welcome to you welcome to accept it in any way you like the anders you're talking about numbers seventeen and you can make anything you want of q my my entire my attire opinion is that it's fun if you see it as anything more than that that's that's all you
first time or says do you do this daily at the same time roughly but sometimes on travelling or whatever but roughly us can persuasion views on the homeless problem yes because persuasion can be used on every problem so here i mean you can persuade the homeless to go get jobs probably caused their reasons that people are homeless but you could certainly persuade people to do something about it how to fix the problem in san francisco well you know allow the problems in the cities are local government problems there are just a problem with the gun
so long term that stuff does give vexed because people vote out the people were not fixing it i'm gonna take off i got the stuff to do and i will talk to all of you later by fear
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