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Episode 166 Scott Adams: Hawk Newsome on the Agape March for Love, Food equality and More

2018-08-04 | 🔗


  • Black on Black crime isn’t the top killer of Black people
  • Chemical tests being used to increase addiction to garbage food
  • Good nutrition reduces medical costs resulting from consuming garbage
  • Rejuve-a-nation movement
  • Building a bridge between communities
  • Seeking productive conversations


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Mmhm Mmhm mobile phone from your body come on in gather around gather round. Talking live to Hog Newsome. Actually, my watching even right now as part of the Agape Agape March coming here. I got it right. Rolls on itself all right we're going to soon as I get, two thousand almost there. Ok, let's start talking and any command, and everybody Alright, let's, let's start up so I'm here with there. Some and their live, marching right now, as part of the Agape got a martial, I've got a
and March March Tell them tell the listeners of what that's all about. Well, agape love is something that doctor king preached on a lot. There was one of his core tenant and it was talking about this visual love, that it is like this extreme dedication to your fellow man and woman. So what we're trying to do with this march is we're trying to resonate in people like this. This this this this feeling of love. that, will allow them to stand up and say: hey, you know what I'm against racism. Oualata people have asked me for solutions in the past, so this march is about presenting right now
Then this march is not associated with black lives matter. Is that correct? Now now this is on even though you know I remain the president of black lives matter in New York and notes to other members of black lives matter. New York here with me right now on this march, this march doesn't necessarily fall in line with their no. Why would you say that this march is sort of a The antidote to the Divisive activity in the country right now it. This is what it's all about.
Yeah. This is this march, is a multi ethnic you've got you've got everybody, and, and the point of it is, is to reduce the divisive feeling. Is that correct, yeah? You and I talked at length about finding common ground yeah. So what what we're introducing on this march? places where american citizens can say hey. You know what these are some ways to overcome systemic racism. An as a country we could on the imbalances that were pointing out and Tell me a few of the the top things up like that. The food, the quality of people haven't heard that term before it could you could you describe that,
there's there's this phenomenon. It goes on across the country and black and brown and even white communities that they don't have a lot of resources. Don't have alot of money and they're called food desert and in the school it's hard to find access to healthy food, sure? We can all agree that obesity is a problem and a lot of people say: hey HAWK. What about black on black crime and I just want people to Know- that black on black crime isn't the number one killer of black people and What which really doing the most damage to us is preventable diseases. Diseases like diabetes.
Can high cholesterol, heart disease, things of that nature. And if you really want to look at the source, then you can look to the fast food and beverage companies who promote poison. I'm sorry, who promotes hair your hair, highly unhealthy foods and for next neighborhoods and as your folks have access to and there's been studies that shown we were working with. Doctors on this, and when I talk about this being a diverse coalition, the number one after we had one this topic this doctor Mark time and he's like he's a like the Deepak Chopra of Food would pointed out to me was that they run chemical tests. on how to get people addicted to food yeah. I they run Chemical IRAN test to see how they can get people addicted to food? How much
sodium how much sugar to put in these. internet, their digits, terrible and these foods are on every corner in the ghetto these foods are in all of our schools. So what we're saying let's support, let's find funding through the public or through the government that will teach people how to eat properly that will also teach them how to shop for and prepare healthy food and people say hey well. Well. Why do we more government money I get it. However, if you bring the money now on these programs and get people healthy. You don't have to pay medical bills- later you don't have to pay, treat people having heart attacks or people who are having amputations because of diabetes, you don't have to,
need for hospital visits, because they're getting healthy this march? Is this besalu kids about empowering people empowering people to take care of himself. So we say when we talk about food quality. through the highway now I'll show you hi. So the the I'm totally with you on the food equality thing. The other thing that people don't talk about as much is that if you don't, do your health and your fitness right in general? then how can you work? How can you get hired? How can you have the energycap do the stuff? We need and some people may have to work two jobs or school and work to take themselves to the next round you don't get your health right. You don't have a chance. so
that's a really good point because what happens when people are unable to work, they go on social security and they get welfare, so I mean these are deep. This is this is I'm laughing, but this is a serious problem resolved resolved if we get into the neighborhoods and do it properly right now, this march? What would I created after about nine months of thinking about it is an organism reach you, a nation hold on his loud car coming, so it's It's three words reduce I'm sorry so with, cuban nation, let me see try to find some headphones? Mario, you have headphones, send. Yeah
I might lose you if you put on headphones, I'm not sure I'm getting some headphones right now, so I can. I can hear I can hear you I can hear you fine. We got. We got a good sound on our side. Yes, So it's a rejuv space space nation yeah and in the is, one word: it's a reduced spell Nation in eighty all right now, one of the things that one of the things I've always liked about your activism is that you're looking for ways to come together, not ways to things worse that that's always been here, trademark? I, like that you're taking this doctor, game kind of invite
taking in the street and now the march around the gap in March, That's a multi city thing in your culminating in Washington DC right. Yes, we left the broth yesterday and now we are somewhere in New Jersey What do you think about me and you know new Yorkers live next to New Jersey, but New Jersey is, like you know, an article to us we only passed through when we have some
what are report time? Four balls are what what what's really happening. I'm sorry right, you know I'm all and are treated in the work site nation right now we're on a mission to heal, not only our country but to heal. Our communities like reach, Juvenation, is launching in the projects of the S Bronx, and we talk about health and who desert is the unhealthiest county in New York State and it's been that way. one thousand and fifteen years these politicians haven't been able to figure it out, so we're going to figure it out for ourselves.
how much of it do you think, is education in terms of the people themselves? Do they need to know how to eat better, or is it really a case of providing the food 'cause? They wouldn't have any options, even if they knew what to eat it's both it's both there. There are no options there. There no options, but, more importantly, that there has to be an education element, and I'm glad that you started talking about education because part of rejuvenation part of these solutions, walk marching with. Is that we're holding financial literacy classes in more communities like you, have understand homeowners, professional people, people who own businesses, they know money,
they, they have a working knowledge of money. They know a little bit more than the average four person. That's why they may be doing better, but the conversations in my dinner table or in a lot of peoples dinner table money in the way that they need and healthy way. Our conversations about money is, you know, were stressing over it. Everyone stressed over money, but we're really stressing over the money start start how to make more? We need to start talking about street. I know a lot of people say: hey this robot revolution is malarkey. Actually it's not so what I'm? What I want to teach people in our community arch street? So when they speak, these things do happen. Robots are taking over their jobs, they'll know what directions to go into much of the newer ship classes. Having business
people come in and teach people how to create businesses how to run businesses, teaching them management skills right now will we are asking for is actually asking for government funding, but in addition to that, we want to give people a safe way to help out we're organizing. You know we've been working on this for a long time with people in our network, and we really out here trying to help get on their feet. Rejuvenation think about the principle of the words were trying to bring light back to a deflated. So so did you did you have a chance to look at there's some kind of new legislation about teaching trades? The administration just passed some kind of a bill. I haven't looked into it. If you looked into that at all
have it, but I've been saying this for the last five years: ok, yeah. I don't understand this for the last five years. I I don't. I don't know if the new legislation is enough for the right kind, but it was. I believe it was designed for this. This very thing, so I'm going to educate myself on that a little bit. The see what's up and that maybe I'll? Look at it tonight in my down time, right, then we can talk about it tomorrow. Maybe ok. yeah, I don't know either, but yeah well. That looks very healthy, at least your getting your fitness there. So if people wanted to contribute, where would they go? Is there a way to do that? So, yes, they can go to Agape Hea he March in AR.
Eight dot com. I just I just want to show you something I just want to show you. Ok Sam's on the side to side, but I just want to show you something that we've been doing this SAM college student This is Mario, Mario Mario, is is a teacher and he started his own school in the S Bronx based on if we teach. So what we have here is some fruit. Some nuts, and a lot of protein, and now what we're doing is we are giving the school homeless people in need on the march. Well,
spray, yes, sir, so if people go, do I got the march dot com they'll be a link there where they can donate. She. there will be a link on your website where they can go to it'll, say donate. We take our donations through Paypal uh. You gotta, understand that this thing came about in the last eight days are the reason why we're going to DC is because Jason Kessler and those white supremacist who actually killed someone, in. We actually kill someone in Charlottesville last year. They have a permit to hold a rally. This based in hate in front of the White House, and what we want to do is we are holding a rally in Washington DC
on August twelfth in front of Martin Luther King, much of it, because what we want to say is, I love is stronger than their eight and we're asking anyone and everyone who has long open their hearts to turn at log into action. It come out there that day in here the solutions and show their support. Well, what leads to take us to take a stand? Okay, a terrorist organization. Who have been operating on USA soil for over two hundred years, you're talking about the KKK in particular right? Yes, now I think everybody watching this is it's going to with you on that. You know
I'm going to get a q. U up to say something that would be very popular with the listen to hear. Can you hear me want to queue you up to ask, clarification that I know the people watching this are going to ask for when you say an end to racism? You really mean racism against anybody from any source right, you're, not limiting that that, are you I'm I'm not last year I saw signs that said: kill Muslim killed, Jews. You know what I mean. People with us were called Nager lovers and they killed a white woman last year last year with a white woman that was killed. Ok, so these people really have hate in their heart. We're talking about Neil.
she's as well, like these people are really cake groups and they were walking around Charlottesville last year, and let me tell you they had trump signs so right now, a large forcing of the public believe- and this is this- is the gods. Honest truth believe that Trump supporters support these let let let let me stop you right there. What it you do you What do you believe? Do you believe Trump supporters support the tiki torch people? Oh no, not all of them, but some of them do and it's time to draw a line in the sand. Ok, I have people that I went to law school with that we're pretty liberal. They voted for Donald Trump. It needs to be perfect
honestly, it was shocking to me and you know they they they gave me their own. They gave me their perspectives. But the bottom line is I consider myself in lighting the majority of folks who see what's happening in this country will leave it most. The high majority of Donald Trump supporters are racist. They don't like blacks, they don't like milk immigrants, they don't like Jews and I think the ones that that that don't feel that way need to come together and work on solutions and work on solutions. One of the reason why there's three of Us-
Watching the whole way committed to this whole entire journey is because we saw paid first, and we were in Charlottesville last year on the front lines, rocks flying bottles, tear gas, pepper spray, and we understand it Bing, Konfrontation Combat, is not what's going to fix racism in this country. You know now I will tell you that I'm completely nonviolent, because if someone shakes a Hornets nest, they'll get stung. But when we're talking about solutions to these problems, it has to be done through a place allowed to a place of unselfishness. Like hey, you know what my relative.
may never be choked to death by police officer, but I know that's wrong and here's how we can fix it. One of the solutions that we are marching with is something that you and I have discussed previously, and that would be to prosecute In jail police officers, they falsify reports where there is a valid claim of hold on Hawkeye, I'm watching the comments and watching the comments and they're asking here I'm watching the comments. Can you hear Maine, yes, in the comments coming in and they're asking for a clarification, because I I think, there's some people think the you believe. A majority of Trump supporters are racist and that's exactly not what you said right,
Dale Dale large number that are raised. There are large numbers that are races that have expressed racist views, and this is a reality that a lot of us know and now is not the time for sensitivity. Now is the time for realism. Ok, ok, let's be real about this there there there are people out there who feel that way. Let's not act like it's a secret. However, if you want to help, if you want to get involved personally, put some skin in the game to end racism, think it active so it active. So let me give you some some persuasion advice it would be. It would be very useful if you could.
note that there are people on in both parties who are racists in way too many other. Ok, here's the thing right, here's the thing! How much ask you something that I learned, because I played basketball in school in Texas right I go, there are two different types of races. Is it not a racist in the southern racist, and here's why I appreciate this. Other races is because in Louisiana and Texas, they'll call you never to your face right in New York, city still smile and be afraid and then go home and call you Niger. Behind your back. I appreciate people who say you know what I am a racist. Let me know where you stand, don't hide it from you. Don't hide it from me. So when you can look at
you look it. I'm Stephanie, I'm stepping out on thin ice right here right. They have a lot of republican policy, then a few dabs antiblack. These are the facts right. However, you have The Democrats who run around like hey, I'm your friend, you know
they show up to concerts, they dance with us. They act like they love us. However, they are not helping us I'd rather an enemy that I know it's an enemy. Then someone who's, pretending to be my friend. That's not helping me, you know, that's just the reality of it so mean my actions, our bipartisan right. As far as I'm concerned, it's the people against the government. I'm sorry. I think I think the government is controlled by special interests and I think both parties Read it to them and I think we as a people need to take back control of America and make it where we want it to be now. You know I had a realization recently that you said earlier that the government's policies
are racist and I had a realization that every policy that affects a lot of people is racist, one way or the other There's no way not to do that simple! because the ethnicities occupied different parts of your in terms of the average, Anything you do whether it's a tax change, it's going to affect. People differently, because they're not the same economic strata it's pretty much universal, isn't it. I'm not sure. yeah cause? You take something like affirmative action right, there's no secret dad employing employment practices are biased. This is just America we living, can we agree on that? Well, there bias in both directions, when you say who does it have the most disproportionate effect,
well, you have to keep in mind that I, personally lost two jobs, because I was white, so I want it yeah When I worked for a bank the bank accord or for not having enough diversity in management. And my boss actually called me in it was it was a woman and and that she apologized, but and said that I could never get promoted because I was a white male and so I quit the bank and by the way- they were very honest. They said we're going to tell it to you straight can't promote it white male. So I left and
work for the phone company and I got in the management track and it it like. I was was for the top, and one day my boss called me in and said we got caught, not having any diversity in senior management so till further notice. We can promote you and they said They said it in street language. No, no! No and That's when I decided to become a cartoonist now when I, cartoonist. things went really well and I started to talk about lemonade. But so I so then I started a Dilbert tv show. It was on the UPN network that doesn't exist and we Cancel the second season, because the network decided to change the programming. To be primarily an african american channel, and that doesn't that didn't workout for them, but I've had three careers that were
explicitly ended because of my ethnicity, so Let me tell you what that does to you now It's also true that I have the advantages of being white in other ways. And vantages of email, and I tried to take advantage of those as much as I could, but, When it comes to racism, I say fuck everybody who who discriminates- and I don't care which direction is coming soon- because I've done is I've been on the receiving side and it sucks more than just about anything. I'm not gay, they're not to say that I'm certainly not going to say my situation compares
is somebody who will say in urban situation, and you know they've got a lot of lot of other problems going on, but it is a fact, nonetheless, that there are plenty of people in like in my situation, who have experienced it usually from the fortune. Five hundred, it doesn't really come from small business, but the the fortune, five hundred, very biased against white males and I've. Also, I've also been in the room when we were making hiring decisions
and we would explicitly say, let's not hire a white male yeah and now I think it's it's terrible Ann. I'm glad dictated that those experiences made you stronger, but would the way did I see this right is when that happens there saying hey, listen! It's too many white people here right. So let's make space for minorities. When companies talk about diversification, they're talking about allowing.
blacks, browns and women into these spaces, so they can occupy positions and in no way they saying, let's make them a majority. You know, if you look at high level management, the ceos of these companies before operation. You look at even looking for executives. The numbers are sold disproportionate to the population of the country so when when when, when, when, when
Don't you speaking from what I do is I speak from my heart, they're saying: hey, there's too many white people here, let's make some space for black people right, let's give them some access, and you know I really don't talk about equality like oh, I want equality. I want everything to be equal in America. No, it's just! some people have had more access than others. I hope so. Let's talk about that for a moment. I think that what you- and I are doing right now is incredibly productive, yeah and one of the things that you can do. The other people can't do, let's say other african american men is a you have access to me and I have access to other people. So in terms of networking,
you're way ahead of the game, because you've made the smart choice to open up your net anybody who's anybody, Makes sense I've often thought there's some kind of a mentoring connection network would be a Huge step in the right direction because This! It's a country where who you know seems to make the most difference. So if you If you're in a small group that doesn't talk to the big group, you can get the advantages that the big group has. Unless you
listen, we make a connection and then those people can say. Oh, I know somebody for this job. I know him personally yeah, you see. Ok there. Some there was this study right. They came back when I was when I was at a law firm, a huge insurance defense law firm and what they talked about was what they talked about was who they talked about. Would they talked about? Was the amount of black associats they go to? dinner in share meals with the partners- and it was some ridiculous number like you know they don't go out- they don't eat with each other. They don't spend time with each other, but
yeah with some. You know that was that was problematic. I think there are a large number of african american men who have these relationships, but what I'm focused on it? I can't speak for what everyone else is doing. What I'm focused on is building a bridge between Maine between my community communities like the S Bronx and promised communities in my network right. So if you and I were to say, let's build this bridge in- let's say:
Ross up for from different. You know social economic backgrounds and it we could create this disease. Does there are a lot of programs out there like that, but there's always room for more, and I made it my purpose to bring all of my connections back to you know so distraught.
Just helping people and work work. We've really need to understand it. The day that we stop arresting black said this portion it rates. You know this is something that the current administration is addressing mass incarceration. This is real. This isn't the boogeyman anymore right like everybody's talking about that. Ok, today that we start helping me helping black and brown people become more productive is the J America goes to a whole new level. Now now, at the moment, the economy is just screaming and the administration has said explicitly. If we don't put- black brown people, women, it's less problem for women, I think, but if
I don't want everybody to work, including people have been incarcerated. We just can't get the work done. So so it's a good place to be right. Now, let's, let's, let's wrap this up, because you don't want to go too long here. What what else would you like to say that you think people need to hear? Oh really critical time in our country here is a rise of hate in a good friend asked me to do the research on hate crimes.
SIRI and here's your hand is been, there has been an increase in hate crimes because of this. This divide, because of the political climate and what I'm asking y'all to do is to help me heal America. Help me put it into systemic racism. You ask what systemic racism is and I'll give it to you at a really really simple way: it's unfair! It's unfairness, it's unfair towards black people and we've come up with some solutions that we're working to implement it on board So if we can show these white supremacist what America really is not with their trying to make it or not what it used to be so I'll tell you what for what it's worth?
I don't know anybody republican or anybody else. I didn't think that the the white supremacists are just a joke, so what is worth the vast vast vast majority of trump supporters? I can pretty much guarantee you would like those guys just to go away, but well we lose ourselves here. A little bit screen still hear Maine. I can hear you so the website isagapemarch dot com, And everybody wants to jump in and help too heal the racial divide. Keep in mind, you don't need to agree with everything. alright we're looking through the places that we do agree to try to from there. So You don't get lossed in. I agree with every point think about Productive?
active conversation, and then we'll see where we can go from there do you like to making closing statement? Oh yes, please follow us on Twitter and, if you believe in the message promoted, like Scott said, you won't agree with everything. I'm saying nobody reached everything.
they're, not even black people, but if you believe in certain elements, then, though, that that's where we can work together- and I think that it's time that America really stood up and said it's time to end racism spent five hundred years, and I understand that some of you I understand it is so if you feel like hey, it's gotten better, a lot of us to feel that way. Large number, but don't feel that way. So, listen with an empathetic here. People tell me that this won't work right. People tell Maine that Hulk. You need to be like Malcolm X.
And I say like I stated I am like Malcolm X after he came back from MECCA when he started talking about inclusion in aligning people so fight alongside him, from whatever colors, whatever background it was about inclusion in uniting to end racism, and I mean you looked at doctor king, you think about that March on Washington, and you look at the people, I'm here some of those people who had on Kupi some of them had on Yamakaze and it was a variation of skin Hughes. So, let's stand together. Say that there's no place in America for hate. Alright, That's a perfect way to lose this out, thanks for joining and I'll, be talking more about this as you
as you March and I'll catch up with you later. Ok, his brother is stab Lish. Alright, it's just Maine So I was, I was monitoring the comments as we went lots of pushback, which is good remember the point of this is constructive conversation. So you're not not asking you to agree with everything. Don't need to agree with him. Don't need agree with me, but let's see if we can move the conversation to a better place, uh I'm trying to help out. I hope I could make some small difference and we'll see if we can go from there. Alright I'll talk to you later.