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Episode 167 Scott Adams: Q, Racism, LeBron and Slow News August

2018-08-05 | 🔗


  • Is Q real?
  • Do most black people believe most Republicans are racist?
  • Are most BLM members racist, in the opinion of most Republicans?
  • “I like Mike”, President Trump calls Lemon and LeBron stupid
  • Is it good strategy to brand everyone on the right as racist?
  • Has Sarah Jeong clarified and issued a statement on her tweets?
  • Venezuela drone attack on their President


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bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody turbine in here you know yesterday i was so excited to tell you about my my visit with president that i forgot to do the simultaneous up today my nose obey you did but i'm not you're afraid today today i'm on the ball despite not having enough coffee yet you ve been begging me to talk about q and so i will and shall we drink to the simultaneous up join me there will be another you're getting hit us
i can buy that these simultaneous up yeah that's bad analogy nobody bites a sip but his early they get better as the data i will talk about q so it was a year the cnn story in which they were interviewing members of thee i guess you coloured people who believe q the anonymous source on the internet that purpose staff secret knowledge what's gonna happen next allowed people believe that this is real and that there is real secrets and of course the folks who are anti trump have painted those people as fringe nutcases
let me tell you my opinion first part of the opinion you is not real when you say that as clearly as i can q is not real it's not even slightly real it's not essentially real it's not maybe distant small way could be real there really any chance is real you watch me for a while i thank you i like to talk in percentages not yes or no cost things are not complete the true or completely fall most things are spot so there's a little bit of truth and would have been a false q is one hundred percent not true
and that sort of up my good put a gun to my head you know it was a user maybe i'll give you a hundred dollars or you'll be killed if you're wrong would you take that back q is not real yes because it's a three hundred dollars so i hope i have an overstated this here is not real i'll tell you what it does do offers was its entertaining like horoscopes and stuff so if somebody wants to consumers for entertainment why not however and watching these q devote is attending trump rallies and let me ask you this
who do you think the media is going to interview if thirty thousand trump supporters go to rally and twenty of them have sciences a cue who is the media going to interview will there interview the twenty nine thousand lullaby people who are not you probably not begin to talk to them but with the science i wonder done what will they have successfully done they will have successfully made they will have successfully made all trump supporters look like nuts so if you want to believe in q and its fine then do you like consume it i'm not an italian i too am in your life you can you can
find entertainment in any legal way you would like but if you want to make term supporters look like a bunch of idiots put your cue shirt and go to the god of the rally if you wanna hurt your candidate that's a great way to do it just if you want to do the worst possible thing for your own candidate the person you support put on your friction q shirk gotta the rally make sure you talked to cnn so they can make sure that all transporters looked like prick initiates so that's happened of trying to control my opinion on this little bit because wont let me when i say this
personal way the queue people make me look like an idiot just because i say good things about president in that kind of in most people's minds outputs beyond the same team is the cube i like that i don't like me you know that you do so do you wanna do guys go wild but maybe do a little quiet because is now open the brand the brand is definitely taken they had with the queue stuff right let's talk about your favorite topic that gets people to leave all the time some of you saw i talk to my body hardness amoozed doing
love march right now not a black lives matter march but a in march for love the gap in march and i talked him yesterday afternoon periscope now he said a couple of provocative things which require some some comment he said the following number one he said that there are a large number of races who are republican trump supporters and many people push back and said no don't collars raises well i think you have to look at exactly what he said exactly what he said it is that there are a large number of them not a large percentage you didn't say that he said there are a large number of them is that false what would you call it what would you call a large number of races if sixty three million republican voters
what would you say that a million might be adequately call raises i would if you took see three million americans no matter how you sliced it you could pick them candidly that could be democrats they could be republicans but wouldn't be true there are few pigs three million americans get a million races when you i can imagine that in fact if you picked any group could be even an ethnic group here if you picked asian blacks it respects and you have enough of them went there be allowed number races silly group thus just law of large numbers and if you ve got a million racist that's way too many not just make a number of for example so if if you or african american and you say that sixty three in people has a large number of races well
i urge sort of an opinion about what is lara drank if you happen to be on the receiving side the racism so large number you happen to be in that group and you're not a racist you are people who say that a large number so it's not a fact it is not really a fact that i think you can doubt that there a large number now your real and i think the valid criticism that statement is a sort of leaves in the air that maybe it's most of them and he was asked to clarifies on this on twitter some people watched their periscope asked to clarify and then he said the following but listen to the exact words he said that that people talking about himself now black people sure that the general
group believe that most believe think that believe that most republicans erases is that true now remember let's not a claim a fact lots claim a fact bellboy people believe it's not a claim a fact about what people are i would say that's also probably true save the majority of black i was matter think that most republicans arises when you say but it is also fair in fact checking in this wouldn't you say that a hundred per cent of republicans or something like it believes that everybody in black lives matter is a racist all the list just the african american group fact check me on this would republic say the nearly a hundred percent a black lives matter our races
now i must say they are because i don't want to fall into the same i don't want to fall into the same category as as was suggested the problem that pork has in that you have is the same for a second problem is that you pretty sure the other side is almost completely racist now keep in mind that my domain is persuasion and psychology in and what we with about the world i don't deal in the fact vase world the reason don't deal in the fact based world at least not exclusively everybody does to some extent but not exclusively as their we don't make their decisions based on that so when i talk to her
and he says there is a belief that the seller fact the claim of fact there is a belief that most republicans racist that's just true they do believe that it's not a claim of act about what the republicans are it's a statement about the believers so keep your purse when they say were a bunch of believers who believe there a are racist it's just q whatsoever q is a bunch of people who believe something that is untrue do i hate you i do not i just later making a branding mistake
the people were having some fun with something that's not terribly important whether you believe you are not necessarily important likewise what is black lives matter biggest problem their biggest problem is that they have somehow convinced a hundred percent of republicans and i think it is percent i think is two percent the black lives matter themselves or it was a racist again not a claim a fact because i can't read peoples i'm sorry i don't want anybody in black lives matters thanking you know i do what anyways thinking giving you my the world though you have two groups who are pretty pretty sure that the other group is mostly racists if you can your pals lad then you can do anything so when you say a hawk hates us
i'll believe that's true because if he said i if you hear hawk say you know i believe most republicans or racist that would be new news because i have heard him say that i've i've heard say it of of black lives matter of of a group a sort of a group opinion i think it's probably accurate so i think you need to release deal me a little bit more level of accuracy if people believe the other is racist you have to deal with the belief so you can't you say you're wrong move on it doesn't get anywhere i did to you though they have the other the other observation i had i talked about on their peers
taupe how lost i've lost three careers to racism and who was it who was a racist against me so what's you my story i i lost we're in the banking because i was a white male and they said we're not gonna promoting white males for those of you who knew they said that directly to me my bosses did so my boss is called me the office and that we can promote anymore way males because we don't have enough diversity and senior manager we'll never get there if we keep promoting way so i quit i lost my career to racism i want phone company got on the management track look like i was going somewhere and my blouse called man again repeated the first situation and said we got not having enough diversity in senior management we can ever promote you pure white email i became the dilber guy so i did find dilber work down obviously i started a dilber tv show
be network second season which would have been sort of a critical one for for growing her or going away european d to become the african american network and grapes landing there was largely african american actors and yellow and targeting that's agnes now i am all in favour of every community having and they can enter they want but since i happened to be on their number work already i no longer fit so i lost a tv career to racism now i've been discriminated on three separate careers they were ruined absolutely ruined by racism who was it who discriminated against me here's your trick question you just heard my story i swear to god every better that's true who discriminated against me rich white guys
it wasn't even women it was rich white man discriminated against me why do they do that to make their own asses safer so when hawk or anybody else as a bunch of we are white men discriminating by what i said to myself healthcare they discuss against me now i just wasn't successful so people who are more successful higher up in the chain could actively discriminate against me but it was all white men who did it now oh hey why men because i happen to be one i think i think we're pretty cool as a group but i certainly was used three three separate promising careers and bill and by the way all three of these careers i had a lot of potential your being here
senior vice president of a bank is an amazing job likewise for the phone company they were really high jobs and the management was getting super rich so so discrimination is everywhere and just my i just have this weird red renovation revelation not relish revelation there rich white men have discriminated against me seriously in three different prayers did all of you see the tweet from president trump saying that the dire lemon was he didn't know if labelling things are done lemon where the dumbest people or dilemmas was the dumbest personnel tv aways tweets called lebron james and done lemon done now
you would say to yourself this is the worst thing that president could ever say who is already being accused of racism because by coincidence both don lemon and lebron james are african american now the president closed his tweet by saying i like mike a reference to michael jordan now michael jordan as you might know also african american so in whose tweed he said to african americans were dumb and that's it a lot of a lot of you will probably agree with those particular individuals but michael it is not he likes mike so that their as an interesting way to defend against the claim that the two characters were african american therefore raises did that stop anybody did the fact that he added michael jordan he likes
do that stop anybody from claiming it was racist of course that of course that it did not but you if anybody's new to why it is that republicans like present tromp part of it is because he is willing to say that which is i think people love the fact that is willing to call anybody stupid now have you ever heard president trump call white people stupid i'm pretty sure you have is a rare it's not a rare does it happen every frickin day yes practically doesn't say that the same words but he calls he calls privilege what is stupid in one way or another so is it a step forward that the president can call to
let me put it in the most optimistic way could possibly put it isn't a step forward that the president the united states can call to very rich very successful african american men stupid because there his critics i candle like it i kind of like the fact there we have reached the place where i can say that in public and i do like the fact he added i like mike because that does that does show his intention is tension have been to be racist or to suddenly raises dog whistle heed throw in the michael jordan i like part that wouldn't make any sense that make sense so that is a clear signal that he is treating wait for it wait for it it's a clear signal including the michael jordan and in the quote a crystal clear signal
is treating lebron james and die lemon the same as he treats everybody else which is partially if there is critics so then of course i saw the milan yes said some good things about leubronn leubronn is doing some good things with some schools funding promoting some forget the details but it's something that pre much everybody agrees is good work so we're happy about that and melodious at that so what how does have is the enemy press report it they say that maloney is taking sides against your husband last hour happened this happened because if you ask president tramp this is this is an educated guess i can't read this but if you ask president trump do you think the leubronn is doing good work with school that its funding
feel confident say he would say i will i like them that's good that part is great that's what maloney said so here you have millennia agreeing with her husband in all likelihood as far as we know they would agree reported as she is she's not agree because she just didn't take the bait to talk about that between so that's your fake news warrior very faint rooms they use red flags and not very critically the enemy press why would she ok yeah
i think i'm gonna give you maybe i'm just gonna talk about leubronn compare leubronn to michael jordan who uri his support leubronn and i get that i can certainly see way that would be a reasonable thing to do but wouldn't you say just being fair wouldn't you say michael jordan is very very smart all the evidence suggests in business and the field on the court wouldn't you say michael jordan was very smart i mean i would all evidence just that would you say the same about leubronn i don't know i'm not so sure i would because way
handling this presidential thing could be so much better so i dont know every element of his life you know i don't know how lebrun would do in the us it is if he ever took them nor anything like that i only know what he doesn't public in public the ways handling their the trump thing is now smart in my opinion it doesn't help his brand is accurate hurts acquainted it doesn't move the ball ford if it's not strategically clever so you can respect him for his success you can respect for his hard work which apparently is legendary i do respect them a love for that he can respect leubronn all kinds levels but in this particular domain it doesn't look
his best move could then a lot more productive and still could be maybe he will be so i'm gonna hold out hope that leubronn fight in some way to turn this positive i don't know what the answer better so just summing up where we are i would say that the odds welcome for this if you talking about people were concerned about racism though say people on the left who would make it their their biggest issue probably
their strategy right now is to call the people and the right racists and to brand them sort of all as racists is that a good strategy because it doesn't feel like a good strategy to me it might have been i think it was strategy when things were more objectively wrong the law is objectively discriminating well then you ve gotta go hard but i think we have reached it were some nuance and maybe some more attention on the details makes sense and by the way i i remembered after talking to i cut him off and i forgot to circle back he was making some specific suggestions about police they are actually just good suggestions one of them was that if somebody needs medical care that they get it if there in custody
probably have to work out the details and i think it's time you could test in a few markets to see if it works but thus a completely reasonable practical thing though you could try the works or a dozen and the other thieves suggested was a police officer falsified police report specifically in the context of some violence they happen during somebody being in custody that that's a crime and that they could be prosecuted for not in what the law is now but somebody says already do i think the issue is that they don't get prosecuted or that the penalty for that is not very so could it be that we just need me sure that law is already in the books is is followed or are there some markets where the wheat laws are weaker where they need to be boosted in all of those cases there's a fact
to all that can be investigated and maybe something works maybe a fine everything's away can be or should they just needs more attention these are factual practical things that you can investigate i was the new york times and the the racist that they they hired now i forget her name jiang's lessening so does seem to be the survey classic unrepentant no doubt about it racist and she said for forty eight hours to recant or apologize were clarify
and i dont believe she ass i heard i saw that the new york times wrote a clarification for her but ass she ass she made a statement so give me some factual checking has himself at an autonomous i dont worry she's made a statement right you're losing your smart people did she make a statement though or did she only make it to the new york times who then made a task as i haven't seen her statement sarah so i apply my forty eight hour rule if forty eight hours she had said something like this i would give her a pass so had she sat in forty eight hours from from the issue coming up to say yes those things then just story was parity i dont believe
those things that's not my position i am certainly sorry if somebody took it that way had she said anything like that i would say to myself well even if she did that i'm gonna let her go with a clarification because as my rule my role is not to try to second guess was somebody's getting my rule is that you take them at their word because only only the person gets to say what their thinking that there should be the standard that's not me guessing what you're thinking you gotta but if you don't say in forty eight hours his fair that you you know i think
spare that you come up with your own opinion and sure of a clarification somebody says she didn't do that but i haven't seen that salvation said that to me on twitter doo doo doo doo pedophiles next what about pedophiles or you think of it support them you'd be wrong yes she said the same thing for a year in speeches right yeah she's not she would not be very credible in change of that opinion is fair play and i think people she should get to change their opinions she qualified the tweets
she set saying sarcasm saying is sarcasm is different from saying you don't believe it so i think here i think she tried to have it both ways sounds like she tried to say it was satire and whether it was or was not is different from what her actual opinions so our opinion she did not retract all she did was clarify their wishes was in the former satire all satire has a point satires not satire sarcasm is now sarcasm unless there is a serious point to it if the serious point was that why people are raises or a problematic in some way than that
pointed doesn't keep in mind as as a professional satirist as a professional user of sarcasm those things don't exist unless they have a basic point to them so she didn't retract the point and all she did was say i delivered in the form of satire or psyche sarcasm that's not that's not a clarification that's just a statement that's enough for now based point she said she was attacked for all comments likes james gun oh yeah did you see in venezuela the there was alleged
drone attack against the president president of venezuela wires and public did hear about them there's a video of going off and i was trying to i was wondering why the drone didn't get closer you why we wanted to fail i heard there were two of them by baby one got shot down by a sniper mg you're not even close don't fall off the young derangement syndrome yeah so i dont know where that the drone blew up i didn't see it on the video so wasn't that close to the president but
it seems to me that when drones have their own guidance is came over that's the problem with the problem with current jones is you have to be within controlling distance so your controller you get it yet bill to see it and you have a signal the the drones i'm worried about will be the fully autonomous ones the only need to worry about is where they they put the gps coordinate in and they just send it and is not controlled after that those drones are going the big problem every other cut a drone you could probably block right does it by that they bring drones down now as they block the controlling signal if you get rid of the controlling signal and just give it a gps guidance you know something's workin unless somebody those drones exist i dont know if those jos exists
commercially do they get a regular consumer by one of those or such as military your joan can do that oh my god at another and can those drones be brought down by by the drone guns eyes looks like today to learn more about drone defence and drones but my guess is that those drones were probably controlled by consumer there's enough ay exclusion for consumer use so consumers can buy them again but when people say that you can jam them what would you be jamming exactly
oh yeah you jim that you you could the gps signals i suppose but then if the drone already knew where i was going joan also tell where i was going by looking at the map you if you had if if your gps drone was using this i'd like to commit to figure out where was and then they block the transmission from satellite drone the drone also had like a google satellite map in its memory couldn't match the terrain do the google map and still find its way does not exist because again if it doesn't it well everything's done by jp us now
so some so some said a conjecture dream or whether it can or not certainly or will it feels like a certainty that it could look at the roads and compared to a map and know exactly where those who was a lot of eight i don't think so i don't think you could anything you need much artificial intelligence are you doing here matching patterns so basically i somebody was saying facial recognition if you took facial recognition software and just we're looking at the ground instead of a face
you figure out where you're out just compared to a map i think you could i am boring you gonna go now it's a slow news august so you may notice that the news is all is all stuff like psychological problems like racism earliest how we think about racism the problem is real of course starbucks and can accept bitcoin didn't know about that that's a big deal i i'll talk to you later
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