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Episode 169 Scott Adams: Blight Authority, Antigua, Police Shootings, InfoWars

2018-08-07 | 🔗


  • InfoWars banned from Apple, YouTube, Facebook
    • What unknown violation justified this action?
  • BLM disrupted wedding of LEO involved in Sacramento teen shooting
  • Harassment of Candace and Charlie at restaurant
  • My “Q” puzzle, Q followers and their brand
  • Antifa costumes…why are masks legally allowed?
    • Why isn’t Antifa listed as a domestic terrorist organization?
  • Blight Authority collecting ideas for use of cleared land
  • Dealing with online haters
  • Don Jr. meeting: Alan Dershowitz says…
    • it’s NEVER illegal to simply consume information
  • President Trump calling people dumb, crazy or weak


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from bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody commodity near here edge he says here a j b it's time you know it's time it's time for coffee was gotta it's one of your top one sixth of the day it is good to be in the top one winning feels good grab your mug your jog your vessel your cup your glass you're container filled with likud's of your choice preferably coffee and join me for the simultaneous well i've got a few things to talk about today if you were watching foxen friends this morning you probably saw
the body on they are talking about a blight authority and how we have new forum up i've been working with built to put up a place where we can collect ideas for how to fix urban areas ideally fix them and you some of the land has been cleared by the blight authority non profit organization bilbil days heather that i'm gonna have him on periscope live tomorrow so we'll talk more about that tomorrow i want you to see that the new website between now and then if you have some ideas for to do with the land has been cleared in these urban areas that were blighted this would be the time to make suggestions we're just tryin to find people have ideas
who have resources put em all on one page so to speak and see if we can make some connections maybe get something guy hard to know what comes out of it but it's a system not a goal if you have some ideas just go there blade authority dot com for like two hundred and thirty dot com click the four and you can just add your ideas and it's ok if their commercial serve here a vendor you make a product and it makes sense and that world disquiet and put it there would love to say more about that tomorrow will have bill on your life and we'll talk about that let's talk out in full wars as probably all of you know and for wars got wounded off of apples appstore caboodle rough of youtube with its own by google and got boots off her face
effectively putting them in a business now apparent there is still a need for wars app and i believe if you get the app you can watch all the enforced but they're really in bad shape without those major platforms now the question you might ask yourself is this is it a coincidence that all three platforms acted at the same time now it's not a coincidence the only thing we don't know is whether they had planned in advance or after the first one went the there said oh this is a good time to do it as we have cover so there were safety in numbers colluded do take away the the right or the freedom of speech if you for info
now i waited awhile to comment on this i waited awhile to comment and reason is i'm trying to use the the four our rule somebody says does something that looks terrible give them forty eight hours to explain because it may not look the way you think it looks for example could these three companies that drop info worse do they have reasons that i am not aware of it or do they have a good justification that if i thought i would say oh my first reaction was stop reducing the platform people you don't agree with but then maybe i would look at the reason that i would say ah well
i didn't know they did this that that changes everything but isn't that kind of missing in this story where it where's the part where the major platforms that took in for wars off gave specific reasons and said this violated are our terms or not it shares what i'm starting to wonder if here's the scariest part about this obviously the scariest bar is they're coming for you break barred next and god knows what so thus the scary but what what do you think would be the rationalization for the big platforms apple google through youtube and facebook what do you think that they said internally for why they banned for wars and not someone else
i'm sure that they said oh it's about pizza gate it's about sandy hook etc what do they say the themselves we must ban this because its inaccurate or do they say we're gonna ban it because it's intentionally inaccurate do you see the difference can you be kicked off of the internet because you were wrong about something suppose you are honestly wrong if you were wrong can you be kicked off the internet even if the wrong this is a terrible rognes but it's an honest wrongness could you be kicked off because i feel different to me then going to whip up problems by making stuff up and here's the question i put to you would the big
forms have for wars for simply being inaccurate in their opinion and lots people's opinion but do you think that's all they were thinking or does their justification require wait for it wait for it mind reading is justification for kicking in for wars off their platforms they believe because they re read the minds of alex jones from the distance with their superpowers though he means to do things that are a provocative and danger any knows he's doing it and that he is now trying to be accurate i'm just put my question out there because it seems to me if you could be better
for being an accurate well there goes there goes the then there goes fox news there goes every major before because every major platform has had major inaccurate stories now usually they correct them and perhaps that's a standard they don't always correct them but maybe maybe the big platform said well it's ok to be wrong and she ll learn you're wrong maybe you should do something about it take down your post corrected or something but i haven't heard that have you heard that i haven't heard any reason like that so in the absence of a clear of it asian and technically they would have had so they ve i've got another twenty four hours to clarify but of forty eight hours go by and the big platforms do not clarify why alex jones was kicked off and someone else is not
you must assume i guess i was i must but it it is quite reasonable and i would say rational to assume that there reason is based on mine greeting actual liberal mentioning that they know what another person is thinking who is a stranger to them and they have likely never had a conversation with them so you're getting banned for what people with big platforms imagine your thanks imagine you're thinking if that was the bay this was a ban that's a big problem if it something else i am open to argument if the young i'm open was here what you got to say
so my current so my current mode onion in four words is the big platforms have alot explaining to do i give them twenty four more hours you're forty eight hours go by and they don't care to explain i'm gonna take a far more radical opinion on their ethics and their value in society and more importantly where more rationally whether they should be regulated now if the government just needs to regulate them i would be happy to put the full weight of my persuasion on that case i prefer not having the government get involved with anything if its benefits
if its practical but given that these big companies have a stranglehold on communication and commerce in the united states there are not like any other business there just not so if we need to make them regulated that's i guess that said the next big thing i'll work on it listen about police shootings please shootings are always in the news black lives matter again the news for they they found one of the policeman who is involved in a sacrifice to armed shooting situation with an african american teenager having your stated and the beer the body cams should end the evidence showing that he was unarmed but he did have something in his hand and he wasn't it was dark and he wasn't responding and there were the rear reports of something going
dangerous but that he was accused of but the air so we don't know the full situation there but black lives matter found is that one of the police involved was getting married and actually intruded on his wedding or i don't know if it was the wedding where they may be loosely rehearsal or something but that's pretty aggressive that's pretty aggressive and i was thinking to myself there are several pass so you can work on for affixing police shootings limitless say you think that's a big problem and one of the ways you through you had worked out by punishing police which largely would be enforcing the current law so making sure that would say if there's a falsified police report around some police violence with the suspect maybe there's more
the commission do you can make rule changes so that could be good i don't know exactly what those bay but nobody a path you didn't maybe have more training for the police that can only get you so far if looking at that sacramento example i dont know how training would it make any difference it was just a non bit ambiguous situation that if you have enough ambiguous situations people are gonna get shot so what you don't see is all the times that nobody got shot yours is a very imperfect situation when you're chasing people at night and they may or may not be armed people go you shot so we don't know about that because we don't know how many people didn't get shot in that context and actually matters and then the other way would be to fix the urban areas because here's my arms
vision the number of of people being shot in my neighborhood by police would say young people who didn't dynamic common people people who were not committing any violence at the moment the shooting is about zero because i upscale may run so economics is the biggest lever for reducing shooting a nice neighborhood of the economics a good use of people committing crimes fewer reasons for the police to be involved in anything fewer opportunities to make mistakes so i would say that economics is probably the biggest lever to deal with any kind of police
silence said sir still have to do make sure you get your training right make sure that your prosecuting when you need to but i'll tell you what is a complete waste of time here's was a complete waste of time a hundred percent of everything black lives matters doing completely unproductive you can even you can completely agree with their feeling their emotion their position there their situation you can have the empathy you want but is also good to have a strategy that doesn't make things worse and black lives batter kind of getting tough with police who were under their there under the system now this
stem is investigating these police officers the system generally works and the system will decide if this was just a tragic accident or something more sinister now i watch the video to me it looks like an accident like there there's no possible way in my view that these police officers didn't believe there were in danger it just looks like they did could they have handled better of course that's what makes a mistake but i was there and it didn't look like it did not look like a clean situation
so in black lives matter goes after a police officer for something that still under investigation and is clearly ambiguous in terms of wood another person who made the same mistake or not and as a situation that is so unproductive totally unproductive imagine that same effort going into helping the urban areas and that through just less crime and few police activities etc so that's my feeling that somebody mentioned that did i see the video of candy skeletons in charlie per coming out of a restaurant i believe they are having breakfast and they were surrounded by i don't think the peoples who are protests were necessarily anti far see anything in the game that but people were the balloon
aaron bourns and no upper body strength talking about the men and they were getting loud and noxious if you watch the video in its worth watching the funniest thing about it is el unworried canvas was you have to watch it just for that now i now brave our brave you are but yeah if you put me a crowd of people who are yelling and very very angry at me like angry so so angry that violence is definitely an option the odds of one of them getting violent or at least physical very very high even even with the police presence right away who ass a video where the police don't stop the violence they responded to it but they give stop it from happening again
gene cannot stand in the middle the walking right into the middle of it and watching all people yelling at her and addressing her leg just smile was pretty gossip charlie character of course was also i would make the same comment about charlie girl but he is bigger than literally every person on the ground whereas get this is not so the sort of a different different level of courage going on there so that was fun to watch the way she handle that the stock about q some people are still trying to solve my puzzle if they do they know the truth about q nobody has quite solved but a few people
i'm just blown away by the the intelligence of people who follow this issue so i want to be very clear it is i think somebody misunderstood what i said about the followers of q the followers of you are probably on average way above average intelligence but intelligence doesn't help you it doesnt protect you from confirmation by us from a cognitive dissonance those those things which is unrelated so you can have all the intelligence of world and you're still justice susceptible to persuasion and but you might think you're not that could make it even worse somebody's asking for a simultaneous zip and i will give it to you are ready for the second simultaneously
now a little push back twitter a few people and follow me and they said at your was unlike me too criticise people who were trump supporters and were also a cue supporters and i thought to myself did i did i do that because let me clarify i think the people are probably above average intelligence service was put that other compared to the average people than the queue followers were probably way above average oh yes and one of the reasons that i responded with a puzzle is that its people like puzzles smart people so don't get me wrong smart wise
you're all good in my book but that doesn't that doesn't mean you're right on every topic right does mean i'm right either as smart as i like to think i am can often be wrong so but what i did say is attending a trump rally wearing your cue stuff makes you a soft target the opposition so if what you want to accomplish is making your own side look less credible then you should wear your cue support on the outside and where the hats and the tea but just now what you do it just now that the opposition media it's this for breakfast and will use it to make you look ridiculous and to make trump supporters look ridiculous we just saw the happen i'm not speculated i don't have to speculate about it
you can just it so it is not an insult to the people to suggest that there is a better way to manage the brand that they belong to so don't take it personally as people you're autumn whether you're right is the question that you know if you saw my puzzle so i tweeted my puzzle our yesterday you can see it in my time i asked the question yesterday after watches and video of anti far with their masks and their hoods there the dressing up like nazis or more like isis the the anti far costumes if you will are pretty much just the ice
our fits maybe i'm no expert on the middle east and syria but i'm thinkin there are probably some extra isis outfits available now serve here if you're inactive and you're looking to buy a new outfit for the next a vent syria has a whole bunch of them there's just no they don't need em they ordered him but it turns out there weren't enough people to put it anymore now you can you can get the new ones from syria that isis made for themselves but you can re them but you can get a much better deal i used one if you want to get your em too far costume used syria has a lot of those two they might require a little laundering little bit laundering might be necessary you might have to sell
a whole something like that i'd be substantially holes but no big deal you know if if you're on a budget and the anti five people i'm guessing are mostly mostly a workforce starbucks if they have jobs and they may need cheaper outfits so things syria would be a good source but what i asked about was but how can it be legal for them to wear their masks and when they have a history of violence the group has a well demonstrated history of violence and if a group with a history of violence shows up with masks and starts beating people in public like seriously believe him to hospital
i said to myself wait a minute how are they not considered domestic terrorists and then some folks corrected me as i said before even smart people like me gettings wrong and here is one of them and so we sent a few people suddenly links to the stories about identify u s security agencies label the group domestic terrorists but wasn't interesting is that the two stories that i got we're both a british publication i don't know that there is an american publication who has the story i haven't google it could be but the to the people sent me we're both british publications and i had never heard this have any of it at any view heard or did you know how many of you knew that antiphon was technically domestic terrorist organisation
i'm so so so somebody i should know it and some of you have i am actually impress than a lot of you had heard it so it looks like maybe half looking at your comments have new have them but that's a pretty big thing right in terms of facts that something we should all now and then the other the other thing that occurs to me as if a domestic terrorist organs asian shows up in masks why are they not all real arrested why is there no law against why is there no federal law against mass demonstrations once and maybe maybe however you are dividing line that yeah you can wear a mask unless you ve been designated a domestic terrorist organization mean there might be some ways you have two slices of the hollow venus
legal you know our hollowing to be illegal over the gay pride prayed to be illegal if people are aware you don't want marty ground to be illegal right so the illegal just have a mask he should have something to do with the context but tough law world why in the world is there no federal law that just says if you're wearing a mask and your terrorist organization you're going to jail that seems like that just seems like a guinea that's a lie up isn't there must be some reason they will do it but i'll order is whoever introduces such a bill will be my new hero
there there are local ordinances about wearing masks but because because the department of homeland security has designated this ain't a cross border national problem is not limited to a state is a federal thing because they cross borders etc their organised and there a terrorist group under those conditions i'm no expert gimme ellen dershowitz to comment on this so i know what i'm talking about but i feel like the federal government could just pass a law so you get where those somebody said that there was a clan law that the clan care where their masks but thats local or less federal as well
the other thing is i'm just wondering why you cared a terrorist your fate if isis showed up wearing their masks unless they hypothetically you knew there were isis and he knew that they came to a place to do so my stuff and their actual terrace could you kill him i was alone that do they have to actually be actively engaged or is it good enough that there are known terrorist doing there in the terrorist place to do terrorist things would that be enough to kill i don't know what's along that spreads
not legal to kill people you wash them do crime now isn't the most amazing thing about all of this that there has not yet been somebody on the right who one holster can you believe the level of restraint that you're seeing from the term supporters ets i know it's just it's hard to even the express how unlikely it is there such a large body of people talking about trump supporters could be so what's the word harassed an injured and attacked and that this is the biggest group of gun owners in the probably anywhere except i don't know maybe afghan out of all those gunnar owners being attacked
fairly regular basis then none of them have on holsters think about that nobody has gone down and anti far person with a firearm anyway the other than scuffles but nobody is a firearm i thank you i think there's a lesson there there's some the lesson about the legal owners of guns who or the least likely to use them so i'm impressed by that somebody said that anti fighter credit for harassing kinda sounds so also lay your right about that looks right now yes republicans are properly
but they also have an opportunity to defend themselves so depending on where they are i suppose they they may or may not be able to carry so that could be most of the question so those are my questions for the day why is anti far not all arrested as
terrorists especially when you ever alone order president what's up with that i think that the police shootings the best with attack that is by making the urban areas better making the economy better and go to violate authority dot com and to see the website that bill pull day and i helped out put together to collect ideas for making the inner cities better places clicked resources connect people and will talk more about that tomorrow when bills on and will also happen anybody any more questions young people are calling canvas owens and not see him crazy stuff but why is it an update on my as you know i i engaged in a experiment
to start labeling all my haters on twitter as nazis when it was appropriate not just randomly not just somebody who disagrees with what i'm saying but when people come after me personally and it's just a personal attack on social media i brand them a nazi and then i block their men and i say that and i don't know about your you're experience but i say the amount of hate that i have to consume everyday and social media using this new method is probably their ninety percent i've probably reduced the amount of hate the i get to see by ninety and i also think although i have no and approve it that you come in and you show them hate and you think you're on the side of the angels people are coming to heed against transporters they believe that their sort of up here
you know that their holy and moral and ethical and the transporters down here and that its totally appropriate for them to come in and speed but when you label i hate her a nazi and then by them immediately what is due to their psychology i think it makes a day so everything i know about how people work tells me that it probably make some think twice about what they just did and almost nothing else would do that if you just fight back and say no you're misinterpreting there will just keep misinterpreting if you say well have i made my point and clarify there will just failed to hear your clarification and they'll just hate you more so there's nothing you can do engaging i found it
engaging was at that as close as you can go to waste the time with a haters i'm not talking about people who have a factual claim that's different from yours people don't like your idea i'm not talking about them i let all them have their say so just looking at your comments cyber censorship is the same as nudging em you reminded me of online the conversation about whether the aid and by the way the fact that the news has been covering the don junior meeting from whatever level that was with the lawyer
it's a meeting that was supposed to be about something by wasn't that's the worst claim they have against the president right now so the worst thing that the biggest enemies of the president's have is the claim that there were there the president's son went to a meeting that in turn out to be anything because i thought that was an information and i'm watching cnn try to find a way to criticise us and so what they settled on that is to say that while the present president has changed his story originally said of course you gotta that meeting everybody gathers information and then there were some letter he wrote talking about how it was about adoption and then more recently is clarified again that anybody goes to a meeting anybody would attend a meeting if it's about getting information now i sort of was hoping that maya
on this was compatible with the law and the constitution but our really now cause i'm not a lawyer says four alan dershowitz away in on this question and thing that i believed to be true but without the benefit of any legal knowledge whatsoever i believed to be true could never be illegal to consumer information no matter the source unless you're the one steel if you're the one who's story information then it's the stealing that's the problem being exposed to information no matter the source other countries etc it seemed to me could never be illegal alan dershowitz says clarified i think last night of the night before the constitutionally that i was correct that although the critics of the president are making a case
the information is has value and you can never receive something a value that that was never intended to be about information and that is the end that the constitution would be quite clear that that would be an exception to the receiving value situation because that that standard wouldn't work you know if if every if everybody's information have value or lament let me give it to you this way if they were
a supreme court ruling the said information have value then they have to stop paying taxes on if you got no business meeting in somebody give you some information let's say you rat you're an entrepreneur here you ve gotta start up and you haven't beating with somebody to get some help just some free information and its useful good information do you have to claim that our new taxes now you doubt because the the constitution doesn't say that's value in the way that physical things or services are and to do with anything and couldn't possibly be illegal under any scenario we can't be illegal and nothing happened anyway so even under the hypothetical example there's something would have happened about a meeting that has nothing to do with anything and couldn't possibly be illegal under any scenario we can't be illegal and nothing happened
they were so even under the hypothetical example there's something would have happened stolen be illegal so it's full levels away from being illegal one if it happened and there was bill information about hilary and it really came from russians still totally legal but it didn't happen so as to full levels away from me illegal less as far as you can get from being illegal so let let me give you another example that would be like that i know you love analogies i just picked up my coffee cup and i'm not going jail do you know why it's not illegal it's not illegal
if you accuse me of thinking about getting you over the head and kill you with my coffee cup but i dont do it it's not illegal not illegal so then the other asean also was trying to make the case anderson cooper show toil will allow last night making the case that the president keeps saying that the african american people are dumb does he called maxine waters low i q any called don lemon and lebron james dumb and so anderson cooper saying hey isn't this a clear pattern
of his dog whistle racism and i was watching even ah i hope i forget his name coronel west so african american writer intellectual professor coronel west was on the show presumably to take the case against president trump because he's an anti dropper and anderson points out a he keeps saying these things about black people and even coronel west much to his credit much to his credit said no he basically insults everybody
which is just true so coronel west's reputation in my book just went up a level for being honest and they didn't need to be there was a situation where he could have just new joined the gangs that yeah what's this pattern and i thought to myself i was thinking about a little bit more does the president you use this insult more than others and this year for one community but if you were to look at all the insults that the president uses they tend to fit into categories so there's the insult you're stupid which is used meagre brzezinski and lots of other people there's the you're crazy
were you are weak in some way those are the ones right crazy stupid and weak you used to make fun of people's appearances four thousand somewhat pre pre running or pre presidency he definitely made fun of people's appearances when he was running for office i don't think he's as president but maybe yes but if you think about it is go tools for all of us insults are you're you're crazy you're still
or your some version of weak including low energy and you can kind of go through the list of all the people is insulted as president just just talking about president and their they're all near now suppose and is also true that the present a response to his his famous critics anyway with aggressive responses now given that don lemon interviewed leubronn and leubronn was anti tramp and made it made it known which of these three insults could the president use against leubronn could hear hey that leubronn is weak or low energy now if there is anything that lebron james is not its weak and low energy in factories is literally famous for his work ethic
so that as an insult there wouldn't be any good it were great for job bush it were great for obama's foreign policy stuff you could say that stuff week but i went to work could you say the way he says the bernie and end the senses eagles elizabeth warren kind of crazy would crazy his his second the three major insults without worked well leubronn again you can say whatever could criticism on lots of things i suppose but he's not crazy there's nothing about him that would suggest crazy so that would be not a good attack so this left is stupid word lebron james fit the stupid
label well enough in terms of making it a good insult while i dont believe he he went to college subject me unless i think that you jumped immediately from ice boring did they go from high school to the majors which doesn't make you stupid wanna be as clear as possible and just talking about if you're gonna insel somebody and you wanted to be a little sticky you wanted to be ellie sort of in the ball park of something that somebody's confirmation bias would support leubronn somebody just said poor verbal skills yes so leubronn has poor grammar so when he speaks in public key misuses words fairly regularly so that doesn't make him stupid either let's could be just near the influences and he doesn't care
just as matter so there's no reason to think that leubronn is stupid although i would say his decision to not engage with the president if you just look at you that decision that looks a little stupid of me but you know lots of smart people do things that i don't think so idea sled doesn't make leubronn stupid but as an insult stupid was the only one that had a chance because people but he doesn't use the right words he didn't go to college he opposes the privately or even meeting with president which would obviously be more per your meeting with the president would be far more productive than insulting and so that's just do it and he was talking to dine lemons over the president got it a two fur on that because he thinks don lemon has done a lot of people a lot of people who
or not friends with lemon mostly jobs borders would agree now i'm not saying this true if you were to test don lemons iq i'm sure it would be very high yeah he's gotta high and job very successful his grammars perfect there's no reason to think he's dumb but if you watch is show is so biased that you you end up wondering el wrong here the un does he does he believe what he's so although are now saying any of those people involved in this story are dumb because i dont have evidence that would support that as an end
it was the only one available so if you said yourself oh is always using me the dumb insult african american people first of all a dozen pass the sniffed ask us he uses dumb against lots and lots of people of all types and thirdly there is actually healy uses three in cells as president and the other two didn't fit sorcery somebody suddenly saying they're both dumb i'm not saying that there are smart i'm not disagree with you i'm just saying that if you were to yeah measure there i accuse though probably five i'm show that they would be impressive like use
but television is littered with people with high cues littered saying things that look stupid to us slightly different thing i was somebody says somebody has met both lebanon lebrun and bull smart i think that's probably true i doubt you could be as good as leubronn at sport that does require more than s lattices and i doubt you could do as well as he does without being pretty smart so my guess is pretty smart i'm sure don lemon has a high and education and did just fine in school so i would not call him down by any stretch of the imagination we just think we think is opinions on tv looked
slightly different are i'm gonna i'm gonna come back on in an hour to talk about crypto currencies and give you a little tutorial wallets and exchanges and give you an update on my started serve use if you see me come back in an hour and like a little update on my start up which is kind of exciting right now and you want to learn more about what's that what's a wallet and what's an exchange and how can you get into crypto then i'll give you a lift tutorial i'll try to keep it simple and useful you'll tell exactly what you need to do so that there will be a little bit later and i will talk to you later
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