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Episode 182 Scott Adams: John Brennan Losing His Security Clearance While Sipping the Tears of His Critics

2018-08-15 | 🔗


  • CNN doesn’t list “he can’t be trusted” as a possibility for Brennan decision
  • Should Dan Coats have been consulted on the decision?
  • President Trump has branded the alleged “Deep State”
  • Brennan tweets on losing his security clearances
  • Alleged Pennsylvania Catholic priests abusing 1,000 victims


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bottom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom bone bone bone bone come on in here hey julie and other people can come on in here jess i'm not going to say that name dana come on in here we've got breaking news breaking news and it's the funny kind that's your favorite color what kind of news is better than other than the funny kind nothing in return turn off my phone here so if you're watching the news you know that sarah sanders has announced that the president has decided to revoke the security
prince of john brennan who was the cia chief under obama but more recently he's been president trump's most vocal probably most vocal and powerful i think if you combine vocal and powerful together probably probably the most vocal kredible sounding person hey josh and let me tell you all the things that are right about this i don't know where to start watching cnn's coverage and if you watch my periscope this morning you know i talked about how see you then in other news sites that you know they're not unique but they have this characteristic that they try to make you think past the sale
and they're doing it on this story again because the story the reporting is is the report has been doing this for resumes or is it to take rosso off the headlines so those are the two two choices then cnn has presented to the audience one choice he's doing it just for political revenge to shut people up and the other choice cnn gives you is maybe it's to take headlines what's missing isn't there sort of a big choice missing after you
in the comments please tell me what choices missing it's gonna take awhile for the governments to catch up so let me jump to the answer the answer is one of the options that they are not presenting the the listeners is that john brennan can't be trusted that that option has not been presented well it's obviously been presented by the president but why is it to cnn can't put that on the table because we don't know the reason we don't know if it was only the change the headlines we don't know if it was only to publish or shut these people up but we also don't know if there was a really good reason should we put that out there three three possibilities
the other thing that cnn is reporting is that dan coats the head what is the director of national intelligence was not consulted before this decision but they they agree that the president can make this decision has full authority now here's the question that i haven't seen on cnn yet i'm sure they'll get to it and the question is if the president doesn't trust john brennan what the hell else does he have to do who this is have to talk to if the president of the united states who that is for sure whether or not he colluded with the russians you and i were guessing right we weren't there my assumption is he did not but if we're being fair
a lot of the country including john brennan believes that he's in putin's pocket but there is one person who knows for your if he's boon's pop up the president so if the president doesn't trust john brennan i think the words that they used was erratic it looks like john brennan is trying to bring down the government or something that the president knows for sure is either true or false you and i don't know but the president house so give but the president knows the answer to that question and he doesn't trust john brennan did you really need to consult anyone i don't think so i don't think he needed to consult anyone 'cause he knew everything he needed to know he knows if he's guilty presumably
not and he knows that john brennan is trying to convince the country that he is which is one of the biggest risks to the country you could ever imagine so it was completely irrelevant yes dan coats it's weighed in on the value of his clearance now keep in mind the security clearance taken away can be reassigned so if there were some particular security let's in some emergency came up and we just needed brennan's input how long would it take to give him a security clearance back i don't know an hour you can always give it back so it's not like anything is truly lossed so let me tell you what else i like about this so the president was put on the defensive with this ama rosa
a well there's this tape out there but probably not all the evidence is that there's not but it still was enough for the news to say can you approve here's the fun part pay attention so the news the press saying can you prove that no table ever show up well you can't really prove a negative can you but now i don't think this is the purpose of it but in a strange twist of this brennan in the other people who are at risk of losing their clearance we'll talk about them in a minute are all of the position of kind of having explain why they should keep their security clearance 'cause it sort of makes him a little bit guilty of something so even if they're not it puts the this on them too
explain how they lost their security clearance yeah so that parts good politics but the other the other thing i like about this is that the way was done is just strong enough because it's all republicans and it's all people who have been critical of the president and the reasons given are not you know something solid that you could look at and say oh there's the thing he did wrong that's why so it strikes us but there's something i don't know us not quite right with this decision it's not it's not buttoned up there's a little bit of uncertainty here bingo perfect if you want to take something else out of the headlines don't do it with something that has a good reason behind it do
something that can be interpreted a little bit differently because that's what gets all the attention so the fact that the critics of the so we have lots of stuff that work with means he just filled but their agenda for the rest of the evening so i have the and perfection of the way it's done is part of the feature this is one of those cases where the the bug is a future as attention is more important than details in this and many other situations but here's my favorite part are you ready for this there are a lot of interesting elements that spears my favorite part president trump just branded the deep state
if you haven't seen the picture that cnn was running their wish and this is truly funny i i took a picture of it so you can you see it all right so if you can see it here's a picture of cnn was running so is brandon here but here are the faces of the uh people who are likely to remove to lose our security clearance so that apparently they've been mentioned doesn't this look a little like a a most wanted list correct me if i'm wrong but this is the first time the alleged deep state has appeared in one place on cnn he just branded the deep state the best brand in the world just made
cnn brand the deep state and they can't stop doing it they can't stop reporting on this it's just too interesting so from now until the end of the week you're going to watch the residence enemies brand the deep state and tell you exactly who's in it alleged lee and make everybody look into it a little more like hey that people look at that list and say well i've heard of a few of these people but who is sally yates most of you now but the lot of people are gonna be like a better look into it let me google a couple of these people are they all in the same list what do they have in common now cnn it keeps asking this question of their pundits they say hey what is it that all these people have in common and of course or leading the witness to say well are people who have criticized the president
absolutely true they might also say that hey why isn't general flynn there because he lied to the fbi well here's a reason general flynn still has the trust of the president that would be one reason but here's the other reason that the cnn pundits are not offering the other thing that a group has in common is they were trying to overthrow the united states allegedly alright so v in our two movie world one movie is the president's doing everything wrong and he has lots of critics so that's how cnn is trying to frame it but in the other movie this group of people allegedly are part of the deep state
attempt to take the president because they didn't like that the election results allegedly now we live in a world where care really ever be sure what's true somebody saying only ten foil has scott believes us i'm getting to that you're getting ahead of maine i personally have no solid evidence any of those people on that list were actively trying to takedown the president oh sure there's lots of stuff that looks that way but keep in mind there was lots of stuff that look true on pizza gate just wasn't there was lots of stuff that look true on the mag marten school case which i probably should talk about here in a moment so it's very common for there to be tons of things that suggest some
it's true and still not be true it's very common but we have we have these two competing movies one is the president is work with putin and the election was determined by the russians and the other is that the deep state is working against the legally elected president so now the president has solidified the brand of the opposition and the more that they complain the more they become branded soon there now self branding from this point on 'cause you can't really say clapper we can't really say bread lost his security clearance
without mentioning the others it just it's too in young is to connected to the story you just have to mention them as a group it's perfect in terms of politics and persuasion you can you can make your own decisions on the the ethics and morality of any of the stuff anything i've talked about feel free to put your own layer of ethics and morality on we're not ignoring it i'm just trusting you to do it you don't need me for that let's talk about a little so detour here to the case kind of pennsylvania a situation where for hundreds or one thousand alleged kids who were apparently the victims allegedly of priests catholic priests and i was watching
coverage of that this morning and you know if i hear a story about a catholic priest molesting somebody biased or thinking that's probably true because there are enough stories of it happening that you a half you another one very sad and it's probably true but this morning i heard allegations of what allegedly some of these priests did there are so over the top that i call bullshit now i don't call bullshit every allegation because it seems it likely that some of the a real but when you start hearing that that the priest was king the bodily fluids of five sisters and wash
melt the mouth of one of the victims with holy water i'm sorry you've gone too far and we have a precedent for this exact thing two presidents one is pizza gate plenty of evidence for beats it just wasn't true and if you are not familiar with the mcmartin preschool case in the 70s i think maybe maybe 80s you should do it research that make marten case and you'll see that there was a preschool in which the preschool management or 80s is correct the management of a preschool what they were accused of horrible satanic rituals and abuse of children and there was a lot of evidence there was a lot of evidence because they
interview the children and say hey is there a at room underneath the school where people are taking kids and some of those kids would say yep i bet in that room i got i got abused weird things happened and now that was true there were no rooms under the school no evidence ever corroborated any of it and in the end smart people looked at the tapes of the police i think the police interviewing the children and it became obvious they were leading the children to make up stories and then there were encouraging them and sort of complimenting them when the stories were the type that they wanted to hear kids are very impressionable you can make the make up a story really easily and so and that and when you're done they'll actually believe it that's the weird part so when you look at this catholic priest store
pray and you hear that there are one thousand victims there are two possibilities three i suppose but to like number one there or one thousand victims of sexual abuse maybe every part of that is true because it wouldn't be holy impossible because they're such a a track record of things like this happening that on its surface you'd say could be true now the odds of all being false it's not impossible my feeling my bias is that there's something to it but somebody saying is true dude yet my bias the same so my bias says
probably with that much smoke there's something to it but the third possibility is that there's something to it but that the whoever is doing the interviews are leading the witnesses so don't assume that the story is the most spectacular stories you hear about that are true somebody just said that brement we did we're going to have to see that uh here we go john brennan six minutes ago he said talking him losing his security clearance on the presidents decision brandon says this action is part of a broader effort by mr trump to suppress freedom of speech and punish critics it should gravely worry all americans
looting intelligence professionals about the cost of speaking out my principles are worth far more than clearances i will not relent now notice how he is trying to make it a free speech story he is making you think past the sale the sale is can he be trusted that that's what the sale is right and he's making you think past it too obviously i can be trusted let's talk about the president denying my freedom of speech and my perfectly good thoughts that i see on tv and i'm trying to think does losing his security clearance at this point make any day still i don't really understand what kind of difference that would make the only thing you can do with that that i can think of would be bad stuff you know what let's say for a
temple if john brennan had seekers sources in the government who could still tell him stuff if he had security clearance but then could not tell him stuff once he loses it i'm not sure if that's real because just having security clearances different from people being allowed to talk to those are slightly different decisions but i can't think of anything he could use that security clearance for while doesn't have a government intelligence job user what did he lose by any of this so if he lost nothing did the president really shut him down actually there is an argument that he might shut down people were still working for the government so i guess i guess he has an argument that probably has little to do with what who brandon does
but it might have a chilling effect on other people in the future so i think that's a good point but in order for that to be a good point you have to think past the sale because if brandon is a bad actor the taking away of security clearance is nothing but a good decision and good decisions should not be anything that affects you know the ability of other people to free speech he hasn't nda brandon is trusted more than trump somebody says that is not true well it might be true if you did a poll but i think it's it would be more clear to say the trump supporters trust trump and anti choppers trust brendon but that is
nothing to do with either one of them being trustworthy bigger question why did trump bother well you must of missed the insightful first part of my port my periscope where i talked about that spider line yeah somebody said the spine and lied um and paul says he monetized his security clearance i don't know what that means because seems to me the cnn would still hire him with or without security clearance if he doesn't need his security clearance to do his cnn job what difference does it make how is he the only way you can monetize is by selling secrets right so that's a let's a pretty big complaint
alright i think i'm going to end it here just wanted to get on and talk about the breaking news and the main points again for those adjustments coming late are that if president doesn't trust bread and that's beginning in the end of the story he doesn't need to consult with anybody it's the president his decision he has to trust him period doesn't trust him it was his decision nothing else to say he cleverly branded the so called alleged deep state and caused it causes political critic to continually brand them as we go forward 'cause now they'll be talking about them as a group his decision was just wrong enough that it draws your attention you can't look away it drove amarosa off the top level
she's been pushed down a wrong or two and it it puts all of president's critics who are up for having their security clearance taken away it puts them on the defensive because they might need to explain at some point why they should keep their clarence and they might wanna well let me let me put it in the presses terms john brennan can you guarantee you to us that we will never find evidence that you did something that would be bad for your security clearance now that's not a good example because that's asking john brennan himself about this you say the clapper clapper can you can you clap
guarantee us that they'll never be anything that comes out about john brown that would validate him losing his security clearance that's a question i i want to say don't ask the person because person you ask can save i'm sure whether there's a tape or whether they've done something wrong that person can answer and nobody else keenan therefore whether something's impossible for another person i really do that so ask clapper he can guarantee nothing will ever come out about bread and see what he says all right we've had our fun for today and i will talk to you all later
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