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Episode 185 Scott Adams: Cancelled Military Parades, Joke Experts and Opioid Lawsuits

2018-08-17 | 🔗


  • President Trump hired an African American woman and trusted her too much
  • CNN has less anti-Trump news items today…let’s review them
  • China is effectively well managed, well run
  • NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s inflammatory statement
  • Suing pharmaceutical companies for the opioid epidemic
  • Weed legalization discussion before midterms


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but a bump bump bump bump bump bump yes i'm wearing an adult shirt yours he this often coming to a little bit early today i've got some stuff to do pretty soon so this will be a short fifteen minute periscope but if you ve got a beverage i will join you for some water for the simultaneous i've already had my coffee you people sleeping in you should wake up that's good so let's get to the news so i tweeted yesterday that the the anti drug media has spent a week criticising the president for hiring an african american woman entrusting her too much now there is different words for it
they say away this good the irish people are zebediah hiring people what's up with that but it can i was down to he hired an african american woman and he trusted for more than they should have that really the story now you can put you can put different words on it but i dont know that the public is reading this as the worst thing that this president never did in other news i try to talk about the news and then sometimes i become the news so i tweeted article on fox news online that's about me and it's about me talking about brennan and about president from saying that hey russia if you have those missing email pillars email let us have them now i said breton doesn't
as a joke when he sees it people come in and criticized before they could besides me for not being an expert on the topic now i've written proximately in ten and eleven thousand jokes over the last three decades if you know somebody who is better in recognising a joke and there actually in the business as i am i'm open to i get a premium but if there one thing i am actually good at its recognising a joke so that where was funny i also see that president trump has cancelled the expensive military parade what did i say was about idea when i
pursuing this idea i said to myself and expensive military braid price only a bad idea another calling it postponed because prices too high and if they can get the price down there be great but i don't know how much you can get the price down because the fixes in another stuff to many fingers in the pies i don't think we're going to see the military parade and i would be happy about that because it does seem like it would be just a critics paradise if you spend a hundred dollars on it if the entire brave caused a hundred dollars some credit i would say well there's a hundred dollars it could have gone to veteran medical care and you know what that credit could be right because the brave probably wouldn't help as much as giving a veteran a hundred dollars
what else we get going on notice that the quality of the criticism on cnn against this president one way down today you know i always talk about the top left of citizens website that were the important news is today there are no trump stories in the top left of sea then that's cool let's see how long it takes us to find a trump story where we ve but the retired admiral who were saying take away my security clearance next he's a guess it was the admiral in charge of the bin laden project there together and do what i say
that guy is just another part is that right is just one more partisan do we care i assume that everybody in the military has opinion about this president some like him some doubt so here's one doesn't like him a measure that has lose i made because it was said by somebody important so it becomes news but it really is another versions of ending this this one doesn't add anything to the conversation who is it there's a headline this is taking the shadow moroseness tapes i'm thinking that he may not be being kind amr rosa eyebrows and tough spot checks marriage like a hundred percent of the world dislike her but i think she can monetize that so as not all bad
the vatican is broken its quote silence on the abuse report you might be happy to hear this but the the pope has come solidly on the side of the victims i think some people suspected spoke my side with the abusers was a really any question what the this opinion on this was gonna be i'm sure he's against child abuse so let s pope if he is in favour of or against war i think i do now already knows answer in the future it's a day to get back to me i'm not gonna call that the pope's cure silence about war the kind of already no worry is obvious
true pass regulators to consider getting rid of quarterly reports i don't know about that one who knows if that's good or bad then there's trump says he can the military prayed over ridiculously high class remember this and cnn and the worst thing that could come up with today is that the present cancel the military prayed because it was too expensive which is exactly what is critics would want him to do so it's hard to criticise it he asked the question you gotta pricey cancel that that's business q predicted a prayed be funny then there's some reporter whose detailing the marital strife in the kelly
i'm conway house here's my here's my thoughts about detailing the political strife in somebody's personal life what are you frickin given me how dare you put this and i want to be one of those people but how dare you how dare you but seems to me that there's just craziness it's crazy that we should where we should be listening to listen caring about it now i also saw something in the news said that china is not always something so people over to talk about trade but but they have toned down the rhetoric and instead of saying that china twenty twenty five will be the dominant power in the world and will supplant the united states
apparently they have decided nationally to projector little more humility and smart you're return china does something i've ever noticed as long we ve been talking about china there are plenty the times that we say to ourselves man china's do something that we don't like or i wish i knew would do something differently but does anybody ever say china made a bad decision for china china is really well managed they may given if you look at the size of their their challenge that big country what they were trying to take your from end to end how well they ve done so far to china really well wrong i don't know how you could come to any other conclusion now that doesn't mean they're doing stuff we like others here the legal system
a more brutal we can handle these slave labor at last i seek your love everything they do but if you saying are they effectively managing something that really hard to manage kind of our that doesn't mean we should let them walk all over us but they're taking a new smarter tact which is their pro they still trying to become the dominant power who wouldn't why would they not try to do that it will be silly for them not to try to be more important in the world but now talking differently and they're getting a little a flexible and there's word that there might be a lot of internal sent within china in the leadership especially in the leadership especially and
they may be worried about these tariffs so we might be working towards something productive here but what's the persuasion filter and china will they supplant the u s there's dirty money and predictable elements of something like that so if you say you know who's going to win in the long run the u dot s or china the things you don't see coming or let's say the creation of the next apple computer or the next amazon relax facebook those things you narrowly predictable weak wicked think we're going to do more of that than they are so there
there is good reason to believe will stay had but they ve got know they've got size so they got that go in for let me see if there's anything else police here's the taser name you seven year old woman cutting down lines with a knife well that was sub optimal nobody is on the other side of the story and then the story about democrats are weighing house leadership options talking about nancy policy now if cnn one of its biggest headlines and one of the ones as a picture is about nancy policy
that's not exactly anti trump visit it feels like syrians coverage if i'm looking at today they may have taken china's example in and brought him here what to the situation did you see which cuomo was it was the first name of governor cuomo in new york the care member andrew andrew cuomo so he said in his speech america was never grades and wouldn't be great until there was more equality essentially of course everybody said why why can you say america is not great i applied my forty eight hour rule do you know the forty eight hour rule let me tell you i invented this i'm hoping that catches on
the idea is that if you say something provocative they gets critics chattering you ve got forty eight forty eight hours clarify and the rule is that you take you accept the clarification not the original statement and now some people say but wait a minute the clarification is because the critics pushed back he really meant the other thing no mind reading no mind reading maybe somebody meant the other thing maybe under interior thoughts there thinking things you don't like for you here i have a society that is based on wishing other people for what you think that no way to organise a society you can punish people for what they do
and what he did was clarified the clarification stand i give him a full pass why because i want therefore pass for myself sunday and i wonder for you someday we should try this see how far it gets us and by the way there's some persuasive power putting a label on something and giving it a name suicide simply talked about this concept and had not given a name the forty eight hour rule it wouldn't be nearly as persuasive so if you talk about it if you like it if you want to mention that someone else call it the forty eight hour rule let's talk about opiates so the president has apparently asked jeff sessions to consider pursuing the pharmaceutical suitable companies over obviate abuse hello
you see their common did not see their come and i dont know if they ve gotta case but holy hell ever seen anything that was more on the side of the people and against the corporations who are they who are the anti far are the the anti far the fascists in earth fascists the ones who always side with the big corporations and is the head of our government siding with corporations or asking the government to suit their asses for addicting the citizens well we don't know where this is going yet but it looks like that's about the least fascist
thing any government ever did if you look into sue companies for irresponsibly addicting the masses i'm gonna say i'm gonna say that that's looking now that's just one of the things that you could imagine is gonna happen between now and november people don't ask me for a year what do you think he's gonna happen in the mid terms i will try to give the same answer at least this part of the same answer which is between now and november so much is gonna happen so much this the suing the pharmaceutical companies is a real in my mind this is real game changer now who knows how far it gets but in turn of setting the villain near the way ahead and the black add the villain and the bad guy this is a a clean contrast puts tromp right
the sight of i will put you in a business if you keep doing us i will put you out of here and i don't think he's i don't think he's bluffing so that will be interesting so they all seem to me was like those in the big stories i why is that the companies walt disney prescribers fault i'm no expert on this topic but i believe the people who are the experts can point to some specific rules and or things which the pharmaceutical companies have done that make our current situation far more likely
yeah they pushed to the doctors for the doctors to push it there their science behind their own product may not be as good as we think so they're probably are a number of avenues foregoing after the pharmaceutical companies now the most productive one i would think is a modern science now agrees no expert but i think you can fact check this i believe modern science is now on the on the side of the opium lloyd's might be good in certain sectors spot for long term pay management there actually worse
failure comments is trump using that is a hammer to get cooperation on health care i think between now and november you i see more coming from the administration on healthcare or let me let me put it in more start terms if you don't see the administration doing something meaningful on healthcare between now and the terms i would say we criticise that because there are things they can do that don't require a wholesale changes that can at least never on the edges they could focus for example they my focus on technologies i think this would be the best play to focus on businesses and technologies and different systems that could get us to lower healthcare i have to do is focused you don't have to raise our taxes you don't have to ask us to do anything just put a little focus on those start ups
and the ones that are working than the ones as something in the pipeline and say hey if we did more of this we can really lower our cause legalizing canada's i think them i wouldn't be surprised if he saw we get legalised before november would you would you be prized if the administration got the federal government out of the weed business entirely before november wont let me say this also as starkly as i can if they don't that would feel stupid i dont know if there's any argument on the other side you it's one of those few issues that the country is pretty much solidly on one side now you could still at the states do what they're gonna do but whether the federal government should have
overlay of laws in addition to what the states of agree to that very few people want that so to sit on that one past the mentors would just be terrible strategy so if we don't will see something coming out from the administration before them in terms we'd that would just be a serious this opportunity i hope we also see something on prison reform i hope we see something urban renewal those will be very impact for places to make a difference between the noun matter especially so if you can handle opium aids and weed and prison reform do something about job training that would be a heck of a strong way to go into them in terms usa must build the wall to keep the heroin out
i'm not on the side this as the drug dealers will be much changed by walls i'll bet you know every little bit helps so if if you could take down there i'd flow by ten percent or something building a wall that would certainly be useful but the drug dealers are a different economic model than the immigrants the immigrants might be stopped by a wall a drug dealer with billion dollars backing is gonna tunnel under the wall so you're not really stopping drug dealers when the wall but light what will be the ones who ones were lazy why don't you like immigrants i love immigrants i'm pro immigrants but like everything i'm also pro water but if i have too much
drought is james woods a master persuade her not in the classic sense he's persuasive in his own way which immigrants i'm pro immigrants but that doesn't mean we don't want to stop bad influences from coming into the country but there is no situation where our country care really survive without immigration i think are are just regular reproduction levels will go to allow in the economy or the growing too fast so some level of immigration is absolutely essential
they said in my pro undocumented undocumented immigrants i am pro undocumented immigrants meeting i am pro the people and propane but should they have the same rights u s citizens should they stay or not we still have to have laws so you can be pro undocumented immigrants and still think that under some situations they can stay in the country so you can be pro law and you can be pro people at the same time you just have to find some balance where the empathy and the law you know maximum point
nobody wants illegal anything nobody's in favour of illegal well i am not in favour of illegal immigration but i like the people tend to be in favour of the people alright manafort verdict this afternoon i know it's pretty complicated case so we'll see i talked about the manafort's saying out i gotta run i got something going on and i'll talk to you later
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