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Episode 187 Scott Adams: Have We Reached Peak Trump Derangement Syndrome?

2018-08-19 | 🔗


  • Anti-Trumpers pushing back against the TDS of other anti-Trumpers
    • Preet Bharara talking to Bill Maher
    • Rachel Maddow talking to John Brennan
    • Katy Tur talking to Michelle Goldberg
  • Strategy and tips for how to not be embarrassed
    • Ego is not who you are
    • Use your ego as a tool you ramp up or down as needed
    • President Trump does this extremely well
  • Scott’s happiness hypothesis


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but i'm bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum just because it's sunday that doesn't mean you don't have time come in here and enjoy coffee with scott adams and if you're an early bird you get here by the time we reach the thousand follower mark which will be at the we're going have the simultaneous sip here it comes one thousand followers and some of you got here in time good job for you so we're going to check in on the state of trump derangement syndrome today but first there was a headline that caught my eye so kevin spacey
who you all remember was accused of some b2 behavior with some young man years ago so kevin spacey as a new movie out and here's the headline on cnn kevin spacey movie earns only a hundred twenty six dollars on day one you heard that right not one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars kevin spacey is moving earned one hundred and twenty six dollars on his first day ouch so there's there's a weird little trend that i've just noticed and in just the last few days and the trend goes like this that that even the people who are critics of the president are trying to call back other critics
like oh you're going too far and this my be a sign that we've reached peak tedious peak trump derangement syndrome and i'm going to give you three examples something you might be familiar with but if you see them in context of more powerful so one of them is on bill maher show real time one of the biggest critics of the president is preet bahara i think i'm pronouncing so he was he was fired by the trump administration he admits he's a critic of the president for a number of things but i want i want to hear you watch him push back when
bill maher accuses the president of being a traitor so we'll see if we can see this come on oops i've got a sound problem here maybe i don't i think the first part didn't have sound so borrow was fired he was asked about presidents president trump's lawyer blah blah blah get to the good part moment damn no sound anyway the the what it was supposed to say was one other bill maher referred to the president as a traitor preet barrah actually stopped him
and said that it degrades the criticism when you take it too far i don't think the phone is on mute let's see if that was the problem and he was right there both using their growth enablers for a traitor access so i saw you when i said trader you looked like you were uncomfortable with the word you can subject yourself to criticism if you are sort of overstating and i'm not saying this earlier but if you're overstating what other people have done so that so he's an attorney yet one of the top ones in the country you think prosecutors and he refers to calling the president a traitor overstating and he did that with bill sorry so that's your first example of
trump critic calling set another trump critic saying look you went too far let me give you a couple more these are fresh ones in fresh examples alright we'll go too so there's a the next two i've twitted damn it why is nothing working today is john states to continue on this issue i think she does a great injustice and a disservice to the men of the intelligence law enforcement community and is a great service
since our states that's what it was nothing short of treasonous rachel maddow trees but it was a term so i used nothing short of treason you didn't mean that he committed treason i said okay sure trees and so was the terminator so that's that if we if we diagram the sentence nothing short of treason this means of strings so even rachel maddow was calling out john brennan on his bs she wouldn't let him weasel word it of course she wanted him to say treason but she was of exposing him for yeah being erratic so so the irony is that he lost his security clearance were allegedly being a and then he goes on rachel maddow and red mitchell that ok even understand what he's saying is like seems to be is being a little erratic that's my opinion
here's the best one i think it's eighty two show on msnbc michelle goldberg this call list for the new york times in mission goldberg is is going to suggest that the president wants to round up and kill people he just hasn't done it so watch what happens when the katy tur here's her guests on a new york times columnist michelle goldberg say this watch katy tur try to call her back
so the no he's not showing growth by default but he is the most important person in the world in politics right now and he's very vocal and i do agree with you that this does express a level of exasperation among his aides that they can't have any control over your arm yeah i'm sorry your argument is not the leader of the free world because he's not he's a sort of junior player in a block
authoritarian country and now and then people like the european union are no longer looking at him as a leader in a way for the good part here comes he then spat he's like right is part of a block that includes bladder pollutant to tear today he's you know he's kind of part of a he he's part of kind of an accident it's worse was i mean not that that's not the worst thing could be said about the worst you can say about it but people up and murder murdering them without any and you know the process so so michelle goldberg new times colonist turn on television and says with total confidence but she knows what the president is thinking and that he's thinking was round people up and kill him now
that is so far beyond the realm of you know same behavior i don't think she's medically insane but certainly temporarily she's operating like she's got trump derangement syndrome there so there are three examples are you seeing the anti trumper's i'm pulling back the other it's like oh and let me put a frame on this the people who are anti trump are starting to embarrass themselves in other words it's starting to get embarrassing to be on this to be an anti jumper do you remember this is a prediction i got wrong but probably only because of the time so the the prediction i made surely was
the anti trump would start to be embarrassed would start to be embarrassed by their this is another president i just showed you three examples that happened this week in which you saw for yourself anti trumpers being a little bit embarrassed by their own team are going to claim that i got that prediction right because i missed it by about a year but yeah premature particularly particulation exactly of the forty eight hour rule so yes the forty eight hour rule is in effect but i didn't see anything that any of these folks said they would necessarily be something that would change in forty eight hours but if they do if they do if anybody if anybody claire lisa next forty eight hours i will
abide by the forty eight hour rule for clarification and i will say i accept the clarification do you know because i don't want to be michelle goldberg she she can read minds and she is so certain that she said it in public imagine going in public and saying with confidence you can read the mind of somebody else you are a shill let's block that guy um yeah how do you how do you clarify it would be hard to if somebody does clarify there's another attack in seattle somebody saying somebody wearing mega hat i haven't seen that yet will you embarrassed if will you be embarrassed if you're wrong
i'm generally not embarrassed when i'm wrong about anything i was going to do horoscope about how to not be embarrassed and how to not feel shame it's a reaction to it yeah i'll probably give you a separate periscoping how to avoid shame and embarrassment well maybe i can make it quick i'll give it to you right now so this is how to avoid shame and embarrassment these are just a few tips number one try to be good at something
doesn't matter what it is you can just be have a good character you can be helpful you know doesn't have to be a world class skill but here you could be a good parent to give good student not a very high bar we try to be good at something because that if you fall on your face doing something else you won't say to yourself my god i'm a gigantic loser and everything i do is bad so you need a few things in your arsenal that you can say ok i'm bad at this where i messed up on this but i'm really not a bad person because i can do other things well and i have character or whatever it is but be good is something that gives you a little protection the next thing is is a learned ability the ability to withstand shame and embarrassment is completely learned um now completely learn but it's very learnable
and the way you do is you put yourself in situations where you will absolutely feel a little bit embarrassed but it won't hurt you i took the deal carnegie course somebody mention earlier here yeah one of the exercises was you would do something embarrassing in front of the class now you no it's a it's a small group and you get to know them pretty well but maybe twenty five people uh the advice you get is you do here's what we this was many years ago i'm sure they don't do the same exercise but they make you look like you're your least the man it would make the men talk like a hillbilly woman they didn't use the word hillbilly but you going from the class and you would say something like this is a bad example of it but they say
well i assume scott hello my name is alone you know and you would just go way over the top in acting about somebody who's a different jen so something that would be weird uncomfortable there's no way you could do it well so the exercise his nature was something nobody was going to do in an elegant respectful way you just couldn't do it you're going to look like an idiot and you're going to do it in front of the class and everybody would do it so all twenty five people would have to get up and embarrass themselves and even it's a controlled safe environment you still feel it you still feel embarrassed because we're just wired that way but you do it a few times and then the class simply doesn't care they just don't care about you they're thinking about themselves the thinking about what they had for breakfast you know what they're going to eat for dinner i suppose
but people don't really care about you just embarrassing yourself in once you go through the cycle enough times you realize hey i've embarrassed myself fifteen times this week and nothing is different my coffee taste the same i still have my job i still hi my loved ones are exactly the same look at all the ways of embarrass myself nothing changed nothing nothing physical no it was all in my mind and it's never enough simply to just tell somebody that like i'm telling you so the fact that i'm just explaining it will help you a bit you have to actually go and put yourself in positions where you are guaranteed to be embarrassed in safe ways you'll still feel embarrassed me just get used to it after awhile
can you imagine the number of times i've been criticized in my thirty years of public life you know every single day lol so lots how many times have i sent a tweet with a typo or or just a word spelled wrong yeah i won't even call it a typo 'cause that's letting me not be embarrassed sometimes i just follow or draw in public professional writer spell a word wrong and tweet it out and quarter of a million people will say it should i be embarrassed by that maybe some people would but i don't know why people damn it is hard to block the right people um somebody says never embarrassed equals narcissist so here's another tip for avoiding embarrassment if you're hung up
on who is or is not a narcissist then you don't understand ego if you think ego is who a person is then you're also going to think that if they are not they might be in our systems but none of this is about who you are if you do it right if you do alright your ego is just a tool and you can wrap it up and you can wrap it down a good time to ramp up your ego is if you're going in fridge interview or you're in some kind of a athletic competition it's good to get your confidence as high as you can and in those cases but if you're going to instant some others let's say you're meeting the parents of your boyfriend girlfriend or fiance
something you probably don't want to go in looking like a narcissist so you want to dial it down you see the president doing this all the time by the way he dials it up and i'll sit down so that so the tip is if you're asking the question hey is somebody who is not embarrassed or they are cyst if you even asking that russian then you're seeing the world in an unproductive way the real question is if i if if all of you accuse me of being a narcissist does that embarrass me no because first of all i don't know i happen to you know have a better insight about my own myself and whether it's true or not i wouldn't care because i can use my tool my use my ego as a tool
if i crank it up and you say hey you're a narcissist i don't care because when i need to all crank it down and then somebody will well you're a very humble person uh and neither of those will be true i'm either the humble person when i ramp down nor am i the narcissist when i ramped up i'm not those people i'm person who understands that you go is a tool and i move it where it needs to be to get me the best result so once you start thinking of it that way and it's not who you are it's just how you manage you know you manage your confidence that's that's a more productive way to look at it another way to avoid or reduce your shame slash embarrassment is
to use the the imagination and to imagine yourself on your deathbed so this is the deathbed imagination technique so you get embarrassed and your life you know how sometimes you just like your red and you're sweaty and you're like super embarrassed save yourself ok imagine yourself you know decades in the future and you're on your deathbed are you going to be thinking about that are you going to be thinking about that day that you were embarrassed you or not in fact ask yourself how many of your past embarrassments are you talking about right now personally none zero that's how many past embarrassments i'm thinking about right now so one of the great things about the way humans are designed is that they forget a lot of
so however embarrassed you are at any moment you should know certainty day they got get over and you don't have to do anything special to do it there's nothing you have to do to get over it it just goes away so you just think yourself into the future and say oh if i do abs salute lee nothing special this problem that i'm feeling just goes away and that will actually make it or help it you know it help diminish it in the near term because you know it a problem the way our brains work is that when we're worrying about something at the moment like let's say your feet sing shame at the moment what you're really doing is worrying that that feeling is going to continue and when you tell your it never does it allows you to minimize it at the because you're not really worried about the moment
because the moment is already passed how long is a moment so if you say i feel nearest at the moment moment is gone what you were really worried about was the next moment in the next moment the next moment and the one thing you could say about the next moments for sure that you will be less immersed so the future looks good when you're embarrassed actually when you're embarrassed the future looks great this could be better than whatever you're feeling right now guaranteed pretty much always does so those are a few tricks uh the other thing is you're a couple more tricks you know i've talked about he simulation theory way too much the idea that were necessarily it original species but we might be a computer simulation created by some other species and the argument there you mostly if you heard it by now is that if
there is ever a species that can create a simulation will probably create more than one so the the year the original and not the many copies of of serbia of one of is very low so sometimes i tell myself um well if i'm just a simulation what if i'm just software is this feeling that i'm having the feeling of embarrassment zen main it's not going to last is now who i am it's not maine it's just transient and you can actually just think you're way past by saying i seem to be whole there's nothing wrong with me my hands my legs my body i can still eat i just there's just no impact from any of these thoughts i'm having so you can sort of think yourself up to instead of being your ego and here just got beat up your not the thing
got beat up you're not that thing so stop thinking of yourself as the thing that just got beat you are some kind of entity whether you're a simulation or or not you bigger than that event that event was not terribly important in your life so those are some techniques someone says i always get embarrassed practice so if you always get embarrassed run tord it run away from embarrassment if you feel embarrassed if you're feeling embarrassed on a regular basis run tord it and and here's a little for those of you who feel embarrassed about stuff every time you feel embarrassed you become more protective
because you have to go through the experience of being embarrassed and then however long it takes a few hours or a few days you're over it you're just over it uh what if he make an important mistake well i'm big on apologies and fixing things in fact one of the one of the main ways that i define character is not by mistakes i do not define character by what you what mistake you made i define character partly by what you did about it so if i were to if i were to judge any of you by your mistakes well you're all of your all a terrable bunch of people 'cause you've all done horrible things yeah you haven't killed people necessarily but you've all
made mistakes probably most of you have lied some of you have omitted information you know you've done selfish things we've all done some bad stuff but if you make a mess hey and then you atone for it you apologize you restate your mistake so people know you understand you say and then you do whatever you can do every situation is different but you do what you can do to fix this situation you pay somebody back you promise to fix something you talk to somebody you apologize whatever it is in the situation i definitely judge people bye how they handle their mistakes and that's the way you should judge yourself
so here's another tip you're probably going to judge yourself by a standard that you would judge other people by why right if if your standard for judging character is the mistakes you made and the things you did that you should legitimately feel embarrassed by if those are the things you judge who you are you're probably judging other people that way too that's not a good way to go through your life don't judge people by their mistakes judge them by what they do about them once they have been pointed out that there is a mistake so if i i can think of situations in which i've done something usually accidentally there was just bad and i should be embarrassed about it and i find that
my level of embarrassment goes way down when i go toward it in other words i go right to the person that you know i i harm accidentally directly apologize directly state what the problem was and direct say what i'm going to do about it in the future that's the steve jobs apology stack if you will so the so the apology stack is you restate it so people know what it is you know you're talking about the same
thing and you're not trying to weasel out of it so you state it in the most in the starkest clearest way and then people go ok you get what went wrong here step one step two you apologize for it in a way that sound sincere 'cause don't apologize if you don't mean it and then you say what you're going to do about it to make it better in the future can't fix the past can fix the past but you can do something about in the future so that's the call that this steve ups apology stack had to deal with the numbers in problem if you haven't heard the story i tell a lot but when when apple had the an antenna gate problem when you held your phone if your finger was in a certain place it blocked the antenna in the phone would drop it signal what an embarrassing problem for a company that makes a phone you hold in your hand
it's made to be held in your hand and it's specific flaw was that you couldn't hold it in your hand it's the most embarrassing thing you could ever imagine for it well i'm sure you could get the more warm person but imagine how embarrassing that is as the person whose identity steve jobs is identified with this object hey i made a handheld object i've my company on it and the only time it doesn't work is when you hold it in your hand how embarrassing would that be was steve job jobs embarrassed i'm not a mind reader but look at the way he handled it you went on a conference call and he said some version of this on paraphrasing he said also more all smart phones have problems which was brilliant he changed the frame so you could think you could put it in context and by the way that's good
if you're if you're feeling embarrassed put it in context you're not the one person on earth who was embarrassed today you're not the one person earth was ever embarrassed you're living in a world where there's just embarrassment all over the place and most people don't care about yours they think about their own but they don't really care about your american and then he said you know we want to make it better for our customers and then he said what he was going to do about it so that's so if you handle your embarrassment in a in a proper way that also helps you get past it here's another here's another fact that just helps you put things in perspective and some of you have heard this there's research that shows that the most loyal customer is not the one who had a good experience the most loyal customer and this is counter
but you'll see how this fits in the most loyal customer is not the one who had a good experience the most loyal one is the one who had a bad experience complained and then you fixed it when you fix somebody's bad experience it bonds them to you so you should think you should think if you're on the other side of that equation and you know that you've done something embarrassing and bad and you need to apologize for it you're apologizing makes you a better person than if nothing had happened in the first place who would you trust somebody who messed up sincerely apologized understood the problem and said what they were going to do about it would you trust a person i would that that's the person i would trust a lot in fact my opinion of that person's character would go way up and i wouldn't judge them by the original problem i would just
by how they handled it show those are a few techniques trump never apologizes yeah in his case he's got a whole thing going on where he knows he starts apologizing he's never going to be done pre stone apologizes a true i don't know that may not be true anything new with blade authority i still need to do there are some interesting things brewing with the blade authority that i won't tell you about but there's
i'm very very high level activity meaning that smart people are are looking at it that's all i can tell you for now i'm can't log in to the forum a look into that so you're saying that blake the thirty dot com won't let you let logan i'm i'll make sure that it's working if you tried it the other day it was subject to a denial of service attack so if you tried to log into the platform a few days ago it was down some hackers had attacked it but it was
it was back up and if there was a few days ago yeah the problem just try to get what's my new book going to be the new book is going to be on her escape your mental presence somebody asked about the u r l i believe that both the u r l work blatant sortie and also the up like to forty i think it it to it'll send you to the other
as a manuscript going to copywriting yet now i'm only twenty percent done writing this is brand i just started am i happier now or before trump have you ever heard the theory about baseline happiness it's the idea that it feels like you're happy this is being determined by things happening in your life but science has debunk that turns out that people are born with some kind of genetic biological disposition to how happy they can be and they can have a bad day and still be happy and other people have a good day and never be happy so
you don't have a lot of movement from your your baseline and if you do it's usually temporary and then you're back baseline so when you say in my happier before or after trump you know in before trump if you went way back maybe i had bigger problems and you know those may be unhappy but i would say the same i'm happy in a different way that was happy you know when things are going well less happy when they are how do you determine your baseline you probably know just over the course of your life where do you spend most of your time are you
mostly happy or you mostly unhappy that's probably your baseline is being happy the same as being positive no but you know i have a very controversial theory hypothesis let's called it hypothesis that everybody gets angry when i stay at it so so you know that whether where when people are angry at your hypothesis you're way off or your nail in and and here's the hypothesis you're going to hate this either way and remember i'm calling it i hypothesis so don't take this out of context hypothesis means i am not certain this is true nor am i thinking is most likely to be true something interesting enough that it's worth saying
when people are unhappy or even i think physical depression i won't go that far but let's just say they're unhappy there they're having a bad day how often is it that they're also low energy i think that people think that they're low enerji because they are in a bad mood or there low energy because are mildly depressed and in this context i'm not talking about clinically depressed where that's a whole different deal with just your attitude is somewhat depressed there almost always low energy meaning that my hypothesis is
if you took somebody who is you know just normally miserably unhappy in just give them a shot of some drugs that just popped a mock that they would act that way and if you ask them are you happy that say well at the moment i am and so the hypothesis is that we missed steak happiness and energy because when we are happy were also high energy lots of times like a you know let's party i'm happy and when were unhappy i
i don't even want to get off the couch i don't want to do and the way we process that is that our attitude has affected our enerji my hypothesis is that we have it backwards and that if you could directly affect somebody zenergy they would act and feel happy more often than not now like i say i'm not counting clinically you know people have clinically medical depression and mental problems that's a that's its own category but within the normal zone of happy or not i think it's energy if you want to test this
if you have children in your life and those children are like unhappy in fighting and grumpy and you know they're crying and whatever she try feeding them just giving them some food now when you're not when you eat it your energy up a little bit you know sometimes you're you're hungry at just sap your energy if you feed the kids that are in a bad mood watch how often they get in a good mood instantly it's it's almost phenomenal how well that works twice if your if your kids are fighting an angry and and measurable that everything ask yourself how much they slept the night before and you'll find an almost perfect correlation with children in those two things
they get enough sleep and have they eaten recently and watch that correlation because those are the energi correlations now also hydration because if you're poorly hydrated you'll actually feel tired even though it's a fake tired it's actually just dehydration so if you're if there hydrated and they've eaten and they've gotten good sleep tell rarely children are mitchell so that's my hypothesis anyway that's enough for now i'm gonna try to come back later this afternoon into something on blight authority so if you can log in to play the thirty dot com and you have some ideas about how to design a community that would be a great help to
world you can help the world that's not even an exaggeration if you've got a good idea you can go to the blade authority put it on there i guarantee also it and probably lots of other people who are in we're in the right space make something happen and your idea could change the world that's not even a little bit of an exaggeration couple of good ideas might be what we need to make a big difference in the urban urban areas right so i'm all positivity today and will keep it that way and i will talk to you all later later
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