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Episode 196 Scott Adams: President Trump’s Mutually Assured Destruction Strategy

2018-08-26 | 🔗


  • Study says there’s a brain difference between conservatives and liberals
    • Conservatives are more triggered by external threat
    • Liberals are happier in times of uncertainty
  • Review of President Trump’s current risk list
  • President Trump’s hyperbole is directionally accurate
    • Multiple whiteboard discussion topics illustrating this concept

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pom pom pom bump bump bump bump pom pom pay everybody come on in here i am only recently awakened i might be alone dopey this morning and by had i mean don't bigger than usual sir start with some term again whose passed away and we wish the best for his family in honour his service i know some of you have competing opinions but we won't talk about them today are right the so there's a story forming that might be the most interesting story in the world that i haven't seen report it some gallery
port the story as i see it forming see if you think i'm crazy or if it's the only thing that matters and it goes like this do you remember when the present gonna lacquered knows a lot of talk about whether you gonna go hard to put hilary clean and in jail pretty much everybody said that would be a bad idea even if you could because you don't want to become president and then immediately jail the person you ran against i can't think of a less healthy thinking for the republic so it seems to me that although there were plenty of avenues to pursue there were there were enough things looked illegal to the trained i and maybe the train die as well that there were
plenty of avenues it could have gone and even if the there is nothing there that she did illegal that we could see we already know from the president trump experience and from every other experience where you have lots of investigations if you dig long enough you can find something so you had the situation of the president believe holding off and playing soft with hillary clinton even though he didn't need to but because it was better politics better for the country probably wouldn't get that much support would be neil impractical to go after her now fast forward to today
today we have a situation in which many of us have hillary clinton's personal friends and allies for decades open to be organizing to put president trump and of office now here's the interesting part you see president trump going really tough on jeff sessions but not firing him interesting right he's going to really hard as sessions especially for not going after hilary but he's not firing him and then we see everything from david packard you do waffle burg having immunity to current having immunity and pay
we're saying wait a minute the year that the virus says closing on the president let me ask you this and i haven't seen this i've now in any reporting on us what would happen if they actually got the president on something serious well between the time that the president knew that he was going down this hypothetical what's imagine that they ve found something in his is business or something there was problematic he would have a number of months in power before they before he was technically out of office what would you do well i think you would employ mutually assured destruction now of the world but of a half hillary clinton
it seems to me he's setting up the situation to make it clear if he goes down he's gonna have plenty of time to take hilary down here's here's how you do it fire jeff sessions and there's theirs tons of political blow back but who cares because this would be the point where it doesn't matter anymore he has no to lose he's gonna fire jeff sessions he's gonna pull somebody in if you can get them approved who nothing but take hilary down so it seems to me that by threatening jeff sessions but not moving on it he's sending the clearest message possible that is the deep state takes amount he's gonna take
hilary out but may be even better if they take him out and lets say he doesn't have time to take out hilary the next republican is gonna do it it doesn't matter who the next republican president is whether its pence or somebody gets elected in eight years you twelve years it doesn't matter how long it takes the next republican who's gonna take hilary out because have to you don't really have a choice do you can run on the platform to say look i'm just gonna do one thing i'm gonna go like this i'm gonna appoint a special prosecutor and only then take hilary out just just even things up
i think the the desire for revenge would be so high that it might happen anyway here's here's my prediction my prediction is this if the press dodges although the bullets the sea to be having his way then i think that hillary clinton will not be prosecuted i think that if the president it if they do find something they didn't run him out of office for or prosecuted for after is in office i believe the hilary is going down and i think that there is nothing that can stop it because it will be a priority one at that point now if he gets rid of sessions i think there's a problem there because you have to get the next to her attorney general approved by congress and presumably they would stall if they could be to take a bare majority
i'm not sure the rule there because of its just majority the republicans would say are this one's on you for majority we ve got it return in general turning genuinely has one job take hilary ale i know that might also take out the deep state as well but i think hilary is now in the crosshairs and you may have noticed that the president has one named her she used to be crooked hilary tour but lately he's goin to calling her a crooked and you know who is talking out sways now she's like these i share in the elvis just one name just crooked this does sound insane scott which part of the sun's insane
do you think there is any chance that delivery wouldn't go down if president trunk knows that there no chance i'm telling you now if president goes down hitler is going to jail for her own crimes not raising had to do with trump it's it's a guaranteed one hundred percent hilary behind bars if trump gets impeached and actually removed from office so that's my that's my theory so it is a good reason to imagine that you won't be taken out now i saw a study somebody twenty to me recently saying that there is a brain difference between republicans or less a conservative at levels and that one of the key differences is that coins conservatives
the conservatives are more triggered by external threat so if there's something from outside the country for example that an external threat whether its communism more nuclear with stuff russia or whatever i'm in theory services are more triggered by fear something from the outside so it makes sense that conservatives like a big military and likewise it said slightly different point but that liberals are a happier in situations of uncertainty in other words you dont know exactly what's gonna happen and there are fine with that apple examples that would be
open borders or socialism that the two things that those have in common is what the hell's gonna happen if you do those things and liberals are more likely to say scribble dry in other words a like they like variety de there like risk they like uncertainty or at least they didn't deal with a better says very powerful because if those things are true suggests ways to suggest ways to persuade so i suggest that president trumps approach of saying emigrations gonna get us seven terrorists are gonna get us
closed borders closed borders is suggesting that's exactly the right message for winning the nomination but that is problematic convincing the other side so but it also suggests some opportunities take for example healthcare you might be able to sell healthcare without explaining the details least explaining to the to the left so you could for example they were just going use the technical achievements syn thinking and be smarter and try some experiments with the healthcare the left wing price a higher experiments we like that was try a few things still some things we ve never done before so you could price
ass a thing you ve never done before would be easier to sell to the left so there maybe with some ways to use that all right i believe as i have just been reminded that you have not and not yet enjoyed the simultaneous up and so if you could raise your glass razor mug your vessel full beverage and join me for the simultaneous ah yes my chalice thank you for adding that the mix i raised my tell us you know there's a sentence i've never said before i raised my chalice
the scots and panic mood but what about the presidency i am still of the camp that people are panicking about the presidency but that the risk is far less than you think and let me give you some examples so we're talking about the risk that david packer of the enquirer hasn't a secret safe fulla secrets about the present well that's probably true but that's not gonna kick him out of office even if we saw the safe fullest secrets what difference would it make because its ogilvy personal life stuff but more importantly on what basis would these special council have to make a case about any of that stuff so in theory the special council will
not publicize any of the other personal stuff that's in the safe because that's not their job there that interpol stuff so you never gonna hear about it from the special council in david becker he has no reason to tell the world who else is gonna look at it so it seems to me that there is probably a safe for secrets the war remain essay follow secrets maybe somebody whispers about is on my outside big deal so i think the safe has no risk i won't say no risk of certain knew nothing has no risk but close to zero then you ve got the risk of cohen the current knows more than we already know but i think he would have hinted that were said that
so far mauler hasn't even talk to co and as far as we know sounds like there's not much risk there at all i wish nothing no smoking gun nothing that we can see lady davis doesn't seem to be hinting there there's anything special the kohen knows then you ve got was a bird who got immunity to testify but it looks like the immunity was just limited to stuff we already knew about cowan so the loss of work thing probably a big nuthin and what would happen if the weissenburg thing extended into the finances of the trump corporation well that's the red line i think it they crossed the red line everybody knows that when the deep state goes down and that's when hilary goes to jail i
quite literally if you see the special council going after the trump taxes near the trump business i think that's when hilary goes to jail that's one sex this gets fired that's when the new attorney general or the acting attorney general comes in analyses the acting turn a general would be which would be rosen stein right let's say he doesn't go after hilary he gets fired whose third in line it doesnt matter that person is fired too if they don't grafter hilary so the press and can pretty much guarantee they hilary goes to jail for the citizen in exactly the same way that the special prosecutor if they just kept digging everywhere in the world they find something that looks illegal so i think us
probably the mutually assured destruction line and i'm pretty sure that mahler and everybody else knows where that line is you and i know where the light is right it's british spray certainly know the line so given that the biggest risks are the ones i just mentioned and actually love smaller than you think because i was isn't going to be talking about anything we don't already know about her mahler doesn't already know about collins already shot his ward was probably nothing left packers safe will probably remain blocked because nobody cares about that stuff from a legal perspective is just not important so then a morose is completely discredited even cnn stop talking about amr rosa you're even though
your seller her stuff anymore so what would be the risk the biggest risks i see them as close the two zero then fifty percent nothing's ever zero zero but i think he's risk is closer to zero than to fifty percent did you see i can't tell if it was a fake headliner but on an msnbc there was the whatever you can the cairo with the label running at the bottom of the screen and literally said trump worried about europe is worried about packer leap trump is where
the package will leak something that really worried that packer will lick well that's pretty good was a fake might have been fake whether was faker real it's just as funny so the rest of the new cycle will be dedicated to story john mccain coupled with stories about isn't prison didn't tramper terrible person for not saying that mccain the hero let me tell you how i feel about that present trump and john mccain were legitimate enemies they were
there were legitimate enemies they didn't each other politically and it's pretty obvious they didn't like each other personally would you be happier if the president was a big phony and came out saying glowing things about mccain because he died i don't know that i would like that better i think we all agree with honouring better an ongoing his service in i did it in the beginning of my periscope in case you missed it but what do you want the president to be a gigantic phony and to say things i know you didn't mean i don't want that i don't want that all i think the present laid it exactly the word want he said something so it's better design something than nothing
and he showed his empathy for the family because doesn't have any beef with a family and they're the ones were both alive and suffering the most so if you're gonna say something that was a sufficiently respectful thing to say and all the rumours that organ re floating about the bad things it in allegedly did you just every good and bad thing about him today so i have i'm having trouble creating an opinion so you can like you can like the part about mccain that you know about his service for example
so you can like all that and respect all of that but through a lot of accusations that i wouldn't know if they're true or false wouldn't have any way of knowing now here's something about trump that's interesting the seems like a dichotomy and it goes like this present trump has kept more promises then perhaps any candidate ever for present at the same time his record with the fair checkers is the worst we ve ever seen but i've argued there he is always and i think this is true i think it's true that it's all his true
direction only accurate and yeah i'm gonna give you a a white war talker i wasn't planning to do this so a little bit unprepared you don't need to know what this is that was me trying to learn the book play the drums unsuccessfully so let's say you're trying to figure out who is a genius and who is an idiot
a a genius would be somebody who when you're trying to make a decision would you then start with facts and they may forth here's your sense of reason then so then they start to make their own decision so say their own decision various facts and reason and then what will they do to persuade and you'll leave that blank for now how would an idiot persuade known it it would persuade with
things are untrue they'd fail the fact checking fail the fact checking victims there are probably use a lot of hyperbole which you might call bs so that's how an area would persuade right there were no use bunch of things that were not true they wouldn't use facts and reason stuff like that but how did genius persuade while genius would persuade with all kinds of reasons the facts right
so a genius would make a decision based on facts of reason and then they will persuade you using facts unreason right but an area would just have no facts and then they would use buncher be us because they're just idiots this is your general way of looking at the world but i would suggest to you that there an area to sound familiar you both idiots so the reason that this persons in area even though the using facts and reasons to make their own decisions using facts and reasons to persuade why are they video because this doesn't work our people know this doesn't work doesn't work
if you want to be back to genius you want to borrow the stuff you wanna use hyperbole and be ass etc because it works then you can be a genius now you ve made no decisions based on facts and reason but you know you can persuade anybody say after exaggerate use i personally use fear us or thing and then you're a genius let's say you're an idiot what would it look like change it up for you i got i got to this long way sorry to say anything we also use facts of reasons because it
they don't know the difference between accurate reasons and the unity of the thing sir faction the reasons are also good so things are starting with us they reduce their effects on the reasons to persuade you but i wouldn't because he never does and their effects on the reasons are wrong if you see somebody making a decision using what they think of the facts and the reasons and then try to persuade you using what they think are the facts and the reasons that's probably an idiot because this doesn't work and these are probably wrong even if it was right it wouldn't work even if they had the right facts and reason schools not persuasive so if you're looking for a genius looking for look for somebody who makes their own decisions based on facts but when there talking to the public the region hyperbole
and so and so what you have with president trump this this is something i should apply under had a time because this is something i should a plan ahead of time because maybe the worst way more presentation i'm overdone but with president tramp tell somebody who's gonna get better markers you got somebody is failing the fact checking more than anybody failing fact checking more than anybody ever has
at the same time he's getting more success is getting a lot done and he's got it using his hyperbole remotely etc so it's not it's not a coincidence that is failing the fact checking and keeping all of his campaign promises success in this case means uses promises and i've made the claim they even when he is failing the fact checking he's dead actually accurate which is what the hyperbole us and i'd love to hear i'd love to hear any counter examples so the probably arson i just can't think of any
i'm trying to think of a situation in which i tried trying to think of a situation in which when trump got a fact wrong there he didn't get it wrong in the right direction another word if he if he had a fact that was exaggerated or he said the crowd who is bigger than he was are there any situations where somebody said hitler was genius not true because here first with incorrect facts so that there would not be a situation with genius he took credit for no airline crashes but again when when you see the president taking credit for things
there may be his actions were not directly about what does cause were you what's what's the net effect the president taken credit for some good the happened then maybe wasn't entirely his doing well it doesnt pass the fact jacking but base makes people think all things good things are happening in this country people are happy and they think things are happening they invest in all this things are working well so it's perfectly good form for any president to take credit for things that were exactly things i did it's very good form they should do that whenever they can even if other people say that's not real still works it still good persuasion
the birthing was good persuasion they didn't didn't past effect jacking but at the time he was trying to become a prominent voice in the country which he did partly through that use onto bond with the base which he did and he was trying to weaken the president which it sets a perfect yourself so the birth or stuff didn't pass the fact checking but directly at accomplished many of the things he wanted to accomplish and then what they needed to be said look into your welcome turns out there was no problem i'm just looking under such somebody try to give you an example jumped our wiretaps here the wired
an example of something that was perhaps not technically factually accurate but it is true that his campaign was being surveillance so he was waiting in the direction word accuracy even though the factual whirl he was forced to give up on the birth or issue so i'm not disputing that i'm saying it didn't matter that here published what he wanted to do with the birth of her issue it made him prominent weaken the president their work at the service said does ethical matter well giving it let me give you two situations you ve got to leaders one
and passes the fact checking and because he's not a very inspirational leader the economy goes down and some people starve to death in this scenario that that leader is acting perfectly ethically they ve never lie but there also not very inspiring somebody starve to death was there another waiter uses i probably gets people excited gets here going but doesnt pass the fact checking never old people make money people have jobs the economy is better and people eat which one of these two active ethically one of them said the poor one of them killed the poor but to see the poor to exaggerate elizabeth yet he had to leave you had to get people's minds and their emotion
is moving in the right direction so which of those was the ethical way so when you say but is it ethical i say according to whose words who deciding what ethical i usually favor being children alive that's just me you might say i'd rather that kid died them here a lie i would rather not here lie eyes we give you let me summarize this this way the truth has two components the accuracy in other words how closest to the truth and the direction
so for example if the present and says there were fifty some people at my rally let's say the actual number was thirty thousand accuracy would be say d minus but the direction in this case the direction is lots of you were excited to come to my rallies the direction is an eye directional speaking having thirty thousand come to your rally packing the place totally directly accurate if you said fifty thousand or thirty thousand really change anything except how excited you are about the present accuracy would be a d minus if he said fifty thousand instead of thirty thousand that's a pretty big difference
which of these matters which one matters the one that matters is new direction the accuracy never mind so you ve got an entire news industry talking about the accuracy of what the president says and the accuracy almost never matters the direction matters every time and it matters a lot how much do you hate hearing that goes i just this messed up everything you ever believed about ethics about the truth about reality about this precedent i'm gonna i'm going to say it again because i like to so much suffering
right and bigger so the truth has two parts accuracy accuracy and direction accuracy for leadership purposes now i'm not talking about engineering i'm not talking about math talking about any other technical fields in the text go feels the accuracy would be really really important a so there are plenty of fields in which accuracy would buy by far be the important thing medical science and sarah bobby comes to politics and leadership the door
action of your truth is what matters the accuracy almost never wore matter almost never so when you're watching let's say a lesson president carter jimmy carter if they carter comes out and says there's a malaise in the country and i don't know things are going to go there well and it looks like i'm gonna have to raise your taxes and i don't know what to do about it and i guess i guess will always have terrorism for example he didn't say those things but imagine if here unless that they were all perfectly accurate what would be the result of all their accuracy while we feel bad win we wouldn t
as hard just just wouldn't feel like a good country what if he had said sure things i'm a bad but look at all the great things i'm doing things of turning around it looks like it looks like that sir the run it looks like a gonna cavan any minute it looks like our meal terrorism best ever in america's having its best day we're gonna make make mare who read again if he had set all those things well they might not be technically accurate suppose he said look at all i've done for the economy but you thought yourself well that wasn't you jerry that was sort of the last president it would still be better if hypothetical jimmy carter exaggerated because it's just better leadership version if he exaggerated in the wrong direction let's say he said you know this country is full
report its in the toilet everything's gonna blow up in a couple of days that would be heading in the wrong direction that would be the worst problem you can ever make not only are you and accurate but you're inaccurate in the wrong direction so you can you ve got to interact so as long as you're going in the right direction with your truth for leadership bonaparte leadership because it will be easy for some of you take the sand tax this very great one for taking a context if any mike relax we're watching this is just perfect for taking out of context it is a good persuasion for media to criticise his accuracy well it has worked yet has it have you noticed that
the number of inaccuracies the president has doesn't seem to have a top heavy if you're a graph i see the media's claims about the president's levels of inaccuracy over you know you started to be accurate according to them and those like use through the roof all the number of inaccuracies and times is passed the fact checking is through the roof what has it changed what has changed what what did it hurt nothing do you remember i told you from the very beginning that none of this would matter and that i'm seeing more and more articles and i think you have to how many times have you seen articles lately
saying that the facts don't matter anymore you seem like a bunch times write articles facts don't matter we live in a post fact world this is what people are discovering this is what i told you in twenty fifteen would be the way our our public consciousness would move we move in the direction of understanding is for leadership accuracy your facts don't really matter one of the reasons that the facts don't matter there we don't even agree what the facts are if we were to take it's the liberals and conservatives were to form groups to less a major anything two major blessing
how much of the economy president trump was responsible for or how much of unemployment was affected by this president versus the other would the experts agree they would not so why what is the point of accuracy when nobody reads what the accurate situation is anyway but if you took the thirty five hundred sack checking failures as the president has done since the beginning of his its term and he said i let me take this list put together mostly by levels and handed the conservatives now what to grade the people who gravid grade the graders and my guess is that you get very different ideas of the truth so the accuracy not only doesn't matter
but people don't even agree what is accurate it's something you want to be important but isn't the direction the direction the persuasion will always matter if you say something is more versus saying something is less that matters i see a lot of people of tone i should watch the bill more show that must have been aired on friday night something about shapiro on that issue and i will watch set i think i'm scheduled to talk ben shapiro my the these soft cover version of wind bigley will come out in the end of october i think i think the end of october and
i'll be doing a little bit more media them and i'll be talking to bench bureau at some point in the next couple of months what about joe robin talk taught him anytime you want it's not up to me what shows i era should go until march why belonged omar once during the campaign and again i would go on him if he asked her door i'm going to go do some other things now great talking to you and i'll see you later
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