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Episode 201 Scott Adams: Healthcare Costs, Weed, Criticizing the Press, Google Mind Control and Dancing

2018-08-31 | 🔗


  • Thoughts on Theresa May’s dancing skills and embarrassment
  • Healthcare costs and socialism
  • Is President Trump’s criticism of the press a needed pushback?
  • Is there a need to balance positive weed messages with negative ones?
  • Is Jeff Sessions behind the “need” for weed negativity?

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Bump bump bump boom boom bump bump bump bump bump. Oh what a good day it is. It's always a good day, but today little better than usual. today is very special coffee with Scott Adams, special because the content will be so so good. And better than that more than content? We will also be sharing the simultaneous step. Oh yeah, it makes your coffee seventy five percent, better science has proven. and now, if you will raise your mug, your vessel, your glass, you container with your favorite beverage, coffee preferred! Oh, oh,
that's good. Now we have a theme song for coffee with Scott Adams. You already know how that goes. Bump bump bump bump bump bump sing it with me everybody bump, bump bump bump. enough of that. What we also need, I think, is a is a dance, a dance, to get us going. I know Ellen on the Ellen Show likes to dance with her audience, but I thought. Well, you know what I'd like to do. Some of that too,. So I was looking around for what would be a good dance for this audience and I thought oh, I saw one I'm going clip and it's actually a prime minister, Theresa may and she's visiting and after in country and she's doing a dance that I think I'd like to do for you as well
hope you can see it it was pretty good Ann now you're, probably thinking to yourself. That I'm going to make fun of Theresa may for her dancing skills, but you'd be wrong.
I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons that Theresa may is, Prime Minister and you're, not is she can do that. and by that I don't mean dance poorly anybody can dance poorly boy. you can do. Is she can stand in front of the world do something that she's not good at about the power of that now. I'm sure people gave her some a hard time as about it, but I'm not going to I give A plus. For having one of the most essential qualities of of success, which he demonstrated right there, which is like Complete lack of embarrassment. Now that doesn't mean that in her private life or in our private moments, she doesn't feel embarrassment but It's pretty. Obviously, she's worked through it right. It's not
let's not stop here. lance slowing her down, so she I feel embarrassed or awkward at times like everybody else in the world, but it's not a stop so I'm going to give Theresa may an a plus for having an essential leadership skill, which is the ability to just put yourself out there ability to take a chance right, but No, I did not pull out my mic, but I've got two microphones here for another reason, Let's talk about a couple of things. I was Curious about health and you, may have seen a thought extreme and I put on Twitter, I did a in which I asked the following question. Now, of course, this question
is not a realistic question. It's a thought experiment to get deeper understanding of what people feel about health care, and I ask this they said. If the government of the United States it is plugged in my MIKE I'm not going to answer anymore questions about the sound ok seriously. If you ask about the sound again, I'm going to stop the stop. The broadcast all right So I asked this question. if you, if the governor, the United States could pay only five dollars per year, total not per person copper day, but just five dollars actually just five dollars per year. I give health care to everybody, excellent quality healthcare care and.
the cost would never go up in. There would be no problems. How many people would be? Okay with that, Or would they say no, that's socialism and the surprisingly, a huge number of people said that they would not allow a people in there actually have health care, if it person cost them one millionth of the penny, because they don't agree with socialism yeah. I do have a light behind me. Let me let me fix that. So amazingly people are so committed to their anti socialist philosophy. That even in a thought, experiment in which I said you seriously- wouldn't pay personally one millionth of a penny
or one millionth of a dollar whatever comes out to two to provide universal healthcare. That's excellent and there's no problems at all, except for that cost of a millionth of a dollar and A lot of people said no, no so hard line. Know socialism, so What I was trying to get at is you under the old joke, I'm just gonna start blocking all the people who say the microphone is not working, I was getting at the joke that You remember, I think it was Pt Barnum talking to wasn't Pt Barnum somebody talking to Mae W and said this old joke, which is would you would you sleep with me? or a million dollars, and she was
orderly said just in the joke for him she said million dollars well gosh. Maybe I would and then says: would you sleep with me for for twenty dollars and then she says what kind of woman: do you think I am? He says: we've already. Establish what kind of woman you are now we're just talking price. so what I was wondering is if there's a similar thing going on with socialism and health care is really the socialism we care about or is it the cost, because you might act differently, if it's a philosophical, hard line versus you, think well it's? Not the socialism. That's. The problem is the problem that it doesn't work or the The government never does anything right or that Price will go up or that we don't trust it or whatever. So,
run to drill down to find out. Wc fields was the one that joke you are correct, not PT, Barnum,. We're trying to figure out I try to figure out? What is it? Is it the fear of the government ruining everything is at the you. Don't like the idea of any of your money going to help somebody else. Just where is the dividing line. And it was interesting, so the number of people said. anything the government does is going to be bad news, but The government does lots of stuff for us like collective defense, and it builds roads for all of us. center. So sometimes you just have to get the government involved and then I said to myself what would it really cost we're hearing a lot of folks who are being labeled as democratic socialist Bernie being the primary person there,
talking about universal health care or so called single payer, the single payer being the government in this hypothetical? and and they're saying well. If other countries could work it out, why can't we work it. which is actually a pretty good argument. It's a a pretty persuasive argument to say: look these other countries have figured it out. Why can't we figured out. now, of course, there's a lot more to know when this conversation than just those things, but started. Asking a few questions to myself and this question was: what would it care? okay, I'm blocking all the people who are saying my mic doesn't work. I said would it cost for universal health care, and What's our total yeah. How big your percentage is that compared to our total intake of all right
talking all the people who say that MIKE doesn't work. what would it cost and what is our total intake for taxes? So I'm trying to get an idea. What is it as a percentage of the total tax I hear the numbers I came up with from Politifact and Politifact looked into. It and on the high end, and I think you have to it would be on the high end. It would cost two point five trillion per year for healthcare and I I think got that right, but our total tax in Every year is like three point: three trillion, how much wood everyone's federal taxes have to go up in order to absorb the extra two point: five trillion, if we only bring in three point three trillion in the first place, I think it's, like seventy five percent,
I probably have my numbers wrong, and somebody will embarrassingly correct me, but remember: I've got the recently thing working for me. I don't get that embarrassed. Just 'cause, I'm doing math wrong in public but the general idea here is why don't we know how much everybody is. Taxes would go up Just an injured in a sort of experiment way if you were, just raise everyone's taxes by the same percentage, whether it's everybody's up by ten percent or everybody's up by fifth What is that number that would get you to universal health and The number I came up with is seventy five percent tax increase. Now, I might have that wrong, but if it's somewhere in that fifty percent to seventy five percent range, it seems,
That's the number that the Republicans or the people who are not in favor of this should be focusing on. Instead of saying they want universal healthcare. Why don't they say they'd like to raise your taxes, seventy five percent to give you Universal Healthcare, and then you've got both the costs and the benefits people can decide if people want their taxes go up. Seventy five percent uh Is it like that? Now here's the problem, I don't see any mathematical way or any practical or economic way that the Eddie this is possible or even close, not even close, so Under those conditions, what do you do. So it seems to me that we're being lied to. I mean we all of us doesn't
like we're, being lied to on this topic of health care, because I don't understand how other countries could be doing this. but the only way we could do it is by raising our taxes by seventy five percent across the board. of course, since you wouldn't raise taxes on the middle class by seventy, five percent wouldn't you kind of have to raise taxes on the rich by ninety percent. I mean, roughly speaking, just in terms of a very general terms, impractical to raise taxes on the middle class by seventy five percent. It would be waste of time to raise tax. On the lower class by seventy five percent, because I don't have any money, they're not paying any, federal taxes in the first place. So all you have left is the rich: I've done my math wrong, something like a ninety percent tax increase, which would.
By anybody's calculation destroy the you know the fabric of society, because rich people would just leave or they find some way to pay no taxes at all When I would let me say, this is clearly as possible if the US tax raise my taxes by seventy five percent? I would leave the country in a heartbeat Wouldn't you is ready here who wouldn't leave the country if their personal taxes went up? Seventy five percent um so. let's set so there's something about this like healthcare topic that we're being lied to about because the numbers don't make sense, So somebody needs to explain to me the numbers before I even think, I'm in a conversation, alright next topic, uh. I'm hearing, some pushback from the press mostly say that,
this dangerous for the president to criticize the press, because, His criticisms and criticisms of the press as being quote the enemy of the people, are causing some risk of physical, Danger to the press, This is some nut is going to say enemy of the people go, take a weapon and do something about this? We hope We open nothing like that happens, and so the president is being criticized for creating. Situation, where it would be dangerous to be the press. Two should I say: well: let's look at the full picture, He's not doing that just for fun he's doing it, because the press has characterized some supporters as literal racists and nazis. literal, racists. I matches another way, people who are worthy of being punched by Antifa or anybody else.
It's a very dangerous situation and we've seen plenty of reports of Trump supporters being harassed and physically accosted. So in such a world, is it dangerous for, president, put pressure on the media who are creating this unsafe situation with thirty percent of the country, or does it make it less dangerous? Because it's it's a needed push back in terms of freedom of speech, in other words, is the president's freedom of speech, which does create some danger for the press. It does I'm not going to deny it. it does create real physical danger for the press, but it is a push back for the press, creating real physical danger for people like me now to CNN, make me Less safe, yes, see
lance coverage. The way it does the way it does. It makes me purse. Because I talk about the President Lot in positive ways it makes Maine. Thirty percent less wealthy because you know there's a lot of pushback and I am in physical danger to the point where I don't do public events anymore 'cause. I wouldn't service safety going in public. Why is that? It's not because the public came with these opinions on their own. The public gets their opinion from the fake news. they get their opinions from the press. Now. Some of you might be thinking hey it's not. there's one side that has the fake news: what Fox NEWS. There they've got some fake press too. Well, yes, every all sides are guilty of some some spin and by assume fake news now and then, but I
don't see the Fox news version, making it dangerous for anybody. Don't see Fox news calling people snowflakes putting them in physical danger, But I do see CNN and MSNBC and New York Times Washington, Post, calling it. Where is the country actual wife, premises and racist that very much puts them in physical danger. So if The presence calling these groups, the enemies of the people create create some physical rest. I don't want anybody to get hurt, but it is a reasonable response to having his supporters put in physical risk by fake men
Now, I'm not talking about real news, I'm talking about the fake news specifically and there's so much of it that it does put Trump supporters in physical risk. So if, if the president pushes back and pushes risk back. In that way, I'd say: that's probably a healthy situation. would be less healthy than letting the press Create a dangerous situation for one slash three of the country where it would be just ok to attack them in every they would say. Well, you know. Maybe it's illegal but we're okay with it because they're Nazis anyway, What would be more dangerous than that? You need a little back from that, and so the press is taking a little bit of risk on their own an should. I think it's appropriate that the risk is part of the push but I don't want anybody to get hurt and I'm not, and I wanna say, is clearly as far
so don't do anything, physical or even intimidating about the press. That would not be a good situation. alright. Let's talk about my favorite topic I report yesterday I'm waiting for some confirmations. I think I might not have the whole story yet. But I was hearing that there are fourteen relations within the administration, the Trump Administration They're organizing to put out a negative message about we've marijuana and Apparently, the thinking is that there are too many positive things out there. About marijuana and they need to balance it with some negative things to which I say to myself, what what Now, here's what I think happened now this
just speculation. But I'm trying to imagine how the conversation went because I'm hearing some some pundits say they think that Jeff sessions is behind this, not President Trump. Now imagine that now that sounds, maybe like it's right because sessions like weed the president reportedly doesn't have. A strong anti weed opinion so maybe it is Jeff Sessions, who's, organizing against weed, I'm to imagine how that congress- they should've went because you imagine that somebody went to the president. Maybe it wasn't sessions himself and said to the president. Some version of this mister president. We're a we're thinking and Jeff sessions has answers. If this happens, just speculating just just social services to pull together,
You know as much information as we can on the negative effects of we. You know as part of our push to make it into new into the to be illegal. What do you think about that too? Do we have your blessing? and I can imagine President Trump hearing that saying some version of sure: once you go ahead and do that five, have you connected the dots yet here's Scenario: that's starting to come together. I see the hearts some of you are ahead of me already right. the other story in the news the president would like to fire Jeff sessions. If the press doesn't fire Jeff Sessions today the The story would be my god.
fire Jeff Sessions because of mother. He must be guilty The world is ending, the government is falling apart. We've got impeached this man right, so that's what the story would be the president got his way today. Ann just fired Jeff sessions which he's hinting about uh but suppose Jeff sessions took a hard stance the end against marijuana and wanted to keep it illegal. Let's say president said, I don't like that idea. There's you know ten. percent of the people in prison, are there for marijuana stuff? like what it does to the minority population in this country. I don't like the expensive causes, I'm going to fire Jeff sessions and make sure that weed. Does not become a problem now. Suddenly he can
Jeff sessions who won the left is going to complain about President Trump, a favor him. favoring that that outcome all right so people still asking about the audio. So I'm, if you knew on blocking everybody who complains about the audio uh, because it ruins the ruins the periscope, when everybody is just to with problems that the audio when I already know that the rest of you can hear this year. Could you set so that's fine so anyway, I think it would be a genius thing. Alright, uh here Here's my bigger point I wanted to make today and by the way,
going to do another periscope act, uh about forty five minutes, I'm going to do is separate. Periscope. Give you a little update on my start up when hub some exciting things happening there and ah, Don't tell me it's actually 'cause, I'm going to block you 'cause. I already know that so here's my point. It seems to me that for those If you read my book had a failed, almost everything still win. You probably. no, my thinking about systems versus goals system is something doing every day, something that moves you closer to your. Well comma goal is just saying I want. I want the specific thing.
does it seem to you. The Democrats are goal thinkers. An Republicans are systems thinkers. does it seem to you that that's the case, because let me give you some examples. When Democrats talk about health care, they say something like healthcare for everybody. That's a goal. I would like that. Except I don't know any system that will get you there so. So I'll be talking to doctor Shiva next week about some systems that might get us there excuse me
Think about But anything else think about the topic I was just talking about, which is a danger to the media of the president, criticizing them. What the left says is pay stop putting start putting the press in danger by saying there is the enemy of the people. That would be a goal, stop putting them in danger as a goal, a system would be less use, free speech. to balance out any of these problems. So that's the Democrat, the Republican saying, hey, the president, has freedom of speech too. Press freedom of speech. President has freedom of speech if they make it dangerous for trump supporters. Trump supporters might make a dangerous for them because that's how things balance out. So
it's a system if you, if you look at, was saying gun rights. The left was saying: my goal is to have my guns, the killing people or some version of that yeah. No, no gun deaths. What have you got there? You know what what's the what's the system engineer because the systems we now of one really work in this country, the right says: we've got a system is called the constitution. Everybody just falls at very british gun training. You know if you have, if you have, if you put a
trained on this gun person in these antagonisms. You know than the second on your server faster, the start button, whether or not you agree with one side or the other. My point here is that one tends to always think about the system yeah once the system is in prostitution. Have we voted on? Are we using free speech? Is all systems, so Republicans are systems thinkers, even even the economy. You see the president lowering taxes to improve, improve the the system and I'm and what do you? The the Democrats, a you, yeah you're, giving money to the rich and that's what we have that works against our goal of whatever income, equality or some? Something like that.
So the point is look for how often you see that Democrats, or just people in the last don't think in terms of entire systems. They think in terms of the goal, and the goal is usually when you don't even disagree with, if you're on the right So there's nobody on the write once who wants more gun deaths. There's nobody on the right who doesn't want you to have health care. there's! No one on the right who wants, I don't know, wants children to be separated from their parents at the border. There's nobody, nobody on the right who wants that. So when the left talks About- let's don't do these things or do these things are talking about goals, but there are always free floating um ideas that don't have anything to do with uh all right, so we're getting more complaints.
Of the seven I'm going to get off of this man too many complaints about the sound, but that is looking to do a special little. So for a little bit after you, maybe my server when out, which I think will be amazing- some really big announcement, so it's gonna be gonna, be fun. I hope you join me for that. That'll be a quick one and I'll talk to you later.