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Episode 203 Scott Adams: Kanye’s Idea of Teaching the Black Community to Think Like Rich People

2018-08-31 | 🔗


  • Methods of success
  • How to think like a rich person
  • How to learn the basics of business

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but don't bump bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey is anybody around uh this is a special bonus periscope you weren't expecting it this time of day but you know when i can come on on weird hours it's the good stuff so i'm going to bring you the good stuff one of the benefits that i've i realized from having conversations with a number of prominent black activists and people we working in that area as well as observing what famous successful black people say one of the things that i would not have known a year ago is that according to black folks who are studying what do you do about helping the black communities so
this is their opinions that i'm echoing yeah i've heard the spinning from everybody from hawk to folks working with president trump on urban revitalization and then i just link to an interview with connie in which he something along these lines too to kind of solidify this thought and the idea is that what the community needs is some uh i wouldn't say education training i guess on how to think like a rich person some training on how to start a business and how how to keep your business running if you start so the idea is that there are some basic life skills that sort of get handed down generally general actually or at least by association in the white community and maybe in the asian community and others that
for whatever reason is not being transmitted not being spread and then the effective way in the black community and then if you fix that one something it would be one of the biggest levers here's what i like about that it's a system as opposed to a goal no one of the places that i differ with the hog or some and black lives matter is that they tend to talk in terms of goals i want to make things fair i want to maybe have reparations of some type those tend to be fairly discreet goals i want pleased to never kill any any people who are on our those are those are goals but what about the system you know what what
you're doing to get to those places that's the part that seems to be missing i wanted to talk about that a little bit so i wanted to call out some of the rich people thinking that i observe connie does and this is based on he said in interviews so i'm not trying to read his mind and you can fact check me if any of this seems off base but just by observing this is what i see in him he's so connie's first of all has a set in which he will talk to anyone he'll talk to present trump and show him respect he'll talk to anyone that's a system rich people think that way rich people will talk to anyone if it will move the ball forward poor people think i'm not going to talk to those jerks
another thing i'm not going to even associate with them in any way that's the difference between rich people thinking connie poor people thinking black lives matter it again i'm not painting all black lives matter is having the same opinion i'm just trying to show a distinction between a rich people thing and poor people think in terms of a system versus ago also con is first system to talk to anyone here's another system you see kanye developing one skill after another and just stacking them he on board as a musical prodigy he just keeps stacking talents and each time stacks of new talent he just gets more powerful now you see him stack in political talent you see his public speaking coming on line it's a little it's a little
stop and go because he's saying some things in public like on tmz that he needs to retract in the guys for but you see him learning in public you see him adding to his skill stack as he goes who does that adds new skills to their skill stack all the time and never stops doing it rich people rich people alright look at jay z look at look at look at anybody who's successful look at main we're stacking our skills and we're stacking them in ones make sense together is connie learning how to do falconry or archery probably not i mean i don't know what he does in his spare time but it looks to maine everything that kanye learns from producing too style to everything else is very complimentary very addictive that's the system that's a good one
alright let's see what else connie does i've talked to you about managing your ego you need to be able to take rejection you need to learn how to do that you need to put yourself out there need to put yourself at risk get shot down slapped around beat up and then just come back you do that by practicing doing it you so connie recover from the taylor swift thing you've seen him now recovering from his comment does slavery on tmz you've seen him recovering from talking about his bipolar situation right so you're seeing him take a level of public there may shun shame humiliation that would just destroy most people what is connie do i think i can find a way to use this he transfers the energi
into something better so the energy he gets from even the provocative stuff that people are criticizing makes him more interesting it makes me i want to spend an hour looking at an interview with him which i just did i will spend an hour looking at anybody's interview but he's so interesting and i'm sure that that's intentional that you can't look away once you start he's fascinating from beginning to here's another thing that connie does apparently and again these are just the he seems to understand risk management he takes risks that don't kill him but if they work out it could be really good there's unlimited upside if connie had tried to start a clothing line and it hadn't worked it still be kanye yeah a little different but he still be rich
his life was still be great so that's a risk that could have an unlimited upside it looks like it's huge but kill him if it didn't work that's how rich people think poor people say i don't think that's going to work out connie has tried many things i assume uh i assume some some worked and some of them didn't but is because he's doing lots of things and you see president trump did the same thing he tried lots and lots of things a lot of them didn't workout some of them worked out great president trump thinks like a rich person connie thinks like a rich person he thinks other people should learn to think this way you said that on the interview i'm not reading his mind um you also watch kanye forming alliances he does it in music you see how many times he's produced for other
the hardest that forms an alliance which stays with you then he has more resources more connections more love coming in and he forms an alliance with president trump and in sort of a way just by being nice to him so you see kanye continually forming alliances on the fear that i was just mentioning that i tweeted this morning he talks about meeting with he said he met with elon musk he said he met with jack from from twitter jack dorsey he said he yeah we seen pictures of him with candace owens so you can see that he's really doing this he
forming alliances and contacts from all over the place he is not working like a mo fo all right who does that people think like rich people you don't have to to be rich to think that way but it will certainly help you get there alright so if you're locked into your community and you're not talking to people outside of your community you thinking like a poor person you're probably going to stay that way here's another thing that rich people do they are generous for nothing in return immediately rich people will do you a favor and ask nothing in return why because if you if you have that as your system it's like yeah i'll help you
all introduce you i'll make this contact i'll tell you so i'll give you some advice no charge i'll never ask for anything from you what happens people do that well they're going get a favor in return eventually it's just they're not asking for it so rich people do things for people without asking for an immediate return it's part of a system right i learned that as a kid is serves me very well poor people i'm not going to give anything to somebody without getting a return right now i'm generalizing of course there are plenty great people who are also poor who are also generous but into terms of what will make you rich versus what will keep you poor if you're never generous is holding you back here's another system that connie uses love he leads with love for talks about love he phrases everything
in terms of love he tells you how love will smooth over the bumps he tells you he can talk to president trump with love and somebody on the other side with love he likes bernie loves bernie it's a powerful system when he leaves with love good things happen didn't hear anything from ok about anybody else doing something wrong didn't see in criticizing anybody alright that's important that's the system if you are a criticizer and let's use black lives as an example they are primarily uh criticize as group meaning that their whole point seems to be to criticize raise awareness and then once awareness is raised trying to come to some solution so black lives matter would certainly like solutions
saying they don't want solutions but i'm saying that the path that they're taking it to get there is through criticism now let me ask you this two people come in for a job one of them has a connie personality where he just leaves with love he doesn't have a bad thing to say about you no other person comes in and you know that they've criticized someone else maybe their last boss they haven't criticize you in fact they saying nice things about you because they want you to hire them who gets the job the person you know to be a criticizer that's good income do you sooner or later you're gonna be sorry that criticism not today but you're not going to hire the criticizer
you're gonna hire the one who says you know you know somebody did something bad to me but i got over it i just love that person now that's how you win that's who you hire connie is thinking like a rich person and he would like you to to think that way too another thing that connie does the mentions it often including in the interview i just tweeted he he says that you should think less about the past and focus on the now and you know what the now can do that will help you in the future that's a rich person's point of view if you focus on the past you will lock yourself into the past black lives matter focuses on the past injustices reparations uh and connie says let's what can i do today to make stuff better how 'bout today
that's a rich person's thinking so those are some examples and now you say you're so well how easy is it to learn to you know to to think like a rich person yeah i have how easily can you do that well it's not easy i will tell you that i spent the first i don't know twenty five or thirty years of my life trying to absorb everything i could about how rich people think i specifically targeted that as my primary strategy for success my primary strategy for success from from the i could think was to look around and say okay these people are not successful they don't seem to have much to teach me this people are making everything work what's the delta
what are they doing that they're not doing i would read books on it i would talk to people i would look for examples i look for patterns until i had enough of those that i could it is well if you're just starting that path let me recommend some books this will seem terribly self serving well i don't know any other way to do it right so i wrote this book for people who want to know how to think like a rich person i didn't use that kind of branding cas either just didn't want rich person to be added but the idea is how do you succeed if nobody taught you the methods of success if nobody taught you strategies for success nobody taught you how to think like a successful person how
the heck would you just figure it out on your own it's pretty hard but you don't have to there are books this is one of 'em it's not the only book it's not the only book to tell you how to think like a rich person you could easily find a number of them here's another one tim ferriss book it's called tools of titans just it's all interviews with rich people who tell you how they think and what habits they use and what techniques they use if you read one book is it enough no probably not probably not and by the way lessons from my book are included in this book some of the some of the other parts if you've mastered those books i would recommend that you start looking at books about persuasion sales an influence so once you get the basics right of the math of success
and what i was talking about was really the math of success if you stack several talents together your odds of success are better view network with people who you normally wouldn't want to talk to your odds are better he'll lead with love your odds are better than if you lead with your guilt or anger or any of those other things but if you've mastered the math of success there you can get from this book or this book and a number of other those are just examples then you want to get to the next level which is persuasion how to learn how to influence people because you could have a great product but if nobody buys it you know you need to have believed to have this persuade so the the first book this one was written for somebody who is fourteen and up i think maybe you could use it for twelve enough and if you don't get
if you don't get kids young if you don't get him young it's hard for them to catch up so if you get him young going to start building their talent stack and they're going to start now working there going to reflexively start doing things but you don't want to give this book to somebody of forty five and say hey go fix everything you did wrong from forty five years is still works is still better than not it's a lot better than that but you get most of the gains we catch him early all right uhm that's what i wanted to say i'm going to keep it tight and let me add to that that on top of the generic skills of how to succeed
there is a real need especially in the inner cities places where they're big pockets of of people who just don't have the same resources other people there is a lot of smart people were saying the same thing that they i need to learn the basics of business imagine if you will train sing for let's say how to use quickbooks how to do your own books training about and i know this sounds weird but had to have a banking relationship how to get credit how to keep your credit good how to find a mentor how to get a first job how to dress for your first job there's this whole body of knowledge that is absolutely necessary to acquire wealth and then more importantly to hold on to it once you've got it so these other things that i think you know
the government to be involved maybe private citizens can be involved but these are the things that look like the biggest lever somebody said a boot camp on how to talk to the police yes if you want to be successful one of the big skills you need to learn is that a stay out jail how did not get beat up by the police now i'm not going to say the police never make mistakes individual police of course do like individuals in any other large group but but you can learn how to control other peoples actions you think you can't but i wrote a book on it and other people have to you can control how other people treat you you think you can't but you can do you know who knows that rich people rich people know how to control people in the room
because they know that the way they act will change how the other person acts so so staying in the jail has a lot to do a lot to do with making sure that you're controlling the other person and not the other way around and you're controlling them productively not not maliciously when i say controlling them i mean helping them get to a good place where they feel safe and the respecting you and all the things that you need and want rich people learn how to talk to authority somebody said exactly this is one of a large topic right now here's something that rich people sometimes you just gotta suck up your ego sometimes you gotta lay down sometimes you just got to take it you know you don't want to have many of those situations
but you gotta know when it's when it's presented to you and you got to know when to take it all right that's all for now i'm going to keep this well it wasn't that short but that's the i think you got the general point to this i hope it's helpful at least a little bit
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