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Episode 212 Scott Adams: Nike, Dark and the WH Mole Hunt

2018-09-08 | 🔗


  • 31% increase of Nike online sales after Kaepernick ad campaign
  • Dale defends the White House mole who wrote the NYT op-ed
  • Obama’s persuasive speaking skill
  • How can Trump supporters increase turnout?
  • Elon Musk smoking a blunt and Tesla stock value drop

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but above all pop pop out everybody but i've got in different i bad and it gives me a different look slow too bright for some reason right good morning good morning pop up on comparable does everybody other coffee their beverage their jealous their mug because it's time for the simultaneous join me will you ah so it's gotta be at least another week herself before i have my split screen said
and when i get one word cable i should be able to have a split screen situation where i can show you what's on the computer or have people call him and then well then it's gonna be fun then we're gonna do some serious talking to people who were more and then i am i what we got a few things going on how many of you saw that nike sales one reportedly thirty one percent with this new capper carbonic commercial now when you hear something like that the first question you should say to yourself is thirty one percent what are you measuring and what's i compare do and someone smart unto her said how does a compare
to any other time you launch a major new advertising campaign to which i said good question because the measurement is not how did sales go with this advertisements the court is how did it how did sales go with this advertisement compared to other times if launched a major advertisements because we know it's an advertising company and when they advertise things you'd better now i heard some expert who sounded quite credible saying that night keys target more get would love the counterattack kind of message of racial equality in taking risks and being young and thus the thing and that might be right there might be right so i can easily see that the cap and i wish i could work for nike in both the short run
in the long run but do we know that yet no we do not so the i would say the main take away is there is good reason to believe that like you just made a good business decision even though you hate it because if you looking at trump supporters probably over a certain age you on average and they're not buying a lot of like you stuff in the paper who are buying a lot of nike stuff tend to be younger tend to be perhaps a little a little more likely to be clinton supporters so we don't know yet breathing like you nike might come out of this ok which would be impressive if you don't like it you'd have to be impressed if they pull this off as i'm watching the story develop of these search
for the white house mole the person wrote the air the editorial i am struck by several things one as i feel i have not done my job for the next generation of it feels like people who we are very familiar with dilber cartoons don't make much of somebody complaining about their boss because when you complain about your boss all you ve shown is that it's a normal situation and people are complaining about there was so that's less you're saying i feel as if maybe young people maybe maybe people in new york where a lot of the media is then already dilber they wouldn't be so surprised by somebody trashing their boss now here
few more thoughts about this the person who is trashing the president is someone who did not become a billionaire someone argue that was the easy part but did not become president themselves so the president has succeeded far more than whoever is complaining about the present such your first data point the second data point is whoever wrote this was dumb enough to think they could remain anonymous probably right now we can read their mind but doesn't it seem reasonable to assume that they thought it would remain anonymous and not get caught do you think that's what's going to happen cuz i don't think so i think they're going to catch this
listen because that person didn't know apparently that their writing style would give them away didn't know that there is almost certainly some weight to figure it out and it does pose a national security risk i think the president is entirely thirdly right to push hard against it now the president mentioned using that he mentioned just sessions needs to look into it and wall while apparently well let me ask you this is this what you ve been watching in terms of the coverage did it did it look sort of like this sum a trump person would say
well you know it's terrible that this person is working on the way our staff in his written this critical thing you know why don't they just quit it should be they should be fired for this many anti jumper says hall oh are you suddenly saying that freedom of speech is illegal in the jobs support says no that wasn't even the topic that but was it somebody who is against the administration on the administration staff then that's a problem all but suddenly freedom of speech it the problem you can't raven article with your an opinion within which there are no state secrets nothing illegal about that no deal we're not talking about freedom of speech that's it four topic we're all on the same page on that we agree
anybody can write snuff is always doesn't have any secrets are given away that's not the point also why are you trying to get just sessions to arrest somebody for freedom of speech i'm not i'm not trying to do that that not the boy are you watching this doesn't seem to you that the news goes on that and that that pattern two separate conversations where they both but there in one conversation but they're not just to supper conversations so that's fund watch terrible acting so they said yes it is termed lacking amity if you saw bombers speech sort of an anti drugs page so obama's cranking it up i'll tell you my reaction
whether you love obama were hate him he is really good at this speech stuff really good is not an accident that get elected president and when i watch him talk i think man he is one of the best ever at yale captivating crowd and giving a speech but he's not in trumps he's not in trumps rage trump still is is by himself at a high higher level but as as number two is a pretty good member to tire and i was watching him those watching bob and i noticed that you know said the criticisms about president tromp have started to fit into a theme
now some have pointed out that the word dark is coming back again just in time for the men terms o surprise things are dark it's dark and stuff and you ll notice that you haven't heard a lot about russia in the last couple of weeks have you noticed that not a lot about russia because looks like the russia thing fell apart and it doesn't have any power for the mentors i'm so no matter what happens with the russia thing it's pretty obvious it's not moving voters so they've changed tactics with you not that much time to go before the midterms and watch this pattern see if the president gets criticized for things he's actually
done that didn't work out for the country in other words actual policies or decisions that didn't work out see if that's what the criticism is or if the criticism is thing the president is secretly thinking but we know what he's thinking and you doubt or speculation about something he might do that he is not done before you ll notice how was now so much things he's done because the things he's done seem to be working out so that sort of off the table the criticisms come down to the missing her of things he's done such is obama said how article two b to denounce nazis which leaves the impression that the present
has not denounced nazis which of course would be a lie but look at the way that obama words here in a way that the you works in the way that the fact checkers would have a problem with it if obama had said the president has never denounced the racists well that would be false because president has denounced them many many times in public so instead of obama says how hard is it to denounce nazis it's a and the answer is very hard at all trumpeted obama did it everybody did it but it leaves you with the impression that the president will do it or hasn't done at which is just a lie it is a lie in the form of a question which allows him to slide past the fact decker when i tell you that obama is good at this he's really
go gotta this minutes we let's just persuasion is not facts but he's good at it so look for that then there's the hilarious question of when when does the trump economy start and went to the obama oak economy end and i think we should just make a deal let's just make a deal people who don't like trump pick a day oh wait pick a day pick a day that you're willing to say ok now it's a little bit more the trump economy i'll give you that it's been long enough is a two years as it three years is a theme is that the entire first term pick a day
always just pick whenever they want and then we can decide that that's when the obama academy economy ended the circular getting out the vote does seem to you that the main thing will be getting out the vote and then if you don't get out the vote and then maybe that includes registry new penal that you're not gonna win midterms and i was trying to think what is it at persuasion wise what would be the most effective way for trumps supporters to get out the vote what did they do that would make a difference and most of the persuasion than i'm seeing a sort of mass persuasion and it's done correctly its mass persuasion this way if you don't vote this way bad things will happen here some fear
make sure that you're afraid you gotta vote make sure that you're worried you got about and that stuff works so that the mass persuasion does work but what can you do that would be more powerful than that well we're powerful thing you could do is to encourage all trump supporters to see if they can get one extra chump supportive either by registering somebody or giving somebody arise if they don't have ride just one so were alternately getting one trumpeter to stay home i guess it is loses italy lloyd as it is legal i guess it works out the same so i would say that for trump supporters the very strongest thing they could do is say can i give you a ride do you wanna go to
other find somebody who's on the fence or wasn't going to vote or could register between now and then and say can i get one person just one person to vote who's gonna votre or vote republic areas so that would be my my recommendation is for you individually if your individually worried about it try to find one person you can drive or one person who wants to go out and have dinner with you after or one person who's whose say kids you can watch while they vote one person who we can invite over to you to have a drink afterwards or barbecue afterwards target one person
that would be my my advice we vote by mail yeah how's our work can everybody vote by veil since i'm not a voter that's so dumb question can everybody vote by mail workers are living on the old people vote a lot let's talk about elon musk so we learn mosque went on the jargon show smoked a joint and when i say smoked a joint i believe you took one puff let's cholera talk and may have had some whisky both those things are league in california and apparently tesla stock went down six percent
now some of you might know that i also went on the jargon show and smoked a joint and my stock did not go down because i am not the ceo of major company and nobody was worrying about my sanity at the moment but my guess is that they had more to do with the other stories about him so it was just a it was a visual for the first time it was a visual confirmation of stories of people at her and even though the taking one here on a joint was of no importance whatsoever this is how important it was the context was that he doesn't smoke marijuana that was the whole context though the contacts was that you must doesn't like it cuz it makes you lay
the productive in his opinion now he works apparently works until he falls asleep on the factory floor famously so so he's got a whole new emperor i get an image he's projecting of insanely hard work because it helps us employs become insanely hard workers as well and so i dont think that his stock went down because of what he did and joe road per se his stock probably went down because what he did and joe rogan gave people a visual image they got your pen around a lot the reminded them of the other things there were the stories about him the other alleged erratic behaviors so is the way situations where he didn't really get now much trouble for the story is the sound important but the one that was unimportant completely unimportant
had a visual element and you can see that the visual element again overwhelms every every other element so keep looking for that when the visual element overwhelms it's been dropping all week so he i could be that the the drop as part of a larger decline but a six percent drop in one day that's it would be unusual that that was just getting up anyway
pay attention to the two tesla executives acquit yeah that's an important data point but we now know about what the reason was what's up with sort of edge somebody says i don't know you'd have to ass it might be running for congressperson which would be the most interesting thing that ever happened like soon which were congress would be one of the most interesting things you ve ever seen in your life that much i can tell you
too much light on your face yeah you know i've got motion light is how i'm actually i'm actually in a darkened room my other ipad doesn't like me this way so i think i'm going to have to experiment a little bit with that but i'm actually in a dark room right now you wouldn't want to be doing work in a room that this in this dark so i have figure that out protections for them in terms of well my predictions for the mid term remains the one that i made in january which was that the republicans would do better than whatever people thought they would do it so it's going be tighter than we thought a year ago but that doesn't mean that republicans will prevail
the only the only way i can see that happening is if republicans are unusually good out turn out simply saying that my focusing on something over the shoulder and i think that's the problem if achieves the focus
doesn't really change anything does it can do so in stock imagery somebody's just ask me about your wife is late terrible i guess i just really uses disciple for some months it looked first what kinda sounds just keeps getting better and better doesn't she you on camera her on camera experience you can you can see it you just compiling compiling so she just gets better and better again click my face
the screen suddenly said that his work on this application i radio light he had no tapping my face on trapping right now you can't tell me did you get it tap tapping once doesn't make any difference turn on the room light that makes sense i should have more light not less experiment without enough or the technical work here i'm gonna go do something else and i will talk to you later
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