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Episode 216 Scott Adams: The Tucker Carlson Diversity Question and Presidential Popularity

2018-09-11 | 🔗


  • Why/How does diversity make us strong?
  • CNN is making a gigantic analytical error in their approval analysis
  • People’s opinions are assigned to them by the media they watch
  • The media creates opinions and then polls their effectiveness

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bump bump bump bump bump bump yes i'm back again had a few rough search this morning i overslept didn't get enough coffee everything's a little bit harder but i'm back now i'm using the correct technology i can see your comments and i know sorry about all those periscope teases this is the real one and as my way of making amends if i can for the the late start the bad start i've got great content for you today what's so good so good the first the simultaneous sip please join me so a couple of fun topics you may be aware that tucker carlson is
i'm self in some hot water with his critics anyway you know his he's is not in our order with his fans by his critics are having trouble with the fact that he has challenged people to explain to him why diversity is strength what is the argument for diverse the being an advantage no i actually have an argument for that and i'm going to answer tucker's question but i watched don lemons show a clip from it i didn't see the entire show in which was talking about this topic and the books on don lemon show said the answer to tuckers question of why why is diversity is strength here's their answer tucker carlson is a white supremacist
that sound like an answer to the question of can you waiting to me why diversity is an advantage saying it's not just haven't heard the argument and the argument was from don lemon's crew is pundits well you're obviously a white supremacist that's very racist of you now did anything in that situation sound like an advantage do did you feel like you are better off because tucker carlson it was a white guy with one opinion and don lemon had several people they were all white i think three african america seventy one white pond it and and they disagreed are we better off well probably not nest specific case but here's what's yours
as illegitimate about both sides of the arguments i think both sides of the argument have implicitly in them that there's something about diversity that would either be good or never be good or at least never be a plus i don't think that's anywhere near the truth seems far more likely that it would be situations in which makes things worse and there will be situations in which you would make things better but nobody has actually expressed the positive argument the argue and that there is an advantage and i'm going to do that for tuckers benefit and for yours as well now what is first admit but there's not one answer this just right all the time right it's going to be a little of both and let me talk about the little of both part
i think talk to the example if you were let's say your you know and these are crazy examples because they don't really conform to the actual world but they're sort of conceptual let's hey you and three other people were trying to build a bridge across a river and you did speak the same language would it be easier or would it be harder for the small have you to work together given that your diversity has caused you to be so so different that you don't even speak the same language well in that artificial example clearly is worse but does that little example you know the drive our whole world it does not doesn't even come close
let me give you an example where diversity would be a strength let's say take the the blige's already mostly you know i'm working on that with bill pulta you should go to blight authority dot com and add your ideas if you have any for what to do about these inner inner city areas where there's a lot of blight and some of them have been cleared by the blight authority so that it's now empty ground and you're trying to figure out what do you do with this now now is an advantage two i have opinions from let's say billionaires who have money and let's say african american residents who grew up there were still live there who are completely different than some billionaire who maybe wasn't even born in this country uh
but the billionaires got the money the people in the inner cities have the knowledge the insight they've got the experience don't you need both you need the money and the needs of people to know that's a good idea or that's a bad idea or why it won't work that's a clear example where having everybody involved gets you to a better place so there's an example for you now i think ben in tuckers question maybe we're going little further than he would go here i don't like to mischaracterize someones opinion so i hope i'm not doing that but if you were to start from scratch let's say there were there was the planet there was no world and you let's let's let's build a perfect little planet i'm god i'll make a planet would be better if people were more alike or just completely different to the point where
some of kill the other ones the other your god and there's no planet yet you just get to create one which is better well i guess suppose it depends what you're trying to accomplish and nobody can figure out what god have in mind but it does seem to me that if you could start from scratch having people who don't have a reason to fight that's just baked into some stupid reason like hey your dna is different than mine i have to kill you you probably want less of that right but that is not our current situation the currency situation is diversity is a given meaning that we're different it will will live in a world full of different people so don't get a choice of non diversity there's no choice it just exists it's like air what would be the point of saying would it be better to have three kinds of air or one kind of error
it's not really a question we just have the air we have it's a given so given given that it's a given there are situations in which is an advantage and the answer is absolutely yes because one of the ways that diversity is an advantage is you you can get more feel for more things than you could if you had one sensor i tend to think of civilization as sort of like a living creature sum of all people is like a living creature that's evolving even as we speak what i by that is that the centralized elements such as the government media the internet those are like the brains you know the
the internet plus the government or sort of like the brain of civilization but all of the people or like the five senses all the people are in different places doing different things there are different ages different situations all over and if we didn't have all of those different sensors feeding into the central government the central internet the central brain we wouldn't be effective we would be we will be flying blind we wouldn't know when to do this or went to do that because the sensors wouldn't be telling us what's happening when we do things so from that perspective let's look at the united states the united states has diversity it's not there's not really realistic real world situation where that's going to change so how do you make it a plus instead of making it
what it could be if you didn't pay attention it could be a negative or one of the ways you make it a plus is you try to enterprise on language so that at least your talking the same language trying to standardize on culture as much as possible but that causes its own problem because there are some cultures that don't that don't let's say assimilate as easily for example i would say that the mexican emma legal or illegal they they do they do assimilate fairly well maybe not as easily as an australian who already speaks a language or somebody from great britain who already speaks a language they have a little advantage right but in in my experience mexican immigrants assimilated
well it might take them one generation to really dial it in but that's pretty quick compare that to let's say somebody who's coming from a devout one hundred percent elevation don't speak english and if they had their choice they would they would like to see the american government changed to sharia are they going to assimilate at the same rate probably not it's going to be an extra challenge you've got the language challenge plus you've got a religion that you can't leave without pretty big pet and that religion has its own set of beliefs that comes with it so in that yes well it's a little harder little so what do you do when you've got all of this diversity in all these situations i would argue that the united states has done an excellent job of of selling the melting pot as a positive thing
what are some of the advantages of selling this melting pot situation as as a plus well i'll give you a real world example so if you saw one of my earlier periscopes this morning i was talking about my startup went up now the the genius in my startup the smartest person by far is nick no neck is our cto co founder and he was born in the needy born in india came here got educated here and is the number so am i better off because i live in the country there was able to import a genius who just happened to have a completely different back well yeah yeah we built a company
he was the main mastermind behind it the main the main idea guy we all did our part so in the startup i have a certain set of skills that i can bring to its quinn ours our ceo has a certain set you know the all the other folks who were working with us they have different skills were all very different people but we couldn't have built this product without a bunch of really different kind of people coming together to work on it and why is it that why is it that check is even available to be in this trade into me it's because it's because the united states did a good job of making this country a place that you could come no matter who you are the you can come here it's not easy
immigration was not easy i think nick would tell you it was you know the there were some tough years but certainly i'm better off because you know i could meet neck and we could build something that i think could actually make a big difference in the world now that's not to say that diversity works well all the time diversity you know what caused what caused the the nine slash eleven problem now what caused somebody to attack the united states on nine slash eleven well you can't say diversity exactly but the fact that we are completely different and that difference was the basis of what the disagreement is you know one of pursuing a radical islamic version of the world and one whose seem to be opposed to that and then you've got a war so there is no there is
overall answer this says that diversity is always good are always bad but it is very clear to me that there are situations where he gives you more insight and more ways of looking at things so you can have a let's say a diversified portfolio of not only thought and by here's the important part but of experience of experience if you don't bring that different way of thinking different experience you're missing something pretty powerful somebody saying that's anecdotal and you are correct using anecdotes to make the bigger point but i think the bigger point stands on its own which is if i were if i were trying to start this
same startup and i didn't have somebody who had say next point of i'd be i'd be behind way behind so um that's what i wanted to say about that so two tucker your question was an excellent question what is why does diversity give us strength why does it give us power and i think it does through the diverse still thought and in the real world you could tell yourself well what if people were all the same ethnicity or same gender couldn't they also have different thoughts answer is yes but in the real world not so much as if you actually came from a different gender came from a different ethnicity came from a different country that's a whole greater level of diversity of thought and there are plenty of situations such as brain
ring starting a new company innovating plenty of times when you want the superior thought alright let's talk about another topic which is watching cnn having just absolute orgasms over the fact that president trump's disapproval level has according to them has it has reached fifty seven percent and as the they are approaching interpolating or there with extending their thought this way and they're making they're making a gigantic analytical error that it's hilarious to watch it happen and here's the error in the past the popularity of the president was a correlated to have the midterm election goes so if the approve yes the
president had lots of disapproval you would expect his party would do poorly in the midterms and there's plenty of history with that and so cnn and others are saying well the president's doing importantly using the like mid mid 30s i think in approval and that would if that would tell us that the midterms disaster they're actually using that word a catastrophe for the republicans and they they noted that in particular the independence our are leaning in the wrong direction but here's what's wrong with that analysis
have i ever told you the history doesn't repeat itself you know we think it does but it doesn't history definitely does not repeat and here's what's different this president has a screw aiming economy this president has a whole bunch of stuff going right north korea you could make an argument that it's moving slowly but in the right direction you can see that the trade deals a lot of people like the fact that trade deals are being pushed on we'll probably see a few more countries come online with deals mexico said yes canada can't be far away we we get some more between between now and the midterms so here's what's different from history
there's never been a president performed more strongly while being personally disliked so much the most of it is because of the you know the the accusations of racism the accusations of being a bully you know more of the the personal stuff we've never seen that before so if there were going to be a year in which the old statistic didn't work anymore where the president's popularity no longer predicted what the midterms would be the this would be that year don't you think if ever there could be a year where the popular pretty the president is disconnected from what people think is his performance this is the air all right
so so we might see a bit of a surprise if you were to ask an independent who does not identify with the republican party what do you think do you approve of president trump what would an independence say i think they might say i don't approve of him but but i sure like this economy i sure like what's happening overseas you know many of the i'm going to say i like the court picks you know sort of exciting the news is more interesting lately race relations would be better i wish we could do something with health but things aren't i went pretty well now
so i've got a feeling that independence are not answering surveys the way people expect that they will can you guys hear a loud background noise right now or is that just me uh so here's what i went in a minute what i would look for i think the republicans are going to do better than what all the in sorry i don't know that the republicans will pull it down i'm not predicting a red wave but i think they'll perform better than the experts are going to say for similar reasons to why the president one when the polls said he wouldn't 'cause people will
all you they don't like him but it's not related to his job performance and now we've actually seen his job performance but here's the other thing that strikes me you know i've told you that people don't form independent opinions about politics they think they do you think they do everybody else thinks they do but they don't people's winds are assigned to them by the media that they choose to watch so if you if you're a conservative and you choose to watch fox news and drudge report you're going to end up with one hard and opinion that's sort of similar to that side if you watch cnn and ms we see in new york times you're going to end up with a hard and opinion that is what they have assigned to you so when cnn reports that the disapproval of the president has reached fifty seven percent
what is the other way they could report that that would be the same information and also completely accurate another way they can say that is cnn has succeeded in convincing people fifty seven percent of the public that the president should not be approved right because it's the media that causes these opinions people don't just have opinions and then the media measures them the media creates the opinion and then they measure how well they did so see you then is doing really well right now and you know it's interesting is that this change seemed to correspond to the talking less about russia did you notice that i don't know related or not but the new this is sort of abandoned russia as a story it
and move to just other other things the there's the woodward book in the new york times anonymous thing and it looks to me like the anti from press has found some winning messages an it wasn't russia russia just wasn't moving the dial so now they're back to others chaos in the in the white house and you might be crazy and maybe we have to have him really you know removed office and he's unhinged so maybe that's just more effective attack and the polls are just are reflecting that but you also have the effect that the independence are going to say now we don't approve of him but when i walked into voting booth tell so again why wouldn't vote for a republican if i would have voted for a republican under a different administration you know
but when they walk in the booth i think independence well let me let me put it this way what is it that makes you register as an independent instead of a democrat or republican it's the feeling that you've got some independent thought and that you could go either way i mean these are people who are self identified will a self identified independent walk into the voting booth and say i'm not going to vote for this republican because a totally unrelated person i don't like his personality but i do like his performance and his performance will be even better and give me more of what i want if i vote for this person who happens to be a republican is an independent going to say no i'm not going to vote for the person i want this car which person because i have a bad feeling about the tweets coming from a completely different person
do independence think that way i think in the past people would have said the approval rate of the president is basically an approval rate of the party they would you said those are sort of the same thing but now those are just disconnected the approval rate of the president is really just about him it's just about a personality and the approval rate at the party is wait for it what's the what's the most recent thing you heard about the party oh it was an anonymous article in the new york times in someone who is presumably a republican was operating as a control on the person that was a part you didn't like are you going to get more or less
troll on this president if everybody's republican or if every or if you get a split congress hello so it seems to me that the people who control this president to the degree that he can be controlled are republicans wouldn't you say who is it who is it that's the better control on this president is it let's say is it maxine waters maxine waters having a productive effect on president trump by forming his opinions and helping him move toward more reasonable policies probably not maxine waters
is it nancy pelosi who's having a good impact on this president to take some of the rough edges off that that you don't like probably not is it rand paul it is who does the president listen to rand paul or maxine waters one of those people can help you get what you want from this president which is taking the advice you know the lindsey graham who who has more more influence with this president lindsey graham or chuck schumer there's no competition if you like what this president has done mostly but you know you want to make sure that there's soon gating factors there some
there's some second opinions that he'll listen to and that's really what it is because the president still in charge for second opinions are useful well ran paul's got a good second opinion yeah lindsey graham's got a good second opinion and you know you can go down the line there are lots of republicans who operate as i would say quite credible yeah lindsey graham's very credible take let's say new gingrich you know he's not in the office of moment but prominent republican is new gingrich a good voice in terms of the president's second opinions yes it is so if you're an independent i think you might find yourself voting for your best interest ted cruz another good example right
in voting for your best interest given that this president will probably be president for six more years your best interest is somebody who's a kredible second opinion for the president and those are republicans so we'll see how it goes i'm not going to predict a red way but i think bluewave won't be this high maybe more of a blue splash so i actually let me commit i'm going to commit to a action my prediction will be the blue wave will be a blue rebel small rebel ok that's my that's my predict not quite sure if it change can choose you know who's got control i'm gonna say it's not a way if that's and it's because the polls are not capturing the fact
people are evaluating their approval of the president based on personality and not and not results and if they want more of the results they're going to go more republican i think right i will the media call a way of anyway probably do you even vote i do not vote i've explained in the past why i don't vote and it's a combination of two things one is i don't think i add much to the outcome there rarely do i have confidence that i have the better idea so i don't know what to do about trade agreements what to do about north korea necessarily but on top of that it would make me less
unbiased so soon as you join a team and you say i'm i'm one of these people or or even if you say i voted for this person you can a committed and you're gonna you're gonna you to defend that person no matter what i have been saying positive things about president trump for few here is now people would say well you're already biased you're so biased in his camp everything you do seems to be pro trump but that's not true i criticize him on race relations i criticize them on healthcare i criticize them on immigration we should that should have been wrapped up by now i could probably i think porter rico it's hard to judge whether the recovery there could have been better because it was the you know the last
pastor of several so the resources were strained and it is an island see can't you can't really know if things should have been better but you can say it wasn't great you can say that however it came out wasn't great and i'm so so if you're asking me you know if i vote i would be or inclined to say everything that the person i voted for is great even if it isn't if i don't vote i maintain a little bit of independence mental independence in which i can say yeah i like these things he does these things need work so there you go the food was found rotting in containers in puerto rico yeah i in a big disaster relief situation
you have to assume that there will be lots of flaws lots of imperfections lot of inefficiencies because they're just shoving massive resources in the general direction and hoping that people can sort it out when it gets there all right i mean i'm exaggerating a little bit of course they do have a plan but i imagine that there's something more resources than they have people who can keep up with it so that that's why it's hard to know if that was a failure of management you just there's just no wait it out because you need a control group that was manage by somebody else under the same situation at the same time to know if they should have gone differently or a better leader could have got a better result there's just no way to know um uh huh
somebody is asking me to to tell you why i am spartacus story well i yeah i was driving this morning and i changed the lane and after i changed the
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