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Episode 22: Trump’s personal attorney’s office raided by FBI

2018-04-09 | 🔗


The FBI raided the office of Trump’s personal attorney and gives Trump a free pass to fire anyone associated with that decision.

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and it didn't do bum bum bum bum bum bum pom pom pom pom pom well i thought it was going to be but it's not like that now you all seen the news according to the new york times federal agents have raided the office of trump lawyer michael cohen what do you think of that let me let me give you my opinion at this point and this is my opinion as a citizen of the country at this point and at no point before this but at this point president trump has my full support to fire everybody
we can fire people who just have names that sound like these acyls now he can fire session so you can fire rosenstein you can fire you can fire all of 'em now he has my full support fire everybody needs and i'm totally on board and by the way i don't want to know i don't care what the charges are i don't care what they find at president trump's personal lawyers place game over now i don't know if the president will fire anybody but now it's a free pass so free punch the i'm completely on board with the fiery now fire mall and i wouldn't have said any of that live ten minutes ago ten min to go i would have said firing these guys
be the worst the worst thing that ever happened to be the dumbest idea and now fire mall on board so i would love to see a a give me a flash opinion in your opinion and president just fire everybody now does anybody disagree with that at this point is there anybody thing that it would be prudent for him not to fire them at this point this is the most agreement i've ever seen on any question i've ever asked the periscope is there even one person who thinks these people need to keep their jobs alright well if you if you miss the first minute
we're talking about the new york times reporting that the federal agents have raided the office of trump lawyer michael cohen which gives them access to all of the private communications that relate to stormy daniels and the president and the house payments and and whatever else they might find in the personal communications that is a you think siri across the line sure you cross the line okay they cross the line too but this is a frigging line all right as a citizen i am fully on board mister president time to get rid of all of 'em all of 'em i'd get rid of every freaking person who even touched this decision you know and i do it i do it tomorrow i don't i don't care if there's empty seats so i don't care if it
causes a riot in the street i don't care if it puts a stain on his presidency i don't care i don't care anything this is the biggest firing offense i've ever seen right even care if they followed all the rules there's one person who says he should let it play out even though there's a bigger issue here he could let it play a sound because that you know maybe that's the best legal strategy but there's sort of a bigger issue here this crosses a line that is so striking to me that that it just goes to overthrow of the presidency can the situation but beyond that that's just one of the lines
so one of the lines are crossing is there just interfering with the people at this point all right the fracking people elected this president we did not elect a bunch of bureaucrats to make his job impossible that's not good for me all right i am personally not better off with any of the stuff that's happening with trump's lawyer cross the line you cross the line wow did i see the latest q post now and i don't care about it they too phone computer everything yeah you know
i'm closing down it may be too late at this point to ever get any of that stuff back in it might just be that at this point is just gonna be what it's going to be because once i've seen is dumb i don't know if we could ever get him back you just give firing people until somebody tell nobody was much of anymore what would happen next if you fire the mall well let's play that through let's say the president trump just there's i don't know how deep you have to fire but seems like there's a fire in the needs to be done at least mauler of the molars gonna go now if was a actually they said the fbi but does that mean it was smaller the i get a little confused about who does whatever there
but whoever sent the fbi after after trump's personal lawyer over the stormy daniels stuff oh my god way over the line so yeah so he said what would happen if you were to fire the special counsel now here here's my answer i don't care i don't care well i don't care you you cross the line across line that's the whole point of the line right the point of a line is that you cross that line i don't care anymore then you know that the the implications are the implications and if it costs you know if it causes other problems now bring him up yeah wasn't our decision cross the line all
wow my my head is my head is just shaking or blah blah blah blah blah blah i care for the last time i was so offended buy something the government did in the government does a lot to offend me it's not it's not as if we don't have a lot of choices for things to be offended by but holy cow rosenstein yeah you know and it might be that everybody was just doing their job and that they had follow the evidence and they can't ignore you know if there any potential laws in the trail seems to point they can't ignore it
and so i say farm anyway well i don't care fire mall you have my full support to mister president don't care what the i don't care what the consequences are it what once once i go after his his personal life as personal lawyer in a political context shonda all right yeah and you're seeing the subdued version of me i'm i'm literally doing everything i can not to show the full extent of my anger right now because i'm going to be mad at the president if we get to the we today in any of those people still have jobs like i'm start getting mad at him for
firing him if it doesn't happen right away wow what it what we see with the various news organizations see other covering it so let's look at fox news trump bashes the fbi raid and it talks about the president calling it disgraceful and that overrun cnn i think the news is so new that they're both going to be covering at the same so there won't be much opinion in yet uh
and there's a crystal leza who i believe you know chris cillizza over at cnn uh i don't know if he had time for to write an actual article so i believe he's just still masturbating to it he's jesus masturbating to the news at this point because this has got to be the happiest day of his life uh oh my god uh so the records that i'm looking at cnn trump on whether he'll fire so this is from six minutes ago and that it's titled trump on whether he'll fire muller muller quote we'll see what happens
and he says why don't you just fire muller somebody asked uh he says well i think it's a disgrace what's going on will see what happens a disgrace and trump is also called it his framing it as an attack on our country that's how i see it that's how i see it as an attack on the country and just for all the dales i gotta give you a preemptive dale ok are you ready for a pre emptive dale here it is what was your first why didn't you say the same thing when president clinton was being within being it's for a monica lewinsky thing why did you say the same thing then dale i will slap that beard right off you i did say the same thing then i didn't like
when president clinton's personal life became public public problem and i don't like it now i feel exactly the same so for anybody accuses me of being hypocritical on this same rules if this were the devil that's if this were hillary clinton going through the same situation same reaction right this is more about the country this isn't so it's about the politicians anymore this is no longer about democrat and republican this is the republic this is this is the world we want to live in this is us to decide is this the world that we can tolerate can you tolerate this environment i can't i can't alright so i'm all of for the firing bring it on in and
and i'll say again as clearly as possible if the president doesn't do some firing because of this i'm going to be real disappointed and when you asked me what do i think of the ramifications what about the fallout from the firing what about all the bad things the marches in the street what about their protests what about the violence that would certainly happen probably there would be protests probably people get hurt here's my answer don't care don't care the line has been crossed all right now now let's just bring on that stuff let's get it over with let's bring those let's let's hurry it up let's have the protests bring mom bring on the protest bring on the people who say he is a dictator he is people who are just investigating the law bring it on bring it all off
bring it all on it's time to just get this all this bullshit cleared away it's time now we are still waiting for people who actually know what they're talking about to weigh in that usually means somebody like dershowitz i cannot wait to hear alan dershowitz talk about this because i don't know what it what dershowitz is going to say and this might be the first time that he and i disagree i don't know that but it might be because i suspect that dershowitz would give or would speak in terms of the law and what's the best legal strategy that sort of thing i'm not really talking on that level i no longer care about the flock in law sorry i know
under care about the law let's not this is about bad anymore this is not about the law this is about something completely different what if he does not fire anyone well you know i'm not even sure this will hurt him for reelection because you know it if these guys are you know really dig into this stormy stuff and they use the stuff they found from his personal lawyer to get adam i'm going to register to vote man i at that so that so i agree i would be do you know many people like you get to vote if i tried to
it would be a lot and this is one of those news issues they should cross the island was a little bit because this is the same standard you'd want to be you'd want to see with a politician on either side you you shouldn't care about what teams are on this point he will invoke privilege i don't know how that works all right so i'm not sure i have much else to say about that dershowitz on hannity tonight and hannity says there's which is apoplectic is that true that's what's probably true because the way you said it made it sound like you just thought
so probably is true all right i'm clearing my calendar cuz i'm going to watch dershowitz his head explode on live tv and if he disagrees with me on this i the first time i disagreed with him now be that there's just a terrible legal peril if he fires them and maybe there she was just being a good you know where would say well even though you might want to don't do it but i'm not on their team i'm on the team of i don't care what the consequences time to fire time to time shut it down dnc is trying to martyr muller yeah
repercussion repercussion repercussions i almost all about the repercussions now you know don't but if get hurt let's just bring on the repercussions now in fact i think that will be my new my new hashtag it's like you know the repercussions something you're supposed to try to avoid i don't want any repercussions not anymore i am pro repercussions bring him up repercussion our asses as hard as you want i'll take those repercussions with a smile uh
looking at all your comments at this point i think all of you are just sharing the emotion that's sort of why we're doing here right is the other there's not much in terms of information being exchanged nobody's learning everything but we're having this this weirdly cathartic shared immediate experience that is kind of unique isn't it i mean i i could at least what i
ill yes i feel that most of you are having the same reaction i i'm having is that it feels good for you to see it to see the same reaction coming out of me there is there something yeah i'm just something necessary about that it's just something that will need it at the same time repercussions repercussions won't be good for anyone somebody says five bring them on
yeah i'm not sure exactly who needs to get fired other than mahler side and they asked to start there the question is does is rosen sting or stein i never get those right is a part of that is is just sessions part of that we'll say so by the way i don't think we need to you know march to the streets or anything about this what assertive it's saying my crying now i'm whatever is the opposite of that
they they ban knives in london i'll tell you you want to be so lucky that you're the pro gun president at a time when london has to ban knives 'cause there's so many knife attacks i mean you can't replace just being in the right place at the right time to tell you all right so i've never seen so much agreement on a point which is that this is going to far and but i think i'm gonna watch a little news coverage you you'll probably do the same and stay tuned for more tonight bye for now
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