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Episode 221 Scott Adams: Woodward’s Bombshell, Low-Information Voters

2018-09-15 | 🔗


  • The “blank space” in Woodward’s book
    • He looked really hard…and found no Russian collusion
    • What the left feels is obvious, Woodward saw nothing
  • The claim that Trump supporters are “low-information” voters
  • Education and training for how to make decisions
  • Apple Watch ultra-sounds and heart analysis
  • Mentoring, tutoring, healthcare guidance and other potential uses for Interface app by WhenHub

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hey san diego hey jeff come on in here gather round uh erin and tyler i hope you've all got your coffee bugs your is your containers your cops and i hope it's filled with your favorite beverage your coffee is your teacher hot waters your who knows what because it's almost time for you know what simultaneous up get ready here it comes here it comes that's the good stuff one of the biggest stories
in the world right now in the whole world besides the hurricane i won't talk to about the hurricane 'cause there's wall all coverage there's not much to say you know we're all thinking about the thinking about the victims but there's not much to say about it so i'm not going to be talking about that but i'm not ignoring it either um let's talk about the biggest story in the world that's not that hurricane right now or the biggest story in the country did you hear it it was the big bombshell from the woodward book listen to it it's a big bombshell i don't hear anything oh that's right it's the blank space again the empty space is the thing where you would expect to hear a story but where's the story and here it is the non
so apparently woodward was asked if in any of his investigations he found that found any russian collusion they said he had looked hard for it and didn't find any well obviously woodward cannot dig as deeply as you know the law enforcement we know so what word is that the final word but here's the thing maybe you've had a similar experience starting in twenty sixteen i have personally been treated by anti choppers as part of the problem and the biggest reason given at least in the beginning two thousand and sixteen this russian collusion stuff and i was pretty sure there was nothing there but
the people who were mad at me in math president and mad about hillary losing so sure it was true that they could see it that they didn't need muller to investigate they could just see it it was in the news that had something to do with don juniors meeting had something to do with manta for what are the odds that you know that papadopoulos did this and what are the odds that there would be all this fbi investigation so too big of the country that hating on me personally and proud most of you they could just see it it was their molar was just going to tie the loose ends together and get a little extra wrap it up into a
little impeachment slash prosecution ball but you but the fact of it was just obvious you know who it wasn't obvious to the most famous investigative journalists in the united states who looked into it and looked really hard looked really hard to find the thing that people on let's say his site say is obvious an investigative journalist wrote a whole book who spent a lot of time investigating this very thing that people said it's right there is obvious and he didn't find ohio i almost did the zero sign which would have been bad because you can't do that anymore think about that now
does anybody owe me an apology i would say yes i say that i am owed by a large number of people a really big apology now of course we can still wait until muller does his thing keep in mind that whatever muller comes up with is going to be in the category of something that no he saw because every can we see so far according to woodward amounts to zero in terms of russian collusion so i believe i'm already owed an apology because you could say about anybody well you know if you look hard enough maybe find something but we haven't found it yet that would just be a true statement about every single rich person every politician etc
and you know i can't predict the future but so far a mode an apology because the the anger and hatred that people felt tord me and most of you i think yeah i'm speaking for all of you i think most of you anyway that anger was based on what they thought was obvious and now woodward has done a good job apparently of knowing that there's nothing obvious now only is there nothing obvious but if you're and you've got all kinds of sources and you can dig pretty hard and you've got millions of dollars in the line you probably have you team of assistance yeah you can go really deep if you're woodward and there was nothing there nothing absolutely nothing why isn't that the biggest story why
isn't that the headline well of course you know the answer right today i saw him fox news dot com the dalai lama has said that the european refugees should go home i'll just let that let those sit there for awhile the dalai lama has that in public the things the the refugees streaming into europe should go home now let me clarify because i'm mischaracterizing what he said but i'm not inaccurate so did say exactly that but if you want the extra contacts and you should he's saying that the europeans treat them humanely accept them feed them educate them
and then when they're you know when things are better they should go home to help help their home country become a better place so the dalai lama is in favor of humane and generous treatment of the refugees but his body is saying let's make this temporary because change in europe they should go back and change their own home once once that's a possibility so now when people say are you are you supporting the president's policies on immigration now you can say well i'm i'm somewhere between the dalai lama and president i'm in that range you know 'cause holly most of you are if you would like humane treatment of everybody of people
right i've never heard anybody who was against humane treatment of people i don't know that that's the thing so if you were to ask me where is my opinion of immigration i would say it's not exactly dalai lama's opinion but it's pretty close so instead of saying that i agree with republicans or agree with jeff sessions or agree with trump i'm just going to say i'm pretty close to the dalai lama which is i believe that you can have unrestricted gigantic refugee flows without some consequences that you didn't so so maybe there's a way to you know make everybody happy and the dalai lama seems like a kind person
so i agree with them we should treat everybody humanely to the degree that we we have the resources and and stuff but there's certainly a level of immigration that doesn't work for the receiving i was just in there yet just in an online twitter she was somebody who was anti trump etc and rather than arguing i was just asking questions about i was their point of view would play out so it was somebody who was soft on immigration and my question was you know what would be the limit on integration view would it be unlimited he said no not unlimited and i said well if you're against unlimited open borders bye
they are also against being tight on the borders doesn't that ring are you to give an opinion how many people let's say per year is ok and the person i was talking to it looked like he was trying to avoid that question but that's the only question if you said don't be a hard at the border but also don't just completely open the borders that's not an opinion is it the opinion simply two things you don't want you don't want the extra an open border you don't want to stop stop people by being a hard task especially if they come with families etc but you haven't really given opinion if you just don't like those two extremes you have to pick something in between otherwise you haven't given me your opinion so i said what about forty million
would forty million people let's say over just a few years be too much and neither of them the subject gets change that sort of thing so this gives me to a a bigger question i want to talk about you've noticed that trump supporters republicans in general are often two as low information voters you heard that right trump supporters are low information voters but here's a test i want you to give yourself when you're talking with other people i find this to be consistently true and i'll give you a few examples i was talking to someone who didn't identify as an anti trumper but in the context it was obvious so i said well take
take for example charlottesville and i was explaining how it was reported that the president said both sides were good were fine people and it was reported that he meant that included the whites services were fine people and i said to him well you know that's just not what happened wow what happened is the president said they were fine people on both sides of the statue question because the whole event was around the statue to keep the confederate statue or do you not and so when i told him this it was clearly the first time he had ever heard that interpretation forget about whether he agreed with it disagreed with it it was the first time he had heard that interpretation
how many of you have never heard that interpretation before that both sides was clearly and obviously about both sides of the statue thing because the alternative explanation the news is presented to you the anti trump news is the president the united states consciously and intentionally sided with white supremacy on the same week they killed somebody that didn't happen it would be crazy to think that happened and then further having done it in there telling of the event further after having done something that crazy like a day later or whatever it was few days later i don't remember verified that he does not support white supremacist just as he is clarified fifty five times in the past or whatever the number is now that's a crazy interpretation
my interpretation that as the president he was hey let's well calm down let's let's agree that bad behavior bad behavior no matter what and there are good sides they're good people on both sides of the statue question not all sides meaning white supremacists my interpretation is completely normal and consistent with the fact now we don't have to agree who's right my point is he had never heard that interpretation but you both interpretations right so wouldn't it wouldn't that make you the high information voter in this case let me give you the other one the same person and i was talking about the accusation that the president made fun of service co will i can't remember his name
reporter who had the the genetic problem with his arm and i said you've probably seen the video that it was reported as fact that the president was making fun of somebody's bad arm they said but have you seen all the videos in context where he makes the same or similar hand motions about other people and it's just the way he makes fun of dumb people and he had not how many of you have seen videos showing that he often does that same gesture and it's not about people without arms probably most of you when you say i'll bet most of you have seen that he not so i had seen his point of view i've seen my own point of view in your point of view but he had only seen his own point of view ever not once did he ever seen what
i described that i've seen lots of times so which one this was the lower formation voter all right let me give you another one talking about the kids in cages and trump put put kids in cages and that topic came up and i i mentioned but of course that was also happening during obama you can will see his face reboot i've talked about this before when cognitive dissonance hits seven there's a very there's an obvious facial bodily change where the person just goes you know it's all it's almost like you can see a almost like brain is rebooting and so i said yeah trump put more people in cages then
obama did but obama was putting kids in cages as well it was the first time he'd consider that no i couldn't tell if he never heard it but he'd never considered it as uh in part of the story and then i further explain and you know that you eating the refugees most humane way create more refugees right and i said you know that right that you would be increasing the number of refugees and he hadn't really consider that and then i i said and you know that the thinking is that if you have fewer refugees in the long run that means that there might be fewer children who are raped but the trade off was you're having less child trafficking
less fewer children getting killed and and here's how i framed it i said in the trump administration if he took one hundred let's say just any hundred kids the trade off was putting a hundred kids separated from their parents which year will get rid of my troll i'm hundred kids in cages which would have i said it would have psychological effects some of them would be bad and that that's a bad situation so i agreed with him the any kids in cages is just always a bad situation doesn't matter how they got there right but i said the alternative and the only alternative that anybody could think of was in which more kids got raped and trafficked and killed so yes it was a conscious decision that
we are having this impact on say one hundred kids put in cages helped two or three of them not be raped and killed and that that was a conscious tradeoff the person i was we do have never heard it framed that way had never heard that those were the two choices because the other choice which he sort of imagined was the good one is that you just let the families in can stay together which men releasing them because there weren't any facilities and i said you realize that that would increase the amount of traffic and that that your preferred solution would in fact have fewer kids in cages and that's good but at the expense of two or three out of a hundred maybe getting killed or raped and i said did you know that that was a trade off and he did not he had not thought of it in those terms
he said he'd be open to listening to you maybe statistics that would be it back that up but that's the argument no i to i too like your statistics that back that up and i can easily be wrong it could be the number is zero would be raped i don't know well i'm no expert in this situation but here's i knew his argument but he i've never heard had never heard my argument which is largely the same as your argument i'm sure so you can kind of go down the line i think you can go down the line and you would find that the conservative
or completely aware of the argument on the left when you say that's true fact check me on this i mean as much as much as you can 'cause these are this is anecdotal but fact check me isn't it true that the right knows the arguments on the left and they also know their own arguments when you say that's true i'm finding that it is massively true that the people in the land i have never even heard the argument on the other side when was the last time you heard some have you ever have you ever heard anybody tell you what i just told you have you ever even heard anybody explain it and now keep your eyes and see if it feels true to you there can you see what are these big controversial situations
do know what their argument is you could disagree with it you probably do certainly know what the argument is they don't even know what the argument is on the other side what's up with that all right i'm my new book i'm working on one i'm talking about is how lots of times you think that you have a difference of opinion with people and for all practical purposes that's how it's playing out but lots of times the difference of opinion not what it looks like and here's what i mean there are people who because of their usually because of their career choices have been exposed to education on how to make decisions education on how to make decisions i would say
sample a scientist is someone who is trained in how to make decisions because the whole scientific process is about getting rid of the bias making sure you have all the information making sure that you've got a process you know the scientific process to get rid of the the guesswork work at um so scientists have trained how to make decisions engineers have been trained to be objective and test things and make decisions as i was are also trained to make decisions we know how a compare things we know how to look at the long term versus short we know how to measure opportunity costs we know how to do discount rates so a and people of business degrees as well our people have been trained to make decisions
do you know what profession has not been trained to make decisions about you do journalist journalists journalists are never trained in the in the the part of making decisions i would say lawyers probably are you could think of a few more examples of people who are trained in making decisions and here here the mistakes that the untrained or making and don't know that they're making it because i've never learned to make decisions when you and when i explain this there's a little lights off with your head and a whole lot about what you're observing let me give you an example i've talked about this before there are people anti trumpers who say
trump did a bad job in puerto rico with disaster relief anybody who says that is not trained in making decisions likewise anybody who says the opposite of that any he says the trump did a great job of disaster release relief in puerto rico anybody who say that is also not trained in decision making because we don't have another puerto rico to compare to the only way you could tell if trump in the trump administration did a good job or a bad job is n korea the only way you could tell but who's been trained in decision making will agree with me anybody who has not been trained in decisionmaking will disagree with what i said because they're not trained here
the point if you don't have a control case to compare the performance you can't make any determination because there was no other president trying to save the other puerto rico at the exact same time in the exact same situation compared to you know what president trump did without that comparison it is impossible for we the observers with what we know to know if was a good job or a bad job it can't be known if you've never studied how to make decisions you would imagine it could be known but you would just looking at anecdotal things you would just say well he's president puerto rico people died therefore it must have been a bad job right anybody who could that connection would
be trained in decision making here's another one half opinions that's a word i came up with an append a well formed opinion would consider the cost of something all the costs short term long term all of the costs including opportunity cost the thing you could if you hadn't been doing this and it would also include the benefits if you included all of those things you're probably trained and had to make decisions you might be an engineer you might be a scientist you might be an economist right if you've included all the costs short term long term opportunity costs and all the benefits psychological
financial if you've included all you might be trained in in decision making but if you said hey why can't we just let people in let the family stayed together etcetera because that's the humane thing to do if the if you're done with your analysis at that point you've probably never learn to make decisions you might be a journalist for example because the right way to look at that is if you let people in if you treat them well what happens if you leave out the what happened you're not really making the decision you have a half billion you're you're picking the party like i like being good to people yeah i like being good to people i don't like children in cages i guess we're done here i guess we have i painted myself into a corner somebody says i have no idea what that means right
then yeah so if your opinion ignores human incentives then then you're not really part of the decision making crew all right what else is there to talk about today so i haven't done this yet but i'm threatening to do this well so here's here's some more that's related to the same topic i hear a lot of anti trumpers will tell me if i'm talking to them in person having a national conversation or even on twitter and it goes like this they'll say the president of the united states has to old three thousand lies since he was inaugurated or whatever the number is and i always like to say this well uh
what exactly was the impact of that so far what were the the gdp be if that number had been zero and you go okay so probably all the things you're saying that were that were lies doesn't seems to be that they affected the economy today and then you hear somebody say well ok there's no way to know that it affected the economy then i can take it a little bit further and i will say we know economies are built on expectations right and you're you talking to somebody who's learned anything about it next they'll say well yes the x stations mean a lot and then i say well suppose lot of those alleged fact checking problems was the president sort of exaggerating how good the economy was
exaggerating that businesses getting jobs back to the united states may be exaggerating how much difference it makes to cut regulations let's say he was exaggerating yeah how quickly yeah the door how different it was from obama say exaggerated how well things are doing now in terms of jobs compared to amber jobs that were created under obama say exaggerated to the point where it's just not true suppose he said it's better now on some variables and economic variable than note ever was or but maybe that's not true there was a year before that it was better what you've done all of those things what would be the net effect of that the economy would be better so when somebody is pointing out president had two thousand fact check problems
if you understand how things work getting the economy how the psychology of expectations 5c economy you could ok well how many the three thousand were about the economy things that were not true but they directionally good persuasion to cause those things to be true so if you're looking for what problems were caused by the three thousand fact checking problems i think you have to take out the i don't know five hundred or so that actually made who's better don't you 'cause if you're complaining about the fact checking your complaining about the problems they cost i think you'd have to subtract out all the good things he said about the economy that may have been exaggerations to the point of not being true i was actually did make the country better and they
intended to do that think about it do you include all the fact checking problem when it's obvious that some number of them on they were in the right direction to be positive 'cause it made us think things are going well so people invest in made people hire people it was other companies to say hey everybody's every he's coming back to the united states maybe i should leave in that direction all right and then you say well what about n korea looks like north korea which of the many many in fact checking problems the three thousand fact checking problems made the currency version with n korea worse i can't think of any okay so maybe none of the
lying exaggerating hyperbole ok maybe none of them had any direct effect fighting isis maybe none of it has any effect on north korea it's not clear that anything made any difference with russia i can't see an example of that let's say that world affairs and even even trade deals etc it i can't give an example where something that was a fact check problem give us a bad result in any of that can you i can't think of any cause and effect going on there and you can go read the line you'll find that people are really really concerned about something where they can find no connection to the real world in other words the fact checking even if you assumed all the fact checkers are completely right even
use it their number is roughly true even if you said that where is the problem you know it made sense a few you there we go to say we think there might be the problem with us but now you don't have to wonder about it you can just look we've had a few years of trump and everything is heading in the right direction and the things you don't like me maybe you think scare immigration should be better i think is several areas that could be better but i don't any reason to think the the president has said made those things worse take first thing in the country what's first thing in the country right now i would say race relations maybe healthcare maybe maybe even but i was a race relations is at the top of the list of they aren't going well under the trump administration
how much of that is because the isn't lied i can't think of anything that the president lied about or how to fact check problem or a tripoli problem the made race relations worse because all the things i can think of were in the opposite direction if for example he said he did great things for african americans well suppose that was an exaggeration but still it's in the direction of making things worse if you say that you're working hard for them if you say your administration did great things for african americans if you it is obama did less even if even if some of that was not exactly true it's moving in the right direction isn't it isn't it isn't it presently showing love support i'm working
for the african american people i love i love hispanics so everything is said even if you imagine that they weren't true they i still would not have made things worse they would have made things better as they were all all of his persuasion is in the movement of moving store you know one erica and not having racial problems are there any lies in the in the race situation they things worse oh yeah here's one charlotte and that was media lie media has lied about charlottesville from the beginning and that's made things much worse as it if you look at race relations most of those problems that we have this seems to be an increase over what we've had in the recent past our are because of lies
and those lies are coming from the media and they're very easy to identify i described the charlottesville live pretty easily um so line does matter but is seems to only seems to only make things worse one coming from the media i can't think an example where the president and something that didn't pass the fact checking and it made something in the real world worse and that's as i often say even when his facts are wrong he is directionally accurate okay even if you take let's take the most extreme where the president saying that only you know a few dozen people died
because of hurricane maria in puerto rico the fact checkers are going crazy saying my god you know all these qualified people have looked at it and it seems that lots and lots of people died snell no matter which of those facts you think is true and i think the obvious answer is it's probably somewhere in the middle you know i don't think the people who claimed all the dust are really hurricane related because they're sort of related to bad bad government badge infrastructure it's not one thing that causes is this a lot of things have to go wrong for that whole situation to exist so i see the president say no we good job with puerto rico the deaths weren't that many which way is he trying to persuade well of course he's trying to defend his administration
administration does that but he's also trying to tell the story where the president and all of his other white people in the government we're doing all they could and did a good job for the people of puerto rico which would be the a set of telling a story where you're trying to make things worse is telling a story that if you believe it would make you think that the government cares about all of its people so it's enough about that anyway i'm looking at all the vague things that the critics say about the president and star watching these categories form because critics are running out of actual facts that they can connect to a bad result right there are lots of things they don't like like the fact checking and they don't like the attitude and they don't like to tweeting but there have
real trouble connecting those things to an actual problem it's very hard to say he sent this tweet these ten people were killed because it like there's nothing like that it's all general vague things so i'm starting collect the list of the big things that people say like they say that he's impulsive the presidents impulsive ok tie that observation to the bad outcome because every time we hear a story like that the impulsiveness doesn't seem to be a problem except for the ways reported as he'll throw out some ideas we've heard for stories about this that i'm crazy when you hear them out of context but the people he talked who said ok that doesn't work you definitely don't to do that here's why
and then they didn't do it so we haven't seen doesn't put kids in cages you must be coming in late so we haven't seen an example where the impulsiveness actually translated into the problem now there may be cases where he didn't have the right information and i think the immigration kids in cages things is a mistake that the miss tration has to own all right i think it probably has more to do with not everybody the chain know exactly what the locations of these changes would be probably didn't know how bad it would be for kids didn't know yeah probably just didn't know the details and should have right so there's no used for anything that happens the president has to take responsibility for
is wrong and what goes right even if even if they didn't know what was going on in those details but uh anyway so my point being that you're going to hear words like the press his unhinged well what what did what problem did that cause was he unhinged and therefore the gdp is lower he's unhinged and therefore in korea is not going well now it seems to be going in the right direction he's unhinged and therefore what what or there edie's dictatorial here is dictatorial and usually the example these days is he says critical things about the justice department and the supreme court true
and the problem is to take it to the next step yes the president this thing is no president has done before he's used his right of free speech to push against another organization in the government in public everything he says is public he's pushing against them in public so that is opinion gets weight in the public as the opinions or the work coming out of other groups and the problem is watt yeah i don't know the problem i mean the supreme or it is still doing his thing right as anybody at the supreme court as anybody in the justice department said you know will just stop doing our job now i've seen nothing like that i've i've seen nothing that would suggest that anything
president has said in a tweet any pressure is put any complaint and criticism of other parts government i have seen no credible explanation l any of that has actually turned into a problem personally i appreciate the transparency i like it account a country where i see the eggs the opinion unfiltered of our leaders you know when it's when it's an opinion about something that doesn't have him national secret type implications yes so these things are all things that are happening but they don't translate to a problem yeah maybe he's impulsive so what yeah maybe he is he says
things that remind you of a dictator because he's talking about the other institutions but but what but what happened what was the downside all right uhm so last thing i want to talk about is that apple has produced an apple watch that has a medical sensor in it will check heart i think i'm probably going to go out and get one i don't watch is and i never wanted to own an apple watch and i didn't think it was didn't really think you had enough capabilities in it to make it worth but now the apples watch has a yeah nice ec g so it can it can tell you if your heart is fun thing right well before you might have noticed it and so you could catch problems early so i could save your life
now apparently this is just the beginning there's there all kinds of micro devices that sensors work with your work with your smartphone and imagine that matching the size of their benefit i'm just did you see there's even one there's a a little device you can hook to your phone this literally it's like this big and it's flat but it's like you know just this big and it's what do you call it when you do the sonic imaging what's the name of that when you look see what your baby looks like electrocardiogram is that it so that exist now
now we have tiny sensors that will be able to test your blood test your heart can you check your vitals your pulse your blood pressure and do anything check yeah you would even be able to like see if you have a broken arm you know you can actually look raising your arms you put in is broken now you probably would still be together actually but you can you can see if there are any problems in there and i thought to myself man we're really getting to the point where doctors are going to be a sonograms thank you ultracet
is sonogram the same as ultrasound but that's what the that's what the device can do you can do alter sound of from your phone which is amazing anyway when you see all this stuff coming together it feels like we're close to one i'll call the poor person's health care and a poor person's health care would be your paper is it for your doctor you've got a of apps and people you can talk to that can walk you through how to use maybe you've gotten online tela tela health doctor on my app interface by when hope which by the way is amazing you could get medical advice on that too so yeah close to an amazing time an amazing time an amazing time anyway
i'm gonna probably mention my app every time i'm on here for awhile because we're in that phase but if you haven't tried the interface by when how about you should you can sign up for free be an act or on anything i'm going to give you some examples of things you could be an expert on better somebody will use my app so the nature the app is you can sign up as an expert and set your own price when you're online and available people can immediately make a video call and they'll your price for the for the that you're on you could be an expert or you could just be talking to people keeping him company telling them a story etc i wondered if people will ever use it to tell their kids a bedtime story
i'm trying to think of all the the uses for the product that we did not anticipate and i thought about their appearance who would just put it next to the ed and and have somebody else tell a bedtime story to the kid yeah let's say a nice grandmother or something i they get some other business done here within earshot they'd want to be able to hear what's happening but i wonder if anybody will do that i'll bet they will come and i wonder how many people would use it for a tutor many people and let's say low income households who can't afford a real tutor to come to the house but how many of them just
need some help for their kid who's trying to get through math or whatever and they can help him and what do you do your kids doing homework and just can't figure it out and doesn't have a nice so there should be apps and if somebody signed up to be a a mentor or a tutor on the interface by one slash two bath maybe fifteen minutes of that person's time would make a big difference and what about mentors the i've often said that or in low income situations and especially african american community if you get locked in the silo of your own community you don't have access to mentors and advice from from the the other people so some people might want to say hey i'm retired i don't need to make money i'm just gonna be a mentor for inner city youth and just sign up
there may be some intercepted city youth who says hey this is either free 'cause you can set your price is zero by the way the interface by one how bad you can set your price to zero if you want i don't make any money if you do that but you know what i still encourage it because it big news now why you would do that instead of make just a facetime call is that the advantages of the interface by when hub app is that you can discover people and then you can make a phone call but you don't have each others personal contact information they don't know where you live they don't know what your phone number is they don't have your email they don't have anything he wanted to you could exchange those things during the conversation but you don't have to so if you want
something that's quick and anonymous we do that and synonymous except that your face is going to be there so you're going to present yourself in your buy out by your bio uh dialectic behavior therapy maybe today yeah i think interface by one now but will be great for a lot of therapy uses i think it will be great for people who need a sponsor if they're alex they can't find their sponsor the sponsors busy that they're thinking about taking a drink or doing the drugs and they just need to talk to somebody right away so i think that'll be use ptsd i think they'll be use people were considering considering lots
things will be yours right great for people who need a friend exactly i think the seniors might just use it as end an hour a day of can you just talk to me or let me talk to you for an hour just something have something like human contact even if it's on video said somebody said suicide prevention and i do this is that idea also but i'm told so here's why suicide prevention may not be that exactly what you think it is any professional would immediately tell them to go to a emergency room apparently so i think the ethically a professional if somebody said hey i'm thinking about killing myself
a professional would probably send them to somebody in person right away get to the emergency room get to get to a real person but it could help it could at least get him send them in the right direction distract them from their bad intentions so that could be good uh but you could say that on the interface app correct you could say that on the app how to score a hot girlfriend somebody could be an expert on that you should be able to browse for an expert in the app yeah the version that we're getting ready to release will improve their browsing so right now we had a the first release we wanted to keep it as simple as possible so basically it's like tinder for experts you just you right through and find the one you want but
the number of experts increases that doesn't that interface doesn't work as well we wanted to start simple so it was easy for people to understand what it was but it as we start getting some traction will improve will continuously improve the interface as people on board uh we're not doing vetting of experts it's a free market and people can put links to their qualification but you also don't have to pay for the first minute or three minutes but a minute or so of the call if you see but he was obviously a fraud you can just end the call and you're not going to get charged how do i buy stocks of one hub so we're private company and we we don't have stocks or equity offering but you can
own the tokens that are used within the the app and those tokens i go up in value they might go down in value they're not they're not not not an investment but it is a way to to be linked linkedin directly to the success of the company without on equity if you own the coins that the that the app uses and there's more for them because there's more people using the app then the value should go up professional apologiser's would be funny all right just looking at your comments okay
well that may very well change the world you know i think that's when hub or things like it you know that might be a class apps it could change the world because if you think about it this is an app that could totally change health care because you can do it would make it just simple to do to give medical advice by phone right now you could do it it's more expensive it's hard are you going to be part of a plan etc so it could change healthcare fairly radically it could change education it could change mentoring it could change connect to people who have the resources you need it could change job searches it could change a lot of things so you're right it could change could change the all right and i will talk to you later bye for now
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