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Episode 222 Scott Adams: The Anti-Trumper Ammo Problem

2018-09-16 | 🔗


  • Anti-Trumpers are running out of ammo
  • Vague, general, mind reading anti-Trump criticisms
  • Dale illustrates John Kerry’s conversation with the Iranians

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hey everybody come on in papa still room that's right in this digital universe this related reality plenty of space you're bound only by storage and bandwidth and we got plenty of that you know what else we have let me tell you i'll tell you what else we have good morning howard bring jean tell you what we have we've got coffee and it's time for the simultaneous sip and it go goes like this hello kathleen welcome to your first periscope coffee with scott adams
now let's talk about president trump's critics running out of ammo they hard to see it in a lot of different ways and i'll talk about some of them but before we go that did any of you watching norm macdonald's new show on netflix debuted on friday i did i thought it was pretty funny especially the david spade interview the funniest part about it was it's obviously nor mcdonald and david spade have known each other a long time which was what made it fun 'cause they were just teasing each other but the funny part was that the norm kept pretending he was going to commercial break and then it was clear if there really is a commercial break because it's netflix so david
i could never really tell if they were just talking or if they were talking on for the show who's got a larry is because i don't know if you ever figured it out it was sort of like this great a spontaneous practical joke anyway check around this get a chance so here are some signs that the anti trump are running out of ammo number one michael moore who is promoting his new anti trump movie was suggesting that maybe trump himself or one of his one of his minions were the ones who wrote the new york times anonymous piece that was anti trump so now the words michael moore is speculating aloud there may be hum himself or somebody asked do it wrote the
enemas this article that was showing that trump was being managed by other in the white house now the reasoning michael moore gave ann first of all we don't know if michael moore really believes us we can only we can only report what he said this is in the movie production or movie motion mode so when you're in movie promotion mode you're going to say things like get headlines even if it's not exactly what you're thinking so you have to put the contacts on there but he was willing to say in public michael moore was that maybe trump had this written because it showed that there were adults in charge another words one of the big big stories about the humanity anonymous new york times editorial was that people were taking taking memos off of the president's death
they were figuring out ways to control his crazy impulsiveness and i'm thinking if your worst criticism of the president wait for it if you're worst criticism of the president at least lately is he may be the person who's criticizing himself that's it the worst criticism of the president is that he might be the one who secretly criticizing himself but isn't and that's the second part but isn't that that feels a lot like out of ammo doesn't it that's the pretty much out of ammo here's another one bill maher apparently said talking about kavanaugh and talk about how the left was using this attack of the
the anonymous accusation from high school even bill maher who is anti trump said you're making our side look bad so if you can even get bill maher side again as the president i don't think your attack is very effective if you can't get bill maher to say yeah that's a good attack of the president you can't even get your own side on board right that's another sign that the anti tempers are running out of ammo then there's a more visible sign which you could say may well it's because of the hurricane the hurricane is wiping everything off of the off of the head lines but i don't know that that would be a good enough reason you know at least online on the internet you're not really running out of space so if there
for a story that was that was really truly bad for trump i think they'd find room for it somewhere on the first page but there really isn't much there there's just not much news anti trump at the moment maybe because of the hurricane but that can't explain all of it all right here's a here's another sign that they're running out of ammo there was a hit piece just so i i don't see an end yes cnn or msnbc i forget which one i just saw a hit piece on tucker carlson they're so out of ammo that's third the third attack someone who simply likes the president or not likes but supports the president more than other people do they're like
so completely out of ammo the thinking all right well who can we shoot we can't we got nothing for the president how about tucker carlson how about doctor that's the closest that's all we got and here was here who is the most insulting thing that this hit piece on tucker carlson came up with so there were the l statements like what happened to him you seem so nice but what happened to him and then you get down to what what happened to him what's your analysis what is what was he and what is he now what happened to him and the worst insult that i could find in it was his latent racism that's it
latent racism do you know who else has latent racism human beings human beings that's who has latent racism that's the whole fucking problem sorry i didn't mean to swear but the reason that racism is even a problem in the world and is a continuous pervasive never goes away problem is human beings have latent racism another words i have sort of a flex in them to like the other less than they like themselves you sort of baked into being a human being now the test is not whether you have a latent racism that's just everybody the test is what you do about it
is tucker putting on the sheet and dancing with kkk nope he's doing the opposite if you look at if you actually listen to his words the opposite of racism clearly talker like most of us most of us figured out how to control whatever late in bed bad impulses they were born with whatever whatever their dna gifted them with most of us can figure out how to put a layer of society on that civilization and try to tamp down are bad impulses there's nobody who doesn't have a little bit of rate latent racism it doesn't matter what color you are your autumn klay born with a instinct to like people who look like you more than the people who don't look like you that's just how you're born it's what you do with it that determines who you are
here's another sign that the anti trumpers are running out of ammo and i talked about this before but i'm going to go back to this point over and over in my periscopes because the more you see of it the more impactful it is the more it will change how you think alright so i went through a few articles anti trump articles on cnn and i pulled out the specific criticisms and when i say the specific criticisms that sort of oxymoron because these are very unspecific criticisms so show generic and vague and all these are so these are all the things that people said about the president the anti trumpers said about him and see if you could figure out what problem any of this cost okay is unstable and also highly unstable and
he's unhinged on impulsive his dictatorial is reactionary he's he's bad all the cell salt in the press raise serious questions about checks and balances out of control he dangerous there's a leader such as him that's a phrase such as him so what's that mean speculation about his temperament dark portrait to love him by somebody else he's a divisive figure no details the emotional declarations seem manipulative talking about him they say his emotional declarations seem manipulative disney a politician he has a majority of an eight year old boy with the in security of a teenage girl and then there's manner may know what the russians wanted he may and i also they grow wings and fly i mean that's
may may know something is a pretty big category or some it could be very bad now here now did you notice that none of those attacks against the president have any specific meaning that you could tie to an actual event that you could tie to a bad so there's nothing like let's just pick one of these out of the list he impulsive and there therefore he did xx turned out poorly where is that remember that woodward said that specific examples are the building blocks of journalism there are no building blocks it's all generic impulsive he's unhinged but how did that how did unhinged affect anything which disk when was it that was in the unhinged why did
this is unhinged this hurt us it's kinda vague god vague and then there's the category i call mind reading this is where some very criticizes the president based what they imagine he thinks that's not a thing we don't know what other people are thinking we can tell what they're doing half the time anyway sometimes we can't even tell that but we certainly can't tell what people are thinking so here's here's something from cnn these phrases taught so these are phrases the people were referring to the present he's determined to prove two things izzy how do you know what the president is determined to do you can what he does you can't really tell what he's the
and to do that is mind reading about his hatred for others his hatred for others and so what's that you know who's he talking about are you reading his mind 'cause he hasn't expressed in words so how do you know about his hatred for others his relations are transparent somebody said are they are his motivations transparent do you know what motivations rarely are transparent you know i mean so you can guess why you think somebody is doing something you know there's some that are uh but when you're saying his motivations are transparent why don't just say what his motivation is and then say why that's true why do you need to be general about it how about his death higher to be seen as more humane well
can you think of anybody who doesn't have a desire to be seen as humane especially a politician is there a politician who you could say that about well you know joe biden he doesn't like to be seen as humane it's not a thing every politician wants to be seen as humane and if criticizing him on that that domain well of course his true emotional nature is cold is it who knows who knows the this is true emotional nature how would you even know that and then you look for the phrase he wants you i saw it several times i wrote it down once talking about the president he wants this he wants that he wants that now there's some things you can say unambiguously he wants to build a wall yeah there's some things that he said
and so when you say what he wants to talk about what he said he wants that's fair but if you say he wants and you fill in something that he's never said that's reporting that's mind reading all right so look yes and i'm going to add to my list as we go look for the vague you know it's starkey ism also the views unhinged etcetera another tell now this next tell is the the most hidden and someone that you wouldn't notice if i didn't tell you because i am a professional writer i am it was written books and written articles there's some things that are professional writer would know that you would necessarily know and it goes like this
if you're writing for a news organizations this has more to do with the news industry you would never in the context of news use the word very or the word highly i said no her but also often that sometimes you would but they're not words that i would use in good writing so in other words there's an article about the president in which he is called highly unstable i think that's the one yeah highly unstable so this is an article that got past the editors the professional professional writer wrote it professional editor or at least one thought so there were two professional writers who saw saw the words highly unstable
the president do you know what's wrong with that sentence highly highly is a word you should just get rid of any professional writer would know that the word unstable covers it you would get rid of the word highly because it doesn't add anything and it just makes it sentence longer every fessional writer knows that why is the word highly still in the article when really the author who wrote it and the editor who sought both know it doesn't belong there why because the word unstable didn't get it done even though the word unstable does get it done another word as a as a writer the word unstable says it all once table is kind of an absolute right you don't need to be highly unstable you're just unstable
this whole range of we don't know what's going to happen 'cause it's unstable the getting the highly signals to the audience the even the writer knew the word unstable didn't mean anything or didn't mean enough it was too inert so they at lisette this president is unstable and thought i don't know the way i all about the president is not being captured in the word that is totally accurate see where i'm going on this the accurate word did not convey how they felt so they had to write it poorly to make it feel something they had to imbue it with their emotion because they let me just lay on the page being just an objective word about whether he's unstable
no i don't i don't know it said that in that context objective doesn't mean true it just means that it doesn't have highly on and then one one of these articles also said use the word very v e r y if you put the word very in front of something professional writing your editor should be crossing that out because if you were to say for example impulsive versus very impulsive generally your editor would take the very end of that sentence because it's not adding so look for look for very and highly and other words that professional writers wouldn't normally use but they need to they need to throw in still they need a little extra they knew they needed some seasoning
but it wasn't enough the words just were too flat so look for that it diminishes meaning that is correct writer should avoid adverbs that is the lesson yes writers should avoid adverbs don't put descriptors tear adjectives i'm just looking at your the tangerine tyrant a guy like that one somebody culture of the ten three in tyrant it's kind of kind of cute maybe the editors were the ones who added it may
maybe you can't rule that out but that would be a very une editor thing to do is everything you might allow the writer to do under the theory that it's a it's an editorial and it's their opinion so they can write it the way they want to write it as long as the grammar is correct but it's unlikely that the at the editor added it it's possible but it's unlikely i win very bigly versus swimmingly so the title of my book is win bigly what if the title had win very badly and it wouldn't be better john kerry to lose security clearance yeah check the john kerry stuff and it's just sort of making my head shake like a what is happening why is he doing that well on one hand apparently it's legal or
legal enough the logan act as ancient and not going to be used but i was starting to wonder if maybe kerry is accidentally useful an i'm not going to go full conspiracy theory and say john kerry actually a patriot and his secret working with the administration it just looks like he's not i don't believe that so i don't believe it's part of a clever plan but consider what's going on here you've got john kerry talking to the ayatollah and say hey you know yeah oh well maybe we'll try to go light on you and then you've got president trump who's going much scarier it's starting to look at this and i mean in an accidental way a little bit good cop bad cop right so
good cop bad cop cops in charge so do you think some point where the ayatollah says kerry you have to help us please john kerry tell us how we can get out of this and the good cops kerry could say well we recommend that you wait it out 'cause i think he said that right wait it out and then the ayatollah consult some experts on the united states and he realizes that president trump is favored to win a second let a second reelection so waiting it out means six years and if you wasted out for six years what happens at the end of that do we get another republican so think it but john kerry's reported
place and i don't think we can really know what those two people are saying in private right well carries not directly to the i told he's talking to somebody at like secretary of state level whatever that is in red and is seems to me that carries advice is so bad there is most intentionally bad because way six years when your when your economy he is on the edge of destruction and you might have a year to go before full full out social revolution wait it out is sort of the worst device anybody ever gave anybody isn't it because the there's one thing i can say for sure iran needs to sort of do something kind of soon because their whole country is coming apart the bolts are just coming out
now it doesn't look like a wave six years situation into maine now maybe you could say oh kerry is sure that in two years somebody will be the president or he'll be impeached or something well maybe but you don't know that and uh how do sure waiting two years is a good idea and then a a democrat comes to office john kerry's best case scenario is that democrat immediately say hey let's just loosen up on iran they haven't you know they've been doing everything that they were doing the funding terrorism cheating on nukes but let's just be good to him now i don't know if that would be a good political move even by a democrat because it's one thing to take away the deal but isn't the thing to just give them stuff if there's been
good behavior between now and then and we're not expecting to be a lot see a lot of good behavior so i feel as this is john kerry thing my end up the opposite of of what we assume would happen because if you're a man looking for all your options out right so one of the options out of your situation is capitulation where say okay we don't want to be in a permanent economic war with the united states there's only one way out we just got to pull back our you know our adventurism you know that we got it we got to pull back from trying to influence anything that isn't our own country so yeah that would mean being more transparent about getting rid of their nukes it would mean not supporting terrorists and everything else so that's one path and that's the path that the president has largely laid out for them
yeah you can have a good life and a good economy and good relations you can have all that stuff we want to give you all the stuff we like around we like to people over and we just have a problem with the leadership so that path is very clear if the leaders of iran find a way politically ego wise religiously etc psychologically to go that direction but they don't like it that's their least favorite direction so they're looking for alternatives and kerry comes and then who knows more than john kerry about the united states and iran and the situation very people who would be would be one of the most knowledgeable please inform people on this entire topic and they talked to john kerry and they say john we don't like that one path that's been presented us to us by mean president trump we need another option john kerry can you save us
and john kerry says john kerry says well maybe you could wait it out just wait but john kerry our economy is falling apart we may have only months left before complete economic collapse we do what should we do john kerry nothing how about nothing just wait but did you hear us our whole economy is collapsing everything is falling apart the wheels are coming off we need to act fast what should we do my professional advice is the way that the so you're saying the president trump will not be in office because russia or russia investigation pretty soon pretty soon he will be impeached
move from office you haven't been right about that yet have you i'm reading that there's no actual evidence of collusion we're reading in the american press the in bob woodward couldn't find that a sniff of it and he looked pretty hard well he is not molar is he's done miller so we should bet our entire country on the fact that the thing for which there is no evidence is
the true logically and rationally you should yes that's what i'll do i'll just wait to wait it out john kerry did you think trump would get elected the first time what i'm the first time when you predicted that the the last election did you predict the trump would get all well not exactly what other people were wrong so you would like just about our entire future of our regime in our country uh your prediction about the presidency which has so far in terms of trouble anyway not been right about anything nothing you haven't been right about one thing for three years john kerry
you're telling us that we should better regime on your predicted ability about trump is that right well i don't have much time here i think my times up i've gotta go spread some goodness to the rest of the world goodbye sing so correct me if i'm wrong the most knowledgeable person on this situation who are ran believes is on their side can he has done a good job i'm guessing it looks like he's good job of making iran think that he's actually on their side and the guy who knows the most is on their side it's given them one alternative to deal with president trump the way he'd like to be dealt with which is stop your adventurism
one alternative and that alternative depended on john very being good at predicting what happens with donald trump although he has a track record of being wrong about everything every single thing i don't know if i had a nemesis like you have pick your own nemesis and you know you went to president trump and say look president trump you get to pick your own nemesis what do you mean pick my nemesis well you're going to have a nemesis you know somebody who is always try to undermine you working behind the scenes to try to yep you and make everything partner yoga nemesis nemesis just always against you and stuff because okay if you get to pick your own really from anybody the like the whole world i could pick anybody as my nemesis
because you can you name it anybody and will sign them to be your nemesis i can imagine thinking about that and thinking maybe about joe biden and he's like no now he's not even close enough to be a good nemesis about how a john kerry he'd be a good nemesis you know seems serious enough but yet can't do anything right perfect it will make me look stronger to be john kerry then joe biden because it's hard to take joe bidens seriously he has some deep state tapes coming out
well every time o'keefe has some tapes coming out i always say the same thing which is let's wait till we see him let's wait till we see him because i don't know what the i don't know what it means to have some deep state tapes coming out because the deep state is just the government and people in the government have opinions some of them like the president's some don't i don't know what that means to say you have some tapes about the deep state somebody said they would pay to the smoke with me on the interface by one how bap well someday you might kerry was bribed by and somebody says well less
seems unlikely given his age and patriotism and wealth he'd be pretty hard to bribe so he's got that going for there are some for twenty experts there some cultivation experts on interface so if you haven't used the interface by when hub app yet you should sign up because going forward i'm going to be taking questions through the app so when i do my periscope i'll put keyword it's not there right now but in the future anybody who has the app can call me up now the app is meant to charge people for calls but when you sign up you get some free tokens the called the when wh
and that's our own cryptocurrency so just signing up gives you some you know some free ones of those so everybody can make some free calls using the when that comes with the sign up and so you don't have to pay what's happened is free calls yeah the difference between what's up and the interface apple's interface is made for people who have something to offer that they can charge for it's not it's not meant just for a phone call so it's for billing billing people for your expertise or your time all right you're welcome repeat the app name is called interface so the
the app name is just interface but if you're searching for it look for interface by when hub when how does one word w h e n h u b when looking for a veterinarian the other night no luck yeah so the the big guy the challenge with an app like this is sort of the same challenges a dating app you need you need people on there for be useful so we're trying the next month or so we're trying to get enough experts to sign on because remember signing on is free and you just say that you're available and stick it in your pocket you don't have to do anything and if somebody calls you and you're available take the goal make some money it's easy only when they're online so you have to spell
slide that you're online and that you're available for a call um and people are asked me to talk about the fake weather the fake news about the weather where people are pretending the the weather is worse than it is you know you've i don't have anything that that it's funny when they do it i understand why the news does it makes it more just the same i i don't have a problem with any of it really yes the interface app is a video phone call sort of like a facetime phone call but you can use it across across platforms so you can make a call all from from your enjoyed or apple phone in is a video call with an expert or somebody was charging for their time it doesn't matter what they're charging for could be for conversation could be because
there famous could be it's a famous person who's got money is going to charity so it could be anything you want to change charge for your time anne i will tell you more about that but i'll talk to you tomorrow bye
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