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Episode 229 Scott Adams: Can’t Wait to Talk About Rod Rosenstein

2018-09-21 | 🔗


  • Was it a sarcastic joke (Rosenstein comment), or spitballing ideas?
  • Headline: Republicans having trouble attracting female voters
  • Alt Headline: Democrats having trouble attracting male voters
  • Only 5% of Minnesotans believe Keith Ellison did what he’s credibly accused of doing

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but i'm pump by opening up our fire by everybody you probably knew i was gonna come online this rod rosen stein story discovered let's do it i could try to ignore it but i cannot ignore it i would like to give to you now in impression storing dale the anti tramper an owl contrast that to myself i will be representing trumps support there is in this one act play here we will both be reacting separately to this worry the rod rosen stein in run of lhasa witnesses talked about
wearing a wire and recording the president and possibly getting members of the of the cabinet to agree to removing the president on the twenty fifth amendment apparently this was soon after the election or soon after and migration so i'll start first worthy ration they all we enter the anti tramper what what now playing the part of a term supporter i'd like to give you my impression and it goes like this what what you probably didn't pick up the difference it was this
this is one of those rare times when i think everybody is having a similar reaction to this how far is it it was in the new york times senor time story so near times a famous anti trump organ is running this because you think it'll be bad for job curse maybe they thought that the mere fact that people inside the government were have serious conversations about this according to their reporting would be bad for trump do you see it that way do you see that story is bad for trump because i must say that way here's what i'm saying let me give you a little context many of you have worked for large companies many of you have been in many
a high level meeting love people in the room lots of things come up you ve got some brainstorming does some crazy people you're talking somebody else's idea you're you're just talk some things out to see what people react to then somebody writers story about why you said happens as sound if you wrote a story based on third party reporting about a bunch of peace full talking about various ideas and making sure they considered all possibilities what the hell is that story gonna sound like by the time you filter did through these faulty memories of third parties and is told to the new york times well tell you what it's not going to sound like snuck in a sound the same mrs sounded in the room that's for sure it's gonna sound hair on fire and it even it wouldn't even matter what this the topic was whatever
the topic was involves some brainstorming hey what about this should we consider this does this go too far any conversation like that which be normal responsible conversation consider everything look at every angle toss now see what people say then you reject the bad ideas normal normal way only high level meeting works by the time you re or did though in short through some angry people may have in the gender whatever you're gonna get you gonna get something that doesn't sound like the original so the first context is don't trust anything you hear anything from any meeting in which ideas were discussed period if you hear an idea was discussed in x meeting i don't care who
was the meeting i don't care what the topic was don't believe that reporting because taken other contacts that completely changes as meaning if it was in the context of hey people are saying this imagine how easy it would be for this to be misinterpreted give you one example and not saying this happened just to allow you to imagine how easily the story is perverted amount somebody said hey there are serious people talking about the twenty fifth amendment and that the president's got issues and we should look into that and it's our job to be kind of a responsible citizens if what they're saying is true that could easily turn into a conversation of or what are we those who do get the gsm cabinet members to get on in on this is think any of them would perfectly fair question if other people are talking about this twenty fishermen the thing and
buddy brings up the idea you're talking about a serious people who not in or talking about it you gotta have to respond seas well are there any cabinet members who would do that do we now shall we talked on costs there are thinking about it maybe should get ahead of it because you know even if it's not us behind it we need to know what's going on here were part of the adults in the riddle right and then you can easily imagine them saying but how can we ever how could anybody ever know what the press lives like behind closed doors how could anybody else no the public does i always see the public trump but if the problem as it was reported that the private trump totally crazy in look he's fine every time all the time for seventy whatever years public no problem
it is against behind closed doors he's alive you're crazy gotta removable the twenty fourth amendment right so remember serious people high level people democrats mostly but probably some never jumpers we're talking like that no he's crazy in private what is the one way though you could find out if he is or is not crazy in private nobody's gonna where a wire right some he's got a record them i don't think there's another way to determine whether there is of interest to it in a way that could be actionable public way so the first thing ask yourself is was it a responsible conversation and the answer is unfortunately probably yes not because
they necessarily believed it themselves but because serious important people who should be taken there senior members of the government are talking about this like israel if the us the eye isn't also considering it real enough for a conversation which is different than being real but his real enough to have the conversation that seems there was a responsible thing to do to lease brainstorm now how their brainstorming got turned into a story probably inaccurately in fact run rosen times denial non denial as even see then this calling it was so civic that in fact he confirmed it because what he said as the story was inaccurate unlocking to say anything more than just means that something about it was inaccurate it doesn't mean that he didn't say those things just there's something about it was an actor
now the other thing you have to watch out for that apparently there's one or two sources the cnn knows that say he was being sarcastic another one saying that it wasn't serious he was joking what if i told you about the percentage of human beings things who can't tell literally cannot tell the difference between a joke and being serious what percentage of the general population and here's one the few areas that i am going to say i am an expert i've been writing humor and watching people respond to it for three decades it here's my estimate now again this is this is a personal estimate is not based on some science sabena third hence about thirty percent somewhere like that about a third in the public literally can recognize joe now
they can recognize you though that the simple set up jokes like one's ever punchline why did the chicken crossing the road they demonstrate that because as a structure but in conversational humor or somebody just throwing now something this a little do far a little better they give us a little bit evocative for humor if that was a big meeting you can guarantee that there were guarantee if i say i don't know people were alleged been leading policy his government meetings are gonna be i will say it doesn't he bore there you kids so easily have three or four people walk at that meeting saying i don't think he was kidding that didn't sound like a joke to me so the mere fact that some people think you're serious and some people think it was
oak tells you what go here's all you now say the only thing you know if you didn't know anything else there was room full of people something happened when they left some people said that was obviously a joke other people said no it was serious what are you know for sure course nothing's a hundred percent but walk you be pretty confident about you can be pretty confident that it was a joke maybe that's not why you wanna hear but if you give me only that information people saw the same story some said it was a joke obviously in some said that's not a jew who is right it's almost always almost always ninety nine percent probably the peoples that it's a joke were right why
because there are the people who can recognize joe remember the people who cannot recognise joe we'll see a joke is not a joke and something that's not a joke as not a joke they'll never have a false positive maybe never too strong but it would be really where there never gonna say that was a joke and they don't see any jokes john they're just joke blackened so joke blindness or humor blindness i think you better it's a thing about a third of the world trust me so how's this given moves the needle here's what i see the the basic atmosphere acts of this seem completely supporting trumps notion that the deep stay was out again
it could be the luckiest weak trumpets ever had so the first thing is this is so positive for trump because adjust it just supports the idea that people are applauding against them at the same time i'm not sure that was happening it's entirely possible this these were serious people world who are open to others here people saying you really should be looking at this they discuss what would look like the only way to do it is recorded it's the only way and then they rejected it to me that's a story of people doing exactly what their painting and if someone joke about it you know you probably something like eighty iran one to wear wire too
that would have been funny but other people money said i think he just suggested that robin risen stein a wire i think that was serious even though you i like so it's probably if i had to guess if i had to have money on it gun to my head probably rod rosen stein taking seriously because others people took seriously mould whether thought about it rejected it exactly what you'd want to do but it's not gonna play that way the other the partisans will line up on both sides and it seems far more supportive of what trump has been saying that and the fact that came from the new york times is what gives it its weight and especially because their famously intake so you know that they wouldn't intentionally go out of the way to create a positive tromp story seems like that's just impossible but they did it
so yeah maybe accidentally so it looks like very positive for trump here's the next thing the seams obvious rod rosenstein is is gonna get fired i don't know when you know want whenever a good time to do that but its title to put his resonate together you dont really once the new york times has reported it and use it a non denial denial and hearing that job then there is not really any choice right is ready choice do you think drop as any choice now i don't think so i mean if rod wrote rosen stein had been trumps you know best friend for thirty years and he trusted him no matter what the new york times sad or somebody lad well maybe you could stay but
under these conditions the new york times reporting what they did right or wrong and i'm not i'm not happy about this and i can say this is all i can say this is good news for the country or the newsroom by i'm just tell you what's gonna happen so that there is no practical way that run rubinstein can keep his job in the long run under this administration q set it a long time ago well one embarrass you by asking exactly what did you say because i've got a feeling he was a little bit generic ok do you think it's mackay
could be my cab you never know now i just saw just waited the pole there was a story in which the the article said that republicans or having a woman problem meaning having trouble attracting female voters and then the story went on to say the republic we're getting male voters and democrats we're getting more female voters well that the republicans having a woman problem that's what when you look at it but couldn't you equally say that the democrats of male problem man problem works both ways right seems like or small ways so my prediction that the democrats are becoming
a party for and about women without putting judgment on that women can have a political party he answer freak sorry i'm not even sure that would be a bad idea i'm just saying this was happening so that the democratic party is becoming toxic for i think it i think is beginning what i say yet but i think we were on the edge of the democratic party being toxic for at least male african american and male hispanics so that's my prediction more women believe cavanaugh yeah so when i say that republicans
republicans are not trying to appeal to men person they have rather a brand that allow that men can be important and import part of it and women are important so everybody is important so the river looking brand does elevated men to a level of importance that the democratic party does not now you are you are less good or bad i don't know i don't know how that would play out by that we be good maybe there's a healthy competition of ideas now sure that's about the bad thing but it's just worse going
she had a panel of women support cavanaugh yeah i'd like to know the political leanings of that panel that you say supporting cabin i didn't see that oh so some ages speculated here in the comments that the new york times would like to push trumped up fire rod grossness stein early before them in terms and then make that part of the issue clever clever maybe even that would that would shit what we know about all the entities
yes said the senator hurrah those that her name from not the senator congresswoman i shall i dont know representative from hawaii said the man she just shut up and step up now i hate to be that guy who says of so i'm just so tired of hearing this but you know how revisers homage from a man had said that about women but i guess we don't really have to say that we can just judgment on its own merits or lack of earth and by the way there's well there's something very interesting happening
in my life arc there has to do with some things in the news bounded away to talk about that so there's nothing i like better than being proven right after years of being told them in it it's like the best feeling if you if you ve never had this experience of making very unpopular predictions in public and being just being beaten up about it for you years and then be found to be totally right it's alright good feeling and there's one brewing right now that i they need a little more her texture to put on it but still be there
i'm a woman and that was so rude what was rude or what her honor somebody said what is the opposite misogynistic its ms injury i don't know what the mystic version of medicine drastic probably but miss andrey is hatred or discrimination against men and
quite clearly is never once but you know white men are still not allowed to point that out dick so we say did keith oberman die deserve new story whether i don't think there is i think that's the don't don't assume that any that's true i just wondered why everybody s question our trump tweets so what did trump tweet he treated retweeted if if the allow cavanaugh event was so bad widens the alleged victim therefore why didn't she come out earlier now some are saying he didn't such a good job of stay out of it
in why why did he way back in why can't he helped himself well the so yes he did hold back for awhile but ultimately we need to hear his opinion that we there's something there's something so delightfully transparent about trump tweeting exactly his opinion were yo he eaten thus what he thinks he told us a key reason he thinks it i i do not agree with our reason meaning that there clearly other reasons as somebody could have a bad event not tell anybody it's not hard to think of any but if that's if that's some important do his decision he told us about
you'll be muzzled keith overman true or you speculating right i'm just looking at here an answer why is no one going after hours so you are the pole that only five percent of women believe that key fellas did what he is alleged to have done five percent now if you were an african american man and he saw the keys ellison story and you thought that only five percent of people were going to believe what looks to be as they like to say a credible accusation
we don't know it's true but in terms of your just judging the quality of the accusation that looks like as has weight to it but that's it that's a pretty welcoming the forgiving party there we have here in if you're in their group you can get away with quite a bit yes oh there's those the project very tass workers forget the details that i'll talk about that tomorrow
the was which company was the project vert us guy working for who already got fired i can't remember what company those almost all women are matters hell about what james woods is shut down on twitter that's not true isn't on out here you keep throwing these rumours ebby which i shouldn't even say out loud but let's see of james words is shut down now james words is
still on twitter still go and strong so lonely do not give me any more bad rumours and i have to check during lifer scope i didn't listen to that what are you referring to you saying yes it's true about james what's unlucky as page right now it's live right now ass he not been able to tweet recently last tweed is on the twentieth so there's no tweets today about doesn't necessarily mean any website
well i think there's a wait and see because all we know all i can tell for sure is that he hasn't waded today but that doesn't mean much his is account is still up and he can't make posts how do we know did he say than on other social media all look into that if it was it was just because he had a bad tweet weekend
we'll get to the bottom of the same i think i'm gonna get locked amateur what are you like giving your predictions about me tell me your predictions you see my twitter feed will i get lockdown from twitter if not now as some point what do you think well counting counting suspensions oh yes sir james would have a friend post the james would couldn't first he's been shut out for two days now yet now here alex jones was banned from paypal but i haven't seen that written just similar social media
i remind you that i have i have banned alex jones from my app but he wasn't using way so i guess i didn't hurt him i just do a full attention because i really want to ban are well he's gonna turn out i'm sure he said something that broke their rules will have to see what it is and lose chestnuts he took down the tweet if i google it all see the tweets let's do that aims twitter let's see the nurse news james woods twitter i well
there is one article on twitchy looks like the story was deleted tweet says pretty scary that there is a distinct possibility this could be real not likely what was he talking about could be real what was the distinct possibility because there is a link here but i can't click click on it because it's a screenshot over tweet does anybody know
does anybody know what it was that he thought was maybe too but probably not i've figured that out separately ok prison planet is blocked from paypal well i'll be talking to you later i gotta go revenues and catch up and yes i did reinstate nancy nancy is no longer banned on coffee was got atoms i think you'll be happy about that there was a lot of nancy support on here ok i'll talk to you later
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