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Episode 239 Scott Adams: The Kavanaugh One-Week Delay

2018-09-28 | 🔗


  • Applying the “Corporate Filter” to the one week Kavanaugh delay

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bom bom bom bom bom hey everybody come on in here leon news breaking him breaking over the place it's so broken i don't know if we can put it back together but so i went offline for just a few hours thinking to myself i'm thing myself hey yourself looks like there's nothing going to happen friday afternoon yeah this having other things will just take the vote next week and then i turned on my phone and it turns out we have a one week delay so president has agreed i think you just took the lead of congress to request it
but as agreed for a one week delay to investigate with the fbi the accusations the credible accusations against judge kavanaugh now you're probably wondering will this be a big deal more a little deal sure worry about this what's going to happen well i'll give you my best take on this so as i often say your filter on the world depends on your experience and a little bit about how you were born but if you look at the cabin situation you're saying to yourself well if you're a woman who's ever had any run in with the sexual abuse which turns out to be just about every woman here you're automatically looking at it through a filter of hey
all who are accused are usually guilty if you if you are a man who has been accused if you've unfairly accused of anything you might looking at it like cavanaugh being unfairly accuse everybody's bring their filters to this you you're never gradual woman your man your republican whatever you are but the the other filter that i like to put out this i got from my corporate days let's call this the corporate filter now the corpora filter is really about any large organization there are things that's true of a large organization in terms of their inefficiencies the way they operate how fast or slow they are sort of common across all large organizations so the
fbi in this case would be a large organization so i'm going to apply the corpora filter you might call it the dilbert filter to the situation do you like that name the dilbert filter the book someday and here's the filter i put on the one week delay number one the democrats pay to themselves in a corner right so there's some sort of good news bad news situation here i'll just spell it out the bad news for the democrats is that they made such a big deal about saying it's just one week what's one i you only need one week and they repeated one week so often that is sort of hard and in our minds as yeah these things take one week it's a one week situation one week
so the clever thing that the republicans have done and president trump and into a wrestler clever thing they've done which let me just tell chris tina i am on a periscope because she is much more important than all of you sorry sorry i'm gonna say well get her and twenty minutes all right now we're back you do you know my full open attention now so so the first thing is the devil has painted themselves in a corner by saying one week so often that if the republican to give them one week it's going to be hard order for them to say
ah i don't know that one week wasn't enough now of course they will say that so there's uh one hundred percent chance they'll say that one week isn't enough we need more but they did to paint themselves in the corner with that one week stuff so the president says i'll give you a week i'll give you a week now here's the fun part here this is the dilbert filter on this no organization can do anything in one week that's it that's it really filter you need to know nobody can do anything in a week now they can move and make phone calls and write stuff down but thank you i really do much they can do in a week is going to look like a a days of interviews in a few days of writing stuff up in a few days of travel all it's
going be so little that they can do that they're basically going to be talking to the same people they talk to now is there a risk that they'll find some new thing about cavanaugh yes the odds the gods of them finding something new or very high but probably will be easily dismissed as just just another thing that somebody's trying to pile but here's the other interesting part you know how people said if kavanaugh were really the person he was portrayed to be then you would see a pattern of it people who are abusers tend to be abusers all and then sure enough you saw so credibility accusations but people aren't quite giving them the same same amount of weight so it doesn't really look like the pattern but here's another pattern
people who have false memories and people who accuse other people of doing bad stuff accuse other people of doing bad stuff so i will be very interested to know and this would be a good question for the fbi task doctor ford have you ever accused anybody else of something that didn't pan out in terms of a conviction have you ever had a memory problem have you take taken any kind of pharmacy bill or recreational drug that would cause a memory problem wouldn't you like to know the answers to those questions and those are the types of things that would not be asked in front of congress the fbi would certainly have a perfectly good reason to ask those questions
now given that we have no witnesses who will say they were at the scene and saw something and given that i think it's impossible that there will be physical evidence really it's just talking to people and asking questions and when they talked other people who would be potentially anti kavanaugh they're going to say probably the same thing they said which is we don't have any memory of anything like that so that's sort of a dry hole right every time you talk to somebody if they say i can't there's no fault more questions to be had i have no memory of this that's as far as i can go but when you're talking about dr ford you a lot of stuff you can ask as you're trying to find out about her credibility so you can expand those questions too anything she does or has done that gets to credibility here's an example one of the accusers who made
most outrageous claims about the gang rapes and stuff apparent do that accusers ex boyfriend has come public and said i've gotta i had restraining order against her she has no credibility whatsoever does doctor for have anyone inner circle ax patient annex next boyfriend annex anything who believes that she made something up about them yeah how many people as she dealt with is there anybody who would tell a story like a coworker imagine the most common thing you can think of if you've ever in a big organization here's the dilbert filter again one of the most common situations you can think of is your coworker imagine something that happened that didn't happen how any of you have worked
in an organization where your coworkers were at absolutely positive you did something that you didn't do there positive you stabbed him in the back but you didn't you're positive that they where the source of the rumor but you weren't there positive you were trying to undermine them that you you came in later life either positive you've done these things but you didn't so will there be people who say that uh doctor ford made claims about them that they know to be untrue now here's the fun part suppose start a ford has made claims about other people that were true but they can't be proven and then then you interview that other person you say oh yeah dr ford is a serial accuser she accused maine
you know running over a dog or something and then he care is it one way or another so she was actually accurate maybe there are other accusations were actually absolutely true but if you've got somebody who goes on record and says yeah she also accused me of something i didn't do and you can't tell if you did it or not the and help her story so i would say there's a slight the bigger risk to the accuser then there is to the accused because the accused so far there's no basically evidence and no human being who can put him on the put him in the situation now will they ask questions like brett kavanaugh yeah you said you never pass out but somebody can you
well you say underoath that you've never fallen asleep after having a beer so they might ask some gotcha questions but remember judge i don't know probably one of the most qualified people in the world to avoid those very questions can you if anybody who would be more capable of avoiding a trap question i can't you probably has just about the best kind of experience you would want for somebody to understand what legal jeopardy looks like what a what a trap question looks i like his odds so i would say that both of them are taking a risk so the extra the extra week is a risk for cavanah it's a risk or doctor ford if i were to compare those risks it feels like she has a slightly bigger risk and the risk that is the biggest is that there would be
something anecdotal in her situation something you did it work someone else she accused some medicine she was on some mental problems she in the past that might have been perfectly normal and she's already completely recovered but if you have enough time it's pretty easy to draw a picture of ford as a person who might make him full sake station right now there's nothing in evidence that would give you any kind of character insight on the false accusation memory question right and then she may have other connections to other democrats and that would that would work against her as well garbage somebody says he is guilty and a lot well we don't know
but you see that a lot of people had the same oh yeah so there's the yearbook stuff suppose suppose they say to kavanaugh the i will strangle definitely in three way sex that's what i think it means i've never heard it in another context the only context i've heard is three ways so did judge kavanaugh a lie about the meanings of the things in his in his yearbook probably probably did doctor ford lie when she says she remembers having exactly one beer that night probably probably but i'm not sure we should we should judge too much about the small
hi this is really they weren't central to the question or shouldn't have been and they were just trying to make this stuff go away it's stuff the kids do all right for her yearbook is worse than his someone says i've heard that but i haven't seen it yet ummm how does it persuade the midterms well it depends will have a week to find out and then we'll know here's a here's a question for you i'm kind of wondering about the mechanics of getting to the polling places how many people drive to vote most people right wouldn't you say probably eighty percent is that a fair estimate eighty percent drive to vote
what about those families that are split so what the families that have a republican dad and hillary loving mom who drives them to the pole while if it's like just about every other family the man and women are getting in the car and they're going someplace who drives if it's just the man and the woman there are a couple and they're driving to the polling place which one of them drives well it could be the one but you who usually drives right who usually drives everywhere it well it just looked young looking highway if you're driving whenever you see a couple who's driving is that the man or the woman pretty much as though it's the guy the guy is usually and you have an interesting situation where if the man
so i did not to drive anybody else just themselves what would that do to the election results so i'm not suggesting this i was just thinking of things which could affect the terms and how this is become this has become sort of a gender midterm where you know it really is starting to look like the democratic party is shaping does the party for and about women as the highest priority and again every time i say this i'm going to add to it nothing wrong with that right so free country democracy they can organize their party along the lines i like it might even be a good idea it's hard to judge what is your a reality that the democratic party is sort of
female centric party yeah and what would happen if the man who are trump supporters said this time i'll just drive myself and you know there's nothing stopping you from going separately but you know it is really come down to a battle of the genders maybe man will drive themselves so i'm not suggesting that's going to happen or that it should happen it was just funny thought i had which is the people who drive the cars create a lot of friction friction i mean anytime anything gets a little bit harder it changes so if you made for example if
voting was just a little bit harder for people from elbonia there will be measurably less voting as soon as you things easier there's more of it as soon as you make things a little harder there's less of it so i could imagine if this becomes more of a gender against gender issue that how you get to the pole my end of the conversation in a in a fun way that shouldn't so i'm not suggesting that's a good idea just i just thought it might get to that all right i'm just looking at your comments you equate to women with abortions somebody says
not entirely that's a big part of it though he is a big part of it in terms of the way the parties are shaping up and specifically that the democrats i watched some of the hearing today and i saw ted cruz talk and i thought ted cruz was sensational but you know in terms of how well he presented a case i'll tell you ted cruz was not a perfect candidate yeah you don't maybe he'll be better if he tries again let he seems to be getting seems to be getting better all the time but as a lawyer he was really good and then following him was chris coons the democrat and chris coons was
even a little bit better i thought he was magnificent right so agree agree with me even if you might have disagreed with them wouldn't you say that ted cruz did a really solid communication asian lawyer job of setting out the situation it was great but then coons the democrat sort of the rebuttal i thought he was even a little bit better he was really really good like for a moment there it didn't last very long but for a moment i was proud of my government you feel that if you watched it did you have a moment where you watch ted cruz to a really smart classy job and then the democrats does rebuttal it's polite it's professional it's smart it's great you know you could agree with whatever the other but those were too
smart people doing the people's work and for a moment i watch these two people and i had respect for my government and as hell good i like maybe feel great and then i turned back in a little bit later and i watch cory booker and i watched cory booker until all of my hope and dream none of my body cory booker compared to chris coons it's chris i think or to ted cruz is just not on the same level i mean his is he was very passionate and that parts good you know that will carry him far he was
it was an advocate for women and to the degree that that helps him on the democrat side that was probably effective but man he is not good well you put him on the stage with ted cruz and and with koons and he's just going to disappear so i would say that there isn't a slightest chance you can have president cory booker he just disappears against the you know the smarter smarter folks frankly all right uhm i do think i think marla i think sorry i got a funny meme from christina i do think komala uh
harris is going to she is a much stronger player smarter she's she's got more game in every way so you know you may not like her you buy in a locker politics you probably don't but in terms of you know of persuasion and game and intelligent she seems to have the whole package anyway i am going to talk to you all later i for now
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