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Episode 24: President Trump’s tweet war with Russia

2018-04-11 | 🔗


President Trump’s tweet war against Russia

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and it it it too lovable blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah hey everybody it's time for sing along coffee with scott adams yes well i wake up to lots of news today time for a simultaneous ip no early coffee is the best coffee so you probably all following the news and you know there are some provocative tweets going on at the moment
we're well first of all paul ryan is not seeking reelection i don't know what to make of that that's more of a political question but let's talk about the president's tweets uh netsuite number one from the president let me read it quiet is russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria get ready russia they will be coming a nice of new and smart smart you should be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it ok and then follows up fairly quickly with the following tweet our relationship with russia is worse now than it has ever been and that includes cold war
there is no reason for this russian leads us to help with their economy something would be very easy to do i will need all nations to work together stop the arms race with a question mark stop the arms race so here's here's my assessment of this and where i think it's all heading number one all of the international stuff is connected right now so whatever the president does in syria is going to be seen by n korea is going seen by iran so there's this important to posture like you're the biggest toughest monkey in the jungle
so you've got that hanging over it so so the president needs to act tough because he needs good results in other places so if he acts not tough in one place other people will say you're not acting tough so that's the first thing there's a third tweet somebody says let me see if there's a third tweet before i go on uh much it here's the third tweet from the president much of the bad blood with russia is caused by the fake and corrupt or russia investigation headed up by the old democrat loyalists or people that work for obama muller is just conflicted of all except rosenstein who signed faizan kobe letters no collusion so they go crazy alright said slightly off topic excel
has to do with russia so here's my take us so you've got this alleged chemical gas attack allegedly by ariens government seems very unlikely and there seems to be some issue about getting people into actually check now given that we don't know and that the world's police much of the world suspects that it was a side we have to act tough so the president is moving our armada nearby and waiting for confirmation or d confirmation is that a word of who did it
i had said the moving the assets into place we had to do because we have to act tough now russia had to push back because they've got act tough too so russia said if you fire those missiles will shoot them out of their well that caused the president have talked off so he said watch out russia or missiles are so fast and smart that you won't even see him coming right so so far all we've had is everybody saying what they're supposed to say in this situation assad is supposed to deny it we're supposed to talk tough until we find out what's happening russia is supposed to talk off so everybody just started doing what they're supposed to do in this situation uh
i don't think the president has decided about shooting or not but here's what it was interesting russia said that they would shoot down the missiles but they said more than that they said they would shoot down missiles and also they might attack whatever they were fired from which could be cruisers or battleships or i suppose aircra now if russia were to attack our aircraft or ships at sea chances are that's hard to contain that's real war and you notice that the president's tweet did not threaten threaten russia's assets russia threatens the united states assets meaning that they would go after whoever fired the missile and and trump's tweet was more about the missiles being good
so trump did not say and will if anybody fires back at us will go back at their you know their source so he didn't say that so in the war of words he did not escalate so the war of words went mary berry berry berry pimp and then the president went burp brought it back level and then he retweeted hey why can't we be friends so he's already softened it twice i guess you can say here's what i expect the command of this i expect that we will not have a cat confirmed identification of who fired of did the chemical attack and if that happens the president has now created a situation in which he can back down this he's gone in so strong that if it turns out that he can't
confirm who fired the gas and it just makes sense to let it go because you just can't confirm it he would not be backing down a wimpy way he would be backing down from the strongest possible position which is something you can back down from so backing down from a weak position just makes you look weaker backing down for a super strong position which is how he's going into this gives you the flexibility that you can say okay well had this been confirmed as the syrian government we sure would have sense of missiles in there and they would be smart and nobody can stop him so it's it's is roughly the right setup for the situation now very dramatic thing to let overlay on top of this is i can't imagine a president who would be more angry than this president is right now
so you've got somebody who has the nuclear codes and his personal lawyer just got got rated and he just went through a couple weeks of stormy daniels and karen mcdougal so the president's had some events with the the resignations everything that would make anybody and mad so pretty pretty mad so here's what i would guess what happened the stock market might pull back temporarily
i think we'll hang out for awhile until we find out we don't know who's who was behind the gas attack and then if we're smart will back off now it's still possible fire some missiles so i don't have a prediction about that but i think we're going to need a pretty good reason if we fire them it might just be to show that we can but it seems like a bad idea at this point oh that's good somebody says it was turkey well who knows seeiso alan dershowitz and the president apparently had to be altogether uh huh i'm
so i will i'm going to agree with pre to bar are a is a is a is an that the that the fbi is attack if you can call it that on trump's of personal lawyer is probably because they have something more than just stormy daniels stuff so they must have suddenly more more than that but here's the problem they wouldn't have more than that except for stormy daniels except for the president is the president so
there's probably no reason that his personal lawyer is part of this except that the president is the president so there's no way that i can be comfortable with that even if it turns out the coen was guilty of some unrelated thing that we don't know about you have hello well the guy who made beetle bailey is not alive so if you get a scope that be quite a trick yeah somebody asked me to rearrange my books back there which i did alright well nobody knows what dershowitz talked about with the president but he probably counseled him not to fire anybody so so just to clarify when i went on and said that the president has a free pass to fire people that was a free pass from my perspective not in a political sense
political sensor might be the worst idea in the world to fire anybody specially when you can still pardon anybody you want so you you might want to hold back and wait for your pardon but should you fire anybody i just want to clarify that i would personally be okay with that and i would support it but that doesn't make it a good idea can't pardon for state crimes the sensu you care pardon somebody for a state crime interesting so please
yes you can yes we need a confirmation on that i thought the president's pardon ability was pretty thorough but we'll look into that well it's interesting that we don't know the answer that question whether he can pardon for state crime might my instinct is that he can but i'm willing to be wrong about that yeah i thought the pardon was absolute so that's where i'm leaving right now all right sir most of you think the pardon is absent the the right of the power of the pardon is absolute in the present i think i would agree with that but i'm not
expert here all right i don't have anything else to say today so the summary on the syria stuff in the tweets is that the president has to push back until they find out who's behind the gas attack russia has to be just back we've set our words everybody's acted strong now everybody can back off if they need to based on the facts so i think we're fine i wouldn't be worried too much of events of today so calm down everybody i don't expect a war with russia and i'll talk to you later
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