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Episode 240 Scott Adams: Why Do We Punish Imaginary People for Crimes of Imaginary People?

2018-09-29 | 🔗


  • Is 52 year old Kavanaugh responsible for 17 year old Kavanaugh?
  • There’s a reason we don’t treat minors the same as adults
  • 100% certainty of either innocence or guilt
  • Chickens pecking for pellets, MSM and social media manipulation
  • Prediction: If Kavanaugh is denied confirmation, red wave will result
  • Jeff Flake, the lame duck…was running the government this week

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but above all the barbershop everybody given here julianne and everybody else daughter command tyler tyler euro is one of the first ones jason get in here brad can oh we're going to have a little whiteboard talk here it's going to make you mad at these are the best ones the whiteboard talks that make you go i'm not sure i believe that you can have one of those
but not until we enjoy the simultaneous zip yes is sime grab your mug your vessel your challenge your cup your glass your container make sure it's got the beverage of your choice i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous sip ah no as we're all struggling with the questions about canada and doktor afford it seems to me there are some assumptions we ve made that are worth challenging and one of the assumptions that we're just zipping passed as if it doesn't matter is very basic question which is are you the same person as the person
did something in your name when you were a minor so in other words what makes you the same person as the young you and therefore you should be punished for the crimes of the young you or held responsible for the young you what is it that connects you let's go the way bored so here all the reasons that seventeen year old version of view is the same person as they say the fifty something yr old version of you these are all the things that make you the same person you may have the same memories you ve got some of the same cells in your body there's a legal financial connection anything you own then that you haven't got rid of you still own legally there's the law the law says the same person there's your mind the thing she thought then were a part of this continuation to what you think now
and then of course there's your character there might be more but this is a start is it so by him three and by law and by tradition and by society a seventeen year old version of yourself is considered the same person as your current self whatever your ages i'm just saying fifty two here so we're watching this cavern one situation and the assumption we ve started with is that if the person today can be determined to have done something in his seventeenyearold carnation incarnation seventeen year old form then we should hold him responsible today for what this character did now let's start with the first thing the first thing you need to know is
this person doesn't exist the seventeen year old cavenaugh that we ve all been living with four last week or so in the end you have been living with him right haven't you had in your mind a picture of a seventeen year old bright cavanaugh doing things that person sort of exists for all of us we ve seen his pictures we imagine the scenes with we ve replayed the these scenes as they ve been described to us many times but here's what all of those things have in common the imaginary seventeenyearold break avenant exist literally doesn't exist he's an idea now the reason that we blame current cavenaugh from
a seventeen year old imaginary no longer exists cavanaugh dead is that we connect people with all these different ways so let's talk about them one of the ways we connect people is their memories the memory you had you have now is connected to what you did but what if what if you don't remember stuff and what is it the your memories now really memories resort reconstructions not real memories and science will confirm this right the things you think are your memories from way back then exactly memories there the things you ve manufactured from old memories you pieced together photographs you ve you fill in the gaps are things didn't remember so you don't have actual memories of when you were a kid by by time you this age you have fake reconstructed memory soon not really
connected by your memories goods are not real then the rabbit the cells of your body well most of them are different right you don't really have the same body cells that you had then what about audience were connected by finance so legally if i own something when i was seventeen and i never gave it away i still on it well there might be something like some old like his old calendars he still owns the old calendars those kind of trivial right the things he owns el or less what everyone then was some calendars may be as old baseball met some baseball cards for realistically there's nothing here the omens he didn't have any money then he was flat broke so is not really connected to his old passed by listening fortunately he on them they still loans everything
he has now he made since then because he has zero money then there's a legal connection which is that if i do something today my tomorrow self help to pay the penalty if he didn't have that you wouldn't have any rule of law right you have to hold your future self responsible for what you did now but there's no real for that other than works is just a practical effect right but law also has a limit the things that you did when you were seventeen let's say something that he was accused of doing doesnt really connect them anymore because the law does not require that something he did a seventeen he would be responsible for their what about the mind what about the mind of the seventeen year old is the same
and as the fifty fifty two year old will now the seventeen reminders like a lump of clay is basically a potential mind it's not the way he thinks now is not what he knows now is not the experience has now so there's a little bit and common maybe but merrily what about his character his characters certainly quite different than it was when you seventeen because the things you do it you when you're seventeen just stupid and reckless and the things they do in your older are more considered so the entire discussion is whether or not we should hold responsible the person who does exist for the activities of an imaginary an imaginary
because the past doesn't exist there isn't there is no young cavanaugh we can't find him you can't touch him he is literally imaginary we have constructed young cabinet in our minds and now we're gonna hold old cabin are responsible for it old cabin are responsible for it now if there were a legal reason to do that or if he were the same physical person or if he were rich learn and he still has a money you could really say there are some good reasons why seventeen year old is the same guy but by tradition by law by feelings he's connected but doesn't make sense if if he did everything that he was said to have done and i have no reason to believe that's true
other than the credible accusations butter matched by credible denials so well there's no allegation that he did and actual rape or national murder or one of those things where you just have to say well for practical reasons we have to treat him like uses embers now but realistically realistically he's not really the same person so we are we are literally looking to punish a person for the activities of an imaginary person that's not far off the truth is it do you think i'm far off the the truth somebody says scotch is take a position the people who were the dumbest people and this conversation are the ones
sure his innocent or the ones who were sure he's guilty if yours we're about either one of those positions you're the dumb people in the conversation now you can say the odds are very high there's one or the odds are very high or tips one way or the other and i think that would be reasonable to say but if your positive that he didn't do it or pause that he did do it you're the dumb one in the conversation but you're not even close to a reasonable position because we don't have any evidence that would put you on one of those extremes so here's the question do you want to live in a world where people can be punished for the activities of imaginary people the imaginary he's not connected to current cavenaugh by character everybody everybody who is a witness agrees
everybody everybody who is a witness agrees that whenever seventeen however may or may not have done he's definitely not this guy now he's not connected by money is not connected by the same body cells he doesn't have the memory he doesn't remember because nobody does really but nobody remembers exactly what they're doing ass a teenager we think we do if you're twenty might but if your fifty two you don't remember what you did teenager it is literally an imaginary conceptual person a conceptual person who actually literally physically dozen eggs last and that person that imaginary person his activities alleged alleged were looking to hold this real live person who does exist responsible for it
now there's there's a reason that we don't we don't treat minors the same as adults those arisen because they are not the same people that's a pretty good reason right if you were born if you were born and listen the age of twelve you were functionally the same person as the eu would be as an adult in other words if you're twelve year old self could be as adult azure adult self you would be charge as an adult at twelve years old who should be this pretty close the same person but we know that's not the case your teenage brain is just not the same has not developed so blaming somebody for what they did as a baby endless let's take the current logic back if we can blame him for what he did at seventeen could you also blame for what he did a twelve
philosophy if he's what would be the difference in in philosophy if brain why wouldn't he be equally guilty atop what our brain why wouldn't he be equally guilty of twelve what about six should break havana be blamed for the things he did when he was six years old and if so what's the difference between that and seventy self they're both imaginary neither of them or his adult self neither of them have anything important in common with his adult self there as close
as you can be two different creatures as anything could be so let's talk about the yeah let's talk about the pause i talked about that in my purse cup yesterday i was not entirely against the pause the pause introduces some risk that though will kick up something maybe it'll take too long so there is certainly some risk but there were also some risk of ignoring half of the public who demanded it that's a risk to say had two very big risks
one of them is smarter and i think that were on the smarter path because we could get to a credible result on the path were on their some risks that we won't but we could but if we're if we are to just slap in the court that would largely guarantee we didn't have a credible outcome so eleven has a possibility of incredible the other way just slapping him in the court guaranteed of permanent problem so we're probably other a path even though it introduces a new set of risks somebody said he did nothing is seventeen did you watch his testimony did you the part where i said if you're sure you know what somebody did at seventeen and their fifty two now you're not the serious adult in the conversation
so this is something you should ask yourself are you positive you know what happened when these two were teenagers if your positive while the whether its positive either or positive even if your positive you can confirm that your brain isn't working it's one of those few times you can be sure your it working casually when your brain is working year also now smart enough to know it but here's one is really clear if you can look at this and be positive happened or didn't happen to some wrong with rain she's not working right well said how many of you are positive
how many of you are positive you know the answer whether guilty or innocent doesn't matter how many of you are positive one hundred percent positive now by the way when when doktor ford said that she was one hundred percent positive about her memories they should have eliminated her from credibility so the moment the doktor for who should be an expert in this field of psychology should be an expert about memories give formed wearily she works field she should understand the stuff for her to say under oath that she's a hundred percent certain should have disqualified her from any credit
there's nobody who has her training who can say under oath i am hunters present sure i dont have a faulty memory can't be done so she should have completely destroyed your credibility by claiming a hundred percent certainly here would here's what an honest answer would have looked like senators i work in this field and i know that sometimes people will believe their memories and they can be a hundred percent certain even the wrong that said my internal feeling of certainly is a hundred per cent and
the same memory for a long time if it meets all the characteristics of something that we consider a high probability but if you mean technically and scientifically nobody can ever be a hundred percent sure but on a human level yes on as close as you can get to total certainly some answer like that i would have said to myself that is scientifically correct and themselves august but when somebody who is an expert in this field or at least works in the field says that i am one hundred percent sure under oath that my friends is a lie it's a lie because you know that she knows the memories can never be a hundred percent certain you she knows that right so ones
believed in and looked at you and said one hundred percent at that moment on the most important question there's a hundred percent chance she was lying because her a training would have told her that their memories there are not two hundred percent accurate or come and that you can't tell the difference the most important thing to know is that if you have a false memory you can be one hundred percent if it's true so the fact that she said my memory is one hundred percent positive true indicates she's lying now in terms of persuasion it was probably good because most people do still the new answer memory it was a republic of evidence she was trying to persuade people will get rid of the nazi her lawyer demanded that answer here
from a lawyers perspective in might have been good play but it was also on a big you asleep alai now might be true that she's ninety nine point nine percent and that if she had said that i would have said pretty good nine point nine take that that sounds like an honest answer she is the least allowed that there is a possibility that false memories exist and it and she knows that they do now would be an honest answer it wouldn't work to her to her favorite probably
would be honest but she was a team that a doctor in their hearing he i've heard some people say that she she was acting like a teenage girl i didn't really pick that up you know you can't really that just didn't seem persuasive to me in any important way she used a baby voice yes people speak differently i just mean anything so i saw a closer pictures of doktor in which it look like her pupils were dilated but i couldn't tell
is there always dilated or whose foolish operating but i was deeply looking season anything in the eyes there would tell me remember work were being asked to make very subjective judgments based on our present guesses about whether one of them a credible and in that context and the reason that people appear in person is as you can look at him there's a visual element to believe in people and when i looked her her eyes in close ups the it looked like the pupils were dilated now i'm not a doctor should you believe me when i say it look like her pupils i laid you should not there's no credibility whatsoever because i don't have the or photoshopped i dont know if they were more dilated than they would normally be i'm just tell you my opinion so because this is an opinion topic
we're all giving our opinion whether she looks credible or opinion whether she didn't my opinion of what her eyes look like is legitimate cuz all of it's just weird opinion and a lot of ass do it have things looked so i had to ask myself what is it the cause causes eyes to dilate and i don't know the answer but none of the answers are good for her side somebody's yelling get real what does that even me so as anybody else user who is willing to say in public that there are positive one hundred percent she's guilty or positive one meaning she's lie or positive one percent that she's telling the truth anybody wanna say but i want to say that public cause you should be
earth to say that you should literally be embarrassing to say you know what happened it's not embarrassing to say you're very your very certain yeah to beam being very certain is completely legitimate to be confident in your opinion desolate but the sailors a hundred percent church you're right some wrong with your brain is not operating efficiently bombards body analysis so a lot of people have pointed me to something called bombard that must be your last name bombards body language analysis i don't want the best way to say this i am not aware of the science there would say that's credible but i dont dismiss it
so to me it's entertainment but i'm not getting anything else out of it so it is entertaining but i can't tell if its scientifically valid ever now you would tell the vocal fry a lot of people talked about that i dont believe that tells you anything except that she was nervous as she should have been thank god for lindsey graham people are saying let's talk about the state of the union i've seen a lot of people who are concerned that there that the country the republic will be torn apart by this and p
our thinking already is already being torn apart you weren't completely different realities now and things are going to fall apart and we're gonna impeach see you're starting to impeach everybody we're gonna be impeach the president and impeach the supreme court and they'll be marching in the street and all that let me give you the optimists view of what's happening number one our country has never been stronger in all of the important ways we ve never been stronger individually were less racist unless sexist than we have ever been all right when you look at the news it was easy to imagine that things are falling apart because that's the nature of the news it's supposed to wind you up if the news doesn't wind you up you're not going to be clicking on stuff and they need you to click on stuff like a chicken with a pellet
so when you watching the news talking about it just imagine yourself as this chicken your yearning experiment and there's a pellet here this is what you should imagine the chicken and here's the pilot and here you are watching the news is more news pellet pellet that's my imagine that's my impression i was watching the news if you remove yourself from that chicken eating a pair the world this artificial world that the that the big tech companies have created and put you in this little mental prison where you think of this the sun tv is important in real and critical when the world is gonna blow up and if it and if you want to stop it you better click click click i can save the world if i click if i just stay until
from a longer i can save the world is going to follow that this big artificial artificial thing that you're feeling so the first thing you need to know is that relatively speaking there aren't that many people as percentage or even paying attention the vast majority of americans are so barely aware that there's something going on with the supreme court barely aware so those of us no matter how excited mad angry sky we are it's not because of the facts the facts don't matter because we don't have access to we don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow we don't know who did watson ninety day too we're not really deal with specks were deal with a media they evolved to learn how to add a twig you and get you excited
so the excitement you're feeling the fear that you're feeling is artificially generated it's not real it's not based on actual facts because word were completely worse for them we're in this little bubble in social needs within the news those of us who are junkies like myself who watch the news all the time we have this artists your feeling of what's going on tirely imaginary and created by the the economic entities that know how to add a tweak your brain just right so that's the second thing is the system that the founders created the name of the government the constitution is really really strong me what we're dealing with now is just nothing compared to what this country has been through before everything that we have right now is a smaller risk then
everything that happened for the last two hundred years we are currently at the lowest risk to the republic in our entire history right now we re today why do we have the lowest risk to our public let me give you a good reason what are we talking about remember i always told you to look for the blank space don't look at the painting where most of the painted look for the corner where there's a little nothing because that's what makes it a painting it's not good painting unless one part of it isn't so busy that's what makes good good design so we're we're in this world where what you should be looking at is what we're not talking about what we're not talking about is the economy
why are we not talking about it except to say it's good because the economy is freaking amazing right now our economy right now is the economy that's never been seen anywhere that bud to give you based based on its size as well as its you know solid solid elements is the strongest economy in the hiss of civilization so we don't you don't need to talk about it because it doesn't make anybody unhappy right what about militarily safer than we ve ever been right now let me ask you is the united states safer right now than it has ever been in its entire history pretty sure that's true
yeah and also we are physically safer than we ve ever been were wearing her seat belts we figured out what kills people we do less of it is utterly were probably safer than we ve ever been in history and almost everything is big and important health finance war the threat of nuclear war all of that all of that is better than it ever been made and i will even include i believe that if you're looking race relations if you look at the news it looks like it's worse than it has ever been wouldn't you agree if you're following the news or social media you say my god
on fire racial relations is worsening several ban but it isn't if you have any to people like real actual physical people not not concepts in the news not things that people said on tv but to people black person away person introduce him to strangers you put in reportable room are the odds of them getting along better in twenty eighteen or worse then re time in history i'll tell you the answer better better you put black person and white person around two strangers just say okay to randomly were selecting you looking to put you in a room do you two get along do you respect each other do you listen to each other if one of you gets hurt with the other one help
yes yes individually as individual people we are less racist less accessed less bad than we have ever been in our entire history but on tv when we play our part we take our teams and we argue about whose whose discriminating the two were battling for power and we're trying to get votes that's a whole artificial weird little world that most people aren't even involved than most people are even paying attention they're just going to soccer practice and yonder their kids best friend is some other ethnicity and it's all work and i'll fine everything's great right
am i sure about the economy yes i am sure i'm not a hundred percent you're gazette only crazy people around your buy us some about is confident that as you can be confident about the economy throws always summit certainly take yeah climate hysteria now when we a climate hysteria we ve already sort of thought passed the sale the sailors is is it real danger or not and he answered the answer is we don't know each other's certainly good scientific evidence that people creates two and seo too if you added to the atmosphere could raise the temperature so that much i think him agreed on now that humans are raising the temperature or should over time we should but we don't know how much we don't know if we can remedy eight we don't know if it will be out of control
those things we don't know but they scare us to death so a lot of stuff we don't know you could kill you but that would be everything in the world everything we don't know could jealous that's just a general statement in climates in that category of those got little more a lot more scientific backing so i am always confidence that society will rise to get rid of these challenges like climate risk i think that will figure out how to remedy them and will be in good shape when we figure that talk about trumps comparative silence he has been by trump standards pretty quiet he's letting the process plant neither a few things that we can determine from this one of the things we can determine from the fact that tromp is being kind of cool
is that he doesn't want attention to be taken away from this question we have a weird situation where both sides think that they will benefit by focusing on the supreme court situation so the democrats must think that they get an advantage by focusing on it and the and the republican must think they also get an advantage one of them is probably wrong unless they're both just talking to their base in which case the both right so that the more they can the more they can focus on this the more they can go their base involved and maybe that's the only thing that matters for the midterms for the mid terms it the only thing that might matter when i say the only thing i'm exaggerating of course what i mean is the most the most important variable the one you can move is how many of you
own base you get to show up at the poles as probably gonna be the most important thing and the supreme court thing motivates both sides so size of temporarily settlers just stop talking about all the other things in the world because this is really good for our own side and the other team is gonna get ahead of us if we do the same let me ask you this if if brecht cavanaugh got either delayed terms or somehow got drummed out and didn't get confirmed what would that due to republican turn out so if you were if you're worried about the fate of the republic let me ask you this if it's the left succeeds will say democrats if demo
succeed in staying and stopping break havana and then we get into the the midterm election what's he gonna do to republican turn out while we know democratic turn out will be higher because they ll say to themselves ha we ve got an opening if we can get you control the senate we can also control the next next not but that's a little bit of a conceptual moonshine don't you think it's a bit of a moon shot that take the lead and then they can also get control the senate and then from thereon they would be in charge of the supreme court here's what's here's what so so that could motivate democrats but they would be motivated
by a long shot our people motivated by long shots just generally speaking if i said to you look if you do something this inconvenient there's a series of events which might happen which if they line up just right and if the stars and if you wait long there might be a situation is favourable to us so how about doing something inconvenient right now it's not motivating right even though you can see the chain from i will go out there will be part of many votes if we get enough you some day in the future will get disadvantage it's just not motivating people care about what's your what issues right now what hurts right now
now imagine your republican and you're in a situation where a cabin i just got declined what do republicans do when they ve got a problem to fix and all they need to do to fix the problem is to get off the couch and take care of business what do republicans do when there's a well identified problem and all you have to do to fix their well identified problem right now immediate right now fix it the feeling go away fix it you have to get off the couch you have to go home i just described republicans it if you could come up with any simpler explanation of who were up
look in his good luck here's mine here's my summary of a republican if you need to take care of business you take our business period that's it let's just like all republicans right there if you have to take care of business let's do it let's take care of it i like to use this example there's a car wreck and there's the other car that wrecked catches on fire and you know whoever gets there first to try to help is going to be in trouble right there they're going to have to put their hand into the burning car to help somebody again out a republican stops in his pickup truck let's just make this stereotypical
and the democrats stops in his or her previous so you got a republican who stopped and a democrat who stopped and one of them has to pull the esta risk themselves to pull the burning people out of the car why you're thinking about it the republican already did it the republican already did it does a republican look that said ok big risk to me but that's obviously the right thing to do so take care of business yes this is going to hurt this is this might i might be scarred i might have burned this could be bad for me but it's also clear when i have to do with republicans when is clear what you have to do they just take air business then i'll think about it there's nothing to think about i know what to do now
do this republicans where other my talk about a little bit now let's talk about the concept is it fair the democrats can say i could put my hand in there but would that be fair fair to me why is it why is the black guy has to do it you know why must the woman do it democrats who's gonna be talking about the concept of it and this is the right way to go it was this fair what about we're about this what while the real publicans already pulled the person of the burning car so this mid term elections like the burning car the republic here and saying if i have to vote to fix this thing well that's what about and i think democrats are mad but i dont know if there
a chain of reasoning and conceptual someday this could be better if i vote i just don't know immediate and clear and obvious that they need to do something differently who changes tyres somebody said all right so i would say that the democrats that have painted themselves into a weird little corner that they don't know the first corner that they painted themselves into it by saying we only need a week for these investigation of gas now because they have been saying it will only take a week for a long time the candle locked into that weak but what be done in a week nothing there's nothing that can be done in a week by any large organization anywhere on any topic ever in history of large organisations large organisations
can't do anything in a week now there will be activity so when i say anything that's obviously an exaggeration what the most i can do in a week is talk to a few people write up some reports have their bosses look over the reports rewrite them have their bosses look over the reports rewrite them again change them paragraphs show it around get some signatures customer approval rewrite it again as a little bit talk to the person that you talk to once make sure that you rewrote it best show it to them again have them added to your boss again that's what it looks like in any big organization nothing important is gonna happen there will be no physical evidence sought or obtained probably there will be no new people on the on the list of people they talk to
probably those people will say some version of i wasn't there which is an easy report to write i talk to miss mr or mrs so and so and they have no recollection of anything that would be useful that's that's my job for the whole day you're an fbi agent fly across the country get the interview sit down take out are you materials you recording maybe video recording it you ve got your notes you say ok it took me eighteen hours organised listen to get here finally now i'm in your kitchen tell me we think you know about that night and person says i don't have any memory that night that's it the fbi agent right down does not have memory of the night but he does pack up and leave so he's gonna ask where she has asked the same question fifty different ways so you don't have any memory of the night but
do you have any memory of any nights around that were like that no do you remember anything about that night now do you remember these two people too they're on any night it's gotta be a big nothin unless unless somebody new comes forward now suddenly new comes forward that the credibility of the left will collapse a little bit more because each time something new comes forward it is less and less credible which makes the average of all of it less credible that makes it look more like a plot
so i would say that cabin was of getting eventually confirmed a close two hundred percent some my prediction is u will get confirmed at the end of the week or even if it takes two weeks will get confirmed so that's that liar protection but if cavenaugh is denied the the seed for any reason then i'm gonna go on record with a red wave ok see you ve been waiting for my prediction for a year i'm gonna commit to this protection here's the protection if cavenaugh gets confer the left will think well we tried but we kind of expected that would have it won't be that motivating gus
it will be an election happened the elections have consequences the skies is at least qualified everybody agrees has judged qualifications they just don't like it political leaning so i think the left sort of get used to it after awhile but man if he doesn't get on the court the right is gonna vote like you ve never seen anybody vote you gotta see you get to see the kind voting you probably see you would see record republic in turn out it would be the biggest republic in turn out probably in history and republicans would act as one like you would you wouldn't nita you will need a leader ray you wouldn't leave any charismatic person to command say republicans go vote because they would just vote and they would
phone calls and it would make sure that their lazy son in law or their lazy cousin also voted they would offer them rides there were call round and say right everybody i'm just checking in are you gonna vote just check in now forgot got to register gonna work that day i dont have a ride well here's here's the url to tell you how to register are needed i can inform in the day to make sure you registered then if you need a ride i'm gonna start by it i'm gonna give you a ride the republic
we'll just do that automatically it will just become the most instantly self organized red wave you ve ever seen in your life and it will be breathtaking if governor gets declined if he doesn't get decline i think is gonna be here maybe the democrats level little edge and it will be a closer situation but i have to admit there there's a small part of me that just wants to see that happen because of how amazing it would be i dont want this to happen and i dont predicted well but if cavenaugh does give thwarted if he actually is denied the the confirmation i'm a little bit interested to see how that goes
and i'm not saying that dolby civil war bob my mind and i say movie violence i think the way i think that will simply be the most ah inspiring fantastic public it's almost like it's almost like the country is is a human body if you think of it this way the republic either the country's sword like a body and when it gets a disease these are just some kind of a tumor or something now the white blood cells organise and the rest of the body just sort of shuts down for a while until it till the white blood cells can do their job if they can do their job and to get rid of the the problem if cavanaugh is not confirmed republicans are gonna be like all these white blood cells the don't need to be told what to do
they don't need to be told what to do they're can be on the phone with their lazy cousin they can be talking to the coworkers find out anybody was even slightly republican and they're going to say this do you have a ride the ever do you know that you are ill to dare to sign up the vote can i take you to lunch and walk you through the registering to vote can we get together and i'll make sure that you can i i call you in the morning to make sure you woke up early enough republicans we're just gonna do that and it will be the biggest awe inspiring sort of democratic amazing thing you ve ever seen you life it will be the highest republican turn out you have ever seen and it will be it will be like the talk of legend for forever
so when when you worry what could go i was a country falling apart is is the are the wheels coming off that's just new stock we are a solid a country as you could ever have an more solid evidence and revenge and moving in the right direction and if the worst case scenario happens which is less say the the democrats sort was should have been a polite confirmation if they turn it into a bloodbath and he doesn't get confirmed that won't led to a revolution it will lead to an outbreak of democracy like you ve never seen the republican risk
ants to not getting their way in europe in the system is to stay within the system and try harder cause republicans like the system they're not gonna break the system they're gonna use it harder and it will be for nominal there's little part of me the candle i kind of like to see it i just sort of like to see it so because i think you would be healthy for the country to do have an outbreak of democracy if you like an outbreak of legitimate concern for the health of the system are ever talked about that too much this is propaganda talk like you ve never seen somebody said well what part of it would you consider propaganda no
we live in a country where anybody who says anything that's smart or effective on the other side the other size and sale of that's propaganda the urine apologist you're such an apologist somebody said now i want to see and rejected the if worried about this outcome and you a republican just keep this in mind your eye we can get this nomination or gonna get a red wave your problem you won't get both i don't see you getting both but you're gonna get one or the other and we should decide which one you want more yeah just flake is that interesting or what the whole jeff lake situation i i love the fact that he is a lame duck he doesn't have to run for election anymore because he ended up being the only one who matter to me just like
turned out to be the only one who mattered he he decided to wait a week and then they had to guess i did it is so it turns out we don't have a yell a government per se you know if you look at what happened this did we have a government we didn't have a government we have a jeff just like was the government this week that the guy who already quit the guy only barely in the government because these issues waiting for the replacement that guy the lame duck he's running the government gimme the only decision this week the mattered he decided it hasn't been a vote less we waited we're waiting for their weak jeff lake the guy it was not even gonna be on the job pretty soon he is right the government weirdly option
three as they find it seeming find more dirt on one of them i think the i think the odds of the fbi finding the same negative new information about doktor ford are very high she is ever been the subject of an fbi investigation and she has never opened and of course she's never opened the questioning to the larger question of our own credibility does remember they have to look into her credibility not just the allegation itself they have to find out ever had medical problems mental problems as she ever been on any kind of psychoactive proscription or other drug and she ever made a claim about somebody that was that we don't it was true looking to find that allowed her they can find about him well i think they're going to find out about here
he drank more beer than he admitted in high school but given that we have all these quotes from cavanaugh himself saying how many times they say i like beer i drank beer we drink beer i like beer so if it turns out then he drank a little bit more beer as seventeen than he allowed as his adult version while talking in front of his daughters don't forget cavenaugh was talk in public so when you're saying how much bearded you drink is seventeen he's not just talking to the audience he's talking to his daughters and do you think he won't you wanted his daughters to hear i am and i was hidden i was in the like crazy like i drank until i passed down every night it was great his daughters listening of course he's gonna say i liked the beer everybody did but i didn't i didn't take it too far what else do you
i am to say do you want him to lie in a situation now in my opinion he was exam reading slash line the degree of his drinking it is also my opinion i'm glad he did because i didn't really have much to do with the accusation but it had a lot do with what is his daughters we're gonna hear now this is somebody who is looked up to buy apparently a number of sports teams young teenage girls themes i think his daughters round is that are so he has as this wide population of teenagers does this is weird right he's got
this wide population of teenagers look up to him as a role model and then he's asked in public did you drink much beer when you're seventeen there are two answers to give one is the exact honest answer he drank a lotta beer terrible role model andy also doesn't get on the supreme court which of course is more important and that here he drank as a teenager doesn't really matter to anything so what was the more responsible thing to do for someone who as a role model to lots of teenagers not just zone the responsible thing to do is the same thing every one of you are doing to your teenage kids right now and everything that your parents did to you when you were a teenager the responsible
to do as the lie lie lie if brett canada is the good person that he is alleged to be he showed us he should have lied to that congress issues that when i was seventeen i did like to have a beer now and then but i didn't take it too far that is a responsible lie do i care that this person who is a role model played down his drinking seventeen the really maiden no practical difference to the accusation but probably made a big difference to the people who will be influenced by man he's a supreme court judge and he was drunk when you seventeen i guess i can do that spring cart here's the spring
so if you lie about his beard drinking thank you so it wouldn't let me say this to break out if you like some speaking now to judge governor himself if lied about how much beer you drank when you're seventeen thank you thank you i appreciate that because you are a role model specifically to not just any of the country the the whole role model to the country thing i don't think is nearly as important as the fact that in his actual life there was a pretty large population of teenagers who looked up to him and he was leader a coach down to a number of them so if he lied about his beard drinking at age seventeen thank you just thank you
that is the only reaction you should have to that thank you because i was responsible thing to do somebody said i'm not gonna live in my kids well if you don't like your kids you didn't do good i'm sure you did somebody said he was number one is class and want to you how can you do that is drunk while you could you could still drink a lot and get good grades those are not mutually exclusive
lying is now responsible what a ridiculous statement well here's the thing lying about that very specific thing because it would be bad for real life i school people is a responsible thing to do because keep in mind how many how many adults saw a cab play down his beer drinking and believed it even the people let me ask you this is there anybody word cavanaugh say the areas beer drinking was sort of a casual no big deal is there any adult whether you broke out no around like i'm nor is there any adult who believe that to be true i'll thinks right there's no adult who saw that and sat near that looks true is ready adult with some of your book is there any adult who heard is explanations about the yearbook and said to themselves
oh yeah that's probably exactly what it was these things just look worse than there probably not probably that i think more responsible adults either pro cabin or enter i said he was seventeen it's just look you wanna put out there it's it's not what you want to influence other people to do it's not that it's not something you wanna you you wanna pourtrayed as being ok he is a role model he's like a bigger role model than anybody we ve ever had in politics for a long time so if he lied about those trivial things i hope you did that's all i got for now i'll talk to you later he avatar john i notice you
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